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Fanfic: To My Valentine

Chapter 1: The Usual

Micki looked at her watch again - 9:30pm.

Lloyd had arranged that they meet at the country club at 8:00pm for a Valentine's dinner. True, they ate at the country club every week, but Lloyd wasn't really into Valentine's Day and he admitted that it was easier to just go somewhere familiar.

He was always conservative and safe like that.

Now here Micki sat. A beautiful redhead, dressed in an elegant black dress, waiting for her fiancé to arrive.

She had been waiting nearly an hour before he had called her and told her that he'd be another 30 minutes; he wanted to finish up some paperwork at the office.

Sometimes Micki wondered why she put up with it; she wondered if it had something to do with her parents' relationship or if it was just because she was used to the way Lloyd treated her.

Before her thoughts completely took over her mind, Micki delicately waved down a waiter and asked for another glass of wine and an appetizer. She hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and by now she was starved.

Finally, after nearly another 30 minutes Lloyd strode over to the table, looking slightly irritated.

She stood to kiss him, but he sat down and looked down at the empty plate, "Well, I see you've already eaten." His voice was cold and hushed.

Micki sat down again and looked at the plate, forcing a smile, "No, no, just an appetizer. I was really hungry, and I thought that it would hold me over until you got here."

He nodded, "Fine. Let's just order, Michelle. What are you thinking of having?"

Before she could answer Lloyd stood, waving to a business associate, "Roger, hello!"

Micki rolled her eyes, "great," she thought to herself, "another dinner filled with networking and business."

She sipped her wine while Lloyd chatted on with his colleague, until finally he made his way back to the table, thankfully in a better mood than he had been before.

Micki and Lloyd ordered and, after the waiter had left, Micki leaned forward, taking Lloyd's hand in hers, "Happy Valentine's Day."

He moved his hand uncomfortably before drawing it away, he really didn't like public affection, "Happy Valentine's Day, Michelle."


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