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Fanfic: Twlight

Chapter 1: It can't be

"Pray for me..."

In a flash Micki shot up from the nightmare she was having, and found herself sitting straight up in bed. Taking a second to focus where she was, her heart pounded deep in her chest while sweat rolled down her face. Looking around she saw it was early morning, in fact she had over slept. Taking a deep breath she rubbed her hands over her face and sighed.

The nightmares still weren't going away. Jack told her it was just the stress of everything that happened, and within time they would just stop. But it had been nearly a month now and still the heartache and visions of what happened wouldn't leave her mind. Sighing she threw her covers to the side and slid out of bed, her bare feet touching the wooden floor. Taking her robe, she slipped it on before walking out into the kitchen.

There Johnny sat, reading the sports section of the newspaper and having a steaming cup of coffee. Micki shut her bedroom doors behind her and gave a simple tried wave before shuffling to pour herself a cup.


Micki mumbled something in return before taking a mug from the sink.

Where's Jack? look beat.

Micki rolled her eyes before taking a seat across from him, somehow Johnny had just fallen into place here. Time marched on, and so didn't the quest to get back the antiques. Taking a small sip from the coffee, Micki felt a sudden wave of nausea and slid the mug away from her. Lately in the morning she got sick from the smell of coffee, in fact she felt as if she was coming down with something.

Glancing over at the couch, which now sat a few feet away from the table she sighed. In fact whenever she looked at that area of the room she felt depressed. A few weeks ago to keep her mind off things she cleaned up and tried to give the store a makeover. Jack was worried watching her do this, but knew it was all part of the process. Everything that used to be there was now boxed up and stored away downstairs.

She called it a sitting area, even though the only time she did lay there was whenever she felt depressed at night and had nobody to talk to.

Feeling her stomach roll even more, she knew splashing some cold water on her face would make her feel better. Slowly getting up she began to walk when a sudden sharp pain hit her.


Micki held her stomach, it was the worst cramp she had ever gotten in her entire life. Her eyes snapping shut she nearly lost her balance as Johnny nearly fell over his chair to go over and help her.


Holding her by the waist to steady her, Micki felt the room spin as another cramp hit her.

Johnny...bring me to the hospital...

Cold sweat began to pour from Micki's face as she gasped for air. This entire thing came out of nowhere.

Micki what's wrong?

Please just take me!

Helping her stand up even more, Johnny hurried the two of them down the stairs and to his car.

It can't be.

Micki sat in a hospital gown on the table in the doctor's office. Johnny had taken her to the emerency room before they were taken upstairs. The cramps had settled down for the time being and Johnny stood on the other side of the room, biting his nails. The ride over had been awful. Micki curled up into a tight ball in the back seat and moaned whenever Johnny hit a bump in the road. He nearly had to carry her into the hospital when they parked.

It was now nearly an hour later and Micki sat there speechless.

The doctor, who was a middle aged man with graying jet black hair, simply crossed his arms and glanced over at Johnny.

Ms. Foster...these tests are 99% positive.

Then there's 1% that your wrong.

The doctor looked uneasy before he took his head.

This isn't like the take home are pregnant.

The words rang through Micki's head, Johnny meanwhile wouldn't even look her in the eye. It had to be some mistake.

Just then an older nurse with tanned skin and pined back hair entered the room.

Ms. Foster, this is Judy...she's going to give you a sonogram to see how far you are, after that I would like you to get dressed and see me in my office.

But I'm not pregnant, I know I'm not.

The doctor looked at Johnny for a second, then the nurse.

I'll see you in a few.

Shutting the door behind him, Micki was left alone with Johnny and the nurse. Feeling her insides shake she tried to remember the last time she had her period.

Right before France...

She thought to herself. That was...nearly two months ago.

Micki felt her hands shaking before it finally hit her.

No, it couldn't be true.

The nurse walked over with a friendly smile.

Hi I'm Judy...could you please lay back for me?

Micki stared at the woman for a moment, she felt as if she was in a dream she couldn't escape. Slowly nodding she laid back as the nurse opened her gown to reveal her stomach. Johnny looked a wreck.

Micki took deep breaths and stared up at the ceiling.

She hadn't slept with anyone else but...

Her thoughts were broken as Judy smeared some cold jelly on Micki's stomach, making her break out in goosebumps. Just softly laughed before wheeling over a large machine with a screen.

Sorry, that stuff is usualy cold.

Micki didn't smile back or say anything, she simply waited as the nurse turned everything on and then took out what looked like a control and placed it on Micki's stomach.

Johnny stared down at his feet before looking up and seeing how terrified Micki was. Slowly walking over he went to the right side of the table and took her hand, which was slightly shaking. Micki glanced at him for a second before Judy smiled at Johnny and moved the control back and forth againt Micki's skin.

