I want to be with you alone

Authors: Dallion

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1: 10/31/87

October 31st 1987.

It had been a grand total of nearly three months since Curious Goods was up and running. In that time Jack, Micki, and Ryan and retrieved half a dozen cursed objects back to the vault. This line of work wasnt easy in fact it seemed nearly impossible. Along with his playful and positive attitude Ryan suggested that perhaps they should throw a neighborhood Halloween party at the store. Micki and Jack were a bit weary about the idea until Ryan brought up more pros then cons while they sat down for dinner the night before. He told them that Uncle Lewis made everyone scared of the store, once the party was thrown and people saw it was under new management it might bring better business. So after a week of rushing around and planning things, for once the three of them seemed as if they were getting along better and having a chance to finally have fun and no something half normal.

Micki really wasnt that into Halloween. She found a great deal of it childish and silly to waste time and money on. But a day before hand she saw how excited Jack seemed to be getting about it and decided to let her guard down just this once. Standing in front of her mirror she slowly painted on her makeup, smiling at what a good job she did. Reaching for her cream she found it missing.

Ryan? have you seen my cream bottle?

She called out while searching on her dresser. The party still wasnt starting for another few hours, but Micki found herself half ready and a complete mess. Calling out Ryans name again there was no answer. Rolling her eyes she walked out the French doors to see if Ryan was laying on his bed with his headphones blasting. Instead she found his silly costume and cape laying there. Smiling she looked down and saw how over the top his costume was, along with the ugly mask which had light up eyeballs. Shaking her head she headed to the upstairs bathroom which was right down the hall.

She listened for the sound of water running, or the shower. Instead she heard silence.


She gently knocked and found the door open a crack, pushing it forward she entered.

Ryan have you seen?

She stopped short in the bathroom and looked at him.

Ryan stood beside the sink in just his netted basketball shorts, Micki had never seen Ryan shirtless, nor knew how tanned and well built he was. Most of the time he wore T-shirts and wife beaters which covered his slim frame. Also he never seemed to stop stuffing his face it suspired her how flat his stomach was. Putting her hand up to her face, a little embarrassed she began to back out even through he wasnt naked.


Then she saw it.

A needle. Freezing she stopped and looked up at Ryan and saw what he was doing. Ryan was holding out a small flab of his side, closer towards his stomach and sticking a needle into him. Looking at everything so fast she locked eyes with Ryan and the first thought that came to mind was drugs.

Ryan was doing drugs.

He didnt seem the type, but she remembered in college how many bad habits come of her friends got. Looking at him he looked just as stunned as her.

Ryan, my God what are you doing?
Ryan took the needle out and set it down on the counter. And ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a deep breath he shrugged.

You caught me

Mickis eyes were as big as crystal balls, she shook her head looking at Ryan.

Ryan, what are you doing?

Ryan looked down at the needle and then motioned to the door.

Mind shutting the door?

Micki took a second before slowly turning around and shutting it, now the two of them were alone.

If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell Jack?

Ryan are you taking drugs?

Mickis voice began unsteady, she didnt know how he would react to that sort of question. Ryan yet again glanced at the needle before softly laughing to himself and shaking his head.

Micki Im a diabetic, thats my insulin.

Micki froze.


Ryan slowly nodded.

Found out my last year of high school, not really a big deal.

For some strange unknown reason Micki nearly died inside, her eyes filled with tears and for the first time ever she worried about Ryan, her cousin.

Oh Ryan Im so sorry, I thought

Ryan gave a small smile before putting the needle, along with three small glass bottle into a small leather case which he zipped up.

No big deal, I would of thought the same thing, trust me if I did do any drugs that was back when I was a teenager, and it wasnt anything like this.

Cracking a grin at her Micki tried her best to relax, but she still felt sick.

Why didnt you...

Tell? Micki Im not one to be worried about, it isnt a big deal trust me, I just dont want you and Jack to have to think about it okay, its my problem.

For some strange unknown reason, Micki ran over to Ryan and hugged him as tight as she could, nearly knocking him down. Laughing a bit Ryan hugged her back and reminded her it wasnt a big deal and to just enjoy the party. When they broke away Micki smiled a little bit as Ryan excused himself to go get dressed. Watching him leave the bathroom Micki turned and looked at her reflection, she would have to redo her makeup since it was running.

Thats when she began having a smallest hint of feelings towards her silly slightly odd beat friend

2: The next day

Im exhausted.

Ryan yawned under his hand as the three of them stood in the aftermath of what would have been their hit Halloween party decorations were scattered about along side half empty punch bowels and carved pumpkins. It would take hours to clean up. It had been nearly an hour since the sun had come up, an hour since Uncle Lewis was sent back to hell. This was a Halloween the three of them very much wanted to forget.

Well at least we dont have to worry about this until next Halloween.

I wouldnt be that relaxed, two weeks from now is Friday the 13th.

Micki and Ryan looked at each other before Jack turned away to stare at one of the covered tables.

Go on up to bed you two, I think Ill make a nice pot of tea.

The idea of sleeping seemed very appealing to Micki just then. It had been an awful night at her entire body ached. Pointing towards the hidden room behind the bookcase she looked at Jack.

What about that room?

Jack shrugged.

The body that Ryan and Micki had seen in there had disappeared, most likely just another trick of Uncle Lewis. The room was pretty much another apartment which was above the garage. There was a huge living room and bedroom, along with a third bathroom which they needed badly.

I guess we'll decide whos room that will be this evening.

You want to use, it?

Micki looked over at Ryan.

Whats wrong with it? its a perfectly good room, extra space which is something we need.

Ill pass, that place gives me the creeps.

Micki shrugged before looking back at Jack.

Well I guess its all yours Jack, Ryan I guess likes sleeping on a cot.

Smiling warmly Jack shook his head.

I trust Ill sleep better knowing Im right near the vault.

Well whos going to take it then?

Jack and Ryan both looked at Micki. For the past month or so she had complained even through she had the only real bedroom in the store. There was an awful draft coming from the window and the noise of the freeway kept her up at night.

Guess the queen finally gets what she always wanted.

Ryan joked, Micki turned giving him the evil eye before playfully punching him in the arm. Laughing Ryan jumped back a few feet before heading over to one of the trays and began munching on some of the deserts they left out the night before. Micki guessed that the two of them thought she would die to have that room. Private, closed off, well kept, and more to her taste. Once thing Micki needed the most was space. But glancing over at Ryan as he stuffed his face full of cookies and cupcakes she remembered that moment they had last night in the bathroom. He shared something so private with her somehow even through they nearly died last night and their plans had been ruined.

she felt closer to him.

In fact it finally hit her that in a strange way, she felt safer around him most of all last night. She liked the idea of having him just a few feet away from where she slept. Turning back at Jack she shrugged again.

The place is too stuffy, theres not one window anyways it would take be forever to move downstairs anyways.

So what should be do with it?

Storage, maybe even better a nice living room for us.

Jack nodded before heading upstairs to the small kitchen.

Turning around she saw Ryan who was offering an orange frosted brownie to her.


Micki rolled her eyes before taking it and having a bite.

Couldnt stand being away from me huh?

Ryan joked, turning around Micki threw the brownie at him as he ducked laughing.

Happy Halloween

She mumbled to herself as Ryan gathered up the last of the food on the table and began throwing it at her.

3: Protecting

Ryan was spending one rainy November afternoon laying around and passing the time sketching. He hadnt really put his talent to good use since he moved into the store, in fact now that he thought about it even when he was in art school he never really used his talent. That was his biggest problem in life, it all started when Jimmy died and his family fell apart while he blamed himself. His mother took off after months of depression and grief, while his father began drinking and treating him like a stranger. He guessed his life style and act that everything was just a game was really a way for people not to see how damaged he was.

But now he felt like he could really change things, for once do something.

It was so strange and still new to him, but in the oddest way he felt as if he had finally found what he had been looking for.

Jack was at lunch with a friend across town, and Micki was downstairs laying on the couch watching one of her Soap Operas, in which Ryan had tried watching several time before loosing interest. Since the Halloween party they had gotten another three objects back, most of them easy and the owners having no problem giving them back. In another few days they would be relocating yet another one.

Dragging the pencil against the paper Ryan glanced out the window and saw fat raindrops hit the glass. It was days like this that got him a little depressed. Turning up the volume on his headphones he rocked his head back and forth and he began to draw.

A little while later Mickis show ended and she walked upstairs to change and see if Ryan wanted to go out for awhile. There she found Ryan fast asleep on his bed, his headphones still on and a huge sheet of drawing paper on his lap. Smiling Micki walked over to click his overhead light off when she noticed what he had drawn.

It was here

A perfect image of herself, beautifully drawn there. It was breath taking. Micki slowly walked closer before picking the sheet up and holding it in her hands. She knew Ryan had studied art, but this was amazing. Just then Ryan snapped awake, so sudden and violently Micki jumped back nearly screaming. Taking a second to get himself together, Ryan blinked a few times before seeing her standing above his bed. Clearing his throat Ryan rubbed the back of his head before sitting up more.

Ummm, Micki?

Ryan, this is breathtaking

Ryan looked a little embarrassed before grinning and waving his hand.

Seemed better to draw then a vase.

Micki looked down at him smiling before holding the drawing closer to her chest. She wasnt one to act vain, nor make a big deal about herself, but this was amazing. For the first time in awhile she looked at Ryan not only as a kind and very interesting yet odd character, she found him talented as well.

Can I keep it?

Ryan sat up more pulling his headphones off.

Yeah sure, sure beats a mirror.

Micki smiled before taking it in her room. Never before had she seen so much exact detail. Every line, very curve of her face⦣8364;?perfectly matched. It was truly amazing.

Ryan meanwhile felt embarrassed. He never meant to doze off like that and have Micki see what he had done. Sitting up and turning the volume of his music louder he simply shook his head. Great now Micki thought he was a creep. But little did she know that was not the only drawing of Micki Ryan had drawn. In fact it was pretty much all he drew now.

Boys Dont Cry from The Cure began to play.

Getting up he stretched and decided to head downstairs before Micki came back out. He hoped she wouldnt mention the drawing to Jack.

A few weeks later while they tried to recover the magicians blood box, Micki saw yet another thing in Ryan.

The three of them were in The Temple of Magic, trying to find whoever was using this cursed box in their act. The three of them opened one of the doors and saw Bobby hanged by the ceiling wearing a dress. The shock make all of them gasp as they ran in. Bobby was their closes lead to the last time the box was used.

As they surrounded the body and saw that saw dust was on the body, Bobbys partner appeared in the doorway. Chasing after him Micki couldnt even react fast enough when the panicked man grabbed her around the neck for a quick getaway. Micki stumbled forward and screamed as the man held her against him trying to fight off Jack and Ryan as they ran down the hallway. Then she saw it in Ryans eyes. Pure rage.


Ryan then tackled the man, throwing him against the wall and slamming him hard, demanding to know who he was.

Micki a little shaken and helped by Jack joined him before glancing at Ryan for a second. Ryan was covered in sweat and still a little angry as Jack talked with him.

He protected me, Micki thought.

4: Happy for the first time

It was nearly Thanksgiving, and Micki had began thinking thoughts that were buried deep in her mind. As always she had spent the last three weeks with Jack and Ryan trying to relocate objects. So far they had gotten four back. A scarf, a cursed scalpel, a wood chipper, and an old fashion telephone. In their attempt to get the cursed scalpel, Jack nearly lost his life. This worried Micki. Jack was old, healthy and still willing to fight many more days ahead, but stil what would happen if he did die? The thought of doing this all by herself worried her sick.

But then again she wasnt alone.

She had Ryan.

This past week had been very difficult on her. In fact she had spent nearly the entire time curled up in bed feeling depressed. She had broken off her engagement to Lloyd.

He had come around shortly after the events which lead to them getting the scalpel back. It was a suspire visit, which filled Mickis heart with joy and worry. She had been gone nearly four months. Cut off from her life and everyone in it. She rarely had time to call Lloyd nor worry about such silly things as the wedding and missing bride club. She knew the lies she fed him would finally lead up to this.

She tried her best to explain, but it just wasnt enough. In fact she nearly thought about leaving the store and all her reasonabilitys just to try and grasp the thought of a normal life. But once she finally was given the choice, she saw that Lloyd just didnt have the love she needed within his heart. He couldnt understand he wouldnt understand.

So she threw away everything, all for this damn store.

Ryan had tried his best to cheer her up. It seemed as if he had been acting different since Lloyd decided to stop by. She heard in it Ryans voice when he thought she was really leaving. The sound of jealously. Part of her worried about that night in which she thought Lloyd was a burglar breaking in.

Nothing would be stranger then being involved with Ryan

She wanted to slap herself. She had been speaking too loud and in defense. Ryan must of heard the whole thing. But then again why would he let it get to him. It wasnt as If he liked her.

The question kept replaying over and over in Mickis head. Ryan had been more then kind to her and even tried to get her excited for the upcoming holiday. Jack was planning on visiting some friends while Ryan and Micki minded the store. Ryan promised her to make the most amazing meal she never saw in her life. It struck her as funny watching Ryan bend over backwards trying his best to make her happy and forget her problems.

Not only did he protect her, but he was kind.

So the day finally came in which Micki woke up one chilly morning to find Ryan downstairs dressed in a sweater and setting up one of the tables he dragged in the middle of the store. Micki was amused watching him set everything up with such fine detail.

What do we have here?

She asked with a smile curving on her lips.

Ryan looked up smiling before putting his hands on his hips.

What do you think?

Micki had spent most of her thanksgiving meals at country clubs. This was the first one that really felt like home. Ryan hadnt cooked of course, but he had ordered in food from the local super market. Everything still steaming hot coming from their metal and tin foil trays. Micki joined him at the table, in which he lit candles and sat down with her.

We got everything, turkey, squash, green beans, pizza


Hey no Thanksgiving meal would be the same without it.

Micki laughed as Ryan loaded up his plate and begged her to watch the football game with her on the couch.

But we re eating Ryan

So, bring your plate come on!

Micki hadnt ever watched a football game in her entire life, but she sat down on the sofa with Ryan as he clicked on the TV and began explaining the game. Micki shifted her weight, balancing her plate on her lap as Ryan handed her a beer. Most of the time she would have a little wine with her dinner. Looking at the can as if it was a dangerous object, Ryan smiled.

Need me to crack that for you?


Your nails, their too long, want me to crack that?


Micki felt confused yet very cozy and for the first time in awhile at ease. Ryan cracked her beer before pointing out what the players were supposed to do. By the end of the night Micki was standing up and cheering for the team making Ryan look up at her and smile.

They ate until they were sick and spent the rest of the evening just laying on the couch, drinking beer and watching TV.

Were most of your Thanksgivings like this?

Ryan looked at her.

Well I never really had a real one with my family, so I guess Im still doing the college way.

Micki laughed before throwing her legs on his lap.

Well I found it very fun now in return why dont you rub my feet.


Ryan started to laugh before Micki raised an eyebrow.

What? Those quick hands cant touch a womans feet?

Ryan laughed before rubbing them as Micki laid back and sighed. She was happy really happy.
Looking down the couch at Ryan, he stared at the TV smiling as he rubbed her feet. She liked him, maybe she didnt understand him but she still liked him.

5: Lost first kiss

You okay to walk?

Ryan grinned as he flicked on the TV downstairs and took the last bag of garbage out back. It had been a long day. Both Ryan and Micki enjoyed a nice peaceful Thanksgiving together for their first time alone in the shop. They spent half the night drinking and sitting together on the couch making each other laugh. Now Micki began to think maybe she should of stopped at eight beers instead of ten.

Grabbing the railing she laughed a little before slowly heading up the steps. Ryan stretched his neck to make sure she would get up there all right. Her body swayed back and forth as she kept laughing. Ryan smiled and then it hit him.

He was drunk too.

Tossing the trash out he flicked off the lights and decided a nice nights rest would do the trick before both woke up with terrible hangovers the next day. Walking behind Micki he held her around the waist as she almost stumbled again. The two of them laughed against each other as they finally found themselves upstairs in the dark.

Flicking on a light, Ryan decided that he would take a quick shower before bed. Crossing over to the closet he grabbed a towel and watched Micki sit down in their small nook of a kitchen which shared the same room as Ryan's bed. There was a pile of mail sitting on the table and Micki flipped through it. Most of it cards and junk mail.

What's this?

Ryan looked over his shoulder and saw Micki opening up a letter.


It's from Lloyd...

She said in a low tone, right away Ryan felt a pit of worry drop in his stomach. Walking over to the small area that served as his bedroom, Ryan grabbed some fresh clothes and watched Micki read the letter in silence. Finally she set it down and out her head in her hands.

She began to weep.

Micki, what's wrong?

Ryan asked going over to her concerened. Micki was crying softly and shaking her head.

It was Lloyd...he wants his ring back.

Ryan looked down at Micki as she cried even harder, he knew how tough it must of been for her, but still he couldn't help feeling the slightest ray of joy that Lloyd was finally out of Micki's life.

Micki then began to yank at the ring which was on her finger. It was a huge rock, most likely cost Lloyd a pretty dollar. Ryan watched as she cried and struggled to get it off her, as if it was killing her to have it on.

Come on, let me help you before you yank your damn finger off.

Ryan sat down beside Micki and smoothly took the ring off, Micki stared at it before crying even harder and taking it from Ryan. Pure anger filled her eyes as she thew it across the room. A small ding was heared as it hit the floor a few feet away.

Oh, Ryan, what a mess this is...

Ryan put his arm around her shoulder as she cried even harder.

Just then Micki looked up at him, her eyes caked with makeup.

I don't understand why I'm crying, Lloyd isn't like you...he's not kind and doesn't care...

Ryan smiled softly before holding her closer.

Then...Micki kissed him.

6: Like a dream

Ryan was thrown onto Micki's bed with complete surprise. He had no idea what had even happened. One second ago he was sitting with her at the kitchen table, the next they were stumbling backwards to her room kissing like mad men. Micki didn't seem herself, maybe it was the booze, or maybe it was just the fact that Lloyd now wanted nothing to do with her. Still he couldn't believe what was happening. It seemed like a dream come true. He liked grown rather strong feelings for Micki while they lived at the store. Sure she was a complete opposite to him, and sometimes seemed a little too stuck up for her own good. Yet it was just something about her. Her beauty, her will to be strong, herself in general.

Sure Ryan didn't have alot to offer, nor was his love life exciting. But something about Micki made all the other women is his life fade away in the background. As strang as it seemed...but he felt as if he needed to be with her at every second. He couldn't help these feelings that ached him so badly at night. He never thought he would have a chance in a million.

Now here he was.

Do you have any condoms?

Ryan asked in a breathless voice as Micki sat ontop of him and began lifting up her shirt.

It's okay, I'm on the pill...

She whispered, bending down her head and letting her long fire red hair hang around Ryan and surround him. She curved a smile before yanking off her entire shirt to reveal her perfectly shaped breasts. Ryan right away felt himself go hard, so quickly in fact it nearly took his breath away. Micki smiled before helping him take his shirt off too. After a few yanks it finally was off and thrown to the floor. Micki's long fingernails dragged across Ryan's chest before working on his belt.

Micki...this is crazy...

Micki wouldn't let him finish, her mouth covered his, smacking lips and dartting her tongue deep inside his throat. Soon they were undressed and as Ryan tried shiting his weight and telling her to hold on she was on him like a wild animal, her nails clawing into him.


He couldn't help but make a nervous laugh in the darkness of the bedroom. His heart felt as if it was about to jump out of his chest. Micki pinned him down with her small weight and began moving forward.

Give me a second...

Ryan used his hand to position himself. It had been awhile since he had slept with someone, in fact the last time was in early July. Sort of wishing he was ontop, he felt himself throb and knew he wouldn't be able to hold off for much longer.

Finally Micki moved forward, slowly lowering herself on him. Right away she began to bit her bottom lip hard and snap her eyes shut as she moaned low under her breath. Ryan felt how warm she was and the tightness made him nearly go. Grabbing the sheets underneath him he groaned as Micki completly lowered herself on him and began to rock back and forth. Ryan took hold of her hips as she arched her back and moved almost in a slow dance.

Ryan dripped with sweat watching Micki's smooth creamy body move against his. Finally Ryan felt as if he couldn't hold off any longer doing it this way. His heart racing he asked Micki if they could roll over, Micki laughed a little before doing so. While doing it Ryan yet again thought he would embarrass himself and blow his load right there, But Micki was quick with her movements and they changed positions quickly. While doing so Ryan groaned a little since doing so hurt a little, finally Micki was laying underneath him, wrapping her arms around his neck and asking him to kiss her.

Feeling her hot breath against his neck, Ryan held himself above her before slowly lowering. Right away he began to thrust into her small frame as Micki tore at his back with her nails. He finally found a steady rythm and moved with her as the headboard creaked. After about ten minutes it became harder and harder to hold off. Raising one of her legs, Micki wrapped it around Ryan's lower back and got pressed into the sheets underneath her.

Faster Ryan, don't stop!

She cried, Ryan tried picking up the pace before he snapped his eyes shut and muffled that he was coming. Micki tried to enjoy this as long as she could before finally Ryan climaxed strongly into her. The feeling the warmth went down Micki's legs as she laid there breathless.

They stayed like that in silence for awhile, Ryan laid ontop of her bretahing heavy, his entire body sweating. Micki slowly rubbed his back before he raised his head to look at her.

Both smiled before Micki leaned in and kissed him, then a look of worry filled her eyes.

Your shaking...

Ryan did feel himself shake inside, he couldn't help it.

Your cold...

Ryan shook his head.

No, I'm fine...

Then why are you shaking?

Ryan smiled before kissing her again.

I don't know...cause I'm happy.

7: The next morning

Micki? Ryan? Anyone home?

Micki and Ryan's eyes snapped open from the sound of Jack's voice along with the bell downstairs. Right away the two took a second to gather their surroundings. It was day now, early morning and both had fallen asleep together. Micki blinked the sleep out of her eyes before looking at Ryan sleeping beside her, his arms wrapped around her tight.

Then it hit her...they were naked.

Nearly screaming, Micki gathered up the sheets around her and looked at Ryan with wide eyes. He looked just as shocked as she did.

Jesus Christ!

Micki and Ryan stared at eachother with the covers and sheets wrapped around them. All ready the dull ache of their hangovers began to settle on them.

What happened?

Micki entire mind spun.

Did we?

We did?

It seemed like a distant memory, both too tried and confused to even remember.

Jack's voice came again.

Oh my God, Jack!

Micki right away grabbed the first thing she found, Ryan's shirt and yanked on a small pair of shorts she usualy wore to bed. Ryan meanwhile could only find his sweatpants and yanked them on before racing out with Micki and nearly falling over eachother.


I'm down here, come and see what I have!

Micki and Ryan looked at eachother, they seemed a mess and very hungover. Did they sleep together? They must have? Ryan shook his head before starting for the stairs when Micki grabbed his arm and spoke in a lower voice.

Ryan, I need to talk to you later...please don't tell Jack.

Ryan looked a little stunned by this, but he was too tried and too confused to even argue. Micki saw there were bags under his eyes and he seemed just as nervous and shocked as her.


He hurried in front of her and they met Jack downstairs, who brought a few pies back from his dinner last night. The three of them decided to sit down and have some coffee together.

I take it everything is in the wash?

Jack noted on Micki's shirt, Micki looked down and saw it was one of Ryan's Illinois shirts, smiling she brought over the coffee. Ryan who was putting down the pie plates gave her a nervous look. Micki laughed it off telling Jack that she had a little too much to drink last night and thought it wouldn't matter if she threw up all over one of Ryan's shirts.

The three of them laughed before sitting down and talking about their Thanksgiving. Micki and Ryan left out the part about Lloyd's letter and the fact they spent half the night making love in Micki's room.

Jack afterwards felt tried and decided to catch the news downstairs and catch up on some much needed reading. Micki and Ryan cleaned upstairs. Standing by the sink, the two of them glanced at eachother as they put the plates away.

All right, so what did you wanna talk about?

Micki found this hard to say, it was morning now and everything seemed in focus. As attracted as she was to Ryan, and slowly began haveing feelings for him, she still couldn't take in how she let her guard now and lost control like that. What he must think of her. The entire night was a blur to her. Something she needed, yet felt guilty about it now in the light of day.

Ryan...last night...

Was pretty out of control huh?

Ryan smiled before Micki gave him a look.

I'm trying to be serious...Ryan last night I let my emotions get the best of me, I had been drinking and I was very upset, I can't even remember half of what happened, only I've never done anything like that before.

Let's hope so...

Micki shot him another look before shaking her head.

Ryan, I'm really not in the best place to do anything, I think it was a moment of weakness, a good moment at that, but something we shouldn't look too much into.

So your saying...it was a one night stand?

Ryan, we're cousins!

Second cousins...

Ryan still, it would be too strange.

How do you know, maybe I'm not a rich laywer like Lloyd, but I wouldn't treat you like dirt.

Ryan please...I understand where your coming from, but now is not the time to think about ourselfs, we need to focus on these objects and thats it.


So...I feel we should put this behind us and not let it get in the way. Prehaps once this is over we can really talk about it, but alot can happen over time.

Ryan had nothing to say, he was stunned and a little hurt. Nodding his head he didn't want her to look at him, he quicky wiped his hands on a small dish cloth and headed to the shower.

Your right Micki....

Before she could say anything else he slammed the bathroom door.

Micki was left alone at the sink feeling awful about herself.

8: Sonnet 29

"When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries
And look upon myself and curse my fate."
- William Shakespeare Sonnet 29/ sung by Rufus Wainwright

Micki had promised herself that things weren't going to change.

But they did.

A week had past since Thanksgiving, a week since Ryan and her had slept together. Everything seemed to keep replaying itself in her mind over and over again. It seemed as if it had happened to someone else. Still whenever it hit her she felt ashamed inside for letting it happen. She knew she had hurt Ryan, yet showed her...did he have feeling for her too?

Since she had talked with him, he had become very standoffish towards her. Before Ryan was always bugging her, teasing or trying to make her laugh in some way. Now it seemed as if he felt embarrassed just to be around her. Whenver they were working downstairs in the store, he always pretended to look busy, and hardly made any eye contact with her. Micki knew deep down inside she would have to speak with him again. But how?

Jack had also notcied the tension between the two, he somehow knew that something had happened while he was away, something not for the good.

December would be there in less in three days. Micki knew she would share her first Christmas at the store with the two. Feeling homesick and alone she decided while they were up in the country searching for the cursed Scarecrow she would have a little talk with Ryan. She cared for him deeply, yet didn't want to see either of them get hurt.

The drive into the small farming town had been peaceful. Micki spent most of the time gazing out the window at all the beautiful fire colored trees. She liked the country...it had a way to calm, and to rest. Ryan had made little to no effort to speak with her. In fact with one of her failed attemps while they stopped earlier, Micki took out an old baseball to try and tease and cheer Ryan up. Instead he reacted rather angry and didn't want to talk about it the entire time. Micki felt so awful about herself...she really did screw up this time.

Once they found the town, and were about to head up the hell, Micki turned towards Ryan.



Ryan are you angry with me?

Seeing him bundled up in his warmer clothing, most of all the wool hat made her smile a bit. All ready the sun was setting, casting shadows across his face. For the first time ever, Micki notcied Ryan always seemed to have bags under his eyes. Yet it made him even more handsome. Giving a faint smile he looked at her and simply shook his head.

No...I'm not.

Just then the owner of the house walked out.

May I help you?

Ryan and Micki turned as Ryan dug into his pocket and took out a small piece of papper.

Excuse me sir...did you write this?

Afterwards once they were invited in, they all stood in the kitchen as the man looked over the letter, telling them they hadn't wrote it and the scarecrow had burned down a few years ago. Puzzled Micki deicded to look around.

I'm sorry, but would you mind if I used...

It's right down there to your right.

Thank you.

Micki turned towards Ryan and kissed his cheek.

Be right back honey...

Ryan heard her whisperer to him to keep them talking, just just feeling her lips against his cheek felt like heaven all over again.

The next day once the first murder had taken place and the small boy was staying with them for the moment, Micki took Ryan into the other bedroom to talk.

Ryan then told her about his brother.

Micki then understood why he acted the way he did with the baseball. Why everything seemed to misunderstood with him, and the pain he suffered inside. Looking at him sit on the bed, Micki put an arm around his waist. Ryan really was a good man, not only had he taken in his little boy, but he still went on after seeing such an awful thing at the age of nine.

Ryan, I'm sorry about what happened at Thanksgiving...


No, let me finish...but I meant to say is that I'm sorry, what happened did catch I think the two of us off guard, and I really don't know how to feel about it, only that I love you very much in many different ways, and I don't want you to hate me.

Micki...I wouldn't ever hate you...

His hand moved on her leg as they drew in closer.

Just please understand that I think we need to focus on what we need to do.

Ryan slowly nodded.

Okay, I understand.

Micki then sighed looking deep into his dark brown eyes, her hand slowly went up behind his back and playfuly itched the back of his head. Smiling he put his arm around her back too. They had a good understanding at the moment.

All Micki wanted to do then was to kiss him...

But the little boy walked out with news about the scarecrow.

After everything had been said and done, as they returned home...Micki watched Ryan drive and couldn't help but wish she could feel a different way towards him.

9: Snow

Micki had tried falling asleep for the last half an hour. So far after much tossing and turning there wasn't much use.

It was Christmas eve, and Micki's lack of sleep wasn't because of excitement. Sweat rolled off her like water, even though it was freezing cold outside. A snow storm had hit four days ago and the roads were still a complete death trap. The idea of spending Christmas here stuck Micki as odd. Sure she had spent Halloween and Thanksgiving, which still brought back it's good share of memories. But Christmas for her used to be such a special holiday. All those times at her house as a little girl, dressing up the tree, making cookies with her mother, looking out the window for Santa. Good memories that made her remember the times of being young, and having everything to look forward to.

Her last few Christmases were spent with Lloyd at office parties. Here she had the feeling she wanted to put on an old fashion kind of Christmas like her parents used to do before they died.

All ready getting the cursed gloves, lantern, and cape...Micki and Ryan had their share of cursed objects for the last three weeks.

There was still a mellow sort of tension between the two. Micki caught Ryan stareing at her sometimes during dinner, or the dreams she had late at night which made her wake up drenched in her own sweat and yearning for Ryan to touch her. These were feelings she pushed aside as she put on the act of feeling happy and upbeat.

Jack and Ryan had cut down a tree and Micki dressed it up with a few odds and ends. She planned that they would spend Christmas together at the store, eat and big meal and enjoy the warmth inside. Ryan and Jack agreed feeling they some nice time off together was what they needed.

Downstars had been set up all by Micki, who had dressed up the place as an old fashion Christmas cabin during the storm. Ryan helped a few times, reaching the tree which was too tall for Micki, and eating everything she seemed to bake. They had started to act like their old selfs, teasing eachother and having fun, even though less then a month ago they had made love in eachother's arms.

Tonight Micki felt sick.

Rolling out of bed, she saw from the alarm clock it was only eleven at night. Her entire body ached from all the work she had been rushing around trying to plan a nice day for the three of them.

Then it hit her. Nauseous, sore, and exhaustion hit her all at the same time. She had a little wine early on that evening with Jack as they watched the news.

Now she felt as if it had gotten the best of her.

Oh Jesus!

Micki raced out of her room and ran to the bathroom, without knocking she flew open the door before throwing up violently into the toilet. A hot acid feel filled her throat as she gaged.


Micki lifted her head and saw Ryan was in the shower, he used the curtain to hide behind. His hair soaking wet and in his eyes he looked at Micki.

Micki haven't you ever heard of knock...hey are you okay?

Micki thought she was going to throw up again, turning to do so she tried but only a helpless dry heave came. Sweat dripping off her, she leaned against the cool tiles of the bathroom wall and tried to breath. Her heart was racing.

I...I...I...think I'm having a panic attack, I got really sick...

She turned again to puke and a little more came up, so hard it hurt her stomach. Ryan quicky grabbed the towel and put it around his waist before stepping out out of the tub. Still soaking wet he went over to Micki and helped hold her hair back.

Micki strained again to throw up, but nothing came but a horsed cough. Bretahing heavy Micki felt like crying. This morning she had been in a fine mood. Getting the place ready for Christmas, having music playing, looking out at the snow, feeling like nothing was wrong.

Now here she was, feeling as if she was about to die.

Ryan flushed for her before slowly helping her on her feet, he made her look him straight in the eye. She felt weak on her feet.

You okay?

Micki slowly shook her head.

I don't know what just got over me...

Take your clothes off.


Micki snapped her head up, but Ryan looked serious.

Get into the shower, it helps...whenever I was having a really bad diabetic attack the water would help, come on.

Ryan went to help lift her night shirt when Micki stepped a foot back.


She looked at him, yet again only in a towel.

Micki for the love of God...

Next thing Micki knew she was standing in the shower completly naked. Ryan was behind her...also naked.

Feeling too dizzy and sick she somehow found herself there, standing under the shower head. The warm soothing water dirpping off her. It felt amazing. She couldn't remember how she got in the tub, or undressed. All she knew was Ryan was right, and somehow she didn't even care if she was naked in front of him. It didn't seem weird. All she could think about was the warm water making her feel better.


Micki opened an eye and glanced over her shoulder, right away color filled her cheeks as she looked forward nodding.

Yes...I'm better.

Ryan's hands then came behind her and wrapped around her tiny waist.


The water kept coming down.


Turning around she faced him. Her hair was now clung to the back of her. She stared at his face before looking down at him. He had a hard on, which was pretty big and hard to miss.

Ryan what are you thinking?

Ryan then leaned forward and kissed her. Micki quicky broke it.

Stop Ryan...okay?

Turning around Micki shut off the water and turned back towards him.

I thought we had an understanding...

Ryan slowly shook his head.

Hey I'm sorry, I was just worried about you...

Micki sighed before getting out of the tub.

Re-dressed in warmer clothes, Micki still felt a little weak on her feet. Ryan dressed also in his room before knocking on her bedroom door.


Come in.

Entering he looked sad, and a little ashamed about what he had done.

Micki I'm sorry about the shower, I was just worried and I didn't...

Shhh...It's okay, hey come here look.

Micki was sitting in her huge over stuffed chair which faced the window. Ryan slowly walked towards her.

What is it?

Come on sit down, look....

Ryan sat down beside Micki as she leaned against him.

It was snowing out.

Both sat there in silence for awhile before Ryan looked at Micki.

Are you feeling better?

Micki slowly nodded.

Guess I'm just over worked.

Ryan kissed the top of her head before looking out at the snow with her.

They stayed that way before they fell alseep, and that's how Jack found them on Christmas morning.

10: Vanity within

Jack discovered Micki and Ryan laying in eachother's arms on Christmas morning. The two of them had overslept and were sleeping in Micki's huge over stuffed chair facing the window. Dressed in his rope with a nice warm cup of tea, he smiled at his two friends, deeply knowing inside.

Christmas at Curious Goods was a pleasant and happy one. Before the day was finished and they were all relaxing after their meal, Ryan asked Micki to come downstairs where the vault was to talk.

Alone, Micki could faintly hear Christmas music upstairs. Jack was making egg nog for the three of them.


Ryan looked like he was at a complete loss of words, he shuffled his feet before finally looking her in the eye.

I just wanted to say I was sorry again last night, I was just worried and acted stupid...

Ryan, it's fine...thank you for being there, I mean it.

Micki then reached out and touched Ryan's arm. Both made eye contact for a second before Ryan looked over her face slowly.

Are you feeling better?

Micki shrugged.

I felt a little sick this morning, nothing too bad...I bet it's just the weather.

Ryan was about to say something when Micki felt the small weight in her side pocket.

Oh! I forgot!


Micki took out a small black box from her pocket, handing it towards Ryan.

Ryan held the small package in her hands, he softly smiled.

What is this?

A little something I forgot to give you.

Ryan opened the box and then smiled.

It was a small photo of Micki, done at the photo place at the mall. Micki was done up like a model and smiled in the small photo.

Call me a little full of myself, but I all ready have a photo of you...this way you can always remember how amazing I am.

Micki laughed and Ryan knew deep down inside it was more of a joke gift then anything. When she got her photos back last week she gave one to Jack too. But the truth was it meant the world to him.

Smiling he looked at the photo.

Gee, thanks.

Micki smiled still laughing through her hands before moving in for a hug.

Merry Christmas Ryan.

Kissing him on the cheek she told him to come upstairs. Leaving him Ryan looked down at the small photograph before reaching into his back pocket and sticking the photo in his wallet. He never carried anything in his wallet other then money, and his license...but now he had a photo, somebody he cared about. He remembered his father used to have a photo of him and Jimmy in his wallet, and back when he was in school most of the guys carried photos of their girlfriends.

