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Authors: Dallion

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1: The sequence

Micki slowly looked at herself in the full length mirror that hung on the other side of her room. Looking at her drained face, and tried eyes she simply felt her entire body ache and throb before a weakness washed over herself yet again. Jack had been right of it taking all of her strength and power, at this moment she felt useless, exausted, and nearly dead. It had taken alot of strength to get Ryan back, and now yet again things were restored and put right.

She felt as if she nearly died.

"Thanks Micki..."

Micki remembered Ryan saying just awhile ago downstairs. He had leaned down, looking her in the eye. That look which had been making Micki nervous lately. The look that had become slowly more and more serious. It seemed as if something she couldn't brush off or joke about anymore.

"I don't know what I would of done if you didn't come through to me."

Then how close he got, almost as if their was a hunger within his eyes, then he simply kissed her on the forehead. A soft and tender motion, which still scared Micki. Lately these little signs of affection seemed to have too much care and thought put into them. In fact...Ryan hadn't seemed like the old friendly and silly Ryan, he now seemed like a very serious, strong, and attractive man.

Trying to push away her thoughts, she began thinking of going to bed. It was early morning and she felt as if she could sleep through the next couple of days.

Just then there was a knock on her bedroom doors, right away she knew who it was. Turning she muttered for him to come in, within seconds he walked through the doors and slowly went to her.

Micki felt nervous, she needed more time.


Micki tried to stand straight as Ryan's big brown eyes locked on her.

Ryan, please...not now...


He stood in front of her, closer then he ever did. Both looked over each other's tried and exausted faces and simply could feel their hearts jumping out of each other's chests.

Ryan I, I...


Ryan then slowly put his arms around Micki's thin waist, her entire body shaking and going stiff, she tried not to feel the thing which was pulsing through the crotch of his jeans. The thing which was resting against her body as he held her tighter. The thing if which she had been thinking about whenever she took a hot shower alone, or was laying in her bed late at night. Remembering Ryan's smooth tanned arms whenever he was walking around the store, T-shirt sleeves rolled up. The thoughts of things Micki would of blushed about only months ago.

No Ryan, we can't...

Ryan didn't listen, he grabbed her and began covering her mouth with his. The kiss was rough and nearly took her breath away before he pulled back, his eyes still so serious.

Who says Micki, who?

Micki simply shook her head, never before did she feel so sick and good at the same time. She felt dizzy and out of control.


But Ryan kissed her again, a kiss in which the two of them had been waiting for. A kiss in which Micki moaned through and slowly lifted her hands and ran them through his thick hair. A kiss in which he felt her and began lifting her off the ground towards her newly made bed.

Laying her on there, which such care like the night he found her lifeless body after the coin. The way he looked down at her with such compassion and love it nearly drove tears to Micki's eyes. This was what she wanted.


She muttered again, slowly her hands went up and began working up his T-shirt with brief gentle tugs, finally it went over his head and was flung to the side. His entire chest was perfect. Tanned and flat, so perfectly shaped, Micki could nearly run her fingers past his chest. She began to breath in heavy strokes.

Ryan then began lifting up her nightgown, nothing underneath but her smooth creamed colored flesh. Micki laid against her bed as she saw him working off his belt and pants. But was going to happen, why were they don't thinking.

Ryan, I don't think this is such a good idea...

Ryan leaned down kissing her before slowly pulling on her lip.

I love you Micki...

Micki then saw it, her eyes bugged out and she nearly was unable to catch her breath, looking him in the eye she then knew how badly she wanted it.

Seconds past, and then he was ontop of her, Micki felt him move for a second before going further down towards his hips...then she entered her with one single thrust.

Crying, she snapped her eyes shut and told him to stop, never before did it hurt so bad. Looking down at their bodies, nearly slicked together, he saw his swelling flesh entering hers, how out of place it looked and how big. To her utter shock she saw he wasn't even fully in. Only once or twice she thought of how big Ryan was, now here it was, making her feel like a virgin in high school. Snapping her eyes shut she felt her insides throb. At first glance you wouldn't even guess how Ryan was. Now here she was feeling it.

He slowly sank depper, before she filled her up and made her entire body pulse in pain and pleasure.


She licked her lips.

Please Ryan...please...

Ryan then covered her mouth as she began taking in a new one. Covering her mouth from the sudden rush of oxygen made her eyes draw out. His entire mouth pressed hard against hers, his tongue slipping down in the back of her throat, nearly making her gag.

He pressed harder, hurting her face as it then hit her.

She couldn't breath.

Waiting a second to see if Ryan would come up for air, she saw he wasn't In fact he mouth was pressed so tightly on Micki's mouth she knew she would have bruises around the fair skin around her lips. He then pressed his body into her more, this time so far deep inside her she thought blood had began to come out, almost like whenever she got her period real bad. She looked at the ceiling, and then the blured vison of Ryan's face, his eyes closed as he moaned within her.

Still she couldn't breath, now her heart began to race.

Tyring to muffle his name, a strange sound came from her and carried little sound. She then began to panic...she couldn't breath.

Eyes darting back and forth, she tried pushing upward on Ryan, but he was too heavy and was pushing his entire body against her, making the covers and pillows look like their were about to eat her.

Pushing again, she then began to struggle.

"Jesus I can't breath...I'm going to die!"

Micki thought, waving her arms and tyring to claw into Ryan's tanned back, his penis went harder into her, stealing any last second of strength to had to struggle more. Was Ryan trying to kill her?

He had to be running out of air, she knew it.

Eyes rolling back in her head, she nearly was able to see anything before it began to slowly fade away and blur.

Just as her eyes nearly rolled back in her head, Ryan then snapped his mouth away from hers, making an entire unlimited supply of oxygen rush into her lungs.

Nearly choking on it, she gapsed loudly, but nearly screamed as that exact moment he used all his strength to raise himself off her body for a second, and thrust all the way down to her womb.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Ryan's mouth covered hers again, blocking any noise that could alarm Jack. Her eyes wide, she watched Ryan looked her over, then lifted her mouth quicker. Micki gasped for air again, panting as he raised his ass, this time taking his penis completely out of her. Micki felt sore, yet almost on fire. Gasping for air, she then looked down and saw how errect it was. Out of the five men, counting Lloyd who she had slept with, she never saw something so big before. Ryan was so lean and skinny, how hadn't she known.

Ryan's hand then grabbed Micki's left one, slowly he brought it down to his errection, which was dripping and throbbing to the touch.

Your eyes are full and so am I.

He grinned, almost in a voice Micki didn't know. She then saw maybe what he meant. They weren't using protection.

Ryan, get a condom quick!

She had a few extra ones in her dresser, and while cleaning around one day she saw Ryan had some in an old baseball card box under his bed.

Ryan then smiled, and he forced her hand to slowly touch it again, this time Micki's fingers wrapped around it, feeling it's tip about to let go.

Oh Ryan...

She felt herself start to tingle, she felt herself coming close. As werid as this was, Ryan somehow knew what he was doing and she had trust in him.

Slowly her fingers worked down his errect shaft, then back up feeling the tip. Ryan then covered his hand with hers as they guided it to herself. Slowly he used his shaft to brush up against her, making her squirm.


