Reflection By Her Side

Authors: Dallion

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1: Coven of Darkness

Thanks Micki...

Ryan went over, kissing Micki's forehead tenderly before kneeling down to eye level with her. Micki's entire body was exausted from last night and part of her felt too weak to even move. Ryan seemed the same way, his dark brown eyed looked at her deeply before Micki saw a look in Ryan she never saw before. The oddest feeling and emotion over came before before he gazed at her.

I don't know what would of happened if you didn't break through to me.

He was close enough to kiss, Micki felt his warm breath against her neck. the ladder back?

Micki said with a faint smile which he returned, Jack paced beside them holding up the cursed objects.

And one of Lewis' occult tools.

At least Danny and Garrett didn't die in vain.

Jack shook his head before looking at the two of them, they seemed half dead.

You two go up to your beds, I'll make sure these get back to the vault.

Jack left them before Ryan looked at her face again, he loved this woman...he always had, and her strength and whatever feelings she returned to him, had saved his life.

Micki sat there, her body ached.

You need some help?

Micki shook her head before Ryan rubbed one of her legs and stood up, walking towards the stairs. Right now getting to bed sounded pretty nice to her.

Slowly getting up she glanced up at Ryan, never before had she seen how handsome he was, how different yet exciting he was whenever she was around him. How funny and sweet and loving he was. It wasn't until last night that Micki found the true feeling she had for him and hid back. This entire year she had slowly started to fall in love with him.

Now the proof was there, as opposites as they were...she now knew he was her soulmate.


Ryan paused, nearly on the top step. Micki looked up at him before struggling to find the words.

I...I love you Ryan.

He looked down at her, almost as if he had always known.

I love you too Micki.

Micki shook her head.

No, not that way...there's something I can't explain...

Ryan began walking down the steps again.

Like I had last night...

I think that's the reason I was able to save you...

Ryan now walked up to her, they locked eyed as he went closer.

His hands reached out and took hers. Both stood there for a second before Micki seemed nearly half scared. Their hearts raced and they began to breath heavy. Ryan looked down at her before leaning in and kissing her right on the lips.

Micki closed her eyes before drawing herself in closer, the kiss was the most romantic, soft, and gentle kiss she ever had in her entire life. For Ryan this was the kiss he had been dreaming about this entire time.

It was perfect.

Drawing part, Micki bit her bottom lip before looking deep into his eyes.

Love me Ryan...please love me.

Before they knew it, both were in Micki's bedroom with the door locked and closed. The morning was still bright and a soft breeze blew in from the window.

Micki laid on her bed as Ryan tugged off his shirt, she reached up for him as he slid ontop of her. Shaking he tried to steady himself before looking down at her perfectly smooth and shaped body. She was so naked, so beautiful.

Ryan held himself above her, under the smooth feeling sheets before taking a deep breath.

Lowering himself on her, squishing her breasts he breathed deeply before slowly moving himself into the right position. Within seconds he was in her and right away her eyes shut as her entire body arched and she started to moan. Ryan took a second to lower himself completly before starting a steady pace. His thrusts were direct and hard as the entire head rocked.

Micki laid under him, digging her long nails into his back before letting him kiss her neck. Shutting her eyes she began to moan louder as he went into her over and over again. Micki opened her eyes and saw how badly he was sweating and how tried he looked. He moved in a good pace as she felt him deep inside her, making her entire insides feel numb.

He had gone through so much, now he was doing this for her.

Knowing he was coming close Micki placed her hands on his face before taking him in for a kiss.

I love you Ryan...I love you.

When he came he rolled over beside her, taking her into his arms. As of right now the future was unknown, only that whatever they just shared made them nearly cry.

Kissing her head Ryan looked her face over.

I love you Micki, I always have.

Micki looked at him, nearly falling asleep.

Be my wife.

He whispered in her ear. Taking a second she looked at him before kissing his lips again.


2: Slipping away to another life

The wedding had been small, yet it seemed to be the happiest day of Micki and Ryan's lifes.

Johnny and his then girlfriend came, Micki's mother and father, her sister and J.B, Jack, Rashid, and a few of Micki and Ryan's friends. It was simple, yet Micki never looked so beautiful as she had before in that wedding dress. Ryan the entire time couldn't stop smiling as she looked right into his eyes.

A few people, mostly Micki's parents warned her that rushing into something like this was crazy, but Micki didn't care...she loved Ryan.

It didn't chance things at the store, other then where Ryan was sleeping now. Somehow the feel of the entire cursed object thing didn't seem as dangerous now that Micki and Ryan were happily married. Both kept the whole thing serious while getting things back to the vault, but now they loved eachother and couldn't seem to ever want to be apart.

Johnny looked on more then often, sighing and wishing he had acted on Micki faster.

