Never had a chance to live

Authors: Dallion

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1: I won't leave her

Ryan ran as fast as he could, barley able to pull on his jacket as he ran out of the store. Both men ran as fast as they could through the side streets in the night.

Ryan was a pretty fast runner now, and kept praying to God Micki was all right. She was smart and most likely escaped. But something deep down inside him knew something was wrong.

When they reached the parking-lot they saw the car.

Look the car, she must still be here.

Ryan then saw the flicker of lights.

Oh my God Jack look...

His throat had become dry as he saw the police cruisers and ambulances.


Ryan then broke out into a full forced run, a police officer had tried to stop him at the taped off area but he pushed past him and ran around the ambulance. There he screamed as Jack ran after him.

Micki was laying on the wet pavement. She was dressed in her peach colored blouse and slacks. Her beautiful red hair now wet and dirty from laying there. Police and other people were gathered around.


Ryan nearly slid as he fell down to Micki.


He grabbed her and shook her as hard as he could. Her skin felt cold which made his entire stomach twist. Shaking her he began to sob.


Jack stepped forward and gasped.

It had been the coin, he saw the burned mark on her forehead.

Ryan held her lifeless body, petting her hair and kissing her face as he cried. Begging her to just wake up for him.

The police officer moved forward.

Excuse me do you know this woman.

Jack waved his hand to the officer who began to question he they knew why Micki was out there at this time of night.

Micki was dead.

Ryan held onto her slowly rocking back and forth. He was hysterical and having a complete mental breakdown. Jack had never seen Ryan like this. The strong stone of grief and shock hit Jack as he slowly shook his head.


The officer moved forward, prehaphs to get Ryan away from the body.

Ryan then turned around, hot sticky tears rushing down his face. He snapped like an animal clutching onto Micki's body for dear life.


The office a little stunned stood up as Jack gave them his card.

Officer you can contact us here.

All right, after we take a look at her we'll call for funeral arrangements.

Jack just shook his head and kneeled down beside Ryan who kept petting her long red hair.

Please...please wake up Micki.


He held Ryan's shoulder hard.


Ryan you have to, there's nothing we can do!

Ryan still sobbing looked down at Micki's lifeless body as Jack began to pull him away.

There Micki's body stayed.

Jack struggled to get Ryan away from it and into the car. Jack always kept a spare set of keys in the glovebox. Still shocked Jack slowly began to drive back to the store.

Their Micki was dead.

Ryan sat there with his head in his hands sobbing.

2: Never the same


Ryan shot up from bed with sweat dripping down his face. His heart pounding and hardly able to breath, he looked around at the darkness of the room. For a second there was silence until Micki ran out from her bedroom, still trying to tie her robe close.


Ryan took a second to gather his surroundings before Micki slid in beside him and touched him arm. Flinching for a second he nearly screamed before Micki wrapped her arms around him and tried her best to get him to relax.

Was it another nightmare?

Ryan took a second, almost thinking he was ready for a heart attack. After a few moments, and the feel of Micki's smooth arms around him, things began to slowly come into focus.

Micki put her chin against one of Ryan's shoulder blades and could feel how tense he was.

How bad was it?

She asked.

Ryan began to breath normal and simply shook his head, sweat was still coming off him like water.

Pretty bad...

This made the eleventh nightmare, Micki could tell it was getting serious.

Was it...was it about me dying again?

Ryan nodded, his eyes wide and pain in his face.

Oh Ryan...

Micki leaned in closer to him, her hands slowly rubbing his feverish skin. She was so worried about him, she knew if he didn't get help soon these dreams might kill him.

He hadn't been the same since the tried getting the cursed coin back.

Before Ryan was playful, almost like a big kid. Everything about him, even getting the cursed objects seemed like a new adventure to him. Now since Micki's close brush with death...he had changed.

He was serious now, pain always showing in his eyes. Mostly on edge and always worried about Micki. Jack had talked with him about how he had nearly suffered a nervous breakdown when they found her body, and how he had violently attacked Jack in the store, blaming him.