Now he had Micki's.

Smiling he no longer thought about the night before. Only that this was the greatest gift anyone had ever gave him.

A few weeks past and more objects were recovered. Micki had spoken about as happy as she was with the number of cursed items they were getting back, it all didn't seem fast enough. As long as those objects were out there, the longer they could harm.

But the stress of seeing so many people get hurt began to weigh on Micki.

She wasn't feeling herself.

Her engery level had gone down, along with her constant nauseas feeling that came over her. Trying her best to hide it from Ryan and Jack she felt as if maybe the shop was getting the best of her.

It really got the best of her after they witnessed that faithful night at the prom with the cursed compact.

The police and ambulances were all over the campus, and those two teenagers were dead.

Ryan, as badly hurt as he was he stumbled around the area looking everywhere for the compact. Micki did the same before Jack bowed his head down in shame and told the two to just forget it and head back home...too much had all ready happened.

But Jack we can't just leave it!

It could be anywhere...come on Ryan, you look like you need to see a doctor.

As much as Ryan and Micki were against giving up, they went to one of the ambulances and got the paramedics to look at him.

Ryan sat in the back of the cab with Micki as Jack gave the place a good one over before speaking with a few people. It had been an awful night.

Oh God Ryan, your bleeding...

Micki touched Ryan's head as one of the paramedics shined a flashlight in Ryan's eyes.

Looks like you took a pretty bad fall...

Ryan hissed with pain as the paramedic nodded.

I think you cracked a rib...also your bleeding pretty bad, we should take you over to the hospital...

Ryan shook his head.

No I'm fine...come on Micki.

Ryan no, I'll tell Jack to meet us at the store, you need to be checked out.

Ryan tried to say something before Micki left the ambulance and went to tell Jack they were going to the hospital. Minutes later Ryan was laying on the stretcher as the paramedic sat checking his pressure.

It's okay Ryan...

Micki leaned over and touched his face again, she could tell he was in pain.

Do you have any medical problems, reactions to anything?

He's diabetic.

Micki said before Ryan could open his mouth. Ryan eyed Micki before she looked at the paramedic.

At the hospital they took an X-ray of Ryan and he did in fact crack three ribs. The rest were just really bad bruised and cuts. After three hours he was finally able to go home and stay off his feet. Pulling his shirt off, Micki helped him through the main lobby.

You okay?

Ryan slowly nodded.

Sore, Jack didn't find it?

Micki slowly shook her head.



Come on, I called a cab.

When they got back to the store, Jack helped Ryan into bed and brought him some ice and pills for his back to ease the pain. He orderd Ryan to stay in bed until morning. Ryan agreed and before Jack knew it he was fast asleep.

Micki meanwhile was downstairs closing up. Jack told her Ryan would be fine and to get to bed. Wishing Jack a good night she felt a sudden wave of emotion. She felt so scared and badly about everything that happened. They had to get that compact back, they just had to.

Nearly crying she walked upstairs smiling to herself.

She was letting emotion take hold, which was something she learned not to do.

Maybe she was getting her period.

Then she froze in the kitchen.

Looking at Ryan who was fast asleep in bed with his feet up she took a second to do some math in her head.

When was the last time she got her period.

Going into her bedroom she took her small planner out and checked. Last time was right before November.

That meant...

She counted.

She wasn't really regular since high school, after suffering a small eating disorder. But then again that's the reason why she went on the pill a few years ago.

She counted again.

How didn't she know.

Maybe it was the stress, she hadn't been feeling good lately.

Standing there in her bedroom, she never felt so scared in her entire life.

11: What if?

Micki wanted to avoid it more then anything in her life. She felt like a small child knowing that a punishment was coming. It put her stomach in knots and kept her from sleeping the entire night. A million different thoughts entered her mind, and never before in her life did she want to just get her period and relax. Know that there was nothing to worry about and in that blood was a warning to not be so stupid. But the entire night she sat up in bed on the verge of tears.

She was an only child. She knew what children did to people. The same way her parents worried and fought all the time. Her mother divorced her father when she was only nine. After that her father remarried and her stepmother died when she was just ending high school. A woman she looked at more as a mother then her own. Then three years later...her father.

She knew that everything changed once you had children. Even if it was a dream of hers, along with many other little girls. Dreaming of meeting their true love, having a huge wedding, and then having perfect children. It all seemed so nice and good in her head. But here she was, at the age of twenty-four and worried about of her mind.

Children was a thought that she didn't put much mind towards. It was something she planned to happen when she was thirty or so, married with her career going. Her entire life was a clean simple plan until she arrived at the shop. Now everything was a mess...and there was nothing Micki hated more then mess.

She didn't even think about becoming a mother. Lloyd never mentioned children, nor seemed like he wanted any. How could she had been so stupid, so careless. With everything that was going on.

Most of all...with Ryan?

She had to think straight, she knew she would drive herself crazy if she thought about it any longer. Doing the math on notepaper, she kept thinking...it had to be a mistake, it just had to be.

The next morning, nearly at the crack of dawn, Micki quickly dressed and hurried out before Jack or Ryan could wake up. It was six in the morning and she prayed the drug store would be open. Before leaving the store, she glanced at Ryan sleeping and got a sick feeling in her stomach. She prayed to God that she was wrong.

With luck the drug store had just opened. Rushing in, she saw only an old lady was at the counter. The place other then that seemed deserted. Walking down the allies, she finally stopped to the section she was looking for.

Never before in her life did she ever have a scare like this. Most of the time she used her head when it came to birth control. In total Micki had slept with four men. One her high school boyfriend of two years, the second a one night stand with a young man she met at the country club and never saw again, the third Lloyd, and the forth...Ryan.

She was on the pill...she couldn't of happened.

Grabbing five different tests she went to the counter as the old lady stared at her through her thick glasses.

Micki felt embarrassed. Trying to think of something to say through the silence, she simply just stood there as the woman checked her items out. Before handing her the bag she said...

Good luck.

Micki wanted to snap at the woman just then. She didn't need luck...she needed an answer. Quickly grabbing her bag Micki went back to the store in record time. Fearing Jack was awake, she hid the bag under her coat as she walked inside.

Sure enough Jack was sitting reading the morning newspaper. For the first time ever Micki was very annoyed with Jack. Trying to hurry upstairs Jack lowered his glasses and smiled.

Good morning Micki, out so early?

Micki didn't have time to explain...she needed to know.

Yeah, something like that...

Rushing upstairs Jack raised an eyebrow as he heard the bathroom door slam. He knew she was still upset from last night, but this wasn't Micki.

Upstairs, locked in the bathroom with shaking hands she began opening the first box.

A half an hour went by as Micki's heart nearly jumped out of her chest. She stood at the sink with five used tests...all showing blue strips.

No, it couldn't be.

She checked them a dozen times.

The tests weren't always right...along with the pill. She would go see her doctor.

Crossing her arms over her self she sat on the edge of the tub shaking. She never felt so scared in her life.

She didn't want to be pregnant.

Sighing, with tears rolling down her eyes, a loud knock came to the door, nearly making her scream.

Micki?...you in there?

It was Ryan, he was awake now.

Grabbing the tests and stuffing everything along with the boxes inside the plastic bag, she hid it under her coat and checked the room again. Using the back of her hand to wipe her tears she rushed out of the bathroom nearly knocking Ryan over.

Whoa...easy there, I have broken ribs!

Micki went to the room and slammed the door.

There she sat on her bed and cried.

12: Killing deep inside

Micki waited nervously in her doctor's office. She had been able to squeeze in an appointment that afternoon. The second she got herself under control in her bedroom she called her doctors and told them it was a very big emergency that couldn't wait. She knew if she sat in her bedroom, tossing theses thoughts back and forth she would drive herself crazy not really knowing. Also seeing Ryan.

Rushing out in a hurry, she was stopped by Jack who explained to her that nobody found the compact. Frazzled and sick to her stomach she went off, telling Jack that everything that they had done was for nothing, that it all seemed like such a waste. Jack stayed calm at his desk and tried his best to tell her that these objects weren't always going to have a happy ending. When she checked her watch and without even telling him where she was going, she took the car and left. She knew Ryan was in bed resting...she didn't want to see him right now.

Sitting in the office she thought of everything all over again. How shattered she thought her future had been because of the store, now this. Thinking of Ryan and that night she spent with him, she could hardly even remember it...just a blur. Then she remembered Christmas eve, and that little scene with the shower. She loved Ryan so much, yet was scared toi death and even angry at him for putting her here. Why didn't he have a comdom on? Then it hit her...she told him not too.

How could she had been so stupid.

Ryan, Ryan and her made love...or lack of terms had sex. Now here she was.

Everything seemed like a huge cloud of gray smoke.

She couldn't escape.

Her doctor entered and right away Micki wanted to shake him asking the answer. He sat down behind the desk and folded his hands with a medium smile.

Micki thought she was going to die.

Your pregnant...six weeks I think, still early.

The words froze and everything went still.


She couldn't believe it.

Your pregnant, all the tests ran through...I would like to run a quick sonogram if you don't mind...make sure everything is in line.

But...but I was on the pill..

Come on Michelle, you know better then I do that any form of birth control varies with precents.

Are...you sure?

The doctor nodded.

I take this wasn't planned?

Micki slowly shook her head, her eyes wide and looking off into space.

No, not at all.

Well I would still like to run to sonogram, I'm worried about your health also, you told me about weak spells?

Yes...and I've been getting sick.

The doctor's brow wrinkled before closing Micki's folder.

After the sonogram we can talk about your next visit, you may want to ternate the pregnancy...

Micki couldn't think. She was pregnant, pregnant by Ryan. At age twenty-four she was going to have a baby. Here she was, looking for cursed objects from the devil, all ties from her old life broken...and her second cousin got her pregnant. Even though she faced danger almost every day...she never felt so scared in her life.

It couldn't be...

I...I don't want to sonogram, I'll call you later...

Are you sure?


Are you all right?

Yes, fine...just don't feel very well...

Next thing Micki knew, she was driving home. Everything seemed frozen. She felt stonned, replayed, not able to function. It seemed like it was happening to someone else, not her.

She was really pregnant.

Looking at her perfectly flat stomach she thought, was there really something growing in there, something Ryan had put in there?

She wanted to scream.

What was she going to do.

Micki returned to the shop in the late afternoon to find Jack and Ryan both upstairs. Ryan seemed to be feeling better and was having lunch with Jack.

Micki, come on we're having meatball subs!

I'll pass...

Micki nearly dropped her coat before crossing the room, right away Ryan and Jack eyed eachother.

Are you all right?


Well, you've been running around all day, are you okay?


I hope it's not the compact that's making you upset...

No...no it isn't.

Well lets eat then.

No, I'll pass...I was thinking about laying down for a bit.

Ryan looked at her.

Not feeling good?

No, just tried...

Micki turned and went into her bedroom. Changing she slipped into bed, even if it still was early and just wanted to wake up from his nightmare. It couldn't really be happening. What was she going to do?

There was so many things to think about.

Was she going to tell Jack...or Ryan? How would Ryan react...would this ruin things? Would she have the abortion that was offered.

She thought about it.

The abortion.

The words rang through her head, thousands of props and cons...would she tell Ryan if she went ahead with it. Would he be for it or against it?

She felt awful.

Just then her door opened and Ryan stepped in.


Ryan, please leave me alone...I don't feel well.

Ryan crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed, he reached out and rubbed her side. Micki then thought...this was the bed where he impregnated her, not conceived...but impregnated. She felt awful and didn't want Ryan around her.

She couldn't tell him, it made her sicker.

Micki, I know we had a bad night, God knows I'm feeling it today, but if something is wrong you can tell me...

Ryan, I'm just worn out...tired.

Do you need anything?

No, thank you.

She looked up at him...she wanted to tell him, yet the words were stuck in her throat. She was in shock and needed time to think.

Ryan, I'm just going to sleep for awhile okay?

Ryan slowly nodded.

Okay...if you need anything just tell me.

Micki tried to smile, but it wouldn't come.


Ryan went up to leave when Micki grabbed his wrist for a second.

Could you...could you stay with me until I fall asleep.

Ryan smiled.


Micki closed her eyes. As worried as she was she needed him near her. This involved the two of them...even if she wouldn't tell.

The next day they heard news about the cursed Quilt.

13: All the pretty little horses

Ryan had quickly recovered and was back to his normal self within twenty-four hours. Jack kept an eye on him, worried that his crack ribs would become worse if he didn't stay in bed. But as always, Ryan was moving about and not listening. When Micki woke the next morning Ryan was gone from her bedroom, most likely he got up in the middle of the night to go back to his own.

Waking up right away it hit her all over again, she hadn't escaped from his awful turth.

She was pregnant.

Sitting up and rubbing her arms, she looked out at the window and saw the chilly morning all ready setting in. How would she ever deal with this? Her heart wanted to go one way, while her mind went the other. She ran the options and decisions over and over in her head. There were so many unopened doors she didn't want to seek further in.

She couldn't have this baby. She lived a dangerous life, in which death was always right behind them. This life style and her feelings at the moment, so confused and scared, she knew she wasn't ready to be a mother just yet. Everything was mixed up and it just wasn't the time. It wouldn't be fair to her, Ryan, or the baby. She just couldn't go through with it.

She would keep the pregnancy to herself...go and get the abortion in another week or so and try to forget that anything ever happened. If there was something laying deep down inside Ryan and her own heart, it would just have to wait.

Then she thought about the feeling of being so alone, she knew Ryan cared for her...but how much? She began to have the strangest feelings for him, was it...No it couldn't be.

Maybe she would tell him she had a miscarriage after it was done. A simple lie that might destroy their relationship. Could she do that to Ryan?

All she knew was that she wouldn't say anything until she saw her doctor again...an abortion was the only answer.

Getting out of bed and slowly dressing she felt a huge weight of guilt over come her. Something she wouldn't be able to escape.

Downstairs Jack and sitting with an older woman, who looked Amish. Jack explained to Micki that she had bought a quilt from the store less then a year ago. Moments later Ryan came down making a fool of himself with his headphones blasting.

Deep down inside Micki held back from laughing.

As worried as she was, she still had him to be with her.

By the end of the day they were traveling into the woman's country side. Micki had read about people like this, nor never dreamed she would be entering a new world of theres.

Sitting in the back of the carriage, she looked out at the snow covered fields. For once she began to relax and take in all the beauty around her. Looking at her breath puff out in tiny clouds, she shook a little under her heavy winter coat. Ryan's hand began rubbing her arm with a small smile.

There the woman turned around and began to explain their ways in the village.

At the end of the day Micki walked to her bedroom in the boarding house. Ryan stood beside her.

Hey I'm going to check things out, hell who can sleep at this hour anyways?

Micki smiled, she wanted to agree but the stress of everything weighed down on her. She was tried and nothing seemed better then a nice long sleep. She understood they had to find this cursed object, but still she was too worried about other things.

Feeling a little faint Micki tried to nod before nearly falling to the side before opening her door. Ryan moved quickly and tried to hold her.

You all right?

I'm fine!

Micki snapped pushing his hands away from her, she didn't mean to act this way but the whole problem seemed to hurt her inside. Knowing that she was keeping this from Ryan.

Ryan seemed a little shocked at her tone of voice and backed up.

Ummm...sorry, I'll be outside.

Turning Micki watched and sighed.

The next day Micki was awoken by loud bells in which made her snap forward. She hadn't slept very well that night, nightmares which made her entire body shake. Rushing out to the doorway the women in the village seemed in a hurry to get outside.

What's wrong?

That friend of your is being held to the elders for seducing one of our children!


Before Micki could get another word out everyone had hurried downstairs. Running back in her room she grabbed the clothes she packed and ran to the court house.

An hour later Ryan and the young girl Laura walked out as the people of the village went about their own ways. Ryan seemed ashamed and walked in the snow with his hands stuffed in his pockets. Micki joined him.

Look I'm sorry...

Ryan, we need to focus on these objects...

But she's...

Hey I really don't want to hear it, it's hard to see someone you care about make a huge mistake.

Micki was outraged. At the court house she learned that last night Ryan was caught in one of the stalls with that young girl Laura. They were dancing.

Micki understood Ryan and her weren't anything, and in fact she had made that clear to him. But why would he do something so stupid to risk the fact to make them stand out even more. The chances of getting this quilt were in danger now. But deep down inside Micki felt jealous. Laura was from a different world, she was only a child and was to be wed. Why would Ryan do this...to really make her jealous?


Hey, all I know is we need to find that quilt, so why don't you take some advice and stay away from her.

Storming off Micki knew that she had really screwed up. She was loosing Ryan and he was drifting away. Even if Laura was from a different world then him, she respected his ways, which was more then Micki could say for herself. Maybe Ryan just got sick and tried of waiting. She didn't want to think about it, at this point she was angry with Ryan, she hated him more then anything and just wanted to leave this place.

That night...there was another death.

Micki knew her time was running out.

Walking around, trying to search for any clue on where the quilt would be, she saw the horse stable. Looking at the darkened sky she slowly entered and saw Ryan laying in a pile of hay bleeding.


Running and kneeling beside him she checked his wound.

I'm fine I'm fine, please don't tell me you told me so.

Micki looked at Ryan's bleeding arm and held back from crying.

This is such a mistake...

A mistake! How could she be a mistake, she's the most beautiful girl I ever set eyes on...AHHHHH!

Ryan hissed as Micki looked at his arm, she never saw this side behind him. Those words hurt her deeply...she hated Laura more then anything.

Ryan! She's engaged to be married!

I don't care, God Micki any time she enters a room...

Micki shot up. Two nights ago he stayed with her until she feel asleep. Such love and worry in his eyes, now he seemed head over heels in love with his farm girl. It killed her...she hated Ryan and Laura. What did she do wrong? Why was Ryan doing this to her?

A bell was heard outside.

What the hell is going on?

Ryan asked pulling on his jacket. Both looked out the barn as more people ran down the dirt road.

There had been another murder.

The next day Ryan and Micki tried to figure out why this was happening to all these women, but Micki saw all Ryan wanted to do was be with Laura.

A few hours later as evening fell, Micki heard loud voices from the outside corn field. She saw a great mass of people next to a huge pit of fire. Running she asked what was going on.

Ryan was fighting Laura's fiancé to win her over.


Micki screamed, but it was too late, he stood on the wooden planks with a huge wood pole. The men danced around on the narrow boards as the fire below them grew stornger.

Micki couldn't watch.

Why was he doing this? She wanted to scream. Just after a few hours he seemed so in love with this woman, why? She couldn't understand it. All she wanted was to have Ryan back home with her at the store. She wished she had never heard of this cursed object or place.

Ryan won...he jumped down, wild anger still in his eyes.

Micki went to him but he walked by her as if she wasn't even there and joined Laura's arms. Watching them walk away Micki's heart felt as if it had frozen. Standing there in the night she watched another woman hold him.

Tears fell from her eyes as she slowly returned to the boaring house. Greeted by Ryan who had changed, he still looked alive with anger and the rush he had just had.


Running over to him he had a wide grin on.

I won Micki I won!

Who cares!

Micki snaped at him...she couldn't even look him in the eye.


Micki went upstairs to bed before Sara Good spoke with her...she had a pretty good idea on who had the quilt.

Going to bed shortly after, Micki then smelled smoke. Running out she was met Ryan and saw people rushing into Sara's room which was filled with fire.

Oh God what happened!

A fire of some sort, please stand back!

But what about Sara...

Sara Good is dead.

Micki looked at Ryan before running down the hall to Effey Strokes room. She stood there with the quilt. Grabbing it Micki ran with Ryan and waited until Dawn.

Having asked for a carriage to pick them up, Micki wanted to put this whole thing behind her. She just wanted to get home and put the quilt away along with those awful memories of seeing Ryan act that way over Laura. Once they were home she hoped she could fix things.

Packing as quick as she could, Ryan entered her room. It was bright and early and Micki couldn't wait to leave.

You better hurry and pack, the carriage is coming to get us.

No Micki...I'm staying.

Micki turned.

Don't be silly...

No I'm not, I made up my mind and I'm staying.

Micki froze.

She tried to explain how it wouldn't work. That his lifestyle was different then theirs. But Ryan was stubborn and told her he never felt this way before, and thought that maybe he could change things.

I think I'm in love with her.

Thinking back about everything she gave up, all those speeches Ryan had given her about staying. What made him able to do it.

Nearly breaking down she told him about how he couldn't do this, what her and Jack would do, and the only able to could get these objects was because they faced danger together.

Tears filled her eyes, he couldn't do this to her.

Come on Micki, Micki!

He grabbed her and tried to hold her but Micki pulled away. She couldn't stand this any longer. This wasn't the Ryan she loved.

I can't do it alone...

Your strong, Jack is strong...you can do this...

Micki walked away taking her bags, her heart couldn't stand it any longer. She never thought Ryan could hurt her as much as he had just now.

I'll...miss you...

Running out she heard the carriage downstairs, she needed to escape.

Ryan watched her from the upstairs window.

What if?

When Micki returned to the store she stood there all alone. Putting down her bags she then knew what she was going to do.

Get an abortion.

She couldn't have this baby while Ryan lived with some other woman. She never wanted this baby and she wasn't going to let it into this world where it's father could hurt its mother so much.

She would get it done this week and try to forget about it.

And the pain.

Walking over to a steel iron horse, she clutched onto it and began to softly cry...

14: The escape of it all

Two weeks had past since they recovered the real quilt and Ryan decided to finally return home. On the ride back Micki held the quilt that had taken so many lifes on her lap and stared at Ryan who was fast asleep. Once they reached the city and switched to cabs, Jack spoke with Ryan and told him that he was more then happy to see him back.

What made you change your mind?

Ryan looked out the window and sighed. Micki could tell everything that happened was a huge weight on him.

I guess it hit me how Laura and me weren't meant to be together...anyways I couldn't leave you guys, you all the family I got.

Jack glanced at Micki before Micki reached over and held Ryan's hand. The last few weeks had been complete hell on her. Her feelings for Ryan seemed so up in the air, and never before had she missed someone like she had missed him.

Having him back never felt so great.

Getting back to the store Ryan quickly fell asleep downstairs. Micki watched him for a very long time.

As for the baby, Mici kept thinking about the abortion. She was only seven weeks and still had time to decide. But after what just happened, she knew Ryan wasn't the best choice for going to for advice on the topic. He was damaged after what happened, and his reaction was unknown to Micki.

It might be just as well if she didn't think about it. She decided that by the end of the month she would either tell Ryan about the abortion, or just go ahead with it herself.

Ryan took awhile to get back to his normal self. He seemed a little distant and sad lately. One morning a young girl entered the shop and started talking with Ryan. Micki watched from behind the counter and sighed. He was just being normal...she couldn't act this way any longer.

The next night he had a date with her.

Cathy, isn't that an odd sounding name?

Micki asked at the kitchen table. She had been pretending to flip through a magazine and pass the time. Jack eyed her from the newspaper and smiled.

A week later...Cathy was dead and they got the cursed camera back.

Ryan had been sleeping alot which Jack thought wasn't healthy. He seemed depressed and very distant. Micki wanted anything to cheer him up, but nothing seemed to work.

Lately all her thoughts had been about this abortion and Ryan.

Seeing him laying on his bed, dressed in sweats and a T-shirt, Micki entered and notcied he was reading a comic book. Ryan and hooked her onto the habit of reading them since they got the cursed comic back a few months ago.


Ryan looked up and smiled.


What are you reading?

Spiderman...issue 19.

Micki sat on the edge of his bed and looked at the cover.

Read it to me?


I'm having trouble sleeping, read it to me.

Ryan smirked before Micki wiggled up beside him, Ryan seemed a little awkward puting his arm around her as they laid back. Micki smiled and felt the wamrth of his body against hers. She never felt more safe then being with him.

She felt bad...in the grand total of the month he had suffered so much pain. She cared for him too much to see him suffer.

Here he was...the guy who had gotten her pregnant.

She would be meeting with the doctor finally in another week...she couldn't hold off any longer.

It had become rather hard to hide this. Her morning sickness seemed to last all day, and her clothing choices seemed harder and harder.

She also felt her mood change...she needed to be with Ryan at all times.

Ryan began to read the comic outloud making Micki smile.

Less then a week ago they got the badge back...Micki felt some what better and maybe a way to get back at Ryan for going out with Tim. But like always...a cursed object had to be in the way. Ryan had been there for her...and they even shared a moment on the couch after everything had been said and done.

He told her he had been jealous of Tim.


Just as she had been jealous of Laura and Cathy.

She had to tell him, she needed to.


Ryan was in the middle of the thrid page when he stopped and looked down at her.


Nothing...go on.

Ryan kept reading as Micki laid her head on his chest, hearing his heart beat. She wished she could just escape this...just for once.

The next morning Micki was struggling in her bedroom. She was trying to fit into one of her favorite leather dresses...but today it just wasn't coming on.

She hadn't noticed any weight gain, but she seemed hungry all the time. In fact just a few days ago Ryan and her seemed to match their helpings of hot dogs. Jack watched them shovel them into their mouths with disgust.

I thought you hated those Micki?

Micki shrugged and kept eating while Ryan laughed.

Today she couldn't seem to fit into anything.

She loved her clothes, she loved her style...all bought at the highest fashion stores in the city. Now she reached for the zipper before sighing. Just then Ryan walked in, asking Micki if she wanted to help them down in the vault.

Oh sorry...

Ryan could you help me zip this thing up?

Ryan laughed before walking over.

Micki stood there as Ryan tried.

Suck in.

Micki did as best as she could, but still Ryan couldn't get it. Micki felt so embarrassed.

Looks like those hot dogs are getting the best of you?

Ryan laughed playfuly slapping her on the arm. Micki brushed him off before going to her closet again.

Shut up Ryan.

Ryan laughed before leaving the room...just then the phone began to ring.

Ryan could you get that!


Ryan crossed over to the phone and picked it up.

Curious Goods

Hello is Micki Foster there?

She's busy right now, may I take a message.

Would you please tell her to call me back right away or contact my office.

Ryan paused for a second looking at Micki's doors.

Umm...are you her doctor?

Yes I'm her OBGYN

Ryan paused for a second second before lowering his voice.

Ummm...I'm her boyfriend, is anything wrong?

Ryan knew it wasn't a smart idea to lie, but he was concerned.

I'm sorry I can't share matters...


There was a pause on the other line for a moment.

Could you please tell her that she needs to visit my office soon, the first trimester is only four months and she's ten weeks.

Ryan froze before hanging up.

He looked at the bedroom before slowly entering again.

Micki was redressed in slacks and a blouse, she was fixing her hair in front of the mirror before seeing Ryan come in.

Ryan who was that?

Ryan seemed angry, yet at a loss of words before pausing.

It's Lloyds...isn't it?

Micki slowly turned.


Ryan crossed his arms.

You didn't want to tell us that's why...does he know?

Ryan what are you...

Your doctor just called, wants to see if your going to have the abortion.

Micki just stood there.


Micki, you should of told me...I would of understood, you shouldn't do something like this alone.

Micki didn't know what to say, she was trapped with no escape.

Ryan stepped forward with more love in his eyes then ever.

That bastard doesn't want any part of it that's why your doing it...he doesn't care...I swear if I see him...


She couldn't escape, but she had to finally let it out.

Ryan...it's yours.

15: What a mother would do

Ryan just stood there for what seemed like a lifetime.

Micki leaned against her dresser, her slacks felt hot against her legs, for some odd reason she thought she better change into a skirt since it was such a nice day. Then it hit her...she had told Ryan. Hardly able to look him in the eye, she felt her heart thud against her chest wishing he would just say something. The silence was killing her.

What...what did you say?

Ryan cleared his throat and managed to choke out. Micki had never seen Ryan look this way before, his eyes were wide yet empty, and his face seemed rather pale.

Micki found it hard to say the words, but after a deep breath they slowly came out.

I‚€™m pregnant.

The words seemed so strange to finally say outloud. She knew this was deep down inside of her, the guilt and pressure of it all slowly building up these last eight weeks or so. Every time she looked at Ryan or thought about her choices it felt as if someone was killing her. The past month had been awful, she nearly lost Ryan...he almost drifted away from her. How could she have been so stupid. She should of told him right away. Ashamed and guilty she looked down at her shoes for a moment then sighed.


The father?

Ryan nodded unable to really speak.




I thought you were on the pill?

Those things don't always work.

Or maybe you forgot to take it?

Micki felt these words harsh yet again such hate for anger built up inside her. She wasn't thinking about them laying together in his bed as he read to her. Or how close she wanted to be with him whenever she felt worried or alone. Now she thought of those women, Laura and Cathy...and she was glad both were dead.

Micki folded her arms, she really didn't know his reaction, mostly it was shock.

Why didn't you tell me?

Ryan...it sort of came as a surprise to me.


The cursed compact...

Jesus Micki!

Ryan you don't understand, I was scared and didn't know what to do, anyways we had other things going on.

To hell with that! Micki for God's sake...here I was walking around...

He cut his words off and looked down, she saw he was upset. Tears formed in her eyes, this was her biggest fear, him getting upset.

You mean with Laura...you...

Micki slowly nodded.


Ryan walked over and sat on the end of Micki's bed. He put his head down, nearly between his two legs and rubbed his face with his hands. He didn't say anything, or look at her.

Ryan, please say something...

Ryan looked up and for once she saw how tired he really looked.

I'm sorry...

Micki was a little stunned by this.

For what?

For acting that way...back with Laura.

Micki thought if she heard that girl's name one more time she would scream.

I acted like such an idiot...and I knew something was wrong.

Ryan...don't put the blame on just yourself.

Yeah well I was the one that made this problem didn't I?

Micki then thought of the world problem, was that how Ryan saw it. Walking a bit closer she thought she would break down completely. Looking at him she felt awful about even telling him in the first place.


Ryan looked up again.

So what are you going to do?


Your not having an abortion are you?


Your doctor...

Micki stopped for a second before taking in another deep breath.

Ryan, I had more then enough time to think about this. It was a mistake...a stupid mistake in which we shouldn't have to pay for. There's no way it would ever work.

So your getting one?

What other choice is there?

Micki, I just found out...I have a right to say something.

Ryan this is my body, my life.

But Micki...

Ryan think about it, could you honesty have a baby right now.

Ryan reached up slowly taking her hand.

Sure we could...

Micki shook her head. She knew he was stubborn.

Ryan look at our lifestyles...a child would never be able to live here.

We could figure something out...

Ryan for the love of God...it was a mistake okay, we were drunk and not thinking there's no other way.

Micki I just found out your pregnant, please don't shut me out like this!

Ryan look...I'm going to the doctors on Friday, if you want to come that's fine...if you don't I understand...this isn't your problem.

It isnt a problem Micki, please...

Micki drew her hand away from him.

Ryan I'm not going to change my mind.

Why would you wanna kill the baby?

See this is why I didn't want to tell you!


He stood trying to put his arms around her, she stepped back.

Ryan...stop if you even care for me a little you'll just stop.

You can't be serious.

Ryan it's done, just let it alone...I want to keep going on like nothing has changed.


No, now please don't tell Jack.

Micki we need to talk about this.

There's nothing to talk about.

Just then Jack's voice was heard downstairs. They were cleaning out the vault today.

Just go...

Ryan looked at Micki as if she had gone mad. Micki needed to change and have time to think. Both stared at eachother before Ryan turned away and slammed her door behind him. Micki jumped back a little from the noise and stood there all alone in her room.

Later when she went downstairs, re-dressed for the third time she found Jack and Ryan in the middle of going through piles upon piles of boxes. Pausing for a second she looked at Ryan who turned away. She knew they would have to talk later on.

Jack seemed in a good enough mood as Micki helped move things from side to side.

Jack...I was thinking, what are we going to do once we run out of room in the vault, we very much can't have cursed objects laying around.

Yes I was thinking about that.

Ryan turned and put a box away when the entire bottom fell out, throwing junk all over the ground. Micki and Jack turned as Ryan kicked the box.

Micki knew he was upset.

Damnit why don't they make boxes that can hold together.

Ryan glanced at Micki for a moment before the three of them kneeled down and found the letter reading about the cradle.

An hour later they gathered around the counter as Jack told them what to look for with this Kent family. Micki looked forward to not having to be around Ryan until she got her thoughts together. For the first time ever she was thankful they were looking for something.

But Ryan seemed so distant, he stood there spacing out with a deep look of worry spread across his face. Jack then notcied it too.

The entire day Micki seemed worried by how Ryan acted. She knew where he was coming from, but he just had to understand why it wouldn't work.

Driving back from the apartment building after seeing the cradle and baby, she looked down at her stomach, which was still very much flat and sighed. When she got back to the shop she tried to explan how the cradle looked like. She drew a quick sketch of it and they all decided to go check it out later together.

Ryan still wouldn't look her in the eye.

Later on in the car while they were spying on the apartment building, Ryan gave her attitude and barley talked with her. Several times she tried to bring up the subject but Ryan wouldn't hear it.

An hour later like clock work they were back at the apartment building looking for Debbie the babysitter. This time Jack was in the back seat.

Micki was upset. It had been an awful day and after seeing that tiny sick baby her heart hurt.

Even the cursed objects hurt sick babies!

Ryan glanced at her and Micki understood where he was coming from. She worried about some baby, while she didn't care if she killed her own.

By the next day the Kents were dead, the baby and Debbie missing. With the cradle back in the vault Micki seemed tried and hardly able to think about her own problems.

The abortion was in less then six days away.

Would Ryan ever look at her the same?

She knew Ryan had gone through alot between his father, Laura, and Cathy it seemed like everything he touched was cursed. He was depressed and Micki had made it ten times worse. She remembered how hard he held her after breaking down about his father, and how she never wanted to see him in so much pain again.

Now here she was, about to kill his unborn baby.

It was getting late and she needed to get to bed. Crossing over to the bathroom she ran into Ryan who was giving himself his shot.

Oh sorry...

That's okay just finishing up....

Micki bit her bottom lip and watched him get his things.

There was tension in the air.


Ryan looked up at her, his eyes weak and tried.

Ryan I wish there was something I could say...

No, it's all right...I understand.

You do?

Ryan nodded.

I won't tell Jack I promise.

Thank you...

I'm sorry you thought you couldn't come to me first.

Micki looked at Ryan as sadness filled her heart.

I'll...come with you on Friday if that's all right.

Micki slowly nodded.

Thank you Ryan.

With that he looked away and went out of the bathroom.

Micki stood there wishing things were different.

16: Nightmares and Dreamscapes

In the six days that lead up to Micki's appointment with her doctor, alot had happened.

After her little talk with Ryan in the bedroom, she knew that he was beyond damaged and she was only making it worse for him. In just the space of a month he was forced to leave Laura, lost a girlfriend Cathy, and then his father. Micki had seen it all over his face, the tried lost daze now that replaced the once happy go lucky Ryan. She missed him. Now here he was, after nearly getting killed and seeing people close to him get taken away...Micki broke this life changing news to him. She knew what a shock it was, and how much it really was to take in...but she had to get him to understand that this was the only smart choice she could think of. They had too much history and too much time ahead of them. They were cousins and had to track down all these cursed objects they released into the world before more people got killed. It was too dangerous nor even the place to think about raising a child.

The world seemed too cruel to let another child live.

Jack began to notice that in that week Ryan wasn't eating as much as he should have been. In that time they recovered the bottle and cursed mask. Alot had happened and Ryan seemed worn out. Micki and Ryan within only six days had nearly gotten killed several times. Two days before the doctor's visit they got back the cursed radio.

4 cursed objects in one week...they were on a roll.

But Ryan seemed just too tried to even see that. While tracking down the cursed mask he had been attacked by a crow and how had awful bruises all down his neck. Micki notcied how he had acted around Stacy and saw a little of the old self come back. But still he wasn't like he used to be.

She had talked with him on Tuesday night after she hung up with her doctor. Ryan was in the kitchen fixing dinner.


He turned.


Dr. Anderson said he can take me around 10:30 on Friday, is that good for you?

Ryan paused while cutting up some peppers, looking at her as if it hurt him he nodded.

Yeah sure...what are we going to tell Jack?

He's going on Thursday, a friend of his is in town, wants to talk about the mask we just got.


I don't know...guess he knew about the making of it or something.

The day before had been half way nice. There was a street fair and for once Micki and Ryan seemed to enjoy themselfs. Now here they were, back at looking at eachother as if they were about to break.

Ryan...I know this is hard on you.


You've been very distant...

