dans la mémoire du susie

Authors: JenJess

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1: Unexpected Beauty

[Saturday, 1:00 p.m.]

"Susie? Susie, are you there?" my voice came from the answering machine, faintly audible from the entryway where Susie stood, gazing at herself in the mirror. Susie was a pretty girl, tall, with dark brown hair. Her skin was fair, and her eyes were a surprisingly bright shade of green. She'd been told by many people that she was pretty, beautiful, attractive, sexy, and all those other things that people tell women who are easy on the eyes, but she'd never really noticed it herself, until a few days ago.

Every time she looked into this mirror, as she walked through the foyer of her new home, it made her feel beautiful. She watched herself in the mirror, running her fingers through her hair, watching its sheen. It almost seemed to get more luxurious as she watched. The doorbell rang, breaking the spell. She turned to the door seeing the silhouette of her mother outside the etched glass oval. She opened the door, "Mom! Come in, come in! You have to see my new home! Isn't it wonderful! And the best part, I'm renting it almost completely furnished! You should see the great furniture!"

Her mother smiled, handing her a wrapped housewarming gift, "It's a wonderful house, Honey! Why don't you show me the place, and we can go to lunch."

[Sunday, 1:00 a.m.]

Susie gazed at herself in the mirror, admiring her own beauty. She had set up candles around the foyer, and stood watching herself. It was so unusual for her to feel so beautiful, so confident, and she couldn't help thinking that it was the mirror. It made her feel so wonderful, so good about herself.

She picked up her hairbrush - her silver hairbrush, a gift from her grandmother - and started brushing her hair. It was so beautiful, so full, so soft and shiny...perfect. It was the hair she'd always wanted.

She continued brushing her hair, smoothing it with her hands after the brush ran through it. It really was perfect. As she continued to brush her beautiful hair, the face in the mirror changed, and she saw someone else, brushing her hair - Susie's hair, now. Her eyes narrowed to glare at this imposter who dared to take her hair, which she loved so dearly - even though it had only been hers for a few minutes now. As she watched, the girl's hair changed, becoming Susie's hair - her "old" hair. And then, strangely, the girl started to choke. Susie watched in horror as the girl clutched at her throat, gasping for air. It was over so quickly Susie barely knew what had happened, and the face staring back at her from the mirror was her own.

"What an awful dream," she through to herself, shivering. All the candles had extinguished themselves, and she wondered how long she'd been asleep. Stretching, she went upstairs to bed.

2: The Dress

[Thursday, 6 p.m.]

Susie opened the door and smiled at her friend, "Oh, Becky, thank you so much for lending me your dress."

Becky stepped in, handing Susie the hanger, "No problem, Susan, I'm sure it'll look great on you. So...who's this hot guy you managed to find?"

Susie smiled, walking into the bedroom with the form-fitting black dress, "His name's Johnny. He works at that creepy antique store down on Druid Street. But what he really wants to be is a writer. You ought to see him, Becky, he's tall, dark-haired, he has these intense eyes...and he's pretty funny."

"Sounds like a catch!" Becky heard some rustling from the other room, "So, how's it look? Isn't it one of the most stunning dresses you've ever seen?"

"The dress, absolutely. Me in the dress - not so sure."

"Aw, c'mon, I'm sure you look great in it."

Susan moved to the mirror in the hall and looked herself up and down, "I look as good as I am going to. I just wish that I could fill this thing out the way you do."

Becky walked over, "You look great, Sus..." Becky's voice trailed off as she stared at the mirror, transfixed by the increasingly vibrant glow that emanated from the glass.

The mirror seemed to open, moving like a swirling whirlpool of light, and a dazed Becky stepped closer.

Seconds later, two pale, thin arms reached out of the center of the mirror and pulled Becky in.

Susan stepped closer, watching Becky struggle to break free of her snare.

Becky was still screaming, but the sounds were muffled and trapped by the mirror. Susan watched as her friend melted into nothingness.

Then a small smile touched Susan's lips when she saw her own reflection in the mirror again. Only this time, her reflection had gotten even more beautiful. She looked at herself from side to side and grinned. Curvier, Susan now had the body that she had always wanted.

3: Dating Johnny

[Friday: 7pm]

Johnny knocked on Susan's door, a small bouquet of flowers in his hand.

He wasn't really the romantic type, but he had dated steadily since his sophmore year in high school and he knew what women liked. Well, at least he thought he did.

A few seconds later the door opened and Johnny's jaw dropped, "Uh...hey, Susie. You look unbelievable. Here," he held out the small bouquet, "these are for you."

Susan smiled and leaned forward, surprising him with a bold kiss; this was definitely not like Susie, but Johnny wasn't about to complain.

"Thank you, Johnny, they're beautiful. That was so sweet of you. I'll go put these in a vase and then we can get going."

He watched her walk back into her apartment and muttered a small but enthusiastic "Thank you" up into the heavens.

