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Fanfic: Mirror Mirror,

Chapter 1: The Compact found a new owner

It was dark cold night on the street of Chicago. The streets were filled with cars, trucks and motorcycles going to their destination while an ugly street vender sold her flowers. A man dressed in a black business suit had walked approached the street vender and brought a flower. "You looked so beautiful Mr. Frank Mc Gellar." the ugly street vender said as she pinned the red flower to his suit. "Have you ever stop and think about me, sometimes." The ugly woman smiled as she showed yellow stained teeth. Yet, Frank didn't want anything to do with her. He tried his best to avoid her, but she grabbed his hand as she held it tight while trying gave him back his money. "Keep the change." He told her hastily as he began to walk across the street.
"You think that you are too good for me." The vender shouted as she removed a gold compact from her pocket and opened it. "Hey! Look at me when, I'm talking to you." The vender yelled as Frank stopped and faced the ugly woman.
Suddenly, she flashed him with the reflection of the mirror. When she closed the mirror, Frank was placed under the mirror's spell. He began to develop feeling her that he thought never had. He began to walk towards her as he saw her in a new light. "I'm sorry." He told her. "After all these years, I always thought that you were ugly. But now, I love you." The ugly woman smiled as she pulled him away from the crowd into a dark alley.
In the meantime, two girls (Josie and Helen) were on there way to their church youth group meetings. They both were wearing their school's red and white varsity jackets. "Josie, are you going to junior prom?" Helen asked Josie.
"It's all depends." Josie answered as they stopped at the corner store. "My granddad wants me to get a job at that old antique store to help pay for the junior prom." Josie paused as she began to complain as when things don't go her way. "I mean, it's not fair. All of the other girls don't have to work. Why me?"
"Well at least you have a date." Helen said as she opened the refrigerator door and took out a can of soda.
"Helen, I told Peter to asks Mike to bring you to the junior prom."
"Mike, who?"
"Peter's friend from Saint Ann's." Josie answered as she saw Peter crossing the street. She turned towards Helen and continued, "I'll be right back."
Josie walked out of the store and walked across the street towards Peter. Josie hoped no other girl hasn't asked him to the junior prom. After all, he was from another school and extremely popular among the girls. "Peter." Josie called out to him as she dodged the cars. Peter had stopped walking as he turned towards her. Finally, Josie made it across the street.
"Josie Freeman." Peter became surprised to see her.
"What brings you here?"
"I need a favor." Josie began to get cold feet about asking him to the junior prom, "What are you doing next Friday?"
"Nothing, I probably might get into mischief with the cops. Why?"
"I need a date to the junior prom."
"I don't believe it. The material girl herself is asking me out."
Peter became speechless as he placed his hands in his pockets and thought about it. He had always liked her but never had the chance to ask her out. However, the junior prom would be the prefect opportunity for him to ask her to go steady. Therefore, he turned towards her said, "Yes. I'll be your date."
Josie was thrilled with his reply as she hugged him. Then she thought about Helen and asked, "Do you think Mike would ask out Helen?"
"Heck no!" Peter replied as he made a face. "Not if you paid him."
"Oh, come on."
"Josie, I know Mike. He would hurt her feelings."
"Do know anyone else?"
Peter paused before saying another word. He glanced down his watch and said as he began to walk away slowly, "Look J, I got to go. However, I'll ask around for you."
"Thanks." Josie said as she watched him walked down the street until he disappeared in the crowd.
It wasn't a totally bust. Josie thought as she walked towards the street corner as she waited for the light to turn red in which it was near the ally where the ugly woman took Frank. Josie's mind was set on the cranberry strapless gown that she had seen in Macy. She figured that her granddad could pay for the gown while she take cover the shoes and purse. Suddenly, Josie heard a loud scream coming from the ally way. Immediately, she turned around and began to check it out. When she arrived, she found a dead body and a woman with a small golden compact in her hand.
Suddenly, the woman became startled at Josie's presence. The woman reached into her pockets and pulled out a knife, said, "I'm afraid girly, you are going to die too." When the woman approached Josie, Josie had tripped over Frank's dead body and fell to the cold ground. As the woman can closer, Josie became afraid. She closed her eyes as she put forth her hand to protect her face while praying for help. Suddenly, a large fiery blasted came forth from her palm; in which, it had thrown the ugly woman out of the alley onto the busy streets. When the woman stood up, a truck hit her and caused the compact to be thrown across the street. The small golden compact had landed on the sidewalk near the traffic light. In the meantime, Helen walked out of the store as she wondered where Josie went. When Helen looked down at the traffic light, she saw a shiny small golden compact. She picked it and placed it in her book bag.
In the meantime, Josie opened her eyes and placed her arms by her side and saw a trail of fire leading out of the alley. Quickly, she got up from the cold ground and sneaked out of alley. She couldn't believe that it happen again. Every where she goes, fire seems to follow her. Josie began to think that she was curse. However, since she was staring death in the face, her Pyro-Kinesis talent came in handy. When she saw Helen within the crowd, Josie walked towards her and said, "I'm going to go home. I have to get ready for my morning interview."
"Cool." Helen replied as she opened her soda.€œWhere you able to take to Peter?"
"Yeah." Josie replied as she wanted to leave the scene of the crime.
"I'll tell you in school tomorrow." Josie ran off.


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