Pray For Me

Authors: Dallion

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1: Don't Go

Micki nervously stood in line at the airport beside Ryan.

This past week had been awful for them. Last Saturday they had nearly lost Ryan to the witches'ladder, and if it wasn't for Micki...wouldn't of been able to break through and save him. Since that emotional day the two of them hadn't really been the same. Micki felt drained and on edge, while Ryan was distant and depressed.

Jack had left for France three days ago, and just yesterday they received the call that there had been an accident. Johnny was watching the store, and on top of that...Ryan's mother had shown up.

Fourteen whole years without a mother, fourteen whole years of the grief and guilt of his younger brother's death. Fourteen years of being abused by his unloving father...finally she came forward. Ryan was distant to her even when she offered to ride them to the airport. The entire drive was in silence and Micki could see the tension between them. At one point Ryan had even told her that she didn't even feel like his mother anymore.

Her heart ached for him, while being worried sick about Jack. She knew he was in search of some book which a nun in a small village and talked about once after claiming to see God. Now it seemed as if there a was a storm ahead of them, ready to strike. Death seemed nearly in the air.

Goosebumps went up Micki's arms, even through she was dressed in her heavy winter jacket. It was late November.

Ryan hadn't said much the entire time.

Glancing up at him she sighed. For the past two years the two of them had lived this dangerous life together. They had faced evil and death together and still were by each other's side. At first he was just a playful pest, but slowly as time and emotions grew on Micki looked at Ryan as if he was her best friend.

So many people had turned their backs on her, but no matter what...Ryan was always there for her. Such strong feelings seemed deadly.

He looked so handsome, yet serious just standing there ready for their flight to be boarded.

Ryan glanced at Micki for a second before she slightly smiled to him. She knew seeing his mother had bothered him, and it seemed to be blocking his thoughts.

You okay?


Are you all right?


Ryan gave a small grin at her which made her feel better, Ryan was always good at that.

Thinking back she knew that another reason for him acting so strange and distant had been what had happened last weekend, that morning after they got the witches' ladder. Remembering it nearly seemed like a dream that happened to someone else. It was too strange.

She remembered how he kissed her forehead, thanking her for breaking through to him. Then that look that came across his eyes as he stared at her. She knew something was different between the two. Later going upstairs, exausted and worn out she had looked at him and sighed.

Jack had told her how badly he had acted when the cursed coin had gotten her nearly seven months ago. Maybe yet again their love for eachother had broken through to make sure they were never apart.


She then went up to him as he stared at her and she slipped her arms around his smooth tanned neck.

Make love to me Ryan...

She whispered, before she felt his lips press against hers. It seemed like a lifetime of waiting had finally been for this. It didn't last long, but when they finished, shaking and dripping with sweat. She remembered holding his face as he looked down at her and then made him promise that he would never leave her.

The next morning they nearly seemed stunned to see what had really happen. Since then too much had happened to really put throught into it.

Somehow, as if Ryan had heard her...he slipped his hand into hers and smiled.

That's when they heard someone behind them, asking if they were also going to the village.

Turning around they saw a sweet little girl, no older then twelve sitting in a wheelchair. She seemed frail and weak and stared up at them with her sparking blue eyes.

Micki smiled letting out her hand as the little girl took it.

I'm Micki Foster...and this is my friend Ryan Dallion.

Ryan smiled and let out his hand, but the moment they touched the girl froze.

Pure terror came across her eyes as she began to breath heavy, Ryan lifted an eyebrow as the girl began to cry.

Don't Go...

She looked scared to death.

Breaking their touch the father said how sorry he was and that this happened sometimes. Watching him give her some medication, Micki tugged on Ryan to walk further up in line with her.

It was creepy, and odd.

Before Ryan walked away with Micki, the girl looked at him and said again...

Don't Go...

2: Terror on the rise

Once Ryan and Micki found their seats on the plane, they settled down and waited in silence before the plane took off. Micki was pretty used to planes by now. She had traveled a great deal while she was younger, and in fact had been to France before for a horse show with her father. Sitting there and pretending to read one of the magazines she bought while checking in their tickets, she felt the strangest feeling of being uneasy, as if she was waiting for something to happen. Sitting there she could tell that the air was tighter and cool. All the people around them were most likely traveling for the holidays.

