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Fanfic: Living in different worlds

Chapter 1: If only


Micki quickly entered the police station dressed in her warm fur coat. Clutching her purse under one arm, her heels clicked against the floor before she finally stopped dead in her tracks.

A teenage boy sat on the bench, his light nearly red colored hair hung in his face as he stared at his worn and dirty sneakers. Standing there for a second Micki couldn't find the words. She had been here too many times all ready, and after speaking with the police officers up front, she knew this would be the last. Anger and embarrassment filling her, she itched to hit him. Trying her best to get under control he finally glanced up at her with his tried dark looking eyes.

Hi mom...

Get up.

Micki hissed at him before turning around, she couldn't even look at him right now she was so angry. Hearing him slowly walk behind her, she pushed open the glass doors and into the dark parking-lot. Seeing her breath come out in tiny little clouds she saw that it was lightly snowing out.

Yanking her door open, she sat down in the car waiting for him to get in. After a moment of silence she glanced over at him and saw that he was still looking down. Starting up the engine she began to drive home.

Most of the ride there they didn't say antyhing, Micki looked out the windshield as they began getting out of the city. Seeing herself in the rearview mirror she sighed seeing how old she really looked.

All ready having to start dying her hair, her face seemed too waxy and tried looking for a woman in her late forties. Finally he spoke.

Mom, please don't.

Please don't what?

Give me another speech about fighting, you heard what happened...that's the end of it.

Doesn't sound like the end to me...they said if you get arrested again their going to throw you in jail for sure.


So...your life will be over, no more future, no more anything.

No more you controlling my life?

Ryder, when do I control your life?

Micki snapped back, she was starting to get angry again and knew there was going to be a fight.

When do you?

Ryder now sat up more, his voice was starting to raise like it always did.

When do you?

He repeated.

How about my entire have always tried to plan out everything thats happened to me because I'm your only child.

What that's called if you didn't know if being a parent...if I didn't do all this "controlling" like you might very well be on the streets!

How can I even talk to you, even time I try too we fight!

That's because your always at the police station, or getting in trouble at school, or sneaking out!

Please! The only reason you put up with me is because dad died before you guys could have anymore kids.

Micki held onto the wheel for dear life, mostly Ryder spoke of his father with respect and questions, but lately as things got worse if it wasn't her to often brought him into it.

Don't bring your father into this...

Why? You always said I take after him...yet always remind me that he was such a good man and would die if he saw me doing this shit, well mom maybe he should of thought about that after getting you knocked up!

Micki slammed on the breaks, nearly sending her teenage son into the dashboard.


Ryder screamed, being taken off guard. Micki then looked at him as if she wanted to kill, pointing her finger straight in his face she made sure he knew what she was saying.

Listen can say anything you want about me, but never...NEVER talk about your father that way, you have no idea how much he went through for you to get born, and how much he loved you...understand?

Ryder looked at his mother, nearly half scared before slowly shaking his head.


Micki then turned back, she couldn't look at him any longer. Driving away she went down the cold dark side roads before pulling up to her house. On the verge of tears she thought of how awful it was to hate someone you loved so much.

If only he knew...

She thought.

If only.


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