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The Drinking Game

Resurrected from the old site

By Alyse Wax

# of
1 When Micki screams for Ryan
1 When Ryan screams for Micki
2 When Jack screams for Rashid
1 When Micki screams for Jack
1 When an antique is recovered
4 When an antique is not recovered
1 Each time you spot a guest star that has had at least two different roles on the series
1 Every time Lewis is in an episode
2 Every time Rashid is in an episode
1 Every time Johnny does something stupid
CHUG! Every time Johnny does something smart
3 Every time Johnny calls Micki "Mick"
2 Every time there is a weird cult or group
2 Every time Ryan tries to hit on Micki
2 Every time Johnny hits on Micki
CHUG! Every time Jack hits on Micki
3 Every time Micki's hair exceeds 2 feet in hight (Use your best judgement)
2 Every time Micki appears in a nightgown, pajamas, or a robe
2 Every time Ryan reads a comic book
1 Every time our heros go up against Satan directly
1 Every cursed antique featured that is smaller than a bread box
1 Every time a person is killed
4 Every time one of our heros is killed/punted off the show
CHUG! If Johnny gets killed!
1 Every time someone is raised from the dead
1 Every time Jack describes a curse
3 Every time Jack describes a curse and he is wrong
2 Every time the continuity of the show is broken
1 Every time Ryan, Micki, or Jack's love interest dies
CHUG! If Johnny *gets* a love interest
2 Every time a cellular phone or pager would have come in really handy (Hello! Step into the 20th century!)
2 Every time Jack, Micki, Ryan, and\or Johnny go to a convention or lecture
2 Every time someone goes into the vault
2 When one of our heros travels back in time
3 Every time a curse is used on or put on one of our heros
3 When a child or teen (any minor) has an object
2 Every time symbolism is used to display the forces of good and evil
2 Every time one of our heros says "Do you think one of our objects is behind this?" (Of course it is!)
2 Every time Micki asks Jack "What about me?"
3 Every time one of our heros is arrested
2 Every time one of our heros tell someone they wouldn't believe them if they told them the truth (about the antiques)
2 Every time Ryan makes a smart-ass (and funny) comment
2 Every time Jack gives a famous quote that Micki and Ryan have never heard or understand
2 For every musician that is involved with a curse
2 For every flashback (either the characters own memory or from another episode)
3 Every time a curse involves vampires, werewolves, zombies, or other classic horror "monsters"
3 Every time Micki and Ryan pretend to be cops


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