It's a mad mad world

Authors: Dallion

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1: Coven of Darkness

Thanks Micki...

Ryan said as he bent down, softly kissing her forehead with his waxy lips. In that moment Micki thought of the other times they had kissed while living at Curious Goods. Mostly they were harmless friendly kisses mostly on the cheek. There was that time when they recovered the foghorn when they went upstairs, then after they got back the cursed sheriffs badge. They didn't mean anything, in fact nowadays kisses didn't really mean anything at all. It was a simple way of showing love and connection. Never before on the lips, just as she kissed Jack, like a friend, a father, or a brother.

Sighing she felt exausted from what happened last night, she felt as if it took all the strength in her body to keep breathing.

Ryan went down to eye level with her and for the first time ever Micki saw how really handsome he was upclose. He had big doe brown eyes, which always looked tried, clear skin, and a very solid and friendly look whenever he smiled at her. Right now they were inches apart and Micki began thinking of all those times.

All those times in which they were together. Recovering cursed objects, fighting evil together. She remembered all the memories they had together and laughs they shared. She remembered how at first he came across as a childish fool, then slowly as she began to know him better...she saw him as he really was.

Kind and brave, strong, and friendly. He was every opposite that she was to him. He had dropped out of college, he had grown up with an awful family life, mostly living alone. He blasted his music and danced around the store like a fool. He ate junk food and loved playing tricks on her. He had a huge passion for comic books and other childish things. But still...he was the only one that could really made her smile.

He had saved her so many times, along with that faint memory of that coin falling to the ground and then pitch darkness. It seemed so clear now...the reason why they kept saving eachother was because...

They couldn't stand to be apart.

Last night proved it.

I don't know what would of happened if you didn't break through to me.

He now was so close, she could feel his warm breath, smell that lovely scent of cologne he always wore, in fact his clothes always smelled of it. Almost like clean soap...Micki had notcied this months into living with him and found that one of the many pleasant things about being around him. He now looked different, something about the way he looked at her made her nearly want to lean a little closer and kiss him. the ladder back?

Micki said with a faint smile which he returned, Jack paced beside them holding up the cursed objects.

And one of Lewis' occult tools.

Ryan looked up and for a moment Jack thought to himself how beautiful the two of them looked. He loved Micki and Ryan very much, as if they were his own. But right at this very moment, his dark eyes next to her fire red hair he saw beauty.

At least Danny and Garrett didn't die in vain.

Jack shook his head before looking at the two of them, they seemed half dead.

You two go up to your beds, I'll make sure these get back to the vault.

Jack left them as Ryan looked down at Micki again.

You need some help?

Faintly shaking her head Micki muttered a no, somehow she felt as if her entire body was drained and empty. Ryan nodded before walking up the stairs.

Micki then knew...

She loved this man.

Getting enough strength she followed him and glanced one last time down at the store. She had almost lost Ryan last night, as many times before. Now she finally knew the truth.

He was upstairs, standing up the small area that served as his bedroom. He had his shirt off and was searching the never ending piles of clothes for a clean T-shirt to sleep him.

Watching him, Micki notcied that for a thin man he was very well built, mostly his arms which in this light looked tanned. He was perfect in every way.


Ryan turned, a T-shirt in his hands.

Yeah Micki?

Micki slowly walked over, as if she was in a dream...Ryan stared at her, almost a little nervous until she stood in front of him. Ryan let out a dry laugh.

What is it?

Micki then lost all control, taking hold of him she pressed her lips as hard as she could against his.

2: The dance

It was nearly nightfall when Ryan stared up at the ceiling of Micki's bedroom. It was raining outside now, and the sound of it hitting the windows sounded like tiny pebbles going against the glass. The entire bedroom was dark, expect for a dim glow of blue coming from oustide, most likely the freeway, or street lights along the sidewalks. At this very moment Ryan felt at peace.

Micki laid naked against him, the sheets tangled around his wait, and around her, like some sort of gown completely made of silk. Her head was resting on his chest, laying down he only saw a bit of her face peacefuly sleeping, her fire red hair nearly covering her entire head up. He felt her breath against him, and the smooth feeling of her breasts and slim body curled up against him. Laying there, worn out and exausted, he couldn't believe what had happened this morning.

Micki and him had slept together.

For the last year or so, since they had started living at Curious Goods and fell into this strange lifestyle full of danger and wonder...he had fallen in love with her. At first he just saw attraction, a cousin he had never known about and how was forced to deal with. She came across as stuck up and a sob. Then slowly...he began to see how beautiful she really was. She began to open up, mostly after Lloyd had left. He saw that she had an open mind and took all of his foolish ways with her. Soon she began to be his best friend.