In fact...Thanksgiving would be in another week.

Sitting there she glanced at Ryan who also pretended to be reading, but she saw how serious he looked and how what had happened with the little girl had bothered him. Micki found herself lucky when she didn't see the girl nor her father anywhere around. She hoped they were sitting in another class or something.

You okay?

Ryan looked over at her before clearing his throat.


Micki pointed behind her, as if showing what direction the little girl might be sitting. Ryan took a second before shaking her head.

Kind of creepy don't you think?

I'm sure she was just sick...

Yeah maybe...

You seemed really scared when she touched you.

Yeah, poor kid...going to this village thinking she's gonna get healed.

Don't you believe in that sort of thing?

Ryan took a second, as if he was thinking.

Micki...if that water healed everyone, then I think we wouldn't of been able to get these tickets there wouldn't we?

Micki slowly nodded before trying her best to smile.

They really hadn't gotten a chance to talk since they last slept together, which was just a few days ago. Somehow Ryan seemed different to her, almost as if she couldn't even control her emotions. Just being around him made her feel peaceful and at ease...a long last feeling she had shared with him over this past year or so. It was now finally clear that they had feelings for each other. Feelings so strong, that nothing could keep them apart.

That's what her heart she needed to have it tell her mind.

She hoped Ryan had been thinking about everything as much as she had. She understood that he had alot of his mind...but after what happened between them couldn't be ignored.

Ryan was back to reading as Micki looked at him again before putting her head against his arm and trying to get some sleep. Her mind was going a mile a minute.

She prayed everything would be all right in France, that Jack would be okay and that they could just all go back to the store and go back to normal.


She smiled a bit, going after cursed objects from the devil was normal to her now. But at least she did it with Ryan.

She remembered that morning when they made love. She remembered how they did it on her bed and how thin the early morning light looked as it drifted in from the back windows. Ryan and her were undressing in front of each other, both exausted yet set on doing what Micki asked Ryan to do.

Micki watched as Ryan pulled off his leather jacket, then T-shirt. For a slim man he had a pretty good muscle build. His skin was tanned and his stomach was flat. As he undid his jeans she saw he had boxers on. Holding her breath she knew this was it. When he took those off, as she finished undressing herself, she froze. She had to admit that once or twice she had happened to glance at Ryan whenever he was just in his boxers walking around the kitchen. And each time she would always think to herself...deep down inside, something she would die if anyone knew she was thinking...if Ryan was well in down. Nearly laughing she snuggled against him.

She remembered when he was ontop of her and how warm his body felt against hers as he tried to position himself. Once he entered her she nearly screamed...never before had something felt so painful, yet so good at the same time.

The sex didn't last long due to the fact both were pushed beyond their limits. They fell asleep in each other's arms before waking up later in that afternoon and getting dressed. Ryan had kissed her before she left the room.

Smiling he asked her what happens now.

Micki answered that she didn't know yet, but they would see.

Then everything happened, not leaving them time to think.

She hoped once things were settled that prehaphs they would decide to go ahead with whatever attraction they had for each other. She hoped that he did like her the way she liked him, and that they wouldn't think of all the "what ifs" that would come their way.

Opening her eyes she looked at Ryan who had finished reading and just sort of looked ahead, nearly in a daze. Micki's heart ached knowing that her silly foolish cousin was the one she had loved this entire time.

Leaning up she softly kissed his smooth cheek, nearly breaking him out of whatever thoughts he was thinking about. Looking at her he smiled before she cupped his face and began kissing him.

She felt like a teenager.

Her lips smacked against his as he smiled through the kiss, finally when they broke free Micki smiled.

I love you Ryan.

Ryan smiled looking in her eyes before kissing her again.

I love you too Micki.

They smiled at each other for awhile before he put his arm around her and the plane landed.

Stepping off and heading to the nearest taxi, she held onto his hand for dear life. It was freezing cold out...and it seemed as if this uneasy feeling had grown worse.