Micki remembed how he had protected her in that house a few days ago, his arms around her tight as they tried to find the doorway.

He hadn't said anything about the pregnancy or the abortion. In fact after their little talk in the bathroom he didn't say anything at all...respecting her wishes.

Now Micki wanted to talk about it.

Micki, alot has happened...I'm too tried to talk about it.

Sure, after Laura and Cathy...then your father, five cursed objects in just too months, and now this...

Ryan sighed putting down the knife on the counter and running his hands through his hair, which seemed darker and longer.

I'm worn out Micki...I mean after Laura and Cathy I thought maybe things would get better, then my own father using one of the objects...


She went to step forward but he moved away.

I'm just tried, there hasn't been any rest...it seems like one object after another after another...I'm so tried feeling scared that you and me are going to get killed.

Ryan nothing is going to happen to us.

Ryan shrugged.

I know we've been putting on this act this week, acting like nothing has been wrong for Jack...and maybe ourselfs. But It seems like your right, all we really can focus is on these damn objects.

It will all be over one day Ryan.

I just can't take seeing people I care for die, or feeling like I'm going to get killed myself.

Ryan then looked at her flat stomach and sighed.

I just...I just want to do what's right for you.

Ryan you are, more then you'll ever know.

Ryan nodded before Micki came over and put her arms around his thin shoulders. Hugging him she rested her head against his shirt and took a deep breath of clean soap and aftershave. Ryan put his arms around her too.

I've been having nightmares.


Nothing really, just dreams about when I was a kid with Jimmy, the accident keeps replaying in my head, like I could of stopped it.


I know just dreams, maybe it's the stress or something.

Micki looked up at Ryan with a deep sigh.

Ryan your an amazing person...and I'm sorry for all of this.

Ryan looked down at her before taking her in for another hug.

I'm just so tried Micki...so tried.

I know...

Finally Friday came.

Jack had left early that morning, he was due back Sunday night and told Ryan and Micki the night before to hold all calls until he got back. Ryan meanwhile stayed up half the night drinking coffee and watching nonstop hours on TV. Micki on the other hand just laid awake in bed.

Tomorrow was going to be it.

She thought about it, replaying everything in her head. Even though she had faced the devil and nearly getting killed by cursed objects, she never seemed so scared in her entire life. She knew a few of her married friends who had them done. She remembered talking about it over lunch a few years ago. The entire thing sounded awful and very painful. But they all told her after a day of bedrest you would be up and going in no time.

These women had abortions after all ready having two to four kids. Married and happy to their rich husbands. Micki never thought she would be getting one. In fact she never thought she would ever get pregnant.

She was nine weeks on Sunday.

She was showing a little and it made her depressed. There inside her grew a pure life, something made from the best parts of Ryan and her. And now here she was about to kill it without a second thought because it wasn't in the cards.

For months she had worried about this. Now her relationship with Ryan seemed to be in the works of shattering. He was hurt and this just added on the extra pain. She was going to kill his baby. After tomorrow she wouldn't be pregnant. No more being worried, no more lying, no more feeling sick and confused.

Yet she couldn't sleep.

Would she be able to get through this, would Ryan?

That morning she woke up early and dressed in a pair of her blue thin work out pants and a sweatshirt. Putting her hair in a tight ponytail she looked at her reflection in the mirror and wanted to cry. She looked ten times older then she should have. The day seemed overcast and gray.

Ryan was all ready up, the same sorrow grief stricken look on his face...the same he had on before he broke down about his father. They didn't say a word and got into the car.

The drive downtown had been silent too.

When they reached the clinic they parked and walked side by side.

When will you be able to leave?

Micki remembered what the doctor had said, a few hours later and lots of bedrest. She then saw herself being wheeled out in a wheelchair by a nurse and Ryan slowly helping her into the car, his eyes bloodshot from crying. Snapping out of it they walked into the lobby.

The waiting room was empty, a nurse sat at the desk...both Ryan and Micki walked over with empty looks on their faces.

Umm, Micki Foster?

The nurse looked at her paperwork and nodded.

The doctor will see you in a moment hon, go on in room 12...there will be a gown on the table, you just get on changed.

Micki nodded as the nurse handed her the clipboard to sign some papers. It seemed as if the woman had seen thousands of women making this same choice every day...it didn't seem like that big of a deal now.

Micki looked at Ryan who looked half dead.



His voice was flat and dull.

Would...would you come with me?

Micki was scared, no...she was terrfied.

Ryan nodded and went with her.

Once she found her room Ryan shut the door and turned around as Micki slowly took her clothing off with care and folded it on a spare chair. Getting her paper thin gown on Ryan turned and sat in the other chair. Here Micki looked around at the plain white walls and got chills going up her arms.

Taking the clipboard she began filling it out sitting on the table.

The clock seemed frozen, and Ryan wouldn't lift his eyes to look at her.

Finally finished she set the clipboard down and saw goosebumps raise on her arms and legs.

Where was the doctor?

Looking at Ryan she knew it would of been better for him to wait outside, but she knew if she was alone she would most likely have a complete breakdown.


Before she could get another word in to break the dead silence, her doctor walked in.

Hello Micki.

His tone of voiced was changed.

Ryan got up for a second and shook the doctor's hand and muttered hello.

The doctor then leaned against his counter folding his arms and began to expain what they would do.

He explained what he would do for the abortion and the bed rest time Micki would need afterwards.

Ryan was still standing and looked a little uneven on his feet.

Micki listened as best as she could, everything sounded so forward...and the terms he used as if she wasn't human.

One thing she notcied...he never used the word baby or child.

When he finished and asked if they had any questions Micki then saw herself. Dead at age whatever with no one at her funeral. Her future looking long and gray like a highway without any exits.

Looking at Ryan she knew he was dying...she loved him, in fact...she really did.

Love him.

The words rang through her head looking at him. She didn't want to do this...she didn't want to kill a part of her and Ryan.



I changed my mind.

Ryan snapped his head up and looked at her, right away the doctor stood up straight.

Excuse me?

Micki shook her head, a million things were going on a second, she felt as if she was going to faint. All she knew was that she wanted to get home and away from this place with Ryan.

I can't, I'm sorry...


Ryan went to speak when Micki grabbed her clothes in her arms. Tears began to build in her eyes.

Before Ryan or the doctor could say another word Micki walked out of the office...the nurse at the desk eyed her in her gown as she shut the office door and walked into the hallway.


Ryan was running behind her, before she turned for the stairs Ryan grabbed her, turning her around.

Micki what happened?

Micki began to shake all over, that's when she started to cry.

I don't know...I really don't this is so stupid but I couldn't...not this way.

She began to sob, Ryan pulled off his jacket and threw it over her shoulders as she cried against him.

An hour later he drove her home as she looked out the window.

When they got back Micki stood in the store looking around. Ryan walked behind her putting his hands in his pockets.


Ryan, I think there might be a better way to fix this, I'm not sure yet but I know we wouldn't be able to ever have a kid here...you agree right?

Ryan took a second before slowly nodding.

It's too dangerous, I don't think anyone deserves this life...but I can't mess up this any longer, I need time to think but I won't do that...not to you.

Looking him in the eyes he nodded and understood. She needed time to think things out, she just made a huge choice which was scary and unknown. Walking over to her he held her.

Just give me a little bit longer, we'll tell Jack once I figure things out.

So your not...

No I'm not going to hurt it...I couldn't hurt a part of you, never Ryan.

Ryan looked down at her, brushing away a little of her bangs from her eyes.

If time is what you need, I'll give it to you.

Thank you Ryan.

Ryan nodded holding her in the store, deep inside his heart he thanked God.

17: I'm not going to leave her

It had been a week since Micki ran out of the doctors office and told Ryan she couldn't go through with it. A whole week since she told him there had to be another choice they could make and the time she asked for. Ryan had understood and was just thankful she hadn't gone ahead with it.

Micki was now ten weeks and her once perfectly flat stomach was slowly starting to show a bump. Micki needed time to now sort through her options and decide what was best for Ryan and Micki...and this unplanned pregnancy.

She decided that within the week she would talk to Ryan about what she was thinking about and then let Jack in on it. She loved Jack as if he was her own father and what he thought meant alot to her.

She just didn't wanted to be treated any different. This was a smart choice she planned to make for everyone, most of all the baby.

The baby.

It seemed to weird to even say it. Micki now as strange was it sounded started to really feel pregnant. Everything she had read about, heard about, or seen in a movie was true. She was putting on weight, seemed tried and achy all the time, and her emotions were running wild. Most of all on what she was planning on telling Ryan and Jack.

Ryan would have to say yes to it...it was betting then the abortion and safer for everyone. If he loved Micki at all he would understand.

Then what?

It was a path Micki didn't want to go down. Her feelings and future with Ryan seemed very unknwon right now.

But Ryan was being great about it. Since they got home that day after the doctors he treated her different, yet in a good way. He looked after her more then he ever did and was starting to get back to the same good old Ryan.

Late one night when it began to storm out Micki dressed in a loose white skirt and blouse to hide her stomach. She was feeling pretty well this evening and didn't seem worried for once.

That's when another wave of sickness ran over her. Slapping her hand to her mouth she rushed out of her bedroom and tried to make it to the bathroom when...

She knocked right into Ryan.


He then saw the look on her face and how she wouldn't be able to make it.

Hey it's okay...come on...

He lead her over to the sink where she threw up her entire dinner. Spitting and running some water she stood back up sighing. She thought these spells were going to kill her.

Your okay...

Ryan wet a paper towel and began softly touching her face with it. She knew she was having cold sweats and somehow this helped.

Micki sighed.


Ryan ran the sink to clean up the mess Micki had left.

Ryan then smiled at her.

For some strange reason Micki smiled and leaned over and kissed him. The kiss wasn't that long, just a second or two on the lips. Soft and sweet which was something she needed. Ryan pulled back as Micki rolled her eyes.

I know I must smell like puke.

Ryan laughed before he reached over and touched her face.

Micki...mind if you do something for me?

An hour later Micki sat downstairs on the stool while Ryan tried to sculpt her face with a huge brick of art clay he had bought a few months ago. Here and there Ryan would do little bits of his art. All of them filled with passion and talnet. Micki seemed amused that Ryan wanted to sculpt her of all people.

That evening was peaceful and nice for the three of them.

Jack came down with tea and began to comment on Ryan's work when the phone rang.

Minutes later Jack and Ryan were dressed in their rain jackets ready to head for the bus station. The caller said he had a locker there for them and talked about some cursed coin.

Micki was worried.

When they got back there was tape playing some sort of black mass prayer, and then photographs of what looked like a cult. Jack told them that in the morning they would begin looking into this cursed coin.

Heading up to bed, Micki's ankles were killing her from sitting on the stool for so long. Seeing Ryan getting dressed for bed she smiled and walked over.

I guess your going to have to finish that artwork later.

Ryan grinned.

Yeah I guess so.

Hey Ryan...once we get this cursed coin back, if we do...I want to have dinner with you and Jack and tell you guys what I decided.

Ryan slowly nodded.

Okay, whatever you think is good.

Micki smiled before walking over to Ryan.

Maybe it was her hormones, but she never seemed to look at Ryan this way before. He was wearing basketball shorts and his Scooter shirt. Micki smiled before putting her arms around him and holding him tight. Ryan laughed.


Micki looked up at him.


Before she could finish he was kissing her, slowy at first.

Micki are you all right?

Micki knew this pregnancy was something that needed to be taken care of. And this just mixed of her feelings and relationship with Ryan even more. But at that moment she didn't walk to think...She didn't know how his reaction would be with the second choice she had for the baby. But her hand slid down to his shorts and rested there for a second.


Shut up Ryan...

Micki kissed him one more time before pulling apart.

What was that?

Something I wanted to give you.

Ryan smiled as Micki kissed him on the cheek.

Better get to bed, we have alot to do in the morning.



What does this mean?

Micki paused.

We'll talk about it once we got the coin back.

Ryan smiled leaning against her doorway.

Night Micki.

Night Ryan.

When Micki went to bed that night she couldn't stop smiling.

The next day after reading the newspaper they finally got some leads on the cursed coin. In the light of day any time Micki and Ryan would look each other in the eye, they would smile. A small private smile just between the two of them.

By night fall while Ryan tried to find out more about to coin, Jack took Micki back to the place where that man said he saw someone come back from the head.

It was true.

Micki watched as the cult members gathed around the stone table, candles being the only dim light. Holding in her breath she watched, scared out of her mind.

That's when she slipped on a rock making a noise and they went after her. Jack told her to run but the place had never ending hallways. Running as fast as she could with her heart racing she found a dead end. There the leader of the cult smiled.

Micki was scared out of her mind as she backed up against the wall.

Please I didn't see anything.

Not only was she scared, but scared for her baby.

That's when he flipped the coin up in the air, Micki froze and then...darkness.

Back at the hope Jack raced in to find Ryan at the counter reading up on the coin.

Where's Micki?

Wasn't she with you?

Right away the look in Jack's face made Ryan freeze.

What's wrong?

We went back to that place and there's a Goddamn cave under there...we split up after they went after us.

Ryan then felt his heart beat faster.

You mean she's still down there.

I'm afraid not, come on.

Ryan ran as fast as he could ahead of Jack, praying to God that she was all right.

Once they reached the area, they spotted the car...then the police and ambulances.

Oh God Jack...

It was Ryan's worst fear...running past the police line he pushed past people before seeing her.


Jack ran after him before seeing Micki's lifeless body laying on the wet street. The police had closed off a small area where the body was found. Ryan fell to the ground and held onto it.


The police officer watching moved forward.

Do you know this woman, do you know why she was here at this time of night.

Jack waved his hand at the officer.

Please sir...

He then looked down at Ryan who was having a complete mental breakdown.


He held onto her shaking, kissing her on her pale face and rocking back and forth.

It was the coin.

The damn coin.

The officer then moved forward.



Ryan snapped, hot sticky tears running down his face as he held her, petting her hair.

Jack handed his card to the officer before kneeling down, Ryan was sobbing over her lifeless body. Jack couldn't believe it. Not their Micki...their beautiful and strong Micki. No she couldn't be dead.

The shock of this all was stunned at watching Ryan cry over her body, it left Jack heartbroken.

He moved to touch Ryan when he looked up again, tears running down his face.


Ryan! There's nothing you can do...

Ryan looked at Jack and then back down at Micki.

His Micki.

All of his other worries, his thoughts of Laura and Cathy drifted away as he looked out at his beautiful angel. She was the one he had been crazy about since the start. She was the one he loved...she was the one who he had fallen for and loved her so much it hurt.

She was the one that had to go through everything with the pregnancy because of him.

He loved Micki more then anything, his entire world became an ugly blank space as he looked at her.

No it should of been him, not her.

He prayed for God to switch it, to please make his Micki wake up. No God wouldn't do this...he wouldn't take her away from him.

Still crying Jack helped her up.

Ryan looked down at the body of the woman he now knew he always loved, and the uborn child she had inside her.

Crying Jack struggled to pull him away.

18: Through Ryan's eyes

The past few months at the store hadn't been good ones for Ryan. Ever since November the cursed objects seemed to come at them like bullets, each one of them getting harder and more dangerous to get back. In the space of three months he had nearly left Micki and Jack to live in the country side with a young girl he barley knew. He acted like a jerk and didn't seem to care what others think, mostly the ones closest to him. He had watched a girl he had become interested in get murdered, even if they had just started going out. Guilt and pressure then added on after he found out that his father was in town using one of the cursed objects. Ever since Jimmy their relationship had been strained, now all these years later Ryan had hoped to maybe repair it. Instead his father died like so many other people.

Ontop of that his relationship with Micki had gotten him confused.

For the second he laid eyes on her in the store he knew something was different about her. He really wasn't the number one choice when women had to pick due to his messed up past. But somehow Micki saw past this. He first brushed it off as a small attraction, flirting with her teasing like they were teenagers. They he began to see that he felt feelings that he never had before. Most of all when Lloyd came around. She was out of his leauge. She was upperclass and had a fine well raised background. Here he was the silly art school dropout who still read comics. But somehow the more time they spent together and the more objects that were put away in the vault, they began to understand eachother.

He began to fall for her.

But he could never come forward and say it out loud, she would just laugh.

Then that night on Thanksgiving. To Micki it was a blur, for Ryan it was something he never forgot. But like always his luck ran out when she began acting strange and told him it was a mistake.

From that point onward he tried to date other girls and see something different then what he saw with Micki. He knew deep down inside Laura wasn't the girl for him...but he just wanted to believe he could move on. Things got worse and worse and he had no idea what to do.

Until she told him about the pregnancy.

Ryan was still stunned. Did this really happen? Could one foolish night result in this? He was too young to get anyone pregnant. Most of all Micki. Part of it seemed like a dream come true, he loved Micki more then she would ever know. But at first she didn't want the baby. She called it a mistake and wanted to kill it. Ryan knew if she did go ahead with the abortion any hopes or dreams with a future with her would be destoryed. He loved her so much it hurt, and just to know she hid this for so long...

He just didn't understand.

As scared as he was he really thought he could bring a child into this world. Most of all with Micki. Maybe he could give this baby the family he never had.

He needed to tell Micki whatever she was going to decide to do with this baby that he would be there for her no matter what. The thought of them having a child together made him look at the world in a different way. He loved her too much to lose her.

Also did she feel the same way?

Since she decided not to get the abortion she had been closer with him. Those kisses, always holding him. Did it mean something?

That's when Jack rushed into the store out of breath. Micki and him had gone to the taxidermist shop to check out the owner of the coin. Ryan meanwhile went to the museum to check out any books on who these cult members were raising from the dead.

Jack look what I found...

Jack came in out of breath and rain dripping off his clothes.

Where's Micki?

Wasn't she with you?

Right away Ryan's thoughts played back to last night and that kiss they shared. Afterwards how Micki went to bed and all Ryan could so was smile and laugh. Now the worried look in Jack's eyes scared him.

What's wrong?

We went back to that texidermist shop, there's a damn cave underneath, we split up after they ran after us.

Ryan froze as his heart raced in his chest.

She's still down there?

Always Micki and the others had been very careful. They barley split up and most of the time it was Micki who helped them out of getting killed.

I'm afraid she's not come on!

Ryan ran as fast as he could, barley able to pull on his jacket as he ran out of the store. Both men ran as fast as they could through the side streets in the night.

Ryan was a pretty fast runner now, and kept praying to God Micki was all right. She was smart and most likely escaped. But something deep down inside him knew something was wrong.

When they reached the parking-lot they saw the car.

Look the car, she must still be here.

Ryan then saw the flicker of lights.

Oh my God Jack look...

His throat had become dry as he saw the police cruisers and ambulances.


Ryan then broke out into a full forced run, a police officer had tried to stop him at the taped off area but he pushed past him and ran around the ambulance. There he screamed as Jack ran after him.

Micki was laying on the wet pavement. She was dressed in her peach colored blouse and slacks. Her beautiful red hair now wet and dirty from laying there. Police and other people were gathered around.


Ryan nearly slid as he fell down to Micki.


He grabbed her and shook her as hard as he could. Her skin felt cold which made his entire stomach twist. Shaking her he began to sob.


Jack stepped forward and gasped.

It had been the coin, he saw the burned mark on her forehead.

Ryan held her lifeless body, petting her hair and kissing her face as he cried. Begging her to just wake up for him.

The police officer moved forward.

Excuse me do you know this woman.

Jack waved his hand to the officer who began to question he they knew why Micki was out there at this time of night.

Micki was dead.

Ryan held onto her slowly rocking back and forth. He was hysterical and having a complete mental breakdown. Jack had never seen Ryan like this. The strong stone of grief and shock hit Jack as he slowly shook his head.


The officer moved forward, prehaphs to get Ryan away from the body.

Ryan then turned around, hot sticky tears rushing down his face. He snapped like an animal clutching onto Micki's body for dear life.


The office a little stunned stood up as Jack gave them his card.

Officer you can contact us here.

All right, after we take a look at her we'll call for funeral arrangements.

Jack just shook his head and kneeled down beside Ryan who kept petting her long red hair.

Please...please wake up Micki.


He held Ryan's shoulder hard.


Ryan you have to, there's nothing we can do!

Ryan still sobbing looked down at Micki's lifeless body as Jack began to pull him away.

There Micki's body stayed.

Jack struggled to get Ryan away from it and into the car. Jack always kept a spare set of keys in the glovebox. Still shocked Jack slowly began to drive back to the store.

Their Micki was dead.

Ryan sat there with his head in his hands sobbing.

When they reached the store something seemed different, empty.

They couldn't believe it. They had lost their Micki.

Ryan had stopped crying, his eyes looked like shrunked little marbles in his deep shockets. He stood in the shop stareing off into space. Jack knew he was in shock and began looking at the books Ryan had brought back about the cursed coin.

Jack's heart ached but he knew at least for Micki they needed to get that damn thing back.

Ryan stared at the clay he was trying to sculpt of Micki. He thought he was doing a halfway good job. Looking at it he sighed.

Her beautiful cream colored skin, her eyes, her hair, her laugh. Ryan was lost in a deep sea of grief and couldn't escape.

He then went to ran his hand through his hair, something he did whenever he was worried, He then touched the small earring Micki had talked him into getting a few months ago at the mall. At first he thought it looked stupid, now it kind of grew on him.

He looked at the clay and sighed...his heart hurt too much now.

You didn't tell me what you found.

Does it matter?

Of course it does.

She was so beautiful...

Ryan's voice began to crack, tears started building.

She didn't deserve this!

Jack looked up from his books.

Ryan nobody deserved this.

But why does it say she had to waste her life going after some stupid coin, WHY?

Jack saw Ryan was upset, he was crying again.

She knew what she was getting into...

Why did you leave her?

Jack seemed stunned by this question as Ryan walked forward.

I tried to help her all the time..

It wasn't enough, why did you let them get their hands on her YOU BASTARD!

Ryan wanted to kill Jack for the hurt he was suffering, he wanted to kill him for leaving his Micki there down in those caves all alone. Ryan thought about how scared she must of been. He could of saved her.

Jack held Ryan's arm before he struck him.


Jack then explained that it wasn't anyone's fault...and what he loved her too.

I loved her too...

Ryan then broke down in Jack's arms. All he wanted was his Micki back.

What happens to all the people that are loved too?

By the time Ryan got himself under control they had read on up the cursed coin and what they planned to do with it. Ryan was half in a daze and told Jack that he would help get this coin back...afterwards he was done, finished. His heart just wasn't in it any longer.

I don't want to go through the same thing when you die.

Jack paused nodding, he knew how Ryan felt.

She was pregnant.

Ryan said out loud as Jack turned to get the car. Jack froze and turned around.


Pregnant...Micki was pregnant.

Jack opened to mouth to say something then stopped. Ryan kept looking off into space.

And I was the father.


Ryan shook his head.

I really messed up her life, she...she was going to tell you once we got the coin back and decide what she was going to do.

Jack stepped closer.

Ryan I'm so sorry...

Ryan folded his arms, tears still going down his face.

I killed the woman I loved and my baby...

Ryan you didn't...

Ryan then began to cry again as Jack tried his best to hold him. He loved Ryan like a son and had no words to make him feel better.

That's when Jack eyed the clay...

Ryan...I think I have an idea.

Ryan pulled apart from Jack and looked at him, his eyes bloodshot and red.


To bring Micki back.

19: Breaking free

Jack eyed Ryan nervously as they drove down to the police station. It was nearly two in the morning and they were racing against time. Ryan sat with the book from the museum in one hand, and the huge thick chunk of clay that he was working in his hands.

Jack had his lockpicks and thought that most likely the loading dock to the mourge would be easy to get through. Ryan hadn't really said a word since their struggle in the store and the plan he pitched to him. It seemed to far fetched it might actually work. Ryan meanwhile stayed silent, Jack knew he was still in shock.


Jack looked over to him before turning the street. The city seemed empty at this time of the night.


If this doesn't work...

Your leaving?

Ryan shook his head.

I know you probably won't do it...

Ryan's fingers shaped the clay even more.

I have...I have insulin back home, more then enough...if it doesn't work could you give me the coin and I'll put it in the vault...maybe you could drive around for a few hours...

Jack knew where he was going with this.

Ryan...I understand your reason for wanting to leave...

No Jack, I'm not trying to leave you with all the responsibly or anything, but without her I'll be no use...alive or dead.

You shouldn't ever say that, I know Micki wouldn't...she would of wanted you to go on.

She's dead Jack, that's all.

They then reached the station. Jack parked and looked over at Ryan for a very long time before sighing.

Ryan why don't we focus on it trying to work before planning to do anything else.

Ryan held up the clay mask and looked over at Jack.

I loved her Jack...you knew that right?

Jack patted Ryan on the shoulder before getting out.

I think I always did.

Getting into the loading dock was easier then they thought. There were no watch guards, or alarm systems. Jack kept a look out while Ryan ran into the empty mourge.

Alone small shivers went down his arms, looking around he saw the counters and jars of chemicals...then the metal roll out doors. Pausing Ryan felt his heart beat faster.

Micki where are you?

Pulling open the draws he opened each rubber body bag one by one. Most of them were older people who had past away peacefuly in their sleep. Searching he thought of Micki's bright pretty eyes and whenever they lit up when she walked through the store.

He loved her so much.

No, he couldn't loose her...he didn't want to die if she wasn't with him. Ryan began to think of all those moments they shared together, and then the baby.

He swore to God if this worked he would figure something out to keep the two of them and the baby together.

He wouldn't loose them.

Finally the found Micki.

She hadn't been dead for long. She still had her clothes on and seemed freezing cold, her lips and eyelids a dark blue. Looking down at her he remembered how alive and beautiful she looked earlier on that night. He wouldn't let her die...even if it meant using one of these damn cursed objects.

Oh Micki...

He slowly touched her cold skin and then moved over to her long fire red hair. All he wanted to do right now was to hold her.

I'm gonna take you home, I promise.

Grabbing her like a groom would pick up a bride on their wedding day, he felt her cold skin against his and shook for a second. She seemed like an empty shell, not his Micki.

With a little trouble from the dead weight he finally got her in his arms and felt all his emotions and tears turn into anger towards the ones who had done this to her.

Walking out he met Jack at the car, with care they put Micki's body in the back seat while Ryan fitted the clay over her peaceful pale face. The drive there was in silence.

Jack saw that Ryan looked as if he was going to kill someone.

The next morning, Micki was alive.

The entire underground tunnels had caved in, leaving the witches and the cursed coin buried under piles upon piles of rock and derby. But Ryan didn't care about that, all he knew was that he got his Micki back.

Even if the cursed coin had helped them.

It was just a few hours after dawn now and Micki with help from Jack was dressed in her nightgown and laid in her bed. She was weak and barley able to keep her eyes open. Ryan wouldn't leave her side for a second.

They explained how they had switched the bodies using the clay mask and what had happened. Micki almost in a daze with heavy eyelids reached out her hand and took Ryan's.

Wouldn't want to go on doing this without you.

Jack looked at Ryan who smiled and kept looking down at Micki.

Do you remember anything?

Not really, mostly a blur...I remember the coin falling to the floor, then sort of a peaceful feeling like I was underwater.

Ryan and Jack eyed eachother before Jack slowly stood by and kissed Micki's forehead.

I'll let you rest...

leaving the two of them alone, Ryan kept looking at Micki.

Was I...was I really dead?

Shhh...let's not talk about it.

I was wasn't I?

Ryan looked at her, he held her hand tighter.

It doesn't matter now, we got you back.

Using a cursed object.


Micki looked exausted, blinking a few times she sighed.

I feel so tried...

Ryan moved his chair closer to Micki's bedside, and kept rubbing her hand.

I thought, I lost you...

His voice began to break up, he wasn't able to control himself. Micki watched him for awhile before he wiped his eyes and made a nervous laugh.

Guess I'm a wreck when your not around...

Micki pulled his hand and made it rest on her stomach, Ryan looked at her.

The baby...

It's okay.

How do you know?

I don't I just feel it.

Ryan nodded before leaning in closer.

I won't loose you again Micki, you or the baby.

Ryan...that's what I wanted to talk to you about.


The baby...I understand alot has happened and I agree with you that an abortion isn't the answer, I don't think we would be the same if it did happen. But I thought about this alot and I want to put the baby up for adoption.


Please Ryan, no more fighting...I'm too tried. Look...I died last night and so didn't the baby, for God's sake it isn't even more yet and it's living a dangerous life...this store isn't where it should grow up.

Then we'll leave...we'll raise it somewhere else together.

Ryan...you know what we have to do, what we have to finish, for all we know it could take years to even a lifetime...a child shouldn't have to go through that.

Micki I can't do this anymore, your killing me...

Ryan I know you care for me and this baby alot, as much as I feel about you, but if you really do love us the way you've been acting you'll understand...it should live with a family where it's going to be loved.

I've loved this baby ever since you told me you were pregnant.

I know, you might even be the reason why it's still alive, but Ryan...it shouldn't have the fear of perhaps loosing it's parents...or it's life. Ryan how would you feel if one of these objects hurt the baby like it did last night.

Micki we can figure something out, this is our baby we're talkinga about.

A mistake we're talking about, in which it shouldn't have to pay for because we made so many...Ryan I just can't bare the thought of being the reason something would happen. We'll find it a nice family, people who live normal lifes and give it enough love that it would ever need.

Strangers raising it?

Ryan think...as hard as everything gets and whatever we decide to do with our lifes, we'll know there's a little part of you and me out there somehwere...happy.

Ryan was crying again.

I love you Micki...please...

Micki cupped Ryan's face taking it down to hers, kissing him she looked up at his eyes.

We'll get through this together.

By the time Jack returned with some hot tea, Ryan and Micki were laying together in her bed, their arms around eachother in a peaceful sleeping way. Ryan held onto her for dear life...looking as if he would never let her go. His face wrinkled deep in his sleep as Micki had her head resting on his chest.

Jack watched from the doorway and sighed.

That baby was very lucky...it's parents loved eachother more then life itself...even if they didn't know it yet.

20: Love

Micki had been on bedrest ever since the accident with the coin happened a few days ago. Instead of going stir crazy like she usually did, she stayed in bed with Jack's orders and spent alot of time talking with him alone. By know he knew about the pregnancy and agreed that maybe putting the baby up for adoption wouldn't be that bad of an idea. Ryan like always couldn't believe that everyone was against him and couldn't see his reasons for raising this child. Trying his best not to upset Micki or argue with him, he made sure his point came across on the subject and how unhappy he was with it.

Micki spent most of the day either reading her magazines or looking over papers in which the mail man had brought to her. She told Ryan she needed time alone, but after what happened with the coin he wanted to tell her to hell with her time, he wanted to be with her.

But like always her guard was up. She acted as if nothing had happened and Ryan and her were just friends. He wanted to talk about what was going on, the baby, them, anything.

Micki was going to the doctors in another week, after that she asked Ryan if he wouldn't mind meeting with some of the social workers in which she wanted to speak about options on which family they would choose to have their baby live with.

Everything was going too fast, Ryan had Micki back but he was loosing the child he just learned was his.

Tyring his best to say angry at her he kept his distance. Jack meanwhile had tried to explain how Micki was right and that Ryan should just be thankful that she was still alive.

Coming into her room, Ryan decided to surprise her with something. She was laying in bed looking through a book.


Micki looked up setting down her book, Ryan hid the tickets behind her back.


I got something for you...something to get you out of the house for awhile.

Micki sat forward in bed, she had been pretty weak since the coin thing had happened.

Ryan grinned, even through he was worried and very depressed. His blood sugar had gotten pretty bad since the coin.

Holding out the tickets Micki squealed with delight.

The symphony! Oh my God Ryan these must of cost so much!

Ryan smiled sitting on the edge of her bed.

Anything to make you feel better...

Micki never looked so happy before in her life as she looked at the tickets.

But Ryan you hate stuff like this?

Ryan reached over and rubbed her leg.

It will be a pleasure for me to take you.

Micki smiled looking at the tickets.

Oh my God it's Saturday...oh Ryan thank you!

She moved forward and hugged him, Ryan smiled holding her and rubbing her back.

Anything for you Micki...

Just then on the radio Straight to my Heart by Sting started to play softly.

Micki pulled back a little from hugging him and looked straight into his eyes.

Your coming with me to the social workers right, this isnt some plan...

As much as I don't want to, nor agree with this...yes I'm coming, I'm not letting you out of my sight.


Ryan then put his fingers up to her lips.

Both looked at eachother before Micki reached up brushing back his hair and smiling.

I promise you that this is the right choice...I'm sure of it.

Ryan shook his head.

It isn't Micki.

Then what do you think we should do huh?

She was getting angry.

Raise the baby together.

Ryan we're not even together...

Are we?

Micki paused.

We have a very strong attraction Ryan I won't lie about that, it's just so messed up right now...

Ryan then kissed her, his lips going against her hard.


She tried to mutter as he kept going.

Ryan come on...

Pulling away the song played in the background as the two of them stared at eachother for what seemed like a lifetime.

Lay back on the bed...

She whispered


Just do it...

Ryan did so watching her, she moved slowly up the bed, nearly crawling . Ryan leaned against the headboard as she gave a sly smile and began to pull off his belt.


Shut up Ryan...

She began pulling down his pants, slowly...never looking away from his eyes.

The song played louder as she lowered her head, Ryan's eyed bulged out of his head as he gasped.


Snapping his eyes shut he felt her moist mouth around him, slowly moving back and down...he hadn't gotten one of these since high school.

Grabbing the sheets Ryan began to breath heavy.

Oh God Micki...

He looked at ceiling and felt his heart race. Within no time his will power failed and he groaned as he climaxed strongly. Micki raised her head with a smile, her face full of color. Moving forward she kissed him before drawing back. Still stunned and out of breath he watched her.

What...was that?

A reward.

For what?

For saving my life.

Ryan just laid there as Micki stood up.

Ryan, I care about you deeply, but we shouldn't take things like this too serious.

How can you just call that not serious?

Micki smiled.

You should see other girls...


Get out more, not worry about me...trust me nothing is going to happen.


Ryan began pulling up his jeans.

Is something wrong with you or is it the pregnancy?


One second your...doing that to me, the next you want me to see other girls and not care about you...after what happened?

Lower your voice Jack is going to wake up.

Shhh! Ryan...your just feeling this way because of everything, I think we shouldn't look too much into this until the baby is born and placed in a safe life, then maybe we can start looking towards the future.

So until then?

Friends who understand each other.

I don't know any friends who did that...

Micki laughed again as Ryan stood walking to her.

Ryan I love you very much, and I know how much your against this idea with the baby...but trust me once it's said and done you'll understand.

And you?

What about me?

I can't worry about you...Micki I'm in Lov...

Please don't say it, I know...until everything's finished we shouldn't go down that road.

But if I don't want to?

Micki stood on her tip toes.

Then you'll loose me too.

Kissing him Ryan just stood there.

Night Ryan, thanks again.

As Ryan walked out to his bed he had no idea what the hell happened. All he did know is if she wanted him to see other girls he would, fuck them in fact...try to show her he could move forward without everything getting so messed up.

But he wasn't going to give up on this baby, or making sure nothing would ever touch her again.

He loved her too much.

And that was the real word wasn't it?


21: It was always you

Micki pulled on her coat before closing her bedroom door behind her. Pausing for a moment she looked over at Ryan who was sitting on his bed getting his boots on.

Another woman who entered his life was dead.

Micki put her purse over one should, watching him in silence. She wished they hadn't gone to the symphony. Like always wherever they went a cursed object was right behind them. Now today was the morning they would meet with the adoption agency and try to start the long and never ending choice to find their unborn baby a new home.


Ryan looked up, almost in a half daze.


You okay? I you know I could always go alone...

Ryan shook his head.

No it's allright, I'm driving.

Standing up and stuffing his hands in his pockets and made a weak smile before they walked out together to the car.

An hour later both sat at the desk in an office which was right outside of the city. The drive had been rather short and Ryan the entire time didn't say a word. After speaking with the social worker she brought them paperwork and forms for the two of them to fill out before starting to flip through the folders. Micki and Ryan sat side by side filling everything out in silence. The woman who was dressed in the gray pants suit across from them smiled. Micki then saw how serious Ryan looked.

You'll need to bring these papers back for a final decision in another three weeks.

Micki and Ryan nodded before shaking hands with the woman and taking most of their paperwork home. The drive back Micki was buried waist deep in looking through the folders, reading softly to herself.

I think we should pick a young couple...ones without children.

Like us?

Ryan mumbled under his breath making sure Micki hadn't heard well. Glancing at him again she saw how angry he was.