Thinking back when the coin had killed her, his heart ached. He remembered how badly he screamd and ran to her body. How blank and empty inside he felt until they got her back.'

He couldn't loose her again.

Now, last night...she proved that she loved him too.

Would it work? Would something happen? He didn't know. Only that at this very moment, he was in love.

Their love making had been slow and nearly unsuccessful until she held his face with her smooth hands and kissed him.

Love me Ryan....

He did the best he could, and when they were finished both nearly unable to breath and covered in sweat fell asleep in each other arms.

It was the most amazing thing that could of happened to him.

Jack hadn't come upstairs all day, prehaps he knew what Micki and Ryan had needed to do.

Laying there he thought of how perfect her body moved against his, like a dance.

Looking down at her, her head slowly raising and falling as he breathed, he sighed.

His heart ached he loved her so much.

Pushing back some of her hair he leaned over and kissed her forehead.

I love you Micki Foster...until the day I die.

3: Always the first star that I blind

You okay?

Micki turned, she had been looking out the window of the inn they were staying at. The view wasn't much since it was such a small village, their only window faced the church. Somehow it gave her chills.

Slowly nodding she rubbed her arms, she began to get goosebumps. Ryan meanwhile hadn't been acting himself, not since this afternoon. He sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes empty and lost as he stared off into space.

Micki knew things weren't right.

Alot had happened in the last two weeks. They were now in France while Johnny looked after the shop. Jack was in a coma, and the doctors didn't know how serious it was. Ontop of that the book in which Jack had spoken about days ago on the phone was still missing, with that man Ryan and her had chased after.

She felt scared.

The two of them really didn't have time to really focus on what was going on relationship wise. They had slept together that day, and since then...something had changed.

They were now in love.

But they couldn't try to understand, within days all of this had happened. On top of that Ryan had ran into his mother while visiting his brother's grave at the cemetery. He hadn't seen her and nearly fourteen years. Micki knew how strange this was to him, the guilt and depression which was something he didn't need now with Jack in trouble. But still...she saw a flicker in his eyes of hope.

Prehaps she could still love him after all these years away.

On the plane ride over, Ryan seemed bothered. His mother had been kind enough to offer and drive them to the airport. Ryan had introduced her as "his girlfriend" which was something she couldn't quit smiling about. When she asked what was wrong he shrugged and told her that it was the little girl they had met while standing in line.

As a matter of fact, it scared Micki a little bit too.

Don't go...

She looked terrified

But Micki brushed it off as the girl just being sick. Ryan held her hand the entire time, his thoughts somewhere else.

Then after they chased that man by the stream, he had gone missing. When he returned he seemed different.

As if only half of him was still there.

Micki tried over and over to ask what had happened, but he seemed determined to go to the church and speak with the sister. The nun who had years ago seen a vision of God. Micki knew Jack had spoken with her before his accident.

While trying to find something about the book, Ryan had ran out of the room, an hour later he was back now, looking lost and drained.

Something was happening outside in the church.

I think something happened...

Micki pointed before Ryan put his head in his hands and began to cry. Turning her attention towards him, and forgetting about what was happening on the street below, she went to him.


She hadn't really seen him cry much, only a few times, mostly after his father had died. Right now he looked desperate.

What had happened in the hour or so while he was gone.

Ryan cried even harder before Micki sat beside him, one hand slowly rubbing his back.

Ryan what's wrong?

Ryan lifted his head, his eyes bloodshot and sad. He looked at her with such sorrow before he put one of his large tanned hands against her cheek.

Micki...I'm so sorry...


Before she could say anything else he leaned in and kissed her, it was a scared kiss which shook between their lips. Nearly unable to control himself he laid her back on the bed.

She didn't know what was happening, but it seemed as if Ryan had to do this.

They had only made love that one time two weeks ago, this time it looked as if it would be the last. Ryan kept crying, tears falling onto Micki's skin as he undid her blouse.



Please forgive me Micki, please.

Looking up at his big brown eyes she slowly nodded, unable to think of what to do. He opened her blouse to reveal her black bra, then he began to undo her slacks.

Was something wrong with him?

She loved him, it was so clear now.

But why was he acting this way.

Her hands went up and tried to unbutton his shirt, but he stopped her.


She didn't say anything, he looked almost in pain through the dim light of their dark room. He unzipped his pants and moved in closer to her as her slacks and tiny belt slid down to her feet which hung off the bed. Her breaths were slow as she looked at him.

