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Fanfic: Red hair girl and brown eyed boy

Chapter 1: I won't let anything happen to you

Hey Micki?

Ryan had just come back from working out at the gym across town. Lately he had been a little more focused on staying in shape and trying to keep somewhat of a good look to him. Often Micki laughed about this, but deep down inside Ryan felt a little intimated by all the well built and wealthy men Micki often went after. In fact his little image thing came up shortly after Tim came into their lifes and they recovered the cursed badge.

It first started with Ryan growing his hair out and having Micki show him how to spike it. Then he bought a few extra clothes that matched and in darker colors, and got his earring. He had gotten it a few months ago while shopping with Micki. He remembered joking with Micki about trying to look hip and then they saw the counter where you could get it done. Pretty much on a dare Micki got him to do it, and since then it sort of grew on him.

He was liking his new look, even through Ryan had never really been that much into image. But he found that Micki had began to notice him more, which was something that never seemed to hurt the little crush he had developed for her over the past year or so. Since his short little fling with Laura, and all the drama in his life he found Micki was really the one who was always there for him, even after his father died.

He knew it was silly trying to change his looks, but it really just want for Micki, it was more for himself. Now it didn't seem to come across as the foolish loser so many people saw him as. In fact a few weeks before Ryan had gotten back from the gym and Micki remarked on how nice and tanned they looked. Something that couldn't help Ryan from grinning.

Jack had been gone this week, leaving the two of them in charge of the shop. Just yesterday they had recovered the cursed radio...which nearly had killed the two of them. He knew Micki was still shaken by this.

In fact while changing from the gym, Ryan notcied a nice long black and blue mark on his inside thighs from falling on that electric fence. That had nearly killed him and it still sort of stung, he knew if it got any worse he would have to swing by the doctors on Monday. But Ryan was just thankful he hadn't hurt himself up a little higher.

Smiling he decided he would crack open a six pack and maybe watch a little TV with Micki. Lately she had gotten use to his ways and even started drinking beer once in awhile instead of that sour tasting wine she liked so much.

Knocking on the glass french doors of her bedroom he waited for a second.


No answer, he knew it was too early for her to be sleeping.

Hey Micki?

Opening the door he froze.

Micki sat curled up on the bed and was crying.


She lifted her head for a second and then lowered it again.

Ryan went over concerned and worried before sitting on the edge of her bed and leaning in.

Micki what's wrong?

The first throught that came to mind was that maybe Lloyd had called her. They had been broken up for nearly a year now and Micki told Ryan he had been saying some pretty nasty stuff about her back home.

Micki kept crying before Ryan placed his hands on her.


Finally she looked at him, her eyes red and raw.

What's wrong?

Micki took a second to take breath before looking at him, tears running down her eyes.

I...I took a shower while you were gone, and...

She cried a bit more before she cleared her throat.

There's bruises and bite marks on me from when that man tried to rape me.

Ryan just sat there.


Micki slowly nodded as she kept crying, Ryan thought he hadn't heard right.

Yesterday at the hospital...when we split up, that man...he...he got loose and he...

She broke down completely before Ryan's face turned serious.

Did he rape you?

Micki shook her head.

No...I got away, but he almost did, I thought it was okay once we got the radio, but I feel dirty, oh God Ryan!

She cried even harder as Ryan took her into his arms, she sobbed against his chest, her face buried in his shirt as he rubbed her back trying his best to sooth her. Finally her cries began to die down and turn into hiccups, then she looked up at him, exausted and worn out.

I'm's just, he really could of done it.

Ryan looked down at her, wishing he had killed that bastard himself. Brushing back her hair he kissed her forehead and held her tigher.

Thanks Ryan...

Don't worry Micki...I won't let anything happen to you.


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