Living in different worlds

Authors: Dallion

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1: If only


Micki quickly entered the police station dressed in her warm fur coat. Clutching her purse under one arm, her heels clicked against the floor before she finally stopped dead in her tracks.

A teenage boy sat on the bench, his light nearly red colored hair hung in his face as he stared at his worn and dirty sneakers. Standing there for a second Micki couldn't find the words. She had been here too many times all ready, and after speaking with the police officers up front, she knew this would be the last. Anger and embarrassment filling her, she itched to hit him. Trying her best to get under control he finally glanced up at her with his tried dark looking eyes.

Hi mom...

Get up.

Micki hissed at him before turning around, she couldn't even look at him right now she was so angry. Hearing him slowly walk behind her, she pushed open the glass doors and into the dark parking-lot. Seeing her breath come out in tiny little clouds she saw that it was lightly snowing out.

Yanking her door open, she sat down in the car waiting for him to get in. After a moment of silence she glanced over at him and saw that he was still looking down. Starting up the engine she began to drive home.

Most of the ride there they didn't say antyhing, Micki looked out the windshield as they began getting out of the city. Seeing herself in the rearview mirror she sighed seeing how old she really looked.

All ready having to start dying her hair, her face seemed too waxy and tried looking for a woman in her late forties. Finally he spoke.

Mom, please don't.

Please don't what?

Give me another speech about fighting, you heard what happened...that's the end of it.

Doesn't sound like the end to me...they said if you get arrested again their going to throw you in jail for sure.


So...your life will be over, no more future, no more anything.

No more you controlling my life?

Ryder, when do I control your life?

Micki snapped back, she was starting to get angry again and knew there was going to be a fight.

When do you?

Ryder now sat up more, his voice was starting to raise like it always did.

When do you?

He repeated.

How about my entire have always tried to plan out everything thats happened to me because I'm your only child.

What that's called if you didn't know if being a parent...if I didn't do all this "controlling" like you might very well be on the streets!

How can I even talk to you, even time I try too we fight!

That's because your always at the police station, or getting in trouble at school, or sneaking out!

Please! The only reason you put up with me is because dad died before you guys could have anymore kids.

Micki held onto the wheel for dear life, mostly Ryder spoke of his father with respect and questions, but lately as things got worse if it wasn't her to often brought him into it.

Don't bring your father into this...

Why? You always said I take after him...yet always remind me that he was such a good man and would die if he saw me doing this shit, well mom maybe he should of thought about that after getting you knocked up!

Micki slammed on the breaks, nearly sending her teenage son into the dashboard.


Ryder screamed, being taken off guard. Micki then looked at him as if she wanted to kill, pointing her finger straight in his face she made sure he knew what she was saying.

Listen can say anything you want about me, but never...NEVER talk about your father that way, you have no idea how much he went through for you to get born, and how much he loved you...understand?

Ryder looked at his mother, nearly half scared before slowly shaking his head.


Micki then turned back, she couldn't look at him any longer. Driving away she went down the cold dark side roads before pulling up to her house. On the verge of tears she thought of how awful it was to hate someone you loved so much.

If only he knew...

She thought.

If only.

2: Don't ever touch her

Micki sat behind the counter, lazily flipping through one of her fashion magazines to pass the time. It was another hour till they closed, which seemed to be taking forever in Micki's eyes. Even though Saturdays they closed around noontime, and had the rest of the weekend to relax and not worry about cursed antiques...Micki found herself often bord.

The shop was open six days a week, mosty Jack running it while Ryan and Micki looked into leads on certian objects around the surrounding areas. But last night Jack was offered a chance to attend a wedding right outside of town. An old war buddy of his called telling him his daughter was getting married and would love if Jack could spend the weekend. Micki and Ryan promised that they would take care of everything.

Ryan was out front washing the car, a chore he had been putting off for the last month or so. Faintly hearing his boombox, Micki smiled shaking her head.

Then another sound filled her ears...the sound of the door.

Looking up she nearly fell over.

It was Lloyd.

