Red hair girl and brown eyed boy

Authors: Dallion

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1: I won't let anything happen to you

Hey Micki?

Ryan had just come back from working out at the gym across town. Lately he had been a little more focused on staying in shape and trying to keep somewhat of a good look to him. Often Micki laughed about this, but deep down inside Ryan felt a little intimated by all the well built and wealthy men Micki often went after. In fact his little image thing came up shortly after Tim came into their lifes and they recovered the cursed badge.

It first started with Ryan growing his hair out and having Micki show him how to spike it. Then he bought a few extra clothes that matched and in darker colors, and got his earring. He had gotten it a few months ago while shopping with Micki. He remembered joking with Micki about trying to look hip and then they saw the counter where you could get it done. Pretty much on a dare Micki got him to do it, and since then it sort of grew on him.

He was liking his new look, even through Ryan had never really been that much into image. But he found that Micki had began to notice him more, which was something that never seemed to hurt the little crush he had developed for her over the past year or so. Since his short little fling with Laura, and all the drama in his life he found Micki was really the one who was always there for him, even after his father died.

He knew it was silly trying to change his looks, but it really just want for Micki, it was more for himself. Now it didn't seem to come across as the foolish loser so many people saw him as. In fact a few weeks before Ryan had gotten back from the gym and Micki remarked on how nice and tanned they looked. Something that couldn't help Ryan from grinning.

Jack had been gone this week, leaving the two of them in charge of the shop. Just yesterday they had recovered the cursed radio...which nearly had killed the two of them. He knew Micki was still shaken by this.

In fact while changing from the gym, Ryan notcied a nice long black and blue mark on his inside thighs from falling on that electric fence. That had nearly killed him and it still sort of stung, he knew if it got any worse he would have to swing by the doctors on Monday. But Ryan was just thankful he hadn't hurt himself up a little higher.

Smiling he decided he would crack open a six pack and maybe watch a little TV with Micki. Lately she had gotten use to his ways and even started drinking beer once in awhile instead of that sour tasting wine she liked so much.

Knocking on the glass french doors of her bedroom he waited for a second.


No answer, he knew it was too early for her to be sleeping.

Hey Micki?

Opening the door he froze.

Micki sat curled up on the bed and was crying.


She lifted her head for a second and then lowered it again.

Ryan went over concerned and worried before sitting on the edge of her bed and leaning in.

Micki what's wrong?

The first throught that came to mind was that maybe Lloyd had called her. They had been broken up for nearly a year now and Micki told Ryan he had been saying some pretty nasty stuff about her back home.

Micki kept crying before Ryan placed his hands on her.


Finally she looked at him, her eyes red and raw.

What's wrong?

Micki took a second to take breath before looking at him, tears running down her eyes.

I...I took a shower while you were gone, and...

She cried a bit more before she cleared her throat.

There's bruises and bite marks on me from when that man tried to rape me.

Ryan just sat there.


Micki slowly nodded as she kept crying, Ryan thought he hadn't heard right.

Yesterday at the hospital...when we split up, that man...he...he got loose and he...

She broke down completely before Ryan's face turned serious.

Did he rape you?

Micki shook her head.

No...I got away, but he almost did, I thought it was okay once we got the radio, but I feel dirty, oh God Ryan!

She cried even harder as Ryan took her into his arms, she sobbed against his chest, her face buried in his shirt as he rubbed her back trying his best to sooth her. Finally her cries began to die down and turn into hiccups, then she looked up at him, exausted and worn out.

I'm's just, he really could of done it.

Ryan looked down at her, wishing he had killed that bastard himself. Brushing back her hair he kissed her forehead and held her tigher.

Thanks Ryan...

Don't worry Micki...I won't let anything happen to you.

2: Thrown forward

Micki's eyelids slowly fluttered open to find herself in bed. The first thing she saw was the thin sunlight that often drifted in during the morning from her window. Pausing for a second she took in the total feel of peace. Lately alot had been happening, but at this very moment she could feel herself begin to ease.

Laying there for a moment under the covers, she slightly smiled. She really hadn't been sleeping well. But last night was different. Ryan had stayed with her the entire night until she finally lost her nerves and slowly drifted into sleep. She remembered the awful dirty feeling she got thinking of that man trying to rape her. It really hadn't gotten to her until that very moment.

Part of her felt embarrassed about what had happened. Often she kept her guard up along with her emotions. Even after Lloyd had left her she still tried to show the others that her main focus on was getting these objects back.

Ryan had been a complete gentlemen and held her while she cried. He talked with her, rubbing her back and trying his best to sooth her. Smiling she then thought of Ryan. He had really grown on her this past year, and not only did she look at him as her cousin...but as her best friend.

She knew he would of been the only one able to make her feel better.

Slowly getting out of bed and stretching, she sighed before looking at the clock. Ryan had let her sleep in, which was something she was thankful for. Tugging on her robe she shuffled out of the room and smiled.

Sitting on the kitchen table was a beautiful vase of red roses. Walking over she found the card.

To red haired girl...hope you feel better - Ryan.

Smiling she set down the card and took in a deep breath of the amazing scent that came off the petals. She loved roses. Ryan was so good to her, and now she felt a million times better.

He had called her red haired girl once or twice just to tease her. But as if right then, she thought it was the sweetest thing she ever read. Looking around she saw Ryan's bed was made, he was most likely downstairs. Walking down she heard him...he was cleaning the vault.

Smiling she decided that she would jump out at him. Lately their game had been to scare each other, in which Jack simply rolled his eyes over and Ryan always got too carried away. It would either be them jumping out from closed doors, or trying to scream whenever they flicked off the lights downstairs. Laughing she knew how much Ryan had worn off on her.

Reaching the vault she saw Ryan right away and knew something was wrong. He was still in basketball shorts and a dark T-shirt. He sat on a box in the vault and was pulling up one of his shorts' legs to look at something. He almost looked to be in pain.


