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Fanfic: The Forgotten Beloved

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Beloved

The Forgotten Beloved

(This story has no fact based evidence dealing with the show.
It is simply something I have created. The curse mentioned is not the one Lewis Vendredi cast upon the antiques it is the one the devil cast upon Lewis's house.)

Lockwood School of the Crafts
Lockwood England 1975

"You will stay here and never leave." the man said to
the child. "Will you ever come get me?" the small child asked the man. "No!
Never! You are here now and you are going to stay." he looked down at a small pouch the child wore around her neck. "But why? I haven't done anything." the child shouted."You are never, ever to search for me. Don't ever use your powers to search for me either. This is where you belong, among people just like you."

"People like me? What do you mean?" the child asked
looking around the huge stone entry way. "Among the people who possess the
powers that you have. The powers that I want nothing to do with." the man
answered then turned and left. He left without any word of goodbye. The
small child watched him leave until he was just a shadow in the night, in all her years she had never felt so alone, so unloved. What had she done to anger the man so much? She could feel a hole open in her heart, "Daddy." the little girl whispered, for at that moment it was all clear, "I am sorry daddy."

The man walked into his apartment and looked around for his
suitcase. It was so quiet without his daughter but he didn't care. He had
already started to forget about her. In a few days he would be free of her
memory forever. Only he felt a sort of emptiness he hadn't
ever felt. There was some sort of void in his heart, "I'm sorry sweetie." he whispered turning down one of her pictures. Yes, he was sorry, only he was glad.

Micki heard the store door open as she was making her
way down the basement stairs, "Ryan, will you help who ever that is?" she
yelled stopping.

"I have to do everything." Ryan mumbled under his
breath making his way down the stairs. "May I ...." he stopped short. There in the door way was
the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had a unique look, one that you don't see very often. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail that rested on her shoulder, her eyes were an odd shade
of violet that almost looked like contacts. She had high cheek bones and in
the sun it almost looked as if she glowed.

"May I help you?" He asked stepping closer.

She glanced around then looked at him, "I'm looking
for Jack Marshak." she answered unsure if she should.

"He's not here right now. I think he went to an estate auction. Is there something I can help you with?" he asked disappointed that she didn't ask for him.

She shook her head, "Umm.. No, thanks anyway. I'll come back some other time. It's probably a bad time."
she was about to leave when suddenly something caught her eye.

Ryan saw what she was looking at and smiled. It was
a doll, the doll that had gotten Micki and him involved in the curse that
their uncle Lewis had made.

"My doll." she whispered walking over to pick it up.

"Your doll?"

Ryan asked taking a closer look at it. "My dad gave her to me
for my fourth birthday and then...." she looked off into the distance and
continued, "I left her behind. He left me and never saw her again."

Ryan gave her a strange look, "Are you sure this
was yours? I mean it could be, but there must be hundreds like it."

The girl shook her head, "No, its mine. There was
only one like it. It has a secret compartment, see." She pulled on one of the small buttons and a small compartment opened. Inside was a locket, a small gold heart locket.

My brother always told me that if the doll had a heart she would be my
friend, so I put the locket my mother gave me in here. I was
lonely, and for a while she was my only friend." her eyes saddened, "All it did was cause evil."

Ryan jerked his head up to look at her, "What did
you say?" he asked not sure if he heard correctly. "I know all about the curse. Your uncle Lewis made a deal with the devil, only he tried to get out if it and it cost him his soul." her answer shocked him. No one new about that curse except Micki,
Jack, and him.

"How did you know about the curse?"

She smiled and pulled out the locket, "Because...,"
she opened the locket and inside were two pictures. Ryan looked at the
pictures in shock, "How...? He...!" Ryan looked closer. "He's my father." the girl said pointing at the small picture of Jack.


"Your father?" he asked speachless. "Yes my name is Angelica
Marshak. I had a twin brother, Peter, who died. Dad blamed me
for his death and put me in a school so I could learn how to control my
powers." Angelica replied putting the locket back into the secret compartment.

"Powers?" Micki asked coming up behind them. She had over heard them talking and became
intrigued. "The ones that you have only a little stronger and in a different form. Peter had them too and it killed him." Angelica said in
answer to Micki's question. "But he never had a daughter." Ryan whispered.
"He wanted to forget about me. He hated me, so he sent me away and never
came back."