It nearly two years since she last saw him. They had broken off their engagement after Micki decided to stay and help Ryan. There had been a huge argument and finally they decided it just wasn't working out. It took awhile for Micki to get over the fact that her normal upper class lifestyle was either over or on hold for awhile until they got all these objects back. Somehow over time she adjusted and found that Ryan and Jack were her only family, and even though they faced danger nearly ever was still something she had to do.

Her parents weren't that understanding. She never did get along with them. They were divorced and always played tug of war with her when she was just a child. In fact going off the prep school at age twelve was the happiest day of her life. She often got letters from them, mosty telling her what a mistake she was making with her life, and updates on the country club. She then remembered how her mother had written her a few weeks before, trying to rub her face in that face that Lloyd was engaged again, to a lawyers' daughter.

Lloyd slowly walked into the store, dressed in one of his best suits, hooked onto his arm was a young blond woman.

Micki quickly stood up.

What was he doing here?

Lloyd looked just as uncomfortable as he walked up to the counter, clearing his throat.

Hello Michelle.


The blond woman glanced at Lloyd before looking at Micki, there was an awkward silence between the three of them before Lloyd motioned towards the woman standing beside him.

Michelle, I would like you to meet Gretchen.

Gretchen shot Micki a dirty look as Micki slowly offered her hand.

Nice to meet you...

She then looked back at Lloyd before he stepped forward.

I won't beat around the bush Micki, the reason why we're here is that Gretchen and I are planning on getting married next month.

Micki was at a loss of words, taking a deep breath and faked a smile.

That's very nice, congregations.

Gretchen kept looking at Micki, not saying a word.

Well, we wanted to stop by and see if you still had the you know it belonged to my great grandmothers and Gretchen would very much like to have it.

Micki froze, she never felt so humiliated before in her life. Looking at Lloyd and Gretchen she then knew what they saw. A person who was once on their same washedup and running a store where nobody never went too. She was sinking beneath it all and they were laughing at her because of it.

Ummm, I don't know if I still have it.

What do you mean?

Gretchen now spoke, her eyebrows raised.

Well see I don't know where I put it, there's been so much clutter around here and...

She's lying.

Gretchen rolled her eyes before crossing her arms and standing closer to Lloyd.


She's hanging onto it...just in case this store goes belly up, sad really.


Micki then pointed her finger at Gretchen, she hated her...she knew these types. Just like her mother and all her fake friends she had growing up. Money and titles were everything, she looked at Micki as if she was a rat.

Why would I ever wanna hang on to that ring after what happened huh?

I don't know, that's what we're asking you...also why don't you stop putting her hands in my face and start looking in this dump for it.

Micki's heart pounded, she wanted to kill Gretchen and Lloyd. It took nerve to come down here and treat her like this. The sad thing really was that she remembered that once she acted this way too.

Lloyd simply shook his head as Gretchen took hold of his arms again.

Come on Lloyd, I don't want anything this pig has worn.


Micki couldn't control herself any longer, jumping over the counter she attacked Gretchen as she screamed.


Just then as she began pushing Gretchen backwards, Lloyd took hold of her arm and pulled her.


Micki struggled, trying her best to get another good wack at Gretchen's pretty little face before Lloyd was on her.

At that very moment, Ryan had heard the noise and ran inside. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt he held an old rag that he had been washing the car down with. Standing in the doorway of the shop he froze watching the scene.

At that very moment Lloyd raised his hand screaming at Micki, and struck her across the face.


Before Micki could tell what happened, her entire face stung and she went forward into one of the tables. Gretchen meanwhile screamed as Ryan went charging towards Lloyd, tackling him to the floor.

There was a short fight as Ryan punched Lloyd in the face and pushed him over to Gretchen. Nearly able to stand on his own feet, Lloyd stood beside Gretchen, his shirt untucked and his nose now bloody.

Ryan bretahing heavy, and his eyes wild walked in front of them as they stumbled backwards to the door.

If you ever touch her again I'll kill you.

With that Lloyd and Gretchen left, nearly running out of the store.

Turning back now calmed down, Ryan kneeled down and helped Micki to her feet.

You okay?

Micki a bit dazed slowly shook her head, Ryan's fingertips then touched her sore cheek.

He didn't hurt you did he?

Micki slowly shook her head, nearly on the verge of tears.

No...are they gone?

