Fight the Chemistry

Authors: Dallion

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1: I'm not his girlfriend

Come any closer and I'll cut your girlfriend.

Ryan stood in the doorway with Jack feeling completely helpless, he watched the guy's crazy dark eyes dart back and forth while he held the huge hunter's knife to Micki's smooth pale skin. Tears gushed out of her eyes as she began to shake.

I'm not his girl...

He held the knife closer, screaming for Ryan to get the gloves. Moments later Ryan ran up the stairs holding out one of the boxing gloves.

Here take it...

The man raised an eyebrow.

Wait there's only one...

That's when Ryan turned around and hit Jack straight in the gut knocking him down. The man flew away from Micki and was beaten by an invisible force. Micki screamed and then grabbed Ryan by the shoulders.


She pulled the glove off as Ryan stood in shock, Jack laid on the ground a little stunned. Micki kneeled down helping Jack to his feet as Ryan began to get hysterical.

Come on Jack, get up...I didn't hit you that hard!

Jack stumbled as Ryan helped him sit on one of the kitchen table's chairs. Slowly breathing Jack touched his tender and now wounded face.

That's a cursed objects Ryan! What were you thinking!

Micki slowly with caution grabbed the cursed glove from the man who now laid knocked out on her bed.

I had to, it was the only way to help her!

Ryan seemed so disturbed by what he had just done. Micki meanwhile crossed the room to call 911.

Ryan leaned down asking Jack if he was all right. Waving his hand away he told Ryan to just make sure that guy didn't get up again. Looking over he saw Micki run back to them...the police were on their way.

Are you all right Jack?

Jack nodded.

Yes, I'm fine...don't worry...

Micki then shot Ryan a look.

Ryan what were you thinking!

Ryan had no words to explain why he used the cursed gloves, he wasn't thinking right...all he knew was that a knife was being held at Micki's throat and he needed to save her. The rest of his thoughts were blured.

Micki,my God your hurt...

Ryan's attention looked at what Jack was commenting on. In the dim light of the kitchen Ryan saw a rather long slash mark on Micki's right cheek...blood was dripping like crazy.

Micki's long slinder fingers went to the cut before she hissed in pain. Her eyes seemed wide and scared.

I didn't even notice he cut me...oh my God there's so much blood!

Micki began to cry, putting her entire palm to her cheek, tears spilled from her eyes as she began to breath heavy...Ryan rushed over trying to calm her down.

Micki Micki!

She cried still holding her cut, blood was getting all over her hands. In the distance Jack could hear the sirens.

Ryan put his arms on Micki's shoulders and told her to stop touching her face, squirming she cried that it was stinging. Glancing at the guy who laid past out in the other room...Ryan wanted to kill him.

An hour later the man was arrested. Ryan and Jack told the police that he busted into the store, most likely either trying to rape Micki or steal something when Ryan and Jack came in. There was a struggle in which Jack feel down and finally Ryan knocked him out.

The story seemed solid and they asked no more questions. The store was in a bad area anyways. Jack only had minnor cuts and bruises. His left eye was swollen cut and had casted a purple hint to it.

Jesus Jack I'm sorry...

Ryan said, putting his head down in shame. Jack sat in the crowed lobby on the ER with an icepack. Faintly smiling he looked up at Ryan.

It's much as I wanna kill you right now I knew you were only protecting Micki.

Finally the doctor came out and said that Micki's cut would need stitches.

Oh God...

Ryan said running his hands through his hair, the image of that knife being held to Micki kept playing over and over in his head. The doctor told them that Micki wanted one of them to stay with her while it was getting done.

You might as well, she's angry with me.

No Ryan, you go...I'm sure she understands.

Nodding Ryan was lead into the room where Micki sat in the hospital bed, Ryan's coat thrown over her shoulders. A nurse sat beside her getting ready for the stitches.


Ryan slowly walked over as Micki glaned up.

How's Jack? some bruises but he's okay.

And the gloves?

She spoke in a lower voice looking at Ryan with a serious eye.

In the vault, don't worry.

Is this your boyfriend?

The nurse asked wheeling the small metal table over. Ryan glanced down at Micki before she shook her head.