"That doesn't sound like Jack." Micki said trying to believe
that anyone as sweet as Jack could do such a terrible thing to one of their
own children. "This was probably a bad idea to come here. I
just thought that maybe my father and I could mend old ties." Angelica looked at the doll then put her back on the shelf. "I'm sure he'll be glad to see you again. He's not still mad he's probably forgotten all about it." Micki said trying to comfort her. Angelica laughed, "Thats very unlikely since he's forgotten all about me, and there is very little time for him to remember.


Jack opened the store door and walked in, "I'm back!" he
called looking around the deserted store. He heard someone
laugh from the kitchen. "Micki, Ryan?" he yelled. "Upstairs!" Jack heard
Micki say. He put down the box he was carrying and went up the stairs. "I found a unique..........." Jack started but didn't finish.

He was staring at Angelica. Her face was shadowed in the darkness
but he felt as if he had seen her before. "Dad?" She whispered. Jack looked
away in shock, "I don't have a daughter." he whispered to Micki and Ryan.

"Jack she's your daughter! Don't shut her out." Ryan yelled.

"I said I don't have a daughter!" Jack screamed at Ryan.

"Daddy please there isn't much time." Angelica pleaded. "I still have Peter's pouch, see." she pulled out a small pouch from around her neck.

Micki could see a hint of recognition in his eyes
as he saw the pouch. "I don't have a daughter." he repeated then left.

Ryan turned to Angelica and saw tears streaming down her cheeks. "He'll come around." he assured her. She shook her head,"Maybe, but it'll be to late. Even though you broke the curse, Lewis's house remains cursed." she stood up and turned to Micki. "You and I are the only ones able to stop the curse and........" her voice trailed off. "And what?" Ryan asked. "And once we break the curse my brothers soul will be set free." Angelica answered.

Ryan and Micki didn't know what to say. They thought the curse on
Lewis's house had been broken at the same time as the one on the antiques.

They had never dreamed that the house they owned was cursed.
Of course they had never tried to burn it or destroy it so they wouldn't
have known. "No one lives there." Micki said trying to make them feel better. Or was she trying to make her self feel better? She wasn't sure of it or anything except that the curse needed to be broken or it could end up like the Amityville house.

That houses objects were all cursed along with the house. The
antiques and furniture had seen so much evil that they absorbed all of it
in. One boy murdered his whole family then claimed that voices had told
him to. They couldn't let Lewis's house turn out like that.

"Angelica go explain this to your father. He'll listen." Ryan said
pointing to Jacks room. "I hope so." she whispered.


Jack turned as his door opened, "What do you want?" he demanded.
"I've learned to control my powers. It wasn't my fault that
Peter died. I really tried to save him but all I got was his pouch."
Angelica held it out to him. Jack looked down at it and turned away, "I told you never to find me."

"I know but I had to. You all are in danger. I had to
come and warn you, because no matter what you are still my father and it is
my responsibility to help you." she put the pouch back on.

"Daddy I have tried to understand the pain you went through, but I never understood why you had to blame me. I tried to stop Peter and I have left is his power. I carry it with me, inside of his pouch and until we break the curse that lingers over Lewis's house Peters spirit can not rest."

Jack turned and looked at her closely. Yes, this was the small child
that he had left at Lockwood so long ago. Angelica was his daughter and he
didn't even remember.

"There is two things I don't understand. Why is the curse still on Lewis's house and Peter didn't have anything to do with Lewis so why would his spirit be restless."

Angelica smiled and through her arms around him And explained,
"Peter never left the girl's dream plane. His spirit wanders among the dreams looking for a way out, searching for the light that will lead
him to salvation, only for him there is no light just a dark void of endless suffering and evil. Now Lewis's house has him trapped in a
dimension worse than hell. For him, its like being in hell only a million
times worse and without his power he can never rest."

Jack pulled away from Angelica and sighed, "How do
you set his soul free?" he asked not sure if he wanted to hear the
answer. "I'll need Micki to guide me through the houses dimension." she started.

"Umm.. what do you mean?" Jack asked.