Ryan nodded before looking over her face again.

You sure your okay?

Micki nodded and looked around the store before putting down her head, nearly crying.

I can't believe that just happened.

What did they want?

Micki simply shook her head, she was too embarrassed to say. Getting herself under control, she didn't want to cry in front of him. Looking at his worried face she smiled.

Thank you...

Softly grinning Ryan shrugged.

It was nothing...

Just then Ryan hissed as Micki went to touch his side.

You okay?

Ryan simply shook his head, looking in pain.

Yeah...I think he took a good wack at my ribs through.

Come on let's go upstairs to take care of that...I'll tell you everything.

Putting her arm around Ryan, they began going up the stairs together.

3: Who was he?

Ryder threw his leather jacket on the floor before falling back in his bed. Staying for a second he looked up at his ceiling and sighed. Him and his mom lived in a medium sized townhouse just outside of the city. This was the area he lived in from the time he was three years old. Before then he lived in the antique store his parents both ran. He could barley remember anything about that place, mostly his nursey and little bits of his father. Who he had longed his entire life to have gotten to know. The only vauge things he remembered was that his father was tall and had dark hair. Sure he had tons of video tapes that his dad made before he died, and boxes upon boxes of photographs and other things that once belonged to him, but memory was something Ryder liked better.

It was his memories, not facts or stories he heard about him growing up.

His mother, and uncle Jack and Johnny...who he mosty saw on holidays told him over and over again that he took the most after his father. He had a smartass way about him, along with a playful artistic way about him. Something which made him feel even more like an outside. He hung out with all the wrong crowds, and lately had gotten into more then enough trouble for a lifetime.

He knew his mother was getting sick of it.


His mother stood in the doorway of his bedroom, glancing up he saw her.


He really didn't feel like seeing her right now. He knew how upset she was and wasn't in the mood to hear it. Laying back he sighed.

Micki stepped forward.

I'm sorry about what happened inside the car Ryder, it's just...I can't have you talking about your father like that.

Ryder glanced up again.

Mom I'm really not in the mood...

No, you need to hear this, I want you too know how hard it was to have you...maybe then you might see why I act the way I do.

And if not?

Then, I don't know Ryder...I'm really out of ideas.

Come on Mom...

Ryder rolled his eyes, he was tried and just wanted to be alone. Micki meanwhile pulled up his desk chair and sighed.

This was really his last chance.

To know why he was so loved.

I guess you never really got a chance to know your father, or know about him.

I know enough, he's dead...that's it.

Micki shook her head, this was killing her.

No Ryder, I want you to know who he was, and how much he loved you.

4: Wishing on a prayer won't get me there


Ryan hissed as he sat at the kitchen table. Micki tried to hold back from laughing as she pressed the icepack against his right side again. His T-shirt now tossed on the table his entire chest, along with his ribs looked pretty badly bruised. Micki had seen Ryan without his shirt plenty of times, in fact it nearly became second nature to see each other like that. Over the past two years they hadn't just gotten comfortable living together, but just didn't even seem to care. It seemed as if they were just either close friends or brother and sister under the same roof.

Or thats at least how Micki looked at it.

Ryan was an oddly handsome looking man. He was very slim with most of his muscle build in his upper arms. He was lightly tanned, most likely from his italian side, and had a flat stomach. Micki never seemed to really take notice at his body since she simply never but thought into it.

Pressing the icepack against him, she sighed before looking at the bruises at him.

Your crazy for doing could of really gotten hurt.

Ryan rolled his eyes before using his free hand to search through the open first aid kit they had laid open.

Please, I bet he won't even call his lawyer he's such a...

Ryan looked at Micki before trailing off his words. Micki smiling shook her head.

Don't worry, I think you scared him pretty good.

What did he want anyways?

Micki felt embarrassed to say outloud, then she knew that Ryan was really now one of her only friends. He was someone she could just talk to and never feel uneasy or scared to be around. Sighing she pushed back some of her fallen hair and tried to fight back the tears.

He wanted his ring back for his girlfriend...I tried telling them I didn't know where it was when that whole thing started.

That takes some balls, looked like you were really kicking the shit out of her.

