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Fanfic: Time Will Tell

Chapter 1: Planning a Trip


"Yes, Micki?"

"What's this alchemist's timer on your list of things to locate?"

Jack looked up from his newspaper, "Oh, yes, that. I picked that up in Italy. It's a unique piece from the workshop of an unknown alchemist who developed a graduated hour-glass. It's a ten-hour piece, so he could use it all night, and know within 5 minutes the correct time."

Micki was quiet for a minute, "What do you suppose Lewis did to that?"

"I shudder to think."

"So where are you looking?"

"The buyer died, and his estate was sold to a dealer in Maryland. The dealer said it sold only a few days later to a local professor who died a few months later. So, it's probably still in Maryland, but that's where the trail went cold."

"What trail went cold?" Johnny's voice piped as he came up the steps from the front of the store.

Micki and Jack looked up, saying a quick hi to Johnny and telling him about the hourglass.

"So, what's the plan, guys?"

"Well, I think it'd be best if Micki and I head over to Maryland while you mind the shop."

"Sure, guys, no problem," Johnny said, dropping his leather jacket onto a nearby chair, "I'll crash here so I can open up on time."

"Sounds good. If you can, Micki, we'll leave early in the morning," Jack said, looking back down at his newspaper.

"Sure, sounds like a plan. I'll get my bags ready tonight."

"Good. We'll leave at 5."

Micki looked mildly disappointed at the mention of such an early hour. She'd never been a huge fan of mornings, and ever since Ryan had left the shop, Micki just didn't have the same level of enthusiasm or energy that she'd once had.

Still, she was eager to retrieve the hourglass; who knew how long it had been out in the world doing harm. Plus, Jack was amusing to travel with; he always had a bizarre tale with which to pass the time.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Johnny sniffing the air, "Woah, do I smell coffee?" With that, he raced upstairs for a cup.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to leave him in charge? Last time..."

Jack looked up the stairs after Johnny, "I know, but he'll be more careful because of what happened last time."

"I hope so."

Jack sighed, "I do, too."


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