Micki had tried to talk to Ryan. The memory of the coin was a complete blur to her, which often sent cold chills down her spine, knowing if Ryan and Jack hadn't taken such a huge risk...she might still have been very well dead. For a while, mostly during her recovery it had bothered her. Somehow how dangerous this lifestyle had become more real towards them.

But Micki went on, she knew she was alive and would be greatful towards that for the rest of her life.

Ryan meanwhile, seemed scared to death that he might loose her again.

Both had gotten into a pretty bad argument about her still going on trips to get other objects back. Ryan seemed scared what something might happen again and tried to make her stay at the store. After a pretty bad blow out between the two of them, counting Jack...they told Ryan that she needed to help them, and that treating her like glass wasn't going to help.

It was awful what happened, but she couldn't live locked up the rest of her life.

Ryan thought otherwise.

He wanted to protect her, the thought of her dying nearly made him want to lose his mind.

Ryan...we need to talk about this, it's serious.

Ryan simply shook his head, he was being stubborn and didn't want her risking her life anymore. He couldn't take losing her again.

Micki knew he had feeling for her, in fact she always thought it did. But before she brushed it off as a harmless crush.

Now it seemed as if he could die if something happened to her.

It scared her.

In fact, lately she had been having her own set of nightmares. Of hell...and a darkness trying to call her, a deep powerful within her waiting to come out.


Ryan turned before looking her straight in the eyes.

I won't lose you Micki...

Fighting off tears, Micki nodded and then leaned in kissing Ryan for the very first time.

3: Nightmares


Micki said as she hiked herself up on one elbow. Laying there in her bed, she gathered up the sheets to cover herself as she stared at Ryan's smooth tanned back.

Ryan didn't turn to look at her, instead he stared forward not saying a word. Micki bit the bottom of her lip, not knowing what to say next.


Reaching out she touched his shoulder blade, the second her fingertips reached his skin he flinched almost in pain. Drawing back her fingers Micki didn't know what to do, he seemed so distant.

Ryan please talk to me.

Finally Ryan turned, and what she saw was no longer the playful young man who she had grown to love in so many she saw an empty shell of what used to be there. His eyes looked so tried and worn that it nearly broke Micki's heart just looking at them.

This was a mistake.

Ryan said from the bottom of his throat, he sounded tried and almost dead. Micki laid there beside him for a second before slowly shaking her head. She didn't understand.


Ryan reached over and took her hand, both looked at each other for a long time before he spoke, each word looking as if it hurt him.

We shouldn't have done this...I'm sorry.

Micki had known for the last year or so that Ryan had a crush on her. At first it seemed harmless and silly, but as more time went on she saw how serious it had become. No matter what happened to him, or how many people he had lost he still looked at her in the same way Micki knew. Over time the flirting and playful manner of it all seemed like nothing. Then Micki began feeling attracted towards him. At first she thought it was nothing, but it wasn't until now that she knew she loved him. The sex had just been something they couldn't control, but somehow Micki now felt empty.

Ryan, don't say your sorry...

Ryan's hand went up against Micki's smooth skin, right away she sighed...somehow his touch made her feel safe.

Ryan I love you.

She never thought she would be able to say those words.

Gathering her up in his arms, he rested his head against hers and sighed, trying his best to control his tears.

I can't help it...I'm so scared I'm going to loose you...

Micki pulled back, looking straight into his eyes.

Ryan I'm not going anywhere, and neither are you.

This won't last, I can feel it.

Ryan, our lifes are dangerous...but the only way we're going to beat it, is if we stay together.

But something could happen, Micki I couldn't stand loosing you.

Ryan, the coin...its in the past, we're together now and that's all that matters.

I just keep having these dreams...

Micki reached up and began running her fingers through his hair.

I have dreams too...

Not like these.

Micki slowly shook her head.

