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Fanfic: Let them know

Chapter 1: The sequence

Micki slowly looked at herself in the full length mirror that hung on the other side of her room. Looking at her drained face, and tried eyes she simply felt her entire body ache and throb before a weakness washed over herself yet again. Jack had been right of it taking all of her strength and power, at this moment she felt useless, exausted, and nearly dead. It had taken alot of strength to get Ryan back, and now yet again things were restored and put right.

She felt as if she nearly died.

"Thanks Micki..."

Micki remembered Ryan saying just awhile ago downstairs. He had leaned down, looking her in the eye. That look which had been making Micki nervous lately. The look that had become slowly more and more serious. It seemed as if something she couldn't brush off or joke about anymore.

"I don't know what I would of done if you didn't come through to me."

Then how close he got, almost as if their was a hunger within his eyes, then he simply kissed her on the forehead. A soft and tender motion, which still scared Micki. Lately these little signs of affection seemed to have too much care and thought put into them. In fact...Ryan hadn't seemed like the old friendly and silly Ryan, he now seemed like a very serious, strong, and attractive man.

Trying to push away her thoughts, she began thinking of going to bed. It was early morning and she felt as if she could sleep through the next couple of days.

Just then there was a knock on her bedroom doors, right away she knew who it was. Turning she muttered for him to come in, within seconds he walked through the doors and slowly went to her.

Micki felt nervous, she needed more time.


Micki tried to stand straight as Ryan's big brown eyes locked on her.

Ryan, please...not now...


He stood in front of her, closer then he ever did. Both looked over each other's tried and exausted faces and simply could feel their hearts jumping out of each other's chests.

Ryan I, I...


Ryan then slowly put his arms around Micki's thin waist, her entire body shaking and going stiff, she tried not to feel the thing which was pulsing through the crotch of his jeans. The thing which was resting against her body as he held her tighter. The thing if which she had been thinking about whenever she took a hot shower alone, or was laying in her bed late at night. Remembering Ryan's smooth tanned arms whenever he was walking around the store, T-shirt sleeves rolled up. The thoughts of things Micki would of blushed about only months ago.

No Ryan, we can't...

Ryan didn't listen, he grabbed her and began covering her mouth with his. The kiss was rough and nearly took her breath away before he pulled back, his eyes still so serious.

Who says Micki, who?

Micki simply shook her head, never before did she feel so sick and good at the same time. She felt dizzy and out of control.


But Ryan kissed her again, a kiss in which the two of them had been waiting for. A kiss in which Micki moaned through and slowly lifted her hands and ran them through his thick hair. A kiss in which he felt her and began lifting her off the ground towards her newly made bed.

Laying her on there, which such care like the night he found her lifeless body after the coin. The way he looked down at her with such compassion and love it nearly drove tears to Micki's eyes. This was what she wanted.


She muttered again, slowly her hands went up and began working up his T-shirt with brief gentle tugs, finally it went over his head and was flung to the side. His entire chest was perfect. Tanned and flat, so perfectly shaped, Micki could nearly run her fingers past his chest. She began to breath in heavy strokes.

Ryan then began lifting up her nightgown, nothing underneath but her smooth creamed colored flesh. Micki laid against her bed as she saw him working off his belt and pants. But was going to happen, why were they don't thinking.

Ryan, I don't think this is such a good idea...

Ryan leaned down kissing her before slowly pulling on her lip.

I love you Micki...

Micki then saw it, her eyes bugged out and she nearly was unable to catch her breath, looking him in the eye she then knew how badly she wanted it.

Seconds past, and then he was ontop of her, Micki felt him move for a second before going further down towards his hips...then she entered her with one single thrust.

Crying, she snapped her eyes shut and told him to stop, never before did it hurt so bad. Looking down at their bodies, nearly slicked together, he saw his swelling flesh entering hers, how out of place it looked and how big. To her utter shock she saw he wasn't even fully in. Only once or twice she thought of how big Ryan was, now here it was, making her feel like a virgin in high school. Snapping her eyes shut she felt her insides throb. At first glance you wouldn't even guess how Ryan was. Now here she was feeling it.

He slowly sank depper, before she filled her up and made her entire body pulse in pain and pleasure.


She licked her lips.

Please Ryan...please...

Ryan then covered her mouth as she began taking in a new one. Covering her mouth from the sudden rush of oxygen made her eyes draw out. His entire mouth pressed hard against hers, his tongue slipping down in the back of her throat, nearly making her gag.

He pressed harder, hurting her face as it then hit her.

She couldn't breath.

Waiting a second to see if Ryan would come up for air, she saw he wasn't In fact he mouth was pressed so tightly on Micki's mouth she knew she would have bruises around the fair skin around her lips. He then pressed his body into her more, this time so far deep inside her she thought blood had began to come out, almost like whenever she got her period real bad. She looked at the ceiling, and then the blured vison of Ryan's face, his eyes closed as he moaned within her.

Still she couldn't breath, now her heart began to race.

Tyring to muffle his name, a strange sound came from her and carried little sound. She then began to panic...she couldn't breath.

