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Fanfic: Discoveries

Chapter 1: Discoveries

Here is "Discoveries" by me. This is a new story by yours truly, The Goddess Of All Things F13 :) It is written from Micki's point of view, so
everything is how *she* views it, the feelings are *her* feelings, not what others observe of her actions or what they are told. Some of the hypnosis techniques are ones that I developed and use for my own benefit, and are not text-book cases. Kids, don't try this at home! BTW, there is no continuity to this story, other than after Micki leaves, which I wrote in. NONE of my stories keep with the time line. Hey, if the writers can break continuity, so can I. All characters belong to Frank Mancuso Jr. No copyright infringement intended.



By: Alyse Micki Wax

I left Curious Goods in the summer of '91. To this day,
I still can't remember all that happened in the four years I
worked at the store.

The year after I left went by in a blur. I went back to
school and became an elementary school teacher. I was so
focused on getting my life back together, I rarely thought
about the store, until it became a distant, unfocused memory.
Until the nightmares started.

My psychiatrist says I'm repressing a memory. I know it
has to do with the store. I just... can't remember. Or
don't want to remember.

The dreams all have the same theme. A struggle between
Good and Evil. There's always this man... yet he's not quite
a man, not quite human. He's very cold. You can see it in
his red, glowing eyes. I wake up terrified. I always feel
like there is someone I could call, someone I used to call to
comfort me. But then this damn memory problem comes back
into play.

The nightmares have been coming with more frequency.
But now, I don't have to be asleep to get... flashes.
Visions, horrible visions. So I was thrilled when my shrink
mentioned a new treatment.

"Deep-regression hypnosis," Dr. Anne Donovan told me the
next day. "I would put you into a trance, and we would be
able to tap into your unconscious memory banks, and unlock
the demons that have been haunting you." I loved the idea,
even as she explained the rest of it.

"There is a 98% success rate with patients who undergo
hypno-therapy. However, it is not an immediate process. It
may take weeks, even months to tap deep enough into your
subconscious," she explained. "Once we get deep enough in,
there is no backing out, no matter how intense things get.
Since this memory was bad enough for you to repress so
severely, I can just about guarantee you that it will be
extremely unpleasant to dredge up again. I am willing to
work with you, Micki. I just want you to be aware of what
this will include."

"I want to do it," I told her, hoping that my voice
didn't betray the fear that was welling up inside me. We
arranged to begin the next day.


I arrived at Dr. Donovan's office at precisely nine AM.
She ushered me into her cozy office and we began immediately.

"We will begin with some relaxation exercises." She put
on some soothing music and had me lay down on the couch.
"Concentrate on the music, Micki. Concentrate on the music
and my voice. Let yourself float. Don't fall asleep, but
allow yourself to float. You are relaxed. Continue like
this. Now allow your mind to float as well. Think about
anything you like, anything pleasant. Think about what you
did yesterday, a movie you saw, a book you read. Just
let yourself float.

I did as she said, and in no time at all, I felt more
relaxed than I had been in weeks. I thought about
everything, and about nothing. It was wonderful.

But all to quickly, Dr. Donovan was speaking to me
again. "Micki, come back now. Open your eyes, come back
into consciousness. You will feel relaxed." I obliged, and
when I did open my eyes and sit up, I felt like I was at
peace with myself. I figured this hypno-therapy would be a

I was wrong.


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