But Ryan was a great husband to Micki. He told her he would try his best to support her once they had finally finished their job at the store. That he would start taking night classes for art and find something in which both could be happy. Micki now seemed to love everything he did. The way he dressed, his smile, the silly way he would always tease her.

And best of all, every night they fell alseep in eachother's arms.

Around the time Jack had informed them that nearly 85% of the objects were now recovered, counting most of the stuff Ryan and Micki had sold off. Now it seemed as if the light at the end of the tunnel was getting closer and closer.

Ryan and Micki had been married for a year now.

Lately Micki had been suffering nightmares about that time the cursed coin had gotten her.

She remembered little, only what Ryan and Jack told her. She remembered Ryan looked at her different since that happened, and how Jack took her aside once and told her how badly Ryan acted when they found her body and how the police had to pull him off her.

He had always loved her.

But the nightmares were getting worse.

The last few nights Micki couldn't fall asleep Ryan would mostly wake up and fix her something to sleep before letting her fall asleep in his arms while she put her head against his chest and heard his loud heartbeat.

Just nightmares, that's all.

But one of them had been bad.

The pain and aches were worse, along with the fever. Micki's entire body felt hot as she tossed and turned. Fianlly she woke before Ryan rolled over, asking in a mumbled voice if she had another nightmare. Micki took a second looking around their dark bedroom before feeling something strange.

Pulling back the sheet she screamed, this time Ryan snapped awake.

What is it?

Micki kept screaming as Ryan flicked on the light, now standing in a T-shirt and boxes. Jack meanwhile was running up the stairs trying to tie his robe.


Micki kept screaming looking down at the bed. The entire sheet was covered in blood, it was dripping down her legs.


Micki looked at herself and screamed louder before she heard Ryan run and yell for Jack to call an ambulance. Micki sat there in this mess before looking at the red.

So much blood.

Ryan was then beside her, with a blanket in his arms, he told Micki to slide over before he picked her up like he had done on their wedding day and raced down the stairs.

Micki's fever was worse as she tried to ask him what was wrong. Once they arrived at the hospital they knew.

She had a miscarriage.

Micki sat up from the hospital bed, now dressed in a fresh blue gown. Ryan had a hoodie on and sweatpants, he bit his nails and looked tried.

It was four in the morning.

The doctor explained that she was nearly two months.

She had lost the baby.

Micki and Ryan didn't even know they were pregnant.

They hadn't been trying, but then again they hadn't used anything. Micki then thought, looking down at her flat stomach.

A child once grew in there, unknown to either the two of them. Part of Ryan and part of her.

Now it was dead.

The doctor explained that the chances of being able to carry another one to term wasn't good.

Micki sat there without any emotion. She looked up at Ryan and then the doctor.

Her baby was now dead.

Then she fainted.

The aches were worst...and Micki felt herself begin to lose her mind.

3: Lost child and lost mind

Jack was informed by Ryan in the lobby what had happened to Micki. Pausing, Jack looked down at his feet before shaking his head and patting Ryan's shoulder.

I'm deeply sorry Ryan, there's really nothing I can say...

Ryan was exausted, the circles around his eyes were showing pretty bad now. Standing there in his hoddie and sweatpants he looked around. It had been one year since Micki and Ryan let go of their true feelings for eachother and became man and wife. This year had been a good one and Ryan never thought he could love a woman so much. But he was true wasn't the objects that were was them.

It's okay...hey why don't I call you in the morning, the doctors told me Micki might need to stay a few extra days.

I'll come by in the morning and see what's going on, is there anything you need?

Ryan shook his head before Jack gave him a hug.

Again, I'm very sorry.

Walking to the elevator, Ryan felt hopless.

Hands stuffed in his pockets, he looked down at his sneakers and sighed.

He loved Micki, he loved her so much it hurt. Another year had past at Curious Goods and it had been a good one. Micki and Ryan were now married and nothing seemed to be in their way. Looking at his silver wedding band he sighed.

How could this have happened?

They were so focused on these stupid cursed objects they never knew.

Thinking about Micki really being pregnant broke his heart. He had always wanted children, ever since his brother had died. But the two of them never talked about it or gave it any mind until now. Walking to her room he felt depressed.

She had lost it, and most likely would never have another one again.

Their one chance to have a baby together and it was over, just within the blink of an eye. Ryan couldn't take it in, he wasn't even twenty-five and his odds of getting Micki pregnant again were hopless.

The blood that soaked through their sheets were their child.

Born in blood.

Feeling a chill up his spine he entered Micki's room, she had been given something to relax and just laid there in her bed looking out at the night city sky.


Micki glanced over, he knew she was in pain.

The doctors...

She stopped for a second before Ryan sat on the edge of her bed, rubbing one of her legs which was under the covers.

The doctors, said I'm going to have to get rid of the rest of the baby, I guess I didn't loose it all and in most cases they do this...

