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Fanfic: Season 4

Chapter 1: Dead Man's Party

Micki stared at the old fashion hockey mask before placing it on the dusty shelf of the vault. Standing there for a moment she looked around at all the crowded antiques in the darkness, so many which had taken peoples lifes or destroyed them. Feeling a chill she stood there, rubbing her arms before she heard her name being called from upstairs.

Shaking it off she closed the vault doors behind her and went up to the floor to see Jack standing behind the counter, the manifest in his hands. Looking around she saw that there were a few people looking around, mostly like not interested in even buying. Faintly smiling she past them and walked over to Jack.


Micki take a look at this...

Micki leaned over as Jack pointed to the listing.

One electric blue Fender guitar...

Micki's eyes raised and locked with Jack's.

Do you think...

Jack simply shook his head, knowing that they weren't really able to discuss this while customers were in the store. Taking the morning newspaper which laid beside him, he opened it up and then showed Micki one of the front photos.

Micki stared at it for a moment before seeing Rudy Cooper, the so called "Next big thing in Rock N Roll". He was a young guy, handsome in that sort of way and lately his songs had been all over the radio. Not really Micki's taste but Johnny seemed to enjoy blasting it whenever he was fixing the car. Micki leaned in closer to see that in Rudy's hands...was a blue Fender guitar.

Jack smiled before nodding and showing her the name under the manifest.


Micki softly spoke out loud as she read.

Sold to one Rudolph Copperfield...

Micki's eyed widened as she looked at Jack.

It has to be him, you know how these stars change their names.

Yes well, I did some research and it seems that this guitar does more damage then blasting people's eardrums out.

Before Jack could finish, a younger woman walked over with a glass vase in her hand, asking the price. Jack quickly put the manifest down as he smiled and began talking to her. Micki shot him a look before going upstairs.

There Johnny was sitting at the kitchen table, what looked to be a small engine in his greasy hands as tiny parts were scattered about. The second he heard Micki's footsteps he looked over his shoulder and smiled.

Hey Micki, what's up?

Micki sighed before taking a seat across from him.

Nothing, Jack might have a lead on another object.

Oh yeah?

Micki nodded.

I just got that hockey mask back too...

Well what is it?

A guitar.

Johnny raised an eyebrow looking impressed.

Wow, your uncle sold a guitar in this place?

Micki softly smiled before looking what whatever Johnny was working on.

What's this?

Oh the back engine to my bike...trying to clean it up a bit.

Doesn't look like your really doing it.

Johnny laughed before setting the engine down.

So about this guitar?

I don't know, Jack didn't get to tell me what it does, but it belongs to that singer Rudy something...

Rudy Copper?


How in the hell did he get that?

Beats me...seems like every Rock N Roll star in the area gets involved with one of Uncle Lewis' cursed objects.

Well good luck to us trying to get a hold of that one.

Yeah tell me about it.

There was silence between the two before Micki stared at her hands. Finally Jack walked upstairs, looking a bit out of breath.

You okay?

Fine, fine...I switched the closed sign once I cashed the last person out, I wanted to tell you about this guitar.

Jack took a seat between Johnny and Micki as he opened the manifest.

It seems that this guitar has the power to make some of the most amazing sounding music ever. It was made in Australia in the 1960's by a young woman who believed she could make music from Heaven...

Until Uncle Lewis got hold of it...

Well, it seems that once it was does have the power to make great music, the best in fact...only thing is...

Somebody has to die?

Not only that, the person who wants to play this music...needs to kill someone with the guitar themself.

Micki made a face as Johnny wiped his hands on his jeans.

Like bash the person's head in?



Micki shook her head, the thought of that turned her stomach.

Jack then showed the two the newspaper again.

It seems that there have been over twelve beatings in this area, mostly teenage girls.

All dead?

Jack nodded.

All after seeing a show of Mr. Copper himself.

So your saying he kills...groupies?

Yes, in fact I am.

When is his next show?

Tomorrow night at the Fleet says here.