[Saturday 10:00 am]

"So, how'd it go?" Micki asked with a smile as she set the last of the large vases out for display.

Johnny grinned, leaning back in the creaky old chair, "Fantastic. We had a great time. Susie is funny, beautiful, smart...She asked me to call her back this morning so that we can figure out where to have lunch today...What can I say, Mick, I am a love machine."

She let out a small laugh and shook her head, "Well, Mr. Love Machine, why don't you get out of that chair and help us move the rest of those boxes? Jack's out until Wednesday and we're swamped with new shipments today."

"Sure, I'll be right down to help you guys. Lemme just make a quick call first?"

"Sure, I'm going to go back down and help Ryan open up the rest of the crates."

Johnny dialed Susie's apartment and waited impatiently. The phone must have rang half-a-dozen times before Johnny finally wound up leaving a message, asking Susan to give him a call at the shop.

Shaking his head he went downstairs all the while wondering why Susan hadn't picked up the phone.

4: Get Well Soon

[Saturday 10:15 am]

Susan walked along the street, mirror clutched tightly to her chest. Usually on a Saturday morning Susan would be at work or catching up on some reading, but today she was on a mission.

Today she was off to visit a friend who was at home with the flu. Stacy had called early in the morning asking if Susan would mind picking up some chicken soup for her since she didn't feel up to leaving her bed.

However, this wouldn't be a visit strictly to deliver soup. Unbeknownst to Stacy, Susan didn't really feel that she and Stacy were very close friends. Years ago, Susan had suspected that her boyfriend had cheated on her with Stacy, and now she would finally be able to get her revenge.

Besides, Stacy had something that Susan had always wanted. For years, Susan had wanted to change her face. Her check bones weren't high enough for her liking, nor were her eyes as large as she though they should be. But now they could be.

It was an added bonus to the revenge that Susan was eager to take on her so-called friend.

Susan knocked on the door and nearly a full minute later it slowly opened to reveal a pallid, sniffling woman in a fluffy bath robe. "Hi, Susan, thank you so much," Stacy said, stepping aside to let the other woman into her home.

"Oh, believe me," Susan began," it's my pleasure."

5: No Call Back


A few hours later, in between two unexpected rushes of customers, Johnny managed to give Susie another call. Still no answer, but he left another hopeful message.

"Women," Johnny huffed as he dropped the phone's receiver back into its cradle.

"Girl trouble, Johnny?" Ryan asked as he looked up from the inventory sheets that he and Micki were looking over for the day.

"One minute she's totally into me, and the next...She's not even returning my calls. Ya know, she asked me to call."

Micki smiled reassuringly, "Maybe she's playing hard to get?"

"Well, she certainly wasn't last night."

"Okay, too much information," Micki stated as she went back to scanning the papers in front of her.

Ryan laughed, "Don't worry about it, Johnny. She probably just wants to make you wait a bit and call you back on her own terms. You know how women can be."

Micki rolled her eyes, "So nice to be surrounded by such expertise on the fairer sex!" Ryan chuckled as Micki picked up a stack of papers and whacked him playfully over the head.

Johnny smiled, "Yeah, you're probably right, I'll give her some space and she'll call back in no time. She probably just got stuck at work or something."

"Hey, listen," Ryan started as he reached for Micki's wallet, "why don't you make a run downtown and pick up some lunches for us? It'll do you good to get out for a while. Take a walk, clear your head."

"Yeah, that sounds pretty good. Besides, I'm starving."

[Saturday 2:15pm]

Johnny walked along the street, large bag of food in one hand and three perfectly balanced cups in a drink holder in the other hand.

That's when he saw her. "Hey, Susie!" Johnny called happily, relieved to see that she was safe and had probably not even gotten the messages yet.

His relief soon turned to confusion, though. Susan turned to look at him briefly, mirror clutched tightly to her chest, before turning and running away. He started after her, but she was quick, and he couldn't keep up with his arms full of lunch. Sighing heavily he made his way back to the shop where he called and left yet another message for Susie. This time he asked her to bring in the mirror, and told her that they would give her a good price for it. They just needed it back. And Johnny wanted Susie to go back to being her regular, sweet self.

6: In The Manifest

[Saturday 3:00pm]

"So, it wasn't her?" Ryan asked, cocking an eyebrow. He was having a hard time following Johnny's confusing, and excitedly told, rendition of the afternoon's events.

"No, guys, that's just it...it WAS her...but not really. I mean, it was her, but it was like everything about her was different. Her face was," he paused," I don't know, just different. Like she was part Susie and part somebody else or something. And the way she walked wasn't anything like her usual walk. And the weirdest thing is that she was holding this mirror..."

Micki and Ryan exchanged a quick glance, "Do you think it is something in the manifest?" Micki asked as Ryan got up to retrieve the large, leather-bound book.

Johnny looked concerned, "I don't now I mean, maybe, but...Susie isn't the type of girl to..."