No, my cousin Ryan.

Well Ryan I think it's real nice to sit with her while she's getting this done.

Feeling a sick twisted feel in his stomach, Ryan avoided eye contact with the nurse before walking around to the bed and sitting behind Micki who had to lean forward for the nurse to work.

I'm going to numb the area of the skin, you will feel pressure.

Is there going to be a scar?

Micki asked in a nervous uneven voice. The nurse shook her head.

There should be a mark for less then a me it's not deep at all.

Nodding, Micki sat still before one hand went over to Ryan's and squeezed it. The nurse began working as Micki tried to control her tears. A little while later she was finished and brought to the car where Jack was sitting with the heat on.


Micki hugged Jack before looking over his poor beaten face.

Are you okay?

Ryan felt awful as he stood there in the cold, it was getting late now.

I'm fine's your face?

Fine, they said there shouldn't even be a mark in a few weeks.

Well...let's get home, it's been a long night.

Ryan drove home while Micki and Jack sat in the back, looking tried and beaten. Once they arrived back at the store it was three in the morning. Ryan got Jack some aspirin and a new ice pack before telling Jack in the utter most guilt filled tone how sorry he was. Patting Ryan on the shoulder Jack told him he had been through worse and that he better be with Micki tonight since she seemed shaken.

Once Ryan got upstairs Micki stood in her bedroom rubbing her arms, she looked terrifed.

How's the cut?

Micki turned, there was a small bandage going across Micki's face. Tears filled her eyes before she lowered her head.

Am I ugly now?


Ryan went to her, putting his arms around her thin body and hugging her.

Micki your never ugly, your the most beautiful girl in the world.

Ryan then stopped, he couldn't believe he just said that. But Micki seemed as if she didn't even notice. Standing there with Ryan's arms around her she sighed deeply.


For what?

Saving me.

Ryan looked down before smirking at Micki.

I just wish I didn't feel so bad about it.

Micki sighed.

It was a stupid thing to do...but you did it.

Ryan nodded before seeing that they were standing too close to each other, Ryan felt awful about her face and seeing her eyes so wide like that was making him get a pretty bad errection in which he didn't want Micki to see.



Could...could you stay in here with me tonight, I'm getting the creeps.

Ryan smiled.

Sure Micki...

A little while later Ryan tossed Micki one of his T-shirt for her to wear. The doctor told her to wear loose clothing for the first night so she wouldn't rub up against her cut. Changing into it in the bathroom she came out with it dropped down to her knees. Smiling Ryan grabbed his pillow and blanket and went to spread them across the floor.

What are you doing?

Ryan looked up at Micki.


Your sleeping there?

Ryan looked down, he really didn't see the problem.

Yeah...where else would I sleep?

For God's sake Ryan you can sleep here.

She patted on the other side of the bed, Ryan seemed a little surprised.

Well...what would Lloyd think of you sharing the same bed with another man?

Micki glanced at the framed photograph of Lloyd on her dresser before rolling her eyes.

I trust you'll be a gentlemen.

Ryan grinned standing up and walking to the other side of the bed.

If I can control myself.

Laughing Micki put off the light and Ryan got into bed, right beside Micki. Looking over at her both put on nervous smiles before Ryan sighed.

Night Micki...

Night Ryan.

Turning over Micki put her back to Ryan as he just laid there, looking at her.

God I love this woman...

Ryan said to himself before falling asleep himself.

2: I just thought...

Ryan watched Micki and Lloyd argue at the front of the store. Trying to look as if he wasn't listing he polished some glass jars with an old rag. His head bandaged from the fall earlier today, he felt exausted and a little relived that Micki had changed her mind.

He then overheard Lloyd say something about him being an art school drop out. Looking to the floor he sighed, that hurt almost as bad as when he over heard Micki tell Lloyd that nothing would be stranger then being involved with him. But Lloyd did have a good point, they were only cousins by marriage.

At least Ryan is kind and honest and cares about what happenes to people!

Micki said back to Lloyd, a few moments later he walked out leaving Micki alone.

It was over and Ryan knew it. Micki picked staying instead of going with Lloyd. It was an awful thing to know that she had to give up her entire life for this stupid curse...but she knew it was their responsibility. Running upstairs, Ryan knew she was crying.