Something awful was going to happen.

Micki knew it.

3: She died for her faith

Whenever Micki tried to remember what had happened back in France, it always came back to her in this strange blur of an awful nightmare that she could of done something more.

There were a few real things that really stood out to her whenver she looked back at going to that small village with Ryan to check on Jack. She remembered visiting him in the hospital and seeing him in the coma. She leaned against Ryan as he asked the doctors and nurses if he would pull through.

She remembered that man in the black cloak, and how they had ran after him through the narrow cobble stoned alleys. She remembered how freezing cold the air was, and how gray the clouds hung. There was something thick in the air, of fear and tension.

She remembered searching for Ryan with panic pounding in her chest. Somehow running through the village they had gotten split up, now he was nowhere in sight. She remembered looking for him for hours, even going back to the inn where they had checked in that morning...finally seeing him the the village sqaure.

Something was different, his eyes.

He acted strange, yet told her he was fine and got the wind knocked out of him. Then the look that came across his eyes when he stared at the church.

They had decided to share the same room while they stayed in the village. Micki had gone through all of Jack's files and papers to try to find anything about a book he had brought up before, but still there was nothing.

Ryan had been looking out the window the entire time...right at the church.

He kept telling her how he had to see the sister, when she tried to stop him he simply pushed her away and left the room. Micki felt so confused...something was wrong with Ryan, she knew it.

That was the last time she ever saw him.

Calling Johnny at the store, she had gotten worried and knew that she needed someone to help her. Deep down inside she feared that Jack might not make it, and that if something really was wrong with Ryan...she wouldn't be able to help this time.

Her insides twisted as she fought from crying...Ryan wasn't acting himself, ever since they had split up in the village.

His eyes...they seemed.


Little did she know that after Ryan killed the nun, he sat in a back alley crying as rain water dripped on his face. His entire body burned and he fought to stay awake. He knew that his body ached because he had done something.

Something awful.

He tried to fight it, but it was getting too strong.

He tried to think of Micki...his beautiful Micki. She was the only thing that whenever he thought about her, somehow things got better. Sitting there freezing cold he cried.

He had wanted to tell her he loved her so many more times.

That time they made love, he remembered how badly he wanted to wrap his arms around her, as he did when the cursed coin killed her. And simply never let go.

He wished he had a second chance to patch things up with his mother, like he didn't get the chance with his father. He wished he had made love to Micki again, to kiss her, to be around the people he loved.

To feel alive.

That's when he saw the ugly carved numbers in his chest and he screamed.

He was possessed.

And he had killed a woman.

While Micki was brought to the police station for questioning, Ryan had gone into the empty dark hospital and begged Jack to just wake up.

But the awful feeling that took over his body came again as his eyes flashed and he jumped out into the cold dark night.

He was no longer Ryan...he was something evil.

But what stood out the most was when Micki, Jack, and Johnny ran towards the cemetery as lighting and thunder crashed. Micki had spent the entire day hearing that Ryan was the one who had murdered the sister, who was being burried by the steam at that very moment. The distant sound of millions singing filled the air as the wind blew harder.

Jack had woken up knowing something was wrong and told them that whoever this man was who had possessed Ryan, was trying to bring forth the second coming of Satan's child.

Micki was confused, why did this man need Ryan, and why kidnap that poor little girl in the wheelchair, what was her name again? Chris?

Jack simply looked Micki in the eye before telling her that Chris was the one who bare the child of darkness.

Chills ran up Micki's arms, knowing what this meant. She had been here before. But somehow her entire heart pounded in terror.

Ryan was...or whatever that was now in Ryan's body, was to rape Chris tonight.

So she would bare the child of Satan.

No, it couldn't be. Not her Ryan.

Ryan was a kind pure soul...why him?

Also that poor little girl, screaming Micki ran forward as Jack and Johnny went after them. It couldn't be too couldn't be.

4: He is within you

Down in the tomb, thousands of candles were lit around piles of scattered bones and rumble. The black priest began reading from the book as flashes of lighting filled the stone platform. Ryan had kidnapped the little girl, and killed her poor father in doing so. Chris was a child of pure faith and was what needed to fulfill the final prophecy.