Ryan nodded, he felt like a zombie.

They told me about it in the hallway, they need to make sure the rest of the fetus is aborted, it's so you won't...

Micki turned away for a second looking out the window, she was crying.


He leaned forward.

How could we have known...

We should have!

Micki cried, Ryan knew she was on edge.

Ryan why is this happening, why to us?

Ryan shook his head.

I don't know baby...I really don't.

Micki laid back before looking at Ryan.

Something has changed.

What do you mean?

With me...I think I lost the baby because of what's happening.


Ever since...

She paused, knowing this memory was something Ryan really didn't want to ever talk about.

Since the cursed coin...I haven't felt the same, I've felt weak...these fevers, and the nightmares.

Their gonna pass Micki, don't worry.

I think something is wrong Ryan, and I can't control it.

Ryan then took Micki's hand which held her sparking wedding ring and kissed it.

We'll get through it together, and I promise I'll get you pregnant again.

Ryan looked as if he was about to cry now. Micki looked over at the man she loved and then started to cry herself.

Something was taking her over, and she couldn't control it.

4: Dying

Don't worry Micki.

Ryan said as he squeezed her hand. It was now morning and the nurses had wheeled her into what she guessed was a private room. Now sitting up in her chair, her legs spread by metal stirrups, she sweated buckets under the lights and took deep breaths.

There were two nurses there, one checking Micki's vitals, while the other helped the doctor who sat on the other end of Micki, his glasses sitting on the edge of his nose as he worked.


Micki laid back, sweat rolling off her forehead as she moaned in pain. Ryan was now dressed in scrubs and held her hand, looking as if he was ready to pass out himself.

Micki laid there, uncomfortable and in pain. Laying there she looked up at the lights before glancing down at the doctor.

They had to make sure the rest of the fetus was aborted.

Micki cried as Ryan held her hand, one of the nurses then came over.

Don't worry honey it's going to be easy.

Micki took deep breaths as the pain got worse.

Please don't take my baby...

She thought to herself before glancing up at Ryan, he looked ten times older now, not the playful guy she fell in love with, or the man she danced under the stars on their wedding night with.

He seemed lost.

The doctor worked before looking up at Micki and Ryan.

She's expelling it, there's still more.

One of the nurses raised an eyebrow before walking over.


Yeah much more...

The doctor then sat up a bit.

Okay Micki your going to have to help us out and start pushing.

Micki froze, she looked up at Ryan.


Her heart began to race as the nurse and a very stunned Ryan helped her sit up. Ryan's hands went behind her back as he held her. The doctor's hand then rested on Micki's stomach, pushing down.

Come on, nice big push.

Micki cried out that she couldn't, that it hurt too much, but Ryan stayed close to her saying that she could. Holding down with all her might she snapped her eyes closed and began to push.

A few minutes later there was an off sucking noise before the doctor finally pulled back, his scrubs bloody before handing something so small Micki could barley see it, the nurse took it away.

Get some fluid into her...

Micki laid back as Ryan sweated, he looked around at the others before looking down at her, Micki seemed as if she was dying.

Ryan...don't let them take our baby...


He held her hand before she past out.

Two days later the doctor finally told Ryan it was safe to bring Micki home. He explained that Micki's nightmares and high fevers could of been a result of the pregnancy and now the loss of the baby. He explained that women in high stress lifes will latch on to something like this and become very unstable.

He gave Ryan medication and told him to keep Micki on strict bedrest for a while. Looking at the three bottles of pills Ryan sighed.

Will she ever be able to have another baby?

The doctor cleared his throat before sitting down at his desk.

The chances are low...

How low.

Very...I say you focus now on your wife and maybe the options you might want to go over with her.

Ryan sighed before looking at him, his eyes were raw and tried looking.

And doctor?


Was the baby...was it a boy or a girl?

The doctor simply shook his head.

I'm sorry Mr. Dallion, it was too early to tell.

Back at the store Ryan carried Micki up to their bedroom before informing Jack about everything.

I don't think she'll be able to take this Jack, I just have a feeling.

What she needs right now is you Ryan, go to your wife.

Sighing Ryan went upstairs to check on her.

For most of the week the medication fixed alot of things. She mosty slept while Ryan stayed by her side. Jack told Ryan that prehaphs the cursed objects would have to wait until Micki recovered.

But Ryan had an awful feeling...a feeling that Micki wasn't going to be okay.

Days turned into weeks and Micki got worse. First Ryan thought it was just shock like the doctor had said, but he watched his once beautiful bride now turn into an empty shell.

She slept all day and night, sat around with blank emotionless looks on her face, and often cried whenever Ryan drifted into sleep beside her at nights. He asked Jack for advice but he had none.

Micki might of been going through a nervous breakdown.

He thought he might need to find Micki a counselor.