Ryan grinned. Micki mostly not the type to use that language or really joke about how awful she had acted, simply laughed, she couldn't help it.

I don't know what came over me...

Ryan laughed before Micki put the icepack against on his ribs.

I'm really sorry about what happened...could you not tell Jack, I would hate for him to hear this...

Don't worry, I won't.

Smiling Micki nodded.


Are you okay?

Ryan then touched Micki's face, it was still a little tender where Lloyd had slapped her.

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just then Micki saw Ryan looking at her, a look she had seen before but tried to brush off. She then remembered how he had attacked Lloyd. In fact anytime someone was trying to bother her, or hurt her he seemed to go crazy. He always wanted to protect her. Feeling an uneasy feeling creep into her stomach she made a soft smile.


Ryan seemed to snap out of whatever look he was giving her before sitting back.


Micki shook her head before getting up.


Micki went over to the sink, where she searched through a bunch of jars and bottles that were laying around, finally she shook one and the ring fell out. Ryan saw this and slowly, with much pain got up.

You had it?

Micki looked at the ring with her head down, she felt the tears coming.

I know it was awful of me...but I just couldn't do it.

Ryan slowly walked over to her side as she stared at the ring.

I hated him, I always did...I don't ever know why I wanted to marry him in the first place.

Maybe because everyone else wanted you too?

Ryan slipped his arm around her shoulder as she sighed, tears rolled down her face.

Come on...

Ryan then put his hand over hers, which held the ring...slowly he brought her hand over the sink. Locking eyes with her, she slowly nodded. She knew what had to be done, get a fresh clean start. Forget about all the pain and mistakes in the past.

Nearly in slow motion, he helped her drop the ring...with a single clank it fell down the drain and into the darkness.

There was silence for awhile as they held each others hands, finally Micki turned towards him and felt a feeling she never felt before.

It was him, it was always him.

Standing on her tip-toes, she leaned up and kissed Ryan.

5: Perfect

Don't be such a chicken!

Micki laughed as she watched Ryan sit down in the chair. The lady beside him smiled before getting ready, Ryan on the other hand looked as if he was ready to lose his nerve. Nervously laughing Ryan tried to relax as Micki pulled up a chair beside him.

I can't believe your really going ahead with this.

And what loose a bet to you?

Ryan grinned as the woman told him to turn his head to the side.

Okay your going to feel a little pressure, then your done.

Micki's hand slipped into Ryan's and he smiled at her. In just the matter of seconds the woman used what looked like a silver hole puncher beside Ryan's ear and then she sat back.


Ryan cracked open an eye before Micki leaned over to look.

Wow, it looks great!

The woman handed Ryan a mirror as he looked at the new silver earring in his pierced ear. Looking at it for another moment Micki laughed and playfuly punched him in the shoulder.

See, now your up to date with high end fashion.

Rolling his eyes, Ryan laughed before getting up.

And how about a nice tattoo for the lady?

Micki yet again punched Ryan as he laughed and the two of them went up front to pay. Not being able to stop laughing and looking like fools, Micki felt amazing. The two of them really hadn't set anything in stone, but as of last month they had become an item.

At first Micki was sort of afraid to let her feelings yet the best of her. There were a million and one reasons not to become involved with Ryan, mostly because they were so opposite. But somehow she know saw him as the handsome, brave, and kind man she now grew to love. Somehow this task of staying at the store and doing all these dangerous things didn't seem as bad. Didn't seem as if she was wasting her life.

Ryan made her happy, and that's all that counted.

She didn't care what anyone else thought.

Hooking arms with him the two walked out on the sidewalk. It was a perfect winter's night and tiny clouds of their breath came out whenever they talked.

I'm freezing!

Micki laughed as Ryan rubbed her side, taking her in closer before the two started walking back. Tonight was Saturday and somehow Ryan and Micki thought spending their night off looking around downtown might be fun. After dinner the two somehow thought of the idea of getting Ryan's ear pierced would be the funniest thing on the planet. After stopping by a bar Ryan often went to, and a couple of drinks later they finally did it. Laughing and walking down the icy sidewalks Micki never felt so foolish yet alive in her life. She now liked simple things, and no longer wished she was someplace else.