Micki snapped at him before running up to her bedroom and slamming the door. Jack meanwhile was in the vault trying to figure out where to put the cursed mulcher.

Going upstairs Ryan softly knocked in her bedroom door.



Ryan paused.

Well if you need anything I'll be in my room.

Turning he put up the welcome home Micki sign. He knew it was stupid but he had worked out it pretty much the entire afternoon. Maybe, just maybe this would cheer her up, even if she just broke off her engagement to chase after cursed antiques.


Ryan turned and saw Micki, she was crying and looked pretty tried.

Looking up she saw the sign and froze. Ryan felt a little embarrassed yet couldn't help but grin.

Well I just know.

Micki looked up at the sign and faintly smiled before looking at him.

Why not.

Both smiled at eachother before Micki sat down while Ryan made her tea. She looked off into space sighing.

I'm sorry Ryan, it was so stupid of me even thinking I could leave, I mean part of this is my fault too.

Ryan went over pouring her a cup before sitting down himself.

Micki sighed.

It's over...


Deep down inside Ryan didn't want to let her know, but he was happy to see Lloyd go. He wasn't right for her. He was stuck up and had no personally. Sure he was this fancy rich lawyer, but still...he couldn't make Micki laugh like he did.

How long were you guys going out?

Micki sipped her tea.

Two years, we met at the country club.

How long were you guys engaged?

Only a few months, didn't tell anyone yet...he propsed in the worst way too.

Micki covered her face with her hand laughing.

He...he didn't even get down on one knee, he told me we might as well since we were such a good fit for society can you believe that?

She began laughing.

It seemed as if the only reason he wanted us to be together was because we came from wealthy families...

Did you love him?

Micki looked up.


Did you love him?

Micki looked down at her cup of tea.

I guess I did...but it just wasn't meant to be.

Where's your ring?

Micki looked down at her hands laughing.

He didn't even give me one, wanted to wait until he told everyone at his work...

She started laughing again before snorting.

What a jerk.

Ryan smiled too, he knew she was hurting but in all due time things would heal. Ryan made sure he would be there for her.

Just then Jack slowly came up the stairs.

Mulcher back in the vault?

Jack nodded before looking around.

Hey where's...


Jack slowly nodded before Micki gave a faint smile.

He's not coming back.

Oh Micki...I'm sorry.

Don't be Jack, he just couldn't understand...and until all these objects are returned, this is my life.

Jack looked at Ryan for a second before nodding.

Well it's good to have you back.

Micki smiled before looking at Ryan.

So what's the next object we're looking for?

Well it seems as if we're going to be looking for a cursed guitar.

Hey, now that's my kind of cursed object.

Ryan said with a grin, rolling her eyes Micki smiled.

It was good to be back.

3: Dancing till we die

So how do you expect us to grab it?

Ryan asked in the passenger seat of the car. It was late out, and they were parked across the street from Club Renegade. People waited outside in a long time as music and lights blasted out of the place.

Wait in line with Micki and go in, if I'm right that musician will be playing.

Jack had looked into the cursed electronic guitar, which was sold by Lewis a little over three years ago. Lately there had been a series of deaths in local night clubs all over the city, finally Jack linked them together.

The guitar was made in Australia and had the power to hypnotize anyone who can hear the music. Jack thought the musician Rudy Lambert used it to put the crowd under a trance to do whatever he wanted...which meant most of the time to murder for the guitar to make him a better player, and have better chances at fame.

They had been looking into it for the last week or so, lately Micki seemed blue since Lloyd at left, in fact Ryan was starting to get worried about her.

Now they were planning on going into the club and trying to snatch the guitar once Rudy was off stage.

Getting out of the car, and into the cool night air they walked together across the street with Jack watching them.

We're in and out...easy as cake.

Micki looked at Ryan as they got in line.

Easy? The place is packed!

We'll figure something out.

Ryan was dressed in jeans and his leather jacket, while Micki wore knee high boots and a short black dress. Standing beside him they waited until they were let in.