She moaned, tossing her head from side to side, her entire hair felt soaked with sweat as his free hand let his fingers loose and began to hook inside her, slowly working in and out.


She moaned louder before Ryan's mouth was on her again, this time not giving her a chance what so ever to get any air. Panic and sick, she struggled as he shoved his entire penis inside her, letting go and grabbing her hips, so strong bruises of fingertips would be there. Raising his head, he nearly screamed himself. This gave a chance for air. Gasping, she watched as his legs strongly spread her legs apart. Her inner thights slicked with sweat, she felt his budge inside her. There was a strong pulse between her legs, and then he lifted himself, his flat stomach a new inches above hers, and thrusted in.

Micki cried lightly, as he went in again. He was starting a good pace and she felt it go in and out, in and out. Ryan's bangs hung in his eyes as he sweated, slowly he began to move within her.

His legs holding her still apart, he bit his bottom lip and began thrusting, his back and ass pumping in and out at a very fast rate.

Don't stop Ryan, in depper like this!

She held his lower back down, his weight crushing her. Somehow she needed this or she knew her heart would brust, she needed it now, harder, and deeper and couldn't have it end.

Fuck me Ryan, fuck me!

She cried, a huge grin spread across him as he pumped in over and over again, his penis now starting to burn and rip her a bit down below. Tossing her head side to side she then saw that look in his eye.

Was he coming close?


Her right leg then wrapped behind him, across his lower back and ass, She felt it pulse from under her. She needed to hold him down, she wasn't ready.


He then snapped his eyes closed, nearly in pain.

I...I...can't come, oh God I can't come...

He moaned, moving quicker, Micki then grabbed onto him, kissing him even harder this time.

No, don't keep going, don't stop!

Opening his eyes, he looked down at Micki. Finally there was silence between the two of them for a moment. Ryan slowly moved within her, before finally Micki reached up, and this time softly kissing Ryan.

Breaking the kiss, finally Ryan began to slow down in speed.

Leaning down, he kissed her and then began to moan, slowly she felt his entire body stiffen and then climaxed as strongly as he could. Muffling a groan, he buried his face into her shoulder as all of his warm liquid poured into her.

There was silence for a second before Micki thought that was finally it, opening her eye to face, him...the pain then came again. Ryan was nearly finished, thrusting only once or twice more he finally finished. Finally he laid himself down on her...and it was finished.

Micki felt as if she had been torn apart, still feeling his warmth drip from her, she took a deep breath and looked over at him.

She never thought she could love someone so much.

It wouldn't last, her fears hit her all at once, it was dangerous to love this way and she knew it.

Raising his head, he looked at her, just as tried he faintly smiled.

Marry me Micki, marry me.

Micki stared at him before softly kissing his lips.

I will, I will...

Holding onto him and hearing his heartbeat, she felt so alive, so loved, and so protected.

This would last, she knew it.

2: The feeling

Micki sat up on the stood which was usually behind the front counter where the register was. Only a few minutes before closing, Micki leaned over the counter trying to see how many things they sold today and adding up the prices. The store lately had been doing well, even if they were open only four days a week.

Suddenly a set of arms slipped around Micki's thin waist, nearly making her scream, then the same scent of clean soap and cologne filled the air, the same smell that drove her crazy now whenever it drifted around her. Closing her eyes and sighing as Ryan leaned up, resting his chin on her shoulder.

May I have this dance?

Micki laughed as she leaned against him, even through it hadn't been that exciting of a day, she still spent half of it looking through boxes and running around in heels. Smiling she was ready to relax, right now a nice bottle of wine and a warm bath with Ryan was just what the doctor ordered.

Micki then looked over and saw Ryan's boombox was sitting on Jack's desk, as usual some dance/club music was beating out of it. Most of the time Ryan kept his new wave music inside his headphones, but today Jack and him spent most of the afternoon yet again cleaning the vault. The whole time Micki could hear the distant music coming from downstairs.

Sorry sir, I have a store to run.

Micki teased as Ryan's warm breath went up against her neck, nearly making her giggle. Pulling her backwards, Micki playfuly screamed as Ryan lifted her.

I turned the closed sign early, hope you don't mind.

Turning her, Ryan looked straight down into her eyes and smiled before taking one hand, and the other around her waist.

Ryan...come on my feet hurt!

Micki laughed, but Ryan grinned and picked her up again, swinging her towards the floor and laughing the entire time.

Dipping her, Ryan laughed holding Micki as they moved back and forth, making complete fools of themselfs.

If you people call that dancing, then I better just go to bed now.

Turning with huge smiles on their faces, they saw Jack walking upstairs, looking a bit worn out and tried.

Care to join us Jack?

Ryan joked as Micki nuzzled his neck laughing. Jack watched smiling before shaking his head.

I rather fix myself a nice cup of tea and settle down for the news.

Well, I'm taking Micki out for awhile.

Are you?

Micki smiled, raising an eyebrow.

Ryan smiled back at her before looking over at Jack again.

Can you hold down the fort?

Jack waved before slowly going up the stairs.

Smiling up at him, Ryan then looked over at Micki and kissing her on the lips.

Grab your coat.

Ryan where are we going?

You'll see.

But my feet!

Then throw on a pair of sneakers, I'm sure you own a pair.

Micki laughed before pushing him back and going up the stairs too. Once she was up there she saw Jack standing beside the stove fixing the tea.

Ryan taking you out?

Micki rolled her eyes before grabbing her coat which was thrown over Ryan's bed. In fact lately most of their stuff was getting mixed up.


Micki turned before Jack winked at her.

Jack was almost like a father to Micki, she loved him so much and didn't know where Ryan or her would be without him. Ever since they got the witches ladder back two weeks ago...and Ryan and her became "involved" Jack showed an even stronger sort of love towards the two, almost as if he had known it the entire time.

Running into her bedroom and going into the closet, she found an old pair of sneakers behind a new boxes, tugging them on along with her coat she kissed Jack goodbye and ran downstairs.

Okay ready.

Ryan had all ready pulled on his leather jacket, it was getting cold out now. Taking her arm both went out to the car while it heated up.

Where are you taking me?

You'll see...

Smiling, Micki couldn't believe how she had been acting. Ryan made her fell silly, carefree, and alive. During the last two weeks, she had never felt so romantic before in her life. Not only was Ryan her best friend, but also had a completely different side to him. Now after two long years of attraction, tension, and flirting, it was finally out in the open. These weren't harnless crushes anymore. Between how Ryan acted after the coin, and how Micki was able to bring him back after the witches ladder...they both knew.

Between these last two weeks, they hadn't been any cursed objects, nor did they even want to think of getting anymore back for the time being. It had just been them...safe and carefree. Ryan had taken her to dinner, the movies, out for long walks together, they had even went on some roller coster which scared the life out of Micki, but all the same couldn't stop laughing when she got off it with him.'

They were so different, yet knew how to mix it up. Micki also never grew tried of talking with him...even before this had all happened they could pretty much talk about everything. Now they were trying to be on the same level of art, music, film, and everything else.

Micki now saw the artwork that Ryan had been working on, and even through it was a different style, it still was very good. He also had watched a baseball game with her and tried to explain each play and why things were happening, as confused as Micki really was.

