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Fanfic: Child of darkness, child of light

Chapter 1: Light

Hello Margret!

Whitney piped as she walked into the waiting room. Whitney was sixteen years old and most likely the most beautiful girl around. Her entire life people had commented on how pretty she was, almost like an angel. Today she wore a tanned short sundress and heels. She had gotten her way of style from her mother and often looked her best, even when she was just going out for a bit. Remarked before, that she was a woman in a teenager's body.

Always happy go lucky, she smiled at Margret behind the desk as she took her sunhat, smiling and looked around. She had been going to therapy ever since she was little. It was something her mother thought was best, and really didn't seem that big of a deal. Whitney liked her doctor and had gotten very close with him. She felt as if he was one of the few people she could truly open up towards.

Her brother Jason on the other hand thought different.

Today he had skipped out to go play basketball as usual.

Dr. Sarandon will be out in a moment hon.

Whiney smiled at Margret before noticing a little girl, no older then eight or so. She stood by herself and stared out the window that over looked the city.

Whiney was always friendly and loved children, in fact just this summer she had gotten a part time job at a day care just a few blocks away from home. Never seeing this girl before she stepped forward smiling.


The little girl glanced up and slightly smiled before looking down. Whitney softly laughed before coming closer.

It's all right, my name is Whitney, what's yours?

The little girl looked as if she was straining to talk. Slowly taking a deep breath the little girl looked up and spoke.


Whitney smiled before locking eyes with the young girl.

What's wrong with you?

She softly spoke.

I'm autistic.

How do you mean?

I'm withdrawn, I can't talk.

Whitney laughed before shaking her head.

You can hear me?

Whitney softly laughed again before nodding her head, the little girl's eyes bugged out. Just then the office door opened, and Dr. Sarandon and an older woman slowly walked out. The little girl turned.


The woman and the doctor froze.



The woman stared at her daughter in complete shock before the little girl began to laugh. The woman let out a moan as tears began to rush down her cheeks.


She rushed towards her daughter, taking her in her arms.

Talk again honey, talk again!

Mom it's all right!

Dr. Sarandon eyed Whitney from across the room as the mother covered her daughter with kisses.

You can't do that you know.

Whitney sat beside the huge glass window in Dr. Sarandon's office. In her hands her played with an hourglass. Smiling she shrugged.

What did I do?

Dr. Sarandon shook his head before sitting down behind his desk.

You made Sandy talk.

No I didn't...she just started talking to me.

Whitney, you have a gift we're still trying to figure've had it ever since you've been born.


Whitney, you can't go into people's heads like that.

Well what did I do that was so bad, that mother looked so happy.

That's besides that point...

Dr. Sarandon cut off his words before looking at Whitney.

Just...just talk to me before you do that again okay?

Whitney nodded.

So where's Jason?

Basketball, where else?

You know he keeps missing appointments...

I know doctor, it's just...he isn't like me, he doesn't like to talk.

Only to your uncle.

Well that's different, their close.

And you two aren't.

We might be twins, but...he seems distant.

He'll come around, maybe you should talk to him.

Better then my mother?


Smiling Whitney slowly turned the hourglass over in her hands.

Mom! I'm home!

The bell to the door rang as Whitney ran up the wooden stairs, her heels clicking.


I'm right here honey.

Whitney eyed her mother standing behind the counter, she was cashing a young woman out.

Oh sorry!

Handing the woman her bag with a simple smile she waited until she walked out the door before walking over to her daughter.

How did it go?

Oh fine, where's grandpa?

He's resting keep your voice down.

Whitney dropped her purse and hat on the counter before looking around in the store. She usualy helped out after school, but her mother thought it would be better for her to work someplace else part time. This place was where she grew up, and never felt more happy then here.

Where's Jason?

Beats me.

Oh Whitney, he didn't skip did he?

He must of had basketball or something.

Rolling her eyes her mother walked behind the counter again.

Been busy?

Oh not really, so why are you so excited?

Well...I kind of, well...


I met this little girl today in the waiting room, she said she was autistic, you know couldn't talk?

Her mother nodded.

Well she just started talking with out of the blue.



Was the doctor upset?

Not really, but you should of seen the mother's face...she seemed so happy.

Reaching over, Micki smiled and touched her daughter's arm.

That's good honey.

Smiling Whitney looked at her mother before the door rang again, this time Jason walked in.


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