Before long they were back at the store upstairs and looking at the paperwork. Micki would be seeing the doctor at the end of the month, after that the last of the paperwork would be sent in. Ryan the entire time was very silent and deadpan.

Micki looked at him.

Ryan, I'm so sorry about what happened.


Micki looked at him.

At the symphony...

Ryan then shrugged before handing Micki the last form he had filled through.

If you wanna talk about it...

Micki reached across the table to hold Ryan's hand, instead he flinched back making Micki jump back a bit. His eyes looked nervous.

Ryan what's wrong?

Please don't touch me.

Ryan why dont?

Micki sounded concerned.

Ryan stared at his hands which were on the table. His eyes dropped and seemed exausted.

Everything I touch is cursed...I don't wanna hurt you again.

Ryan what are you talking about?

Moving forward he tried to sit back but she took hold of his shoulder.

Ryan you can't blame yourself for what happened.

No that isn't it...its...the people I care about they all die.


My father, Cathy, and this new girl...what was her name?

Ryan please calm down.

I saw how Laura wasn't right for me, I found out about the pregnancy...and then what happened to you...

His voice began to break up as Micki rubbed his arm.

Ryan please...

The truth is I didn't even care for this one, I think it was just a way of getting back at your...for acting as if nothing was going on.


No, you tell me your pregnant after constant times where you and me kissed, or flirted, or laid in the same bed together, Hell Micki we slept together!

Lower your voice...

Micki for God's sake...one second I think you feel about me how I feel about you, then bang your guard is up telling me to see other people...well every time I come in contact with somebody they die...or...

Or what?

Or I pretend I'm with you...yeah I slept with her but thought it was you the entire time.

Ryan please you just don't understand.

One second you want an abortion, then won't even give me the chance to raise my own child.

Ryan you said you were fine with this, you said in your own words anything would be better then an abortion, we've been through this...even Jack says...

To hell with Jack! I told you that I would raise the child.


No, I would move somewhere with the baby, raise it...anything things got back for you and Jack I would help out, I wouldn't be gone for good and you could see the baby...

Ryan it's a dream...you couldn't raise a child and do this, what if something happens to us?

Micki...I don't care, I just can't loose you again, my heart won't take it...so please just me straight with me, try to level.

Ryan your getting upset, and I told you once the baby came and things would be taken care of...for the best of the baby, we would talk.

I can't keep on acting, I love you Micki...and I don't care how mixed up things are or how the baby is being raised with us or not, I just need an answer.

An answer, an answer for what!

To know if you love me too!

Micki just looked at Ryan before Ryan got up in a hurry, kicking back his chair. Within moments he was downstairs, his loud footsteps going on Micki sat there alone at the kitchen table in a litter of papers.

After a while Jack came up.

You okay?

Micki held her forehead sighing.

Jack, I can't seem to understand Ryan, doesn't he know how confusing and awful it is for me too?

Jack tied his robe before sitting down.

Micki, alot has happened, but I think you see as good as me that no matter what Ryan's feelings for you have stayed the same.

It's just the pregnancy...he doesn't see how dangerous this life is and how it could ever happen, he just won't see.

Maybe what he sees is that your scared to maybe give in to your feelings and do what you really want to do.

And what is?

Believe in you guys.

Jack I love him but...

Micki, I didn't want to tell you this but I think I might need too.


Well a few weeks ago when the cursed coin happned with you...Ryan had a complete mental breakdown. When he found your body I had to drag him away from you...he even attacked me.

Jesus Jack...

I never saw someone so empty and alone, when we got back to the store and he broke down I saw him holding one of your sweaters and crying. Everything was you in this store and I saw him die a little with you.

Oh my God...

Micki, I think he's always loved you, sure this isn't the right lifestyle but as we know love does stand against everything else, and I think you might feel the same way about him.

But Jack...

He told me that night that if it didn't work...he was going to kill himself.


Micki froze.

Ryan is nothing without you, and even if your final wish is to take the baby away that's fine...but you need to show him your not going to leave again, or he'll loose his mind.

Micki felt tears.

I just don't know...I'm scared...

Jack held her hand.

And he is too.

He really said those things.

Micki that's the truth, and I think he would of done it.

Standing Micki looked at Jack before looking down at her stomach.

Jack nodded before Micki ran down the stairs and into the darkness. Ryan was standing up behind the counter, looking off into space. By the loud sound of Micki's footsteps racing down the stairs he looked up as she laughed and ran right into his arms, nearly making him fall over.

Stunned Ryan watched her as she held him tight and kissed him right on the lips.

Ryan I love you...

Ryan's eyed bugged out as she kept kissing him, finally a smile came between their lips.

Micki what?...

Her lips covered his again as she wrapped her arms around him.

I love you...and we're having our baby...

She grabbed Ryan's face before he could say anything and kissed him as hard as she ever could.

You won't loose me Ryan...your the one...

22: What happens now?

Micki decided to switch doctors shortly after deciding not to go ahead with the doctors. Ryan meanwhile went back to the social worker and explained and Micki and him had decided to raise the baby themselfs. Alot had happened that week, along with Jack feeling better about seeing these two happy for once. It had been too long of a run for heartbreak in this store. He was happy they had agreed to keep the baby...maybe this would restore a little life back inside them.

Ryan told Micki that after she had the baby if things got worse at the store that she would live somewhere else and raise the baby while they finished getting the last of the objects. But Micki wanted to stay with Ryan, she made sure of that.

The drive to their first real doctor's visit was rather nice. Micki held Ryan's free hand while he drived the entire time. As of right now they didn't know what they were. A couple? Involved? All Micki really knew was that she loved Ryan as even through she never dreamed of ending up with a guy like this...she never seemed so happy.

So what's this visit all about?

I think they want to see how the baby is doing, get a sonogram...see how much it's growing.

Your three months right?



Ryan did the math in his head.

It's going to be due in July?

Late July.

Ryan smiled.

Kids who have birthdays in summer have better parties anyways.

Micki smiled before Ryan raised her hand and kissed it. He also couldn't help but look happy.

Reaching the office the wait wasn't that long. Called in, a nurse asked Micki is she could change into a gown before the doctor saw her. The doctor was a friendly looking older man, in which also served one of Micki's friends. He shook Ryan's hand before looking over Micki's chart.

Well your almost twelve weeks, which makes you in the clear...you gained three months.

I know...

Micki rolled her eyes.

Oh now, I think your going to have a healthy baby...the bigger you get, the bigger it gets.


The doctor laughed before asking her how the morning sickness had been.

Awful, I'm sick all the time.

Is your life stressful at the moment?

Micki eyed Ryan for a second before slowly nodding her head. The doctor smiled before telling her that since she was such a small lady this pregnancy was going to be hard, he told her to stay off her feet as much as possible and to have lots of rest.

Micki nodded at everything before the doctor asked her to lay back on the table. Pushing herself up the doctor wheeled a stool over wearing gloves. Micki looked at Ryan before the doctor went between her legs. A second later Micki seemed to stiffen as Ryan held her hand. The doctor then sat back up and told Micki she seemed perfectly fine and if she didn't mind if they did the sonogram now.

Within no time the lights were off and the doctor moved this paddle across Micki's stomach. Everyone watched the fuzzy screen before it lit up.

There...it is, yep that's a twelve week fetus...

Micki and Ryan squinted at the image.

That's it.


It's so tiny...

The doctor laughed.

That looks like a head, and its body...and see that over there.


That's it heart.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Too early to tell, maybe in another visit or two.

Ryan smiled over at Micki as the doctor started printing a photo out for them.

Micki looked at the screen.


Yeah I know.

Micki then held Ryan's hand tighter before nearly crying looking at her baby.

Once they were back at the store Ryan couldn't seem to stop looking at the sonogram photo. Excited like a little kid he showed Jack who hugged Micki.

Well look it has Ryan's head.

Ryan laughed.

Isn't this amazing?

It sure is...but Micki you do know the further into this pregnancy you won't be able to come along with us to get the objects, too dangerous.


Jack's right Micki...the doctor did say you needed to stay off your feet.

And I will, but I don't wanna be treated like glass okay?

Jack and Ryan smiled before Micki looked at the photo again.

She was really doing this.

That night Micki laid in bed, Ryan came in.

You need anything?

Micki slowly shook her head before smiling.

Why don't you sleep in here...protect me.

Ryan smiled, yet again Micki couldn't get enough of him and how cute he looked.

Ryan shut the door behind him before getting into bed with her, right away she rolled into his arms and the two began making out. Micki wouldn't even let him have a chance to breath...she felt like she was going crazy.

Make love to me...

She said in a breathless voice between kisses, Ryan smiled before flicking off the lamp on the nightstand.


Micki was too busy trying to pull down his shorts as he looked down at her.


What are we?


Before he could repeat himself she pulled him down. Laughing in a almost nervous way Ryan tried to keep up with Micki as she hurried their clothes off and kept kissing him.

Hey...hey wait!

Micki looked up at him.


Slow down...

Ryan laughed.

Micki then shook her head.

Aren't you thinking about how much you wanted to make love to me...when the coin happened?


Well right before that coin hit the ground I remember thinking to myself that I would never be in your arms again.

Ryan looked out at Micki.


Grabbing her face he leaned down kissing her hard, holding her arms together he moved until he began slowly making love to her. Micki snapped her eyes shut as he moved inside her. Tears slowly falling down her face.

What happenes now?

Micki thought as Ryan laid on top of her.

Smiling she kissed him again in the darkness of her bedroom.

Fall in love with this man she thought.

23: 13 is a very unlucky number

Micki's eyelids slowly fluttered open and she looked out and saw her bedroom window. The curtains hung by the glass, making the thin milk colored sunlight show every single bit of golden dust that floated around in the room. Blinking away the sleep for a moment, never in her life did she feel so comfortable. Stretching her muscles she felt the cool feeling of the feathered pillows and sheets under her. The last couple of months had been awful on her, both physically and mentally. Now for what seemed like the first time ever she woke up feeling at peace, and without any morning sickness.


Micki tilted her head back to see Ryan laying right behind her. His hair sticking up a bit from sleep. Smiling she remembered their love making last night. Something in which she seemed to have been waiting for a lifetime. She remembered how exausted their bodies were, and how serious his eyes looked. Now here she was in bed with him. Feeling his body against hers, she smiled.


Turning her head she leaned back against his arm as he began to slowly kiss her. Smiling through the kiss Micki laughed.

An hour or so later any thought of getting up and starting their day had been tossed out the window. But they weren't in the bed...now they were in Micki's great over stuffed chair which faced the window. Ryan sat in it with Micki moving slowly on his lap, the bed sheet wrapped around her lower half covering them.

Ryan leaned back watching Micki move. Her head faced up to the ceiling, the look of pleasure and climax close on her face. Ryan never thought in his entire life he could make a woman look this way. Feeling her move on him, holding her by her hips he took a deep breath in and held in. Micki was perfect all over, and looking at her flawless body he began to think of that night where he almost lost her. How cold and dead she laid in his arms. But now she was very much alive...and so wasn't his baby. Looking at her stomach he smiled.

He wasn't going to let anything happen to them.

Micki began to make a very faint cry in her throat, Ryan knew she was coming close, in fact he felt it himself. Trying his best to hold off he watched her before it same on even stronger.

Oh Jesus...

Ryan tried but came as fast as he should of, Micki cried out before both sat there breathless, finally she laid forward on him, her head laying on his bare chest...breathing heavy.

My God...

I'm sorry...

Ryan was able to get out, Micki turned towards him smiling.

That was amazing...

Micki then sat forward again and began to move.

Whoa...hold on.

But Micki was all ready trying to go again, a sly curved smile on her face.

Micki...wait I need to regain myself a little here, how can you have any energy left?

Micki smiled before kissing him and playfuly tugging on his lip. Laughing he held her, looking at her beautiful body.

God your beautiful...

Your not too bad yourself.

Micki laughed, she started moving again...she wanted to get going.

Micki, Ryan laughed before she looked at him, her back arched a bit ready for round three.

Micki if we keep this up I'm not going to have any fluids left in my body.

Too bad...

Ryan laughed as she kissed him again, even stronger, he hadn't seen this side of Micki before...he liked it.

What's gotten into you?

I'm pregnant Ryan...hormones.

Ryan laughed before Micki touched his earrning.

Still got it in huh?

Yeah it grew on me.

What's next week a tattoo?

After the needles...I don't think so.

Micki smiled looking at the earring again.

I love it...


Yeah...In fact I love every part of you...

Micki started kissing him, working down his neck to his chest.

Ryan laid back almost unable to breath.

Around noon they finally decided to show their faces. There was a note from Jack who was in the city for the day. Ryan knew that most likely Jack either heard them or knew they were going to spend a good amount of time together.

Sitting down for breakfast and coffee, Ryan looked at the sonogram again.

You know, I think it has my good looks?

Micki rolled her eyed before coming over with the coffee.

We should start thinking about names.

Out of everything we need to do names is on the first of the list.

Well we can't very much all the baby it.

But we don't know of it's a boy or a girl...

We'll get a baby book...find something.

Nothing too fancy, I don't want my kid getting picked on.

Micki smiled.

What's your idea of a good name.


Oh for God's sake...

Yeah...hey it works for both a boy and a girl.

Sounds simple to me. Micki cracked, Ryan looke at her before laughing.

Did the doctor give a due date for you yesterday.

Yeah...July 13, a Friday.

Friday the 13th?

Micki nodded before Ryan laughed.

Great...just great.

24: Made for eachother

I don't like the idea of you traveling alone...

Ryan told Micki as he sat on her suitcase while she snapped the lock shut. Smiling she brushed back a bit of her hair and looked at him. Whenever he got worried like this he looked extra cute.

I'm just visiting my mother...

I thought you two didn't talk anymore.

Not since my father divorced him and my stepmother died.

Then why now?

She's been calling me non-stop, I guess she heard about how I broke up with Lloyd through her bridge club.

What are you going to tell her?

Just the facts, how I'm very happy running this store for the time being...that I'm involved with a very handsome young man...and that I'm almost four months pregnant.


Ryan grinned as he slid off her suitcase. Micki turned and took her large leather purse...this is what she would have with her while she road the train...which was leaving in less then two hours. Looking around the room she made a mental checklist if she had packed everything...she would be gone for nearly a week.

How do you think she's going to take it?

Shocked more then anything...most likely will put her two cents in.


And I don't really care, she hasn't been part of my life for awhile and if she wants to repair anything we might have she'll have to keep her mouth shut.

Sounds pretty stressful to me.

Micki waved her hand.

I won't be...anyways there's a ton of old girlfriends who I looked up and are just dying to see how they are, trust me it will be fun and relaxing.

You sure you don't want me to come?

Micki walked over putting her arms around Ryan's neck before wiggling her nose against his and smiling.

You stay here with Jack...take some time off, God knows you need it.

Ryan cracked a smile.

Have a guys week...and don't get into any trouble before I get back.

I'll try not too.

You better...

Both laughed before Micki softly kissed Ryan's lips.

You'll come next time, I'm sure my mother will very much want to meet you.

Ryan put his forehead against hers and sighed.

If there's any problems...any at all you just call me and I'll drive through the night and pick you up.

Micki kissed Ryan again before he helped her take her bags downstairs and waited for the taxi.

An hour later she was gone and Ryan felt depressed.

He didn't know how strong his feelings for Micki was until now. He hated being away from her as cheesy as it sounded. And right now he was all ready counting down the days until she came back. Sitting at Jack's desk Ryan looked at the sonogram photo and sighed.

Micki arrived back in her old home town right before sunset. The air was still very chilly and Micki stepped off the train dressed in her mink coat. Taking the first taxi she could get she looked down the side streets at the small little houses all lined up in a row. Tons of memories came back to her as a child.

As nervous as she was...she was still very happy to be there.

Finally she reached her mother's house. The driver of the taxi was kind enough to take her suitcase up to the front porch. Knocking on the fancy glass door she stood there looking at her breath come out in tiny clouds. It seemed like forever since she last saw her mother. But then again they didn't always get along.

Finally the door opened and there she was, dressed in a wine red pants suit and her hair done up in a bun. She looked older...but still the same woman.

Hello Michelle...

Her mother hugged her and Micki got the scent of fancy roses and coffee. Smiling she gave her mother a hug back before the drew part, right away her mother looked her up and down before placing her hands on her hips.

My God Michelle...have you gained weight?

Rolling her eyes Micki stepped inside the nice warm house.

Nice to see you too mother...

Ryan spent that night at the store alone on the couch stuffing his face. Jack had gone up to bed an hour or so ago while Ryan watched TV. In the morning Jack and him were going to answer a call in for a cursed object. He wanted to get as many back while Micki was gone.

Laying there he turned on his side and hoped Micki would call.

Back at Micki's mother's house, the two of them sat in the pallor finishing up their tea. For most of the time they sat in silence while Micki looked down at her tea cup.

Twenty-four years old and your going to have a baby...


Micki's mother put her tea cup down on the tray before shaking her head.

First you break up with Lloyd...a perfectly good man to start a fmaily with...now running this dead end store and with Ryan Dallion...he's your cousin!

Second cousin mother...

Still...Micki you haven't lived your life yet!

Mother...this may come as a shock to you, but I'm very happy...so what that I didn't end up with Lloyd, money isn't everything mother, Ryan is kind, he's loving, and he cares about me...

He didn't even finish college, he won't be able to support you or a baby!

We're running the shop together and we're doing all right, yes it might of been sudden, and yes it wasn't planned...but I love him very much and I'm sure he'll be an amazing father to this baby.

Like your father was...

Daddy was great to me and you know it.

Oh yes with that other woman...

Mother I came down here to share my happy news, not be told how many mistakes I'm making.

Your still early...did you think of an...


Micki it isn't too late, you could tell him you lost it on the trip...you'll cry over it for awhile and then all will be forgotten.


Micki stood up, holding back her tears, she hated her mother.

Micki...you just need to understand how much of a life change it is, you'll have to give everything up for this child.

Mother...I don't care what you say about my lifestyle, or the mistakes I'm making, or Ryan...but never...NEVER tell me how I'm going to raise my child, you have no right!

Micki please!

Micki then wanted to leave, she would check into a motel and then catch the morning train and go home to Ryan. She couldn't stand this any longer.

Going to leave Micki's mother stood up and rested her hand on her shoulder.

Micki...I'm sorry for the things I said, it's just...I know I wasn't much of a mother, I just don't want you to make the same mistakes I did.

Micki turned, she was all ready crying.

You need to let me live my life mother...please.

Micki's mother looked at her for a long time before hugging her.

I will honey, I will.

Drawing back Micki's wiped her eyes before softly smiling, her mother returned it before leading her back to the couch.

Let's have some cookies and you can tell me all about this Ryan...

Micki smiled before sitting down.


A week had past and Jack and Ryan got three objects back. Feeling pretty good about themselfs both treated themselfs to a few drinks to the bar a few blocks down.

The night before they finished the thing with the handkerchief. Ryan still felt guilty about what happened. Images of melted wax kept replaying in his head. He wished he could of done more.

He remembered when that woman who was made of wax asked him if he cared or anyone...

Ryan answered the truth.

My girlfriend...she's having a baby...I guess I care about them more then the entire world.

Your lucky...

The woman gave a weak smile...and then she was gone.

Finishing his thrid beer Ryan sat across from Jack, in the morning Micki would be home and he couldn't wait.

Once they got home, a little drunk and tried they turned off the lights and Ryan stripped down to his boxes before getting into the bed that now Micki and him shared. He began to think that maybe they could turn his area that served as his room into a nursery.

Exausted and worn out Ryan laid on his back and slowly dirted into sleep.



Ryan cracked open an eye and nearly screamed as Micki jumped ontop of him in the darkness.

What the...

Micki laughed, trying to keep her voice down so Jack wouldn't wake up. Ryan was stunned and his heart raced.

What are you doing here?

I came home early...surprised?

Ryan laid back his head, closing his eyes for a second and laughed.

Yeah...I guess so, you nearly gave me a heart attack!

Micki laughed before leaning down and giving him a huge long kiss.

Where are your bags?

Downstairs, we'll get them in the morning, hey what's with the mess downstairs?

I'll explain later...good trip?

Micki smiled.

Very much so, it seemed so strange but I was getting along with my mother, we went to the spa, out to lunch, shopping...

Sounds pretty nice...did she say anything?

Micki sat on Ryan's lap looking down at him, her long fingernails dragged against his chest.

She was shocked at first...but I think she's learning to love the idea of a grandchild, she said she's going to visit next month and a few of my friends want to throw me a shower.

That's great.

Yeah...a little scary but I'm excited.

Ryan reached up and touched the side of Micki's face, she held his hand.

Everyone wants to meet you...most of all mother, I guess I was gushing about you.

Ryan grinned.

Who can blame you.

I missed you...

I missed you too...

Say, how's tiger doing?

Ryan rubbed Micki's still pretty much flat stomach, she laughed.

Good...didn't get sick on the train.

All right!

Ryan joked, high fiving Micki. Rolling over and laying against him Micki turned around smiling at him before he kissed her neck.

Guess we're made for each other huh?

Yeah, I guess so.

Laughing they began to kiss.

25: Ryan's dream come true

My ankles are killing me.

Micki mumbled to herself as Ryan and her stood on the sidewalk watching the towtruck take the car away. Ryan rubbed the back of his neck, so far this morning wasn't going very well.

Micki was now just starting her fifth month of the pregnancy, and so far Micki wasn't enjoying it. The past month for once had been a good one. They recovered over eleven objects and everything at the store seemed to be running fine. Micki and Ryan were now more involved more then ever and couldn't seem to be away from eachother. Jack often joked that the way they bickered back and forth reminded him of an old married couple.

So far they just liked being called boyfriend and girlfriend. A few nights ago Ryan over heard Micki talking to one of her friends on the phone and heard her keep using the word boyfriend over and over. Ryan couldn't help but smile...that's what he was.

But today everything seemed to be going wrong. Micki hadn't been in the best of moods since she was showing more then ever and had to buy all new clothes. Her morning sickness wasn't as bad, but she often went on about how sore her ankles and back felt at the end of the day.

Walking across the street the two went back and forth on who's fault it was about the car breaking down, finally they decided to take the subway.

At the end of the day when the two were home Micki wouldn't speak to Ryan.

Jack stored away the latest object that Micki and Ryan got back today and raised an eyebrow, lately you easily tell whenever something was wrong with her. Ryan told Jack about what happened with the punks at the subway and how Micki wouldn't talk to him the entire ride home.

Walking upstairs he found Micki laying in her chair, she looked tried and still very angry. Ryan saw her stomach now looked like a perfect round bump right in the center of her body. The last doctor's visit everything looked fine. Ryan couldn't wait until they found out the sex of the baby.


Micki looked up.

What's wrong?

What's wrong Ryan...I'll tell you what's wrong, you going that stupid hero stuff today at the subway station.


Ryan walked over as Micki crossed her arms, she was getting emotional.

I know we risk our lifes everyday, you just a week or so ago you and Jack told me I would have to stay home more often because of the baby...what about you?

What about me?

You might not have it growing inside you, but your still going to be it's father, you told me I wouldn't have to do this alone!


I don't want to see you risk your life like that anymore.

Ryan sat beside Micki, he could tell she was upset.

I'm sorry...

Micki wiped a tear away before slowly shaking her head.

I just couldn't stand to loose you...

Smiling Ryan gathered Micki in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

By the end of the week they had learned about the cursed watch. Now the two street punks that had seen something were staying at the store. The young girl sat in Micki's room while she tried to fix her arm.

The girl looked around the small room amazed.

Micki notcied.

Ever have a room like this?

The girl shook her head.

I can't remember...

The girl's eyes then drifted to Micki's stomach.

When ya due?

Micki took a second to see what she was talking about before smiling and rubbing her stomach for a second.


Ryan, he's your boyfriend?

Micki nodded.

That's real nice...I hope your baby is really healthy.

Thank you...

I had a baby once...a little girl.

Micki caught this off guard.

You did?

She seemed so young. The girl slowly nodded.

I was 15...living on the streets, when I gave birth to her the social workers only let me see her for a second...

She drifted off before Micki smiled and rubbed her back.

Don't worry, we're going to stop this.

The next night they planned a trap at the subway station. That's when everything happened. Like a blur the woman ran out, Ryan and Micki went to stop her when the girl grabbed Micki by the hair and flicked out her switch blade. Ryan's eyed bulged as the woman held the knife to Micki's stomach as Micki's terrifed eyes looked at Ryan.



Ryan watched as the woman laughed and then threw Micki down, Ryan chased after her and her boyfriend through the dark tunnel. He wanted to kill them to doing that to Micki and his baby.

Moments later Micki and the young kid watched the clock...time was running out. Ryan was right behind the couple of the tracks...then...

They froze as Ryan grabbed the watch.

Shocked Micki looked at Ryan as he sweated and gasped for air.

Jack came along with the young girl...an hour later the police came and the pocket watch was given to Jack to put in the vault. Walking out of the station Ryan looked pale, still sweating he put his arm around Micki and kept asking if she was all right. Before they went up the stairs he even lifed her shirt for a second to see if the knife hurt her stomach at all. Micki kept telling him not to worry.

She knew something was wrong.

They got on the street, Jack decided to call a taxi so all of them could get back to the store right away.

But Ryan wasn't doing good.


Micki turned and saw Ryan didn't look good, he seemed to be fighting to breath.


She held him and held sweat against her hands.

Micki my fingertips...they feel numb...

Before Ryan could finish what he was saying he fell straight to the ground, a few onlookers stopped before Micki screamed and went down to him. Jack and the kids watched shocked before Jack screamed for someone to call 911.

Ryan seemed out of it, his eyes looked glazed and he was shaking a bit. Crying Micki held onto him screaming.

The ambulance came shortly after, they loaded Ryan up as Micki struggled.


Jack held onto her as Micki cried, she didn't know what was going on. People watched from the streets as Jack got a taxi to follow the ambulance. Micki the entire time was going nuts. Crying she kept asking Jack what was wrong with him, and how she needed to see him.


She hissed in pain. Jack and the two kids in the back seat looked.

What is it?

Micki with her eyes still shut waved her hand.

Get me to the hospital quick.

By three in the morning the doctor walked out to Jack and the two kids who were in the lobby. He explained that Ryan had nearly gone into diabetic shock, and that his heart had taken a pretty bad beaten. He told Jack that by the morning he would be released, but he was on oxygen and seemed to be doing fine.

Jack went into the room and saw Ryan. He understood that Ryan was a bad diabetic, but he never thought that it would take it's toll on him like it did tonight. For a second when he fell to the sidewalk he thought that Ryan had died.

Now he laid in the hospital bed, the oxygen tubes going up his nose and a monitor beeping, showing his heartbeat. It was late and Ryan looked drained.


Ryan looked up, he seemed weak.

Oh hi...

Jack gave a warm smile before going over to the hospital bed and leaning over hugging Ryan.

The doctor said your going to be fine...can leave in the morning.

Almost went into diabetic shock?

Jack nodded.

Ryan sighed before looking around.

Most of the time it isn't a big deal...guess I pushed myself too far.

And lets hope that never happens again. Jack rested his hand on Ryan's.

They said you can leave in the morning, but I want you to take it easy...

Micki, where's Micki?

She was worried sick about you, started having some cramps, a nurse took her downstairs.


Ryan began to lift out of bed.


I need to see if she's okay!

Jack held Ryan down again.

Take it easy Ryan, she's fine!

Is it the baby?

The baby is fine.

Jack an Ryan turned and saw Micki standing there.

Micki, oh jesus...

Micki raced over, tears still in her eyes before hugging Ryan with all her might. Crying against his shoulder Micki clutched onto him as Ryan kept kissing her.

Are you all right?

You know me...still around.

Micki cried even harder, Jack watched and sighed.

Ryan the pulled back from Micki, both of them were crying.

Are you okay...the baby?

He's fine...I just got worked up.

Micki you...

Ryan froze.

Wait what?

Micki smiled through her tears before handing him the sonogram photo.

Your son...he's perfectly fine.

Ryan held the photo, his mouth wide open.

We're...we're having a boy?

He's eyes raised to meet Micki, she smiled and laughed.

Your dream came true, we're having a little boy.

Crying and laughing at the same time Ryan held Micki and thanked God under his breath.

26: Just hold on

Two months had past at Curious Goods, and they were good ones.

Spring had just started to slowly come along with the slighty warmer weather. Somehow the city seemed more welcoming and brighter then it did in the dead of winter.

Micki was now in her sixth month of the pregnancy and couldn't be more happy. Now fifteen pounds later, along with doctor visits, mood swings, and the end of the morning sickness...Micki was starting to see the upside of being pregnant. Now a perfectly round stomach stuck out of Micki's small frame. She often moaned about her ankles and back hurting her whenever she stood up for too long.

Ryan meanwhile had gotten better. After the accident at the subway he seemed to take his condition ten times more serious. He knew how much Micki worried and had promised her that nothing like that would ever happen again. But for the most part he seemed even more excited about the baby then Micki was. It seemed as if the second he found out Micki was having a boy it was all he could talk about. Micki was amused whenever he always made sure she was comfortable, or kept talking about all the things he was going to do with the baby when it came. From what it sounded like Ryan had maped out what his son and him would be doing for the next five years of it's life. Micki found it cute he was looking forward to having a son so much.

She knew his relationship with his father wasn't even good. In fact his relationship with his entire family was bad since his brother died. Micki knew Ryan now looked at Micki and this baby as his new family, and how he was going to make sure his son would have everything...along with love that he never had growing up. Micki knew Ryan would be a great father.

As for cursed objects they had gotten five in total. The oddest being a cursed bee hive from outside of the city. Micki had only helped with two of the five since she learned the more into the pregnancy she got...the harder it would be getting cursed antiques back. While Ryan and Jack tracked them down Micki minded the store which was doing pretty well. She cleaned up the place, did book keeping and most of the phone calls. But in all honest truth she didn't mind. In fact now she was loving the idea of being pregnant, and really was growing to like looking after the store.

Things seemed to be going very well for everyone.

Until the playhouse happened.

Micki found herself one evening downstairs trying to polish some old golden vases that they planned to set up in the store. It was a nice cool evening and she had the front windows open to let in some air. Lately they had been getting a few cool days, but Micki was thankful there wasn't anymore snow. Humming to herself she used an old rag to clean the vase while watching the news.

There was another missing child in the area.

Watching the report she got chills. Looking at the poor scared children being interviewed she shook her head. Her baby wasn't even more yet, but the thought of having some one take it scared her to death. That's when Ryan and Jack came down the stairs walking.

Hey listen to this.

The three of them gathered around the Tv and watched the end of the report. Jack mumbled to himself walking away.

As if the world doesn't have enough problems...these poor children have to be on display.

Micki shook her head.

What kind of sicko would want with those poor children?

Ryan then came up behind her, putting his arms around her waist and moving down to her stomach.

How's our baby doing?

Micki smiled, her stomach made a huge bump which was shaped with her black sweater.

He's fine...

Just then a small kick was felt along with a bump. Whenever Ryan touched Micki's stomach the baby would kick the most. Micki joked that all ready the baby favored his father. Ryan thought the baby might just not want Ryan to bother him. Smiling she leaned back feeling the baby kick as Ryan kissed her neck.

Ready for class?

A month ago Ryan and Micki signed up for lamaz class at the local YMCA. It was twice a week at night and seemed halfway helpful. Most of the time Micki and Ryan didn't take it too serious since they would always be the only ones cracking up on the gym floor while other couples watched them.

Yeah got the bag and everything.

As Micki clicked off the TV, Jack told them that in the morning a man answered one of the letters and wanted to give back an old top hat Lewis sold him. Micki was in charge of getting that, While Ryan was to look into an old cursed playhouse which was sold a year or two ago.

Saying goodnight to Jack, Ryan and Micki walked out to the car.

Two hours later, the two of them walked into the dark store laughing like little kids.


Laughing even harder they shut the door behind them before walking up the stairs still giggling.

Once they got upstairs and went to the bathroom to shower, Ryan bent over holding his stomach, tears rolled down his beat red face as he laughed even harder. Micki kept laughing with him, nearly falling over.

Shhh your going to wake Jack!

That's when the two of them laughed even harder, holding onto each other.

At class tonight, a young over weight woman began to argue with her rather slim husband. She remarked that he was the reason she was doing these stupid breathing things, and when he tried to calm her down she punched him square in the face. Ryan and Micki seemed to be the only ones who thought it was funny.

Now in the hot shower together, Ryan rubbed Micki's shoulders as she stood under the warm steaming water. Sighing she smiled now relaxed.

Hey Micki?


When your like...you know closer towards the end of the pregnancy...can we still?


Can we still...you know, have sex?

Micki opened both eyes before turning around and laughing, Ryan seemed half way serious, yet cute.


Well I don't wanna hurt the baby?

What scared your going to poke it?

Micki laughed as Ryan grinned.

Hey I'm not one to brag but...


Micki laughed before giving him a playful punch in the shoulder.

Well you have to admit, I am one to look at.

Micki rolled her eyes.


Hey, come on Micki...you can't deny that I'm, you know...


Ryan laughed before Micki looked down, raising an eyebrow she shrugged.

Ryan laughed.



We're having a baby together and you can't even say it's big?

That insecure about yourself there buddy?

Well I would like to hear what you think?

Well you got me pregnant the first time we slept together.

Ryan brushed back his dripping wet hair before smiling.

That's what's on the inside...what about it in general?

Micki looked down again before laughing.

It's cute.

Ryan looked at her.

Cute? Cute? Puppies are cute...

Micki laughed before putting a shocked look on her face.

My God it's the biggest thing I've ever seen!

Laughing Ryan put his arms around her.

The next day Micki got the top hat without any problem. Once she arrived home Ryan had called the guy who Lewis sold the playhouse to. He was living in town and seemed willing to sell it. Getting together in the car they all drove downtown before Micki notcied this was the same area where all the missing children had lived.

Once they reached the apartment, Ryan went up to talk to him. Minutes later he came back down.

How did it go?

I blew it, he wants five thousand before he tells me where it is.

Rolling his eyes Jack got behind the wheel.

I'm sure there is a better way to get it back.

That night Micki and Ryan found it.

It was in the same neighborhood, and now belonged to the guy who owned it's girlfriend and her children. Walking into the back yard Micki seemed puzzled.

What could this thing do...think it has anything to do with the missing children?

Ryan walked around it.

I don't know...but if we're going to move this we'll need a truck.

That's when they heard voices and ran inside in, nearly crawling since it was so small. Seconds later there was a huge bright light.

Micki's eyes fluttered open and she found herself in what looked like a huge room with checker wallpaper. There were tons of toys all around them, and the chair seemed high enough off the ground that you would have to jump off it to get down. Ryan was tied up beside her. He struggled to get free.

Where are we?

That's when the young boy stepped out.

Hey kid untie us!

And miss the party we're going to throw for you?

Micki and Ryan then knew...the house was using these children to bring others in it...to feed.

Micki watched as bright lights flicked and music filled the air. People dressed as bunnies and clowns danced around them. It seemed like a children's show from hell. The two children laughed.

That's when Micki got the worst cramp in her life, snapping her eyes shut she moaned. Ryan looked over at her.


Micki opened her eyes before looking down at her jeans. Ryan looked too and his eyes grew wide.


It was soaked in her crotch and legs.

The baby...

Micki hissed in pain again.

Ryan then struggled more then ever to get free.


That's when a harsh wind blew and the bunny grew fangs and the clown got a chainsaw. The boy kept laughing.

Micki snapped her eyes shut again.

Ryan...I'm loosing the baby...

Ryan screamed trying his best to get himself free. He had to get Micki out of here.

That's when they heard Jack's voice and everything disappeared around them.

Look someone is in the playhouse!

The young girl said, her brother raced with her up the stairs leaving Micki and Ryan alone. Ryan saw the blood on Micki's jeans. He kept trying to wiggle from under the ropes.

Stay with me Micki!

Before they knew it they were standing and tied up while Jack tried to talk the children down.

The playhouse is evil! It lives on hate!

They tried screaming that they hated Micki and Ryan, but the house wouldn't take them...they weren't children.

That's when the house wanted the young girl.

Watching Ryan kept looking over at Micki, she was bleeding more.

Finally the young boy refused to let the house take his children, by this act of love all the children were relased.

Stepping out, Jack stood around all the children, telling the police that they all wanted to go home. Ryan gathered Micki in his arms before running out into the cool night.


The police were now talking to the children.

They would all go home now.

Jack raced over. Micki seemed almost in a daze, right away he saw the blood. Ryan had put his coat around Micki and held her in his arms.

I think she's having a miscarrige, I need to take her to the hospital!

Take the car, I need to stay here!