She meanwhile was even shocked to see how he settled for the things she liked. In fact just a few days ago she had gone shopping for a new pair of boots updown, he went with her and even told her which pair looked best on her. Something Lloyd or her other past boyfriends would even care about.

Boyfriend? Was that what Ryan was?

It was too funny to think about. But as Ryan backed out of the garage, Micki stared at him and smiled.

He was her boyfriend.

He was charming, funny, interesting, and romantic.

In fact, she had never even seen this side of him before. Sure once or twice, mostly during this past year she had started to see a small attraction towards him. He was out of her league...at least that's what she told herself. But she began to notice how good he had been looking. How cute his hair looked when it was spiked up, how muscular and tanned his arms looked whenever his T-shirt sleeves were rolled up. His slim, yet fit body, his grin, his walk, how tight his jeans looked...

Micki softly smiled to herself as they began to drive downtown, it was nearly sunset now...winter was really coming.

Also, how he had been in bed. Micki was sore and had bruises from that night for nearly a week afterwards. There was such dangerous passion it nearly killed her. Now she saw what sort of lover he would also make. In fact they had made love fifteen times since they first did...only fourteen days ago, each time more amazing then the last. Micki knew it was crazy, but she loved Ryan now more then anything.

His hand reached over, while one was on the wheel...holding hers, she smiled.

She loved this man, she really did. That's what this feeling was, love.

Where are we going?

Micki laughed, they had just taken the exit outside of the city.

Ryan looked over at her for a second before smiling back at her, she could tell he was nervous...but why?

Finally they took another exit, and reached where they were going. It was dark out now and the woods around them looked deep and dark through the cold night air. Micki enjoyed the warmth that was coming from the car, and Ryan's hand. Finally he turned off and parked.

Ryan, we're in the middle of nowhere...

Micki looked out the window and only saw darkness.

Come on...

Ryan got out of the car, taking a second Micki did so two and right away felt the rush of freezing cold air outside. Ryan came around and got close enough to kiss her.

Here's the keys...

Ryan dropped the weight of them into her deep coat pocket, before taking her hand and leading her into the darkness. If this had been a few years ago, before the cursed objects and Satan, and dying and all...Micki would of refused. But Ryan made her feel safe as always and walked down the small trail.


Micki laughed, then finally they stopped after going down a steep hill.


Micki looked around and nearly gasped at the beauty.

They were standing right outside of a lake, the water was glittering under the winter moonlight, and the rest was all darkness. Somehow at that exact moment, everything felt so crisp and alive. Looking at the water made her think about how soon it would be frozen over.

Where are we?

Crystal lake...I used to swim here as a kid.

It's so pretty...

Yeah, thought you might like it.

Ryan's hand went around Micki and she smiled. The two of them stood there for awhile until Ryan then looked at her.

Oh I forgot something, got the keys?

Micki raised an eyebrow before nodding.

Yeah right here...

She stopped short.

These weren't the keys...

Slowly taking it out, she had to squint for a second, it was too dark, she wasn't seeing right. Then she held it in her palm.

A small box.


Ryan had both hands shoved in his pockets, he was grinning and puffs of air was coming out from the cold. Micki smiled back before turning the box over in her hands.

Open it.

Micki slowly did, and nearly screamed.

A diamond ring.

It was a silver band, with three perfectly shaped circles on it, the biggest being the diamond. Looking at her made her froze and remember the ring Lloyd had given her, his grandmothers. But this...this was different. She didn't feel as if her insides were twisting when Lloyd had given his. She didn't feel short of breath or nearly ready to cry.

This couldn't be happening.

Just then Ryan got down on one knee.

Holy shit!

Micki squealed before nearly screaming, Ryan never unlocked his eyes from hers, the entire time he grinned.


Micki began to breath heavy, a million thoughts poured through her head. The excitment, the joy, the worry, the feeling that she was nearly ready to die all went through her.

Micki, I know this is fast, but I've never been so sure in my life...we've been through alot, and we know even through death we're still there for each other...I know I won't be able to give you a lifestyle you deserve, but I'll try...so Micki...

Micki was all ready shaking.

Micki...will you marry me?

Micki's knees then gave out and she fell to the ground beside Ryan, nearly crying she gathered him up in her arms and kept saying yes. Pulling back he looked at her and smiled, pushing back her hair a bit.

Helping her with the ring, he smiled and then leaned in kissing her.

So that's how they were, kneeling beside each other...kissing in the moonlight.

Once they arrived home, Micki could bearly walk.

Before stopping back, they had dinner together at one of Micki's favorite places which over looked the city. She could tell Ryan was saving up for this and both shared a bottle of wine together, not being able to keep their arms off each other.

It was happening so fast, there were a million questions and worry deep within them, But at this moment...that didn't matter.

Once they got back, Jack was all ready in bed. Ryan told Micki that they would tell him in the morning. Micki couldn't wait to see his face. Nearly tripping upstairs, Micki laughed about having to call her parents in the morning.

Their still together?

Ryan asked as he pulled off his coat upstairs.

No, they divorced years ago...their going to be pissed, I can't wait.

Ryan laughed.

Guess it will be a small wedding then huh?

Micki went up to Ryan, putting her arms around his neck.

Don't even count on it...

Both were inches away from each other, Ryan laughed before looking at the bathroom door.

Hey, how about a nice warm bath?

You read my mind...

Micki then leaned forward and kissed Ryan as hard as she could, she nearly wanted to kiss every part of him right now. Squashing their lips together, Micki thrusted her tongue into his mouth. Ryan laughed through their deep kiss before Micki held onto him even tighter.

A half an hour later, they both laid together in the steaming hot water. Micki had lit a few candles around them and right now all the stress and excitement began to drift away from them. Micki laid back on Ryan, as their moist and soaked bodies felt so nice and warm ontop of each other. Micki could feel Ryan's penis up against her leg, she knew this wouldn't be lasting soon. Smiling, she turned...slowly kissing his chest, and looking at her sparking ring.

This is crazy, you know that right?

Ryan, who looked so handsome just then, his dripping wet bangs nearly in his face smiled as she leaned ontop of him and began to kiss. Lately both had acted like a couple of teenagers, in fact Micki never thought two people could make out so much. His arms slowly going around her, Ryan lifted her closer to him, as the warm water splashed around them.

Smiling through the kiss, Micki's hand slowly went down to Ryan's erection and began to slowly wrap her fingers around it. Ryan jumped a little as Micki laughed and slowly began moving up and down.


It began getting warmer in there, steams began to rise from the tub and fog up the mirror above the sink. Micki grinned before moving faster...she could see it in his eyes as he laid his head back, nearly moaning.

Then, Micki simply stopped and got up, dripping wet she stepped out of the tub and grabbed her robe, Ryan meanwhile looked as if he was ready to fall over.


Micki grinned turning around while taking a towel and drying her hair.

You got two hands...

Leaving him in the bathroom, she smiled from hearing his laughs behind her. Later, once they were dry and inside Micki's bedroom, Micki laid underneath him completely and tossed her head from side to side.