Inside the entire place was crowded. Different lights of blue and red danced across the mirror walls. People sat at tables smoking and drinking. On the huge dance floor what seemed like millions of people moved around as the music blasted from stage.


Micki had to yell over the music, pointing towards the stage.

Ryan squinted, holding onto Micki as people pushed past them.

He saw Rudy, a guy maybe in his thrities. He wore jeans and a black T-shirt...also he was playing the ruby red guitar. The rest of his band played as the speakers screamed out the music. People were dancing all over.








Micki glanced up at Ryan as he took her by the hand and lead her onto the crowed dance floor. People were all over making it hard to move.

They moved in closer as Rudy played...the guitar just in sight.


They got closer to the stage when the song changed...the lights shot off into different rays and Rudy began to sing.

Then the strangest feeling went over Ryan and Micki, they looked around at the rest of the crowd.

How could they have been so stupid?

They were all in a trance.

The music began.

"Don't know why I try to fight chemistry ,I get high everytime your body is next to me...I don't need no book to show me how, I don't need some english teacher to help me say I want you now.

Ryan then slowly let out his hand as Micki stared at it.

Micki took it as Ryan brought her up against him, right away they began to move without taking their eyes off eachother.

They were under the spell.

Rudy kept playing, louder and louder.

"Not gonna try to do the things you want me too, yes your want me and I want you too. None is gonna tell me wrong from right, loving you is all that matters, baby I can't wait another night."

Ryan and Micki moved together as their hands went crazy. Micki's slender hands rubbed against Ryan, moving from his sides to his chest, while his held her tight as they moved.

They kept looking into eachother's eyes.

That's when Jack burst in, he knew something was wrong...the music had gotten far too loud.

Ryan and Micki were spinning as they walked, hand in hand...never taking their eyes away from eachother.

Jack saw them...they were in a trace.

He then ran over to the restrooms, getting his lighter out. Rushing to the sink, he leaned up to the first sprinkler he could see.

Then the fire alarms went off as all the sprinklers began pouring down water. Everyone screamed in panic and began to race out of the club.

Jack raced out to see Micki holding Ryan's face on the dance floor and kissing him.


Running over he saw Rudy trying to make a run for it, charging towards him he knocked him right to the side, dropping the guitar. Rudy tried to get it as the floor began getting soaked, but Jack punched him square in the jaw, knocking him out.

That's when Ryan and Micki both broke out of the trance.

Micki's eyes grew wide, she was kissing Ryan.

Pulling back and screaming, both looked just as shocked. They had no idea what they were doing.



What's going on!


Jack held the guitar as the three of them raced out.

Later back at the store the guitar was back in the vault. Micki and Ryan meanwhile had changed into dry clothes and has towels around their necks.

What happened in there, I can't remember a thing...

Your music had you under it's spell...which I guess worked pretty well for you two.

Jack casted them a look before laughing, Ryan and Micki looked at eachother across the kitchen table.


Micki tried to look as if she was sick.

I can't believe that happened!

Ryan had a serious look on his face as he crossed his arms.

Why, what's so bad about that?

Ryan! I kissed you!


So? Your my cousin!

Ryan then threw back his chair, nearly making Micki jump as he stormed downstairs. His loud footsteps being heard the entire way. Leaving Micki and Jack in stunned silence Micki looked over suspired.

What was that all about?

Jack slowly stood up shaking his head.

I think you hurt Ryan's feelings...


Jack gave Micki a look before walking over to the sink, Micki got up and went over to him.

Jack, I was right...why is he getting so mad?

Why do you think?

Micki stood there for a second before she shook her head.

You can't be serious Jack, Ryan...Ryan...he's...

Someone who cares for you.

As a friend, God...I mean... mean you haven't notcied?

Micki stood there again, unable to find the right words.

But he always kids with me, he teases...we could never...I mean he's not even in my same...



Just remember all those risks he took for you Micki...maybe then you might know the answer.

But Jack?

Jack simply walked away, leaving Micki stunned and frozen.

What did he mean by that?

She couldn't remember anything at the club, it was just a mistake.

Just a kiss...

Micki then gasped, putting her hand to her mouth.

Oh my God...Ryan likes me...

