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Fanfic: Never leave me

Chapter 1: Nightmares

Ryan stood between Jack and Johnny as the priest gave a final prayer, and the casket slowly began to lower. Looking out, at the never ending hills of the cemetery, Ryan felt his heart slowly sink down to his stomach. It was late November, and the sky was dark and overcast. A chill was to the air, and everything seemed so gray and dull. Having been nearly in a dazed state the last couple of days, He finally got hit with what was going on. Feeling his legs slowly begin to shake, he felt for nearly a moment his knees would buckle and he would fall to the ground. Almost as if he saw he starting to shift balance, Johnny's strong arm was holding him, making sure he wouldn't fall.

About thirty people in total had showed up for the funeral. Only a few of Micki's old distant friends showed up, along with people who had helped out at the store before. Rashid stood across Jack, his eyes serious and watching the casket. Finally the priest finished and said amen. Everyone made signs of the cross before slowly moving to their parked cars. Ryan stood silent, as people past them, muttering hellos and how sorry they were.

Come on...

Johnny said to him, but he couldn't. Standing there for a second hhe felt the awful wave of emotion hit him all over again. The pain wouldn't go away...not even for a second.

But Johnny silently lead him away, helping him to the car.

But he pulled away.


Johnny glanced at him, in the distance cars were pulling away and heading to the store. Jack decided everyone would meet back there for some coffee.

Ryan looked up at the sky and saw it was starting the rain. Huge drops began to patter down around them, freezing cold and hitting the white casket.

Johnny went to lead him away again, before Ryan's worn out and old looking face kept looking at the grave.

Come on Ryan...

Ryan acted as if he couldn't hear him, slowly walking to the casket he took a deep breath and placed one of his hands against the cool feeling metal. Rain fell around them as Johnny hurried beside him.

Come on to the car where it's warm.

Ryan then looked over at Johnny, his eyes empty.

I can't leave her alone like this...not in the rain...

He tried to finish but he broke down again, barley able to contorl himself Johnny was there telling him everything would be all right.


Ryan woke up with a start.

He was in his own bed.

Taking a second, his heart raced as he gasped for air. It took a second to focus on the darkness around him and know with almost an awful heavy feeling that it was just a nightmare.

He had been getting alot of them lately.

Wearing his yellow Illinois shirt and boxes, he glanced at his alarm clock and saw it was nealry three in the morning.

These dreams wouldn't quit.

They were always of Micki dying or dead. Awful images of her beautiful body laying lifeless on the ground. Dreams of being at her funeral with a man he had never met before. Everything was so blured, the the nightmare always stayed the same.

His Micki was dead.

Feeling an awful chill go up his spine, he glanced at the window across the room and saw it was raining.


Slowly getting up, he walked across the room. Taking a second, he pressed himself up against the glass windows that lead to her. Feeling the cool feel of the glass against his skin, he stood there for a second sighing. Looking off into space he finally turned the door knob and opened the two french doors that lead into Micki's room.

She was sleeping peacefully.

Walking over, he checked if she was all right. Laying there ontop of her sheets, dressed in one of her thin short nightgowns. Looking at her smooth and beautiful body, he sighed.

Her window was open a bit, just enough to cool off the room.


He knocked into her nightstand by accident, just enough to make Micki's eyes flutter open and stare at him, half asleep.


Ryan froze.

Sorry Micki...just closing your window, it's raining.

Micki squinted before looking at her clock.

What time is it?

Late, go back to sleep...

Micki eyed the clock before rolling over.

Sighing, Ryan crossed the room and shut her window. He kept putting off trying to fix the AC for up here. Knowing he had most of tomorrow to mess around, he thought maybe then he would get to doing it.

Jack was away for the week searching for a cursed dress, sold a few cities over. He left the two of them in charge until he got back.

Walking across the room, he eyed Micki one last time before leaving and going back to bed. Before settling back down he felt a strange feel of unease.


Ryan didn't think he had hurt himself that bad.

It was three days later, and they now just recovered the cursed radio. Both were worn out and a little shaken by what had just happened. An hour ago the two of them stored the radio away, before getting the creeps and going upstairs.

Ryan had promised Micki to take her out to eat, but ever since last night his inner thigh had been killing him.

Thinking back to the electric fence he shook his head the the warm water from the shower slowly poured over him. He had only glanced at it, thankful that he hadn't killed himself. Now over the last twenty-four hours the slight burn mark seemed worse.


He heard Micki's voice over the running water. Hissing again in pain he turned the shower off, still dripping wet.


You okay in there?


He had been worried about her, she seemed pretty shaken up from this. Looking at his leg, he turned it a bit and felt his stomach roll. It looked pretty bad, if it kept hurting like this he might have to go to the hospital.


This time Ryan shut the water off, still dripping wet he yelled out that he would be out in a second. Grabbing his towel, he dryed himself off and combed back his hair. Looking at himself in the mirror, he faintly smiled and then began looking for the first aid kit. Jack had bought two, along with a few icepacks a few months ago. Ryan remembered him saying about some gel that helped burns.