Ryan looked up, almost a little stunned before Micki walked over, right away he tried to stand up and hide at whatever he was looking at.

Are you okay?

Ryan tried to grin but looked as if he was in a good amount of pain. She knew Ryan very well now, and could see whenever something was bothering him.

Fine, fine...didn't hear you come downstairs...

He turned, trying to change the subject.

I was trying to clean around down here...

Ryan is something wrong with your leg?


Your leg?

Ryan looked down for a second before shaking his leg.

Oh my's nothing.

Did you hurt it?

Micki went forward as Ryan made a nervous laugh and moved to the side.

Just a little sore from when I fell on that electric fence a few nights ago.


Ryan looked at her.

You know when I tried to break into the hospital for the radio the first time...

You didn't say you hurt yourself...only that you got caught!

Micki put her hands on her hips as her eyes bugged out. Ryan tried to laugh again and not be so serious.

Yeah I got caught the hard way...while I was trying to swing over one of my legs I got caught...shocked me pretty bad but when the guards found me they let the doctor see me.


They sent me on my way...I needed to cover on why I was there.

How bad did you get shocked?

Enough to knock the wind out of me...

Jesus Ryan!

Before Ryan could say another word Micki grabbed part of his shirt and yanked him to the upstairs couch.

A little while later, with much struggle between Ryan, he finally was sitting on the couch laughing about how this wasn't that big of a deal. Micki meanwhile stayed serious as she had an icepack in one hand and lifted his shorts' leg on his right thigh.

Ryan at first jumped alittle and laughed about Micki not getting too friendly. Rolling her eyes she told him to shut up while she looked. The burn fron the fence wasn't that bad since Ryan had jeans on when he did it. It was all ready healing and seemed small enough, not even worth going to the hospital for.

You were lucky...

Yeah I always am.

Micki pressed the cold icepack against Ryan's thigh, laughing a little bit he finally relaxed.

It's cold.

It's good for the burn, shut up.

Sitting in silence finally Micki sighed.

That damn radio...nearly got us both killed.

Well I wouldn't of been killed...just unable to do something...

Ryan grinned while Micki have a playful punch to his shoulder.

Oh...thanks about last night.

Ryan looked at her and his eyes went serious for a moment before nodding. Then Micki gave a faint smile herself.

And thank you for the roses...their lovely.

Ryan smiled.

Just thought you might need something to cheer you up.

Micki stared across at him and smiled and again there was that tension that kept coming, more and more the two of them had started to notice. Smiling Ryan then stopped dead before looking down at himself, he could almost die.

Tyring to control himself he tried to breath and make it go away, most of all with the icepack so near it. He looked at Micki's slim hand so near and then he finally saw it.

His entire face went red and Micki looked down, it was hard not to see.


Micki quickly turned away, stopping from holding the icepack, she looked just as embarrassed as he did. Ryan wanted to kill himself.

Micki looked away while sweat rolled down on Ryan's face, he looked back and forth trying to make it go away.

Was that me?

Micki asked, Ryan didn't speak for a second before he felt his throat dry.

Micki I'm sorry...

Micki eyed it again and then looked away.

Does that happen when all the pretty girls touch you up there.

She tried to make a joke but it didn't work. Finally she looked and then up at Ryan. In fact lately she had notcied he had been getting alot of them around her. It really didn't creep her out, but she least from her view that he didn't seem that excited, for more of a better word around the few girls he had been seeing over the year.

Also...he seemed different around her. They both seemed so intune, so friendly and playful. So...

In love?

Maybe it was just being a guy, just being attracted.

But then Micki remembered on how right after they got the cursed coin back, Jack had told her about how badly he had taken her would be death.

Looking at him again, she quicky stood up. After a few moments he did too, almost unable to look her in the eye.

Micki...I'm sorry.

She then turned towards him, right now he looked so handsome.

What was she doing?

Not thinking she locked eyes with him before taking his hand.

And your my brown eyed boy.

Looking at her, he tried to say her name but she covered his mouth with hers. The kiss lasted a moment before Jack came through the door and Micki and Ryan jumped apart.

Jack was tugging on his bags, calling out their names. He was home early.

Looking at Ryan, both gave each other a nervous look as they stood apart. They seemed breathless and stunned as if they had fallen forward into each other.

They had just kissed.

Ryan and Micki had just kissed.

3: Micki's song

Micki was unable to sleep that night.

Tossing and turning, her thoughts went a mile minute about everything that had happened. Her mind kept going back to that kiss. The kiss that only lasted a second until Jack walked in.

A kiss so simple, yet seemed as if she had been waiting for it her entire life.

Once Jack had walked in they quickly separated and acted awkward as they went to go on about the cursed radio and what had happened that week. Jack had also gotten back two more cursed objects that were more then easy to get back to the vault.

Taking for awhile in the kitchen, Micki caught Ryan looking at her from across the table more then once. The same thing was on his mind. But before he could get her alone his friend Danny called and wanted to see if he wanted to grab a few drinks. Almost as if he wanted to leave and have time to think he said yes and pulled on his leather jacket.

Before Micki could say anything he was out the door.

Stressed, Micki fixed Jack and her a nice pot of tea before he noticed something was on her mind. Micki tried to explain she was still a little shaken from the cursed radio and how it nearly got the two of them killed.

Then she wanted to know something, something she knew better to bring up in front of Ryan.



How bad...I mean how bad was Ryan when the coin got me.

What do you mean?

Micki looked down at her tea and then tried to find the words again.

You told me that he was beyond bad, I mean I can't remember's all blank to me.

Jack took a second before sighing.

Ryan had a breakdown.

Micki glanced up, that word somehow stood out.

I had to drag him away from your body...he even, well I know he wasn't in the right state of mind...but he tried to attack me, saying I left you there to die.


Jack shook his head.

No, Micki...I know he was just upset, but I could see how dead he looked inside after finding you like that, I don't think if that plan would of worked...he would of lated any longer either.

Jack you can't be serious...

