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Fanfic: I want to be with you alone

Chapter 1: 10/31/87

October 31st 1987.

It had been a grand total of nearly three months since Curious Goods was up and running. In that time Jack, Micki, and Ryan and retrieved half a dozen cursed objects back to the vault. This line of work wasnt easy in fact it seemed nearly impossible. Along with his playful and positive attitude Ryan suggested that perhaps they should throw a neighborhood Halloween party at the store. Micki and Jack were a bit weary about the idea until Ryan brought up more pros then cons while they sat down for dinner the night before. He told them that Uncle Lewis made everyone scared of the store, once the party was thrown and people saw it was under new management it might bring better business. So after a week of rushing around and planning things, for once the three of them seemed as if they were getting along better and having a chance to finally have fun and no something half normal.

Micki really wasnt that into Halloween. She found a great deal of it childish and silly to waste time and money on. But a day before hand she saw how excited Jack seemed to be getting about it and decided to let her guard down just this once. Standing in front of her mirror she slowly painted on her makeup, smiling at what a good job she did. Reaching for her cream she found it missing.

Ryan? have you seen my cream bottle?

She called out while searching on her dresser. The party still wasnt starting for another few hours, but Micki found herself half ready and a complete mess. Calling out Ryans name again there was no answer. Rolling her eyes she walked out the French doors to see if Ryan was laying on his bed with his headphones blasting. Instead she found his silly costume and cape laying there. Smiling she looked down and saw how over the top his costume was, along with the ugly mask which had light up eyeballs. Shaking her head she headed to the upstairs bathroom which was right down the hall.

She listened for the sound of water running, or the shower. Instead she heard silence.


She gently knocked and found the door open a crack, pushing it forward she entered.

Ryan have you seen?

She stopped short in the bathroom and looked at him.

Ryan stood beside the sink in just his netted basketball shorts, Micki had never seen Ryan shirtless, nor knew how tanned and well built he was. Most of the time he wore T-shirts and wife beaters which covered his slim frame. Also he never seemed to stop stuffing his face it suspired her how flat his stomach was. Putting her hand up to her face, a little embarrassed she began to back out even through he wasnt naked.


Then she saw it.

A needle. Freezing she stopped and looked up at Ryan and saw what he was doing. Ryan was holding out a small flab of his side, closer towards his stomach and sticking a needle into him. Looking at everything so fast she locked eyes with Ryan and the first thought that came to mind was drugs.

Ryan was doing drugs.

He didnt seem the type, but she remembered in college how many bad habits come of her friends got. Looking at him he looked just as stunned as her.

Ryan, my God what are you doing?
Ryan took the needle out and set it down on the counter. And ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a deep breath he shrugged.

You caught me

Mickis eyes were as big as crystal balls, she shook her head looking at Ryan.

Ryan, what are you doing?

Ryan looked down at the needle and then motioned to the door.

Mind shutting the door?

Micki took a second before slowly turning around and shutting it, now the two of them were alone.

If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell Jack?

Ryan are you taking drugs?

Mickis voice began unsteady, she didnt know how he would react to that sort of question. Ryan yet again glanced at the needle before softly laughing to himself and shaking his head.

Micki Im a diabetic, thats my insulin.

Micki froze.


Ryan slowly nodded.

Found out my last year of high school, not really a big deal.

For some strange unknown reason Micki nearly died inside, her eyes filled with tears and for the first time ever she worried about Ryan, her cousin.

Oh Ryan Im so sorry, I thought

Ryan gave a small smile before putting the needle, along with three small glass bottle into a small leather case which he zipped up.

No big deal, I would of thought the same thing, trust me if I did do any drugs that was back when I was a teenager, and it wasnt anything like this.

Cracking a grin at her Micki tried her best to relax, but she still felt sick.

Why didnt you...

Tell? Micki Im not one to be worried about, it isnt a big deal trust me, I just dont want you and Jack to have to think about it okay, its my problem.

For some strange unknown reason, Micki ran over to Ryan and hugged him as tight as she could, nearly knocking him down. Laughing a bit Ryan hugged her back and reminded her it wasnt a big deal and to just enjoy the party. When they broke away Micki smiled a little bit as Ryan excused himself to go get dressed. Watching him leave the bathroom Micki turned and looked at her reflection, she would have to redo her makeup since it was running.

Thats when she began having a smallest hint of feelings towards her silly slightly odd beat friend


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