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Fanfic: A New Inheritance

Chapter 1: The Kids

James flicked his earring absentmindedly, waiting for his dad to stop fidgeting. Micki set her hand on Ryan's arm, "Ryan, just relax. It's okay."

Ryan took a deep breath, and looked at James. He was in his second year of college, and going through what Ryan had at that point in his life, thinking of dropping out, trying to find his place in the world. He wore his black hair in short spikes, black jeans, heavy-metal band t-shirts, and a leather jacket. But Ryan knew his son - he was a good kid.

Ryan's gaze shifted to his daughter, Rain. She had her mother's red hair, worn in two short pig-tails, her latest anime styling. Today she wore a plaid skirt with a white button-up blouse, and always carried the latest fashion accessories from France. She was in her first year of college, although she was three years younger than her brother - he had taken two years between high school and college to try to start a band.

This evening, after dinner, Micki, Ryan, and Jack had kept the kids at the dining table for dessert, but it was obvious to both kids that something was up.

Finally, after Ryan had cut and served the blueberry pie Micki had made, and everyone at the table had topped up their coffee, Jack spoke up, "It's time you two kids found out how I met your parents."

After all the explaining was done, and the pie eaten, Rain was the first one to talk, " that why you were always out collecting?"

Micki nodded, "Mostly. We wanted to get all those items back into the vault."

James sipped his coffee, "So...why are you telling us now?"

Ryan patted his shoulder, "Because your mother and I are starting to think about retiring. We're getting older, and we're tired of working all the time."

Micki smiled, "We thought that, maybe, you two could think about minding the store, and keeping an eye on the vault."

Jack grinned, "I'll be staying here, still, but, like the last couple of years, I plan to do a lot of traveling and picking."

James looked at his sister, then down at the table, "College and I don't get along so well. I can mind the shop alone until Rain graduates."

Rain shook her head, "Not so fast. I live here, why can't I help when I'm not in class."

James cocked his head to the side, "Sure, sounds good. I just wouldn't want you to get distracted from your studies."

"I won't," she said assuredly.

Ryan smiled. The two kids always got along well, even if they did bicker a bit.

When Ryan had gotten word that Micki was missing, he came home from his trip to Atlanta right away. But he had nothing to do with her return - she'd come through the painting, and safely back into their lives.

But she'd come back pregnant. When she found out two months later, she was shocked, and told Jack and Ryan about having had an affair with Donatien de Sade, the Marquis. She considered giving up the child for adoption, but in the end decided to keep it.

When she gave birth to a tiny little boy, she was finally at peace with her decision to keep the child. She named him James, after his "Uncle" Jack. Jack was a great help, having had a son, but Ryan was surprisingly good with little James.

Ryan was up with him when he cried at night, walking him around the shop. He loved carrying him around, and could always make James laugh. James learned to talk, called Ryan "Unca Ryan". But by the time James was almost 2, Micki and Ryan had become a couple, and Micki taught James to call Ryan "Daddy".

When James was 2 years and 6 months old, Micki Foster became Micki Dallion in a beautiful wedding ceremony in which Jack walked the bride down the aisle. And when James was 3 years and 6 months old, he became an older brother to Rain, who Micki named for her father.


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