Ryan cares for you a great deal...maybe more then you know.

Pushing his chair aside Jack nodded to Micki before wishing her a good night. Sitting there alone, she tried to think of what Jack had said.

She loved a brother.

Or maybe more.

That kiss...she couldn't get it out of her head, or the idea of Ryan having a complete breakdown beside her dead body.

She had waited for him to come back, she needed to talk with him...but it got late, so she decided to try sleeping. When that didn't work she got out of bed, flicking on one of the dim lights and not even bothering with her robe.

She wanted to see if Ryan was back yet.

He wasn't.

Part of her felt nervous, stupid, and scared.

But why?

Sighing she made a faint smile looking at his bed. His clothes thrown all over it along with his comics. Just like a little kid. Laughing to herself she sat down on his bed. It even smelled like him, coffee and some sort of clean soap scent along with his hairgel. Looking around she then kicked something sticking from under the bed.

Raising an eyebrow she leaned over and tugged out a box, half full of comics...and something else.

Slowly taking it in her hands, she saw there were a few photos of her. Ones she had taken before and as a joke had given Ryan for Christmas as a goof gift. But she did notice he had taken on of the photos and stuck it in his wallet. Also there were a few more photos Jack had taken of them in the store. Huge smiles and arms around each other.

Then she found the loose paper, almost as if it was used to sketch. She then saw a rough drawing of herself.

A little stunned by how good it came out, she knew Ryan still fooled around with drawing and such, in fact she had been his model once or twice and saw how talented he really was.

Finally there was one last paper.

It was a song Ryan had wrote. She knew he messed with music once and a while, but as she read on she nearly gasped.

"In the morning I hear the angels they kiss our faces to make you smile Oh! Help me. We never touch, Please remember I still believe in something beautiful. And you are, all I need to pick me up, Im crying. And you are, all I need to pick me up, I'm crying."

The title said "Micki's song"

He's in love with me.

Just then she looked up by the sound of Ryan's footsteps going up the stairs. He was standing there, watching her.

Micki right away dropped the papers before jumping up, he scared her to death.

Ryan I'm so sorry...I just...

She couldn't stand him looking at her like that, kneeling down and dropping her eyes she tried to gather the papers.

Ryan kneeled down beside her and covered his hand with hers, slowly she looked up and locked eyes with him.

Bitting down on her lip she felt he heart pound.


Micki waited for a second, there were a million in one reasons to not let their emotions over come them. But here they were.


Micki then leaned forward again, cupping his face as she kissed him as hard as she could. Ryan nearly fell back as he leaned up, putting his hands on her shoulders and taking her in closer.

Their lips pressed up against each other's before finally they broke apart breathless. Smiling Ryan kissed her again.

Micki then covered his hand which laid on her cheek with her own tiny hand. Smiling she felt her heart pound louder.

Like music.

4: Love me till I die

Micki warmly smiled as she brushed her flowing red hair in front of her mirror. It was late out now and she planned on getting to bed soon. Counting to two-hundred as she brushed on she glanced towards her French glass doors to her bedroom and felt the most overwhelming feeling of happiness.

Turning back to the mirror she looked at her reflection and sighed.

She was happy.

Setting down her brush she didn't bother with her robe as she always did whenever she walked through the kitchen or towards the bathroom. Walking out she notcied that Ryan was in his bed yet. Hearing water running from the bathroom she smiled and went over, lightly knocking on the door.

Come in.

She heard Ryan say, walking in she saw Ryan at the sink shaving. Never before had she seen him do this. In fact it never dawned on her that Ryan shaved at all. His face was always smooth and so young looking, with the exception of the constant circles under his eyes. Looking he had only a towel around his waist. His hair was still wet from a shower, and his neck and half of his face was lightly covered with shaving cream.

Micki smiled, somehow feeling embarrassed even through for the last two years the two of them had gotten very comfortable being around each other.


Ryan looked over, grinning before going back to shaving.


Micki walked over, a little uncertian as she stood behind him watching him shave. Smiling she then for no reason at all slipped her arms around his thin waist before her hands rubbed his perfectly flat stomach. Ryan smiled before glaning over his shoulder. Micki had never been this forward...but somehow she couldn't help it now.

Micki rested her chin on his shoulder and sighed. He was so tanned, so smooth, so perfect.

Once he finished he filled the sink full of water and threw the razor in. Turning around, Micki had a towel ready for him as he wiped his neck clean.

Thank You.

Micki smiled, her heart pounding deep in her chest before she leaned over kissing him again.

That night, they made love for the first time.

It wasn't like anything Micki thought it would be like. Somehow this entire time it was as if she had been waiting for it to happen. Ryan was no longer her foolish cousin, or her good friend who fought danger with her.

He was someone else, someone else she loved.

Micki had felt nervous, but they stood standing for while, kissing as his arms went around her and brushed her hair back. Finally they went to her bed, where he opened her nightgrown and kissed her all the way down to her stomach. Squirming and moaning she brought him back up to her before running her long fingernails through his hair. Smiling and slighty breathing hard he kissed her lips and stared down at her.

The towel that was once around him now was thrown to the floor as he began lifting up her nightgown. Looking up at the ceiling she took a deep breath before he began. At first it came as sort of a shock, she became stiff and tense before he lowered himself into her. Cupping her face with his hands he told her to relax as she shut her eyes and slowly nodded. Finally he moved into her and began thrusting. At first it came in slow steady paces in which Micki simply was pushed down into her bed and held onto him. Then finally it began to go faster.

Micki took deep breaths as he moved inside of her, the entire time she kissed him and tried her best to arch and back. Finally his speed began to hurry up and Micki was hardly able to hold on. Taking another deep breath she looked up at him. His eyes looking down at her, so serious.

She cried his name and finally he came, hardly unable to control himself.

After a few moments of silence he finished and rested on top of her for a moment. Their hearts pounding, Ryan pulled out of her and rolled over beside her. Gathering her up in his arms he kissed her neck and waited until she fell asleep.

