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Fanfic: It's a mad mad world

Chapter 1: Coven of Darkness

Thanks Micki...

Ryan said as he bent down, softly kissing her forehead with his waxy lips. In that moment Micki thought of the other times they had kissed while living at Curious Goods. Mostly they were harmless friendly kisses mostly on the cheek. There was that time when they recovered the foghorn when they went upstairs, then after they got back the cursed sheriffs badge. They didn't mean anything, in fact nowadays kisses didn't really mean anything at all. It was a simple way of showing love and connection. Never before on the lips, just as she kissed Jack, like a friend, a father, or a brother.

Sighing she felt exausted from what happened last night, she felt as if it took all the strength in her body to keep breathing.

Ryan went down to eye level with her and for the first time ever Micki saw how really handsome he was upclose. He had big doe brown eyes, which always looked tried, clear skin, and a very solid and friendly look whenever he smiled at her. Right now they were inches apart and Micki began thinking of all those times.

All those times in which they were together. Recovering cursed objects, fighting evil together. She remembered all the memories they had together and laughs they shared. She remembered how at first he came across as a childish fool, then slowly as she began to know him better...she saw him as he really was.

Kind and brave, strong, and friendly. He was every opposite that she was to him. He had dropped out of college, he had grown up with an awful family life, mostly living alone. He blasted his music and danced around the store like a fool. He ate junk food and loved playing tricks on her. He had a huge passion for comic books and other childish things. But still...he was the only one that could really made her smile.

He had saved her so many times, along with that faint memory of that coin falling to the ground and then pitch darkness. It seemed so clear now...the reason why they kept saving eachother was because...

They couldn't stand to be apart.

Last night proved it.

I don't know what would of happened if you didn't break through to me.

He now was so close, she could feel his warm breath, smell that lovely scent of cologne he always wore, in fact his clothes always smelled of it. Almost like clean soap...Micki had notcied this months into living with him and found that one of the many pleasant things about being around him. He now looked different, something about the way he looked at her made her nearly want to lean a little closer and kiss him. the ladder back?

Micki said with a faint smile which he returned, Jack paced beside them holding up the cursed objects.

And one of Lewis' occult tools.

Ryan looked up and for a moment Jack thought to himself how beautiful the two of them looked. He loved Micki and Ryan very much, as if they were his own. But right at this very moment, his dark eyes next to her fire red hair he saw beauty.

At least Danny and Garrett didn't die in vain.

Jack shook his head before looking at the two of them, they seemed half dead.

You two go up to your beds, I'll make sure these get back to the vault.

Jack left them as Ryan looked down at Micki again.

You need some help?

Faintly shaking her head Micki muttered a no, somehow she felt as if her entire body was drained and empty. Ryan nodded before walking up the stairs.

Micki then knew...

She loved this man.

Getting enough strength she followed him and glanced one last time down at the store. She had almost lost Ryan last night, as many times before. Now she finally knew the truth.

He was upstairs, standing up the small area that served as his bedroom. He had his shirt off and was searching the never ending piles of clothes for a clean T-shirt to sleep him.

Watching him, Micki notcied that for a thin man he was very well built, mostly his arms which in this light looked tanned. He was perfect in every way.


Ryan turned, a T-shirt in his hands.

Yeah Micki?

Micki slowly walked over, as if she was in a dream...Ryan stared at her, almost a little nervous until she stood in front of him. Ryan let out a dry laugh.

What is it?

Micki then lost all control, taking hold of him she pressed her lips as hard as she could against his.


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