Jack helped Ryan get Micki into the car.

Don't worry I'll take care of the police, just GO!

Ryan raced down the street before looking at Micki...the blood was getting on the leather seats of the car now. Grabbing her hand he kissed it fighting off tears.

He couldn't let anything happen to her, or the baby. He couldn't stand it.

Just hold on Micki...please just hold on.

27: Blue


Ryan screamed as he walked through the main doors of the ER. Right away a few orderlies came running. Ryan had nearly crashed the car while speeding to the hospital. Micki seemed dazed and was still bleeding pretty bad. Right away the orderlies and a nurse ran over with a stretcher. Ryan felt panic enter his heart as he helped lay her down.

What happened, was she in an accident?

She's pregnant, umm...twenty-four weeks, she started bleeding just a little while ago.

All right let's get her moving!

The nurse yelled as the orderlies began wheeling her down the hall. Ryan raced to keep up with it while holding her hand.

Your going to be fine Micki.

Micki's eyes opened for a second before looking up at Ryan. Finally they went through a set of doors before the nurse stopped her.

Your going to have to wait here.

Ryan struggled to look over the woman's shoulder to see where Micki was, he felt scared to death.

Where are they taking her?


Ryan turned and saw Jack running up beside him.

Thank Christ, Jack...

The nurse looked at the two of them.

Are you family?

Jack nodded.

He's the father, I'm a close friend.

Ryan kept moving from side to side, trying to look through the small window in the door.

What's going on?

The doctor is seeing her now, you'll just have to hold on.

Jesus lady that's my girlfriend!

Ryan screamed, Jack right away looked at the nurse before shaking his head.

I'm sorry, he's just upset...isn't there a way for him to be in there with her?

The nurse looked at Ryan for a moment before shaking her head.

Fine, but if you get in the doctor's way you'll have to wait outside...

Before she could finish Ryan ran past her nearly knocking her over while Jack watched.

Inside the room, Micki was now dressed in a hospital gown, while her bloody clothes were thrown in a plastic bag by one of the nurses. Micki laid on the metal table as they hooked an oxygen mask to her. Ryan ran over taking her hand.

Micki are you all right?

Who's he?

The nurse who had spoken to Ryan in the hallway entered.

He's the boyfriend.

Micki looked up at Ryan, clutching his hand for dear life. Her eyes looked terrifed.


She mumbled through the mask.

Just then the doctor came in, a much older man who had a serious look on his face. A nurse handed him the chart before he walked over.

Twenty-four weeks with massive bleeding...

Ryan looked up at him.

Is she having a miscarriage?

The doctor right away ordered Micki to be hooked up to a monitor and an I.V

Ryan stood beside Micki before the doctor got her to put her legs up in the stirrups and slide down the table. Ryan helped her while the doctor sat on a stool and wheeled over between her legs.

I need suction...

The nurse handed him a small rubber tube, within seconds an odd noise filled the room as Micki snapped her eyes shut. Ryan saw blood on the doctor's gloves. After a moment or two the doctor stopped before grabbing what looked like a plastic long monitor...yet again he worked between Micki's legs.

Hold still please...

Micki looked as if she was in pain, holding onto Ryan tighter within a second one of the monitor clicked on and the fuzzy image of the inside of Micki's stomach came on. Ryan looked over as the doctor began to feed whatever it was he stuck in Micki, further and further.

Okay...here's our problem.

Ryan and Micki looked.

See right there...

The doctor pointed.

Her cervix is torn a bit.

Does that mean she's loosing the baby?

The doctor shook his head.

No, but with the stress and weight of the fetus sometimes this happenes and the risk of a miscarrige is high, you were smart to take her to the hospital.

Micki then took her oxygen mask off.

Is...is my baby okay?

He's fine, see?

Micki looked, she was crying.

Your going to need to stay over night for a few more tests...after that you'll need plenty of bedrest until the baby is grown enough and the cervix won't be torn anymore.

So...he's okay?

The doctor smiled.

Your baby is fine, and so are you.

Micki began to cry as Ryan nearly fainted watching the screen.

That night Ryan met Jack out in the lobby and explained what happened. Jack nodded and understood, telling him that the police wanted to question him before he could take the playhouse back...by the morning it would be stuffed someplace in the vault.

Ryan looked exausted.

She'll be fine Ryan...

Jack patted Ryan on the shoulder.

Yeah, I know.

Staying with her?

You bet.

Smiling Jack told Ryan that he would pick the two of them up with the car

Going back to Micki's room, Ryan sat down in the chair beside Micki's bed. It was late now and Micki looked drained.

How you feeling?

Micki rubbed her stomach.

Fine I guess...

Ryan reached over placing his hand on Micki's stomach, right away it began to jump. Grinning Ryan looked at Micki.

Guess he's fine too.

Oh God Ryan I was so scared...

I know...

I don't think I could take loosing this baby Ryan, I love it too much.

Me too Micki, me too.

I don't think I'm going to be much help to you guys for the next few months.

Taking her hand, which still had the I.V tubes in it. Ryan kissed it before looking her straight in the eye.

That's fine, you know it is.

Sighing Micki looked down at her stomach.

I thought of a name for him...

The baby?


What is it? Ryan smiled. Micki took a deep breath before touching his hand again.



Yeah...I don't know why I thought of it, but it just kind of stuck.

Blue...I like it.

You mean it?

Ryan smiled.

Yeah I do.

Smiling he leaned over kissing Micki's lips.

28: Sparkling in the night

Taking the doctor's advice, Micki stayed in the hospital an extra three days until he gave her the okay to leave. Finally at the end of the week with Jack's help Micki got out of the car and walked into the store.

Boy it feels good to be back, I think I've had enough of hospitals for once life.

Smiling Jack lead her upstairs, he told her Ryan had something he wanted to show her.

Close your eyes.


Micki laughed before Jack told her to close them again, leading her by the hand they walked to the second floor.

Open them.

Micki cracked open one eye to see Ryan smiling next to something that seemed very out of place.

A wall.

Micki stood back for a second before Ryan laughed out loud and opened the door to the new wall. Micki walked forward and saw the upstairs kitchen and study area seemed smaller. Then it dawned on her what Ryan had done. Stepping beside him, Micki looked in and saw that Ryan had made a small room in the area what used to have his old bed.

You...you did this?

Ryan smiled.

While you were at the hospital I made a couple of visits to the hardware store.

You made a nursery...oh Ryan that's so sweet!

Wrapping her arms around him and bringing him in for a nice long kiss she smiled. It was perfect.

Also...what do you think of the color I wanna paint the walls?

Micki looked down at the paint cans before smiling.

Blue...it's perfect.

Two weeks later Ryan helped Micki down the driveway to her mother's house. It was late April and this weekend was Easter. Clear blue skies hung above them along with lush green lawns with growing flowers. Spring had finally stayed. Micki was dressed in a cream colored dress, which showed off her pregnancy very well. Ryan had on jeans and a dress shirt. Holding her hand he lead her up to the porch.

Ryan I can't believe you guys threw this all together.

Smiling Ryan put his arm around her waist.

It was mostly your friend and mother.

Today was Micki's baby shower. Having taken the train early that morning Micki felt like a little kid, excited and happy for once to see her mother. Both had been getting along pretty well lately.

There wasn't any problems so far since the hospital scare. Micki was now on strict bedrest and seemed to be growing by the second. Walking together Micki laughed at the sing that hung on the glass door. A stork dressed in a blue hat with the words "It's a boy!" printed brightly. Smiling Ryan rang the doorbell.


Micki and Ryan stood in the doorway laughing as nearly thirty people all stood in the house decorated with blue and white balloons and streamers. Everyone of Micki's friend stood there along with her mother and Jack.

Once everyone was sitting in the pallor, Micki and all her girlfriends gushed over every gift she unwrapped. Ryan and a few of Micki's other cousins along with Jack all stood on the back porch drinking beers.

In the backyard J.B and a few other younger kids played.

Jack patted Ryan on the shoulder before toasting him.

Inside Micki held up a cute blue parker along with a tiny pair of knitted boots. All of the women gushed about them before Micki went on to the next gift smiling.

Micki's sister stood off to the side drinking a beer not watching her son.

Micki's mother sat beside her, helping her with the bags and paper.

This is all too much, thank you.

Awww Micki this is a big deal your gonna have a baby!

Micki's friend Sara said before finishing her coffee and cake.

Micki smiled.

Still, thank you...this means the world to me and Ryan.

Speaking about Ryan, he's very handsome...I hope we can count of your baby taking after his father.

Micki's mother said with a smile, right away Ryan and her got off to a good start. Smiling Micki blushed before finishing the last of the gifts. Later everyone stood around eating and talking in tiny crowds. Jack was talking with Micki's mother and a few other people as Ryan and Micki stood together.

See, look...

Ryan put his hand on Micki's stomach before it began to kick and show little bumps. Everyone around them laughed.

Blue, that's such a sweet name.

Micki smiled as a friend remarked on it. Looking at Ryan she sighed feeling happy.

Once they got home, with Jack in a taxi with all the gifts they piled everything into the nursey before settling down. Micki's mother had packed more then enough leftovers and cake. Sitting down at the kitchen table Micki rubbed her stomach before laughing.

I think we have everything we need now.

Ryan smiled going through the piles of gifts, they even got a crib from Jack.

I'll move these things in and start setting up in the morning.

A few days ago Ryan and Micki decided to have a comic book/star theme to the nursey, in which Ryan was painting the walls. It was half done and so far looked great.

Micki picked at a plate of food before standing up holding her back.

So you liked her?

Ryan went over.

Your mother?


She's great...I'm glad she's been getting along with you.

Micki knew what this meant, he was glad this baby was going to have at least one grandmother. Ryan's mom ran out years ago. Kissing Ryan she smiled.

Everyone liked you...said you were cute.

Oh yeah?

Micki laughed before Ryan kissed her lips.

Come into the nursey I wanna show you what I've got done.

Taking his hand, Micki walked into the nursey and was taken back. Somehow between last night and today Ryan finished.

It looked perfect.

A blue rug was down, along with blue curtains, and the painted walls with little sketches of super heros flying up to the painted night sky Ryan did.

Standing there Micki nearly cried.

It really was everything she hoped for.

You like it?

Turning Micki grabbed hold of him, kissing his lips.

You've been so great to me...

You deserve it.

Micki held onto him looking straight into his eyes.

I love you...

Well, I know this is fast...

Ryan then got down on one knee, Micki stood back with her mouth wide open.

Jesus Ryan!

Smiling Ryan went on his one knee and looked up at her.

Like I said I know this is fast, and I know alot has happened...but no matter what we're always going to have eachother along with this baby, so Micki...

I knew it!

Ryan laughed taking out a beautiful diamond ring. Cool rays shot off from the stone, casting up into the sparking night.

Micki...will you marry me?

Micki squealed with delight before tears ran down her face as she nodded.

I will, I will!

Ryan slipped the ring on her finger.

How did you afford this?

Ryan rolled his eyes before going up to her and kissing her.

I love you Micki Foster.

And I love you Ryan Dallion.

29: A love so strong

Can I help you?

Micki turned around and saw the sales lady standing there with a very friendly look about her. Micki smiled, now dressed in a light blouse and slacks, holding the end of her stomach with fear of knocking something over. Smiling the lady walked over and pointed out what Micki was looking at.

That's one of our best mobiles...

Micki looked at the mobile which hung up on the display. Micki was now just entering her final month of pregnancy. These past nine months had been stressful, dangerous, and amazing all at the same time. So much had happened, and to think that in less then four weeks the baby would be here.

The mobile was made out of fine glass, and sparking crystal sparrows which had red eyes. Micki touched one of the glass birds and it sang out a very beautiful tune.

I thought sparrows were bad luck.

Oh no dear, that's what the Japanese say, along with crows...but sparrows are very lucky.

Are they?

Well the man who built these mobiles came from France, he made nearly five dozen of these while his wife was pregnant with their first born...he said that legend had it that before a baby is born their soul floats in limbo...and just as the child is born a bird comes down from heaven and gives the soul to the baby.

Smiling Micki touched the mobile again.

That's real nice...but we've spent so much money all ready on the nursery...

When are you due?

Just another month.

What are you having?

A boy.

Oh boys are always extra special.

Looking back at the mobile Micki smiled again.

Oh what the hell, wrap it up.

Laughing the sales lady went right ahead and did so. The story worked. Later while Micki stood by the counter being checked out, she looked around at all the cute little cribs and dressers. Today Micki had decides to shop around downtown for any extra little things she wanted to add to the nursery. Ryan had wanted to come but he was looking into a cursed puzzle box. Micki now felt as if she was thirty pounds heavier. The more into the pregnancy she got, the more she felt uncomfortable. Ryan laughed whenever they were laying in bed. Micki now had a body pillow, along with five others which she build around her. Every two seconds she would toss and turn, unable to feel relaxed. Ryan would watch her, some times she would get too cold and grab all the blankets, others she would complain of it being too hot and blast the A.C

Now walking even seemed hard. The baby wouldn't stop moving, which made Micki more tried.

Taking the box Micki got a cab and went back to the store, excited to show Ryan the new mobile.

Last week Ryan had taken her down to Maine. There they rented out a cabin and enjoyed the early signs of spring. Ryan had also turned twenty-four that week in which Micki gave him a brand new silver earring to put in his ear. Laughing Ryan put it in before both sat back on the porch which over looked the lake, and enjoyed the rest of the warm spring evening.

Micki also was totaly in love with her engagement ring. It seemed like always she was looking or playing with it. Just after Ryan proposed, Micki went to her mother's to show off to all her girlfriends.

Everything seemed to be happening so fast, but she never felt so happy in her life. Jack was happy for them and wished the best. Ryan told Micki after the baby was born they would wait a few months before the wedding.

Micki Dallion...

Micki said to herself smiling as they pulled up to the shop.

Walking inside she saw Jack behind the counter selling whats seemed to be a set of China plates.

Hello Micki, done your shopping all ready?

Micki smiled.

Is Ryan back yet?

No he isn't, but he called ahead...says he's got it.


Micki went upstairs before entering the finished nursery in which Ryan seemed to have worked on the last three months straight. Taking the mobile out and hanging it up above the crib, Micki smiled before touching it with her finger.


She said to herself.


Micki turned and saw Ryan come in, tugging off his jacket.


Ryan went over, kissing her strongly. Both hadn't really made love in the past month due to Micki's size, which she had a few emotional break downs over. Ryan made her feel better, telling her no matter what she looked beautiful to him. On their last doctor's visit, which was right before the two of them went away...they got one of their last sonograms taken which showed the baby was getting big.

The doctor told them making love might help put Micki in labor. But taking her clothes off was the last thing Micki wanted to think about.

Kissing him as strong as she could, she drew apart from him smiling.

Get it?

Ryan nodded, smiling and looking in her eyes.

How's my boy doing?

He keeps kicking me...

Ryan then kneeled down to be eye level with Micki's stomach...she hated this.

You giving your mom a hard time buddy?


Micki laughed.

Standing back up Ryan kissed her again before looking at the crib.

This is new...

The sparrows are supposed to be lucky.

Looking at the crib, Micki rested her head on Ryan's chest.

Shortly after they learned about the Mesmer's Bauble. Micki decided to come along with Ryan on this one, but felt slowed down by her weight and size.

But Micki was the one that grabbed it at the show, and now it laid in the darkness of the vault.

They still felt guilty, it seemed as if no matter what they did...someone always got hurt.

At least you have eachother...and your baby.

Jack said, Sighing Ryan nodded before Micki sat on his lap.

A week later Ryan and Jack were going up in Northen Canada to find a cursed snow shoe. Ryan seemed pretty upset by this, and the fact he had to leave his nine month pregnant fiancé in a store with cursed objects all alone. Finally Micki talked him into doing it.

That morning Ryan seemed more emotional then to leave then Micki was. She planned on staying at the store, and keeping off her feet.

Rubbing her stomach she wished Jack a safe trip before giving Ryan his hat.

Have a safe trip...

Ryan kissed Micki.

I will, cursed snow shoe, couldn't be a cursed surfboard!

Laughing Micki kissed Ryan again.

Stay off your feet okay...and if there's any problems just call okay?

I will...stay warm!

Before Ryan left he told Micki about how he had been looking for a cursed pool stick, and how this kid Johnny was tyring to help him find it.

Once Ryan left...a few hours later she got the call.

The kid Johnny was at a pool hall and thought he had found it. Micki decided to meet him.

How will I find you?

Ummm...I'm wearing a red sweater.

Red...I hate red.

Micki rolled her eyes over the phone.

What about you?

Just look for the best looking guy in the joint.

Micki hung up, for once she wished Ryan had handed this.

Once she got to the pool hall, someone tapped her on the shoulder. Before turning she heard a voice.

Hey...forget what I said, I love the color red now.

Turning she saw who must of been Johnny, her age, short brown hair and a leather jacket.

Right away his eyes went to her stomach in shock.


Micki Foster...

She let out her hand, he slowly shook it.




His eyes wouldn't leave her stomach.

Are you Ryan's girlfriend or something?

Fiancé...now you say the pool stick is here?

Three days later the pool stick was returned, no thanks to Johnny.

Johnny seemed like a nice enough guy. A little cocky and plain, but still, Micki knew she needed to open up to him in order to get the stick back. Somehow he seemed open minded about it and helped her.

Micki felt nervous, she told herself she wouldn't look after cursed objects like this with the baby coming so soon. Once Ryan called the night before he came home, he seemed amost angry she had.

That evening once Johnny and Micki came into the store to return the pool stick, Ryan and Jack stood behind the counter. The sight of Ryan after only five days lit Micki's face up. Her heart beating fast she smiled before running over to him, nearly knocking Johnny down.


Ryan came out from behind the counter before Micki hugged him so tight she nearly killed him. Kissing him a million times she laughed before turning.

Jack, Ryan...this is Johnny he knows what we do.

Ryan gave Johnny a very uneasy look.

Hi Johnny...thanks for all your help/

Johnny nodded before stuffing his hands in his pockets.


Jack walked forward clearing his throat.

I'm sorry about what happened Johnny, there's really no way to thank you for what you did.

Well first Micki owes me a date.

Ryan shot Johnny a death stare beforee Johnny laughed.

Just kidding Ryan.

Micki gave a nervous laugh before holding onto Ryan more tighter.

Well, I guess I would like helping you guys out more.

You mean you wanna keep doing this?

And why not?

Jack, Ryan, and Micki stared at eachother.

He had no idea.

30: Perfect in snow and glass

Ryan, are you all right?

Ryan blinked for a second before taking in his surroundings. After a moment he found himself laying on the floor, his clothes soaked and little bits of fake snow and glass all over him.

It had worked...they had shattered the snow globe.

Alot had happened in the last few weeks. First off Johnny was now helping the three of them with cursed objects. With Micki's due date so close, she could no longer help the guys in getting them. Ryan liked Johnny, he seemed like a nice enough kid...but he didn't like the way he looked at Micki. A few times Ryan wanted to point out that they were in fact getting married...and she was nine months pregnant with his baby. But nevertheless Ryan tried to brush it off, once remarking on it to Micki. She laughed at that thought and told Ryan if Johnny was into pregnant women...then there might be a problem.

Ryan also was getting nervous about the delivery day. At night he would toss and turn, having nightmares of the baby being stillborn, or something happening to Micki. These nightmares got so bad sometimes he would wake in the middle of the night soaked in sweat, holding onto Micki in fear or someone taking her.

In less then two weeks he was going to be a father.

Part of him felt as if he wasn't ready for this. That he was too young and had too much going on. But Whenever he looked into Micki's eyes he understood everything they had gone through and couldn't wait to finally hold the baby in his arms. He wanted to give his son the childhood he never had.

But today had scared him.

It was a normal day at the store. Micki was sitting down having lunch while Ryan minded the counter and Jack over looked papers at his desk. Then a box arrived for Micki. Inside was a snowglobe. Just looking at it made Ryan uneasy.

Then came a young man.

Micki seemed excited to see him and gave him a warm hug. Right away Jack looked at Ryan.

Oh Ryan, this is my old dear friend Peter.

Ryan seemed uneasy but shook the man's hand.

This is my fiancé Ryan Dallion.

The man smiled and shook Ryan's hand.

It's been so long!

The two started talking, in which the man said he heard through Lloyd that Micki was expecting and that he had just gotten married a year ago and that she had just had a baby too. After about an hour of talking the man asked if she wouldn't mind going up to their cabin...it seemed that Peter's wife wanted to meet Micki and give her some tips about childbirth. Micki found this a little strange and raised an eyebrow.

I don't even know her...

Oh please Micki, she's been up in that cabin since the baby was born, she would love to talk to another woman...

Micki glanced over at Ryan.

What do you think?

Ryan told Micki he couldn't leave, he was waiting on a call about a cused knife and couldn't leave the store all day. Micki looked a little disappointed before Ryan smiled.

Why don't you go ahead.

But Ryan...

It's only for a night...right?

Peter nodded.

Yeah, we'll all have dinner and I'll drive you back in the morning.

I don't know...

Micki rubbed her stomach, lately she really didn't want to be out of Ryan's sight in case she went into labor.

It's real close, Pine Hill cabins...

Ryan went over to Micki smiling.

Go ahead, one night isn't going to hurt...anyways might do you some good if you get out of here for awhile.

You sure?


Micki smiled before telling Peter to wait while she packed. An hour later she was gone.

That seemed strange...

Ryan shrugged. He wanted Micki to get out lately, maybe she would enjoy her night away from the store with another woman had had gone through the same thing as her.

That's when an old friend of Jack's came...that's when Ryan knew something was wrong.

In the end of it, an old girlfriend of Ryan's came later that night with Micki and Jack both gone. The uneasy sick feeling kept coming back to him. He knew something was wrong.

His ex girlfriend had tried to kiss him and stall him, but Ryan pushed her away.

She's my fiancé!

I'm sure she's fine...

Ryan pushed her away again. He was worried about Micki, and the baby. In the end he met up with Jack and found themselfs in the snowglobe. Micki thought she was spending the weekend with a young couple, but instead it was all an awful trick. Her so called friends turned into monsters and the entire cabin turned black...that's when the truth came out.

The devil wanted to turn her baby into his.

Ryan had to help her before it was too late.

That's when they used the car...and so the snowglobe broke and Micki and the baby were unharmed.

Blinking away the water and glass Ryan looked over at Micki. Her soaking wet dress clung onto her like a second skin.

Micki...your all right.

Jack held her before she looked at Ryan with a weak glance.


It's okay baby I'm here...

He went over to her, his hair hanging in his eyes as he kissed her.


She snapped her eyes shut.

What's wrong?

Ryan jumped back as Jack looked.

Micki then looked down at herself.

My water...it just broke.

31: Blue Jackson Dallion

The three of them raced to the hospital that afternoon as Micki began slowly breathing in and out. Her contractions seemed pretty far apart. Sitting in the backseat with Ryan she laid her head against his shoulder as he softly touched her hair.

It's going to be all right Micki, your doing fine...

Jack began to speed once they turned off the exit for the hopsital.

Once they got there Jack told Ryan and Micki to go ahead while he parked the car. Helping her into the lobby Ryan went to the front desk and explained that Micki's water had just broke.

How far along is she?

Thirty-five weeks...

Just then two orderlies came over with a wheelchair. The nurse handed Ryan a clipboard telling him he could join her once he signed all the paperwork. Micki slowly got into the chair and gave Ryan a nervous glance.

Your coming?

Ryan seemed to be torn in two ways, his heart was racing and he never felt so nervous before in his life. Looking at the desk girl he seemed helpless.

Can't I fill these out later?

The nurse shook her head.

It won't take long, you'll be with her as soon as your done.

Ryan sighed, he was going nowhere with her. Walking over to Micki he kneeled down looking right into her face, a huge grin on. Micki smiled as nervous and scared as she was.

I'm going to be right behind you...don't start pushing yet.

You can count on it.

Smiling Ryan leaned over kissing Micki before she was wheeled again. Just then Jack came in.

How is she?

Their taking her to the room, come on the sooner I fill these out the faster I can go with her. Sitting down Ryan took out his wallet as Jack helped him sign everything.

Ten minutes later Ryan was walking down the hall with one of the nurses.

She seems to be doing fine, got her hooked up to a fetal monitor...

Ryan was then let into the room. Micki was dressed in a hospital gown and laid back on her bed with few wires hooked up to her. Her heartbeat and the baby's seemed fine. Ryan saw they were also giving her an I.V.

Micki was covered in sweat, she looked as if she was dying.


Ryan rushed over taking her hand.


Micki opened her eyes as sweat dripped down her face. Slowly breathing in and out she whimpered.

Ryan, it hurts so much...owwwwww!

She shut her eyes again as Ryan watched the monitor.

It's almost over...hold on...

Finally it past before Micki laid back against her pillow. She all ready looked drained.

I don't think they gave me enough drugs...

Ryan then began to laugh.

An hour later the doctor finally came in and told Micki she was ready to deliver. It was a little past five in the afternoon, and Micki couldn't stop crying from the pain.

Hey doc, you sure you gave her enough?

The doctor smiled at Ryan before leading him over to change into his scrubs.

I think she'll be fine.

A little while later Ryan followed a nurse into the delivery room. Micki sat propped up on the table with her hospital gown, and what looked like a hairnet. One of the nurses were giving her oxygen before checking one of the machines.

See there he is?

One of the nurses pointed out Ryan as he walked forward. Micki's eyes grew large seeing him as he went to her side and took her hand.

She couldn't stop asking for you...

The nurse said smiling before going over to the doctor.

Micki's face looked snow white as she slowly began to breath in and out.

Ryan...something is wrong, something is wrong with the baby, it shouldn't hurt this much...

Ryan tried to sooth her, slowly touching her forehead before smiling and looking down at her.

Your doing fine...

That's when the doctor wheeled over between Micki's legs. One of the nurses helped Micki sit up a little.

Okay Micki, I'll need you to start pushing, when I tell you to stop you can lay down and relax.

Laying there, Micki stared at the ceiling with the bright lights. Her entire lower half felt as if it was numb, yet on fire. Her insides were being torn apart, and it seemed harder and harder to breath. Thinking back at Thanksgiving she couldn't believe all this time had past and here it finally was. After all the heartbreak, worry, and danger...she was finally having her baby. Remembering back when she thought of the abortion and the giving the baby up, she looked at Ryan's face and never seemed so in love then just then.

Okay Micki, one, two, three and PUSH!

Micki bore down with all her might, the pain got worse as she screamed at the top of her lungs. One hand was being squeezed by Ryan, while the other one by a nurse. Micki screamed with all her might before she laid back down.

Very good...

The monitors behind her kept beeping.

Okay Micki, again one, two, three...PUSH!

Micki sat up more, her back throbbing as she screamed and pushed. This time her muscles seemed to nearly let go and she cried about it hurting. The doctor kept telling her to push harder as tiny little dots of light appeared in front of Micki's eyes.

She felt dizzy and weak.

Tears rolled down her face as Ryan held her.

Okay Micki again, PUSH!

Micki leaned forward, feeling her insides get pulled and the doctor's gloved hands inside her. Screaming she cried and kept pushing as one of the nurses pushed on her stomach.


Micki kept trying, but she needed a rest, it hurt too much.

Help me, help me please!

She cried. Ryan seemed terrifed yet kept holding her hand.

Micki I see the head, we need you to push again.

No, I can't...

Come on Micki, another big push!

I can't...

Micki muttered as she was helped to lean forward again, this time Ryan was leaning against her.

Come on honey, push again.


Micki snapped her eyes shut as she pushed, her face beat red she felt as if she had been lit on fire.



Micki pushed again before leaning against Ryan, she gasped for breath before the doctor nodded.

Micki I need three more pushed and your baby will be here, okay.

Micki felt her heart about to give up, looking at Ryan and then the doctor she leaned forward for the final time.


Micki pushed again, and again, and again.


Micki screamed before the oddest feeling and sound filled the room. Micki felt suction before it felt like something that weighed about twenty pounds were ripped from inside her. Now her entire body felt weak and empty. Falling back against Ryan she then heard the cry.

It's a boy!

Micki opened her eyes before seeing the baby get raised. He was still pink and covered in goo. Micki and Ryan froze as they watched their baby get raised up by the smiling doctor. The baby squirmed and cried even louder as the doctor wraped a blanket around it, laying it on Micki's chest.

The baby kept crying, so tiny...so amazing.

Ryan was speechless, he just stood there with tears in his eyes. Micki who looked a complete wreck stared down at the baby. Today she had dodged the risk of having the devil take her child...now it laid here in her arms, perfect.

This was Ryan, and her put together.

They couldn't believe it.

Micki cried as she touched her baby's tiny little hand.

Hi there...

Micki then looked up at Ryan who was also crying.

Would you like to cut the cord?

Ryan looked at the doctor before shaking his head, crying and laughing at the same time.

I'm shaking too bad.

Laughing the doctor did it as Micki and Ryan looked down at their baby.

Hi little guy...

Ryan touched the baby before looking at Micki.

Good job.

Crying Micki leaned over kissing Ryan before looking back at their baby.

A little while later, Ryan raced into the waiting room where Jack sat. Right away he jumped up and looked at Ryan.

It's a boy, six pounds 7 oz...Oh my God Jack he's perfect.

Jack smiling ran over hugging Ryan who was still in his scrubs.

I'm so happy for you two...

Jack said, and between the two of them they felt like father and son.

Wanna see him?


Jack couldn't stop smiling.

As Ryan lead him down to the nursery he talked a mile a minute. All Jack could do was smile, he knew Ryan was in heaven.

He's so perfect Jack, and so small...

As Ryan kept talking he told Jack that afterwards he could see Micki, who was amazing through the same thing. Right now she was back in her room resting.

Finally the two of them stopped in front of the glass window.

There he is...

Ryan smiled, pointing.

Jack looked at all the plastic cribs and finally saw the baby, wrapped in a blue blanket and blue cap. The card said...

"Blue Jackson Dallion" 5/29/88

You and Micki did a good job Ryan...

We sure did.

Smiling Ryan looked in at his sleeping son.

32: A normal life?

Three days later Blue Jackson Dallion was brought home.

On the records Blue's last name was still Foster since Micki and Ryan weren't married yet, which was something Ryan wanted to change fast. Micki recovered fast, most of the time she laid in her hospital bed holding the baby while visitors came to see them. Ryan saw how washed out Micki looked, and how the pregnancy in general had been hard on her. It seemed so strange now...the baby was here and both of them were parents. Sure they were scared, nervous, and terrifed...but at the same time their hearts nearly wanted to burst whenever they looked at their son.

Micki claimed that the baby all ready was starting to look like Ryan.

Once they got home, it finally set in...the baby was here.

Micki had a little of a hard time walking up the stairs, still sore from the delivery. Ryan helped her up them telling her that the doctor still ordered another few days of bedrest. Jack meanwhile carried the newborn. He knew it would be nice to finally have some new life in here.

Once they were settled, Ryan changed Blue and put them down in his new crib. Spinning the sparrows above him, Ryan smiled before walking out of the nursery.

Sleep well baby.

Going into the bedroom, with the baby monitor in one hand he went over to Micki, asking if she needed anything. Laughing she pointed to the monitor.

Ryan, he's three feet away.

Grinning Ryan looked before sitting on the edge of the bed.

What can I say, I feel cool with it.

Laughing Micki kissed him.

It took some time getting used to a newborn. The first thing was feeding. Micki learned that she really couldn't breast feed, so Blue got his bottle six times a day...actually seven, Ryan would sneak Blue a bottle at night. Micki joked that Ryan would be the cause of their baby getting fat. There was also the changing, the burping, the spit ups...which mosty happened on Ryan, and the sleeping through the night. Micki and Ryan worked out a system whemever Blue began to cry, they would take turns and stay with him before he feel back alseep. Ryan even began hinting towards maybe taking the crib into their room.

Micki's mother came down and couldn't stop gushing about the baby, she even bought them a new rocking chair and told Micki she would sit for them whenever they needed her.

Which was going to be soon.

Jack had gotten four objects in the month since Blue was born. Ryan was taking time off to be with Micki and the baby. But they all knew in good time that they would need all three of them looking for the cursed objects.

But Blue somehow made this unknown future bright.

Micki became a great mother right away. Ryan rolled his eyes at all the outfits she dressed him in. Ryan told Micki it seemed as if everytime he turned his back the baby was dressed in something new. Micki thought Blue as her doll, she loved dressing him up cute and taking him in his stroller around town whenever she went shopping. She loved whemever someone remarked on how cute the baby was, and how well kept she always had him.

Micki grew into motherhood nicely and loved every second of it, she didn't want to miss a thing.

Ryan also started with taking photos of Blue whenever he did something new. Jack served as a grandfather to Blue and always looked cute whenever he held the baby and told him stories of magic to get him to go to sleep.

Blue was the perfect baby, and they loved him.

Ryan began looking for the cursed objects, once or twice they would have Blue being looked after by Micki's mother while she helped. But most of the time it was either Ryan or Micki who stayed home looking after the baby.

Micki told Ryan since they were so busy, prehaphs once Blue turned one they would then have the wedding and plan for it. Right now the baby was their main focus.

Were they living what might of been a normal life?

Ryan loved the baby, more then anything in fact. Micki would laugh whenever he held the baby or fell asleep with Blue in his arms. Ryan often read Blue comics while he was putting him down or the night, and played with him whenever he got fed.

Blue was now two months old and time seemed to fly.

Micki and Ryan also seemed to be closer then ever. Nearly every night after the baby was asleep and a new cursed object was put the the vault they would make love in eachothers arms and fall sleep.

Everything seemed perfect.

One night Ryan was finishing up ontop of Micki. His back arched as he thrusted into her again and again in a quick pattern. Micki meanwhile was enjoying her climax and squirmed from underneath him.

Faster Ryan...

She said in a breathless voice.

Ryan snapped his eyes shut before bitting his bottom lip.

I'm coming...Jesus, I'm coming...

Micki wrapped her legs around Ryan's waist tighter before he came strongly inside her. Crying out a bit Micki laughed as Ryan laid down, resting his head on her breasts.

Petting his hair she looked at the baby monitor and heard Blue's faint breathing.

Ryan lifting his head smiled at her before strongly kissing her lips.

Don't ever leave me Ryan...

Ryan kissed Micki back before looking into her eyes in a very serious matter.

I won't Micki...I swear.

33: Someone who loves

Ryan your making him all messy!

Micki said as she crossed the kitchen to fill their coffee mugs again. It was early and Jack and her had a long day ahead of them. Ryan planned on staying home with the baby.

It was September now, and marked the anniversary of working at Curious Goods. It also marked the anniversary since this whole thing started, and Micki and Ryan first met.

Blue was five months now, and surely had his father wrapped around his finger. Blue seemed to be Ryan's entire life, he always fussed over the baby was made a fool of himself to get the baby to smile. Micki found it sweet that Ryan loved his baby so much, and she knew that their entire lifes they would have a close bond.

Ryan this morning was feeding Blue, or more like mushing up food and letting the baby play with it. Blue was in his highchair. When he was three months he learned how to keep his head up and steady. Ryan and Micki thought Blue might be half bright if he mastered this skills so early. Right Now Ryan was making airplane noises and trying to feed the baby while Blue wiggled his arms and laughed at his father.

Baby food was getting everywhere.

Ryan looked up at Micki before smiling.


Look at him, you'll have to give him a bath!

No sweat.

Micki rolled her eyes before sitting down and pouring cream in her coffee. She knew Ryan was great with the baby, in fact just yesterday they both gave Blue a bath in the sink, in which he splashed all of the warm water on Micki's skirt and Ryan's jeans. But like always Ryan laughed.

My big man is hungry huh?

The baby giggled before Ryan got some food into his mouth.

Are you ready Micki?

Jack walked up the stairs pulling on his jacket. Micki nodded before standing up and walking over to Ryan. Both Jack and here were getting back the witches' ladder in which had been recovered by some men of magic Jack new.

Leaning over Micki kissed Ryan's stubby cheek before walking over to Blue, making sure his sweet peas, milk, and pudding didn't get on her.

I told you we're feeding him solid foods too early.

Kissing Blue's head she turned and got her purse.

That night they got the ladder without a problem, before leaving one of the men told Micki she held a very strong power in her.

Could it be?

Returning home Jack seemed exausted and excused himself to bed. Micki meanwhile slowly went up the stairs before seeing Ryan leave the bathroom with Blue naked in his arms. Ryan had a towel wrapped around his waist with his slick wet hair brushed back.


Hey, get the ladder?

No problem, Jack just put it in the vault.


Take a shower?