Since the coin I have strange dreams, of darkness...and flames.

Mine is about a small girl...

Both looked at each other before Micki faintly smiled.

Ryan...we'll just beat it together, then we'll never leave each otherÔ€™s sides.

Sighing, Ryan leaned down and kissed Micki's forehead. There was silence for awhile before Ryan slowly nodded.


Putting her hand into his she smiled.

Just nightmares, nothing more.

Leaning back, Ryan began to kiss her as she stared up at him.

Nothing would break them apart...nothing.

But deep down inside, both shared the same fear.


4: Secret

Time at Curious Goods began to quickly pass by.

It seemed as if that awful memory of the coin killing Micki had just been an awful dream, nothing more. Ryan began to feel better about having Micki help out with getting the cursed objects back, and somehow they didn't seem as dangerous. They made a deal, as simple as it really was. They would never split up, never go alone, never let anything hurt them. They were happy in their own little world, and that's all that counted. Jack knew that they were good for each other, after all this time they just seemed right.

Micki didn't care what anyone thought, Ryan was the only person who really loved her, and as unknown as their future was together, all she knew was that he wouldn't let anything ever happen to her.

One late everything, shortly after Thanksgiving, the two of them laid together in bed, arms around each other.


Ryan glanced down at her, it had been nearly a year since he held her lifeless body in his arms. Now here she was, her smooth perfect body against his...and very much alive.


I keep having these dreams...

About what?

Micki sighed before resting her head on his chest, she hated to upset him but this was something that had been bothering her.

A woman...named Hiberia.

Ryan glanced at her as his insides nearly froze. Micki didn't seem to notice as she went on.

It keeps coming to be...there's darkness and this woman appears and tells me who she is, and how I should join her to give won't stop. long have you been having these dreams?

Ryan cleared his throat, feeling a very uneasy feeling settle upon him. Micki simply shrugged and began kissing his chest, a small smile creeping up on her face.

It doesn't matter...just dreams...

Micki worked her way up to Ryan's neck before she stopped, raising an eyebrow she looked worried.

What's wrong?

Ryan shook her head before using his hands to rub his face. He was tried and lately they had been getting alot of help from his kid Johnny, still there had been alot of objects, and alot of trouble in getting them. Depression was starting to over take him, as much as he hid it from Micki. In all other ways of life he should of been happy, he loved Micki but knew this wasn't the relationship he had wanted to offer her. Ever since the coin he was terrifed on how much he really loved her, and somehow felt a huge part of him begin to drift away. He no longer seemed happy other then being with Micki, the objects were more of a job then anything else, he snapped on a wire, and always seemed scared.

He just wished things had gone back to normal, he had Micki and that's all that really mattered. He wished the coin had never gotten her and this awful sick feeling of death wouldn't of taken him over.

He just wanted to be left alone with her and be happy.

Ryan took a second before softly touching Micki's face.

I need to swing by the cemetery tomorrow...


My brother's the date of his...

Oh Ryan...

Micki laid on top of him underneath the covers and nuzzled her head against his neck.

I'm so sorry...why didn't you tell me.

Didn't seem to really matter, anyways I'll be real quick about it. you want me to come?

Ryan thought for a second before shaking her head again.

No, it's sleep in.

Johnny said he needs to drop off some things.

Good, I don't like the thought of you all alone here in the middle of the day.


No, with Jack in France...any psycho could break in.

Micki then laughed before kissing his lips.

Hey, come on...remember, we're not going to think like that.

Ryan faintly smiled before gathering her up in his arms and rolling over. Both laughed before Ryan stared down at her big crystal glass eyes.

Your the most beautiful person I've ever seen...

Micki laughed before leaning up and kissing him.



Can I tell you a secret?

Micki smiled.


Ryan then leaned down, nearly whispering in her ear.

I'm gonna marry you one day.

Micki laughed before kissing him even harder.

The next would come from France.

5: Showdown

Micki found herself running.