His fingertips brushed against her lips before he kissed her.

Your my red haired girl...and I'm your brown eyed boy.

It was a faint whisperer in her ear, making her smile as he used his hand to enter her. Right away Micki gasped and let out a loud moan. Her hands went to Ryan's back and dug her nails into the cloth of his shirt.


He began to move, slowly but in a hurry, he entered her as deep as he could before moving in and out, slow and steady thrusts. Micki watched him as he bit down on his bottom lip.

Ryan stop it hurts...

She snapped her eyes shut before he cried out, right away he came hard and strong, unable to control himself.


Ryan then pulled out of her so quick she nearly screamed in pain. Looking at him zipping his pants he looked at her, his eyes heartbreaking.


But he was gone.

The next time she would see him, would be the next he gave up his life.

Jack and Johnny stood beside her as she saw the dagger plunge into his back. She was frozen before she saw the real him slowly slip away.

Pray for me...

And so she left France with a small child, who had no memory of her whatsoever. A child who wanted to see his mother, a child who was once a man who she loved beyond life itself.

A boy who had saved them all.

Standing at the airport, weak in the knees beside Johnny, she watched Ryan's stunned mother as her twelve year old son raced to her.

He's really gone...

She thought to herself.

If only she had saved him.

It was a second chance, but he was really gone. By he time he was of right age again she would be an old woman. The once playful and happy Ryan she had grown to love was now gone forever. Here he was a child, who only knew of a cousin named Micki with red hair.

Johnny held her hand as she watched them, her heart feeling heavy.

I'll love you Ryan Dallion...until the day I die.

She said in a breathless voice.

4: Broken choices

Hey Micki, I made some of that tea you like.

Johnny said walking into Micki's bedroom. He carried a tray which held a steaming pot of the green leaf tea that Micki often bought in China town. Lately she hadn't been feeling herself, alot had happened in the last two months since they came back to Curious Goods. Two months since everything had happened in France and Ryan had given up his life. Two months since he was given a second chance and turned into a child with no memory of who he was, nor his life at the store with Micki and Jack.

Two whole months since Micki's heart had been broken.

It seemed at first that it didn't really happen, that it was all just an awful nightmare in which Micki prayed to wake up from. But she didn' was real.

Jack had spoken with Ryan's mother, and they thought it was best if they had no contact. So that was that, Ryan was no longer in their lifes. Micki felt as if she entire mind was in a daze as she returned to the shop. Now it seemed to empty and lonely without him. She looked around, almost as if ready to see Ryan slide down the railling of the stairs, or to be fooling around with his headphones on. She looked around at where they had lived for the last two years...and it didn't seem the same.

Ryan was gone for good.

Her heart ached from it all. If only she could of stopped it, if only she had saved him, she knew something was could she have been so stupid?

But none of that mattered anymore, Ryan was now a twelve year old child, carefee and happy living with his mother someplace. All these years he was full of guilt and grief, now all those awful memories were gone.

Jack tried his best to explain it to Micki, that it was better then him being dead. But deep down inside Micki felt as if she had been cheated. They had just finally broken down that wall of emotion that had been building up all these years. They had finally known they had loved each other.

Now he was gone.

Jack asked her if she wanted to stay, he told her that he understood that if she wanted to leave and wouldn't hold it against her. Sighing, Micki looked at the small area that served as his bedroom and sat on the bed, grabbing an old shirt of his and smelling the strong scent of his cologne, she understood that if she did leave, everything that Ryan did...would be in vain.

This place was all she had left of him, all she had were her memories.

So she decided to stay.

Most of his things, Jack paced away and put in the basement. He didn't have much, mosty his art things, tons of drawing books, full of half finished sketches. Then his comics, five whole boxes full of them. After that was mosty his clothes, which Micki kept for some odd reason.

They reminded her of him.

Now after they recovered the coin of Ziocles for a second time, Micki had grown depressed. It had now finally hit her.

Ryan was gone for good.

She wished he was here, to hold her, to tease and fool around until she couldn't stop laughing. His grin, his way he would talk to her until she felt better. She missed him.

Depresion was something she couldn't escape, but this was her life, and that was that.

Johnny had been a good friend. At first she had felt uneasy about him, but lately he had become a great deal of help towards her and Jack. He seemed to understand them and not cast judgement. He lived across town, but came into the store nearly everyday. Ever since they recovered the coin he felt closer with them.

Setting the tray down on Micki's dresser he went over to her.