There it is...

Micki sat up a little as Johnny squinted and looked at the screen.

It was too blury to even tell what it was, there was mostly blue and some white. Micki looked at it for what seemed like a lifetime before the nurse moved the control a little more.

Everything seems to be doing fine...your about seven weeks, and the fetus is growing pretty big, in fact bigger then usual.

Is something wrong?

Johnny asked, his voice broke a bit as Judy smiled back at him.

No, just that it's going to be a very big baby.

Judy then switched something and a loud thumping sound filled the room.

What's that?

The heartbeat.

Micki stared at the image before Judy smiled over at Johnny.

So, how does it feel to be a daddy?

Johnny gave a straight, yet dispointed look. At that exact moment Micki bust into tears. Judt gave a worried look before putting the control down beside Micki and getting up.

I'll be right back...

Getting up, Judy crossed the room and went over to a set of counters, her back facing them. Johnny stood up straight before turning around too.

Micki laid there watching them, not even facing her.

Did she do something wrong?

Looking at the screen, Micki took the control which was beside her and slowly put it up against her stomach.

It had to be a mistake.

Taking a second, the image returned...this time Micki screamed.

Judt spun around as Micki dropped the control and screamed, nearly falling over the table. Johnny rushed by her side as she cried up against him.

Johnny waited outside as Micki spoke with the doctor. Walking out only a few minutes later she had a bunch of papers in her hand, along with a medium sized plastic bottle. Dark circled were around Micki's eyes as she walked past Johnny, nearlt in a daze.

On the ride back they were mostly silent. Johnny tried to find the right words, but every time he looked at Micki, her eyes were wide and filling with tears. Finally before they reached the street where the store was, he looked over with her and spoke in the most serious tone he could give.

Who's is it?

Johnny and Micki were only friends. Micki knew for the past few months that Johnny had been helping them out, there had been some attraction on his part...but never with her. Johnny was a nice guy, and had gone through alot since he started helping, but still it wasn't the same. In fact Johnny had asked her out at least twice since they first met, and every time it was the same answer.


Micki looked over at Johnny before seeing the store now in sight.


Johnny griped the steering wheel tight before slowly nodding.

I never knew that you two were...

We weren't, least I don't think we really were.

Pulling over across the street to park, Johnny looked out and saw that it was another crisp cold winter's day.

Why did you start freaking out in there?

Micki looked at Johnny for a second before shaking her head.

Nothing...let's go.

Opening the car door before he could say another word, Johnny watched as Micki quickly crossed the street and headed into the store.

It was later that evening as Micki sat down upstairs and spoke with Jack. Johnny meanwhile was downtown at some bar. He hadn't really wanted to speak with Micki since they returned from the hospital.

Micki sat curled up on the couch where Ryan's bed used to be. Jack meanwhile sat across from her in one of the chairs from the table. His glasses on and a worried look spread across his face.

Micki had just finished telling him about what happened this morning and how at the doctors they found out she was pregnant.

It's Ryan's...isn't it?

How did you know?

I guess I just did...when was it?

Micki felt a lump in her throat, somehow upstairs felt cold and still.

Right...right before it happened, the first night we arrived there.

Jack took a second before Micki held back the throbbing tears that were about to wash down her face.

I knew something was wrong with him when we split up, I found him walking in the town square an hour later, he seemed daze and out of it. I kept asking if he was okay and he said fine, and kept saying that he needed to see the sister...

Micki's voice broke up a bit as she tried to control herself.

We were in my room at the inn, he kept saying that he needed to go see the sister, he went to leave and...I don't know I touched him and he seemed like himself, almost in pain. Then...well...

Jack simply nodded as Micki wiped her eyes, her voice shaking.

It happened so fast, then everything happened...I was depressed Jack, I tried to hide it and keep going after the objects, but it never goes away...even when I sleep.

I know Micki, I know.

I understand that it's better then him not being dead, but it was almost like a tease, this awful thing happened so such a good man and then...

Micki began to cry as Jack reached over and touched her leg.

It's okay Micki...

Micki shook her head.

I should of known, it's just...the depression and everything, I...I...

Micki, I know something else is wrong, what?

Micki looked up, her eyes bloodshot.

Today when they were looking at the baby, I saw something...something awful.


It looked like a monster inside of me, not a baby.

Micki, you were upset.

She shook her head.

No, I know what I saw...what if?

Micki stared at her hands as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

What if the baby...what if something is wrong with it, what if because of the possession?

Micki began to break down again as Jack held onto her.'s all right.

No, it isn' isn't a baby inside of me, it's whatever awful thing took Ryan away, I know it.

Then...what do you want to do?

Micki looked down at her perfectly flat stomach before looking at Jack.

I want an abortion.


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