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Fanfic: Reflection By Her Side

Chapter 1: Coven of Darkness

Thanks Micki...

Ryan went over, kissing Micki's forehead tenderly before kneeling down to eye level with her. Micki's entire body was exausted from last night and part of her felt too weak to even move. Ryan seemed the same way, his dark brown eyed looked at her deeply before Micki saw a look in Ryan she never saw before. The oddest feeling and emotion over came before before he gazed at her.

I don't know what would of happened if you didn't break through to me.

He was close enough to kiss, Micki felt his warm breath against her neck. the ladder back?

Micki said with a faint smile which he returned, Jack paced beside them holding up the cursed objects.

And one of Lewis' occult tools.

At least Danny and Garrett didn't die in vain.

Jack shook his head before looking at the two of them, they seemed half dead.

You two go up to your beds, I'll make sure these get back to the vault.

Jack left them before Ryan looked at her face again, he loved this woman...he always had, and her strength and whatever feelings she returned to him, had saved his life.

Micki sat there, her body ached.

You need some help?

Micki shook her head before Ryan rubbed one of her legs and stood up, walking towards the stairs. Right now getting to bed sounded pretty nice to her.

Slowly getting up she glanced up at Ryan, never before had she seen how handsome he was, how different yet exciting he was whenever she was around him. How funny and sweet and loving he was. It wasn't until last night that Micki found the true feeling she had for him and hid back. This entire year she had slowly started to fall in love with him.

Now the proof was there, as opposites as they were...she now knew he was her soulmate.


Ryan paused, nearly on the top step. Micki looked up at him before struggling to find the words.

I...I love you Ryan.

He looked down at her, almost as if he had always known.

I love you too Micki.

Micki shook her head.

No, not that way...there's something I can't explain...

Ryan began walking down the steps again.

Like I had last night...

I think that's the reason I was able to save you...

Ryan now walked up to her, they locked eyed as he went closer.

His hands reached out and took hers. Both stood there for a second before Micki seemed nearly half scared. Their hearts raced and they began to breath heavy. Ryan looked down at her before leaning in and kissing her right on the lips.

Micki closed her eyes before drawing herself in closer, the kiss was the most romantic, soft, and gentle kiss she ever had in her entire life. For Ryan this was the kiss he had been dreaming about this entire time.

It was perfect.

Drawing part, Micki bit her bottom lip before looking deep into his eyes.

Love me Ryan...please love me.

Before they knew it, both were in Micki's bedroom with the door locked and closed. The morning was still bright and a soft breeze blew in from the window.

Micki laid on her bed as Ryan tugged off his shirt, she reached up for him as he slid ontop of her. Shaking he tried to steady himself before looking down at her perfectly smooth and shaped body. She was so naked, so beautiful.

Ryan held himself above her, under the smooth feeling sheets before taking a deep breath.

Lowering himself on her, squishing her breasts he breathed deeply before slowly moving himself into the right position. Within seconds he was in her and right away her eyes shut as her entire body arched and she started to moan. Ryan took a second to lower himself completly before starting a steady pace. His thrusts were direct and hard as the entire head rocked.

Micki laid under him, digging her long nails into his back before letting him kiss her neck. Shutting her eyes she began to moan louder as he went into her over and over again. Micki opened her eyes and saw how badly he was sweating and how tried he looked. He moved in a good pace as she felt him deep inside her, making her entire insides feel numb.

He had gone through so much, now he was doing this for her.

Knowing he was coming close Micki placed her hands on his face before taking him in for a kiss.

I love you Ryan...I love you.

When he came he rolled over beside her, taking her into his arms. As of right now the future was unknown, only that whatever they just shared made them nearly cry.

Kissing her head Ryan looked her face over.

I love you Micki, I always have.

Micki looked at him, nearly falling asleep.

Be my wife.

He whispered in her ear. Taking a second she looked at him before kissing his lips again.



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