She often tossed and turned at night, crying in her sleep and running high fevers. After about two weeks of this Ryan finally decided to call the hospital.

Micki sat there crying to Ryan, telling him about how weird she felt and lost. How ever since the coin had gotten her she felt a strange empty blank feeling inside of her, as if part of her was missing.

Jack had no answers, he blamed the miscarriage on it.

Soon Micki wasn't even able to help find the cursed items. Ryan hired a day nurse to say with Micki while Jack and Ryan tracked down items for the vault.

Ryan was worried something might happen to him, then who would take care of Micki?

Out of nowhere her friends and family wanted nothing to do with this problem. They all blamed the stress of loosing the baby on her breakdown and said to same just wait it out.

Micki was an empty shell as an entire month went by.

Finally Ryan began to think about maybe putting Micki in the hospital, at the clinic the counselor had brought up. Micki prehaphs was suffering from a breakdown since the baby and needed time to be healed. As much as Ryan wanted her home with him he found no other choice.

She laid in their bed like a corpse, thin, shrunken eyeballs, pale skin, and hardly breathing. All she did was lay there and cry.

Ryan didn't want to leave her.

Finally one night he sat on the edge of her bed, rubbing her legs like he always did.

Hi honey.

Micki laid there, looking at him with crystal eyes.


Yeah baby?

Ryan I'm only half here...

Where are you Micki, where?

Someplace cold...someplace where I can't escape.

Ryan then began to cry, gathering her up in his arms he cried against his shoulder, telling her that nobody was going to take her from him.

Please give me another child...

Micki whispered.

It's the only way...

5: Please don't

A few months had past since Micki's miscarriage, and still she wasn't the same.

Ryan tried to figure out what was happening to her, it seemed like clockwork that every night she would wake up screaming, drenched in sweat and telling Ryan that someone was trying to get her.

She was on medication and spent her days laying in bed or sitting, looking out the window in a daze. Ryan began to fear that he was loosing her.

Johnny now helped out at the store, but cursed objects were the last thing on Ryan's mind. He knew something was seriously wrong with his wife, and had to find someway to get her back.

Her parents were bugging Ryan about checking out Pinewest.

No, he couldn't send Micki to an Asylum.

Months before hand she was perfectly fine. The woman he had fallen in love with. Now she seemed like an empty shell.

But there seemed to be no hope.

A few months later, finally it happened.

Micki raced out to Ryan who was kicked back upstairs reading a comic, trying to pass the empty time while Jack and Johnny were away looking for a cursed neckless. Ryan stayed home to look after Micki.


Ryan nearly fell out of his chair when Micki came running towards him.

What's wrong?

Micki then held it out for Ryan to see, it was a plastic strip. Ryan raised his eyebrow before looking down at it and sighing.

Your pregnant.

His tone was flat as Micki for the first time in months seemed to look like her old self. She squealed in delight as she jumped onto his lap.

See Ryan, the doctors were wrong...

Ryan kept looking at the strip, and saw the blue line. Sighing again he felt an empty pit deep in his stomach.


Micki then put her finger to his lips.

Shhh...please don't.

Ryan shook his head.

It's still early...anything could happen, and we need to see the doctor.

We will Ryan, I promise we will.

Laying her head on his chest she smiled.

Ryan meanwhile felt worried and scared. He knew she was putting too much hope into his pregnancy, which most likely wouldn't end well.

Putting his arms around Micki he leaned his chin on the top of her head and wished to God this wasn't happening to them.

6: Praying to God

Micki was now six months along.

The doctors along with Ryan couldn't believe it.

They told Micki that anything could happen in the next three months, and even if all the tests and sonograms showed a healthy baby, there was still tons of risks.

But that didn't matter to Micki, all she knew was that she was having the baby that would take these awful feelings and nightmares away. Thinking back at the cursed crib she understood that mother's actions. She knew this would be the only child she could bring into this world...and somehow she knew she had too.

The pregnancy was fine so far. Each doctor's visit the nurses and doctor always looked suspired. Somehow the baby was growing nice and strong and Micki seemed almost like her old self.

Ryan meanwhile felt uneasy.

Johnny and Jack were happy for the two of them, and most of all that Micki was all right now. But there was something else...Ryan could feel it.

Micki meanwhile went behind Ryan's back and bought a beautiful crib with her mother and father one day while shopping. Ryan sighed seeing this as Micki showed him the mobile that hung above it. She told Ryan the crib should be in their room while the baby was still young, then they could start thinking about making a nursey.

Ryan told her to wait until buying anything else, and grew a strong disliking towards Micki's parents. It was too much pressure on her, which could result in another breakdown.

What if something happened to the baby...would Micki be able to take it?

One night Micki made Ryan feel her stomach...there were tiny bumps that nearly made Ryan cry. The baby was kicking.