Micki walked over taking Blue, who's chubby smooth body felt good against Micki right now. She felt better whenever she held the baby.

Yeah me a tiger just took a shower, didn't we pal?

Blue looked sleepy, Micki told Ryan to go ahead to bed while she dressed him.

Later once Blue was put down she crawled into bed with Ryan before raising an eyebrow.

Only boxers...ummm...

Her hand began to creep under the blankets as Ryan laughed.

A woman came into the store today, I wanted to tell Jack about it.


A woman who researches on witchcraft...she said she knew Lewis and something about destroying the objects...

You can't be serious...

I am...but before I could get her name she rushed out.

Do you think we should wake Jack?

In the morning, no big deal.

Micki then found Ryan's crotch and began to slip her fingers in through his boxers, he had a pretty big erection now.

You wanna make it?

Ryan asked with a sly smile on his face, Micki began to work herself down.

Naw, let me give you something tonight...

Micki's head lowered on his hard on and right away Ryan's eyed bulged.

Jesus Micki...

It caught him off guard every time, sweating he snapped his eyes shut. An hour later both were fast asleep beside each other. Breathing in and out Ryan then felt a sudden sharp pain.


Snapping his eyes open he looked around at the darkness of the bedroom. Micki slept beside him and didn't wake.

Holding his head he felt it throb, then he began to ache like a bad flu. Feeling dizzy and sick he reached for the glass of water which sat on the night stand and knocked it over.

This woke Micki.

Half awake she turned.


Ryan got another sharp pain, hard enough to give him a nose bleed.


Ryan shot up and began running out of the room, one hand holding his stomach, the other his head. Micki rushed out of bed...Blue was crying now.


Ryan ran down the stairs, he was sweating and breathing hard. Micki grabbed her robe before looking down the stairs at him.


Ryan shook all over before he screamed at Micki to leave him alone, then he began to run to the vault.

Blue screamed even harder as Micki raced after him, this woke Jack as they followed Ryan into the dark vault.


Ryan then screamed again as Micki touched his shoulder, falling to the floor he shook as Micki and Jack kneeled down.

Is it his insulin?

Micki was used to Ryan's attacks now, they hardly came but this wasn't one of them. He seemed to be burning up, Holding him on the verge of tears she rocked back and forth.

Shhhh...Ryan it's all right, I won't let anything happen to you.

Ryan's eyes filled with tears as Micki held him. Not only was he the father of her son, but the man she loved. Holding him, Jack helped bring him upstairs.

Once Blue was taken care of they tried to ask Ryan questions, but he snapped and told Jack that one of the objects made him do that. Angry and pissed off Ryan went upstairs to sleep in the nursery, he was too upset.

The next day he went missing, which worried Micki. She began to think about calling her mother to watch the baby. Jack and her both knew something was wrong.

Finally they looked into the woman Ryan had discribed about, who had talked about knowing Uncle Lewis. Within a few hours they found out she was a witch...and was after the ladder and Ryan.

We need to help him!

I think only you can Micki?


Let me make a few calls...Garrett might now what to do.

Later that night they did know something was wrong with Ryan, he was under the witches' spell and was trying to get the ladder back. Lighting candles, Micki glanced at Blue who sat in his small bassinet. Her heart filled with so much love for Ryan whenever she looked at their baby.

It was her love that would break this spell.

Ryan did some into the vault, but he wasn't himself. He headed right to the vault taking the ladder, knocking Jack out. When Micki tried to stop him, he threw her and disapeared into the night. Heart broken Jack told her to be strong and keep using the white magic to get Ryan back.

Ryan meanwhile didn't know what he was doing, all he knew was that he was hot, tried, and sick and wanted Micki, Jack, and the baby to be safe. Finally he heard Micki's words.

The next day the ladder, and one of Lewis' tools were restored to the vault. Blue wiggled in his bassinet as Micki sat beside it, tried and a little emotional. She thought for sure she had lost Ryan.

Walking over Ryan kissed Micki with tender love, telling her that she was the only reason he broke free. Looking into his eyes, Micki sighed and held onto him. Finally Jack told them to go upstairs and get some sleep. Ryan picked the bassinet up holding Blue as Micki followed behind him.

Once upstairs Ryan got Blue dressed for a nap, and Micki watched him in the doorway as he kissed Blue's stomach in a playful way and then laid him down.

Sleep well baby...

Turning he saw Micki.

He went to her, both looking into eachother's eyes.

Make love to me Ryan...please make love to me.

And that morning they did, as exausted and as tried as they were they made it. Micki laid underneath Ryan and looked at his serious eyes as he entered her. Clawing into his back she let every part of him go into her. He loved this man, and knew she wouldn't be able to live without him.

I love you Ryan...

Ryan then leaned down and kissed her.

34: Two against the world

Micki's eyes slowly went back and forth as her fingernails curled up and dug right into Ryan's tanned back. Feeling the movement, her body laid on the carpet of her room and stared up at the ceiling. Ryan was ontop of her, his eyes very direct and serious towards her. His entire body smooth and slick with sweat, and his dark hair hanging in his face. Micki laid underneath him totaly naked, and feeling her legs wrap around his waist as she rocked forward. Ryan meanwhile had been keeping up the same pace for the last half an hour or so.

Tonight Blue had been put to bed early, having been running a fever earlier, Micki had called up the doctor and was told just to keep a good eye on him while he slept. Blue was going through his first few months with total grace. He was a cute baby which looked just like his father, and always seemed to be on and go and giggling. Today he seemed in a half daze and warm.

After putting him to bed early, Ryan and Micki went to the bedroom to make love. Right now it had been very nice. Relaxing and smooth. Ryan laid ontop of Micki completly naked as his arms went down on each side of her head. He was trying to keep up as he thrusted into her.

Oh Micki I'm coming...oh Jesus!

Micki then remembered that whenever Ryan was close he seemed to always tell Micki as if he was holding back. Micki laid underneath him, her breasts and body moving as he thrusted over and over again into her.

That's when it hit her...he wasn't wearing anything.

Micki had gone off the pill for a brief period of time since Blue had been nursing for a little while. Now Ryan and her used safe sex since the baby was born. Somehow tonight they forgot.

Wait Ryan...wait!

Ryan snapped his eyes shut as Micki tried to move from underneath him, within seconds he climaxed strongly before lowering his head. Micki laid there for a second before blinking.

I told you to hold on...

Ryan the lifted his head, kissing Micki softly on the face.

I'm sorry...

Micki's heart raced as she felt him ontop of her. Breathing in and out she remembered how they were planning on getting married in late spring, around the time Blue turned one. Just last week they were going up North and looking at different places to plan the wedding.

Micki cupped Ryan's face in her hands, before bringing it down to hers. Both mean to make out as Ryan's hands slid over her.

Then the baby began to cry.

Ryan looked up before pulling out of Micki and grabbing his sweat pants. Pulling them on he crossed the room before leaving for the nursery. Micki meanwhile got up and decided round two would be in the bed.

Moments later Ryan came in the doorway, Blue crying in his arms.

He feels hot...

Micki grabbed her robe before walking over and holding the baby.

Shhhh, baby it's okay.

Blue cried a little harder before Micki began to pace around the room, rubbing the baby's back.

Your okay baby...

Ryan watched, rubbing the back of his neck.

You sure he's all right?

Micki nodded.


Should we call the doctor?

No, he's fine...I'll put him down and stay with him for awhile.

You sure?

Micki past Ryan before kissing his cheek, Ryan rubbed Blue's head.

Sure I am.

An hour or so past and finally Blue began to cool off and fall back asleep. Micki rocked him back and forth before laying him in his crib, and returning to the dark bedroom. Smiling she tugged off her robe and cralwed on top of her.

I want you to impregnate me again...

Ryan's eyed snapped open wider.


Blue was now seven months, and he would be having his first real Christmas in less then four weeks. Ryan looked up at Micki as her hair hung in her face.

I want you to me inside me...

She whispered before kissing and tugging on his lips. Ryan laughed in a nervous way before Micki mounted on him lap and began to move.

Finally once the love making was finished Ryan laid beside Micki. He knew he had been emotional lately, but he would need to talk to her in the morning about what she said. If she wanted another baby, he wanted to tell her that he wanted his time with Blue first, and how two might been a little too soon.

But still, he really wanted Blue to have a little brother, like he did.

Sleeping beside her, that's when things began to blur. It happened within moments and next thing he knew, Micki was standing up with her robe on and screaming for Jack, he also heared Blue cry.

Unable to move he burned all over, trying to speak he became dizzy. Jack felt his red hot skin before telling Micki to call the doctor.

Does he have a fever?

Yes, pretty bad one...I think he's having an attack!


Micki and Jack were rushing around like crazy as he just laid in the bed. Once second ago he was making love to Micki, now he felt like he was dying. Next thing he knee he was being lead into the bathroom, Jack was on the phone with the hospital as Micki made him sit on the edge of the tub and pulled his sweatpants off.


He mumbled, but she didn't care. Throwing him into the freezing water he nearly screamed, then Jack was throwing ice cubes in. Ryan struggled as Micki held him down, getting herself soaked. He still heard Blue in the backhground and wanted one of them to see if he was all right.

Screaming and splashing around, finally he blacked out.

The next day he was dressed in just sweatpants and laid underneath the covers. Micki had talked to the hospital...and yes it was another attack.

He was getting worse.

The doctor wanted to see him by the end of the week.

Laying there in a prefever daze state, he stared at Micki as she held Blue in her arms before sitting beside him on the bed. Ryan looked down at his baby before Micki slowly placed him in his arms.

Micki was right, holding the baby did make you feel better.

Micki looked scared and worried as she rubbed Ryan's face.

Finally Ryan cleared his throat, shaken and scared himself.

If I have anymore of theses I'm gonna drop dead.

Don't say that...

It's true.

We'll fight it, like we always do together.

Sighing Micki put his free arm around her nearly crying.

I think I should get you to have more babies.

Micki smiled.


Because after I finally die that's all that's going to be left of the real me.

Micki looked at Ryan before breaking down herself and holding onto him.

35: Scared

Blue, look at the camera baby...

Micki was attempting to snap Blue's photo as he sat in what looked like a forest of gifts beside the tree downstairs. It was Christmas and Micki, Jack, and Ryan were enjoying another peaceful holiday at Curious Goods. It had been a few weeks since Ryan had gone into that fever, which which the doctor said nearly killed him. Since then Jack and Micki had decided that Ryan would take some time off looking for the cursed objects, and stay home with Blue. At first Ryan tried to brush off what happened, but the doctors were right...a few more attacks like that, and Ryan wouldn't live long enough to see his son turn one...or marry Micki.

Micki was the one that was putting off the wedding, with everything that was going on she didn't need the extra stress. Ryan meanwhile seemed weaker, sick almost and very tried. He was on medication, and spent most of this time with the baby. As of the moment, Ryan enjoyed being a full time parent and taking care of Blue.

Ryan sat dressed in a turtle neck black sweater and laughed as Micki tried to come in closer to snap a photo of Blue. Blue was dressed in what looked like a blue velvet jumper and newsboy hat that Micki thought make him look adorable. Micki had been planning out Blue's Christmas for the last new months. Ryan joked that the baby was too young to really understand the holiday nor like the gifts, and that most likely by the end of the day he would enjoy the wrapping paper and boxes better.

Jack sat beside Ryan drinking egg nog and laughing.

Finally Micki got her photo.

What a good baby....

Picking Blue up he cried a little before she handed him to Ryan. Ryan held the baby smiling as Blue's chubby arms wiggled about.

He's getting big.

Jack remarked.

Too big...

Ryan said smiling and bouncing the baby on his knee.

Just then Micki smiled asking if Jack wouldn't mind taking a photo of them. Getting up Micki sat down beside Ryan before trying to get Blue to look at the camera. Ryan saw that Micki was happy...and he was glad.

Later that day before dinner, Blue was laying on his stomach on his new playmat, playing with plastic colorful rings and animals. Ryan laid on the floor with him, playing.

Micki came in smiling as Ryan played with the baby.

She had been worried about Ryan and his health, ontop of that Ryan was all ready thinking what would happen if they did get all the objects back?

It seemed too unknown for the moment.

Walking over Micki went down to the floor and laid across from Ryan, looking into his eyes both smiled.

How's he doing?

Ryan rubbed Blue's back.

He's acting spolied like always...

Laughing Micki touched Blue's arm before sighing.

Jack's going to France next week to figure out what that nun saw...

What nun?

The one who went to France when she was a little girl and saw a vision of how the world would end.

Sounds like a nice trip...

Micki laughed before reaching over to Ryan.

How are you feeling?

Fine...just got stuff on my mind.

Like what?

Well, first thing is I'm worried about you and Jack getting these objects back by yourself...we need to figure something out.

Ryan...you've been sick, you need to rest.

I know, and trust me I love being home with the baby...I'm just scared for you.

Well I've nearly lost you twice, I'm not going to take any more risks Ryan.

Yeah well...I lost you once for real.

This sent chills up Micki's arms as she sighed.

I just can't wait till this is over with...

When will that be?

Not soon enough, I just wanna move into a nice house, raise Blue with you...get married...

I know Micki, I know.

Part of me feels guilty that we brought him into this life...but I love him so much.

Ryan looked over at the baby who was trying to shove one of the plastic rings into his mouth. Smiling Ryan looked at Micki.

I know what ya mean.

But is there anything else?


On your mind?

Ryan paused for a second, still rubbing Blue's back.

My brother...


Yeah, next week...is around the time he died.

Oh Ryan, I'm sorry...

Ryan shook his head.

I don't know...been having pretty bad dreams.

Micki reached over holding Ryan's hand.

We'll get through it.

Just then Johnny came in with a bottle of wine, Ryan smirked before picking Blue up.

I'll put him down for the night.

Micki got up kissing the baby's head before Ryan waved to Johnny.

Merry Christmas Ryan!

Same to you Johnny.

That the big guy?

Yep, ready to go down for his nap.

Johnny went over smiling to Blue before looking at Ryan.

Looks just like you pal.


Ryan smiled before taking Blue upstairs.

As Micki watched him she sighed and got a bad feeling.

Ryan seemed scared about something...something bad that was going to happen.

36: Time after time

Micki walked into the store, three days after Christmas with her fur coat on and gloves. Jack had just left for the airport in hopes of talking with that nun in Paris. The last few days had been peaceful ones. It hadn't snowed it, but a strong chill was in the air. Johnny brought up the idea of having New Years at the store and asked Ryan and Micki if he could bring a date. Today through, Micki had brought back a cane in which a middle aged doctor had bought from Lewis four years ago. Shutting the door behind her she saw Ryan was wrapping up a set of glass jars for a woman who stood by the counter. Smiling Micki headed in the direction of the vault.


Micki said with a smile as the woman looked over, Ryan smiled at Micki before handing the woman her bag.

Micki saw that Blue was in his bassinet in which Ryan was using his spare hand to rock behind the counter.

That's a beautiful baby you have there, how old?

The woman asked before leaving. Ryan looked down at Blue.

He's almost ten months.

He's cute, yours?

Ryan nodded.

Well take care.

The woman left with the sound of the bell on the door. Micki came back upstairs.


Half and Half, any problems?

Micki shook her head before walking over to Ryan, yesterday they spent some time in bed looking through books in which they would start planning the wedding. Both agreed that the wedding would be in May around Blue's first birthday, and that they wanted to keep it simple.

Putting her arms around Ryan she smiled through the kiss.


Oh me and Blue have just been hanging out...

Turning she looked at the baby before smiling.

Why don't you put the closed sign on the door while I give this little guy his bottle and get him to bed?

A smirk came across Micki's face as she leaned her forehead against his. Smiling Ryan went over to the door and locked it. Micki meanwhile gathered up the baby, checking if he needed to be changed before walking upstairs.

Moments later Micki laid Blue in his crib, handing him his bottle.

He was perfect.

Just then Ryan came behind her, looking over her shoulder at Blue.

You really want another one?

Micki sighed.

Maybe...in another year or two.

Ryan put his arms around Micki's waist before tugging her backwards. Laughing Micki struggled and slipped out of his grip.

If you want me, your gonna have to chase me...

Turning around Micki laughed running downstairs, Ryan went after her also laughing. Both went down the stairs, nearly falling over eachother as Micki laughed telling Ryan they were going to wake the baby.

Holding her by the waist again they went down to the couch. Micki right away hiked up her skirt looking right into Ryan's eyes.

Come on...

Micki laid back on the couch as Ryan began to unbuckle his belt. Micki began to breath heavy, waitting for Ryan to come down on her. Smiling she watched as he laid down on her. Kissing his lips, Ryan used his hand to guide himself into her. Right away the two of them began to moan.

Oh God...

Micki shut her eyes as Ryan began going into her, then...

Hey guys? Anyone in there!

Ryan stopped before looking through the railling, across the store Johnny had his hands cupped while looking through the glass.


What is it?

Micki moved forward to sit up, Ryan groaned a little as she looked and saw Johnny.


Micki laid back down.

You think he saw us?

Ryan rolled his eyes before slidding out of Micki and hooking his belt again.

Better let him in, if not he'll stand by the door all frigging day.

Ryan...he might have an object...

Ryan shook his head before walking across the store to let Johnny in. Micki meanwhile fixed her skirt and sat up, trying to pat down her hair.

Once Johnny was in he laughed and handed Ryan a cursed frame to Ryan.

Got it out of town, no problems...hey Micki!

Micki walked over.

Shhh, the baby is alseep.

Oh sorry, Jack gone?

This morning...

How long?

A week or so.

Johnny put his hands on his hips before smiling.

Got some coffee?

Ryan and Micki looked at eachother before Johnny laughed.'


Later that night Micki walked into the nursey to find Ryan sitting in the rocking chair with Blue, he was reading a comic to him.

Micki smiled standing in the doorway watching. Ryan was speaking in a soft gentle voice as he looked down at the baby.

And then...Spiderman ran towards city hall...asking the mayor to stop them from sending the army in.

The baby looked up at Ryan as if he was the most amazing person in the world. Ryan then pointed to the comic page.

See? There is Spiderman...and what color is he? Yeah that's right...red.

Micki walke in, she couldn't help but smile...Ryan was so cute whenever he was with the baby.

You know he can't understand a word your saying.

Ryan looked up.

It doesn't matter what I read to him...it's the tone of my voice that counts.

Micki walked over looking down at the baby, he was chubby...maybe a little too chubby, and he was getting Ryan's color hair and face.

You okay?

Ryan paused for a second before nodding.

Guess I've just been depressed...I'm going up to the cemetery in the morning.

To visit Jimmy's grave?

Ryan nodded.

Seem just like yesterday...like time just keeps being played on repeat.

Sighing Micki touched Ryan's shoulder.

Want me to come with?

Ryan shook his head.

No, that's okay...stay home with the baby.

Come on, let's give him a bath and get to bed.

Later, Micki and Ryan stood by the sink as they washed Blue, who couldn't stop giggling as they poured the luke warm water on him. While washing him, Blue looked over at Micki before kissing her.

Love you...

Love you too.

Smiling they looked back down at the baby.

That night both fell asleep, but midway during the night Micki woke with an awful feeling deep inside her. She had a nightmare, yet couldn't remember it. All she knew was Ryan...falling?

Her heart raced in her chest as she looked over at Ryan, sleeping.


Micki felt scared in the darkness of the bedroom, she couldn't remember the nightmare, only that it was awful.


Ryan stirred awake, half alseep he looked at Micki.



Ryan then snapped awake.

The baby?

Micki shook her head.

No, he's fine...I had a nightmare.

Ryan blinked again before sitting up more.


I don't know it was awful...I dreamed you were dead.

Micki then for some strange reason couldn't control herself, she began to sob. Ryan now awake held Micki as she shook.

Shhhh, it's okay.

Both stayed that way for awhile before finally both fell asleep. In the early hours of the morning Ryan left her, touching her face with love and then checking on the baby...still asleep.

Grabbing his coat he went out to visit his brother's grave.

When Micki woke, an hour later she found a note on Ryan's side of the bed, telling her where she went and not to worry. but she couldn't help it, she was.

Getting up and making coffee she went and woke Blue up before feeding him breakfast. Looking at the baby she sighed, he looked just like his father.

Changing him and trying to amuse him for the next hour finally Johnny came.

Hey Mic, where's Ryan?


Johnny then froze.

Who died?

His brother Jimmy...died when Ryan was just twelve, he always gets depressed around this time of year.

Sitting at the table for a cup of coffee, he looked at Blue in his highchair, playing with a few fruitloops Micki put down for him.

Hey buddy...

Johnny smiled looking at the baby.

At the cemetery, Ryan stood looking at his brother's grave. The accident playing over and over again in his head. If only he had acted faster, if only he had tried to save him. The guilt and grief kept killing him, after all these years.

He knew that he would feel the same way whenever he crossed Blue to his school when he was older, or teaching him how to play ball or ride his bike. Always the fear that the same truck would come and take his child as it did his brother.

That's when he heard a voice behind him.


Ryan turned and saw someone he thought he would never see again, after all this time.


37: Don't Go

Micki hung up the phone after speaking with Jack and became worried. He told her that Ryan and her would have to come as soon as possible since he feared something much worse, worse then Lewis...was happening in this small village. Micki tried to ask questions but the line began breaking up. Standing beside the phone she sighed before looking over and seeing Johnny play airplane with Blue. The baby giggled as Johnny made motor sounds. Micki was about to tell him that Blue might throw up, but stopped. She felt worried.

Well I better go...

Johnny put Blue in his highchair and kissed the baby's head before walking over to Micki with his hands in his pockets.

Well I got some stuff to do...

Micki then turned.

That was Jack on the phone, he told me that Ryan and me are going to have to meet him in that village in the morning...


I know, it's crazy but he sounds worried...I know this is last minute but I wanted to know...

If I could watch Blue?

Micki smiled.

I'll play you...

Johnny then waved his hand.

Don't worry about it Mic, if Jack thinks it's important then it's important.

Micki shook her head, she felt like everything was hitting her at once.

I really don't want to leave him, but Jack seems worried...and the honest truth is, I am too.

Don't worry, hey I'll help you call the airlines.

Thanks Johnny...

An hour later Johnny had gone home, he told Micki he would be at the store in the morning and planned on watching Blue for the next four days or so. Micki was all ready packing and making a mile long list of things for Johnny to follow while looking after the baby.

That's when Ryan slowly came up the stairs with an older woman and Micki froze.

Micki, this is my mother...

Micki then remembered what Ryan had told Micki about his mother. That she was a good woman, but after his brother's death she grew apart and became very depressed before leaving her family and never speaking a word to them. Even when Ray died she didn't give any word.

Micki stood in the doorway, folding one of her shirts.


Ryan stood beside the older woman, he looked as if this was killing him. Clearing his throat he walked over to Micki.

Micki, this is my mother Mary...Mom this is my girlfriend and fiancé Micki Foster.

Micki let out her hand, a little uneasy yet shook the woman's hand. The woman looked just as uneasy and nodded at her with a weak smile.

Hello dear, Ryan has told me so much about you...I'm sorry we haven't met yet.

Hi...I heard alot about you too.

Ryan and his mother looked at eachother for a moment before his mother saw the baby in the highchair.

Oh my God...is that him?

Micki turned a bit before smiling.

Ryan stood back not saying a word.

That's Blue...

Ryan's mother went over to the baby, overjoyed and laughing.

May I hold him?

Go right ahead.

Ryan's mother laughed while picking up the baby and looking right into his eyes.

He's beautiful...

Micki stood there with her arms crossed, a little awkward. Ryan came up beside her with a serious look on his face looking at the two of them.

Ryan's mother held the baby smiling, a small look of sadness deep in her eyes.

Oh Ryan, he's beautiful, looks just like you.

Micki tried to smile.

He's ten months...

He was born in May like his father...

Micki went over and tried her best to break whatever strange feeling was in the room. She smiled with Ryan's mother and pointed out the baby's hair. Both talked, mostly about the baby for awhile before Ryan walked over taking Blue.

He's tried...I'll put him down.

Micki was then left alone with her.

So you run this store with Ryan?

Micki nodded.

Yes, for the last year or so...that's how Ryan and I met.

That's what he told me...your very pretty just like he said.

Blushing Micki asked Ryan's mother if she wanted any coffee. Some time past when finally Ryan left the nursey. Ryan's mother kept to herself...Micki knew that they must have talked alot today, mosty about what her son had been up to.

There was alot of catching up to do.

But Ryan seemed half there. Finally before Ryan offered her to drive her back to her house, which was a few towns over...Micki took him aside and told him about Jack's call.

We're leaving in the morning?

Micki nodded shutting their two suitcases.

I know it's short notice but Jack seemed worried.

What about the baby?

Johnny is going to watch him.


Ryan, he's good with the baby...anyways it won't take more then three days tops.

Ryan rubbed the back of his neck sighing.

I'm sorry...it's just alot with today.

Where did you run into her...

Micki talked in a lower voice.

Ryan's mother was in the nursey looking at Blue.

At Jimmy's grave...we had lunch together, I guess she's living in Stonepoint.

That's a nice town...

Yeah, she's been working at the local school as the nurse, read about my dad in the papers and tracked me down.

Did you tell her?

About the store?

Micki nodded.

No, but I told her about you...she remembered you.


I guess when I was five or something there was a Christmas party and you were there with your parents, we played together or something and she met you.

Really? I don't even remember that.

Here's the proof.

Ryan held out an old worn photograph, Micki held it in her hands and laughed.

There Ryan and Micki were, Ryan was four or five and Micki was five dressed in a puffy red dress. Both were grinning beside a Christmas tree at Ryan's old house.

Micki couldn't believe it was them.

I don't even remember meeting you!

Ryan sighed.

She said you can keep that.

Oh my God Ryan you were so cute!

Ryan shook his head looking out the door. Micki looked up touching his shoulder.



You okay?

Ryan shook his head.

She doesn't even feel like my mother...

Two hours later Ryan came back to the store, it was dark out now and he had driven his mother back home. Blue was in Micki's arms while she sat in bed. Ryan came in tugging off his coat.



How was the drive?


She talk much?

Not really, there was alot of ground to cover.

You guys talk about your father?

Ryan shook his head.

Not really, she didn't even seem to care I dropped out of school and started at the store...she mosty wanted to know about you and me, the baby, and the wedding.

She seemed nice...

Ryan shurgged, she could tell he didn't want to talk about it.

She said once we get back she would like to have dinner with us.

That would be nice...let Blue get to know his grandmother.

Ryan pulled off his shirt, with all his extra time at the store he had started working out more. Micki sighed before looking at the baby, who held his bottle and looked up at his mother drinking it.

Yeah maybe, I'll talk to her later or something...

I better get him to bed.

You sure Johnny is the right choice, I mean your mother...

Micki shook her head getting out of the bed.

She lives to far away, anyways I listed everything for Johnny...when to change him, when to feed him, all his clothes are laid out, not to go into the vault...

No parties?

Micki laughed before putting Blue in his nursery. Coming back Ryan was in bed with his hands behind his head, looking up and thinking.

This is our first trip we're taking together...Paris, sounds very romantic.

Ryan glanced at her giving a weak smile.

Let's just hope everything is all right.

I'm sure it will be...

Just then the phone rang beside the bed. Glancing over at it Ryan grabbed it.


He paused for a second before looking at Micki.

Yeah...well it's a long drive...Mom...

Micki then knew Ryan was talking to her mother.

Ummm, six...yeah the airport...you know it doesn't matter...ummmm...okay, all right...see you then, bye.

Hanging up Micki looked at him.

What was that all about?

That was...my mother, she's taking a taxi to the store in the morning, she wants to take us to the airport.


She said she wanted to...

That's odd.

Yeah, well I said yes...maybe she'll get this out of her system.


Ryan then flicked off his light.

Whatever, I just wanna get this day behind me.

Micki crawled into bed before putting her arms around Ryan.

You sure your all right?


Micki then rolled over on him, making him laugh for a second.

What about that nightmare you had last night?


The one you had last night...

Oh, it was nothing...

Micki then bent down her head and began to softly kiss Ryan.

What was it about?

Ryan asked through the kisses.

My nightmare?


I dreamed...I dreamed you were dead.


I know, it just scared me.

Ryan kissed Micki before sighing.

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere...

Make love to me Ryan, please make love to me.

That night Ryan and Micki sat up in bed, their sheets covering them. Ryan sat in the center of the bed with Micki up against her, his legs wrapped around his wait as she laid her head on his shoulder. Ryan held Micki's face and kissed her.

Little did Micki know...this would be the last time she would ever make love to him.

Ryan let out deep breaths looking at her, Micki looked over his face. His big brown eyes, his dark hair, his bags under his eyes which Micki often teased him about, his lips, his ears which stuck out, his earring, his skin. Micki brushed her fingertips against him.

Smiling he put his head against hers.

The next morning, Micki showered while Ryan shaved. It was five in the morning and both were more then a little nervous about the trip.

All Jack told them was what inn to check into and what time to meet him.

The shower finally stopped and Micki stepped out grabbing a towel.

Pack your needles?

Ryan nodded before Micki went up behind him.

You look very cute when you shave.

Ryan laughed before looking at their reflection in the mirror.

Kissing his bare shoulder blade, Micki went into the bedroom to dress. A little while later Johnny arrived and Micki and Ryan went through the entire run down on looking after Blue while they were gone.

Here's my mother's number, our inn number, the hospitals, Blue's doctor's...

And the FBI?

Johnny laughed, Micki and Ryan looked at eachother.

Just then there was a knock downstairs, it was Ryan's mother.

Before leaving, Johnny got Blue up and carried him downstairs. He was wearing a blue sleeping suit. The taxi driver downstairs was putting their suitcases into the trunk.

Thought you might wanna say goodbye...

Micki smiled walking over before kissing Blue's head.

Bye honey, be good for uncle Johnny.

Ryan then went over before kissing Blue's head and face.

Bye baby...I'll see you soon.

That's when Blue began to cry, Ryan's mother looked as Johnny raised an eyebrow. The baby began going crazy, turning bright red and reaching for Ryan. Micki saw this and felt uneasy.

Johnny then laughed.

Awwww, he's all ready missing his daddy.

Ryan sighed before glancing at Micki for a second and then kissing Blue again.

It's okay big guy, I'll be back soon.

Tyring to pull back, Blue grabbed Ryan's coat and screamed.

Let's go before he gets worse.

Heading outside, Ryan looked over his shoulder at Johnny holding Blue.

Blue kept crying, reaching out for his father.

Walking out the front door he had no idea this would be the last time ever...for a very long time that he would be inside the store again.

The drive to the airport was mostly in silence. Ryan sat up front with the driver while Micki walked with his mother, mostly about Blue and how hard the pregnancy had been.

They talked a little about the wedding before they reached the airport.

Going inside Micki went to check out the tickets leaving the two of them alone.

Look at that...

There was a small group of children singing to a handicapped little girl.

What do you think about that?

I think...if there is a God, he'll save that poor child.

Sighing Ryan looked at his mother, that's when Micki came back.

Well...I'll talk to you when we get back.

Ryan's mother nodded and watched them leave.

A little while later both stood in line as their gate was called.

That's when they met the little girl named Chris in the wheelchair. She asked Micki if she was going to the village too. Micki turned and shook the young girl's father's hand before shaking hers.

I'm Micki and this is Ryan...

Ryan let out his hand and that's when it happened.

The little girl shook it before freezing, terror filled her eyes as she began to gasp for breath.

Ryan felt it as the girl nearly screamed.

Don't Go...

Her father wheeled her to the side telling her to take something.

I'm sorry, this happens sometimes.

Looking at the girl, confused and a little scared Ryan watched as the girl looked at him, scared to death.

Don't go...

Micki held Ryan's hand.

Come on Ryan...

And so they got on the plane.

38: Terror in her eyes

The seatbelt sign clicked off and Micki relaxed a bit before searching through her purse. So far it had been an hour since they had taken off, there was a pretty bad rain storm out there and all Micki could see out the window was darkness.

When the turbulence started, Micki thought she was going to die.

The entire time she sat beside Ryan, squeezing his hand and trying her best not to have a complete panic attack. Ryan seemed tired, yet tried his best to sooth her while the plane rocked back and forth.

What if we crash?

Micki asked looking straight ahead.

We're not gonna crash Micki.

But it happens, when it gets bad like this.

Ryan who had seemed half dazed by the last twenty-four hours and seeing his mother, snapped away. Looking at Micki he couldn't help but laugh. She looked scared to death.

I take it your scared of flying?

Micki glanced at Ryan before nearly crying when the plane hit another bad spot. Finally it stopped.

Micki searched for gum, anything to keep her busy. Ryan meanwhile flipped through one of the magazines they brought along. Micki finally finding her gum, went to offer Ryan some when she stopped. Something was wrong.

You okay?

Ryan looked up.


You seem distant, something on your mind?

Ryan sighed putting the magazine down. Micki saw how tried he really did look, yet somehow always looked like the kind and friendly Ryan she grew to fall in love with.

I guess alot has been on my mind, between the trip...and my mother.

Don't worry...everything will be fine.

I hope so, the second we land I'm calling home...God knows what Johnny is doing with the baby.

Smiling Micki leaned over kissing Ryan's cheek.

You know...I wanted to ask you something.


What happenes, if we do...get all the objects back?

Ryan paused for a second.

I guess it will be finally over, Jack told me we could seal it up real good.

Then what?


Then what...do we keep running the store, go on with our lifes?

Ryan shurgged.

I don't know babe...I really don't.

Micki laid her head on his shoulder before looking up again.

How about that girl, I hope she's okay...

Creepy, that's what she was.

I think she's just sick Ryan...but did she see how scared she was when she touched your hand?

Ryan stared off into space.

Yeah, she seemed scared.

Terrified is more of a better word, gave me the chills.

Me too...

Micki looked at him before trying to fall asleep for the rest of the flight.

I'm sure it was nothing...

Ryan said no more as Micki fell asleep against him, he didn't want to tell her how scared he was coming to Paris, and how he had a deep feeling that things weren't all right. Looking down at Micki, the woman he loved so much, and the mother of his son...he thought about her and how bad it hurt his heart whenever he thought about how much he loved her.

Finally when they landed and took a taxi to the small village, they received news about Jack's accident.

Is he okay?

Micki asked the hospital. It was late afternoon now and they were both exausted by the long flight. The driver had brought them to their inn where they let their bags.

How they learned that Jack's health was in danger.

Will he wake up?

Ryan asked the nurse.

Hard to tell at this moment.

Her french accent made it hard to understand.

Can we see him?

Later on today...

Giving up they decided to walk back to the inn and take a short nap to recover before checking out the blessed waterfall where that nun Jack was seeing saw something, and then check on Jack.

Micki seemed worried the entire time.

Once they got back to the inn, Ryan called the store. It was night time he knew, but he wanted to know how the baby was doing. Johnny spent most of the phone call asking questions about what happened to Jack and if he thought he would make it. Ryan went over brief details before telling him he would call again to check up once Micki and him visted him. Johnny then told Ryan that Blue was doing good, cried for a while after Micki and him left...but was sleeping now.

Just remember to feed him before bed...

I know Ryan, I know.

Making a slight smile Ryan nodded.

I guess you do.

Tell Micki I said hi, and remember to call me about Jack.

I will...take care Johnny.

Putting the phone down he walked over to the bed where Micki was curled up.

I thought we could sleep for an hour before checking out that waterfall.

Ryan nodded, kicking off his boots and laying ontop of the blankets beside Micki. Both ached and had twisted feelings in their stomachs because of Jack, and the strange things they heard that had been happening in town.

I'm worried Ryan...

Shhh...it's gonna be okay.

Micki curled up beside Ryan as he put his arm around her. This nap seemed pretty good right now, anyways they would think better once they got some rest.

As of right now, France seemed awful. The entire town was dark and full of fear.

And somewhere...a monster was creeping around waiting for Ryan to come back out.

It wanted him.

A man who had a pure heart.

That's what it wanted.

Kissing the top of Micki's head, Ryan stared out the window which faced the church as Micki began to fall asleep in his arms.

It would end soon...Ryan could feel it.

39: Lost

For the two hours that Micki and Ryan decided to stay at the inn and rest before they would begin looking into what had happened to Jack, Micki began to dream.

When she opened her eyes she found herself back in her bedroom at the store. Ryan was sleeping beside her, dressed in black drawstring pants, and a T-shirt. One of the many that Micki had tried to talk him out of wearing. But like always, Ryan stuck to his style even if Micki liked it or not. Her eyelids fluttering she looked around at the darkness of her bedroom. Across from the bed was her dresser, then her chair, and then full length mirror which hung on her closet. Looking over at the nightstand she saw it was four in the morning.

