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Fanfic: The Autographed Baseball

A Hall of Famer

"He's rounding the bases...He's on 3rd...Home base!! Home base! And #7, James Peter Dallion, has just broken the all-time Major League records!"

Jimmy laughed as Ryan called out a fake cheering and tossed the ball at his younger brother, "Hey, Jimmy, autograph my baseball before you head off to the Hall of Fame?"

Jimmy grabbed a pen from his bookbag and scrawled his name across the worn baseball's surface, "There you go, Ryan!" He tossed it back to Ryan with a grin, showing off the gap from his newly lost baby tooth.

The two boys ran and chased each other around the bases, trampling flowers as they went. Just then the door opened and Ryan's mother let out a gasp, "Just what are you two doing to my flowerbed?!"

Ryan and Jimmy exchanged guilty grins. "Sorry," the two said, almost in unison as their mother fretted and sighed about the recent tragedy that had befallen her cultured flowers.

"Why don't you two go play out front, instead? There's less of my gardening to trample out there..."

Before she could even finish her sentence, Ryan had grabbed his baseball glove and Jimmy's bag, his little brother chasing him through the house as Ryan ran to the front yard.

"C'mon Ryan, give it back!" he yelled, laughing as he wedged his own catcher's mitt onto his left hand.

They finally made it out front, moving several feet apart on the sidewalk, and began tossing the ball back and forth.

"Ryan," Jimmy began, "You're a really great brother."

Ryan smiled a crooked grin, "You're so goofy, Jimmy...but you're a pretty great brother, too."

He caught the flying baseball, "All right, Jimmy, go long!"

The ball flew through the air and Jimmy's tiny frame struggled to reach out and snatch it from the air, but he was too small.

The ball tumbled and rolled into the seemingly quiet street.

"I got it!" Jimmy yelled, running out.

Before Ryan could stop him, Jimmy had run out between two of the cars parked on the street. Still trying to snatch the runaway baseball.

What happened next would haunt Ryan for a lifetime.


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