Ryan held her hands above her head, nearly leaning against the headboard as he thrusted in and out of her. Feeling him pump into her at a pretty fast rate, Micki squirmed and felt herself coming close again, so far she had all ready lost it...Ryan meanwhile was holding strong.

Looking at him, nearly in complete silence other then their moans, she looked at him through the darkness of her bedroom. This was the man she loved, this was the man who she now was ready to spend the rest of her life with.


She nearly whispered.

What's wrong, does it hurt?

Ryan asked, slowing down for a second.

Slowly saking her head, she found his hands with hers and held them tighter.

Once this is all over, I want to be with you...no matter what, I don't want this place to be our entire life.

Ryan stared at her for a moment, still deep inside her before he nodded.

I know Micki, it will be over...someday.

Micki faintly smiled at him, she didn't understand why she would be feeling this way, so uneasy and nervous even though her heart nearly raced out of her chest from being so happy.

It was almost as if...

Somthing was going to happen.

Ryan then leaned down, softly kissing her lips before looking worried for a moment.



Don't ever leave me again...please?

Ryan, when did I...

She then remembered the coin, slowly nodding he looked at her, so serious it nearly broke her heart.

I'll never leave you.

That's when he leaned down, kissing her again and finishing up, his thrusts were more direct this time and when he finally finished, Micki held onto him without wanting to let go. After a little while, both got their breath back and tried their best to settle down in the darkness.

Arms around her, Ryan kissed her shoulder blades as she looked at her sparking ring. Smiling she leaned up against him and slowly fell asleep.

An hour later, Micki was awoken by the sound of Ryan muttering in his sleep. Taking a second, Micki turned over and saw that Ryan was covered in sweat and tossing and turning, right away fear jumped into her heart as she leaned over and shook him.

Ryan, ryan wake up!

Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at her, almost as if he had just jumped out of something awful. Micki leaned over him, softly brushing back his hair.

Ryan, you had a nightmare...

Taking deep breaths, Ryan slowly nodded before looking over at Micki.

It was about my brother Jimmy...

The one who died?

Ryan slowly nodded.

God, he died fourteen years ago this Friday...how could I forget.

Ryan rubbed his face, as Micki slowly leaned down and kissed him arms.

Shhh...it's all right.

Opening his eyes, he looked at her and took her into his arms. Kissing the top of her head, he sighed.

Sorry Mic...

Kissing his chest, Micki shook her head.

Come on, I'll keep the bad dreams away.

As Micki fell asleep, Ryan stayed awake, looking out the window for a very long time.

The next morning, at breakfast the news of their engagement was anounced to Jack, who seemed totaly overjoyed. Hugging and kissing both of them he told them that it was the best thing he could of ever hoped for. Asking them a million questions, Micki and Ryan simply laughed over coffee. Everything was happening too fast, and as far as they knew, once things settled down around here they would start talking wedding.

I bet Johnny is going to be a bit upset you stole his dream girl...

Jack teased as he began taking a bite of toast. Grinning, Ryan put his arm around Micki and gave her a kiss on the cheek.


They talked for awhile over breakfast, in total peace before Jack brought up that while they were out last night he recived a letter from a small village in France, where a young nun claimed the book of satan was there.

Is it in the manifiest?

I checked, and I haven't seen it yet, but I have read many things about this village and thought it might be worth checking out.

Your going?

I booked my flight last night.


What, nothing but a harmless little trip, I'll be only three days at the most...I've all ready packed.

Sounds like you really wanna go.

I have a very uneasy feeling about it, might be for the best I have a look.

Should we...

Jack waved his hand.

No, no...you stay here and mind the shop, anyways I have Johnny checking into another item, anyways you two should enjoy this time together.

Glancing at Ryan, Micki smiled.

He was right, Ryan would be her husband.

Smiling, she yet again knew this feeling...it was love.

3: The motion

Micki awoke early on Friday morning, to find herself alone in her bed. Sitting beside her on the nightstand was a stack of at least seven or so bridal magazines. Squinting for a moment, she smiled looking at them and remembered how she spent half the night on the phone with Sara, one of her closest and oldest friends from the city. Sara was married to a wealthy doctor and had a two year old at home. Sara and her had gone to finishing school together and stayed in contact afterwards through their families. Micki liked Sara, even through she was from an upper class kind of lifestyle, she still kept things very real in focus, and usualy gave Micki all the dirt about what was going on back home.

In fact, Sara was the one from the start that said getting married to Lloyd wouldn't solve any of her problems, just because her father liked him didn't mean he would make a good husband. Somehow Sara and her husband Mark were the only ones that seemed half way supportive once she broke up with him. Since then, her relationship with her parents seemed almost something that was crumbled and beyond repair. Once they recived news of Micki running the shop, and getting involved with Ryan, they were shocked and disgusted. Her father mostly gave her a hard time about throwing her entire life up in the air and running this falling apart store. Her mother on the other hand only thought about what people were talking about in the country clubs and throught getting married to her cousin Ryan Dallion was the biggest mistake a person could ever make. In fact they spent many times on the phone arguing about the subject matter. How people would talk, how Ryan was a college artist dropout and would never be able to support her. Micki meanwhile stuck up for herself saying she didn't want to marry a person she didn't love, much like her mother did with her father. That caused her not to speak with them for months.

She knew that by the time they decided to set a date for the wedding, her parents wouldn't come. But she didn't mind, Ryan was her family now.

Sara had come to visit a few times, she seemed a little uneasy about the whole idea of Micki running the store, which didn't look to be making that much a a sale profit. But she got along with Jack and Ryan and told Micki that as long as she was happy, she thought this was a great life for her.

Sara and her spoke on the phone at least once a week. And as much as Micki didn't tell her about her dangerous life with these cursed objects, she still had plenty to talk about. Sara updated her on how Lloyd had a new girlfriend who looked at least ten years younger then him, and how drunk her father had gotten at the holiday party. Sara was also tossing around wedding ideas with Micki.

But it was all too soon, both Micki and Ryan agreed to hold off on the wedding until things settled down.

Looking at the time, she glanced over at Ryan's side of the bed and sighed.

He was visiting his brother's grave this morning.

Crawling out of bed and going for her robe, she felt guilty about not going with him. But then again she knew he needed to be alone. This was a wound that even after all this time, hadnā€™t healed. Shuffling towards the kitchen, Micki decided to go food shopping, she would make a nice big dinner for Ryan once he got back and tried to make him forget about all his problems.

Looking at the note pad which hung on the wall, she saw that Johnny was coming over to take a look at the downstairs shower in the afternoon. Also Jack would be coming back home on Monday, which was nice since the store just didn't feel the same without him. Before driving him to the airport a few days ago, Micki felt a pretty big uneasy feeling...almost as if something was about to happen.

Turning around, she went into her bedroom to change.

A few hours later, Micki went back to the store and saw that the car wasn't back. Struggling to keep her bags in her hands, she walked up the wooden stairs and tossed her keys on the counter.

Anybody home?

Just then Johnny came down the stairs.

Hey let me help you with that.

Micki raised an eyebrow before giving him a bag that was about to fall apart on the floor.

How did you get in?

Jack gave me a key remember, hey that shower of yours is working fine.

