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Fanfic: Overnight

Chapter 1: Too Far

"I don't think we can make this drive tonight, Ryan. We have another 300 miles to go, and we're both having trouble keeping our eyes open."

Ryan glanced at her, then shifted his gaze back to the road, "You're right. Next chance we get, we'll stop for the night."

She yawned, "That sounds good."

Micki was jostled awake a while, and opened her eyes to see Ryan pulling into a small parking lot outside a cozy-looking 2-story hotel. He smiled at her, "Have a good nap?"

She nodded, "I did, thanks..." She stretched as he parked the car, and they both got out. The night air was cool and damp, and she felt refreshed as they walked into the lobby.

She walked up to the front desk, where an older lady, dressed in a floral dress, was knitting. She looked up at the two, "We only have one room left, so if you two aren't married, you'll have to go somewhere else..."

Micki glanced back at the sound of Ryan coming in the door, carrying their overnight bags. Seeing the exhaustion on his face, she turned back to the old lady, "We're married."

"Wonderful, Dear." The old lady stood, "You'll be staying just one night?"

Micki nodded, "Just one."

The lady handed Micki a pen, and indicated the guest book, "It's $65, we take cash or check."

Micki signed the guest book, Ryan and Michelle Foster, and got out her checkbook. Ryan stood by her side, and flashed the old lady an embarrassed smile, "I never remember my checkbook."

"My husband was the same way." She took the check Micki handed her, and put it in the cash-box in the desk drawer, "You're in Room 4, up the stairs to the right. I'm Fran, and I'll be going to bed in a few minutes. My room is right behind me, here, let me know if you need anything." She paused, "You folks hungry? I have stew left-over from dinner, if you want any."

Micki and Ryan both declined, and found their way upstairs to the room. Micki found the light-switch, and looked around. The room was comfortably decorated, with a full-sized bed, two bed-side tables, a small desk, and a wardrobe against the wall. There was a window looking to the east, and Micki looked out while Ryan set down the bags. She could see the road they had driven down only a few minutes ago, and thought for a moment about driving back home, to Chicago, on it a few days from now.

Ryan interrupted her reverie, standing beside her, "I love this kind of area - the forest all around it - it's so relaxing. And the smell..."

She looked at him, "The smell indeed! Why don't you go shower first?"

He smiled, nodding, "So I need a shower? Sure. I won't be long."

She heard him unzip his bag, and get his clothes out. The the door to the bathroom shut, and she was alone in the quiet room.


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