A few minutes later, Ryan walked out dressed in jeans and a dark T-shirt. Micki was sitting on his bed flipping through a comic book.


Yeah, let me just get my wallet.

Ryan went over to his nightstand and began searching through all his junk. Glancing at Micki for a second he smiled. She was dressed in slacks and a white blouse. Grabbing his wallet he stood up and helped her up from his bed.

Let's go.

At the pizza joint downtown, Micki and Ryan shared a booth and ate a large cheese pizza. Micki ordered a diet soda, and Ryan had beer. Both found this place one afternoon before going back to the store. It was nice and the food tasted great. In the background the jukebox began to loudly play a rock n roll song. The two of them like always, talked for hours about nothing. Often they got each other laughing so hard, people sitting next to them would look over.

Tonight the two of them felt much better. The gel for Ryan's leg felt as if it was working, and Micki finally decided to herself she wouldn't tell him about that man at the mental hospital trying to rape her. She had escaped, and didn't want to worry him. Both sat across from each other, finishing their pizza and laughing.



Micki stopped before looking up, Lloyd stood there. Right away Ryan looked up and saw Micki's face. She looked frozen solid. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Micki blinked a few times and slowly cleared her throat.


Just then a woman about Micki's height with long black hair walked over and stood beside Lloyd, her arm went around him and Micki's eyes dropped.

What are you doing here?

We got lost, we're heading over to town hall.


Ryan looked across at Micki and saw her face as turning red. Lloyd stared at the two of them before slightly nodding to Ryan.

How are things?

Micki looked up again before forcing a smile.


I ran into your father last week.

Did you?


Micki then looked up at the woman who stood beside Lloyd.

Oh, I'm sorry...this is Lisa.

The woman reached out and shook Micki's hand for a second.

Hi, I heard alot about you.

Ryan stayed silent before seeing where this was going.

Micki tried to smile again, but it wouldn't come.

So, why are you heading to town hall?

We're getting our marriage license.

Micki's jaw nearly dropped.


Lloyd stood up straight before holding Lisa's waist.

Yes, we're getting married this fall.

It had been nearly two years since Lloyd broke off his engagement to Lloyd. Ryan had known how badly she had taken it. She had tried to explain everything to him, but he just didn't understand. Since then the past year or two had been hard. Any relationship they became involved with always ended with tragedy.

Ryan knew it was their job to stay here and recover the objects. But Micki was right, they were wasting their lifes on something that might very well kill them.

Micki had almost left before, but finally when things ended with Lloyd, she knew this was her lease in life until things went back to normal. She was the reason Ryan had decided to stay after meeting Laura. He knew she was right about everything.

From time to time, this harmless crush on her became stronger. But he knew the truth, he wouldn't ever be good enough for her.

So here they were, trapped.

Lisa then shot Micki a grin, a grin that only Ryan caught before she leaned over and kissed Lloyd's cheek.

I'm going to ask for directions hon.

With that Lisa walked away, leaving the three of them in silence.

Lloyd cleared his throat before shoving his hands in his suit jacket's pockets. Glancing at Ryan for a second he started down at Micki.

I may need to stop by the store at the end of the week.

What for?

The...the ring I gave you, it was my grandmothers and...

Before he could finish Micki looked white as a sheet.

Excuse me...

Micki slid across her seat and nearly bumped into Lloyd getting up. Ryan went to get up, before he watched her run to the restroom, most likely holding back tears.

Ryan and Lloyd stood in silence before Ryan felt his blood begin to boil. He hated Lloyd, he hated everything about him. All he was, was a stuck up, no good lawyer who only cared about money and country clubs. He didn't understand how he could of gotten somebody as good as Micki, and then throw her away.

Your a real jerk you know that?

Lloyd looked stunned.

Excuse me?

Ryan looked up at him.

What did she ever go to you huh, what?

I don't think this is any of your...

No, it is...

Ryan then stood up, nearly knocking the table over. Lloyd stepped back a bit as some people sitting at other tables watched.

I know things ended badly between you guys, but why do you have to treat her like that.

Listen here you art school dropout idiot! It was her choice to throw her life away at that dirty little store, and talk crazy! Everyone knows it, even her own family!

Ryan then went right into Lloyd's face.

Well your the type of people who don't care about anyone but yourself.

Lloyd laughed.

Please, you should hear what people are saying about you two...Micki's own parents want to disown her!

Just then Lisa started walking over.

Lloyd wouldn't stop, his voice began to raise.

She's a loser, just like you!

Ryan then used all his force and shoved Lloyd as hard as he could. Somebody screamed in the back as Lloyd lost his balance and nearly fell over a table. Plates crashed as he stood up looking stunned.


This time it was Lisa that screamed as Lloyd charged towards Ryan. Right away both men were on top of each other before swinging their arms and trying to get in a good punch.