Looking at Ryan she saw he was sleeping.

Was the trip to France just an awful bad dream? Was Jack's accident along with him going into a coma just a worried nightmare she had while he was away.

That's when she got the worst cramp in the world.

And she began to scream.

Ryan right away snapped awake, flicking on the light before his eyes grew in terror.

Jesus Christ...

Micki stopped screaming and looked down at the bedsheets, they were soaked in blood, along with her legs.

The baby...

Ryan said.

Micki then looked for the baby monitor, where was it? Blue was just in the other room sleeping, wasn't he?

Was she pregnant again?

She had brought up the idea to Ryan a few times.

Another pain stuck her body.

Your lossing the baby...

Ryan said as he ran over grabbing the phone. Micki then remembered the time in the Playhouse when she had a scare while she was carrying Blue. But this wasn't a scare...it was too much blood.

Ryan was talking on the phone now, he had called 911. Micki had no time to hear what he was saying before he grabbed the top cover from the bed and wrapped it around Micki before picking her up.

Come on!

Micki began to feel dizzy, there was so much blood.

Where...are...we going?

She tried to ask Ryan where Blue was, but he was moving too quick.

While he ran out to the car with her, still in his arms she tried to ask him what was wrong, and where Blue and Jack were.

Then she screamed in pain again.


Micki shot up in bed nearly screaming when she saw Ryan getting his boots back on, he turned looking at her.

You okay?

Micki took a second before seeing it was all a dream, she was laying in bed at the inn.

Bad dream?

Micki nodded before shaking a bit.

We're leaving...

Yeah in a few, I wanna see if there's something worth checking out at the waterfall...

Micki looked down at her hands, Jesus she was still shaking.

You okay?

Micki saw Ryan looking at her.

I had a nightmare...

About what?

I was having a miscarriage.


I know, it just seemed to werid.

Do you think...you know?



The word stuck Micki as odd, both Ryan and her had talked about having a second baby. Since Blue they wanted another one very much, but between Ryan's health problems, the store, everything that was going on, and the fact that they wanted Blue to have his time in the spotlight before the wedding and before his first year added things up.

Could they support another baby, with their other one just nearly ten months?

I don't know...

Ryan then reached over taking Micki's hand.

If you are I think that's great.


More of a reason to move up the wedding.

Grinning, she could see he wanted to make her feel better. Nodding with a slight smile she got up to get dressed.

We'll check when we get home.

For what?

To see if you caught it again...it happens.

Rolling her eyes Micki put her coat on.

Oh Ryan...

Smiling Ryan grabbed his coat and walked out the room. Once they were out on the cobble stone streets, they headed in the direction where the waterfall was, the entire time Micki held onto Ryan's hand.

Maybe she was going to have another baby.

The thought somehow made that awful nightmare go away. Once they reached, the rather crowded waterfall...they saw a man with a black cloak on with a book.

He began screaming towards the sky as the wind blew strong and everyone looked around in fear.

Micki look!

The man hissed, pointing towards Ryan before Micki and him began to chase after him.

Try and get the book!

Micki screamed at Ryan who had a better head start of her, running through the narrow streets of the village, Ryan chased this man.

He knew that book he was using by the waterfall was magic.

Then he disspeared into a back alley.

Ryan stood there, he heart racing and hardly able to catch a breath. He looked around puzzled on where this man had gone.

Then...he jumped out, punching Ryan right in the face before he could even blink.

Ryan fell hard to the ground, hidden by boxes as Micki ran past the alley screaming his name.

The man laughed, opening the book before looking up at the sky.

He would have his servant.

A man with a pure heart.

And this young man had it.

Opening his shirt to reveal his chest, the man grinned using his finger nail to mark the sign of the beast.


Laughing he knew it had begun.

40: The storm


Micki yelled as she circled the same set of streets for the forth time. It was getting dark now and somehow the wind blew stronger then before. Holding her coat closed she looked around, asking him anyone had seen a man fitting Ryan's description. She had grown up in Canada for most of her life, and her French was pretty broken, but all the answers were the same. Worried and scared she ran up the cobble stone streets with her heels clicking.

Jack was in a coma, and whatever that thing was...man or beast was running around with Ryan. She wished she knew what was happening, but she was too scared to think.


Just then he came, out from one of the alleys, his face serious and dark circled under his blank eyes.

Ryan! Micki ran over, right away grabbing onto him, the second she got close enough she saw his head was bleeding.

Ryan where have you been, I've been looking all over!

I lost him...I didn't get the blook.

His voice seemed flat, something was different.

My God your bleeding...

Yeah he hit me over the head.

It looks bad...

Micki went to touch his head when Ryan pulled away.

It's nothing.

Ryan, you've been missing for an hour!

I guess he hit me harder then I thought, really I'm okay.

Pausing for a second Micki looked around, the bare trees slowly rocked back and forth under the gray sky. She felt uneasy and scared.

Come on...let's go see Jack.

That will be fine.

Holding onto his arm she went to pull him forward when he stopped, looking straight at the church.

I need to see the sister.

Micki raised an eyebrow.

Later...after we see Jack.

Pulling him harder they headed towards the hospital.

Once they arrived at the hospital, the doctors told them there had been no change. Going into Jack's room for a moment, Micki nearly started to cry. She had no idea what was going on, or how to fix it. Looking at Ryan she knew something was wrong.

He had been acting strange all day, ever since they split up. In fact even at the hospital he showed hardly any emotion.

Once night fell upon them both walked back to the inn. Micki had Jack's case of files and papers, she told Ryan that prehaps if she searched through them she might be able to find an answer.

Ryan barley talked, he only walked forward, his eyes fixed on the church.

Once they got back to the inn, Micki laid out all of Jack's papers on the bed. Searching through them she couldn't find anything that lead up to a book or anything being told in France.

Ryan the entire time just stood by the window, looking out at the church.

I can't find anything...

Micki mumbled, she started to think about calling Johnny who was minding the shop for them while they were gone. Maybe they had forgotten something before they left. Anything to help them. Thinking for a second about Johnny she felt a little better knowing another person believed them and wanted to help. But at the same time he was still a stranger and still had no idea what he was getting himself into. Also‚€¶she didn‚€™t like the way he looked at her.

Thinking of Blue she sighed. She wished she was home with her baby.

I need to see the sister.

Micki looked up at Ryan, who was still looking at the church.


Ryan didn't answer.

Ryan...am I doing this all alone?

I need to see the sister now.

Ryan went to move when Micki jumped up, placing her hands on his shoulders.

Ryan you can't see her...their not letting anybody in.

I'm not anyone...

Ryan moved forward when Micki stepped in front, blocking the door.

Something happened today that your not telling me.

Micki...move out of my way.



Micki jumped back a little, Ryan never screamed at her.


Ryan's face then changed, for a moment all Micki could see was black in his eyes as an evil smirk came across his face.


She was scared, this wasn't the Ryan she loved or the father of her son...it was something else.

Just then the window of their room flew open, wind blowing all of the papers and files to the ground.


Ryan grabbed Micki before throwing her on the bed, Micki landed right on it to scared to even move.

Ryan what's wrong?

It wasn't Ryan.

So, do you accept me this time?

His voice was lower...colder and not his own.


Ryan unbuckled his belt, tugging it off before throwing it to the floor. Micki began to back up on the bed before he threw himself down on her, holding her down with his hands.


She struggled but he was too heavy to move. Turning her head back and forth she looked at his empty face before he began moving his hands, tugging down his jeans.

There was a sound of ripping fabric which was Micki's slacks.

Ryan what are you doing!

She kept struggling was Ryan laid her down against the bed.


It's too late to say no dear...much to late.


Ryan then entered her without any warning, with all his might he thrusted into her making her scream. His hand went up to muffle her cries as he began ramming himself into her small frame.

This wasn't Ryan...this was violent, this was empty, this was cold.


Ryan went into her, as Micki's eyes rolled back from the pain.

He was rapping her.

Shocked by the pain and burning, Micki snapped her eyes shut and bit down on her lip. This wasn't her Ryan.

Crying she laid there as the entire bed rocked back and forth.

Ryan please stop...it hurts!

Ryan looked down at Micki before for a slight second his face seemed to change and a dim flicker showed in his eyes.

He was rapping Micki.

Before anything else could be done he came strongly into her, in which it felt like ice cold water entering her entire body. Ryan moaned for a second before blinking and looking down at Micki.

She was cyring, saying his name over and over again.

What had he done?


Ryan screamed, pulling out of her so fast Micki screamed. Ryan stood up zipping up his jeans before looking at Micki, half naked and bleeding on the bed.


She said weakly.

Ryan shook his head, whatever this power was it was over taking him. Then the entire room was filled with the noise of a heartbeat...loud yet in slow motion.

Ryan backed up looking at Micki.

He began shaking his head. This wasn't happening.


Micki cried, he saw that all ready bruises were forming on her legs and arms.


Ryan cried out in his real voice, Micki tried to sit up in her pain and reach out for him.

But Ryan felt the power over taking him again...he couldn't hurt her again.


He screamed before running out the door. Micki cried out his name but he was gone into the night, never to be seen by Micki again.

Laying there on the bed, Micki could barley move from the pain.

That wasn't Ryan...it was something else.

Slowly sitting up she looked down at her legs and thighs, there were bruised all ready and red marks. She had been raped.

She sat there...raped by Ryan, the man she loved and the father of her only child.

No, it wasn't him.

Her blouse had been torn too, her entire body ached and her insides throbbed. She then remembered while, whatever that thing was laying ontop of her she saw something, what looked like cuts on Ryan's chest.

Something was happening, and Ryan was in danger.

Closing her blouse as hot sticky tears ran down her face she got herself under control before grabbing a pair of Ryan's sweatpants from his suitcase. She was bleeding pretty bad and it burned whenever she walked.

Pulling the pants on she felt ugly and alone...she needed help.

Grabbing the phone she called Johnny.



Micki? Is that you?

Micki could barley control herself, she sat on the wooden floor curled up with the phone.


Micki is it Jack?

Micki shook her head.

No...it's Ryan...

Did something happen?

I...I think so, you need to come.


Call Ryan's mother, tell her that it's important...if she asks questions just tell her to look after the baby, I need you.

What happened?

Just make sure either her or my mother can watch the baby...call up the airlines right after this and try to come by morning...you need too.

Jesus Micki what happened?

I think something is happening, something none of us can handle...I think it got Ryan...he...he...

He what?

Micki began to cry.

Just please come, you know where I'm staying?

Yeah it's all written down...Micki?


How bad is it?

Micki took a second, she was crying pretty bad now.


Looking out the window she saw the moon had been hidden by dark clouds...a storm was coming.

41: Pray for me

After Micki hung up the phone with Johnny, she decided to change. Walking into the small bathroom she stripped off her clothes and ran the water steaming hit before slowly walking underneath the water. Standing there for a moment the rape was replayed in her head. How empty Ryan's eyes looked and how badly it had hurt.

Was the real Ryan even still alive?

She had been so stupid, why didn't she see that something was wrong?

She began to cry when she finally fell to her kneels, crawling up naked in the shower not able to move.

An hour later she dressed slowly and put her hair back. Her body still ached and she seemed hardly able to get herself under control. She prayed Johnny would be there soon...she couldn't do this alone.

That's when the police busted down her door, screaming she stood back as they lead her out.

Is Ryan Dallion here?

No, I'm his girlfriend...what's wrong?

The police stood around her.

He killed the sister, come on your coming to the station.


Before Micki could say another world they grabbed her by her arms and tugged her down the hallway.

Ryan meanwhile sat in one of the dark alleys, his body ached and throbbed and his entire body felt numb. He was only half there now. Sitting there alone, with the sister's blood on his hands, he couldn't even remember what had happened.

Sitting there, tiny bits of water dripped off the buildings and fell on his face.

What have I done?

He couldn't control this, he kept blacking out.

That's when he felt a burning on his chest, opening his shirt a little he saw the carved in 666.

No, it couldn't be.


He cried up to the dark stormy sky.

Why him?

Hissing in pain he struggled to get enough strength to go to the hospital. He didn't know what was happening and he was scared to death.

Jack, he needed to see Jack.

Remembering all those times Jack saved him, and stood up for him. Just like when he visted his father and Jack told him that Ryan had saved his life. He needed Jack...he always seemed to be able to figure stuff out.

Slipping past the night guard and nurses, he entered Jack's dark hospital room.

Jack laid there still in his coma, motionless.

What would happen if he died?

Ryan stood there, remembering the night the cursed coin had gotten Micki, and how Jack held him as he cried in the shop.

I loved her too...

Jack somehow always had the right answer.


Jack just laid there.

Ryan struggled with his words, he was crying and hurt all over.

Jack...I've done something terrible, I...I killed the sister and I don't know why...something has happened and I'm not myself.

Tears ran down Ryan's face, he never felt so empty before in his life.

Please Jack, please wake up...remember all those times you saved me, well I need your help...please, please wake up!

Ryan was crying harder now.

Please wake up...

He had killed the sister and his soul was damned.

That's when whatever was left of Ryan disspeared, it was sucked out of his lifeforce without any wanring. Darkness fell upon him as his eyes changed.

He looked down at Jack, the hunger of blood was upon him.

Just then a group of nurses came into the room screaming.

Ryan hissed at them before throwing himself out the second story window. Landing perfectly on his feet he ran into the darkness as chunks of glass hung from his flesh.

Blood...he needed blood of a child.

The hunger grew stronger, all thoughts of Jack and Micki were gone. He was something else...something worse.

Micki meanwhile sat at the police station being harassed. She had no idea what was going on and she couldn't believe that Ryan had hurt someone, let alone the sister.

But then again she remembered the rape...that wasn't Ryan.

She needed to find this book.

That's when Johnny came, and never before had she been so happy to see him.


Micki raced to him as Johnny asked if Micki was under arrest, when the police officers said no he took her by the hand and lead her out onto the street.

Millions of people were walking down the small streets with candles in their hands. This was the funeral for the sister. Micki stood by Johnny was beautiful music filled the night air. The wind was strong and both stood beside eachother.

Ryan could be anywhere.

Where's Blue?

With Ryan's mother...she's staying at the store.

Micki looked around holding back tears.

It's Ryan...I think he's in trouble.

Your right about that.

Micki and Johnny turned to see Jack, a little pale yet standing right behind them.


Micki hugged him strongly.

How did you...

I woke from my coma, the doctors tried to make me stay but something is happening Micki, something awful.

I know, Ryan...he...he...

She struggled as tears ran down her face.

He killed the sister.

It wasn't him Micki, it was something much worse, I think that book as something to do with it.


If all six acts are lead out from that book then the prophecy is set out.

For what?

The end of all times...the man who has the book is using Ryan's soul.

For what?

To sacrifice a child...pure of soul.

Micki then remembered the young girl in the wheelchair Chris, something it all clicked. She had some to the village to be healed...and how she had acted when she shook Ryan's hand in the airport.


She grabbed their hands and ran.

Meanwhile in the tomb, Ryan...or what was left on him stood by the stone table as the little girl cried out. The man in the black robe read from the book as thousands of candles were lit around them.

And so the blood of the child shall be spilled...

Micki, Johnny, and Jack raced into the graveyard, Micki ran past the harsh blowing winds and knew something was wrong...it was Ryan and she feared she was too late.

Meanwhile by the waterfalls millions of people stood around the sister's body.

Lighting and thunder stuck as they found the tomb Jack and told them before. Moments ago while they ran through the village they found the young girl's father dying...he told them to save his daughter.

Running into the tomb Micki froze.

Ryan stood at the stone table with the little girl, the man in the robe read from the book and raised the dagger.

Ryan...please, please...

The girl told Ryan, looking up with fearful eyes. Micki stood watching as Ryan looked down at her. He was something else.


Ryan then, or what was left of the real Ryan began to remember.

When he was a child and James dying. Meeting Micki for the first time, his father dying, Jack, the store, the cursed objects, Blue, and then Micki's face again.

A loud ticking came over him...his time was up.

He couldn't do this.

The dagger was raised above the young girl.



Ryan snapped out of the hold that possessed his soul.

The dagger then went straight into Ryan's back.

Micki screamed.

Ryan laid there for a moment before the man in the robe screamed, all of the candles flickered and the top glass window of the tomb blew out, making Micki, Johnny, and Jack shield their faces.

A loud dark scream was heard in the air as the ground shook.

The book burst into flames and the man vanished...back to hell.

He had failed.

Ryan laid ontop of the little girl as Micki watched. The dagger still in his back.

His eyes opened for a moment before he looked at the little girl.

Pray for me...

And with that Ryan fell backwards and died.

42: A second chance

Thousands of people had gathered by the small waterfall as the blinding light went over the dark village. Micki, Jack, the little girl Chris, and Johnny carrying the small child that Micki saw in the tomb, ran towards the water.

Micki was confused. One second ago she saw what she saw earlier in the room at the inn. The black eyes, the coldness...then it changed into her Ryan, the same old sweet Ryan she loved with all her heart. He was standing above Chris as the man raised the dagger.

If that child lived...Satan would end the world, reverse all light and living things. It would then become hell as the gates of Heaven were closed forever. All of that flashed before Micki's eyes as she stood watching Ryan.

Then he screamed and the man had brought down the dagger with all his might onto Ryan's back.

The scream Ryan gave out was hopeless and weak. When she opened her eyes Ryan had fallen back before telling the terrified girl to pray for him. Micki wanted to scream or run and hold him but she was frozen by the blinding light. Now she ran towards the waterfall looking at the boy she had sworn she had seen before.

But where was Ryan?

Please help this boy!

Jack yelled to the priest. Micki looked down as the wind blew around her at the boy who was shaking and screaming out. The priest made the sign of the cross before praying for his soul.

With that another light came before the boy opened his eyes.

Looking at them Micki nearly died.

That was her Ryan.

Where...where am I?

He asked looking up at everyone. Jack eyed Johnny before the child Chris, now able to walk went to him.

Ryan...do you remember me?

The boy raised an eyebrow.

Are you in my class?

The girl looked up at Jack before the younger Ryan...maybe the age of ten or twelve looked up at all of the strangers, scared and nervous.

Who are you...where's my mum?

Jack then kneeled down, taking off his hat.

I'm Jack Marshak.

Ryan's eyed grew wide.

I remember you...your a friend of my uncles'...you came over my house once and my mother made you dinner.

Jack sighed before looking up at Micki.

That's right...a very long time ago.

Micki couldn't believe it, where was her Ryan? The one she was going to marry, the one who was father to her son Blue. The one she had fallen in love with.

She was scared to death...Ryan had been killed when the dagger got him. Why would this happen, why?

Micki broke free of Johnny's grip before going down, looking at Ryan she remembered that photograph his mother had given her yesterday. The one when they met years ago when they were children at Christmas.

Somehow part of the memory came back to her. This was Ryan.

Ryan...do you remember me?

Ryan took a second before looking at her.

Who are you?

This killed Micki as she held back her tears, this wasn't her real Ryan...he was gone.

I'm Micki...

Ryan's tiny hand then reached out touching Micki's hair.

I have a cousin named Micki...she has red hair too.

Micki's eyes, sparking with tears looked up at Jack and Johnny.

Ryan for giving his life for the child has stopped this, and was given a second chance at life from God.

It was miracle.

Ryan even under the evil power had used his soul to save everyone.

Micki shook as Johnny came behind her, his arms at her waist as she looked at the child.


Just then the sky began to clear up and beautiful silver danced stars began to come out.

The little girl Chris watched before looking at the priest.

I'll stay here...and tell others of what happened.

Two days later Micki walked beside Jack and Johnny in the airport, the younger Ryan ran ahead of them.

Did you tell her?

Johnny asked before looking at Micki for a second.

Ever since that night she hadn't been the same, she just stared off into space. The younger Ryan hadn't remembered a thing, only that he was excited to see his mother.

Johnny sighed, Micki had lost the love of her life...even if Ryan got a second chance without guilt or grief...he was finally free.

Micki then spotted Ryan's mother holding Blue's stroller.


The boy who ran ahead of her's son.

It seemed like a dream as if it happened to someone else. She had packed all of his things with hers and thought the real him would walk over at any second.

Did this really happen?

Watching him she then looked at Blue and began to cry as Ryan's mother gasped nearly screaming when the boy ran over to her, smiling and waving.


Micki walked over as Ryan's mother held onto Ryan crying.

It can't be, it can't be!

Jack walked over looking down.

No Mary, this is Ryan...

Micki blocked out the rest of the joyful sobs and laughs, she looked down at her baby sleeping.

She then remembered how badly Blue had cried when Ryan left the shop, then Chris as she shook with fear asking him not to go. The signs were everywhere and she was too stupid to see. Why had this happened, he had no memory of his guilt and depression...but what about her, his baby? What about their love. Looking at the child she didn't see joy or happiness, instead she saw a child that had taken her real Ryan away.

Jack took Ryan and his mother away as Micki wheeled the stroller over to the coffee shop with Johnny. Ryan hadn't even glanced at the baby...the child he wanted so badly and loved.

Sitting at the table all Micki could do was hold the baby as he slept, looking off into space trying to talk herself into it being a nightmare and would be over soon.

Johnny sat there drinking his coffee and looking uncomfortable.

What do you think Jack is telling her?

Micki didn't answer.

You okay?

Micki looked up before holding the baby tighter.

Finally Jack returned with Ryan and his mother who was smiling and dabbing at her eyes. Micki stood up, the baby still in her arms as Ryan's mother went to hug her.

She stepped back and Jack looked at Johnny before turning her away to say goodbye to. Micki stood back...why was this happening?

Jack went down and hugged Ryan before hugging his mother and smiling. Johnny muttered a soft goodbye before everyone looked at Micki.

Micki looked at the small boy before he smiled.

Bye Micki...

Micki then cried out before running with her baby, Johnny gave a paniced look before running after her.

What's wrong?

The young Ryan asked, his mother placed her hands on his shoulders. Jack shook his head.

Nothing Ryan...

He then looked at his mother.

He doesn't remember...not a thing.

I won't mess up this time, I know it.

She then looked at Micki.

Should he know...you know about her and the baby.

Jack shook his head.

He's too young to understand, maybe he'll never...all I know is God gave him a second chance, lot's not ruin it for him.

She nodded.

Will you write?

From time to time, update you on the baby...other then that, I think no contact is best.

Mary nodded.

I think so too...will you talk to Micki.

I will.

Thank you Jack...thank you so much.

Kissing her cheek and then rubbing Ryan's hair he sighed watching them go.

Goodbye Ryan...thank you.

Jack wouldn't see Ryan again until many years later.

Turning he went into the parking-lot to get the car.

Inside Micki sat in the backseat with Johnny, clutching Blue for dear life. She was sobbing.


Jack asked opening the door, Johnny looked up worried.

Micki cried even harder before looking up at Jack.


Micki...he saved us all...


God gave him a second chance at life...he has no memory of all his problems in his past life.


Jack slowly shook his head as Johnny tried to hold her.

I can't Micki...it's beyond my power, he's finally peaceful and at rest, he's finally happy.


Jack then remembered how Ryan had acted when the cursed coin had killed Micki. How hopeless his cries sounded.

Jack reached out touching Micki's feverish skin. It had been alot, even through Ryan was still alive with a second chance ahead of him, he was leaving behind a woman who loved him very much, and a child.

Love was a dangerous thing, now Micki had to face it alone.

Micki began to breath heavy before Johnny took Blue from her hands, Micki then held herself crying as Johnny looked at Jack.

Ryan was gone for good, and Micki had began to loose her mind.

43: Wanting him back

When they all arrived back at the shop, something seemed different.

Jack wheeled Blue's stroller in before looking over at Johnny who carried Micki in his arms. He looked worried and couldn't help but notice the pale tint in her sleeping face. He knew this had been a big shock for her...Ryan was gone now.

Jack told Johnny to lay her down in her bed upstairs while he put Blue in his crib, then he would find something to help her sleep.

Johnny asked if Micki was going to be okay and Jack answered the truth.

He didn't know.

Placing Blue in his crib Jack sighed. The baby wiggled looking up at the glass sparrows. He looked so much like Ryan...

Looking up he went to Micki's room and found her sleeping there with Johnny sitting by her side.

I think she's in shock, should we call the hospital?

Jack slowly shook his head.

Downstairs in my leather case I have some shots that might relax her...

Jack took Micki's pulse by her wirst and looked up at Johnny who ran downstairs to get them. Looking at her laying there, her beautiful red flowing hair. She had gone through so much...and witnessed something awful happen to the man she loved. He knew she wouldn't ever be the same, and that only time would bend this pain that throbbed so deeply in her heart. She still had Blue, which was a part of Ryan, and their memories.

Jack was on the same page as Micki, he would of wanted the real Ryan to be with them. But God served his sacrifice for something better.

A second chance.

That boy who was now driving home with his mother, unknown to his life before hand and the twelve or thirteen years he had lived...was really Ryan. Jack was thankful that he had lived and could redo this childhood without the grief and pain.

But still, he loved Ryan like a son and knew Micki had lost someone very dear and close to her. Blue would also grow up without a father.

Jack and Ryan's mother decided that it would be better to have no contact.

No contact.

It was hard to deal with and as shocked and stunned as Ryan's mother was, all she could see was her son. Also a second chance for her.

Blue would never meet his father, most likely by the time Ryan reached his true age Micki would be in her forties and Blue would be twelve.

Sighing he knew that God acted in strange ways, and this was one of them.

Would they still be able to run the shop?

Sitting beside Micki he cursed Lewis for giving them all this pain.

Petting Micki's soft hair she began to stir.


She mumbled, she was weak.

It's okay Micki...your home.

Where's Ryan?

Jack paused before looking at her.

He's gone Micki.

Micki laid there for a second before crying even harder, Jack gathered her up in his arms, trying his best to sooth her.

Please change him back, please Jack!

I can't Micki...I wish I could, but I can't.

Why would God do this? WHY?


Jack knew it wouldn't ever matter the reasons for why Ryan had changed. He started again, trying to fight his own tears.

Because he saved all of us...he was too good of a man to let that happen, so God gave him the greatest gift anyone could have, a second chance at life.

But why, what about me, what about the baby?

Micki...Ryan loved you deeply, but you need to understand it was the only way. He's able to live again without any memory of everything that's happened...every single awful thing.

But he won't remember me, or his son...oh God Jack I swear if I had him back things would be different, I swear!

I'm sure they would be Micki, but you need to understand...this is the only way.

Micki cried even harder as Johnny entered the room.

They gave Micki the shot before laying her back on her bed. Micki felt stonned and her entire body grew numb. But still, the never ending pain of knowing Ryan wasn't here wouldn't go.

Johnny spread a blanket on Micki as Jack watched her.

Micki could still smell Ryan's cologne on the pillows and sheets. A smell that was a mix between clean soap and something else Micki could never put her finger on. Ryan always smelled that way, even his clothes did and Micki loved it.

It seemed as if he was going to walk into the bedroom at any second, seeing Micki this way concerned and worried and going to her. Laying there she felt sleep begin to make her fall backwards. The memory of what happened kept replaying over and over again.

Ryan standing above the little girl, his empty eyes as the dagger was raised.


Micki watched as it stabbed him and the pure look of pain spread across his real face.

Pray for me.

Micki felt tears run down her face.

She wouldn't believe it.

Ryan couldn't be gone.

Please Jack, tell me it's just a dream...

She whimpered. Jack sighed slowly shaking his head.

I'm so sorry Micki...

He told me he wouldn't ever leave me Jack...

She couldn't stop crying, Jack thought of maybe giving her two shots to numb his endless nightmare.

He served God's will Micki, he was stronger.

But I'm not...I can't do this alone...

Micki then thought of the first time he jumped out from behind the store counter at her and scared her. How hey fought danger together and how he was always there whenever she needed him. How jealous he had become when Lloyd came to visit. His laugh, his stupid way of dressing, his face...everything.

She remembered how he used to hold her, how they first made love and how Blue was conceived. How he lit up whens she told him about the baby and how he fought for her to keep it. How cute he was whenever she got sick or how he used to lay his head on her stomach and talk to the baby.

The way he held her hand when Blue was born and started laughing and crying at the same time when he saw him. How he made love and always looked serious, how he teased her and how they often ran around the store laughing.

How he saved her life so many times.

She didn't think of what happened in the inn that night, all she could think of was his grin when she told him she thought she might be pregnant again.

Closing her eyes, still crying Jack watched her as the light became dim.

The real Ryan was most likely now at his house having dinner, talking up a storm and laughing...like a twelve year old should.

Micki meanwhile was heartbroken and there was nothing to stop this.

Micki drifted into a dreamless sleep before she began to try and see Ryan's face again. Somehow it was hard to do since all she kept seeing was his pain filled face when the dagger got him.

His muscular arms, which he most of the time would roll up his T-shirt sleeves and walk around the house like that. Micki would often tease him since his work out and sleep shirt was that ugly yellow Illinois one. Now floating in and out of sleep she muttered to Jack to please bring it over to her.

Jack paused for a second and saw the shot was taking hold, getting up he went over to what served as Ryan's dresser and saw the yellow shirt right away. This was one of Ryan's favorites he wore it all the time.

Bringing it over Micki took hold of it, tight in her grip before finally falling asleep.

His short dark hair, which started off curled and then finally straight. His big eyes which often had circles around them. His smile and grin, his smooth skin, his earring, his chest, everything that she loved about him.

Holding the shirt Mikci slept.

If she had him back, even for a minute, she would try to tell him how much she loved him.

Even if his true body was gone and changed into a child...his spirit was somewhere else.

He hoped it was looking after Micki.


Micki muttered in her sleep, he knew he would ask her again in the morning.

Do you want to leave, Blue and you?

Micki didn't say anything for awhile before she shook her head.

Jack rubbed her arm watching her sleep.

Her life would he hard now.

In the next room Johnny looked down at the crib. Blue was sleeping, having no idea what had just happened to his father.

You need to hang tough kid...your mom needs you.

Johnny said before looking back at the doorway.

This was a total mess, in which nobody could escape.

44: Just you and me

Micki hadn't been the same since they returned from France.

She had fallen into a deep depression, which left her sleeping most of the day away and spending what was left of her time looking off into space with red bloodshot eyes anc crying softly to herself. The doctors gave her medication to cope, but as each day went by it seemed more and more hopless.

At one point Jack was making coffee for him and Johnny, who planned to look for a cursed pin that evening when he heard weeping from Micki's bedroom.

She was found sitting on the floor with her tape player beside her, some sort of pop rock song played from it.

Micki, what's wrong?

This was Ryan's favorite tape...he told me he would take me to see Oingo Boingo live right after the wedding on our honeymoon...

She then put her head in her hands and began to cry even harder.

Micki's mother had come around and they all knew they had to lie. They told her that Ryan died of one of his attacks in France, where he was buried.

Micki's mother came by five days a week to help take care of Blue and watch Micki whenever Johnny and Jack were out.

Johnny had decided to help out until Micki seemed herself, which looked like it wasn't going to happen for some time now. But Johnny didn't mind it. His life was really going nowhere, and for the first time he really felt understood here. Even with his father dead he felt as if he was doing some good in the world now that he knew there was a God.

He felt bad for Micki, all alone with a baby. As happy as he was that Ryan lived, part of him hated him for making Micki feel this way.

Micki's mother had become concerned with her daughter's health after an entire month of this. She wouldn't leave her bedroom, she wouldn't stop sleeping in his shirts, she wouldn't stop crying.

Micki's mother knew in due time she would end of dead just like him.

Maybe she needs to visit his grave again...

Jack told her Ryan's ashes were scattered in the ocean by Micki's request.

The get her some treatment, I'll pay for it...they can look after her in Pinewest until she recovers and copes with Ryan's death...she shouldn't be looking after the baby like this.

The who will get Blue?

I will, you guys seem busy enough with the store...

Johnny and Jack looked at eachother. They hated the idea of prehaphs sending Micki to a mental care home until she delt with what happened. But it seemed so hopless.

They finally told Micki's mother that if she wasn't back to even half of her normal self within another month they would talk about it. Until then Jack wanted Micki to spend as much time with Blue as possible and try to see that she could move on.

One night there was a thunderstorm and Johnny walked with Blue in his arms, back and forth across the small nursery. The baby was starting to fall asleep.

Yeah, it's okay little guy...

Johnny had helped look after Blue for the last month while Micki was sick, and the truth was he was starting to grow on him.

Finally putting the baby back in the crib he decided to check on Micki.

They had recovered four more objects since France, Johnny prayed there would be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

When he entered Micki's dim room, he saw she was crying.


She was dressed only in Ryan's evolution shirt and sat in the middle of the bed.

Looking up she wiped her eyes.

Oh Johnny...

Johnny walked forward.

Do you need something, I'll wake Jack...

Micki slowly shook her head.

It's been thirty-three days since Ryan has been gone...and the pain keeps hitting me, even when I'm asleep, over and over again.

Micki...Jack said you'll get better.


Johnny looked at her as she cried.

I rather be dead...

Johnny then went to her side, taking her by her shoulders.

Don't ever say that...there's a baby out there who wants his mother, you need to live Micki...for him.

Tears sparkled down Micki's eyes as she looked around.

Everything reminds me of him, every single thing...I can't stop seeing when the dagger not him, replaying the same nightmare again and again.

It will pass Micki...

Micki shook her head.

I'm pregnant.


Micki slowly nodded.

I don't know for sure...like I haven't taken a test yet but I know.


Micki sighed.

Ryan raped me when he had...changed.


Johnny looked over at Micki stunned, she looked off lost.

It wasn't him...it was that monster inside him, his eyes...they seemed so black.

Micki, how do you know?

I just do...

Johnny paused before trying to smile.

Well that's great then...see maybe it's a sign.

Micki shook her head.

I can't get rid of the pain, but I know this baby won't be like Blue.

How come?

Because...whatever that was in Ryan when he made it...you know out it in me was something else, something cold.

He was possessed...

Micki nodded.

Something evil, that wasn't Ryan got me pregnant...I know it.

Micki you don't know anything...

Johnny, I do...and I'm scared to death.

Then what do you wanna do.

Get an abortion.


Micki shook her head.

I'm not taking any chances...if not I'll do it myself.

Johnny looked down at her having no idea what to do. Micki then looked up at him as she began to cry. Having no control what so ever, Johnny feel on her, yanking off his leather jacket as he began to kiss her over and over again.

He wanted to take away her pain.

As she shut her eyes, and her smooth body moved against his, she cried out Ryan's name. Johnny knew the truth...and didn't care.

Please Ryan...please don't leave me...

Micki muttered from underneath Johnny as he pumped up a sweat. Looking down at her he knew she would never love him, and that this was just useless sex.

He needed to be her friend, not her lover.

He would help her get an abortion.

whatever was in Micki wasn't Ryan's...it was something else

It needed to die now.

45: Move on

Micki Foster?

Micki looked up from the waiting room with Johnny sitting beside her. Just then it dawned on her that she was in this same place months after she found out about being pregnant with Blue. She rememebred how nervous and unsure she was as Ryan sat beside her.

This time she was sure.

Johnny had promised not to tell Jack.


Johnny looked at her.

Will you?

Come in?

She nodded before Johnny took her head and was lead in by the nurse. Minutes later she was sitting on the table redressed in one of the gowns. She rememebred a room just like this a little over a year ago. Sitting there she slowly breathed in and out.

Are you sure?

She looked over at Johnny sitting, he looked nervous and sick.


About this, I mean it was still Ryan...and didn't you tell me the two of you were trying...

I just can't even if it really is just his, I couldn't handle another baby...let alone Blue right now, I couldn't do that.

Micki, Ryan...

Is gone, and whatever raped me that night wasn't Ryan...it was something else.

Finally the doctor entered.

A little while later, Micki laid back on the table as the doctor worked, the nurse kept smiling trying to make small talk as Johnny held her hand. He knew they must of thought the baby was his. Looking at Micki's pale face with the oxygen mask over it he sighed. He was very attracted to Micki, even when he first saw her in her last months with Blue. Something about her made her different then the other women he were into. He did admit that more then once he was jealous of Ryan.

Now he was starting a new life, and he wanted to make sure Micki was all right.

Before they went to the clinic, Micki explained how sorry she was about the night before, that she was sick and kept seeing Ryan and that it was just sex and nothing else. Johnny nodded trying to go along with the whole thing, but the truth was he felt stronger feelings then he ever had with her right now.

The sucking noise filled the room as the machine began to run. Micki's tear filled eyes looked up at the ceiling half dead. Johnny held her hand and sighed.

Ryan's baby was being aborted.