See Ryan...I told you we could be happy...

One morning while Ryan returned with Jack from getting a cursed clock black he saw a file of papers on the kitchen table while Micki was making lunch, her perfectly round stomach showing under he sweater.

What's this?

Micki looked over her shoulder before bitting her lip.

St. Mary's school...

Ryan looked at the papers for a second before looking at Micki.


Micki walked forward, looking a little nervous.

I know you told me to wait, but their the best school in the city...there's a waiting list and everything to get in, they said it's...

You signed us up for this?

Micki slowly nodded.

I was thinking about the baby, oh Ryan you should of seen it...they gave me a tour, I think it's a good school.

Jesus Micki!

Micki stood there rubbing her stomach as Ryan paced back and forth, running his hand through his hair.

Are you upset?

Yes I'm upset! Micki your rushing into everything too soon...your all ready planning what school the kid is gonna go to before it's even born.


No Micki! You heard what the doctor said...anything, anything could happen!

But it hasn't! My baby is fine!

Ryan then walked over to the table before sitting down, he couldn't take this.

Micki with tears in her eyes walked over.

Please don't be mad Ryan, that's the last thing in the world I want...I just want you to be as happy as I am.

I...I am happy Micki, but I'm scared for you, I mean if something happened...

It won't...I swear it won't.

Ryan looked at Micki's wide eyes before pulling her into a hug.

That night as Micki slept beside him, Ryan looked over before placing his hand on her stomach.

Please God...

Ryan said.

Please...let my baby be okay.

7: Please bring her back

Ryanna Elizabeth Dallion.

Micki said sitting at the kitchen table, she was now nine months along and looked as if she was ready to pop at any second. Ryan sat across from her, having his morning coffee. Micki and him had been tossing around baby names for the last month or so.

They were having a girl.

Ryan seemed more happy then Micki when he saw the sonogram results, for the first time in awhile Ryan forgot all his worry and couldn't help but smile while looking at the test results. While walking out to the car, Micki asked him if he wasn't disappointed that it wasn't a boy. Getting the car door for her Ryan smiled telling Micki he always wanted a little girl first.

Anyways, girls can read comics too.

Ryan said grinning as they drove home.

Things were going good at Curious Goods. Ryan, Johnny, and Jack helped get back the cursed objects, while Micki minded the store. For once in a long time the feeling of danger and threat was gone.

It was just the two of them.

Just a week ago they had the baby shower at Micki's parent's home. They now had to cram everything they got into their bedroom while Micki fixed up the beautiful wooden crib.

Ryan looked up from his coffee.

I like that...

Micki smiled.

I wanted to make it different, also put your name in there too.

Micki you really don't have to...

No, I think it's a pretty name...anyways I owe you everything for giving me this baby.

Ryan smiled and reached over to table to take Micki's hand.

He loved his wife more then life itself.

That night Micki laid in bed, Ryan walked in drying his hair from a shower to find her laying there with his headphones on her stomach. Smiling she looked up.

She likes it when I put on music.

Ryan grinned before tossing down the towel and dressing for bed.

Got a little AC/DC on?

Micki laughed.

No...come on look she's kicking.

Ryan went over, placing his hand on Micki's huge stomach, right away he felt it and smiled.

Leaning over Ryan kissed her.

An hour or so later both fell asleep wasn't until nearly one in the morning when Micki woke up crying in pain.

Her water had broke.

Ryan as nervous and as scared as he was helped her out to the car with Jack. Once they arrived at the hospital she was wheeled away while Ryan filled out paperwork with Jack.

A little while later one of the nurses lead Ryan upstairs to get dressed in his scrubs...Micki was about to deliver. Scared and excited Ryan dressed fast before going into the delivery room where Micki laid.


She said with a faint smile, Ryan went over taking her hand.

Hi baby.

I swear it's going to be different this time...I swear.

Ryan smiled holding onto her hand while she squeezed tightly. The doctor smiled before wheeling over and the nurses helped Micki sit up.

Next big contraction your gonna have to push Micki.

Ryan helped her lean forward as she snapped her eyes shut with pain and began to cry out.


The next thing Ryan knew one of the monitors hooked up to Micki began to beep. The nurses and doctor looked in panic before Ryan saw how pale Micki looked.

What's wrong?

Keep pushing Micki, we need to get this baby out!

Micki pushed again, screaming as the pain shot through her, Ryan felt his heart begin to race.


Micki tried to breath as the doctor yelled at her to push, over and over again...Micki looked worn out before finally she pushed one final time.

Then there was silence. The doctor looked down where Ryan couldn't see and he saw the look in his eyes. The doctor's scrubs were bloody and all of the nurses eyed eachother.

Micki cried before laying back, she looked exausted and drained.

Ryan stood there, his eyes wide and shaking.

What's wrong?