Both started going up the stairs together.

Oh yeah, thanks...

Yeah no problem...say where's Jack?

In France remember...he's visiting that village?

Oh yeah...Ryan go with him?

No, but I wish he did...he's been pretty depressed.

Oh yeah? Well where is he? I'll cheer him up.

He's at the cemetery.


His kid brother James, fourteen years ago remember?

Slowly nodding, the two of them went into the kitchen to put things away.

Now three days later, Micki found herself standing in the same exact room.

Only this time...

Things were different.

Micki sat at the kitchen table, her hair unwashed, her face glossy and pale, her eyes shrunked in and hollow, and her entire mind state numb. Jack sat beside her with his medicine bag open. He was in the middle of getting a syringe filled.

Okay Micki, this is going to sting for just a second.

Johnny sat on the other side of her, his arm tighly around her waist. Jack began to roll up her sleeve as Micki's heart pounded. On the ride back from the airport they had given her something to relax. Since then she muttered helpless sobs and cried against Johnny. Saying the same thing over and over again.

I wan't Ryan...please get Ryan.

Replaying everything that had happened over the last three days, it seemed so much like a dream. Shortly after talking with Johnny in the kitchen, he left to go pick up parts on his bike. That's when Ryan and his mother came in. Ryan had taken her aside and explained how she had ran into him at James' grave. It had been fourteen years since his death. And fourteen years since she left Ryan, alone with the guilt and grief of it all. She tracked him down after reading about her ex husband Ray dying in the newspapers.

Ryan seemed almost in a state of shock from seeing her. Before he could even say anything, there had been a message from the phone from Jack. There was something serious happening at the village and he needed them to come right away. Micki seemed pretty shaken by this, but Ryan stayed calm, as if he almost knew this was going to happen.

I hope nothing is wrong?

Micki asked while they stood in her bedroom. Ryan's mother sat in the kitchen drinking tea.

I'll call the airlines, see if we can get out in the morning.

But Ryan...

We'll have Johnny watch the store.

But Ryan, what about her?

Ryan glanced out the doorway for a second before sighing.

She doesn't even feel like my mother anymore.

Seeing the pain in Ryan's face, she knew through all this time, it hurt him to see her. While Ryan made the calls to Johnny and the airlines, Micki finished her tea with Ryan's mother.

He talked alot about you...

Micki faintly smiled.

I remember you too, came to visit when you were four or five, Ryan was a bit younger at some Christmas party...still have that beautiful red hair.

Micki smiled before looking up at the older woman. Time hadn't been good for her, alot of pain built up behind her eyes.

So, when is the wedding?

Micki softly laughed.

We don't know yet, we have alot of planning with the store...

She slowly nodded before taking her hand.

Your good for him, you know that right?

Micki smiled back before nodding.

Yeah, I guess I do.

Before she left, she heared about Jack and offered to drive them to the airport. Ryan at first was uneasy to say yes before Micki did. Maybe the two of them could start trying to rebuilt whatever relationship they once had.

That night, Ryan tossed and turned. Micki had packed for them, and first thing in the morning Johnny would be over. Micki was worried about Jack, and worried about Ryan. Watching him struggle to sleep, she attempted to have sex with him and get him to relax, but both trys ended up with Ryan unable to hold off long enough and getting snappy. Holding his slick warm body in the darkness of the bedroom, she kissed his shoulder blades and prayed that everything would be all right.

But it wasn't.

Micki hated herself for not seeing the signs. The young girl in the airport and how terrifed she became when she shook Ryan's hand.

"Don't go..."

How strange everything felt in that village, and how they recived news that Jack was hurt. Then...that man with the book.

If only they hadn't split up, if only she knew what was wrong in time. She should of known...it was in his eyes.

"I need to see the sister..."

He said looking at the church. Even when he left her in the inn later that night, she never knew this would be the last time she would ever set eyes on him.

"Ryan wait!"

Then how everything that happened, the storm, the death of the sister, the police, the questions, the stories that Ryan had done this.

No, she couldn't believe it, not her Ryan.

She got scared and called Johnny, she knew something was wrong with Ryan.

If only she knew he was still half there, how he had begged Jack to wake up in the hospital, how he sat in the ally dripping wet and screaming with pain. Something awful was over taking him like a sickness...and there was nothing he could do about it.

Jack felt her pulse in the kitchen before asking Johnny to help bring her to the bedroom and change her into some loose clothes. Micki stared off into space, stonned and unable to speak.

She remembered millions of lights by the river bank, and then the thunder above in the sky. How they had raced to the the tomb and saw that it was too late. Ryan was no longer Ryan, he was something awful and evil. His eyes were flashing and wild looking. Standing above the little girl as the dagger was about to lower, Micki felt helpless.

"Ryan...please...Ryan please..."

Then as the dagger came down...

Ryan threw himself in the way. Micki screamed and held onto Johnny as the real Ryan began to show in his hurt and drying eyes.

"Pray for me..."

He then dropped.

And that was it, Ryan was dead.

The child that Jack carried to the bank, struggled, before a blinding light came. Micki knew it was Ryan, but couldn't understand why this had happened. He didn't remember anyone.

"Ryan...it's me Micki?"

Why couldn't he had died, he had been though so much and after giving his lfie he was turned into a child?


This wasn't the man she loved, it was just a boy.

"I have a cousin Micki, she has red hair too."

Looking up with tears in her eyes, she held the little boy. Jack and the others watched the sparking stars began to show up in the sky.

It was over, Ryan had saved them all.

He was given a second chance to live, without any pain or memory...most of all of her. Micki was heartbroken, most of all when she watched him walk out of her life forever at the airport with her mother.

Just a ten year old boy.

Ryan was still in there, but changed. It was all over now.

Micki then had the breakdown and panic attack in the car. It was really true, God had done this. Ryan wasn't coming back nor would be with her. He would live with his mother and have a childhood, without any contact from him.

By the time Ryan reached his true age, Micki would be an old woman.

She had lost the man she loved.

Breaking down she cried and screamed and fought before they drugged her. Micki felt empty and alone.

She couldn't go on without him, not her Ryan. It happened too fast.

Johnny found an old yellow shirt of Ryan's, tossed on a chair in the bedroom. Giving it to Jack, the two helped change her into it, which went down to her knees. Helping her into bed, Jack decided to stay with her for the night.

Is she going to be okay?

Johnny asked in a worried voice, his hands stuck in his pockets.

Jack sat by Micki's side as she slept, she was drained of all emotion and strength. Slowly shaking his head, Jack felt pain too.

This was alot for her, in fact it was alot for all of us.

So...Ryan won't remember anything?

Jack shook his head.

I'm sure it's somewhere deep in his heart, but as of right now he's with his mother and doesn't even know meaning of loss...I think God gave him a second chance for what he did, and I wish to keep it that way.

But what about...

The store? We'll mannage...as for Micki, I don't know...time will tell.

Johnny watched Micki for awhile before heading downstairs. It began to rain outside. Jack rubbed Micki's hands, knowing she was heartbroken.

A life without Ryan, seemed to dull and empty. He knew how much they cared about each other, and how much they had fallen in love. It was going to be hard to move on from, and he didn't know if Micki would ever recover, nor want anything to do with the store.