Jack said you haven't been feeling too well, you need anything else?

Micki waved her hand, lately she had felt exausted. She blamed most of her missing Ryan and her depression she had been slowly crawling into. The memories of the coin had made things worse. But Jack was getting worried about her.

This morning she spent half of the time in the bathroom, throwing up and feeling drained, she was glad Jack was out of town for the weekend. She didn't want him to see her like this.

Micki had been thinking about something. A thing which had been the cause of her loosing sleep. The constant worry and tossing feeling that went through her mind. For the longest time she thought it couldn't be.

But there was still a chance.

Clearing her throat Micki sat up a bit more in her bed.

There is one thing I think I might need, if you don't mind going out to buy one.

Johnny stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked over, he had been a very good friend to Micki, and somehow understood why she had missed Ryan so badly.

Micki took a second before looking up at him.

A pregnancy test.

Johnny froze.


Micki sighed before nodding.

I don't know for sure, but could you do that...I'm too sick to really leave the house.


She sighed and remembered that never ending ache that filled her heart when she thought of Ryan.

Do you think...

I don't know for sure, but this might settle my mind.

Is it Ryan's?

If it is, then yes...

Jesus Micki...

Please, I'm sorry to even ask you, but Jack's gone and I'm really worried.

Without even saying another word, Johnny mumbled that he would get it right away, the entire time he looked stunned.

When he returned a half an hour later, he brought over the bag from the drug store and explained that he bought two different ones just in case. Micki thanked him and then went into the bathroom, which seemed like a lifetime.

Could she really be pregnant?

Johnny knew Ryan and liked him. He was a pretty decent guy and he only had hints that Micki and him had something going on before everything happened. He even rememebred one evening when he was thinking about his father, Micki explained to him that she knew the same feeling of being so empty when you loose someone you love.

Micki finally walked out with both strips in her hands, Johnny nearly stumbled out of his chair as he walked over, unable to find the words.


Micki sighed showing him with of the tests.


I'm pregnant.

Johnny just stood there before Micki dropped both of the tests and completely broke down. Johnny went to her, holding her in his arms as she cried.

It was...conceived that night, I know it!

Johnny then froze before looking at her as she cried.

While Ryan was posssessed?

Micki cried even harder.

What...what if it's...

Micki was unable to finish, before Johnny felt a cold stunned feeling hit him, the same thought Micki was having.

The child of satan...

Micki cried even harder as Johnny held her, not unable to even think of what to do.

He wished Ryan was here.

5: Who is he?

Ryanna Elizabeth Foster! You come downstairs right now!

Micki stood at the bottom of the stairs with her hands on her hips. At forty she looked rough and nearly worn out. Years of heartache and chasing cursed objects had taken it's toll on her. Her once fire red hair had started to grow gray, her her flicking colored eyes had lost it's color too.

Just then Micki's teenage daughter came down the stairs.

She was sixteen, and what Johnny liked to call an old soul. She was taller then Micki, slim and dark short hair. She was a tomboy which Micki couldn't stand, and loved to rebel against her mother any chance she got.


Micki held up a piece of paper.

What is the meaning of this young lady?


Your signed up for all art classes next year?

Yeah so?

You need to take normal classes too, that's the only way your going to be able to get into college!


Ryanna rolled her eyes before flipping her bangs out of her face.

Being a full time mother had been hard, most of all when your daughter was a teenager. Micki was starting to learn this more and more.

I like art mom, it's what I'm good at!

Your sound just like your father!

Well maybe that's well I get it from?

All Ryanna knew about her father was that he was Micki's partner owning the store years ago, and that he died in France shortly before she was born. Lately Ryanna had been asking more and more about Ryan, which made her uneasy.

Things had been tough at the store ever since Jack died three years ago. Micki took his death hard and was almost ready to sell the place before Johnny stopped her. All of the cursed objects had been recovered by the time Ryanna was seven. It was finally over and Lewis' curse was broken.

But still things hadn't gotten better.

Raising a child alone had been tough, even though Micki really had never been alone. She had Jack and Johnny by her the entire time. The pregnancy had been hard, in fact twice Micki had nearly lost the baby. The entire time she had awful nightmares of giving birth to a monster or demon. But somehow the thought of killing Ryan's baby forced her not to get an abortion.

Ryanna had been born a month early, and the delivery had been tough. Johnny stood beside her, holding her hand before the doctor held up what looked like a lifeless baby. She was kept in the hospital for the first four months.