4: Take a chance

Micki found Ryan laying on the couch downstairs in the dark. He wore his yellow Illinoise shirt and a pair of black shorts. Micki saw his hands were behind his head and he seemed to be looking up at the ceiling.

She felt awful about how she acted upstairs.

Another part of her felt for the first time ever, nervous to come forward to Ryan. For the past couple of months that they had all been living together, she thought it was just a harmless crush. But Ryan? He couldn't be serious. They weren't alike at all, how could he even expect it to work? And if it didn't...they still had to stay together because of the cursed items. It was too confusing to even think about.

But then again opposites do sometimes attract.

She would have to admit that she did fine some odd undermeaning attraction towards Ryan. She felt that it was mostly because they faced danger together and never seemed to be apart. He was handsome for a young man, his hair could be straighter and a bit longer to loose the dark curl that it had. His skin was tanned and well built under his thin frame. And his personally was charming. Somehow his teasing childish manner came across as kind and well meaning.

He did get on her nerves, and he couldn't dress to save his life.

But still, he was a good man.

Better then Lloyd.


Ryan glanced up before Micki came over, sitting on the edge of the couch.

I'm sorry about what I said...

Ryan stared at her in the darkness of the store before shrugging his shoulders.

No problem, I don't care.

No, what I mean is yes what happened tonight was out of our power, but I didn't mean that way on how I was acting upstairs, I was just a little...

It's okay Micki, I understand...


She reached over, touching his side.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, your amazing and I acted...acted like...

A jerk?

Micki gave a faint smile.

Something like that.

It's okay Micki, I'm sorry too.

Micki raised an eyebrow before taking a deep breath.

That's what I like about you Ryan, you never make me feel bad about myself.

Well your a good person, you shouldn't feel bad.


Micki was now struggling to find the words.


Ryan...and I ask you something serious?

Ryan sat up a little more looking right into her eyes.

Yeah sure, what?

Micki felt her insides shake, she felt like a teenager. you like me?

She now looked at him as he sat there for a moment before grinning.


Ryan...the truth.

Ryan saw that Micki was being serious before looking down at his hands. He took a second before sighing.

Yeah I guess I do...but that doesn't change anything.


Because you don't feel the same way...and I understand, it's fine.


No really Micki, we're here for one reason and one reason only...we shouldn't be stupid.

Is it stupid to take a chance?


Micki leaned forward kissing Ryan before smiling between him.

Take a chance Ryan...

5: Souls searching

Oh will you two break it up?

Jack called from the front door of the shop. Micki and Ryan who were standing on the leading stairs laughed through their third goodbye kiss before Ryan turned, tugging on his leather jacket.

Okay, okay!

Micki laughed waving to the two of them as they went off. Closing the door behind them the sound of the bell rang through the store. A sound Micki found pleasant. Turning around to clean up and wait by the phone, she glanced at the clay Ryan had been working on of her. Lately he was picking up his old hobbies from art school and was pushed forward from Micki to work on them. This week it was sculpting. Tonight had been pretty uneventful so Ryan decided to have Micki pose for him while they relaxed downstairs.

The sound of rain and thunder was heard outside while Micki went to close the back windows. Glancing down at her engagement ring she smiled. She had no idea where Ryan had gotten the money, nor knew the exact ring she had dreamed about getting ever since she was a teenager. In fact this would of been the ring she wanted Lloyd to get her while they were engaged. But this was different, Ryan had given it to her.

Remembering the night he proposed, Micki smiled.

It was shortly after his father had past away and he was going through a very rough and emotional time. Things at the store had became stressful and their relationship was really up in the air. They weren't dating, nor were apart. Things were confusing and they shared their good amount of arguments.

He became involved shortly with that girl named Laura while they were recovering Quilt of Hathor. Micki was beyond jealous and fought to get him back. Finally they decided to stay together. After his father past...he knew Micki was the only person in his life who wouldn't leave him.

Jack seemed pleased with their relationship and Micki always seemed happy, even when they were running after cursed items and being attacked.

Pausing for a second she smiled looking out at the rainy alley.

It seemed like the perfect night.

A day later Micki found herself standing in the underground tunnel as the man dressed in the dark cloak grinned.


