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Fanfic: Snowshoes

Chapter 1: All that glitters...

The cold air whipped her hair into her face as she plodded along the icy trail towards the well-lit cave. With each step Rebecca could hear the snow crunching loudly beneath her snowshoes. And she was thankful to have them.

She clutched the small jar close to her body, making certain that not a drop of the precious liquid spilled.

As she neared the gaping mouth of the cave a grin spread across her face. She could hardly wait to see what this newest batch would fetch. The last one had been several thousand dollars worth, and he was just a simple ice fisherman who had done a few good deeds in his life.

But this one...He was a true altruist. Would give anyone the shirt off his back.

She chuckled to herself. A sound that was drowned out by the whir of the generator that kept this place lit. True, only snow was needed, but this place, so desolate and in the middle of nowhere, had proved itself to be the perfect spot.

And with the near constant snow and icy bodies of water, hiding the bodies was a breeze.

Rebecca pushed back the fur-lined hood of her coat, and dropped to her knees, ignoring the stinging sensation that shot up her frozen legs. Her mind was on one thing.

With numb fingers, she pulled off her snowshoes and placed them, crisscrossed, onto the snowy surface below. Her trembling hands twisted at the bottle until the cap finally popped off.

Steadying her hands against the shivers, Rebecca leaned forward and poured the rich, red liquid carefully across the snowshoes, watching as it drained through. The snow stained pink beneath the mesh, darkening to a red as more liquid met the ground.

The bottle was now drained and Rebecca leaned back, watching intently. The ground began to take on a soft glow, and before she knew it, the entire cave was vibrant with a soft red light. A warmth had spread through the cave, and Rebecca was now on the verge of sweating under the heavy coat she wore.

The light seemed to be brighter than the last time and gained more vibrancy with each passing second. Eventually the red neon hue pulsated and overtook the cave, creating a blinding, super-nova-like effect that forced Rebecca's eyes closed.

After several more seconds, the light began to fade, the warmth ceased, and Rebecca's eyes shot open.

She grinned, tossing the snowshoes out of the way, and scooping up a large handful of the glimmering rubies.


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