Shit! That place is going to be way their going to let us even get close enough, let alone back stage!

Not you Johnny...but maybe me?

Johnny and Jack looked across at Micki.
Your crazy you know that!

Micki stood in front of her full length mirror, teasing her hair to get as big as it did in the mid 80's. She hoped even though she was about to turn twenty-five, Rudy would be interested in taking her back stage. Johnny paced behind her, reaching into his pocket he took out a cigarette and lit it. Micki couldn't stand smoking but knew Johnny's nerves were short. Lately he had been worried about her.

You know...I don't like these risks your taking.


Micki reached into her makeup bag and took out her eyeliner, tonight she was going to pile on her makeup.

You know, the last couple of times, putting your neck out...almost as if you want something to happen!

Yeah Johnny, that's just what I want.

I'm serious, it's like you don't even care if you live or die anymore...what if this creep gets you before I get there huh?

Johnny calm down!

Johnny shook his head and kept pacing.

Finally Micki looked at herself, she knew she looked silly but at least to a person like Rudy Copper...she might seem sexy. Turning she showed off her leather skirt which was barley able to cover herself.

How do I look?

Like your about to get killed.

Rolling her eyes she grabbed her bag and went off with Johnny.

An hour later, Johnny waited in line with the other millions of fans, while Micki went behind back, her heels clicking on the pavement. There in the back alley she met five or six other girls just as done up as her.

There she saw some bodyguards outside.

Micki tried to blend in with the crowd before one of the bodyguards walked forward, scanning the crowd he pointed to a blond woman, nineteen or so, and then...


You two...come here.

Micki seemed in shock but stepped forward as the bodyguard let them in. The blond woman was hardly able to control herself.

I can't believe we got in!

The bodyguard lead them down a long dark hallway, in the faint background Micki could hear thousands of screaming fans.

In here...

They were lead into a dressing room, the door was shut behind them.

Oh my God this is amazing!

The blond girl looked around, giggling before turning to Micki.

Are you a big fan?

Micki tried to smile and look excited.

Yeah, I love his music.

And his body?

The girl laughed before the door opened and both froze.

Rudy walked in, a young guy around twenty or so. Micki knew him mostly from seeing him do interviews on TV or on the cover of what seemed to be every magazine. He was dressed in leather, and looked to have almost the same amount of makeup that Micki and the blond woman had on.

He also had the guitar.

Micki's eyed bugged out as he smiled and walked forward.

Hello girls, seems my friend Mike thought you guys were the fans that deserved to see me up close.

The blond girl was shaking and laughing at the same time.

Oh Rudy, I'm your biggest fan...I know all your songs my heart.

Rudy smiled before looking over at Micki.

And you?

Ummm...yeah I think your great.

Just great?

He moved in closer.

Come on honey, I'm about to put on a big show...I need something better then that.

Micki's heart raced, for a split second she felt scared. Rudy slipped the guitar over his shoulder as he walked closer to her.


Just as he was about to back her up against the wall, the blond woman came behind him, a huge stupid grin on her face.


Rudy's face then changed, the look that a madman would give.

In a split second he spun around and swung the guitar against the girl's head. Before Micki could scream the girl fell backwards, blood splattering against the wall. Micki jumped back, gasping as she watched the young girl's lifeless body twitch.

Rudy turned, a huge grin on his face as he lifted the guitar again.

Micki thought quick and ducked out of the way as he swung it like a baseball bat. Screaming, she ran to the other side of the room, only a few feet away from the door.


Micki screamed and fought as hard as she could, pushing him away she then used all her strength to hit the guitar.

The guitar went flying and hit the floor hard, a loud noise filled the air as Rudy screamed and Micki went for the floor.


Micki screamed and ran down the hallway, her heels clicking as tears ran down her face. Past all the bodyguards, she jumped down the stairs and into the back alley where other girls watched.

She ran all the way back to the car.

Rudy meanwhile stood in the doorway of his dressing room...he needed two, the man who sold him this said the guitar would always need two or it wouldn't work. This never happened before.

