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Fanfic: The Evil Within

Disclaimers: Unfortunately we don't own F13 the Series or any of it's characters...which is a bummer, 'cause if we did, it would have been out on DVD official release by now! Also, this story was reprinted from Volume 1 (October 1997) of The Vault...a fanzine that had been tied to the old website. If you are the author and would rather your work wasn't showcased on the site, then please contact us and we'll take care of it...Now, on to the poem!

Alone, all alone, the woman was
He had left her, gone on his way
An important journey, back to the past, into the present,
Through the future
No choice in the matter, neither side.

She had companions, still
Always the popular one
But it wasn't the same, not at all
To them, she was not as close.

The time had come, she could take no more
Of the emptiness in her heart
She took the knife, heavy, reassuring in her hand
Cold metal against warm flesh
Marring her creamy skin.

Down she fell, weak and depleted
Life flowing from her veins freely
Spirit rising from her body
Crimson blood and crimson hair
Mixing in one indiscernible puddle.

He was not waiting for her
She should have known
But someone - or something - was
Two red eyes were all she could see
But she could feel something.

Something cold.

Something evil.

She screamed.


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