They were going after the Coin of Ziocles, which could kill, and bring souls back to life in just the blink of an eye. The three of them were looking into it for the past few days and Jack had brought Micki along to check out if these witches were really getting people back from the dead.

Now she was trapped. They had seen them and they split up.

She was trapped.

The coin then flew into the air and landed.

Seconds later Micki laid dead on the ground.

Later that night as Jack and Ryan rushed back to where Micki was last seen, ambulances and police cars were all around.

Oh my God Jack...

Ryan ran forward. Jack had ran into the store out of breath and told him what happened, right away a deep seed of fear entered him.

Micki was in trouble.


He fell to the wet pavement and saw Micki, his Micki laying lifeless.

She had been killed.

Gathering her up in his arms he shook and screamed.

He couldn't believe it, no...not her.

Please, please wake up!

He kissed her head, rocking her back and forth as tears ran down his eyes. A police officer tried to stop him but he snapped.


He held her crying, having a complete mental breakdown.

Not Micki.

They had been together for the last few months, and Ryan thought he finally found the person who understood him. Years of being a disappointment, Micki finally saw him as who he really was.

He never thought one of these things would kill her.


Jack had to drag him away.

The next morning they had figured out how to get the coin, and use it to get Micki back. Now it laid under the ground, in hopes of never seeing daylight again.

Ryan stayed by Micki's side the entire time. She didn't seem to remember a thing. Laying there in the bed they now shared, she seemed daze and tried.

Ryan never wanted to come that close again, it left him shaken.

Everything he touched seemed cursed, he never wanted to hurt Micki.

He remembered how hopeless it all seemed, that after seeing Micki's body everything became a blur, his heart never seemed to stop having that awful ache. He didn't even remember going to the mourge and getting Micki's body, crying to her that he was gonna bring her home.

Now she was back.

Holding her hand and shaking he kissed it.

I thought...I lost you.

Micki looked before asking him to lay with her. They did for awhile as Ryan held her, kissing the side of her face. She felt exausted.

Jack found them later...sleeping side by side.

6: Let's just wait, see what happens

Micki knew something was wrong with Ryan after they recovered the witches' ladder. They had been married now nearly eleven months and had nearly 67% of the cursed items back in the vault. Alot had happened this year, along with meeting a young man named Johnny who seemed willing to help the three of them out.

Also...they discovered that Ryan was suffering from heart disease.

After the witches' ladder, Micki noticed something was wrong with her husband the months afterwards. He didn't seem like the old Ryan, the man she had fallen in love with and gotten married too. He began thinner and seemed tried all the time.

Finally he past out once while putting objects back in the vault. After being taken to the hospital, they ran some tests and found out what was really wrong.

Only two years of being together and this had to happen. Things were going so good for the two of them.

Ryan blamed himself, while Micki stayed by his side, knowing how much pain he was going through.

They seemed to live at the hospitals and slowly as the days worn out Ryan was unable to help them trace down the objects. Johnny came in more then often as Micki stayed with Ryan. Often he was just laying in the hospital bed, taking medication and drugs until he was so numb he couldn't even feel Micki kiss him.

His tan was now gone, and soon his silver wedding band was too big to fit on his fingers. It came so quick...and Micki knew she was loosing him. One night she broke down, that morning at the hospital Ryan's heart was beating too fast and she saw him scream out in pain as sweat dripped off him. The doctors rushed in and took him away from her.

I can't loose him!

Micki cried agaisnt Jack's shoulder as Johnny watched.

Ryan was everything to her, they had even planned after the objects were recovered that they would travel the world together for their long awaited honeymoon. Now he was dying.

He's only twenty-three years old!

Micki cried.

She remembered how they had first kissed, how he made her laugh, when they first made love until morning, their wedding and how amazing she felt walking down towards him. Their hopes, their dreams. And him always being by her side.

She was right...she couldn't do this alone.

One evening Micki laid in Ryan's hospital bed with him. The doctors and nurses all knew her now and sighed whenever they saw her with him.

She must love him alot...

Christ, they aren't even married more then a year and this happenes...

They would say.

