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Fanfic: Pray For Me

Chapter 1: Don't Go

Micki nervously stood in line at the airport beside Ryan.

This past week had been awful for them. Last Saturday they had nearly lost Ryan to the witches'ladder, and if it wasn't for Micki...wouldn't of been able to break through and save him. Since that emotional day the two of them hadn't really been the same. Micki felt drained and on edge, while Ryan was distant and depressed.

Jack had left for France three days ago, and just yesterday they received the call that there had been an accident. Johnny was watching the store, and on top of that...Ryan's mother had shown up.

Fourteen whole years without a mother, fourteen whole years of the grief and guilt of his younger brother's death. Fourteen years of being abused by his unloving father...finally she came forward. Ryan was distant to her even when she offered to ride them to the airport. The entire drive was in silence and Micki could see the tension between them. At one point Ryan had even told her that she didn't even feel like his mother anymore.

Her heart ached for him, while being worried sick about Jack. She knew he was in search of some book which a nun in a small village and talked about once after claiming to see God. Now it seemed as if there a was a storm ahead of them, ready to strike. Death seemed nearly in the air.

Goosebumps went up Micki's arms, even through she was dressed in her heavy winter jacket. It was late November.

Ryan hadn't said much the entire time.

Glancing up at him she sighed. For the past two years the two of them had lived this dangerous life together. They had faced evil and death together and still were by each other's side. At first he was just a playful pest, but slowly as time and emotions grew on Micki looked at Ryan as if he was her best friend.

So many people had turned their backs on her, but no matter what...Ryan was always there for her. Such strong feelings seemed deadly.

He looked so handsome, yet serious just standing there ready for their flight to be boarded.

Ryan glanced at Micki for a second before she slightly smiled to him. She knew seeing his mother had bothered him, and it seemed to be blocking his thoughts.

You okay?


Are you all right?


Ryan gave a small grin at her which made her feel better, Ryan was always good at that.

Thinking back she knew that another reason for him acting so strange and distant had been what had happened last weekend, that morning after they got the witches' ladder. Remembering it nearly seemed like a dream that happened to someone else. It was too strange.

She remembered how he kissed her forehead, thanking her for breaking through to him. Then that look that came across his eyes as he stared at her. She knew something was different between the two. Later going upstairs, exausted and worn out she had looked at him and sighed.

Jack had told her how badly he had acted when the cursed coin had gotten her nearly seven months ago. Maybe yet again their love for eachother had broken through to make sure they were never apart.


She then went up to him as he stared at her and she slipped her arms around his smooth tanned neck.

Make love to me Ryan...

She whispered, before she felt his lips press against hers. It seemed like a lifetime of waiting had finally been for this. It didn't last long, but when they finished, shaking and dripping with sweat. She remembered holding his face as he looked down at her and then made him promise that he would never leave her.

The next morning they nearly seemed stunned to see what had really happen. Since then too much had happened to really put throught into it.

Somehow, as if Ryan had heard her...he slipped his hand into hers and smiled.

That's when they heard someone behind them, asking if they were also going to the village.

Turning around they saw a sweet little girl, no older then twelve sitting in a wheelchair. She seemed frail and weak and stared up at them with her sparking blue eyes.

Micki smiled letting out her hand as the little girl took it.

I'm Micki Foster...and this is my friend Ryan Dallion.

Ryan smiled and let out his hand, but the moment they touched the girl froze.

Pure terror came across her eyes as she began to breath heavy, Ryan lifted an eyebrow as the girl began to cry.

Don't Go...

She looked scared to death.

Breaking their touch the father said how sorry he was and that this happened sometimes. Watching him give her some medication, Micki tugged on Ryan to walk further up in line with her.

It was creepy, and odd.

Before Ryan walked away with Micki, the girl looked at him and said again...

Don't Go...


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