Eyes darting back and forth, she tried pushing upward on Ryan, but he was too heavy and was pushing his entire body against her, making the covers and pillows look like their were about to eat her.

Pushing again, she then began to struggle.

"Jesus I can't breath...I'm going to die!"

Micki thought, waving her arms and tyring to claw into Ryan's tanned back, his penis went harder into her, stealing any last second of strength to had to struggle more. Was Ryan trying to kill her?

He had to be running out of air, she knew it.

Eyes rolling back in her head, she nearly was able to see anything before it began to slowly fade away and blur.

Just as her eyes nearly rolled back in her head, Ryan then snapped his mouth away from hers, making an entire unlimited supply of oxygen rush into her lungs.

Nearly choking on it, she gapsed loudly, but nearly screamed as that exact moment he used all his strength to raise himself off her body for a second, and thrust all the way down to her womb.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Ryan's mouth covered hers again, blocking any noise that could alarm Jack. Her eyes wide, she watched Ryan looked her over, then lifted her mouth quicker. Micki gasped for air again, panting as he raised his ass, this time taking his penis completely out of her. Micki felt sore, yet almost on fire. Gasping for air, she then looked down and saw how errect it was. Out of the five men, counting Lloyd who she had slept with, she never saw something so big before. Ryan was so lean and skinny, how hadn't she known.

Ryan's hand then grabbed Micki's left one, slowly he brought it down to his errection, which was dripping and throbbing to the touch.

Your eyes are full and so am I.

He grinned, almost in a voice Micki didn't know. She then saw maybe what he meant. They weren't using protection.

Ryan, get a condom quick!

She had a few extra ones in her dresser, and while cleaning around one day she saw Ryan had some in an old baseball card box under his bed.

Ryan then smiled, and he forced her hand to slowly touch it again, this time Micki's fingers wrapped around it, feeling it's tip about to let go.

Oh Ryan...

She felt herself start to tingle, she felt herself coming close. As werid as this was, Ryan somehow knew what he was doing and she had trust in him.

Slowly her fingers worked down his errect shaft, then back up feeling the tip. Ryan then covered his hand with hers as they guided it to herself. Slowly he used his shaft to brush up against her, making her squirm.


She moaned, tossing her head from side to side, her entire hair felt soaked with sweat as his free hand let his fingers loose and began to hook inside her, slowly working in and out.


She moaned louder before Ryan's mouth was on her again, this time not giving her a chance what so ever to get any air. Panic and sick, she struggled as he shoved his entire penis inside her, letting go and grabbing her hips, so strong bruises of fingertips would be there. Raising his head, he nearly screamed himself. This gave a chance for air. Gasping, she watched as his legs strongly spread her legs apart. Her inner thights slicked with sweat, she felt his budge inside her. There was a strong pulse between her legs, and then he lifted himself, his flat stomach a new inches above hers, and thrusted in.

Micki cried lightly, as he went in again. He was starting a good pace and she felt it go in and out, in and out. Ryan's bangs hung in his eyes as he sweated, slowly he began to move within her.

His legs holding her still apart, he bit his bottom lip and began thrusting, his back and ass pumping in and out at a very fast rate.

Don't stop Ryan, in depper like this!

She held his lower back down, his weight crushing her. Somehow she needed this or she knew her heart would brust, she needed it now, harder, and deeper and couldn't have it end.

Fuck me Ryan, fuck me!

She cried, a huge grin spread across him as he pumped in over and over again, his penis now starting to burn and rip her a bit down below. Tossing her head side to side she then saw that look in his eye.

Was he coming close?


Her right leg then wrapped behind him, across his lower back and ass, She felt it pulse from under her. She needed to hold him down, she wasn't ready.


He then snapped his eyes closed, nearly in pain.

I...I...can't come, oh God I can't come...

He moaned, moving quicker, Micki then grabbed onto him, kissing him even harder this time.

No, don't keep going, don't stop!

Opening his eyes, he looked down at Micki. Finally there was silence between the two of them for a moment. Ryan slowly moved within her, before finally Micki reached up, and this time softly kissing Ryan.

Breaking the kiss, finally Ryan began to slow down in speed.

Leaning down, he kissed her and then began to moan, slowly she felt his entire body stiffen and then climaxed as strongly as he could. Muffling a groan, he buried his face into her shoulder as all of his warm liquid poured into her.

There was silence for a second before Micki thought that was finally it, opening her eye to face, him...the pain then came again. Ryan was nearly finished, thrusting only once or twice more he finally finished. Finally he laid himself down on her...and it was finished.

Micki felt as if she had been torn apart, still feeling his warmth drip from her, she took a deep breath and looked over at him.

She never thought she could love someone so much.

It wouldn't last, her fears hit her all at once, it was dangerous to love this way and she knew it.

Raising his head, he looked at her, just as tried he faintly smiled.

Marry me Micki, marry me.

Micki stared at him before softly kissing his lips.

I will, I will...

Holding onto him and hearing his heartbeat, she felt so alive, so loved, and so protected.

This would last, she knew it.


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