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Fanfic: Fight the Chemistry

Chapter 1: I'm not his girlfriend

Come any closer and I'll cut your girlfriend.

Ryan stood in the doorway with Jack feeling completely helpless, he watched the guy's crazy dark eyes dart back and forth while he held the huge hunter's knife to Micki's smooth pale skin. Tears gushed out of her eyes as she began to shake.

I'm not his girl...

He held the knife closer, screaming for Ryan to get the gloves. Moments later Ryan ran up the stairs holding out one of the boxing gloves.

Here take it...

The man raised an eyebrow.

Wait there's only one...

That's when Ryan turned around and hit Jack straight in the gut knocking him down. The man flew away from Micki and was beaten by an invisible force. Micki screamed and then grabbed Ryan by the shoulders.


She pulled the glove off as Ryan stood in shock, Jack laid on the ground a little stunned. Micki kneeled down helping Jack to his feet as Ryan began to get hysterical.

Come on Jack, get up...I didn't hit you that hard!

Jack stumbled as Ryan helped him sit on one of the kitchen table's chairs. Slowly breathing Jack touched his tender and now wounded face.

That's a cursed objects Ryan! What were you thinking!

Micki slowly with caution grabbed the cursed glove from the man who now laid knocked out on her bed.

I had to, it was the only way to help her!

Ryan seemed so disturbed by what he had just done. Micki meanwhile crossed the room to call 911.

Ryan leaned down asking Jack if he was all right. Waving his hand away he told Ryan to just make sure that guy didn't get up again. Looking over he saw Micki run back to them...the police were on their way.

Are you all right Jack?

Jack nodded.

Yes, I'm fine...don't worry...

Micki then shot Ryan a look.

Ryan what were you thinking!

Ryan had no words to explain why he used the cursed gloves, he wasn't thinking right...all he knew was that a knife was being held at Micki's throat and he needed to save her. The rest of his thoughts were blured.

Micki,my God your hurt...

Ryan's attention looked at what Jack was commenting on. In the dim light of the kitchen Ryan saw a rather long slash mark on Micki's right cheek...blood was dripping like crazy.

Micki's long slinder fingers went to the cut before she hissed in pain. Her eyes seemed wide and scared.

I didn't even notice he cut me...oh my God there's so much blood!

Micki began to cry, putting her entire palm to her cheek, tears spilled from her eyes as she began to breath heavy...Ryan rushed over trying to calm her down.

Micki Micki!

She cried still holding her cut, blood was getting all over her hands. In the distance Jack could hear the sirens.

Ryan put his arms on Micki's shoulders and told her to stop touching her face, squirming she cried that it was stinging. Glancing at the guy who laid past out in the other room...Ryan wanted to kill him.

An hour later the man was arrested. Ryan and Jack told the police that he busted into the store, most likely either trying to rape Micki or steal something when Ryan and Jack came in. There was a struggle in which Jack feel down and finally Ryan knocked him out.

The story seemed solid and they asked no more questions. The store was in a bad area anyways. Jack only had minnor cuts and bruises. His left eye was swollen cut and had casted a purple hint to it.

Jesus Jack I'm sorry...

Ryan said, putting his head down in shame. Jack sat in the crowed lobby on the ER with an icepack. Faintly smiling he looked up at Ryan.

It's much as I wanna kill you right now I knew you were only protecting Micki.

Finally the doctor came out and said that Micki's cut would need stitches.

Oh God...

Ryan said running his hands through his hair, the image of that knife being held to Micki kept playing over and over in his head. The doctor told them that Micki wanted one of them to stay with her while it was getting done.

You might as well, she's angry with me.

No Ryan, you go...I'm sure she understands.

Nodding Ryan was lead into the room where Micki sat in the hospital bed, Ryan's coat thrown over her shoulders. A nurse sat beside her getting ready for the stitches.


Ryan slowly walked over as Micki glaned up.

How's Jack? some bruises but he's okay.

And the gloves?

She spoke in a lower voice looking at Ryan with a serious eye.

In the vault, don't worry.

Is this your boyfriend?

The nurse asked wheeling the small metal table over. Ryan glanced down at Micki before she shook her head.

No, my cousin Ryan.

Well Ryan I think it's real nice to sit with her while she's getting this done.

Feeling a sick twisted feel in his stomach, Ryan avoided eye contact with the nurse before walking around to the bed and sitting behind Micki who had to lean forward for the nurse to work.

I'm going to numb the area of the skin, you will feel pressure.

Is there going to be a scar?

Micki asked in a nervous uneven voice. The nurse shook her head.

There should be a mark for less then a me it's not deep at all.

Nodding, Micki sat still before one hand went over to Ryan's and squeezed it. The nurse began working as Micki tried to control her tears. A little while later she was finished and brought to the car where Jack was sitting with the heat on.


Micki hugged Jack before looking over his poor beaten face.

Are you okay?

Ryan felt awful as he stood there in the cold, it was getting late now.

I'm fine's your face?

Fine, they said there shouldn't even be a mark in a few weeks.

Well...let's get home, it's been a long night.

Ryan drove home while Micki and Jack sat in the back, looking tried and beaten. Once they arrived back at the store it was three in the morning. Ryan got Jack some aspirin and a new ice pack before telling Jack in the utter most guilt filled tone how sorry he was. Patting Ryan on the shoulder Jack told him he had been through worse and that he better be with Micki tonight since she seemed shaken.

Once Ryan got upstairs Micki stood in her bedroom rubbing her arms, she looked terrifed.

How's the cut?

Micki turned, there was a small bandage going across Micki's face. Tears filled her eyes before she lowered her head.

Am I ugly now?


Ryan went to her, putting his arms around her thin body and hugging her.

Micki your never ugly, your the most beautiful girl in the world.

Ryan then stopped, he couldn't believe he just said that. But Micki seemed as if she didn't even notice. Standing there with Ryan's arms around her she sighed deeply.


For what?

Saving me.

Ryan looked down before smirking at Micki.

I just wish I didn't feel so bad about it.

Micki sighed.

It was a stupid thing to do...but you did it.

Ryan nodded before seeing that they were standing too close to each other, Ryan felt awful about her face and seeing her eyes so wide like that was making him get a pretty bad errection in which he didn't want Micki to see.



Could...could you stay in here with me tonight, I'm getting the creeps.

Ryan smiled.

Sure Micki...

A little while later Ryan tossed Micki one of his T-shirt for her to wear. The doctor told her to wear loose clothing for the first night so she wouldn't rub up against her cut. Changing into it in the bathroom she came out with it dropped down to her knees. Smiling Ryan grabbed his pillow and blanket and went to spread them across the floor.

What are you doing?

Ryan looked up at Micki.


Your sleeping there?

Ryan looked down, he really didn't see the problem.

Yeah...where else would I sleep?

For God's sake Ryan you can sleep here.

She patted on the other side of the bed, Ryan seemed a little surprised.

Well...what would Lloyd think of you sharing the same bed with another man?

Micki glanced at the framed photograph of Lloyd on her dresser before rolling her eyes.

I trust you'll be a gentlemen.

Ryan grinned standing up and walking to the other side of the bed.

If I can control myself.

Laughing Micki put off the light and Ryan got into bed, right beside Micki. Looking over at her both put on nervous smiles before Ryan sighed.

Night Micki...

Night Ryan.

Turning over Micki put her back to Ryan as he just laid there, looking at her.

God I love this woman...

Ryan said to himself before falling asleep himself.


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