Micki just laid there, almost in a daze.

Why isn't she crying?

Ryan asked, he was scared to death.

The doctor simply shook his head before handing the small newborn to one of the nurses. Ryan caught sight of and lifeless as it was taken away.

I'm was stillborn.

Micki began to scream as the doctor snapped off his gloves and kept shaking his head. Ryan felt as if he was in a dream and someone was pulling him away.

The baby was dead.


Micki screamed, the doctor worked on her as she started to bleed. Ryan meanwhile was no help to her, he looked at her as he did when the cursed coin first killed her.

He felt helpless.

Micki kept screaming as Ryan pushed one of the nurses aside and ran out into the corridor, Jack was there waiting along with Micki's parents, right away they stood up and went to him.

Ryan fell to his knees.


They went to him, and Jack saw the heartbreak in Ryan's eyes as he began to cry.

Ten days later Micki was taken to Pinewest, the mental asylum was the insane. Ryan was too far gone to even put up a fight, he had also lost a child and he couldn't seem to dig himself out of the grief that had taken him over. Like a zombie he watched as the orderlies took Micki to her room.

She hadn't spoken a word since the delivery.

The baby was which Ryan told Jack he didn't want to know where. It was better that way.

The doctors had no idea what had happened, only that the baby was dead before it was even born.

She took a breath...and then breathed no more.

Just the night before Ryan remembered feeling the small tiny kicks on Micki's stomach.

Now his daughter was dead.

He was right...they were cursed.

Walking into Micki's small cell, she sat there without showing any emotion. She looked shell shocked and lost. Her hair went down to her shoulders, and her pale face seemed deadly ill around her empty tired eyes.

She stared off into space.

Ryan went to her, sitting beside her before taking her hand.

I promise...I promise this isn't going to be forever Micki.

Softly kissing her cheek he left her.

Before leaving the doctor gave him her wedding band.

Once he returned to the store, that rainy overcast evening Johnny had ordered subs for them. Cracking open a few beers he eyes Jack before sighing.

Nothing was going to make this right.

Walking past them and up to his bedroom, Ryan stood there in the darkness for a moment before eyeing the crib.

Anger then filled him as he ran over and began to throw things across the room and smash everything. Johnny and Jack came in, pulling him away as he cried against them.

Please just bring her back, please!

Jack sighed...he knew that Ryan was right.

They were cursed.

8: The only woman he would ever love

A few years had past since Micki had been committed to Pinewest.

A few years since the death of her daughter.

For the first few months Micki seemed catatonic, unable to respond well and seemed like an empty shell. She was being pumped full of medication and drugs as the days worn on. Ryan visited her twice a week, always satying with her feeling depressed and useless. As more of the objects were recovered and hope of finally ending this seemed near, he knew no matter what his Micki would never be the same.

What would happen of all the objects were restored?

Ryan thought that he would most likely talk it through with Jack before selling the place. Prehaphs the objects wouldn't be cursed anymore once all recovered. Then he would use the money to help with all of Micki's medical bills and prehaphs hire a nurse so she could live with him.

It killed him to be apart from her.

Remembering all their memories together, all these moments in which they fought danger. The first time they laid eyes on eachother, made love, their wedding, and then the birth and death of their daughter.

It seemed all like a flash in someone elses' life.

The doctors blamed the shock of loosing the children to this. But Ryan knew it was so much more, her fevers, her nightmares. She seemed terrifed that something was going to get her.

He remembered her telling him it all started ever since she was brought back by the cursed coin.

Ryan's heart ached.

Most of the time when he visited Micki, he would lay in her cot with her, either holding her thin body, reading to her, or brushing her hair.

They said he made friends with a little girl on the child's wing.

Ryan thought that was good...she began talking and started to show some signs of her old self. Therapy worn on as Micki talked about her nightmares, always being dark and awful.

Finally after four years she was released.

Johnny was engaged to his girlfriend Linda, and Jack was starting to show the test of time with age.

All of the objects were finally recovered.

Seven whole years and it was finally finished. Jack, Ryan, and Johnny helped surround the vault with cement before they signed the deed to sell the place.

Two months later Curious Goods fell to the ground as the construction workers used their equitment to clear the lot. Now all their memories of the store had fallen with the broken brick and dusk.

What if the objects...

Johnny started casting a nervous eye. With that Jack simply shook his head.

Those objects are useless now, Lewis failed...and now their down in hell with him.

Ryan stood beside Jack, hands stuffed in his pockets as he sighed. He wished Micki was there with him.

A few months later she was released.

With the money he got from the sale, he bought a pretty nice apartment ouytside of the city. He took night classes at the local art school, and worked part time at a comic book store.

When Micki came home she seemed half there, yet happy to be with him.

Oh Ryan...

She said going into his arms.

It was over...finally over.