Johnny and Jack were beside her as lighting and thunder crashed and made the branches of the trees around them violently dance about. The wind screamed as flashes of silver and blue went around the crumbling cemetery. Tombstones and angel like graves all looking like shapes from hell as they ran faster through the tall milk grass.

This past year has been awful. Frist the coin, then Ryan's fear of loosing her. The nights of dreams with had death and murder, screams of pain. The awful cries and hopeless tears that seemed to take over their lifes. Even though she had fallen in love with Ryan, she knew it really hadn't been him. The Ryan who she had grown to love was friendly, happy, carefree, and loving. The man who held her in his arms, only a few nights before had just been a reflection of his old self. Ryan's fear of Micki's death had torn him apart and made him into someone who was slowly dying.

His love for her had been so strong, it nearly had killed him.

"Nobody is going to die!"

She remembered telling him.

But it wasn't true, death was all around them.

She knew everything had happened for a reason, and why they had gone to France after hearing of Jack's accident. She knew from that terrifed young girl's face as she held Ryan's hand.

"Don't go..."

Or the news of Ryan killing the sister.

It wasn't him, it was something evil that had taken over the body of the man she loved.

She had to stop this.

When they all ran into the tomb, where thousands of candles were lit and the young girl laid on the table with Ryan standing before her, she nearly screamed.

The black priest was reading from the book as the thunder got louder.

That wasn't was Asteroth.

A demon, a servant of Satan.

It had possessed Ryan, and made him do these things.

Ryan's eyes were wild looking, as he held down the poor girl.


Jack screamed.

The black priest laughed.


The ground began to shake, as Johnny and Jack fell backwards. Micki stood there as the wind blew by her, looking at what used to be Ryan.

She remembered how he always made her feel safe, and how badly she had fallen in love with him. How she remembered Jack telling her about how he had broken down when the coin had gotten her.

Ryan...her love.

Looking at his wild eyes, she then knew what had to be done.

The nightmares all meant something, the power within her ever since the coin. Something deep down inside her that was evil, in which she fought never to bring forward.

Now it was time.

A demon, against a demon.

Ryan laughed, his voice deep and dark as his eyes flickered.

You shall die, and watch him burn!

Micki then turned down...a moment later Johnny screamed.

Micki turned, her eyes completely black.

And you shall die!


Jack said before backing up against the wall with Johnny.

Micki was now possessed by Hiberia.

Ryan hissed at Micki before he came forward, the black priest watched in utter shock.

So, we meet again Hiberia?

Ryan hissed as they began to circle each other life wolfs.

You shall try to bed be again Asteroth, but you shall fail.

Micki then screamed, fangs within her mouth.

Both sprang for each other before they flew against the wall, hissing and clawing they fought.

Jack then saw his chance, taking Johnny by the arm they ran towards the black priest.

Johnny ran and picked up the girl, who watched Micki and Ryan fight.

Both slammed into walls, knocking rocks on the ground. Clawing at each other's faces they slammed down and began to roll as they tore apart each other's bodies.

They were like animals.

Jack then ran up behind the black priest, and tore the book from his hands.


Flames appeared, and the ground shook stronger...then...darkness.

Johnny had fallen to the floor, he checked and the little girl was fine. Jack meanwhile looked around, the black priest had been destroyed.


They looked over at Ryan and Micki.

They were back to normal, buried and bloody...but laying together on the floor.

Slowly walking towards them, Johnny felt his heart pound.

Are...are they dead?

Jack walked over with the book in his heads.

No, their sleeping.

Kris, the little girl then broke free from Johnny's hand. She could now walk.

It was over.

Ryan and Micki, even through they were taken over from evil...let their love destory it. Walking forward, she kneeled down between the two of them. Micki's head resting against Ryan's. Their bodies so badly beaten.

But there was a look of peace that seemed to settle upon them...the skies were clear and it was over.

Leaning over, Kris kissed the two of them.

Thank you...

The End