Seconds later, Ryan felt himself being shoved. Most likely the owner of the place was trying to get them to take it outside. Before he knew it, he was on the sidewalk, rolling around, kicking and punching.

People gathered out and watched.


He heard Micki's voice in the background.

Rolling over on top of Lloyd, Ryan gave one final good punch to his face, making sure his nose bleed.

Sore and throbbing, Ryan slowly got up, his own face bleeding. Trying to catch his breath he looked down at Lloyd laying there as Lisa went to him.

Lloyd stared up at him.

You have alot of nerve!

So sue me.

Ryan went to turn before he looked back at Lloyd and Lisa on the dirty sidewalk.

And another thing...go next to Micki again and I'll kill you.

Turning around, Ryan limped away as Micki ran after him. Once then walked down two blocks, she finally caught up with him.


Ryan stopped to check if anyone from the pizza place was behind them. Standing under a streetlight he took a deep breath before glancing at Micki.

I'm sorry that happened.

Are you all right?

Micki's slender fingers went to touch Ryan's face but he hissed. Lloyd had gotten a few good hits in, and his leg was killing him now. Micki looked over his face, worried and on the verge of tears.

What happened?

Ryan shook his head.

Doesn't matter, he won't bother you anymore.

Oh Ryan, I'm so sorry...

She touched his face again before looking around. They were on a side street. Buildings around them looked dark and still. A muggy feeling was in the air, and it looked like rain. Ryan didn't want to move at that moment. His face hurt too much. Leaning against the streetlight pole he took in deep breaths.

You okay?

I'm fine, oh God I'm such an idiot.


For even loving could I? Lloyd is so empty, so mean...he's not like you.

Ryan raised an eyebrow for a second before Micki softly began to cry. Ryan's arms went out and held her as she buried her face into his shirt, saying she was sorry over and over again.

By the time they got home, it was a little after eleven. Ryan sat at the kitchen table, as Micki got the icepack and looked over his face.

You don't look that bad...

Micki said before handing him it. Faintly smiling Ryan rolled his eyes.


Sighing Micki sat down before digging in her pocket, opening her hand she showed Ryan the ring. Something Ryan could never afford in years.

Well here it is...

Ryan slowly took it out of her hands and looked at it.

So, you wanna give it back?

Micki reached over and took the ring from him. Sighing she glanced up.

I guess it finally hit me, how much I've hated my old life.

With that Micki chucked it as hard as she could. Seconds later they heard it hit the wall across the room and fall to the floor. Smiling, Ryan took her empty hand.

He didn't deserve you.

Micki smiled back at him before leaning over and looking at his face.

I don't think your even gonna bruise...

That's good.

Smiling Micki leaned over and kissed his forehead.

Thanks again.

For what?

For always being there for me.

Ah, it was nothing.

Both laughed before Micki ran her fingers through his hair. tired yet?

No, not really.

Ryan lowered the icepack and took her hand.

Then let's go...


For a walk, come's too hot up here.

Before getting up, Ryan walked across the room and picked up the ring.

Micki and Ryan walked side by side downtown. Most of the stores and nightclubs were still open. It was a beautiful summer night, and somehow even after everything that happened, both seemed happy and relaxed.

Just then they walked by a tattoo store. Micki gazed in the window before smiling.

Hey Ryan?

Ryan stopped.


How about I treat you for saving me tonight.


Ryan looked at his reflection in the mirror. His left ear was now pierced. Micki stood beside him laughing before Ryan turned around.

So, does it make me look cool?

Micki walked forward before taking his hands.

You look great.

Both began to laugh before leaving.

It was getting late now, and both seemed in a much better mood. Ryan kept playing with the small hoop on his ear.

You sure this makes me look tough.

Oh yeah...

Micki hid her giggles before Ryan playfully hit her behind. Both walked together down the street before Ryan spotted a homeless person laying against a building.

Hold on a second...

Micki waited as Ryan walked over to the man.

Hey buddy?

The man looked up.

Here, maybe you can cash it in for a hot meal for something...

Ryan handed the man the ring, right away the man's jaw dropped. this real?

Well it's safe to say you'll get more then fifty bucks for it.

Smiling, Ryan turned back around to join Micki. Smiling she took his hand and they walked home.

It was nearly one in the morning by the time they got home. Ryan was feeling ten times better and couldn't seem to stop laughing with Micki.

Once they reached upstairs, Micki opened a few of the windows to let some air in.

God, your right it is hot in here...

Ryan rolled up the sleeves of his T-shirt before walking over to the open window.

Micki and him started out it, looking at the back alley. Then, she slowly looked up at him and smiled.

Before he could say anything, Micki leaned forward and softly kissed his lips.

Breaking apart, Micki looked at the very stunned Ryan and smiled before walking to her bedroom.

Goodnight Ryan...

Ryan was speechless, and watched her close her bedroom doors. Smiling to himself he went and laid back on his bed. Smiling like a teenager, he flicked off his light and put on his headphones.


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