Jack was traveling the world, while Johnny lived in the city with his new wife. Micki looked worn out yet still her old self. The medication kept her from slipping and stable. She slept alot and went around the apartment fixing it up.

But most of the time she slept.

The nightmares still hadn't gone away.

The two of them tried to make life work, but Micki nearly broke down when she found out that Ryan had gotten a vasectomie while she was in the hospital. Nearly attacking him she cried why he would ever do such a thing? Holding her he said that it was the only way not to have anymore heartbreak.

Micki had her good days, and her bad ones. She stayed at home mostly putting around the place, reading, and sleeping.

Ryan worked hard and knew he would make this life work with Micki...and that she would forget...

Somehow she would.

She was the only woman he would ever love.

9: Don't let them take me away

Micki found herself one evening in late October kneeling in her garden dressed in jean overalls and an old plaid long sleeve shirt. It was chilly out and the sun was just starting to set, casting a beautiful explosion of purple and gold across the yard and other neatly rowed houses in the neighborhood.

They had moved here six years ago, once Ryan was finally offered a job in the area. They now lived in another state in a peaceful somewhat suburbia town. All of the houses looked alike, and went on and onward through it's neat well kept little streets.

Micki loved being in a house.

It was all put together by her, every piece of furuntire, every last thought was planned and done up by her. She no longer worked, nor spent a long amount of time out of the house. She often took up hobbies and kept to herself. Ryan had finally gotten his degree and now worked on an advertising program which often brought in more then enough money for the two of them.

Even through the two of them were now in their mid forties, there was still a tiny bit left of the old them. The memories and thoughts of the love they once shared together.

Micki aged with beauty and grace. Her face seemed waxy and pulled back but still the fire red color in her hair shinned and she seemed to go on, even through the long heartbreak and nightmares over the years. Ryan on the other hand was showing gray. He was aging handsome yet rough. Micki told him more then once the silver in his hair made him even more cute. And enough through he wore glasses most of the time, and seemed exausted after a long day's work...he was still the same Ryan. Playful and loving, always walking through the door and picking Micki off the ground making her laugh.

His life was his wife.

And it was just the two of them.

Jack had past away a year before, a sudden heart attack which left the two of them lost for a while. Micki's nightmares had been their worst then...also when Johnny came with Linds and the kids. Two boys. On the ride home, which was snowy and depressing Ryan looked out the windshield. They had just buried a very dear and old frien of theirs...a man who Ryan loved like a father, and wished was still here to be strong. Micki on the other hand wept, telling Ryan that she saw the heartbreak in his eyes when he saw Johnny's sons. She told him that Jack died without any children...his son Peter died ages ago. She wished that wasn't like them.

No name to pass on, only old forgotten memories.

But Ryan told her he loved her and whatever did happen they still had each other.

That's when she told him the nightmares finally stopped.

Now here she was, standing up brushing the dirt off her knees as she carried her basket of garden tools back inside where she was cooking dinner.

In the distance she could hear children laughing and playing.

Shutting the back glass door she went into the kitchen, Ryan would be home soon. When he did they ate together and then went upstairs to make love, like they had been doing for their twenty or so years of marriage.

Micki laid in bed as Ryan drifted alseep, looking so old in the moonlight.

Then a pain came, nearly snapping her to the side. The heat became worse and she cried out waking him.

Micki what's wrong?

Micki screamed in the darkness before she held onto Ryan.

She's trying to take me!


Micki's eyes then opened, they were pure black.


A dark evil voice hissed from Micki's open mouth, nearly making Ryan jump back from the bed. This wasn't his wife.

Whatever it was possessing her.

The name rang through Ryan's ears.

Twenty or so years of Micki slowly loosing her mind. The time spent in the hospital. The miscarriage, the stillborn birth. The attacks, the loney cries, the empty shell that once was her wife.

Nightmares...of hell.

You took my chance at life, so I entered your bride's soul...she shall never be free!

The thing woke again.

It was Hiberia...lover of Satan.

Nearly twenty-three or so years ago Micki had been killed by the cursed coin...the only way to get her back was to switch bodies with the corpse of Hiberia.

Micki took her only chance to live again.

So she slowly went into her soul, making her life a living hell as she finally took her over for good.

Johnny lived five states away and had his own family, Jack was dead.

All Ryan had was Micki.

He then remembered how Micki had saved him that time.

The time her love broke through the spell and they finally saw how much they meant to each other.

Micki's body hissed and twisted in the bed before Ryan grabbed her in his arms and ran downstairs.

Minutes later Micki laid in the center of their living room on the hardwood floor. It was thundering and lighting out as the trees outside rocked.

Ryan lit candles around her, trying his best to remember what Jack had said on how Micki brought him back. He knew he didn't have any power...but maybe, just maybe his love could save Micki.

She had been dying for all these years and he didn't even know it.