He began to panic.

Just then there was a knock on his door.

Rudy come on your on!

Looking at the dead girl's body laying on the floor, his heart began to race. The other girl got away...what if she went to the police?

He needed someone else and quick.

Just a second!

No! You need to come out now, their going crazy!

Getting the guitar, he held it in his hands and felt sick.

Rudy saw the doorknob starting to open, looking at the deadgirl he jumped towards the doorway and locked the door behind him before looking at the mannager.

What's your problem should of been out there all ready!

I need a second...

No your coming now!

The mannager pulled his arm as he swung the guitar over his shoulder.


Pulling him on stage, Rudy felt everything begin to spin. He didn't have to the time to hide the body this time, nor get the second one that was needed.

Would it work?

He prayed it would, this was his life.

Stepping onto the stage, he looked around as thousands of fans screamed his name. His band waited, looking at him ready to go. The lights seemed too bright, he couldn't hear himself.

Everything was happening too fast.

He needed two girls, that's what the guy said.

Taking a deep breath he swung the guitar and ran to the center of the stage. There he began to sing and everyone started to go crazy.

Johnny meanwhile had fought himself up front, feeling his arms ache he pushed past the screaming fans and was now a few feet away from Rudy.

He still had the guitar.

Something happened.


He watched Rudy play the guitar and sing, everyone dancing and going wild around him.

Rudy smiled looking at the crowd, they had all come here to see him.


As he went to strum the guitar, blood splashed on his hands. Taking a second he looked down.

His entire hand was covered in blood.

His eyes growing big, blood began to pour out of the guitar. His band mates all watched and stopped playing.

Rudy watched the blood pour out of the guitar like a river, splashing down his pants and then onto the stage.

Great effects!

Some guy screamed to his friend beside Johnny.

Rudy watched the blood as his confused bandmates all watched.

Rudy screamed as he looked at all the blood and threw the guitar.

The guitar went skidding across stage, only a few feet away from Johnny. Seeing his chance he leaned forward and tried to grab it.


An over weight girl grabbed the blood soaked guitar.

Fighting to take it, a million other fans tried to grab it while Johnny fight them.

Rudy stood there covered in blood in utter shock before he saw the mannager and two police officer on the side of the stage.

They found the body.

Sceaming, Rudy dropped to his knees as everyone watched.

Johnny meanwhile put the guitar against his body as people punched and kicked him. Fighting his way through the crowd he prayed he would get out there alive.

Micki sat curled up in the car, her eyeliner running. Even though it was summer she felt as if she was freezing. Just then Johnny swung open the door and threw the bloody guitar in the backseat.

Screaming, Micki jumped as Johnny started the car, looking in the rearview mirror and speeding away.


Johnny looked at Micki, bruised and cuts all over him.

He wasn't in the mood.


Micki and Johnny sat on the couch watching the news as police dragged Rudy off. The body of the young girl was found in the dressing room and he was arrested.

Johnny had an icepack against his face as he watched.

Just then Jack returned from the vault, the guitar now put away for good.

Well that's that.

Easy for you to say Jack.

Jack smiled before looking at the news and shaking his head.


Yeah Micki?

How many...well you know objects do we have to get back?

Well that all depends on the manifest, it's easy to say we got 50% of them back.

That's still not enough...what if we're not able to get them all back, what if they keep doing these awful things to people?

Well Micki, you of all people should know all we can do is try.

Sighing, Micki slid off the couch.

I'm going upstairs to bed.

Okay, night.


Micki walked upstairs to her bedroom and shut the doors behind her. She felt exausted. Changing into her nightgown, she began to brush her hair when she remembered something that happened so long ago.

Smiling she remembered when Lloyd had tried to sneak into her room to spy on her, and how she ran to Ryan thinking someone was breaking in.

She remembered he had a guitar, which had been sold last winter. She remembered him about to raise it like a weapon before putting it down. Smiling she finished brushing her hair.

She missed him.

Curling into bed, she slept.


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