Once they got back, Jack had all ready gone to bed. Going up stairs, the two giggled and fell over each other until they found themselfs laying in Ryan's bed making out.

Feeling like a couple of teenagers, Micki laid on top of Ryan as his hands held her face. Her lips smacking against his, they smiled through another kiss before Micki told him she wanted to go in her room. Moments later the two of them were undressing and laughing at each other. Ryan and Micki had made love only three times since they began dating. The first time was awkward and a little unsettling. The last two times had been perfect. Micki thought Ryan must of saved most of his energy when it came to having sex, since most of the time she was left totaly exausted.

After a quick few movements both were slammed up against the doors of Micki's bedroom. Laughing Micki looked up at Ryan's face before kissing right below his jawline. Ryan's hands went out on each side of Micki before one began to unzip his jeans. Kissing his neck, and then working down to his chest Micki knew what Ryan was doing, feeling him press up against her she leaned back against the door as he used his free hand to lift one of her legs to his side. Wrapping it around him as the two of them stood together, he moved forward, using his hand to get positioned before Micki let out a huge gasp.


Ryan laughed, his voice a little unsteady.

Your gonna wake up Jack!

Micki snapped her eyes shut as Ryan moved again inside her, moaning even louder she wrapped her arms around Ryan's neck. After a few moments, both laughed as Micki laid her head against his chest, hearing his loud heartbeat, finally after loosing balance they fell to the floor.

Micki laid ontop of Ryan as he cracked up, both waiting to see if Jack would wake up for not. After a few moments of silence Micki pushed back her hair and gently kissed his face.

I love you...

Ryan smiled as Micki began kissing him even harder, slowly moving her hips up and down she dug her nails into him and was hardly able to breath.

A little while later, both laid together on the wooden floor. The thin moonlight drifting on them. Micki leaned against Ryan...she smiled before kissing his cheek.

Looking at her for a second he smirked.

How was that?


With that she fell asleep in his arms.

6: Please wake up

The pocket watch is back in the vault.

Jack said as he started up the stairs. It had been a rough couple of days at Curious Goods, and getting the cursed pocket watch hadn't been easy. Standing behind the counter, Micki sighed. Even though she felt better about getting yet another cursed object reminded her how dangerous this lifestyle was.

Setting her gaze on something else she looked at her wedding ring and smiled.

She had been Micki Dallion for nearly six months now.

Everything happened so fast. But the moment Ryan got down on one knee she knew this was what she wanted. The wedding was small, which was something she wanted. Neither of her parents showed up simply because they said she was throwing away her life. Johnny had been Ryan's bestman.

The two of them went to New York for their honeymoon, which Micki found to be the most romantic time of her life. Ryan had opened her eyes to other things and somehow she felt that the rest of her life no matter what would be perfect since she had Ryan by her side. Every time she looked down at her ring she remembered her wedding day. How she had gotten ready at the store before going to the church, and the utter look of amazement Ryan gave the second he saw her.

She hoped once everything was said and done, maybe they could go someplace, just the two of them...and just be together no matter what.

Ryan came behind Jack, looking pretty out of breath. Ever since the cursed compact Ryan didn't seem himself. Lately he had been tried, sleeping alot, and didn't seem nearly a playful as he used to be. Jack told Micki not to worry, just that this sort of time takes it toll on people. But Micki didn't get it...Ryan seemed so worn out, so serious, so...tried.

Walking up the stairs, she notcied how pale he looked. Holding on to the railing, Ryan took a second...almost as if he was out of breath.


Ryan looked up at Micki.

Ryan are you all right?

Jack meanwhile crossed the room to open the mainfest, lifting his eyes for a moment he watched Ryan.

You okay?

Micki moved behind the counter and walked over to him, holding him by the shoulder she saw he was sweating pretty bad.


Nearly in a dazed state, Ryan slowly nodded before looking down at her.

My lips feel numb...

Maybe you should sit down...

Micki went to turn him towards the couch when suddenly Ryan's eyes rolled back in his head and fell to the floor.


Once the doctor was finished talking to both Micki and Jack, both could hardly believe it.

Ryan had cancer.

They had just run some tests on him, and it came up that there were two tumors in both of Ryan's lungs, so large in fact there was nothing they could do for him.

