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Fanfic: La magie nous libre

Chapter 1: 9/17/87

September 17th 1987

Micki walked through the darkness of Vendredi's Antiques, feeling uneasy and slightly scared. Just the week before hand she received the letter stating Lewis' death, and the store that by default to herself and her cousin Ryan. A distant family member she had never seen before or heard about. Shortly before leaving, she had lunch with her mother and asked about him.

As her mother stirred her tea she simply rolled her eyes and told her that Ryan wasn't blood related. That he was Ray's eldest son and the last time she saw that part of the family was when Micki was just born. Paying no further mind, Micki decided to get this over with and quickly return to her normal happy life.

Sighing, she looked around and the thick scent of dust and mold filled the air. The same smell you got whenever you went up in an old attic. Feeling homesick, she couldn't believe she had to come all the way down here to tie up affairs. She hoped she would be able to sell everything off within the week and part ways with this cousin of hers and return back to Lloyd.

Thinking of Lloyd, she glanced down at her ring she faintly smiled.

The wedding was only in a few months.

Trying not to think of the constant worrying and planning that had been going on, she hoped once she finished here she might be able to truly figure out what was going on in that head of hers.

She was twenty-five years old and had her entire life ahead of her. Now finished with college, she worked for her father and had been engaged to Lloyd for nearly a year now. Knowing this was exactly what her father wanted, he saw Lloyd as a smart successful lawyer who's family name would go perfectly with theirs. Charlotte had all ready let down her parents so far, now it seemed as though all the pressure was on Micki.

Trying not to think about it, she searched for a light switch.

Lifting up a few sheets that covered things, she looked around rubbing her hands together from the gritty feel of dirt. Looking over at the glass counter, she saw a few candles were lit. Feeling extra nervous she stepped forward, hoping somebody was around. Backing up, she leaned against the glass counter, the silence making her feel uneasy. Just then a person jumped up from behind her. An awful ugly mask on and began to laugh. Spinning around she screamed and grabbed the first thing she found.

Taking a small glass vase she screamed and busted it over the person's head.


The person bowed down before she eyed the stairs, waiting to run towards the door at any second. Just then a young guy came around, dressed in jeans and a faded pink T-shirt. Holding his head he squinted at her.

Hey that really hurt!

He then looked her up and down, his expression changing.

Whoa...who are you?

Trying not to show the panic in her face, she straightened her back before letting out her hand.

Don't tell me, your Ryan Dallion?

The guy cracked a grin.

Yeah that's me, I'm Ryan the did you know?

Uncle Lewis' lawyer said you would be here, I'm your cousin do you do?

Micki let her hand out and Ryan just stared at it. Slowly he reached out, looking confused and shook it.

Michelle Foster?

Micki sounded annoyed, this wasn't her idea to come to this dirty store in the first place.

Ryan's eyes then lit up before he laughed.

Michelle! I'm sorry I thought the letter said Micheal...I was expecting a guy. Forgive me please...

Ryan looked Micki up and down again, a smile behind his eyes.

I guess that changes things huh?

Micki crossed her arms.

Not really...

Ryan smiled before clapping his hands together and walking around.

Well, place sure looks great...will be a blast fixing up.

Micki followed Ryan, a look of disgust as she scanned the cluttered room.

Place all ready looks blasted...

Micki then tried the phone before rolling her eyes.

Perfect, no electricity.

Don't worry, it will be turned on tomorrow.

Micki then crossed over to the phone.

Where you going?

Ryan asked, leaning against a table. His eyes still fixed on her. Micki turned and shot him a look.

To call my fianc√©‚€™ to tell him I arrived that okay with you?

Sure, hope you can yell real loud.

Micki picked up the phone and found it dead.

Don't tell me? Tomorrow?


Micki walked over to where Ryan stood.

I take it you had a little turbulence on your flight?

Micki sighed.

I've had a little turbulence all day.

Ryan glanced over at her before smiling and walking over to a few things covered in sheets. Micki watched him, feeling uncomfortable, and a little home sick. Walking behind him she wished she could get get this entire thing over with and sell it off.

For a brief second while Ryan was running around, pulling sheets off things and cracking jokes, he glanced at Micki and they made eye contact. Ryan faintly smiled before moving onto the garage.

Ugh! This place is a mess!

Micki looked around in the upstairs apartment where Lewis had lived. The place was packed with boxes and old piling newspapers. Opening two doors that lead into the bedroom, she saw the bed was covered in musty old sheets.

This place was a complete disaster, and just the idea of having to sleep there send shivers down Micki's spine.

God I should of checked into a hotel...

Micki mumbled to herself before Ryan came behind her.

That defeats the whole idea of roughing it!

Micki turned, her voice slightly annoyed.

I haven't "roughed" much in my life.

That's a surprise...


Nothing, here take this.

Ryan threw a blue sleeping bag at Micki. Catching it, slightly off guard, Micki stared down at it before slowly picking it up.

What's this?

I brought an extra just in case.

Micki stood in the doorway, looking over the sleeping bag that had a vinyl like feel to the fabric before watching Ryan begin to clear stuff off an old cot right outside the doors.

What are you doing?

Ryan looked up.

I thought you wanted the bed, I'll just sleep here, hell better then my dorm room in college!

Ryan grinned before finishing throwing the last things off the cot and unrolling his own sleeping bag. Micki leaned against the doorway, clutching her own and watching him.

I can't believe this place...

Ryan jumped on the cot and began unzipping the sleeping bag.

Don't worry Micki, I'll protect you.

Micki snorted a dry laugh.

Against what? Ghosts?


Micki's entire face drained of color.

That night Micki found herself unable to sleep. Laying there in Ryan's sleeping bag on top of Lewis's old bed, she looked around at the shadows that casted off the walls. This place gave her an awful feeling.

Thinking of how that china doll moved, she turned over and stared at the dirty glass doors that lead into the kitchen. Wanting to return home worst then ever, she hoped she had talked some sense into Ryan about really selling off everything. Her father had taught her well about business and she knew within the week after talking with the bank, this would all be over and done with.

Thinking of this past evening, between getting stuck in that vault downstairs, or that strange book they found she couldn't drift off.

Deciding to get a glass of water, Micki silently slipped out of bed and walked across the wooden floor in her bare feet. Dressed in only a nightgown, she quickly tied her robe around her before walking out into the darkness.

Glancing over she saw Ryan sleeping peacefully, his headphones on blasting music. Faintly smiling, she couldn't believe she had never met him before. How could somebody like this somehow have a link towards her family. Shaking her head, she thought Ryan was annoying, and childish, yet seemed friendly enough.

She hoped after everything was finished, she wouldn't have to deal with him again.

Walking over to the counter, she took an old green colored glass and went to fill it up before glancing over her shoulder at Ryan sleeping.

She knew she was acting like a snob. What would Lloyd think if he met him?

Pausing, she shook her head and got her water.

Why was she thinking about this?

Walking back to the room with her glass, she looked at Ryan one last time.

As soon as the bedroom doors shut, Ryan's eye cracked open. He had been watching Micki the entire time. Smiling to himself, he rolled over and thought to himself he had never met anyone so beautiful before.


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