Whatever that was left of Ryan Dallion was gone.

He threw the poor girl's frail body on the platform and the priest read louder.

And so the child would be born, in lust and sin.

Ryan's dark wild eyes flashed down on Chris as he leaned over and began ripping her dress. Chris tried to struggle but Ryan tore the cloth down before revealing her small white little slip. His dead eyes looked down at her small body and then tore the slip, revealing her just developed slim and pale body.

Crying Chris begged for him to stop, but it was too late. Whatever that was in Ryan began to undo his belt as he crawled up on the platform, holding down her arms.

Please Ryan don't!

Ryan hissed at her before unzipping himself, Chris saw his erection and nearly screamed. Snapping her eyes shut she prayed...prayed for God to save her.

The priest was screaming the words now as Ryan looked down at Chris one last time.

He would destroy her being pure, rip her apart and bury his seed deep within her.


But it was too late, Ryan held her down before thrusting all the way into her small frame.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Chris felt her insides along with down there get torn apart. The pain nearly sent her body in shock as she kept screaming at the top of her lungs.


Chris screamed, praying to God.

Ryan's wild eyes flashed before making an evil dark laugh. He then pinned her down and began to thrust.

Chris screamed again, this time louder. Whatever that was in Ryan struggled due to her size and age. It was hard to move and he was ripping her apart. Blood gushed from out of her and down her small frail useless legs.

He went into her again and again as she screamed.

These screams were carried outside past the hard blowing wind. Micki, Jack, and Johnny ran forward.

Chris was going into shock, her eyes rolled back as she cried. Ryan pumped into her three or four more times before coming. It was cold like slime as rushed into Chris as she bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood.

She had been raped.

The thing that looked like Ryan got off her, his jeans stained with Chris' blood as he slid off and zipped himself back up. Chris laid there in a daze state, bruised and bite marks all over her.

Please God...make me into a bird so I can fly away...

Chris said in a breathless whisperer. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire. Something big and cold, something awful like a slug had been at her. Something which poured black liquid into her.

She was bleeding badly now.

I shall now draw some of her blood with this dagger in which the mother's blood shall be tasted.

The priest said. Ryan stood behind the platform, still holding her down as the dagger was raised. The priest didn't want to kill Chris, he needed her...but with this stab he would get the blood of the child who carried the unborn child of darkness itself. And with that would have all the power within heaven and hell.

Please Ryan...

Ryan looked down at her, his eyes still wild.

Please Ryan...

Then something happened.

Ryan blinked for a second as the poor child cried his name.

What had he done?

Everything went as a flash to him...then finally he fought through it.

Micki, Johnny, and Jack ran into the tomb...but it was too late.

Ryan please...

The dagger was raised.

And with that Ryan broke through.


He leaned forward, making the priest by accident stab the dagger right into Ryan's back. Screaming his real eyes were shown as he just laid there.

Micki screamed as Johnny held her back.

After a moment of silence, Ryan looked down at Kris and saw how terrifed she was.

Pray for me...

He said, looking down at her.

And with that he fell backwards into the floor and died.

5: Child of darkness

Nine months later.

Johnny and Jack were both out for the morning, looking into a cursed music box that had been answered in one of their letters. Micki on the other hand decided to run the shop while relaxing and having a little time alone.

She didn't really think that with all this time that had gone by...that things could be the same.

They explained to Ryan's mother that it had simply just been an accident. Micki remembered how she had broken down, sobbing that she didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

Neither did I...

Micki wanted to say as she kneeled down to help her.

Ryan's body had been buried in the small village in an unmarked grave. Jack agreed that it would prehaps be for the best simply because of Ryan's mother never saw how he really died, their might be questions.

There was no casket, no coffin, no funeral. Just Micki watching as some of the village workers rolled Ryan's lifeless body into the freezing cold ground. The entire time she tried to stay strong as Johnny stood beside her.

But she knew...

Ryan had saved the little girl, and had been able to break through.

