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Fanfic: Dreaming of Something More

Chapter 1: Things Could Have Been Different

Sometimes I dream that I'm something more than I am, that my skills as a wizard are not limited to potions and a gift of meager psychic powers.

When I dream this, I am younger - before I joined the army. Sometimes I am much younger - a child. But usually, I'm a teenager.

My parents are as they always were, but I become something different from that which I was. There are different scenarios, but one appears in my dreams more often than all the others combined.

I find an old book, with yellowed and brittle pages, hand-printed and decorated. I find it at an estate auction of an old Catholic high-school, and I buy the whole box that I found it in, so no-one else gets a chance to see my find.

I drive home and drop off the keys to my parents' car on the kitchen counter. My father is at work, and my mother is out, at her weekly bridge group.

I take my box to my room, tuck my new-found treasure in my book-bag, and start out for a walk.

I walk to my favorite hide-away, an oak in the woods where I could climb up into its welcoming foliage and sit between two thick branches that form a natural seat.

I pull the book from my bag, and spend some time studying the cover. It is old, worn leather, and the binding is hand-sewn. It smells of dust and ink and the spicy smell of an old library, and now that I have it, I'm so nervous I can't stand to open it yet, and ruin the anticipation.

What if it's a disappointment, or worse, what if it's full of spells and potions of sorcery, and I will have to destroy what I just spent my last $3 on.

I finally feel brave enough to open the front cover, and read the preface.

This book is the property of Randall, Grand Magician of London's royalty and wealthy. I, Randall, will strive to notate and correct all the contents of this book in hopes of handing it down to a future apprentice.

Most of the content of this book have been copied from the book owned by Alexander the Conjurer, who had collected incantations and potions from others his entire life. I have also added many spells and potions I have learned from my contemporaries, as well as some of my own invention.

Each spell, each potion, I will note with usage information, and results of their use, as I test their worth. Pages with no usage notes have not been tested by myself or any trusted fellow magicians. Use these spells with utmost caution, and at your own risk.

I have no idea what happened to Randall, and there is no further history listed, so I feel it safe to assume that he never handed down his book to an apprentice. Although there is no specific date anywhere in the preface, I guess that the book was originally written in the late 18th century.


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