Holding her hand he sighed.

Muttering in her sleep, Micki cried. She was dreaming about Ryan.

Please don't leave me Ryan...we're going to get married...

4: The time


Johnny sat beside Micki's bed, it was late afternoon and rain was hitting the bedroom window in hard drops. Clearing his throat he waited a second and stared at her slim back. She wouldn't even look at him. Sighing he really had no idea what to do. Jack had been with her most of the time, now he was trying. Nothing seemed to bring her out of it. The last few days had been filled with breakdowns and helpless cries from the bedroom. Now Micki seemed worn out and nearly able to just drop down dead. Johnny was worried, and knew Jack was too.

They had tried to explain that Ryan had given up his life, that he fought through the evil and was given a second chance to live. A second chance to be with his mother and be a child. To live a worry free life without memory of pain, grief, or danger. It was better then him being dead.

But Micki felt alone.

Ryan in so many ways was gone forever.

Looking at his worn hands, Johnny remembered how he felt after his father's death. Even though Ryan wasn't dead...he was still gone, taken away from Micki before she even got a chance to say goodbye. Thinking back, he liked Ryan, he was a easy going guy who got Micki before he had the chance to jump in. Seeing Micki like this hurt. Would she stay? Would he now help with getting the objects back? He didn't know.


Johnny sighed again before touching her back.

I know you loved him Micki, but you can't give up.

Slowly turning, Micki's eyes were bloodshot from crying, looking at her broke his heart.

Oh Johnny, I wish I could just have him back...

Leaning in, Johnny held her.

Time would heal things...it had too.


Nearly six years later, at Anderson High School a group of cheerleaders all at around on the lush grass of the playing field. It was lunch period and they were watching the guys practice.

Kate sat with her friends, all spread out and giggling to each other. Prom was in another few weeks and they were discussing dress ideas. Looking up for a second, she grinned.

Ryan was fooling around with the guys, as always.

Both had started dating last year, it seemed almost meant to be. His friends were her friends. He was in all ways the perfect boyfriend. Cute, funny, and always seemed to stand out in the crowd. He was applying to art school in the fall, and played football and baseball. He was a jock, yet had the artist flash in him. He was friends with everyone, and loved to make people laugh. In all ways, he was a typical normal eighteen year old.

Kate couldn't wait for prom. Smiling she watched Ryan as he ran behind Mark and caught the football, nearly falling over as he laughed and tossed it back to Chris.

Nice going Dally!

Mark yelled before heading over to the girls, the rest of the guys came behind him and sat down.

Hey babe...

Ryan grinned and reached over kissing Kate. Giggling she pushed him away before they all spread out. Ryan reached into his pocket and took out his glasses, the rest of the period they spent talking about Pete's big party coming up.

After class, Ryan walked down the crowded hallway and shoved his books into his locker and grabbed his letter man jacket. Before leaving he dropped off his latest art project to Mrs. Learner

She's very beautiful.

Mrs. Learner said crossing her arms and looking at Ryan's painting. Standing back, Ryan looked at the image and sighed.

She must be someone important, Mrs. Learner said before crossing the room to get her notebook. Ryan had gotten close to most of his art teachers during high school since he showed such interest.

She has been in most of your work this year...

Ryan shrugged before running his fingers through his hair.

I don't know who she is.

Mrs. Learner raised an eyebrow.

Really, there's such detail...

I know, been dreaming of her lately.

Oh really?

Mrs. Learner laughed to herself before Ryan rolled his eyes.

Not that way...I don't know, they keep getting stranger and stranger, as if I'm trying to remember something.

Who knows, could be from your past life.

Smiling, Ryan left the room and went to the parking-lot. Jumping into his car, which he had just finished paying off from working this summer, he drove home, unable to keep what Mrs. Learner said out of his head.

"Who knows, could be from your past life."

These dreams had gotten strange. In fact they turned from nightmares, which had worried his mother, to just normal dreams. But everything was mixed together, like a puzzle.

There was a store, he remembered seeing it from the inside, there was a bunch of junk in it. Then an older man...a doll, then a clock, then that girl. She somehow always made the dreams better, her and that pretty fire red hair she had.

Tyring to brush it out of his mind, he remembered he had a game coming up in two days, then he had to rent his tux, before finishing his final project. Pulling into his driveway, he picked up the newspaper and knew his mother wouldn't be home from work until later in the afternoon. Deciding to kick back and relax before he called Kate, he went into his bedroom and flopped down on the bed.

Reaching for his CD player, he turned up the volume, and took out his sketch pad and began to draw. Slowly tapping his fingers to the beat, he began to draw her again...He couldn't get her out of his head.

Later that night, after calling Kate for an hour, having dinner, and trying to catch up on some homework, he told his mother he was tried and was just going to hop into the shower then go to bed.

So early?

Mrs. Dallion asked, almost in a worried tone.

Smiling, he kissed the top of his mother's head and went to shower.

She was always worried about him, in fact it had gotten worse since the dreams came. Whenever he talked about them she acted funny. Knowing she really wasn't to blame, he was told that right after his father died he had gotten very sick when he was younger, around twelve years old. In fact most of his memory before hand was blured. His mother told him he was in and out of hospitals and nearly died. From that point onward, it had just been the two of them.

But now it was getting to him, what was he trying to remember.

Trying not to make that big of a deal, he thought about what a great life he was living. He had a great girlfriend, drove a nice car, his mother loved him, he was going to art school next year, and had lots of friends.

Still...something seemed to be missing.

After the shower, he fell asleep, his sketch of the woman on his nighstand.

An hour later he woke up screaming.

His mother sprang out of bed, nearly falling over in the darkness as she ran to his bedroom. Her poor teenage son sitting upright in bed screaming, she went to him and shook his thin body.


Ryan then looked at his mother terrifed before pulling back.


Nearly falling backwards, Mrs. Dallion nearly screamed herself. Even though all this time had past, he finally remembered.

5: The shock

Ryan sat at his kitchen table, as his poor old mother brought over two steaming hot cups of coffee. The clock above the stove said it was nearly two in the morning. Sitting there in silence, Ryan stared off into space. He had been hysterical for nearly an hour before his mother calmed him down. Mosty he fought her, asking where Micki and Jack were, and why was he here? Mary had feared this had happened, in fact shortly before she broke off contact with Jack, she asked him if he would ever fully remember everything that happened before he changed. Jack simply didn't know. There was still some memory in there, and for all he knew, one day Ryan might remember everything. Slowly had had started to happen. Ever since he began having those dreams.

Mary was getting old now, and was enjoying her second chance to be a mother. As much as she loved Ryan, she watched him grow up into a happy go luck teenager, with pain behind his eyes. The questions came after the dreams, then all those drawings of his cousin. Mary was afraid this would happen, and finally it did. A few months before hand he had gotten hurt in football, so bad in fact they took him to the hospital. There the dreams seemed to be getting more clear. In fact the nightmares were mostly about what happened in France. What would she tell him, how could she explain?

Ryan looked down at his hands, then glanced over at the mirror across the room. He seemed frozen before he looked back at his mother.

Why am I so young?