Finally Micki was able to bring her baby home. She stopped looking for the cursed objects as Johnny and Jack took over full time. By the time everything was recovered it seemed so strange.

But they stayed at the store.

They made pretty good money and Micki tried her best to raise Ryanna right. They decided never to tell her about Ryan, or the cursed objects. She wanted her daughter to live a clean worry free life.

Johnny and her and been involved for a few years, but Micki couldn't seem to go through with anything. Now he served as just an uncle to Ryanna. Micki just couldn't love anyone else but Ryan.

She watched her daughter grow into a copy of her father. She looked just like him and had the same foolish playful manner to her. She knew somewhere Ryan was just in his twenties, enjoying life, not knowing he had a daughter.

It was hard doing it without him.

Where are you going?

To Jen's...I'll be back by nine.

Well at least put your coat on, you'll catch your death out there!

Rolling her eyes again Ryanna pulled on her coat and left the shop. Micki heart ached...she was getting big. Soon she would be away at school and all Micki would have left were her memories. She rememebred always looking in Ryanna's crib when she was a baby and thinking of Ryan. He would of loved her.

Johnny came from upstairs, he was starting to go gray himself.

Hey want me to put on some coffee?

Micki shrugged.

Might as well...

Just then the door opened again, Micki thought Ryanna had forgotten something. Turning she froze.

Ryan and his very old mother stood there.


Ryan was young, just as he was when she last saw him in France. She remembered it as if it was yesterday, the dagger going into him.

Pray for me...

Micki blinked, it had to be a dream.

But it wasn't...he stood there.

Screaming, Micki fainted.

A little while later, Micki woke on the couch, Johnny was sitting beside her.


He held her.'s okay?


She looked and saw him sitting there with his mother, looking worried. can't be.

She sat up shaking, she hadn't seen Ryan in sixteen years. What was he doing here? So many emotions filled her as she stared across at him. Finally his mother, who looked as if she was pushing her early seventies gave a very uneasy look to her son before clearing her throat.

I didn't want to come here, Jack made it clear to me not too...

Micki sat up, Johnny holding her.

But Ryan had been having this awful nightmares, ever since he was a teenager, they wouldn't stop...he had dreams about you, Jack, the cursed objects...finally one day he just woke up and remembered it all.

It can't be.

Johnny said. So much time had past.

I really didn't know what to do, I wanted to protect him but I read about Jack's death in the paper a few years ago, and finally he demanded to see you...I was shocked the store was still here.

Micki looked across at Ryan speechless. How did he remember?

The objects...their all back right?

Ryan said, he looked worried.

Micki couldn't move, so Johnny nodded.

Yeah, their all back.

Ryan slowly nodded, he looked so tried and sad.

The dreams just got so clear, most of all after Jack died...I couldn't just try to forget it.

He stared at Micki.

I know I had a second chance, but I couldn't forget about you Micki. was love that made him remember, Micki thought. She then looked back at all those lost years they had together, why did this happen. Why was faith so mean. Why did he have to be young and she raised their child together, why now?

Her heart ached.

It seemed like a dream.

I must look so old...

She muttered, fighting off tears.

Ryan just shook his head.

No Micki...

He reached over, putting his hand on her knee. Johnny shot him a look but Micki nearly died. She had dreamed about feeling his touch again.


I wanna come back, Micki I love you...I don't wanna be apart from you ever again.


Please Micki, I love you.

Johnny and Ryan's mother looked at each other before Micki began to softly cry.

Oh Ryan...

She stood up and Ryan held her, she cried into his shoulder.

Just then the door opened, the sound of the bell rang through as everyone turned.

Ryanna came in, not even seeing everyone sitting down.

Sorry mom I forgot my bag...

She then stopped and looked.

Ryan froze looking at her, it was clear as day that he was looking at himself when he was a teenager.

His mouth opened again as Micki looked at him, her heart pounded in her chest. How would this ever work after all these years. What would she tell Ryanna? What would she tell him. He didn't even know she had gotten pregnant that night.

Ryan just stared at Ryanna before Micki softly smiled.

Mom...who are these people?

Micki looked at Ryan who seemed shocked. She spoke slowly.

Ryanna...this is a very close friend of mine, Ryan...I would like you to meet my daughter Ryanna.

Ryanna and Ryan stared at each other for what seemed like a lifetime. Finally Ryan ran over, catching her completly off guard and hugged her.

Crying he smiled.

I've been waiting to meet you for a very long time.

Micki watched and thanked God.

It's a mad word, but no matter what faith wouldn't keep them apart.

The end.