Micki thought the same thing, the way he grinned when she told him about how she maybe thought she was again. How they had been tossing around the idea back and forth the last couple of months. Micki wished they did have another baby, and that they had all ready gotten married, and that Blue was old enough to remember his father and the time they shared.

Now here she was killing it.

Remembering the pain and those black eyes, she feared she might bring something like that into the world.

Crying she laid there as the abortion was nearly finished.


Her heart went flat. The beeping of the monitors filled the room as Johnny jumped, asking what was wrong. The nurse and doctor ran into action as they stood up and grabbed the crash cart, telling Johnny to move to the side.

She was bleeding too much.


Micki's eyes flashed and for a second all she could hear was a heartbeat. She saw Ryan in pain, like he had been when that bottle spilled open in the vault before Blue was born. The heartbeat got louder and louder.

Stay with me!

Micki cried to Ryan as he drifted away in the light.


She then heard crying...from the baby she just killed.

Then silence.

She was okay.

Spending the night in the clinic, Johnny decided to tell Jack what had happened. Shaking his head he told Johnny that Micki would prehaps do better now at Pinewest.

As Micki slept she now wished she had kept Ryan's second child.

46: Time drifts away

Micki spent an entire year at Pinewest.

She was often visited by her mother, Jack, Johnny, and the baby. Now inside the safe clinic walls she began to feel half dazed, as if Ryan had just been a memory. She received treatment for her depression, and was stopped before two suicide attempts. Days grew long as Ryan was now just a dream.

After the abortion the doctors told Micki her changes of carrying a baby to term again safely were more then unlikely. But Micki tried to believe that she child that grew inside her for the first month that Ryan was gone, really wasn't his. It was someting awful, something cold and lifeless. Something that would bring only heartache in her life.

Johnny and Jack worked at the store, now taking in twice as many objects as before, even though it was just the two of them. Jack was temped to call Ryan's mother once or twice to inform them about Micki, but thought better of it.

Micki's mother helped take care of Blue, while Johnny did most of it. He bonded with Blue and cared for him as if he was his own. Somehow all of this was helping him grow up.

Finally Micki was released, but she was very the same Micki. Now her face looked worn and old. But she promised to both the social workers, and her mother that she would take care of Blue.

Micki rarely went after the cursed objects, she just didn't have it in her anymore. When she did, Jack could see a dim flicker of the old Micki deep down inside her.

The store still wasn't the same, and everyone felt it.

Blue turned one as Micki, Johnny, and Jack sang to him as the baby looked puzzled at the cake.

To think about it, a year ago Ryan was by her side as she held the newborn in her arms.

The date for the wedding past, and so didn't Ryan's twenty-fifth birthday. Micki got depressed most of the time, but her pills kept her in order. Now the only thing she cared about was her Blue.

Blue was the only thing she had left of the real Ryan.

She spent all day with him while Johnny and Jack were out. She loved to play with him, clean him, feed him, everything to just see his chubby little face giggle. God, he looked just like his father.

Micki had her bad days and her good days, but she no longer cared about the objects, only her baby.

She seemed half stable, and when Johnny had tried to bring up maybe giving them a second shot, Micki simply shook her head. It wouldn't ever work out. So Johnny decided to swallow his pride, and keep working at the store and serve as Blue's uncle.

Blue began to get big, he started to attemp to walk, which mosty resulted in him falling down whenever he let go of a coffee table or couch. His hair grew in dark and he began trying to figure out the human speech.

He said Ma Ma, something that sounded like Da Da...which made Micki's heart ache, and something with a J in which Jack and Johnny fought over thinking Blue was trying to say their names.

He started sleeping through the night and always wiggled around laughing.

He was a good baby and Micki raised him in the store as best as she could. It was hard and she didn't know if she was doing a good job.

Time past and Micki made sure the baby could never get downstairs to the vault. He got bigger and Micki felt sad knowing in time he would finally grow and be old enough to leave her.

To think, Ryan was still out there, having no idea his only son was living without a father.

Johnny and Jack tried their best...but it wasn't enough.

One afternoon, after Micki had finished feeding Blue his lunch, she brought him into bed to nap with before clicking on the TV. She had been watching old home movies Ryan shot while Micki was pregnant with Blue.

Curling up on the bed and taking one of her pills, she laid beside her sleeping baby who now held his bottle and watched the TV. The screen flicked before it showed Micki in sweatpants and a sports bra sticking out her huge seven month pregnant stomach. The camera shook a little bit before she heard Ryan's voice, laughing.

Okay...this is week twenty-three and Micki looks like she's all ready to pop.


Micki laughed on camera, before the screen moved and Ryan moved the camera to kiss her. Micki watched this crying before looking down at Blue.

Half awake he held his bottle and said.


Micki smiled.

That's right honey, that's your dada...

47: Years later

Like so many other things, memories drifted away like time.

It seemed just like yesterday that Blue was a toddler and crawling around the store. Micki fighting through her depression and problems tried her best to be strong for her son since he was the most important thing in her life. With help from Jack, Johnny, and her mother she tried her best to be a good mom and look after Blue all the time.

Blue was a cute baby and often was attached at Micki and Johnny's hips. The day he learned how to really walk on his own, he slowly waddled over to Jack who was reading his newspaper.

Pa Pa...

Blue mumbled in his babyish yet perfectly cute speech. Micki who was dusting behind the counter looked and gasped as Jack lowered his paper and saw Blue walking over to him, slow and steady.

Once he reached Jack, he gathered the baby in his arms as Micki rushed over laughing.

Oh what a good boy!

That night Johnny seemed to make a bigger deal about Blue walking then anyone else. He loved this baby, as if he was his own.

Johnny decided to move into Curious Goods when Blue was nearly two years old, this was right after Micki was released from Pinewest. He thought it would help things, and be a better reason for Blue not staying at his grandmother's all the time.

The cursed objects were a bit harder to get, in fact it took more time to track them down, which was mostly Johnny and Jack's job. Micki helped here and there, but she just didn't have to will to track down anything else ever since Ryan happened.

Blue was a smart baby who was always commented on how cute he was. The baby began to talk better and was always laughing and running around the store.

It seemed to bring a little life back in the store.

Around the time of Blue's third birthday Jack recived a letter from Ryan's mother which had two photos of Ryan at school looking happy, and one of him at Christmas. She explained that he couldn't be more happy and that she just wanted to know how Micki and the baby were doing.

Jack sighed at this, he wrote back telling Mary that everything was fine, but in order to protect Ryan it was better for no further contact. With that he sent one single photo of Micki holding Blue on her lap laughing. Micki never knew about this letter, and he thought that would be for the best.

Johnny tried more then once to strike up a relationship with Micki, but her reasons were solid...she wasn't interested in men anymore, all she cared about was her baby. Johnny thought back at that night before the abortion when the two of them made love. To her it was just sex...to him he wished it was something more.

Time past and so didn't the pain. Micki visted Pinewest for therapy, but seemed perfectly fine.

Blue finally was old enough to go to school, and with tears in her eyes she stood beside Johnny as she watched him walk into the schoolyard.

It was happening so fast.

And so years past in which Micki, Johnny, Jack, and Blue lived at Curious Goods. There was always a risk of danger, but as the manifest began to get crossed off more and more, the harder it was to find the objects.

Micki decided that once Blue was old enough she would try to discribe to him what they all ready did at the school.

But what she really wanted was him to live a normal life. He didn't deserve being born into this and forced to spend his life putting things into the vault.

Then she thought...would she ever tell him the truth about Ryan?

As far as Blue knew, his father died in France when he was just a year old. That his name was Ryan...and that the few photos Micki would let him see, that he was pretty young when he died.

Jack told her not to show too much of the old Ryan in case he would ever happen to bump into him years into the future. Micki thought about this...would Ryan know it was his son? Would Blue know? She didn't like the lying, but still it protected Blue and that's all that counted.

Blue was a smart boy, slim and looked just like his father. He was pretty good in school and made alot of friends. He often spent his spare time playing basketball or going outside with the other kids in the neighborhood.

Blue was nine, and Micki couldn't be more proud.

Once he asked if Johnny was his father, in which Johnny nearly choked on the coffee he was drinking. Micki smiled shaking her head telling Blue that Johnny was friends with his real father and took care of him with her.

What your mother means is...I love you like a son.

Micki then glanced at Johnny before sighing.

There would be alot to understand in the future.

But Blue was a kind carefee child who always seemed to have a smile on his face. He was a good kid and loved his mother very much. Micki only wished that all these years and memories were shared with Ryan...who now was...twenty-one?

This made Micki think what if she saw him now? She was thirty-two and the age range wasn't that bad. Maybe if she talked it through with his mother and Jack she might think of a way to see him...to let him see Blue.

But she knew that would never happen. He was most likely in college with girlfriends and enjoying life. He didn't need this.

But in honest turth, around that time the real Ryan, living miles away was suffering from awful nightmares. He was now in art achool and had a full time girlfriend Ginger. Like had been pretty sweet for him now.

Tossing and turning, covered in sweat he moaned.

He dreamed of a store...of objects that killed. Of a beautiful angel with fire red hair. Of thunder, of rain...a child crying, and then blinding light.

Pray for me...

The words rang through his head before he shot up from his nightmare. Ginger who was dressed in a silk short nightgown woke and sat up with him, half asleep.

You okay?

Ryan sat there trying to breath.

His childhood seemed to go by in a flash. He couldn't really remember anything from when he was twelve backwards. Everything was an awful blur. His mother explained that he had been sick for a long time shortly after his brother and father died. That he was on bedrest for a few years before it got better.

But it seemed so blank...so empty.

Ryan tried to enjoy his childhood with his mother who had all ready turned gray. He loved every moment of it and this time he seemed stronger, with better knowledge of life. He got into art school without any problem, leaving his party days of high school behind him.

He drove his charger, that he bought when he was seventeen and fixed it up real good. He went to parties, played football, and like always had his hidden love for comic books. He was popular, and had lots of buddies. He had his share of girlfriends and right now Ginger seemed steady.

He lived at school and was really loving it.

But lately this nightmares were really getting to him.

Whenever he asked his mother about them, she acted strange and brushed him off.

They had gotten worse.

That woman with the red hair, the store, the child, the darkness.

Then the words replaying over and over again.

Pray for me...

Sitting there, only in boxers, Ginger sat up.

You okay babe?

Ryan looked around his dark dorm room before nodding.

Yeah...just a dream.

Was it about her?

Her tone changed and Ryan looked at her, for a spanish girl she got jealous real easy.


The redhead, the one you told me you dream about.

Ryan shook his head.

No, it wasn't.

Did you fuck her?

Ryan turned looking


He started to laugh while she crossed her arms and looked serious.

Did you fuck her?

Ginger, I have classes early...please don't start.

Standing up he decided he would go down to hall and buy a bottle of water from the machines. He did have finals coming up and maybe it was the stress that was adding on.

Standing up right away the sound of a heartbeat began loud in his ears. That's when pain shot through his body.

Oh Jesus!

Ryan grabbed his stomach before nearly falling over, Ginger jumped out of bed flicking on a light and nearly stumbling over a pile of Ryan's art books.

What is it?

Ryan began to sweat more, it dripped off him as the pain got worse and worse.

Flashes then played through his head. One of a dead nun, laying on a bed...then the next the same redhead laying on a bed crying.


There was another light, then a dagger and cold eyes.

You shall never escape...

The words played through his head.

Pray for me...

Ryan then screamed before whatever it was took over his body again nearly killing him. As Ginger raced over, touching his shoulder to see if he was all right he turned, his eyes completely black. Ginger jumped back screaming.

Your soul shall never escape!

The thing said with a cold deep voice.

When security and other students came rushing into the small dorm, they found Ryan laying on the carpet, soaked in blood with Gringer's torn apart body in his hands.

He was crying.

48: Save your servant

October 25th 2001

Can I come in?

Micki now thirty-six years old stood outside of Curious Goods in her brown jacket and knee length boots. Time had worn on Micki's pale face and age did truely show on it along with the grief and suffering. Her hair still the stunning red was slightly shorter and straigher then it had been in the mid 1980's. Standing there, her breath coming out in tiny clouds and cold wind blew.

She had been seeing Danny for the last few months now, but like every relationship she had since 1990 onward had simply just been a waste of time. She never got into anything serious, in fact she really didn't start to date again until the mid 90's. But no matter how handsome and successful they all were, none of them were Ryan.

Danny was three years younger then her, nice red hair and crazy yet sexy dark eyes. He stood closer to her with a smile on.

They had met while Johnny and her were trying to recover a cursed stage light at a club down town a few months ago. He was a lawyer and played part time in a small band. He was charming, funny, and great with Blue...but still Micki couldn't let her guard down.

Ummm, Blue hasn't been doing very well these past couple of days...the doctor...

Say no more, tell him I hope he feels better.

Micki smiled.

I will.

Looking at her for a moment Danny leaned in kissing Micki before walking back towards his car. Micki sighed waving to him before entering the store.

Twelve whole years had past.

Jack now in his early seventies was starting to show his age too. Finding the objects became harder and harder and even though Jack told Micki it seemed as if they were nearly finished with finally closing off the vault for good...there was still chance that some objects would never be recovered.

Micki didn't care anymore, in fact ever since she lost Ryan she didn't care about the cursed objects or what would happen if other people owned them. Johnny and Jack mostly took care of that while Micki helped every once in a while. Blue was her main focus.

They discovered he had leukemia just a year ago.

Now Micki feared she would be loosing her son.

She spent most of her time in hospitals, watching her poor baby suffer. Between all the treatments and drugs he was now he now looked like a frail old man just ready to drift away.

Micki didn't find it fair, hadn't she been through enough all ready?

Blue was a great kid, happy go lucky like his father and loved every second of his life. Micki thought that was the only reason she didn't loose her mind was knowing she had him.

He played sports, went to summer camp, ran around laughing with Johnny, and never seemed unhappy...until he got sick.

But Micki wouldn't give up hope, even if the doctors had. Blue now was staying at the store upstairs in his bedroom, which Johnny added onto when Blue turned six. There was a full time nurse who took care of him during the day, while Micki, Johnny, or Jack tended to him at night.

Micki couldn't loose her only son.

Thoughts drifted back to the abortion she had twelve years ago. The abortion that lead to Micki never being able to have children again. The abortion that could of been Ryan's unborn child or something else, something evil.

Blue was all she had now, and he was dying.

The blood of a child.

Micki went upstairs before slowly opening Blue's bedroom door.

Blue laid in bed, looking to pale, and too thin. His I.V was hooked up to him while he slept. On his nightstand were millions upon millions of pill bottles.

On the wall were posters of baseball and basketball players, along with a set of framed comic book covers. On Blue's last birthday Micki found Ryan's entire box of comics and gave them to Blue who happened to grow a strong love for them too. Like father like son Micki thought.

Johnny was fast asleep in the chair at the end of his bed. Sighing she walked over before touching his shoulder.

She had tried twice since they first slept together to see if it could work between them. She knew Johnny very much wanted to since he was so close with Blue and helped raise him. But each time it resulted in the simple fact that Johnny just wasn't Ryan.

Johnny opened his eyes and looked at Micki, speaking softly.


Micki smiled.

Hi, how's he doing?

Fine...gave him his pills and everything, nodded off a few hours ago.

Micki looked over at her son and felt her heart ache, she rememebred when he grew inside her so many years ago. Johnny sat up more.

Enjoy your date?

Micki shrugged.

I was too busy thinking about Blue...

He's fine Micki...come on let's go in the other room.

Both went into the kitchen before Johnny poured them some nice hot coffee he was in the middle of making.

He looks worse tonight...

Micki said sipping her mug.

He's going okay, he's a tough kid.

Micki slowly nodded.

These damn doctors, there has to be something else they can do.

Johnny sighed before rubbing her shoulder.

Later Micki planned on sleeping in Blue's room. Wishing Johnny a good night she changed into her night gown before having a vision of herself nearly twelve or so years ago.

She saw herself younger laying in bed...then Ryan, her Ryan jumping in making her laugh.

I love you Micki...

Micki laughed as he kissed her.

Micki stood there as the vison faded away like they always did.

Oh Ryan...you always made me feel so safe.

Turning away she had no idea where the real Ryan was, most likely enjoying his life...in fact he would be the age he was when he changed.

Remembering every detail of him Micki sighed, if only she could see him once...even if it was on the street and they didn't even talk. She needed to see Ryan before...before.

Before Blue died.

Walking into her son's room she saw he was awake, his eyes seemed weak now.

Hi honey...

Hi mom...how was your date?

Micki walked over, getting into bed beside Blue.

Fine, Danny hopes your feeling well...maybe next time he comes over maybe you guys can watch the game together.

Blue made a faint smile.

The illness was killing him.

Her poor baby.

Touching his pale skin she sighed holding back tears.

Have a fun night with Johnny?

Yeah...I showed him how to play my gameboy.

Micki softly laughed.

That's nice, how's Pa Pa?

That was Jack, Blue always called him that ever since he was a baby.

He went to bed early, worked in the basement for awhile.

Good...you feel like your gonna throw up?

Lately the pills were doing that. Blue like always, never making a fuss shook his head.

No, I'm good.

Micki smiled before Blue gazed at his mother.

Is dad there...

Micki turned.


Is dad where I'm going...

Micki really hadn't raised Blue with any religion, but lately Heaven was all he seemed to wanna talk about.

Micki bit her bottom lip, tears were really coming now.

Yes baby...I think so.

And with that Blue fell asleep beside her.

The next day Jack sat downstairs finishing his paper, the murder rate in the city seemed to be going crazy now. Like always the world was going to hell.

Johnny walked down the stairs, ready to go out and see about a cursed lighter.

Well I'm off...

Where's Micki?

Asleep upstairs with Blue, his nurse is coming in an hour...you going someplace?

Jack nodded.

Yes, my friend Paul Anderson who is the adviser at Pinewest told me a fellow doctor of his might have the clock I've been looking for.


Jack nodded.

That was the hospital Micki had spent some time in after Ryan was gone.

He said he thinks it's there...I'm going to poke around abit.

Well watch out, that place gives me the creeps.

Jack faintly smiled before standing up and getting his hat. The idea of spending this rainy afternoon at a mental asylum looking for a cursed object really wasn't his first choice.

But this clock was very important. If Johnny by any luck got the cursed lighter...that would mean...

Jack didn't want to talk about it, he felt too nervous.

Walking out to the garage Jack got into the car, while Johnny took his chopper, which he had bought a little over a year ago.

Driving up to Pinewest he hoped he wouldn't have to tell Micki where he had been. There were too many bad memories there and also she had enough on her plate right now. Whenever he looked at Blue he thought of his own son Peter who died so many years ago.

Maybe things would be different once it was finished.

An hour later he parked, and went into his wallet to get his visitors card that Paul had given to him last week, that's when some stuff feel out, mostly change and cards.

Then he looked down on the floor of the car.

A photo, of Micki, Jack, and Ryan before any of this had happened. Before Blue was even a thought. The three of them in the store smiling.

Sighing he stuffed the photo back in his wallet.

Old memories, gone but not forgotten.

Walking into the hospital he felt a chill, the sky seemed to dark. Once he was inside the asylum Paul greeted him before asking him to go into his office which was on the C wing.

Walking with him Paul told him that he saw the clock on Dr. Eastman who shared the same office as him and prehaphs they could take it if it meant so much to Jack.

Jack told Paul he would be more then happy to offer money for it. But Paul told him that Doctor Eastman never wanted to loose sight of the watch.

Must be worth alot huh?

Paul said grinning as he slidded his pass card through the metal door. Jack tried to smile but knew how much he needed this watch back. He liked Paul, he fact he had treated Micki while she was here. They grew a strong friendship and he knew he could be trusted.

Walking down the narrow hallway he saw nurses push carts.

What's in this wing?

The insane, mosty hopless cased.

Jack walked by the doors in which each had a tiny window looking into the dark cells. Nearly every patient just sat there with blank lost looks on their faces, mostly done up in straight jackets.

Jack walked forward before he heard a voice...faint and soft.

Jack...help me.

Jack froze.

He knew that voice.

Turning he looked towards the cell where it had came from. Freezing he looked in again.

No, it couldn't be.


Paul looked over his shoulder.

Hey come on, before Eastman gets back from lunch.

Jack kept looking in before Paul walked over.

What is it?

Who...who is that?

Paul glanced in.

Oh it's that kid that state brought in three...maybe four years ago.

Who is he?

Hell if I know, some college art student who was found knee deep in his girlfriend's blood in the dorm room...said he was possessed or something.

Jack's insides shook.

What's his name?

Paul looked down at the door.

R. Dallion.

Jack nearly fell over as Paul kept talking.

Yeah real sad case here...mother died right after the trail, been sort of in a coma since...

What do you mean?

Doesn't make a sound, all he does he stares at that wall.

Jack couldn't believe it.

I need to see this man.

Jack, I thought you...

Damnit I need to see him, you go get the watch!

Hey Jack, he's dangerous...I can't have you going in...

Paul for God sakes...let me see him!

A little while later Paul decided if he waited outside to would let Jack have five minutes. Stepping into the dark cell, Jack got chills.

The patient just sat there on his bunk, he was also done up in a straight jacket. Walking slowly over he prayed to God he was wrong.

But he wasn't.

It was Ryan, just as he last saw him in France twelve years ago. His dark hair stood up and his face seemed thinner and pale, as if he was half dead. Dark circles went around his eyes as he stared at the floor.

Jack keeled down before leaning in closer.



Jack nearly stumbled back before yelling to Paul who was about to rush in that it was okay. Taking a second he thought for a moment he was about to have a heart attack, before cold sweat dripped off him.

His eyes had changed...he was the evil he had seen back in Frace. Ryan or whatever he was laughed.

You all thought this would be the end of me...but I never forget a soul never if it's reborn.

Ryan...my God.

There is no Ryan and there is no God...only evil.


It's easy to enter a soul who begins to remember his pain filled last life, I now will never let go of Ryan...he shall suffer in hell like all the others, and like Lewis.

Ryan please, you need to fight it...don't you remember me.

Be gone!

The thing hissed, his eyes flicking.

I shall stay in this body until it rots...and your cursed objects haunt your life forever.

Ryan...my God, Micki...your son...please remember!

Jack fumbled for his wallet before taking it out.

Don't you remember her, don't you remember you son!

Ryan sat there his eyes still changed.

Ryan is dead.

Then for a slight moment Jack thought he saw something else in Ryan's eyes. The sound of rainfall outside became louder.


It was Ryan...and just like that he past out. Jack stood there scared out of his mind. Rushing out he demanded to see the file.

Looking it over Jack shook his head, it was Ryan.

But how?

Maybe whatever that thing inside he was right, maybe it had come back to make Ryan suffer for what he had done.

What was he going to do, what would be tell Micki?

Standing there in the office he asked Paul if he could ask the head nurse of this wing some questions.

But Jack...

Please Paul...please.

Pausing for a moment, Jack nodded before telling him he would get the watch back to him while he talked with the nurse.

Moments later Jack sat at the nurses' station talking to the older and very stern looking nurse.

She gave the basic facts of how he came in just like he is now, how he often slept and never said a word.

He hasn't say anything...anything at all.

Well...he has said two things, but they seem different.

Different, what do you mean by different.

His voice I mean, it sounds sad...desperate, kind...

What has he said?

Once I heard him save save your servant.

And the other thing?

The nurse looked up at him.

Kill it.

49: Free me

"I believe that faith has began to fall, like lost souls unable to call, I believe that certian people are to serve God's will, and if they can't...then let them kill."

Jack returned to the store later that afternoon, he has thrown up twice while driving back and felt as if he would be sick again. Just an hour ago he saw Ryan in a loney empty cell. Only that it wasn't Ryan...it was the same thing that tried to destroy them twelve years ago. He saw that whatever it was that possessed his friend...it was slowly killing him. Makeing him suffer for what had happened. Even through Ryan had been granted a second chance at life, it still found him.

Whatever was left of the real Ryan was slowly dying, Jack knew it was just a matter of time. Or maybe it had waited for this since...

Jack's thoughts were cut off, standing there in the store he had no idea what to tell Micki.

Johnny was still out and he was grateful for that, having no idea how to go about this sort of thing he thought about maybe not telling her.

No, he couldn't Her only son was dying while she thought Ryan was living another lfe.

He could contact others who knew about possession, maybe a priest if he could slip that by Paul who was all ready asking questions. He knew time was slowly down and if he didn't want Ryan to suffer any longer he needed to end this.

What were the chances?

He remembered looking into that dark cell at Ryan's changed eyes. The the nurses' words replayed in his head.

Kill it.

The real Ryan was still in there, and knew that if this beast finally took over his soul...the gateway to Hell might open again. No matter how much good was still in the world, there was always evil.

He thought of Ryan, trapped, scared, and having no idea how to fight it. Maybe the old Ryan was in there and knew Jack might be the only one to free him from this suffering.

After all these years...

Micki then walked downstairs, she looked tried and depressed.

Hi Jack...get the clock back?

Jack just stood there unable to speak, Micki went behind the counter, dressed in jeans, and a lovely looking white blouse.


Jack simply just nodded before trying to catch his breath, Micki sighed before walking towards him.

I might go for a little drive, clear my head abit...wanna join me?


He's upstairs with the nurse, he's sleeping.

Jack nodded before placing his hand on Micki's shoulder.


Yes Jack?

He then rememebred when the witches tried to use Ryan to get the ladder back, and how they all knew the power in which Micki held inside her.

Someone who cares for Ryan deeply.

She had power back then...she was able to break the spell and get Ryan back.

Her love...that's what did it.

Standing there he knew even if she wouldn't be able to take it...this was the only way to save Ryan's soul.

Micki...did you love Ryan.

Micki raised an eyebrow.

Jack, what a strange question.

Please...answer me, did you love him or not.

Micki now looked serious.

You know I did...why?

With that Jack began to talk.

An hour later Micki now had her coat on and stood in the doorway of her son's room. She had been crying and her eyes were still raw and red. The nurse was sitting in a rocking chair, flipping through a novel before it was time to give Blue his second round of shots. Blue meanwhile laid in bed with his oxygen mask still on, slowly breathing in and out.

Looking at him sleep, her heart ached.


She said in a breathless voice before running outside with Jack, it had to be done.

Leaving a note for Johnny on the front counter, it informed him to place the nursed clock and lighter in the vault before getting to Pinewest right away. Don't ask questions and hurry.

Speeding through the pouring rain Micki silently wept.

She cried for herself, she cried about loosing Ryan, she cried about time, she cried about Blue, she cried about the abortion, she cried about the pain and suffering Ryan had gone through. And mostly...she cried knowing the real Ryan was most likely gone forever.

Sitting in the car she looked at Jack.

How do we know this is going to work, it's too powerful...

Never say never Micki...it's your love that will save Ryan.

Whatever that thing is that you told me about isn't Ryan...

But he's still in there, even if it's just the last bit of him...he's suffering and dying, we need to save him.


With your love Micki...

Why is this happening, I finally understood about him getting a seconc chance, and here he is...in so much pain, in so much evil...why did this happen? It's all a waste Jack, it's all a waste since no matter what he'll be dead!

She began to cry harder.

Jack glanced at her before seeing the hospital at the top of the hill.

This happened to Ryan because he was a good man, who helped stop evil, it came into him once and he fought it...now's it's testing us, we need to help him fight Micki.

Micki got the strong chill.

How do we even know my power will work?

It will Micki...it will.

Once Johnny arrived at the store and read the note, as confused as he was he ran downstairs to the vault and put the objects back in the vault. As he did so a low rumbling noise came from the ground, nearly making him loose his balance. Standing there for a second he waited to hear Blue's nurse scream...but there was silence.

It only happened in the vault.

Standing there the air felt different, somehow cooler.

Feeling creepy he turned and quicky went to enter before he carelessly knocked into the china doll that Micki told him was the first object ever recovered.

The doll slowly fell and then broke into a million pieces to the floor.

Johnny froze before looking down.

It couldn't be.

Slowly walking over he touched the old fashion cape. Feeling the soft silk against his fingers he grabbed a bunch with his fist before ripping it in two. Looking at the torn cloth he went over to the other things.

He threw the radio and camera against the wall, smashed the cursed cradle and pin set. He stomped and threw everything as pieces of glass, wood, and plastic flew everything.

Blue's nurse then came running down.

What on earth are you doing, your going to wake up Blue!

Johnny stood in the mess, amazed and shocked. He began to laugh. Pushing the nurse to the side he ran out to the chopper and began to speed to Pinewest. Jack and Micki had done something...the cursed objects weren't cursed anymore.

Jack didn't mean too, but he used his visitors card and went into the hospital wing unnoticed with Micki before stopping by Paul's office. He was gone. Grabbing his set of keys on the desk he began walking down the long hallway to the cell.

Micki shook.

Jack...I can't.

Jack went to her.

You need to be strong, we need to fight for him.

They then entered the cell and shut the door behind them. Darkness surrounded them as Micki clutched onto the things she brought. Candles, and a cross.

Jack stood there, he had brought his handgun just in case.

Micki knew what this meant.

In case whatever this thing was attacked them.

Micki hadn't seen Ryan for nearly twelve years in France. She remembred his evil like cold black eyes before his true self came through and was stabbed with the dagger.

The same eyes were on this thing.

It very much looked like Ryan, as if it was just yesterday. Micki's heart ached as she looked at him. He was done up in a straight jacket. His hair shaggy and dark, and his face tin and pale. Suffering and pain showed all over.

She began to cry.


She went forward, her arms held open as if he hold him, but Jack stopped her.

Both stood there looking at him.

Micki had dropped the candles and cross, they clanked against the metal floor as Micki's sparking tears lit up the dark room.

She remembered him when she saw him that Halloween giving himself insulin. She remembered how they first made love, how cute he looked whenever he smiled, he remembered the look on his face when Blue was born. And then when he died.

Ryan wasn't given a second chance. It was only another reason to be away from her and their baby and die a painful death. Evil had taken over his body...and now his soul.

Time flew past her, along with running the store and their son dying. Now she looked at the monster that raped her and took her Ryan away.

There is no Ryan, he is dead.

His voice was deep and dark, Micki stood close to Jack.

She then remembered how she broke free to him, the spell and how she kept repeating his name, thinking over and over again how much she loved him.

There had to be some Ryan left inside him.

Thinking of all those memories she began to remember her love.

It spoke again, it's voice even deeper.

You love a man who is all ready dead. I was very upset that Ryan broke the prophecy twelve years ago...the master thought my work should continue...and what the luck, your God let Ryan be reborn so I had a new body that would take time to enter, let enjoy every moment of his pain. Let's call it revenge...you feel like an exorcism will work, I'm sorry...I have entered his body and the main thing of this torment of him is being trapped while I kill the innocent, and again and again, he is inside and will never get away, his PAIN WILL NOT END!

Micki and Jack stood there as his wild evil eyes flickered at them.

I will take him over completely and all those who you fought will rule the world...it doesn't matter if all the objects are back...I shall kill again.

As for the love of Ryan Dallion.

Micki thought, flashes of the real him, happy and alive went through her head. She loved him...she knew she wouldn't be able to have him, but she wanted this suffering to end.

I love you Ryan...I love you so much...look don't you remember?

She first held out a photo of Blue as a baby, Ryan and her holding him...happy.

The thing nearly just glanced at it before laughing at her.

Your child shall lay cold and dead while I am very much alive.


Micki then fumbled and dropped the photograph that Ryan's mother had given them right before they went to France. The photo taken of them when they were little at the Christmas party. Picking it up next to the silver cross which seemed to shin a little in the darkness she held it up.


Then a powerful gust of wind came, knocking Micki against the wall with full force, hitting her head hard blood gushed from her mouth as she fell to the ground. Jack jumped before looking at the monster.

He laughed.

A stupid one she is...thinking her lover is still here.

Another gust of wind knocked Jack backwards, nearly breaking his back as he leaned against the wall and felt his head ache.

Winds blew around the small cell as the sounds of screams and cries filled his ears. The thing kept laughing, sitting on his bunk


Micki slowly crawled across the floor as blood dripped by her chin, her fingers touched the cross. Weakly she looked up.


The thing looked at her as Jack screamed.


That's when it happened, for just a split moment Ryan's eyes changed back to normal, as they did when he asked the small girl to pray for him. Micki then saw the true man she loved, the one so full of pain and misery. He looked at Jack before screaming.


Jack reached into his pocket and fired three bullets right into Ryan's chest. Ryan fell to the bunk as blood gushed out of him. Micki laid there for a second stunned before Jack walked over.

He heard Ryan's voice...faint.

We won Jack...we won, now free me.

With a heavy heart Jack now knew all the objects were recovered, Ryan was finally dead...and it was finished. Looking at Micki for a second and then down at the man he loved as a son...he put the gun against the side of Ryan's head.

Free me.

The shot rang through the hospital.

Now Jack stood there in silence, looking at Ryan's dead body.

It was finished.

The objects were all finally restored and their power taken. Looking at Micki's broken body he sighed before looking up.

God...please, just this once...make it better, make them forget.

With all his strength he pulled Micki up on the bunk with Ryan, their bodies laying side by side.

Free both of them...

As the guards and nurses ran towards the cell, and Johnny finally parked his chopper in the pouring rain...over at Curious Goods Blue stop breathing.

It was done.

Please God...please.

With that the old photograph of Micki and Ryan as children began to crumple...and a blinding light came from the cell.

Ryan and Micki's bodies laid side by side.

Jack stood there praying...

Let them now be free.

The next thing Jack knew, he was standing by the car outside. It was daylight now and he watched as the city tore down Curious Goods. With one bulldozer Lewis' useless and failed broken remains of his objects were buried forever.

It was beautiful out, the sun sparkled down in a clear blue sky.

So now what?

Jack turned to see Ryan and Micki standing next to each other. Blue was now a baby and sat in his stroller, while Micki showed off another five month stomach. Ryan smiled with his arm right around Micki's shoulders.

Jack looked at them before sighing.

Finally the flash ended and Jack found himself outside of Curious Goods. It was the same night, rain dripped down.

He saw inside the lights were on, and Johnny was pacing back and forth. Walking forward he opened the door.


Jack! Thank God! Johnny ran over.

I went to Pinewest but they said Micki and you never went there today, I looked for the car and everything!

Jack simply just stood there as he went on.

OH MY GOD JACK! THE VAULT, THE VAULT! Johnny pointed into the store as he stood in the front doorway. The sound of rain was getting louder.

The objects....I checked the manifest we got them all...the lighter and the clock means we're finished!

Johnny the pointed again.


Jack gave a faint smile before looking into the store.

Johnny then paused...he knew all the news he told Jack would make him go nuts, but he seemed as if he all ready knew.

Hey...where's Micki?

That's what I wanted you to hear...

Jack stepped to the side as a little girl and little boy walked into the store. Both looked about seven or eight. The girl had red hair...the one had brown.

They held eachother's hands as Johnny's eyes bugged out.


Jack smiled leading the two little ones into the store.

This is Micki, and this is Ryan, their going to be staying with us at the store.

Johnny looked at them again before looking at Jack.


Jack smiled.

I can't explain it...only that God made good on his promise to free and end this all, and make sure these two would always be together.

Johnny looked at them speechless before leaning in closer to Jack.

Do they remember?

Jack faintly smile before shaking his head.

All they know is that I'm their uncle Jack and that their cousins...

The two of them ran by Johnny, nearly knocking him over before running upstairs, their hands still held.

Jack...my God...

Jack shut the door behind him.

Lewis and evil failed, the objects are powerless and restored...and so aren't they.

Moments later Johnny and Jack stood in the doorway of Blue's room. Johnny had checked on him a little while ago and he seemed fine, sleeping and looking peaceful.

This sight nearly made Johnny cry.

Little Micki and Ryan were on each side of Blue's bed. They were leaning over kissing his pale cheeks.

Goodbye Blue...

They said in their tiny voices.

Jack and Johnny then knew...Blue was gone.

Looking at the two little ones, they joined hands together, softly crying at Blue's bed.

Johnny looked through his tears before looking at Jack.

It was a miracle.

Blue now was in heaven, and looked down at his two parents, ages seven and eight holding each other's hands and waiting for their new life...


The End

Author's note:

Hey guys, hope you liked the story! I'm a huge fan of Friday the 13th the series and fell in love with Micki and Ryan the second they first appeared on camera. It's a real shame season 3 ended the way it did without showing what would of ever happened between Robey and John D LeMay. I wrote a fan fic on the IMDB and got the idea for a second story just as I finished it.

I want to thank the people who run this site (amazing job you guys are doing) and the people off the IMDB who helped me with the ideas. Hope you guys liked this story and will read my future ones!