But how?

Micki asked, her eyes filled with tears.

The doctor explained that it must of started off in the kidneys and then traveled to the lungs. There were treatments, but more then likely he would have seven to eight months tops.

Jack and Micki sat together in shock.

But...but he's only twenty-eight years old.

Jack said, the thought of loosing Ryan was too much for the both of them.

I understand this might come as a big shock, but you must understand the most important thing is to make sure Ryan's at ease...this illness comes sudden and brings alot of pain.

Walking out of the office, Micki fell to her knees sobbing.


Jack held onto her, remembering how Ryan acted with the cursed coin.

Once Micki got herself under control, she walked into the dark hospital room and saw her husband laying there with an oxygen mask on. Slowly slipping into bed beside him, Micki cried silence tears before resting her head against his.

The sound of his breathing and the machines around her made to slowly stare off into space.

Why would this happen, why Ryan?

He was all she had.

Holding back from crying she then remembered the test she took last night, in private once Ryan had gone to bed. She remembered the shocked yet excited and unknown feeling she got while looking at the test.

She was pregnant.

Ryan had wanted kids, in fact once they got married Ryan told her once they were finished with the store they should start trying right away. Thinking back, Micki knew this was unplanned and the scary feeling of having a baby while still taking care of the store.

But still, just the thought of telling Ryan and seeing his eyes light up would make any worry go away.

She had planned on telling him tonight.

Now all she knew was that he would die before the baby would even be born.

Crying, she slowly rubbed his arm as they laid together in the darkness.

Please Ryan, please wake up.

7: Live for me

A few months later, Ryan and Micki found themselfs sitting side by side in the doctor's office. This day has been nervously awaited, and finally after all this time of heartache and worry, the doctor simply shook his head.

The treatment didn't work.

Those words rang through the air as Micki blinked.


The doctor folded his hands together sighing before looking straight at Ryan.

It was a pretty far shot, I think you might last three more months tops without any pain.

But, I can try them again right?

Micki looked at Ryan as the doctor raised an eyebrow.

Mr. Dallion, the first round of treatments nearly killed you...if you go through that again you might not even last two.

Ryan shifted in his seat before taking a heavy breath.

So your saying I should just give up hope?

No Mr. Dallion...I'm saying for you to spend your time at home, with your wife, please understand.

There was silence for awhile before the doctor began talking again. This time Micki couldn't hear a thing, it was all just a blur. Walking out of the office, holding Ryan's hand they went to the car. Micki used all the strength inside her to fight off crying. Just then they had been informed that nothing would save Ryan. He would be dead before he turned thirty, and there was no stopping it.

Looking at her six month pregnant stomach, she nearly broke down.

She remembered how badly Ryan took it when Micki told him about the pregnancy, he threw some things and finally fell to the floor crying. Micki cried with him saying how sorry she was. Finally Ryan grabbed her by the wirsts and told her never to be sorry, and this was all his fault. With that he cried even harder telling Micki he wasn't ever going to see their baby, and finally past out.

He went into the treatment praying that there was even the slighest chance of anything happening, but deep down inside everyone knew better. Jack stayed by him like a strong willed father figure. He himself had lost a son to cancer many years ago.

The treatments worn out Ryan, he lost a great amount of weight and had trouble sleeping from all the nausea. There seemed to be a million bottles of pills he had to take every day laying around upstairs, and he always seemed half there.

It soon became so bad that Johnny and Jack had to recover the objects full time. Ryan felt guilty and awful about not being able to help, but Micki said the main thing he should focus on is his health.

The pregnancy had been put on hold for the time, Micki really wanted to be there for Ryan while he struggled through this. She had promised to be by his side ever since their wedding day, and she meant it. But finally her morning sickness began to clash with his nausea, and as sick as he was he would always hold her and pull back her hair whenever she was sick. Softly kissing her neck and telling her that everything would be all right.

Now they pretty much knew he wouldn't be alive by the time the baby was born.

Getting into the car, there was silence before Ryan slammed his fists against the steering wheel.


Micki jumped in her seat as Ryan sat there for a second breathing hard, finally he started the car and began to drive. They said nothing the entire time.

