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Fanfic: Micki's Christmas

Seasonal Depression

Micki sighed, looking around the shop. It was the 23rd of December, and the first year after she had broken up with Lloyd. She'd never been without a boyfriend on Christmas, had never spent Christmas without an expensive dinner at a posh restaurant followed by gifts of exquisite gifts.

It made her a little sad and nervous. What would Christmas be like here at Curious Goods, with her cousin and an older man who was completely unrelated?

She and Ryan had bought a 6-foot tree, and it stood by the counter, decorated with a few ornaments and 3 strands of colorful lights. A star topped the tree, and a red velvet skirt covered the stand. It looked empty to her, without boxes wrapped in gold and silver colored paper, and leaded-crystal snowflake ornaments.

She was broken out of her reverie by Jack, carrying a paper bag of groceries up the stairs from the garage. She looked up at him and smiled, "Do you need any help?"

"As a matter of fact I do. We've got quite a few more bags of groceries in the car."

Mici and Jack made trips down to the car until all the groceries were upstairs in the kitchen, "Do we normally buy this much food?"

Jack smiled, "No, but I'm making Christmas dinner. And something special for Christmas Eve."

Micki's eyes lit, "What's that?"

"A old family tradition, but I'm not telling. You'll just have to wait and see."

"Well, then, do you need any help with Christmas dinner?"

"I would love some help, but not until tomorrow." Micki watched him start to put groceries away, and he looked up at her, "Are you trying to snoop through my groceries? Run along, Micki, I'll put these away."

Micki found herself reading on her balcony, pouring over the Manifest. She'd found over the past few months that it could be incredibly helpful to know who had bought what from Lewis.

It was cold, and Micki found herself depressed at the prospect of spending her future here.

She awoke with a start, shivering, feeling a hand on her shoulder, "Micki, it's freezing out here. Come on inside," Ryan said softly.

She stood, shivering violently, "I'm so cold..."

Ryan touched her hand, "You really are. Tell you what, I'll run you a hot shower."

"Micki smiled, rubbig her arms as she went in through the french doors to her room, "That sounds wonderful, thanks."

Micki came into the kitchen dressed in a long flannel nightie and plush slippers. Jack smiled when he saw her, We held dinner for you."

Micki shook her head, "I'm not hungry, but thanks. I'm going to go to bed."


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