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Fanfic: Micki's Song

Chapter 1: Micki's Song

"Micki's Song"
F13: The Series
By: Michael Adams

Of all the hell on earth that had been suffered as a way
of life for them anymore, this had been the most special
of days for Micki Foster. It was her birthday. As she sit
alone in her room, reflecting on the events of the day
that was almost over, she smiled to herself and felt warm
inside. She had not faced the legions of hell this day, nor
had she been on some damnable witch hunt for some
accursed godless antique that had been sold by her satanic
worshiping uncle Lewis. This was a day that she was in
desperate need of. This day had been wonderful.

She thought back too the starting of it this morning.
She was busying herself going through the last box of
goods they had received from the day before. She would
carefully check the ledger for each item to make sure
they'd not resale one of the items that were cursed
from the deal made with the devil by their late uncle Lewis.
She heard Ryan coming down the stairs as he did every
morning, but he was really moving this morning. Could he
have possibly remembered? Naw, she hadn't mention what
day it was to him or Jack. Much to her surprise, Ryan
pinched her on the rear end and ran for his life. Startled,
she grabbed a piece of china out of the box and sailed it
at his head. He ducked and it shattered into a million
pieces as it crashed into the wall behind him. "Well that
one certainly wasn't cursed, it broke too easily" he said
between laughs. She chased him into the back room and
lost him. All of a sudden, she felt him grab her from
behind! Before she could protest, he kissed her full on the
lips. She was so startled that she drew back to smack him a
good one, but before she could swing, he handed her a dozen
of the most beautiful roses she had ever seen. Attached to it
was a sealed envelope that said "Do not open until you're
alone in bed tonight".

It was more than she could stand. She wept openly and leaned
willfully into his arms.
"Happy Birthday Mick", Ryan whispered softly in her ear as
he held her closely, cherishing the moment himself. She
looked deep into his eyes and he actually thought for a
minute that she was going to give him a passionate kiss.
As timing would have it, they heard the bell ring as someone
entered the store. They walked out of the back room to find
the smiling face of Jack. "Happy Birthday Micki", he
exclaimed as he held out a beautifully wrapped package.
"Thank you Jack, I should have known that you two wouldn't
forget". She opened the package and much to her dismay,
there were pictures of every single item that they had
recovered and a heading of the part she had played in
recovering each and every one of them. This must have
taken hours to put together. There were pictures of all of
them together in many unusual places that they had been
on their adventures. This was like a legacy too her. All of
a sudden her life life had meaning. She had a family here and
together, they were making a difference.

They spent the rest of the day together. "Even God Rested"
Jack exclaimed. They took her to a fine restaurant and
catered to her every whim. She once found herself placing
her hand into a much surprised and almost ecstatic Ryan
Dallion's. Secretly, wondering the entire day what was in
the mysterious envelope that he had given her this morning.
As she thought on this, she realized that he probably did
know more about her than anyone else. She had told him of
the many different places she had lived. She had told
him of dreaming of being a world champion ice skater
during the time period that she had lived in LA. She had told
him of being a borderline Punk - Grunge rock n' roller when
she was a teenager and how she used to dye her hair purple
just to freak people out. She had studied art
for years and he knew her favorite paintings and artist.
Uhmm..., was she feeling something here? They were much
closer than she realized.

As the day drew to an end, she gave them both a big hug and
many thank you's for such a special day. She knew that
tomorrow they would be back to the dark work at hand of
recovering this cursed antiques. But tonight, there was one
other thing that she couldn't wait to do. She closed her door
after bidding Jack and Ryan goodnight.

She remembered how she had held Ryan's gaze just a little
longer than she should have.
She was feeling a little excited. After getting into her night
time garments and jumping into bed, she paused and
reflected on her last thoughts of the day, a most special day.
She smelled the roses he had given her this morning. With trembling
hands, she gently opened the envelope. She couldn't believe her own eyes!
She knew that Ryan loved music, but she would have never dreamed this. He
had written her a song!!! At the top, it simply said: "This is for you".


Vs 1. Paint me a picture, whirl-whirl-whirl Southern California,
a girl-girl-girl
She's into things like fingernails F-13 and she'll give you hell
But she'll do it with a laugh An angelic smile
Makes you crazy Drives you wild -Micki

Vs 2. An axle rotation, spin, float on air
She does what she does and she does what she cares
And she reveals her secrets Oh so slow
Messes with your mind Keeps you coming back for more -Micki

Vs 3. She told me that Munch Painted "The Scream"
I've never told her but she paints my dreams
With visions of her Pictures from her world
I want to obtain this unobtainable girl -called-Micki

Vs 4. I'm under the spell of this mystical princess
Her white magic has left me defenseless
With her vampire eyes No disguise
She breaks all the rules and she laughs when she lies -that's-Micki

Vs 5. Paint me a picture, whirl-whirl-whirl
Lover Los Angeles, a girl-girl-girl
Plastic glitter dresses, streaks in her hair
If you don't like her, she don't care, -she's-Micki

* Written by
Michael Adams


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