Mary looked up, she loved him so much. How could she tell him?

I don't look my age...I'm twenty-four, why do I look so young?

Ryan did look the same, in fact ever since he was a baby Mary remembered always saying how much older Ryan looked. Ray thought something might be wrong with him, but Mary knew it was always in his eyes. Even now he didn't look eighteen, he looked eighty.

Where's Micki and Jack...are they at the store? Are we back from France...what happened?

His voice began to rise when Mary simply shook her head.

I just did this because I loved you so much.

Where's Micki?

Taking a deep breath, Mary knew this would take all night.

By dawn, Ryan had nearly thrown over the table and fell to the floor.


He kept shaking his head. All this time had past and why? Six whole years and how didn't he know.

Ryan please, it was God's will.


Ryan screamed, nearly sending Mary to tears. How could he have forgotten. How could he had let this happen to him. Standing up, he looked at his image in the mirror and wanted to smash it. This wasn't fair.

I need to see Micki.


Ryan didn't want to hear another word, all this time with Micki alone. He loved her, how could he have let this happen. Grabbing the keys off the hook he ran past his mother and started up the car. Looking at the dawn slowly setting on the still neighborhood, Ryan almost felt sick.

He needed to go home.

Speeding away, tears began to blur his vision.

An hour later he made it to the city, so many things had changed. It wasn't the 80's anymore. Speeding down the side streets, he nearly crashed when he stopped in front of the store.

It wasn't there anymore, in fact...it was a thrift shop.

"Jane's Thrift Spot"

The purple sign read. Looking around, for a second he thought he might have the wrong place. Looking at the store for what seemed like a lifetime, he then knew.

This used to be Curious Goods.

It was 1995.

He was eighteen years old, and remembered that after giving up his life from being overcome by Satan, he was turned young again for a second chance.

A second chance at what?

He had killed people, and was given the chance to live again as a boy? He should of died. Anything would of been better then this. His thoughts raced to Micki and Jack, and then the store. Something must of happened. His heart aching, he pulled the car over and parked it before slowly getting out.

Walking over the sidewalk, which he stepped over millions of times before, he slowly looked around at the street. Everything had changed. He then saw that the sign on the door said open. Pulling it open, the same bell rang as he entered. For a second he thought it would be the same as he left it six years ago.

Jack and Micki would be there and everything would be all right.

But it was different, everything was.

The store was changed around, the counter was on the other side and racks of old clothes and different hats and coats were all over the place. A young woman with a short haircut stood behind the counter pulling a tag off something.

She then notcied Ryan, smiling she waved.

Didn't think we would get anyone in this early.

Ryan slowly took everything in, this wasn't home anymore. Where did Jack and his Micki go?

Can I help you?

The woman raised an eyebrow before Ryan snapped out of it.

Ummm...I know this is going to sound crazy, but I...my family used to own this store.


Ryan slowly walked over, it took everything inside him from screaming. The woman seemed friendly enough, pushing back her hair she smiled.

I think it used to be called...

Curious Goods...My...my cousin owned it.

Really, I never got to see the place, my boss who's in Florida now bought it like five years ago.

Do you know what happened to the owners, I...I lost contact with them while I was away at school.

Well...there might be something in the books...

The woman slowly looked Ryan up and down, he knew what she was thinking.

I'm really sorry, and I know how this looks, but my mother is real sick and wanted to see them before, well you know.

Oh...well I guess I can look around if you don't mind the wait?

No, not that all...

Okay, well the office is upstairs.


Yeah, I think it used to be an apartment up there, my boss turned it into one big office.

Oh...hey can I use your bathroom?

Yeah sure, it's downstairs to your left...I won't be long.

Thanks again...

Molly, and your?

Ryan, Ryan Dallion.

Okay Ryan, I'll be right back.

Watching her climb the stairs, he raced to the basement, his heart pounding. The vault...the objects?

Stopping, he stared at a brick wall...new by the looks of it, mostly put up a few years ago. Standing and looking at it he sighed and ran his hands across the cool bricks.

Whatever did happen, someone sealed it up...

He prayed that they had gotten all the objects back, and that the vault would never be found again. By the looks of it, it seemed that it was just a wall. But Ryan knew what was really behind it. Looking at the wall again, he fought back the tears.

Something had happened.

Turning around, he went upstairs.

Hey I got it!

Turning around, Molly raced down the stairs with a paper.

It seems that a Mrs. Foster sold the place to my Boss back in 1990, she's now living in Bridgeport, here's the address.

Nearly grabbing the paper from her hands, Ryan re-read the entire thing.

"Oh Micki..."

He thought.

Hey, I hope your not a stalker or anything...my boss would kill me if she knew what I just did.

Snapping out of it, Ryan shook his head.

Thanks Molly...

Before she could say another word, he jumped into the car and began to speed to Bridgeport. His heart racing he kept remembering Micki's soft face.

He hoped time hadn't done anything to them.

I'm coming Micki...I'm coming.

He said to himself as he took the exit off the highway.

6: The pain

It was nearly ten in the morning when Ryan reached the neighborhood which the address read. His heart pounding, he tried to remember the last time he saw Micki's beautiful face. The pain kept hitting him, over and over again. Everything that happened in France was a blur, but he did remember the lifes he took. Why didn't God just kill him? Thinking of the six long years, he spent clueless, it hurt him all over again. Here he was a carefree teenager, while Micki, Johnny, and Jack had to deal with the mess he left behind. Did the objects kill them? Did something awful happen? Did they move on and try to forget about him.


He loved her so much it hurt, they were going to get married. What did she think when she saw him as a child, or worse...the monster that killed all those people. How could he have left her?

Finally he stopped.

It was a nice ranch style brick house. A big green well kept lawn, and a mailbox. There was a car parked in the driveway.

What would she do if she saw him?

She was thirty-one now.

Would she grab him and kiss him, would she scream and slam the door? Would she turn her back on him?

Knowing it was now or never, he slowly got out of the parked car and walked up the driveway.

Please God, don't let her hate me...

Reaching the porch, he rang the bell. After a second, the door open and he froze.

A little boy stood there, no bigger then five. His wide eyes looked up at Ryan and looked as if he was going to scream.

Ryan was speechless.

Rudy, what did I say about answering the door!

And then, Micki walked over.

She looked the same, her hair a bit shorter and straight. She wore jeans and a dark green blouse. She was just as beautiful as the day he left her. In her arms was a two or three year old little girl.

She froze.

Mommy, who's dat?

The little boy asked, yanking on the leg of her jeans.

Ryan just stared at her before the little girl giggled and began to pull on one of Micki's ears.

There was silence.

Hey honey do you know where I put my keys?

Just then Johnny walked over in jeans and a T-shirt. He was in the middle of pulling on his jacket when he also froze in the doorway.

Ryan felt his insides shake, he knew what was going on here.

Johnny opened his mouth to say something, and left it there. Micki's eyes filled with tears before she slipped the baby over to Johnny, who took her not looking away.

Micki stepped forward, nearly speechless.



Just then, she fainted.

A little while later, she came too. The kids were downstairs in the playroom, and Johnny sat beside her on the couch and slowly rubbed her arm as she woke up.

Ryan sat across from them.

