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Fanfic: A Touch of Immortality

Dying Alone

Jack felt the knife cut through his flesh and bone, deep into his chest. The pain was searing, and he collapsed weakly. Ellen yanked the knife from his body, and ran off, laughing.

Jack lay on the ground, his breathing shallow - he tried to stand, but hadn't the strength. He felt the darkness closing in around him, just like he had when The Butcher had wrapped barbed wire around his throat.

He had never wanted to die like this - he had expected to die a victim of one of the cursed items, but he had always wanted Micki and Ryan to be there with him as he left this world.

As the world started to fade around him, he heard Ellen scream shrilly.

"Mr. Marshak?"

The voice that woke Jack was deep and smooth, with a hint of English accent. Jack's body felt cold, his limbs refused to move, and his mind was fogged. But he remembered how the cold hand of death had taken him - so why was he here in this pitch-black room?

"Who are you?" Jack managed to ask.

"My name is not important. What matters, at least to you my friend, is that I've been watching you since you arrived here in Los Angeles. We were concerned that the protector may have become the hunter."

"What are you talking about?" Jack queried, him mind becoming more clear.

"According to my...brethren, you and your family have the Cross of Fire, and the ability to destroy us all. But you are apparently not the hunter - still the faithful protector of the innocent."

"Vampire..." Jack breathed, almost to himself.

"Exactly," the man answered. "But don't worry yourself overmuch. I hate unnecessary suffering, just as you do. Much of our community feels the same. We applaud your efforts."

There was a long pause, and Jack asked uncomfortably, "What do you want with me?"

"To save your life."

Jack waited for more, but there wasn't any. "Thank you," he said, but it sounded feeble, even to him.

The voice laughed, "You're welcome."


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