Laying in bed with him as tubes and wires were hooked up to his pale arms and oxygen was leading up through his nose to breath, his heavy eyelids looked at their wedding album which Micki laughed and smiled turning the pages and pointing everything out.

After...after all the objects are recovered, I want you to live...


Micki looked down at him.


After this is all over, I want you to live your life...for me after I'm gone.

Don't be silly Ryan...

Micki...we both know I don't have long, there's so much more you can do.

Micki now fought the tears.


I didn't think I would be able to do it after that damn coin got you...but I would of lived, away from the store, away from the cursed objects...I would of lived for you.


Do everything you ever wanted to do, have fun, fall in love again, make babies...

Micki leaned her head against his chest crying.

I can't do it without you.

Yes you will Micki...I know you will.

She could tell he was in pain again.

Should I get the nurse?

Micki's eyes were dripping with tears as she went to move, Ryan held her arm and slowly shook his head.

Why don't we just wait here for awhile...see what happens.

Micki cried even harder as he held her.

7: Life moves on

Ryan was buried on a cold covercast November day.

A small group people gathered around as Jack had his arm tightly around Micki's waist, supporting her incase she broke down. Johnny stood by her other side, his head lowered as the priest spoke.

Mostly friends of Micki's and a few of Ryan's showed up. It was a small ceremony just like their wedding had been. The wind blew past Micki's pale face and leafs russled against the ground. Finally the priest made the sign of the cross as people began moving away. Micki stood beside Jack as people past her, muttering how sorry they were and how much they knew he had loved her. Making eye contact with her parents across the grave they decided to wait by the car for her.

The sky seemed darker as Jack sighed. Micki stared at the coffin.

Ryan had died three days ago in the hospital. Micki was alseep when it happened. Jack had came to visit and decided to let Micki rest while he sat beside Ryan. Micki was curled up in the chair across the room while Jack read to Ryan who seemed half there.

He had lost nearly fifty pounds off his thin frame, and his eyelids seemed heavy as he listened to Jack's voice. Finally at one point Jack looked up and saw Ryan's weak face softly smiling to him. Jack smiled back before knowing that Ryan was finally giving up.

Looking back down at his book...he knew it had happened, when he returned his glance Ryan's eyes were shut. The nurse came in moments later and took his pulse before slowly shaking her head before going over to Micki who stirred awake.

Mrs. Dallion?

Micki's eyelids fluttered as she sat up.

I'm sorry, he's gone.

Micki looked over at Ryan as if she couldn't believe it. Slowly heading over to Jack who stood by her side, they both looked down at him. Micki fought tears as she shook her head.

I'm soo stupid...

She was starting to cry.

I thought...I thought once he was gone it wouldn't hurt anymore...

She began to break down as Jack held her.

Now standing at the funeral, Micki looked down at the casket which held her husband, her bestfriend, and her soulmate.

How are we gonna do it Jack?

We'll be together...

Johnny said, rubbing Micki's shoulder.

Sighing she looked down.

Goodbye Ryan...

Turning, Jack and Johnny walked her to the car.

Time went by and days turned into weeks, and finally years. Micki never really did get over Ryan's death, she often cried and sat alone in her room. Whenever she found something of his, or smelled his shirts which were now packed away, she completely broke down. Crying that she wanted him back.

But Jack and Johnny were always there.

Now Micki found herself a little bit older and standing outside near the bus stop. It was a crisp fall day and she was dressed in a turtle neck sweater. Other mothers stood around her.

Micki was now in her forties and was living in a nice neighborhood. All of the objects were finally recovered, and Jack was still running the shop.

Micki moved on with the best wishes, and now was a mother of two and re-married.

It had been nearly twenty years since her first husband died.

Waiting for her son and daughter to come home from their first day of preschool, she crossed her arms and sighed. She was happy that the curse was now over and that she was living a simple, yet happy life.

But still...deep down inside her heart she missed him.

Johnny would be home from work once she got the kids their dinner, after that they would most likely curl up together and drink a bottle of wine.

She loved Johnny, even though the relationship came slow and uneasy. But still...he was a kind man, an amazing father, and a great husband.

Just before the bus came Micki sighed looking up at the clear blue sky.

She was doing that Ryan always asked her to do.

And that was to live.

The End.