But he was still dead.

She also didn't get her chance to tell him how she really felt. It seemed like an awful nightmare in which she wouldn't wake up from. Ryan was really gone. Dead and never to smile or cheer her up again.

Or kiss her.

The local doctor had seen to Chris, who was in complete shock. But somehow...she was able to walk.

Micki didn't get to see what happened to her, they all went home the next morning. Micki remembered getting home and walking into the empty store. Going upstairs she set down Ryan's bag and unzipped it before taking out one of his T-shirts.

Holding it she began to cry.

But life moved on, and Jack tried to tell her that whatever Ryan had wasn't him.

But still, Micki knew she could of saved him.

These past months had been hard, but they hadn't given up. Johnny was here to help now, and Micki prayed that some aching depression deep down inside would just go away.

Sighing she tried to flip through the mainfiest, when the sound of the bell off the door rang through. Looking up from behind the counter she took a double take.

It was Chris, now thirteen or so. Still frail and so young looking.

But something was different.

She was pregnant.


Micki slowly came from behind the counter, still taking a moment to get over the shock.


They both laughed before hugging each other, Micki somehow felt close to this little girl simply because Ryan had saved her life. All she knew was that Chris had decided to stay in the village after everything had happened.

Pulling back Micki's eyes grew wide before smiling.

How are you?

Chris make a faint smile before rubbing her stomach.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about...

An hour later both sat together over tea. Chris had been living in the village with the nuns and priests, in order to tell others of what had happened that faithful night.

The night she had lost Ryan...

Micki thought.

Chris then looked as if she was in pain before dropping her eyes. With a heavy breath she explained why she was pregnant. was Ryan.

Micki froze.


She nearly laughed.

Chris then told Micki of how the black priest had foreseen that the one who's soul that was taken over...would father the child of darkness. She then went on into how it wasn't was whatever had taken over his soul and how he had raped her.


Micki said standing up.

Ryan would never do that, never!

She then thought of how little Chris was.

Chris sighed before rubbing her stomach again.

It will not be Ryan' will be his.

Micki turned, she couldn't believe this.

It wasn't was something else that put this child in me...Micki you must understand.

Then why come here, why fly across the world to tell me this!

Because everyone in the village knows this child can't be born...

Then why didn't you abort it?

My body was too weak, it would of killed me too.

Then what, what do you want?

Micki felt like crying, she wished Chris had never walked into this store. That they had never been to that village, that nothing had never happened to Ryan.

Someone who loved Ryan...who cared for him, their the only one that can destory this child.


You must kill it Micki, your love for Ryan is so pure...I can feel it, I know that the child will die under your hand!


Micki then backed away before Chris looked at her with tried old eyes.

This child can't be can't.

What if it's really Ryan's...maybe he didn't know what he was doing, but maybe it's really his, the last part of the real him, did you ever think of that?

Chris slowly got up before walking to the counter, pulling open a draw she took out a long kitchen knife.

Micki drew in a breath.

Put that away...

Chris then came towards her, her eyes filling with tears.

If this child is born it shall kill us all...PLEASE!


But Chris was at her, there was a struggle as the knife went back and forth. Micki screamed trying to push Chris off when...


Chris' eyes went wide as she leaned into Micki, then drew back.

The knife had gone into her stomach, blood gushed out.

Micki screamed as Chris who looked as pale as snow looked down at the bleeding mess.

Just then blood began dripping from between her legs and onto the floor.

Micki stared at her in shock before Chris smiled.

Thank you...

Chris then fell backwards dead.

Micki stood there shocked with the knife still in her hand.

She wished none of this had happened.

She wished it was just a nightmare.

But it wasn't.

Screaming she fell to her knees in the puddle of blood that formed around her and Chris as Johnny and Jack raced up the stairs from the screams.

They both stopped dead looking in shock.

Later as the police and ambulances were parked outside of the store, and took Chris' body away, Micki was loaded into the back of one of the police cruisers.

She was in complete shock.

Yet knew what she had done.

Before going into the car she caught sight of Johnny and said...

Pray for me.

The End.