The next day Jack saw the two of them walk out of her bedroom. Both a little embarrassed and uncomfortable, Ryan cleared his throat before they all sat down for coffee. After a few moments Jack began to laugh...and somehow it was all right.

The only person who seemed shocked about this was Johnny, he couldn't believe that Ryan and Micki had gotten together. There was a million reason why they shouldn't of...but somehow they were.

It didn't change much at the store, in fact Ryan and Micki didn't seem so depressed and serious with getting the objects back. As much as they had lost, they still had each other.

Weeks turned into months and finally Ryan moved into Micki's bedroom. They always seemed so happy to be around each other, in fact Jack found it rather cute now the way they acted around each other.

Somehow opposites had attracted.

Micki now looked at Ryan as the most kind, handsome, and amazing man she had ever met.

In fact she got a letter from her mother, in which both hadn't had the best relationship growing up which stated what a mistake she thought her daughter was making staying at this store, and what the family thought of her now being with her cousin.

But Micki didn't care, she was in love.

Even with the witches tried to use Ryan to get the ladder back, she risked her life and saved him through her love.

She knew once they got all the objects back, she was leaving with Ryan.

She didn't know what they were going to do, and how crazy it sounded.

But Ryan was the only person that made her fell loved.

It finally was one cold late November day, in which Micki saw Ryan to the door. Lately he had been depressed.

Today was the day his kid brother Jimmy had died.

He was going to the grave to pay his respects. Micki asked if he wanted her to come, but faintly smiling he told her he just needed to be alone. Worried about him, mostly because Jack was away in France for the week, she walked him to the door before slipping her arms around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.

I'll see you later.

Ryan smiled inbetween their kiss.

They had been together for nearly two months now.

Sure...tell me if Jack calls.

Micki smiled before kissing him again.

Sure Will...bye.

Kissing her again he smiled and walked out. Sighing she turned around and that's when the phone began to ring.

5: Gone but not forgotten

I have a cousin named Micki, she has red hair too.

The young boy's eyes lit up as he stared up at Micki. Sitting on the river bank beside Johnny and Jack she felt completely helpless. Nearly in shock she looked at Jack, her eyes glittering with tears. This was Ryan, it really was.

Kris, the young girl sighed before walking towards the priest.

I would like to stay here, tell the people what happened.

The priest warmly smiled before thousands of people who held up their burning candles to seek through the star filled night. Something had happened tonight, something awful and amazing. There had been a war between Heaven and Hell and due to just one man's sacrifice. One man who was once a kind pure soul, who became weak and possessed by the darker forces around them.

Even though he had killed, he also stopped the prince of darkness being reborn.

Micki remembered Ryan throwing himself under the dagger as it plunged into him. The awful hopeless scream that filled the air as Ryan's wild empty dark eyes changed back to normal. Back to her cousin, her friend, and the man she had fallen in love with these last two months. Pain and sorrow came across him before he looked down at Kris, terrifed and frozen.

Pray for me...

With that he fell to the ground dead, and what Jack found was a child.

Micki couldn't believe this had happened. From the moment they heard news of Jack being hurt, and the second they stepped off the plan into this small village, Ryan had changed.

She didn't want to hear that he had killed Sister Odell and Kris' father. The real Ryan would rather die then hurt someone, she knew this. But yet again her thoughts replayed on how empty his eyes looked and how he had ran out on her. That awful sick feeling that overcame her, knowing that something was wrong.

She could of done something else.


Micki's thoughts snapped away as she found herself sitting behind the counter in the store, nearly a few months since everything had happened.

Ryan's gift for his sacrifice was to have a second chance at life. To be a child again with no memory or guilt of the people he lost.

Or Micki.

It was hard for Ryan's mother to take at the airport, just days ago she had run into her son after fourteen years of being away. Now she also had a second chance at being a mother.

Micki remembered watching Ryan, just twelve years old run to his mother as she stood back with Johnny.

It was better then having Ryan dead.

Yet, they had decided there shouldn't be any more contact. It was better for Ryan to start over fresh.

It at first had been hard, she had been falling in love with this man for nearly three years, and all she got was two whole months. She had been in love with Ryan and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Now he was twelve years old and didn't even know who she was.

She knew it was for the best, but staying at this store and going on had been hard. So she fought through the grief and packed up all his things, she nearly wanted to forget about everything that reminded her of him.

Jack knew in time things would get better, but the two of them had been really depressed since it had happened. Even through they had Johnny, the store didn't seem the same again.

Micki would often lay awake in her bed, crying.

But life moved on. She hoped Ryan was happy.

Micki looked up to see Johnny come in, he had been downtown looking into a cursed set of rocking chairs.


Johnny held both wooden chairs with his arms.

Put them in the vault.

Micki sat up more before smiling.

Yeah sure.

Johnny smirked at her before heading to the vault. Sighing she knew what a help he had been, but he also made her feel uneasy. As great as a guy that he was...he wasn't Ryan, and he knew that.

A few moments later Johnny came back, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

You wanna go out for lunch?

Jack was upstairs reading, glancing at the stairs Micki shrugged, the store hadn't been that busy. Anyways lately she really didn't care about anything.

This depression had gotten worse.

Yeah sure, let me get my coat.

Slidding off her chair, Johnny ran ahead of her upstairs to get it and tell Jack where they were going. Micki felt her back throb a bit as she looked around the store.

It seemed so empty.

Yet this was her life.


Looking up the stairs she saw Johnny with her coat, smiling she took it and thanked him.

Walking together towards the first door Micki stopped for a second, Johnny right away looked.

What is it?

Micki gave a faint smile before rubbing her stomach which now stuck out of her thin frame.

Nothing, just the baby kicking...come on let's go.

6: A little girl

Johnny stood beside Micki as she slowly breathed in and out laying on the hospital bed. Brushing back her hair with his hand, he saw sweat roll down her face, she looked as if he was being torn apart and there was nothing he could do about it.