"I'm going to enter the world of dreams. There inside is where the curse gets its power. If I can destroy its source, I can free his spirit. Only Micki has to keep a strong lock on reality or we'll both be
sucked in." she could see signs of worry in his eyes so she
said, "Micki wants to do it and if I can free Peter from evil its worth

Jack looked up at her in shock, "What! your not going to die!" he
yelled. Angelica turned away, "I might, but it will be worth the price I
would have payed."

"Nothing is worth that price." Ryan said walking into the room. "If
my brother rests in peace that will be worth it." she said clutching the
pouch, "I'll do what ever it takes."


Ryan looked up at Lewis's house. It had been almost a year since
they had last been there. Everything looked the same except for the boards
covering the second floor windows. "I don't remember those
being there."

Micki said from behind him. Ryan turned and nodded, "Yeah,
they look as if someone just put them there." he agreed.

"I put them there." Angelica said pointing to the
windows. "Well, lets get started." Jack yelled over a sudden roar of thunder. There was a sudden chill in the air as they made their way to the house. "Do you think Lewis is watching us?" Ryan asked. Micki shook her head, "No, he's trapped deep inside of hell. He won't get out for a long time."

"I hope your right." Ryan mumbled as they entered
the house. "Ouch!" Micki screamed as she tripped over a loose floor board and fell to her knees.

"Micki!" Ryan cried kneeling down next to her. "I think I
broke my ankle." she whispered through tears. Jack knelt down next to her and examined her foot, "It's broken." he confirmed. "You can tell by the way its twisted in an odd shape." Jack pointed to a bump sticking out of the side of her foot. "Now what are we going to do?" Ryan asked looking for something to wrap her ankle in. "Here." Angelica knelt next to Micki and place her hand on Micki's
ankle, "Micki this is going to hurt but when I'm done I promise there will be no more pain." she said then pushed down on her ankle. Micki screamed, "Ryan!"

"I'm here." he whispered taking her hand. Tears streamed down her
face as Angelica worked on her. "What are you doing!" Ryan screamed at
Angelica. Never before had he ever seen Micki in so much pain. Her face was
bright red and she was shaking all over. "It's ok Micki." he said trying to
comfort her. "I'm almost finished."Angelica said pushing Micki's foot to the side really hard. Micki started to scream but then stopped suddenly. The pain had stopped and her foot had healed. "I...I...don't feel
anymore pain." Micki said standing up. Jack smiled, pleased at his daughters powers. Micki thanked Angelica then turned to Ryan who looked like he had been punched in the stomach. "Are you alright?" she asked laughing. He gave her a dirty look, "It's not funny! You almost broke my hand."

"We have to get started!" Angelica said looking at
her watch.


For the next hour the four of them worked on preparing the house for
Angelica's entry to the world of dreams. Micki studied the chant she was to say and Angelica paced nervously back and forth. Jack didn't like the idea
of his daughter entering the world where his son disappeared but there was no way to stop her. He was the one who sent her away in the first place.

"I'm ready." Angelica said kneeling in the ring of candles. "Be
careful." Jack whispered. "Keep the chant going." Angelica
called to Micki then disappeared. Micki looked down at the book and read the


Angelica walked into the world of dreams. It was so cold and evil,
she couldn't imagine her brothers spirit lost in a world so cold. As she
looked around she saw a table with a upside down cross hanging just above it.

"How terrible!" she thought stepping up to it. "This must be the source of
all nightmares." she whispered reaching out to it. Maybe if she turned it
around to face upward the curse would break. As she reached forward she felt a strong evil force push her away. Now what? She didn't know
the answer. All she new was that she had to turn the cross upwards or Peter's spirit along with
many others would be lost forever. "Micki?" she thought concentrating with
all of her might, "Micki?"

Somewhere Micki heard her cry, and chanted louder and faster. The
power of goodness was penetrating the evil, Angelica suddenly had more
strength and reached forward. Gripping the cross with all of
her might she turned it around. A gust of wind rushed through her making
her fall backwards.

"Peter!" She screamed. Her voice was lost in the dark vastness. "Peter!" she called again.

"Go away! Don't come here !" She heard someone scream.

"Peter?!" she yelled.

