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Fanfic: Master Chef

Chapter 1: Food and Wine

Michael set down the spicebox and grinned. Another perfect set of meals, just in time for the arrival of the editors of Food and Wine.

Michael had been getting tons of press lately, to the point where he could hardly keep up with both his frequent magazine appearances and his restaurant.

It was a dream come true. He walked to his assistant's side, "Lester, hold those plates for my special guests today. I don't want anyone else cooking the meals for them."

"Yes, sir. Do you want me to do the rest of the cooking?"

"Of course. I've prepared all the spices you'll need, as usual. Now, is everything ready in the dining room?"

"It is, sir. I've reserved their table, and left instructions with the host that you are to be informed as soon as they arrive."

"Good," Michael said dismissively. "I'll be in the back, working on my new recipe." He stalked to the back corner, the section of the kitchen reserved for his work. The spicebox set there while he was in the kitchen, and when he left the kitchen, he locked in the safe in his office.

He found it best to be distant from his customers, usually - so it generated lots of excitement when he did enter the dining area.

Lester, meanwhile, worked diligently with the staff and made certain the customers were always happy. However, as great as the service was, Lester knew that it was the food that the customers were coming for every night.

He didn't know how Michael did it; from what Lester had heard, Michael had been a sub-par student at culinary school. He was, supposedly, an arrogant student who often fought with instructors; Michael was certain he knew the best way to do everything.

Still, Lester couldn't argue with Michael's recent success - over the past few months the restaurant's popularity had skyrocketed.

Lester glanced at Michael as he worked in the back corner, at his own stove, thoughtfully throwing in various spices from that gorgeous antique mahogany spicebox - he always worked like that, trying out recipes until he was happy with one. He would never tell anyone which spices any recipe used, either - he was afraid someone would steal his recipes, so he always prepared the spices for the day.

Lester shook his head - maybe one day he could convince Michael to work with him, teach him his technique. In the meantime, Lester was happy to be a part of the success at Hitotsu Repas.


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