"Here it is," Ryan said from behind the desk, "Mirror, round, mahogany frame, from the 1800s. Sold to a Mr. Jacobson of 1962 Maple Way, Number 15."

"That's Susie's place," Johnny stated flatly, "She said the place was furnished when she moved in, do you think...?"

"I think we need to get over there and find out what is going on," Ryan said, helping Micki on with her coat, "And the faster the better. If there is a cursed object involved we want to get it back before anyone else gets hurt, including Susie."

7: Beautiful Red Hair


The heavy rain pounded down on the old Mercedes s Micki, Ryan, and Johnny stealthy watched Susie's building. Johnny had gone up to her door and knocked, but, as expected, there had been no answer. So, the plan was to wait around for a few hours and if she didn't show up, Micki and Ryan would wait at the building while Johnny went out to look for her.

By now the already grey sky had grown dusky and the heavy downpour expected for the weekend had moved in with a vengeance. Finally, nearly thirty minutes later, a small figure moved out from behind the shadows.

"It's Susie," Johnny chimed in from the backseat. He opened his door, "I'm gonna go talk to her."

"Johnny, you shouldn't go alone," Micki started.

With that, the three of them leapt out of the car, slamming the doors behind them, and made a mad dash for the dry, warm building across the street.

Johnny walked slowly up to the door and knocked softly, "Hey, Susie, it's Johnny." There was a long pause. Micki and Ryan glanced at one another, then at Johnny, "Maybe she's not in yet?"

Finally, nearly two full minutes later, Susan opened the door. At least, that who Johnny assumed it was. This new woman was in Susan's apartment, and she faintly resembled Susan, but her face had changed. All of her had changed.

"Hi, Johnny. I was just about to call you, what a wonderful surprise. These must be your friends. So nice to meet you both, Johnny has told me so much about you."

The three of them walked nervously in to Susan's apartment, and she shut the door behind them. A smile touched her lips as she turned to face them.

"Listen, Susie, I need to talk to you about something you have. It's something that's from our antique store and we kind of need to buy it back."

It was then that Johnny noticed that Susan wasn't listening to him at all. Instead she was transfixed by Micki's beautiful red hair. "You have the most gorgeous hair. Is it naturally red?" Micki nodded, suddenly feeling uneasy, "Um, yes, thank you..."

"It is beautiful..."

Johnny spoke up, "Susie, about that mirror."

"Oh, yes, the mirror. Of course, let me go get it for you. No need to buy it back, you can just take it."

All three of them looked taken aback not only by her total compliance with their request to retrieve something that she had only hours before been carrying every place she went.

"It's right here in my bedroom," she motioned towards the open door, "follow me."

Susan took a few steps aside and Micki walked into the open door. Suddenly, Susie grabbed Micki, shoved her onto the floor, and slammed the door.

Micki looked up at her and sprang to her feet - she didn't want to be trapped in here with this maniac, and she was determined to get out.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Johnny were beating furiously on the door in a vain attempt to break through the thick wooden panels.

"Such beautiful hair," Susie said in a sing-song voice, moving towards Micki. The fiery red-head leapt for the door, but it was too late. Susie had already grabbed the mirror ad was now moving towards Micki.

Before she knew what was happening, Micki felt fingers clutched around her shoulders, pulling her back towards the glass. "Ryan!" she screamed.

"Micki! Hang on!" Panic swept over Ryan with the sound of Micki's scream and he kicked one last time at the door.

It sprang open with a loud crack, and Ryan racing forward, grabbing Micki by the hands. He pulled with all his might, and Micki fell forward, on top of him.

Johnny raced forward in an attempt to grab the mirror away from Susie, "C'mon, Susie, it's not worth it! Let it go!"

"NO!" Susie hissed. "I have to have it!" she yanked the mirror back towards herself and fell t the ground with the antique on top of her.

Then, within seconds, two bony arms sprang out fro the mirror. The creature in the mirror had been promised a sacrifice and wouldn't be satiated until it got one.

Susie let out a scream as her body was yanked into the mirror. "No!" Johnny yelled, racing to help her.

By the time he reached the mirror, all that remained of Susie was her screams, and her image in the glass, contorted and warped as she melted away.

8: Memorial

[8 p.m.]

Micki and Ryan exchanged a glance as Ryan came back upstairs from putting the mirror into the Vault.

"Aw, Johnny, there was nothing you could do." Jack soothed, handing him a small glass of bourbon. The evil took over her mind, there was nothing anyone could do. She wasn't the Susie you knew anymore. Not after she got that mirror."

Johnny downed the bourbon in one gulp, "Yeah, I guess you're right Jack. I just wish I could have done something."

"Well, maybe you can. You now many cultures believe that an artist's work in memory of someone can be good for the soul."

"Yeah, Johnny," Ryan chimed in, "Sketching's helped me through some rough times."

"Maybe you're on to something. Susie did say she liked my writing..."