Later that night both had dinner upstairs. Micki saw how angry and lost he looked, and how distant his eyes were. Finally Micki cleared her throat.

I'm doing to the doctors on Friday...

Ryan kept looking off into space.

They want to give me a sonogram, you know...get a photo of the baby, see if it's a boy or a girl yet?

Still nothing.

Finally Micki sighed as tears filled her eyes.

I've been going to the doctors by myself lately, and I would really want you to join me, might be fun? You know we can start thinking of names and getting a nursey ready?

The thought of raising a child in this sort of lifestyle first came to Micki right before she found out Ryan was sick. How dangerous it would be for a would a child understand? It wasn't fair to do this to be born into this life. A million of things could happen, most of all what would happen once all the objects were back.


Live a normal life?

Also, how could Micki do this alone?

The thought of loosing Ryan turned her stomach.

She had nobody else. Sure Jack and Johnny were there, but Jack was getting older, and Johnny needed to live his own life. She had no idea what she would do with a newborn all by herself.

So even though the thought of Ryan dying was now in focus, she wanted him to be part of this baby, and every second they were together.


Micki then reached across the table, holding his hand as he looked over.

Now she was crying.

I want you to be part of this, please.

Later that week, the doctor pointed out on the screen as Micki laid back, holding Ryan's hand.


The two squinted and finally Ryan laughed, Micki saw a life in him that was slowly flicking away with the illness.

It seems as if your going to have a boy.

Right when both Micki and Ryan began laughing.

I can't believe it!

Ryan then leaned over kissing Micki's forehead before looking at the screen at their unborn baby. From that point onward Ryan decided he would make every moment count.

He also prayed without Micki knowing it, that he could at least see his son be born, even if he died seconds later...he just wanted to see the baby.

The objects were coming slower since it was only Jack, and Johnny. But the two of them understood that this time was meant to be for Ryan and Micki. With each passing day, it seemed as if the old Ryan was coming back. He was still silly and playful and treated Micki as if she was the most amazing woman ever each day.

The baby was all Ryan could think of, and every time you brought it up, his eyes would light up in happiness.

One night, Micki now very far along laid in bed. Rubbing her stomach she smiled as Ryan got in beside her.

He's kicking.

Ryan placed his head on her stomach for a second before laughing. Turning he kissed her and smiled.


His entire face filled with pain as he jumped back, breathing heavy and holding his stomach.

Micki rushed and grabbed his pills and forced him to take them. Holding him she rubbed his back until finally he calmed down.

Shaking his head through the pain Ryan looked desperate.

I don't have time for this...

He sighed, finally once he calmed down he glanced at Micki's stomach and faintly smiled.

I'm sorry Micki.

Holding him in her arms, Micki kissed him.

Don't ever be sorry.

Looking at her, with still pain in his eyes he sighed.

Micki, could you do something for me?


Once everything is done and finished...and your out of here for good, with the baby...


I want you to live, live for me.


I don't ever want you risking your life again for this damn store, or his...

Ryan touched her stomach.

I want you two away and safe...after that I want you to do everything you always wanted to do. See everything you wanted to see, have fun...

Ryan what are...

Micki, make sure he knows about me...but never tell him about this place, make sure the two of you have good lifes and never regret a thing.

Micki felt as if she was going to cry again as Ryan looked at her.

I want you to fall in love again, I want you to have more kids, I want you to move for me Micki, please life for me.

Holding Ryan tigher, Micki nodded through her tears.

I will Ryan, I will.

8: Thank you

Micki sat upright in the hospital bed, sweat pouring down her face as the doctor told her to start pushing. Taking deep heavy breaths, she leaned forward and began to scream. The doctor and nurses worked telling her that everything so far looked okay.

Breathing in and out Micki cried and began to push again, her entire body never felt so numb before in her entire life. Screaming out loud again she wanted Ryan, then finally it was over.

A cry filled the room and Micki felt such relief, she nearly blacked out. Taking a second she laid there and then saw the doctor hold up the baby smiling.

It's a boy!

Micki began to cry as she reached forward and the newborn was placed in her arms. Looking down she couldn't believe this was really it. Feeling her heart pound within her chest she leaned down and kissed the baby on the head.

