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Fanfic: Registering the Mercedes


Ryan let out another sigh as he leaned back into the hard plastic chair. He glanced over at Micki who had a look of both boredom and disgust on her face.

"Can you believe the weirdos and freaks that come here?" she asked in a hushed tone, pulling her purse a bit closer. Ryan chuckled, looking around at the odd assortment of humans before their eyes, "I guess the DMV is a good way to see the cross section of our city."

Micki snorted, "More like the Creature Cantina from Star Wars, I mean look at..."

"NUMBER 42...PLEASE GO TO WINDOW B" a voice boomed out over the loud speaker. Micki and Ryan jumped up and practically ran to the window. They had been at the DMV for nearly an hour and a half now and were both starved for lunch.

"Hi," Ryan started, "We need to register our vehicle. Our uncle died and..."

"Vehicle license number," the surly looking woman barked out.

"325's all the paperwork." Ryan pushed a stack of documents towards her, not wanting to get on her bad side. In fact, Ryan wasn't even sure that this miserable woman had a good side, so he definitely didn't want to run the risk of ticking her off.

The old woman eyed the paperwork, occasionally mashing her stamp onto some other paperwork, before telling the duo that needed to take a seat and wait for their number to be called.

"You'll go to the next department for your new paperwork...NEXT!"

Micki sighed and Ryan looked sympathetic, "Well, at least we only have one more step to go before we're outta here!"

If looks could kill, Micki would have reduced Ryan to nothing more than a pair of smoking Converse shoes.

Reluctantly, the pair dragged themselves back to the uncomfortable chairs and took their seats. But as they made their way back, something caught Micki's eye.

"What's that guy doing to our car?"

"What guy?" Ryan asked, looking out the window toward their car.

"That creep who just left," Micki answered.

"Which one?" Ryan asked under his breath.

"That one? Can't you see him?"

Ryan craned his neck, "Hey, yeah! Who is that guy?"

Micki frowned, "I have no idea."

"Do you want me to go check it out?"

"Not alone, no. I don't want you getting hurt."

"Maybe we should ask if they have security, here. People must threaten to slash the employees' tires all the time," Ryan kept his voice low.

"What if he's involved with the antiques? We wouldn't want security to get involved."

"Maybe we should both go out."

"Maybe. But..." Micki hesitated.


"I think I'll go crazy if we lose our place in line."

"I could go out alone."

"No, Ryan. What if he's dangerous? Maybe...we can just wait, until we're done here. Maybe he'll just go away."

"Well, we could do that. But don't you want to know what he's doing?"

Micki sighed, just about to agree to letting Ryan go out alone when, thankfully, their number boomed out across the loudspeaker.

They exchanged relieved glances before making a dash for the next station to finalize the paperwork. The two did all that they could to speed things up, all the while Micki keeping an eye on the strange man.

After nearly 15 agonizing minutes, they finally made their way quickly out to the awaiting Mercedes.

The strange old man was still standing there expectantly, but looked beyond shocked when the redhead and young man walked over to the vehicle.

"Can we help you with something?" Ryan asked, taking a protective step in front of Micki.

The old man took a few seconds to recover, then shook his head, "Lewis Vendredi? His car...I recognized the's been a while since I've seen him."

Ryan still looked suspicious, "How well did you know Uncle Lewis?"

"Uncle Lewis? We knew each other quite well. Both of us took our oaths and loyalties to the dark coven very seriously."

Ryan glanced at Micki uncertainly, "Uncle Lewis...passed away several months ago. It was very unfortunate. Is there anything he shared with you, or gave you, that we could use to maybe, you know, help him out?"

The man paused for a long moment, "What happened?"

"We don't exactly know."

"Wow. I didn't expect...I mean, Lewis, he was always such a devoted unexpected. I just might have something that could help him out, if you think you'll be in contact with him."

Micki glanced at Ryan before answering, "I think I can guarantee that we'll be seeing him again."

The man hesitated again, thinking, "Okay. Wait right here, I have to go to my car."

They watched him go, and Micki spoke in a low voice, "Should we just go?"

"No way, he's gonna give us something back."

"He's a coven member..."

"But he's gonna give us something back. We have he comes."

Micki and Ryan stiffened visibly, nervous just being in the strange man's presence. He was a tall, fairly gaunt man with sharp features and a thin beard. There was something undeniably evil about him that made both Micki and Ryan uneasy.

Micki took a small step back as the man moved closer. His hand opened to reveal a small metal disk, like a coin, with a symbol engraved into it. "It is not the most powerful coin that I own, nothing like my ram's head piece, but it is sufficient to assist your uncle."

Ryan held a shaky hand out and the old man dropped the disk into it, "There you go, young man, may you two have success getting through to Lewis."

Ryan and Micki stared down at the piece. It radiated evil and they were eager to get it back into the Vault.

Ryan finally looked up from the object, "What did you say your name is?" Ryan asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

The man grinned, his lips curling in a way that sent shivers up Micki's spine. "Sylvan," the man said, "and I'll make sure to say hello to you two, and see how things are going, the next time I see the car."

Micki and Ryan watched as the man looked at the car, making note of the license plate, before he turned and began walking away. "I have a feeling I'll be seeing you two again soon."

"Pardon?" Micki asked, but the man didn't turn around. He simply walked away until he disappeared.

Ryan walked to the back of the car, and stared at the license plate, "That was Uncle Lewis' license plate. That guy knows it. There must be other people who know it too."

Micki looked at him, and came to stand beside him, eying the license plate, "I suppose it would be prudent to change it."

Ryan looked at the DMV building, and sighed, "I guess it would."

And so they re-entered the DMV, and spent the next two hours waiting in three lines, so they could change the new plates they had just gotten renewed.

Ryan stood up from the car and Micki handed him a cup of coffee to warm his cold hands. It was autumn and the crisp air made the garage much colder than the shop.

He smiled and thanked Micki for the coffee then stood back as the two admired their new license plates: 613 EDC.


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