"Angie go away." she heard the voice

"Peter?" she whispered spinning around. The voice had stopped and she couldn't figure out which direction it
had come from. "Peter?" she yelled louder.

"Go away. You shouldn't be here." the voice yelled again.

"Peter! I'm coming." she yelled running in the direction she decided the voice was coming from.

"Stay away!" he yelled.

Suddenly thousands of cages appeared before her

"Don't go any further." Peter said coming before her said.

"Peter?" Angelica whispered reaching out to him.

"You must go back! Only one of us will get out of here."

He said. "Then it will be you."

She cried, "Dad always loved you more."

"No! Angie, he loves you. You still have time with him. Please go

Peter pleaded. She shook her head, "No! Daddy blamed me and sent me
away. I don't want you to suffer."

She heard terrified screams in the back ground. "What are all of
those spirits doing here?" she asked.

"They are lost just as I am. You have undone the curse locking their cages only now they must find the light that will lead them to salvation and you must go." he pointed to the vast darkness.

"No!"she yelled. "Here take this."Angelica cried ripping his pouch
from her neck. Suddenly everything began to shake. "No!"
Peter cried as she threw it to him.

"Dad loves you! You have to take my place in the land of the living. Let me die and suffer, the curse will break if you are set free to live again. I will live at peace!" She screamed as he started to

"ANGIE!!!!!" he screamed holding his hand out to her.

The lost souls were trapped in a pit of darkness
with no way out except one and Angelica was the only person able to lead them out.

"Angie!" Peter yelled again holding his hand out to her. She
wanted to take it but was afraid. "I can't!" she screamed as
she was being pulled backwards. "I've got you!" Peter cried gripping his
sister's arm.

At that very moment a huge light appeared and the spirits who had lived in
torment soared into its heavenly love.


Ryan grabbed Micki as the house began to shake.

She was so deep in the trance that it was impossible to move her. "Micki!" Jack screamed jumping into the ring of candles where she was. "Jack what's
happening?" Ryan yelled as Micki chanted.

"The curse is leaving the house."Jack answered looking over at the ring for Angelica. "Where is Angelica?" Ryan asked looking over at the ring as well.

"The door is opening to let the spirits of the good pass. Their cage has been unlocked so they may rest in peace and not torment. The light of heaven is now shining to lead them to salvation and eternal bliss." Micki whispered as a bright light filled the ring that Angelica had left empty. "Come back to the world of the living my soulmates and friends, let the light guide you to salvation and let the devil descend. Let the siblings
of peace rise again to walk in our world let Angelica and Peter be free."
Micki yelled, and as she did so two figures appeared in the other ring of candles.

Jack gasped in disbelief, there in the ring stood Peter and
Angelica, both alive and happy. He rushed forward to hug them leaving Micki
and Ryan alone.

"Micki?" Ryan whispered looking down at her. She opened her eyes and
looked up at him. Her memory was a bit fuzzy but she knew what happened and
when she saw that Angelica was not alone she remembered everything.

"You did it." Ryan said helping her stand up.

"Ryan I want to go home." Micki whispered feeling a bit weak.

"Ok, but first there is something I want to do." he said and picked up a book of matches. Micki, Jack, and Angelica laughed. "By all means please do." Peter said walking down the front steps.

"Micki would you like to help?" Ryan asked handing her a can of gasoline from the trunk.

"With pleasure." She answered then laughed.

"Thats one more thing that we don't have to worry about." Jack said putting his arm over Angelica's shoulder.

"We're a team now." Peter said as Micki and Ryan ran from the house.

"Yes, were a team that will one day stop all evil." Micki agreed
getting into the car.

"A team thats going to get in trouble for burning down a house on purpose." Ryan said motioning to the police car driving up the drive. Everyone laughed, "It's our house." Micki yelled from the back seat. "Not
anymore."Angelica mumbled. "Were all a family now." Jack said
happily. "Yes, and all of those lost spirits can live among their family once again, and for all of those people who sleep in torment can now sleep in peace. For the source of most nightmares is now gone and the source of good dreams stands in its place." Angelica whispered watching the police jump out of their squad car. "Sweet dreams."

By: Michelle Robin Chastaine


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