Looking over at the monitors, he saw Micki's heartbeat was up. Looking across the room at the nurse who sat calmly reading a magazine, he began to panic.


She glanced up.

Is there anything else you can give her?

The nurse looked annoyed before looking back at her magzine.

She's all ready had her epidural, the doctor will be in soon.

Looking back at Micki, Johnny felt helpless. It had been only a few months since everything had happened with Ryan, and still Micki hadn't been the same. She had discovered she was pregnant only a month or so since it happened. At first she told Jack about it and seemed torn between what choice she wanted to make. She had little to no contact with her family, and with Ryan gone there was no one else to help her out.

Expect Jack and Johnny.

They had been there for her and all had a nice long talk about what she wanted to do. The first thing she made clear was that she wouldn't abort it. This was really all she had left of Ryan and didn't care if he never knew about this baby, she knew and that's all that mattered. The next thing was, would Micki be able to raise and take care of a baby while running the store. Jack let Micki decide if she wanted to leave or not. But in the end she chose to stay at the store, no matter what she would try her best to make sure her baby wouldn't ever be in danger, while trying to give it a normal life.

She had been going through a pretty rough depresssion, in fact once or twice during the pregnancy she tried to get Jack to maybe write Ryan's mother and tell her about the baby. But Jack put his foot down and told her that if she ever cared for Ryan, she wouldn't scare or confuse him.

He was reliving a new life, she didn't want to ruin that for him.

So they kept getting cursed objects, as Johnny finally moved in and became very close with Micki. Part of him felt jealous about Micki having Ryan's baby, and that there wouldn't ever be a chance between them two. But still, he cared for Micki and wanted to help her out with this baby.

It needed a father anyways, even if he would be like an uncle towards it.

The pregnancy had been smooth, and finally now she was ready to deliver. Jack was in the lobby waiting for any news while Micki laid in bed, her hair now drenched in sweat as she tried her best to breath.


She muttered.

I want Ryan...

Johnny sighed before holding her hand, another contraction was coming as she squirmed as cried out. Johnny stood with her until finally the doctor entered along with two other nurses.

Are you the father?

The father...he's dead...

Micki said snapping her eyes shut as another wave of pain rushed over her. Johnny looked helpless before nodding at the doctor.

I'm a close friend.

The doctor was an older man with a friendly smile. Micki's regular doctor had been out of town for the past week, but still he had a calm way about him even if he was a stranger. Taking a stool and wheeling towards the bottom of the hospital bed he snapped on gloves.

Let's see how far along you are.

After a few moments one of the machines clicked and a nurse put an oxygen mask over Micki's face. The doctor worked between Micki's legs before looking at her and the baby's heartbeat.

He looked uneasy, Johnny could see this.

Let's wheel her into delivery...

Before Johnny could even ask another thing he was pushed aside as they got her ready. The doctor came over to him and told him where he could get scrubs.

Is something wrong?

We'll see, let's just focus on getting this baby out okay?

Johnny slowly nodded before looking down at Micki, she looked scared to death.

Finally a little while later, they wheeled into the deliver room. Micki sat up and leaned forward as the nurses helped her, Johnny was by her side the entire time as machines beeped and clicked behind them. Micki was still on oxygen and looked half there.

Crying from the pain the doctor finally told her to push.

Holding her hand, Johnny helped her lean forward with the nurses as she cried.


Micki screamed and tried with all her might. She then pushed again, and again, and again.

The doctor told her he saw the head.


Micki leaned against Johnny crying before she pushed again.

Then...something happened.

The doctor told Micki the baby was nearly out when Johnny felt her go limp in his arms.

She muttered something under her breath before her eyes rolled backwards and she looked as if she fainted.

Right away all the machines flatlines. Johnny's wide eyes looked around frozen as the doctor and nurses all looked around at each other.


Micki laid there as the nurses shoved him aside. Right away he saw three nurses shake her as the loud beeping noise of her heart filled the room.


Johnny tried to see her, but he was pushed away. Just then he looked and heard faint crying. The doctor held up Micki's newborn daughter. Nearly amazed and shocked Johnny just stood there as the doctor hurried and placed the baby in another nurses' arms before it was taken away.

The doctor then rushed over to Micki and screamed for the crash cart. What looked like an oxygen bag was placed over her mouth as a nurse pumped it with her hands.

Johnny looked over across the room and saw the baby was on a scale next to another nurse.

Micki's baby.

Then he looked back at Micki, nearly five nurses along with the doctors were around, working on her.

They began CPR when they kicked him out.

Finally after fifteen minutes, the doctor and one of the nurses came out where Johnny waited, still in his scrubs.

What happened?

Johnny felt himself shake.

The doctor simply shook his head.

It was an aneurysm...we tried everything, we're very sorry.

Johnny just stood there, speechless.

But Micki...she's all right?

The nurse glanced at the doctor before he slowly shook his head.

No son, I'm sorry she's gone.

Johnny's mind went blank, Micki dead?


They explained what happened and then how the baby was perfectly fine. They kept saying how sorry they were and how he could see the baby in a little while.

Micki was dead.

Almost in a daze he walked down the hallway and into the lobby where Jack shot up.

The second he met Johnny's eyes he knew something was wrong.

Rushing into his arms Johnny began to sob.

She's gone Jack, she's really gone.

Meanwhile in the nursey, a newborn little girl laid in her crib...with both of her parents not there.

7: The truth

Ryan's screams were heard all the way down the hall in his mother's bedroom. Right away she shot up from bed. Her son sounded as if he was being murdered. Throwing her feet over the bed and not even bothering with her slippers and robe, she rushed down the hallway as fast as she could.

Don't worry honey, I'm here!

Flinging open his bedroom door, she saw Ryan sitting up in bed, his eyes completely blank as he screamed at the top of his lungs.


Rushing to the bed, she gathered him up in her arms and felt his entire body shake. He struggled for a second, still screaming until finally his voice began to break up and he cried against her. Sitting there, she slowly rocked back and forth, brushing his shaggy hair away and kissing his head.

