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Fanfic: Legacy

Chapter 1: The Curse

Based on the characters from Friday the 13th the Series created by
Frank Mancuso, Jr. and Larry B. Williams. No copyright infringement

This is a story about Ryan's dark journey into Lewis' past.
Other F13 stories that I have written: 'Endings & Beginnings' &
'Hellspawn'. Enjoy...

"Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the devil, to sell cursed
antiques. But he broke pact, and it cost him his soul. His niece
Micki and her cousin Ryan have inherited the store, and with it, the
curse. Now they must get everything back, and the real terror



I. The Curse

I have set down to record the strange and terrible events of the
past year, a quest for knowledge that lead me down a dark path that
will forever leave its mark upon my soul. It all began ten years ago
when I along with my cousin Micki inherited the antique store of our
eccentric uncle Lewis Vendredi. At the time I was in college, unsure
of what I wanted to do in life. When a letter arrived to inform me
of my inheritance, I did not hesitate to pack my bags and leave

I meet Micki not long after I arrived at the store. The store
was old and musty. It had not been opened in well over a year since
our uncle's death. Despite the dilapidated state of the store I saw
the possibilities of fixing it up and running a business. Micki was
opposed to the idea. Dealing with our uncle's estate had been an
interruption to her life. She just wanted to get rid of it as soon
as possible. In the end, Micki convinced me to sell. It wasn't
until after we had sold most of antiques that we learned about the

A former friend of our uncle Lewis, Jack Marshak came to the
store one night. Together we learned the terrible truths that would
forever change our lives. Many of the antiques in the store were
cursed. Each object granted its owner their greatest desires but at
a terrible price, a human sacrifice. Many innocent people: men,
women and children, lost their lives because of Lewis Vendredi. We
spent the next five years recovering the objects that had been sold
by either our uncle or unknowingly by us. When there were just a few
dozen items remaining, Micki and I left the store. Jack and his
friend Rashid stayed behind to guard the vault and continue the
search for the remaining antiques.

For Micki and I, our lives took very different directions after
leaving the store. Micki is doing well and she has put the traumatic
events of our hellish experience behind her. She moved back home to
start a business with an old friend. About a year later she married.
They have a daughter, Alexandria, my god-daughter.

I have continued in the study of the occult and ancient secrets.
Over the years that spent with Jack, I learned many things. At first
I read the books from his weird library and he taught me. Later I
began my own quest for more knowledge. After I left the store, I
began my travels. I climbed the peaks of Ngrai to speak to the
priests of Tylee. I went on the expedition to Arabian Desert where
the sands were uncovered to reveal the ancient city of Zin and its
terrible secrets which had laid hidden for thousands of years. There
were many other adventures as well that I will not record here.
Always I sought to find the key to end the curse but it eluded me.

I decided to search Lewis' past. Lewis was always interested in
harnessing dark powers for his own gain. It wasn't until after his
wife Grace died that Lewis' dark mania began. Up until this time
Jack corresponded with his friend. When Lewis' dark obsession began,
Jack wanted nothing more to do with him. Lewis was involved with
things that Jack wanted no part of. Despite Jack's strict warnings I
decided to trace Lewis' hellish journey to find the answers that I
was seeking.


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