The coin was destroyed, so this was Hiberia's revenge.

No, she wouldn't take his wife.

With shaking hands he lit the candles around Micki who screamed and hissed, her eyes black.

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion.

Ryan raised his hands, praying to God it would work.


Ryan kneeled down, remembering all those times together with her. How lovely she looked in her gardern. Her faint smile, her touch, her smell, her eyes. Everything that drove him crazy about her.

She was his soulmate, and they would save eachother.

You can't take her...

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion.

It seemed as if the ground was shaking as the thunder got louder.

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!

Micki's head thrashed side to side as she screamed, her black empty eyes flashing.


Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!

Micki reached up clawing Ryan's face, her fingernails going into his flesh. Blood dripping down his face Ryan pushed her down.

If they were able to recover all these objects and still love eachother, it had to have some power.

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!


Micki hissed, the blood from Ryan's face dripping on her.

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!

Micki's body began to shake and tiny flashes went through her mind.

Of her life, the store, the vault, the objects, Jack, Johnny, Ryan...

The coin falling to the floor before killing her.

And the way she felt so empty afterwards.

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!

Micki then heard Ryan's voice and remembered when he thanked her by kissing her forehead after she broke through to him.

That's when she knew she loved him.

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!

Micki then saw herself in the bed of blood screaming, then her lifeless child being taken away from her.

That was the only time she didn't feel empty...when her child was with her.

Remembering holding her nine month stomach and remembering that this was part of Ryan and her...two pure souls.

Pure enough to save her.

Hiberia's power and grip began to fade as Micki remembered.

The dreams she had...of her baby.

Her holding her baby in her arms.

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!

Ryan was now screaming and it seemed as if wind had entered their dark house. Books and things went flying as Ryan kept screaming, holding onto her aching body.

Slowly the ache was going away....

Here is found the strength to overcome all evil... As burn these candles, so burns the truth in the heart of Micki Dallion!

That's when all the windows smashed, glass along with the huge mirror they had above the couch shattered and flew around at them. Ryan covered his head as Micki was thrown to the side like a rag doll.

Finally when all was silent...Ryan looked up.

Micki laid in the broken glass, pieces of mirror and glass all sparking around her bleeding body.

Looking at a chunk of mirror, she saw her empty tear filled eyes. She was tried and felt like she was slipping away.

She looked at her reflection and then saw herself with her baby again.

I'm a mother...I have a daughter...I'm a mother.

Then a blinding light came across for just a moment, making Ryan turn away...when he looked again it was gone as Micki laid in the glass as darkness surrounded her.


Slowly going to her he knew it was over, just like Micki had done for him many years ago...he saved her.

She was finally free.

He at first thought she was dead. Tears building in his own eyes he slowly went over.


Then he heard a cry, making him slowly turn Micki over.

Micki laid there with a newborn baby laying beside her, wiggling and looking up at Ryan with big eyes.

He couldn't believe it.

It was his daughter.

Slowly bending down he picked up the naked baby in his arms and looked down at her face.

She was alive.


He said through a smile, slowly Micki touched his leg with a broken and bloody hand. Looking down they smiled at eachother.

They had fought to bring her back.

10: Together forever

Two years later.

Ryanna was holding onto Ryan's leg as he made coffee for Micki and him one early morning. Ryanna was dressed in a velvet purple parker and had now found the need to never leave her father's side for one second. Whenever Ryan left for work in the morning she would have a complete mental breakdown.

Micki found it cute.

Walking into the kitchen in her bathrobe, Micki kissed her husband before speaking baby talk to her daughter.

Taking a seat, Micki watched the baby make a few attempts to speak, lately she was saying alot.

They were happy now.

Ryan came over with Ryanna in his arms, he put her down in her highchair before pouring Micki a fresh mug of coffee.

Micki spent all her time at home with the baby while Ryan worked.

Today Ryan was getting his vasectomie reversed.

The doctor's didn't give him any chances, but Micki and him knew even if it didn't work they still had their baby. Micki knew Ryan was nervous and the thought of having any more after all they had gone through and at age forty-four seemed scary.

Yet Ryanna was everything they asked for.

Anyways Micki asked him for something...something special.

A little boy.

The End.

AuthorÔ€™s Note -

Hey guys, yep another fan fic, hope everyone is enjoying them! This fan fic was shorter yet I got the idea from one I read on another website a few months ago. Thought the entire cursed coin thing coming back to Micki and Ryan when their in their 40's would be pretty cool. I'm in the middle of posting "What If?" which is "The End Of Season 3" which I'm fixing up since I posted it on the IMDB a little while ago. Might take some time to get up. On the spare time I'll write maybe two more fan fics, shorter and just a few ideas I have cooked up. Hope to hear feedback and as always I wanna thank everyone who reads them and the runners of this amazing site.