Hi there...

Crying, she laughed and then thanked God.

Later that night Micki went to another floor in the hospital. Being wheeled in by a nurse, she held the baby and told her just to leave her by the bed. After the nurse left she notcied how dim it looked in here, glancing out the window she saw the sparking city below.


She whispered.

Ryan's eyes then slowly opened. He was barley there now, wasting away and hardly able to breath on his own. Taking a second, he finally looked at Micki as she smiled and held up the baby a little more.

Ryan, this is your son...Ryder.

Ryan's eyelids opened and closed for a second, his oxygen tank putting air into his mask which went over his nose and mouth. Hardly able to look long enough he looked happy.

Micki held back the tears simply because she knew this day would come. Ryan had been in the hospital for nearly two months now. The doctors told her there wasn't anything they could do for his pain. It was now just a matter of time. Micki was there every day, even though she was entering the last stages of her pregnancy. She sat by him, mostly holding his hand and softly talking him through the pain.

It broke her heart seeing him like this.

Now he finally got what he wished for.

He now saw his son.

Micki now cried, still smiling as she looked down at the sleeping baby.

Oh Ryan, he's perfect...he's seven pounds, came so quick they didn't want to wake you.

Ryan stared at the baby and very slowly placed his fingertips on the baby's tiny cheek. Micki smiled looking at him before Ryan looked back at Micki.

Muffled under his oxygen mask he looked at Micki, that certian look that he used to give her whenever he teased or flirted with her. The look that made Micki feel loved.

The rest of the night Micki let Ryan sleep and the baby be taken back to the nursey. Finally in the early stages of dawn Micki found herself dozing off beside him. Once or twice the nurse had come in and asked Micki if she wanted to go back upstairs. Smiling she shook her head and told them that she felt better next to him.

Opening her eyes and feeling her entire body ache and throb from being so sore, she looked out the window and saw the golden light begin to spread across the city. There was still good in the world, she had to know that.

Looking back over at Ryan, she knew he was gone.

The funeral was a few days later. Holding the baby tight in her arms, she stood beside Jack and Johnny.

Goodbye Ryan...

She said as the coffin started to get lowered.

Turning away with a heavy heart, she wanted to finish this...and raise her baby boy.

9: It's yours now

Ryder looked at his mother with heavy eyes before she reached into her pocket and took out an old worn piece of paper. Clearing her throat she handed it over to him.

Here...I found this after the funeral, I guess he wrote it and wanted me to give it to you one day.

Slowly taking the paper, Ryder looked at his mother as she got up and went into the living room. Alone now she unfolded it and began to read.

As of right now, your still inside your mother. I pray to God that I'll still be alive, or just able to still see when your finally born. I know I'm not going to be there for you when you grow up and go through though times. Trust me, I know what it's like to struggle and lose things...the world can be pretty awful sometimes and I've learned there's more evil then just people themselfs. I wish I wasn't sick, I wish I could hold you when your born, play catch with you, buy you your first comic, teach you how to drive and talk to girls, see you be happy...but I wont. It kills me knowing this but I want you to know...even if I wasn't there, I know for a fact there's a place where I can still watch you and your mother. Please take care of her Ryder...she's an amazing woman and she'll be all you have growing up. Do whatever makes you happy, and never ever feel bad about yourself. Trust me...things get better. to me sometime, even if I don't answer back, I'll listen.
Your father, Ryan.

Ryder looked over the letter a few more times before seeing that this letter now belonged to him. That even though in a strange way he sort of knew what kind of man his father was...this was finally what he had been looking for.

Putting the paper down he want to go talk with his mother.

10: I'm sorry

Micki was making herself a pot of coffee when Ryder slowly walked in.


Turning around she saw her teenage son, he looked so much like his father it hurt her deep inside. Leaning against the counter, she brushed back some of her hair and waited to hear what he had to say.

Mom...I really don't know what to say, I've been going through some though times, and I wanna let you know how sorry I am.

Micki stood there as he came forward.

I guess I just needed to know that I wasn't alone.

Pulling her son into a hug, Micki sighed.

You aren' me.

Smiling Ryder nodded.

As far apart, and living in different worlds as it felt.

They were still the same.

The end