He was terrifed.'s okay Ryan, your fine...I'm here honey...

Ryan cried softly before Mary looked around her son's bedroom, once before used as a sewing room. Pretty much everything in there had been stuff packed away in the attic, memories and images of back when they were a normal family. Mary's life hadn't been the best. She had married young and then had her two children. After Jimmy died her marriage, along with her relationship with Ryan fell apart.

She knew it was wrong to run away, leaving her twelve year old son to deal with all the grief and troubles it took to live with his father, but she just couldn't. The pain just didn't seem to go away.

She was not very opened minded, nor religious after Jimmy's death. But once she saw Ryan, as he was so many years ago, cheerful and no memory of the pain, she knew it was God's will to have them together again.

Her second chance of being a mother.

This past year or so had been good. Confusing, but still good. Ryan was starting at a new school, which he took too nicely, and seemed to be making a good amount of friends. Leave it Ryan, she thought...always so kind and friendly to make anyone want to be with him.

He didn't remember a thing, and he seemed happy.

A few times he told her over breakfast that he dreamed that Uncle Lewis had been in his bedroom, nightmares...nothing more.

Then she received the newspaper one day, and read about Micki's death.

It stunned her, looking at that small black and white photo of the little girl she remembered seeing at a Christmas party years ago when Ryan was just a baby. She had grown into a beautiful woman, and as far as she knew...Micki's side of the family were very well off even if they were just as estranged as theirs were.

She knew that Micki also had been close with Ryan, she hadn't gotten enough details when she talked with him before he left for France, only that they were together and that he felt that she might be the one.

She remembered the look on her face when her son rushed into her arms at the airport.


She read the article over and over again that day while Ryan was in school. Micki had been so young, and in childbirth?

The thought did come across her mind, but then she tried to push them back. That nice man Johnny might of been the father, he did seem rather close with Micki anyways.

But the awful sick feeling came deep into her stomach. What if her little boy was a father and didn't even know it? What would happen to the baby? She thought long and hard about calling Jack, but decided against it.

Since Micki's death Ryan's nightmares had gotten worse.

He dreamed of a pretty lady with fire red hair. Or screams, of the store, of things like dolls and pens flying at him. Of blood, of water, of the devil.

They seemed more real every time he had one, as if he was remembering his past life.

Mary didn't know what to do anymore.

It's Okay Ryan, just relax...

Ryan finally looked up at his mother, his eyes looking as if they were made of glass.

I remember mom, I remember it all.

Mary drew in a harsh breath before staring at her son.


Ryan pulled back, tears still dripping from his face.


Turning he lifted his night shirt for just a moment. Looking Mary saw the scar where the dagger Jack had talked about had stabbed him.

Holy Jesus...

Mary said in a low whisperer of a voice.

Turning back, Ryan was crying again.

It's this awful throbbing that just won't go away...I know what happened mom, I really do.


Ryan wiped his tears before looking at his mother.

I just couldn't forget...I need to be there mom, that's where I'm supposed to be.

But Ryan, look at you...this was God's will.

God repaid me for what I did...which really wasn't that much, I've killed people mom...I nearly killed a little girl.

That wasn't you honey, you couldn't help it.

I died when that dagger got me, and I know God must of thought I was so worn out and I couldn't take anymore pain...but it slowly came back to me, night after night I remembered more.

I don't know what to say...

If God really did want to repay me...then he would of let me go back.

But Ryan...

Her poor little boy stood on the other side of the bed, his face covered in pain.

I love you mom...please...

He couldn't finish what he was saying, Mary nearly screamed when he fell to the soft blue carpet. Looking over she saw her boy squirm before she saw Ryan as he adult man.

He laid with his T-shirt and PJs pants now his size, Mary couldn't believe it. Taking a second Ryan slowly stood up, a bit uneasy on his feet. Finally he looked over at the mirror which hung above his dresser and he stared at himself.

He was back to normal, nearly a year later.

Laughing for a second he turned towards his shocked mother.

I'm normal again...

Mary shook her head, she began to cry.

God can't take you away again, I won't have it!


Ryan rushed, holding his mother as she cried.

I just wanted a second chance to be a mother, oh God why! you are my mother, nothing changes that.

Breaking away she looked at him, shaking her head.

There's no life for you there Ryan, your only going to find more me.

Pulling away Ryan shook his head.

No Mom, that's where I belong.

Turning around and running out the door, Mary screamed after him. He would just suffer the same heartbreak over and over again. Her son was taken away from her, and there was a stillness in the air.

Holding her head she began to cry.

Ryan meanwhile raced out of the house, before darting out the back kitchen door, grabbing the keys he went to the car and knew once he made it back to the store and held his Micki, he would call his mother.

He felt so alive just then.

God had given him what he really wanted. Not to start over again, but to be with the woman he loved.

God, nearly an entire year he had been gone. How had Micki taken it? How could he had been so stupid? After everything that happened in France now this? An entire year of wasted time, of not being with her.

Anything could of happened in a year.

Panic in his heart he prayed they would still be there and everything would be the same, even if Johnny had maybe taken his place. Sucking in a breath he hoped he wouldn't find Johnny and Micki together.

But he couldn't blame anyone for what was going to happen, the lost time had been taken away from them.

Taking a second to adjust to driving he floored it to the next exit ramp. He just wanted to hold Micki, to kiss her, to say that he would never leave her side again.

An hour later he finally entered the city, everything even now in the year 1990 looked the same.

Driving he felt sick and nervous, he just needed to see her.

He would rush into the store, screaming her name and run into her arms.

They would never be apart again.

Finally he saw the sing that said Curious Goods.

8: Jessica Michelle Foster

Ryan parked the car across the street before looking at the store.

Curious Goods.

The sign was different, but everything at least on the outside still looked the same. Sitting there in the car, still barefoot and shaking he looked at himself in the rearview mirror. He was really back. A million mixed emotions rushed through him, mostly guilt.

He had killed two people less then a year ago. He had been taken over by something so powerful it made him do things that he felt, somehow he would pay for in the future. Even though he did break through and give his life up for the little girl, he felt empty. He knew now that there was a God. Something he had been torn on while growing up and mostly after Jimmy had died. He couldn't really remember anything, only that there was an awful pain in his back and then looking down at the child's terrifed eyes.

An entire year lost.

But now he was back, and he needed to see her.

The only woman he would ever love.

He knew she was the reason he changed back. The memory and love of her just wouldn't go away. He would finally be at peace once he was with her. Shaking he got himself under control and opened the door. It had just rained and the pavement was still wet. Running towards the store he didn't care about his feet getting dirty, his heart pounded deep in his chest as he yanked open the door.

The store was just as it had been when he left that faithful day for the airport. Such a safe emotion came across him, he was finally home.


Just then Jack stood up from behind the counter, he was still the same.

Ryan loved Jack, almost like a father. And there he was, still the same and sitting there looking through the mainfeist. Jack had what looked like a china dish in his hand, most likely ready to put it away somewhere.

Jack's eyes widened in complete shock, the dish then fell to the floor and crashed.

Ryan ran up the few stairs before looking at him.

Holy Mary mother of God...

Jack said, his mouth wide open.

Ryan then grinned and ran over to Jack, nearly jumping over the counter before grabbing the old man and squeezing him as hard as he could.


Jack pulled away, slowly shaking his head. can't be...

Ryan felt tears of joy fill his eyes before he laughed.

I couldn't forget just kept coming at me, I remembered everything.

But it can't be, you were changed...

Ryan shook his head, still grinning.

I don't know how it happened, but I changed back!

Your mother...

She knows, I had to come back...I knew I had too.

Jack stared at Ryan for a very long time. His face now looked as if he did when he first met him. Full of life and no longer drawn out in pain. Jack couldn't believe it...Ryan was finally back. Nearly crying himself he hugged Ryan again.

Just then their were footsteps, turning Ryan and Jack saw Johnny coming down the stairs, he also looked just as shocked as Ryan did.

Look as if you've just seen a ghost.

Ryan grinned, Johnny stood there frozen.

Ryan then laughed before running over, going up a few steps and grabbing Johnny. Taking him off guard he hugged him. Even though they hadn't been too close he couldn't help it. He loved everyone and his heart ached to be with them. This was where he belonged, God knew it and let him have a second chance in the right life.

Johnny still looked shocked as Ryan laughed.

How can it be?

Ryan shook his head, his thoughts were going a mile a minute.

I don't know...just happened, woke up this way.

Your mom?

She knows, don't worry...I kept having these dreams you know, of everything...then finally it happened.

Jack stepped forward, still in shock.

Ryan kept laughing before looking around.

Where's Micki?

There was a silence through the men, Johnny dropped his eyes before Jack took a deep breath in. Ryan still smiling looked down at Jack.

Is she asleep?

No...she's not.

Well where is she, I gotta see her.

Jack's eyes looked hurt as he slowly shook his head, Ryan caught onto this and then looked at Johnny.

What's wrong...she's here isn't she?

Johnny shook his head.

No, she isn't.

Is she out?

No Ryan...


He knew this wasn't what was his first thought, but decided to say it outloud just in case.

Did she go back with Lloyd?

No Ryan...she's...she's...

Ryan then just stood there, his entire expresion changed before his eyes went serious.

Is she dead?

Jack looked down again, unable to look Ryan in the eye. Ryan felt panic enter his body, he knew that look from Jack, the same exact one he gave him when the coin had killed Micki years ago.


Ryan then looked at Johnny, who just simply stared at him.

What aren't you guys she okay?

No one said anything, there was silence again and Ryan felt his heart race. The room began to spin as sweat rolled down his neck.

Was it one of the objects?

It had to have been, the coin had gotten her. He hadn't been here...not to protect her. An entire year of her being alone and he let something get to her.

Not his Micki.

He just came back, came back for God wouldn't do something like this.

Let's go upstairs Ryan...

Johnny tried to place his hand on Ryan's shoulder but he jumped back, almost ready to punch him in the face. He flashed a dangerous look at Johnny before shaking his head at the two of them.

Your lying...I know she's here.


Ryan turned and ran up the stairs, Johnny and Jack ran behind him.


Ryan reached the top of the stairs and saw what used to be his bed was most likely now used for Johnny. Seeing that the kitchen table was moved further towards the windows he paused.

She's in her bedroom, yes that's where she is. He'll just open the doors and there she's going to be. Her beautiful flowing red hair, her china pale skin. She'll jump out of bed and rush into his arms.

How badly he wanted to hold her.


Ryan then pulled open her bedroom doors and froze.

It was a nursey.

In the center of the room, closer towards the windows there was a white crib with a mobile.

Where was Micki's things?

He thought before slowly walking in, nearly in a daze. Finally he stopped and looked down into the crib.

There laid a baby.

It was dressed in a one piece and stared up at Ryan before wiggling.

Johnny and Jack came behind him as Ryan just looked down.


Jack placed his hand on Ryan's shoulder.

Where's Micki?

Ryan said in a lower voice, his eyes still fixed on the baby.

She died in childbirth a few months ago, there was nothing they could do.

Ryan felt himself shake, Micki was dead.

Is it yours?

Johnny knew that meant him.

No Ryan...she isn't.

Ryan then slowly turned and faced Jack and Johnny. isn'

He kept shaking his head before he screamed.



Ryan shoved Johnny to the side before running out. Jack and Johnny stood together for a second before the baby started to cry.

An hour later Ryan stumbled into the dark cemetery, it was freezing out and he felt lost. Walking past all the tombs and graves he searched and searched.

Micki...where are you?

Micki couldn't be dead, he wouldn't believe it.

Why didn't God just kill him, was this his suffering for what he did. An entire year trapped as a child as he slowly began to remember everything. An entire year away from Micki as she died all alone.

No, he wouldn't believe it.

Finally he stopped at a headstone and sucked in a deep breath, falling to his knees he began to cry.

By dawn, Jack had finally found Ryan.

He was fast asleep on Micki's grave. Slowly walking over, frost still on the grass as his boots crunched through, he looked around at the faint golden sunlight that began to rise over the hills.

Looking down at Ryan he saw the man who he suffered so much, and how even now back with them lost the only thing he cared about. At this very moment he wished God had killed him.

Why make him suffer?

Jack softly said to himself.

He loved Ryan like a son, and it broke his heart to see him like this. He had all ready lost Micki. Slowly kneeling down with the old wool blanket he often kept in the trunk of the car, he covered Ryan.

Ryan's eyelids slowly opened, he looked half dead. Finally he looked up at Jack.

Please Jack bring her back!

He cried, going into Jack's eyes. Holding him against his chest as Ryan cried he shook his head.

I wish I could Ryan...I wish I could.

A little while later, they returned to the store, it was morning now. Ryan was too pale, and had dark circles around his eyes. Helping him into the store Ryan saw Johnny sitting on the couch. Getting up in a hurry he rushed over to Ryan.


Ryan simply walked by him before going up the stairs, Johnny went to walk after him when Jack held his arm and simply said No.

Back in the nursey, as early morning light drifted through Ryan walked towards the crib.

Had Micki been pregnant while he was gone? Had Micki decided to keep it thinking she would never see him again. Being all faith and bad timing, he wished he could redo so many things. Just to see her again and tell her how much he loved her.

Was this really his daughter?

Bending down, he saw the baby was awake.

She looked just like him.

Gathering the baby in his arms, he felt a little uneasy and not sure about what he was doing, it felt too strange. Finally the baby seemed to nearly smile and make a bubbling sound in it's throat. It was as if she knew who Ryan was.


Ryan slowly turned and Johnny stood there. Ryan looked down at the baby again and then back at him.

My baby...first time I've ever been able to touch my baby.

Johnny slowly nodded.

Micki wanted this baby more then anything Ryan, you shouldn't blame yourself.

Ryan looked down at the baby and sighed, his heart hurt too much to think right now.

What's her name?

Johnny stood there for a second before saying...


After a little while, Ryan was left alone with the baby. Sitting in a rocking chair beside the crib, he held the baby and just stared at her.

9: The start of a new life


Johnny said, handing Jack a glass of champaign. Laughing he poured another glass and handed it over to Ryan who leaned against the car.

Smiling Ryan took it as Johnny finished up the bottle and did up his glass. The three men stood across from Curious Goods leaning against the car. They watched as the wrecking ball destroyed the last of the building.

Underneath, where the vault once stood, was now a heavy cement foundation, nearly eight feet thick. The three of them had made sure that was done first. Now all of Uncle Lewis' now recovered objects would never see the light of day again.

It had been nearly a year since Ryan had returned, and since then there had been changes. Jack had a long talk with Ryan as the amount of cursed antiques began to dwindle down. Jack wanted to know what Ryan's plans were on selling or staying there since the store really now belonged to him.

Ryan thought long and hard on it until finally he decided to get it torn down. Even though this was the place where he met Micki, it wasn't where he wanted to raise his little girl.

Micki's parents came around, even though they wanted nothing to do with the baby right when Micki died. Ryan said that there had been an awful mistake, that he had lived in France for over a year and went missing while backpacking, on the books they thought he was dead until finally he came back to the states. There had been words about this and Micki's parents even tried to threaten with a court case. But in the end they couldn't care less and let Ryan raise what they called "what bastard child alone." Ryan couldn't of been more thrilled.

The objects were finally all recovered, and they planned to go on and start what they felt were normal lifes.

It had been hard for Ryan, not being with Micki...but he had Jessica to think of now, and that's all what mattered.

Looking down at the stroller, he smiled. She was fast asleep.

To a normal life!

Jack said holding up his glass.

Laughing Ryan and Johnny did the same.

To a normal life.

10: My red hair girl, with brown eyes.

Come on Jess, look at the camera for daddy!

Jessica was now just turning three, dressed in a purple sweater and tiny little jeans she moved around on her chubby legs past the fallen leafs in the backyard.

Ryan grinned, stepping back a bit and holding the camera.

It was pretty hard trying to photograph a three year old.

Jessica giggled up at Ryan before trying her best to walk over to him. The walking thing hadn't been easy for her and she still looked pretty unstable whenever she did. Smiling he kept walking backward as Jessica laughed again, reaching out for him.

Finally she fell backwards on her bottom in the leafs, looking a little suspired for a second she looked up at Ryan and decided not to cry. Ryan laughed and snapped the photo before kneeling down.

Come on baby.

Getting her to giggle again she went over and sat on his lap.


Bending down Ryan kissed her forehead.

They had been living at his mother's house since the store got torn out. He had made more then enough money from selling it to get his own place, but his mother begged for him to stay.

She wanted to be part of her granddaughter's life.

Anyways it was a nice area where Ryan wanted to raise her.

Since then, he had began taking night classes at the local college for art. He wanted to see if he would get maybe a teaching gig in a few years. Until then he worked part time in a print shop which he found pretty interesting.

The rest of his time was taking care of Jessica.

Jack had traveled for some time around the world and often wrote Ryan. Just last Christmas he had stayed over. Johnny meanwhile was married now and living in town, he had opened up his own gas station and seemed pretty happy with it.

Him and his wife would visit at least every month, he was Jessica's uncle after all.

So here Ryan Dallion was, at age twenty-eight. A single father, yet happy.

Before he fought the forces of good and evil over cursed antiques, now he was living a simple yet peaceful life with his daughter.

He loved Micki, and always would.

But everytime he looked at Jesscia, he saw her.

Kissing her forehead again he felt a chilly breeze and held his baby tighter.

She's my red hair girl...with brown eyes.

The End