The house was perfect, in fact everything was perfect. Ryan notcied on the wall a bunch of framed photographs of their family. Time really had gone by.

Micki looked at Ryan with scared eyes, before Johnny got her to sit up.

What...what...are you doing here?

Micki began to shake as Johnny put his arm around her.

Ryan felt his heart begin to ache as he stared down at his hands and sighed.

I remembered...


I remembered, it came slowly at first then all at once last night.

How is that possible?

Johnny asked, Micki was softly crying beside him.

Ryan simply shook his head.

I don't know...I can't explain it, only that I drove all the way to the store, and I really have...no idea what's going on...

Ryan began to cry. Johnny stared at him before Micki cleared her throat.

Did your mother...

Tell me everything?

Ryan lifted his head before nodding.

Yeah she did, I remember France, I remember everything.


Don't...all I know is one second ago I was knocked down in some alley in France, now I'm eighteen years old and this is happening...

Tears ran down Ryan's face as he tried to breath.

Where's Jack?

Micki and Johnny looked at each other.

Jack...Jack died two years ago, it was a heart attack.

Ryan began to shake his head.


Micki began to cry even harder.

He said before he died that this might happen, he really did.


Ryan lowered his head and cried even harder, Johnny slowly got up and went over to him.

Ryan, I can't even start to say how sorry I am...

No! You don't...you have no idea what this is like, it's hell!

Holding onto Ryan, Johnny looked towards Micki and saw she was helpless. This was alot to take in. Ryan meanwhile cried even harder.

The pain...it wouldn't go away.

7: The chance

Johnny called into work, in fact he now owned a garage downtown. Acting as if he was walking on glass, he spent some time downstairs before taking the kids for their mid-morning nap. Once he came downstairs, Micki and Ryan were in the kitchen, Micki was making coffee and trying not to make eye contact with him.

Finally they all sat down and began to talk.

They had gotten all of the objects in early 1990. It was hard to believe, but they did. Johnny talked about a few of the peices, and made Ryan feel empty inside, knowing he wasn't there to help them. Once they got all the objects, Jack decided to seal up the vault for good and sell the place. Since everything was now in Micki's name, they took the money and all moved out here to start some what of a normal life.

Are you two?


Johnny nodded, Micki meanwhile wouldn't even look up.

Married in 91.

And the children?

The boy is Rudy, he's almost six, and the little girl...she's Dallas.

Ryan softly smiled.

Nice names...

Micki made a strange sound in her throat before getting up and leaving.

Ryan looked up before Johnny shook his head.

She'll be fine, it's just alot for her...this whole thing really hit her hard.

Ryan felt tears coming again and just nodded.

So your sure about the vault.

He nodded.

Good...that's good.

What about your mother?

I'll call her...I kind of just raced out of here.

Hey Ryan...I'm so sorry, I know you and Micki...

Hey, you did the right thing and looked after her, I mean come on now.

Johnny nodded.

Thanks Ryan, and you know I would of never...

Johnny...it's okay.

They sat in silence for awhile before all looking at each other.

So what now?

I don't know...

Micki returned as Johnny began to speak up.

Maybe you could stay with us...


Johnny looked over his shoulder at Micki, she stood in the doorway rubbing her arms. She felt like a stranger now.

Ryan saw this.

She had moved on, and made him leave her heart. It was his own fault. She had been through so much, this wasn't even fair.

No, Johnny...it's okay.


I guess I just needed to know if you guys were okay, that's really all that mattered.

I know Ryan...

No, it's okay...we said it before Micki that once all the objects were back we would start leading normal lifes, this is yours, I need to make something out of mine.

Ryan I know, but you went through so much.

I know I did, and it's pretty fucked up, but it's over now and I need to live with it, I'm eighteen.

Ryan softly laughed to himself as he looked down at the coffee mug.

I'll just do what was going to happen anyways, have a second chance and start living, like you guys did.

You should stay with us through...

Micki yet again shot Johnny a look, and Ryan caught it.

No, you guys have enough to worry about...it's too messed up to even try and clear up, I'm sorry about everything, this must of been way too much of a shock.

No Ryan, your our friend...you deserve as much as...


Ryan then got up, trying his best to smile.

It's over and done with, that's all...I'm glad you guys are okay.

Johnny got up, unable to think things though.

Ryan I feel like we should do something.

You guys did enough, you got the objects back, at least Jack lived long enough to see that...would you guys mind if you told me where he was buried.

Yeah sure!

Ryan softly smiled before Micki looked away from him, Johnny grabbed a notepad and began to write.

What are you going to do?

Ryan smiled.

Go back home and live my life.

Your going to visit through right? I mean man we need to see and talk with you, there's so much...

I will, I'll stop by don't worry.

But Micki knew he didn't mean that.

Walking him out, Johnny put his arm around him.

Come visit as soon as you can.

I will, and thanks again Johnny.

Hugging Ryan, Johnny went on for a little bit longer and nearly cried himself. Turning towards Micki...they looked at each other before Micki turned away and went back inside.

She just needs more time, I'll talk to her.

Ryan softly smiled.

Take care Johnny...

Before Johnny could say another word, Ryan turned away and got into his car.

On the ride back, Ryan couldn't stop crying.

A little while later, he stopped at the cemetery and found Jack's grave.

Standing there and looking at it, he sighed.

Oh Jack...you always made me feel safe.

Silent tears went down his face as he stared at the grave.

It was over, his chance was gone forever.

8: The snow

Ryan slowly walked up his front porch stairs that afternoon to be greeted by his mother. At this exact moment, she looked so old. Ryan knew in time she would die too, just like Jack...then he would have nobody. Hardly able to look her in the eye, she put her arms around him and he began to break down. He had nothing left in him but to cry. He cried harder then ever. Even more then when the cursed coin had gotten Micki. He just stood there shaking as his mother held him.

Once they got inside, Ryan told her everything. About the objects being all found, the store being sold, how Jack had past away, and then...Micki and Johnny. His mother explained that Jack had written a few times after the change, and then how she saw the clipping in the newspaper about his death. Ryan sat there, hardly able to cry anymore before he told his mother about how happy Johnny and Micki's life seemed, and how it was wrong of him to disturb it.

But you had to know Ryan, you had to.

Sighing, Ryan looked around at their small kitchen and softly smiled.

She didn't even look me in the eye mom, she hates me.

No she doesn't...it was just too much too soon.

Ryan looked around again before shaking his head.

Well, it's over with...I don't want to mess up whatever they have on there.

Ryan you have to understand, Micki just moved on.

I know mom...and I'm happy.

Are you?

It's alot to take in...mostly knowing the things I did.

But that's over with honey, now you can live...just as Jack wanted you too.

Ryan then nodded.

And I'll do that.


I'll live, I'll go to school, go to prom, get into college, and do things right this time.

But Ryan...

No mom, I can't screw this life up too.

Reaching for his hand, Mary looked at her son and knew how much he hurt inside. So much had happened so fast, and now this. She only wished it would be over.

And so time did pass for Ryan. He went to school the next day and asked his art teachers if he could throw out all of his work once it was graded.

But their so good Ryan...

No, I just want to start something new, okay?

So, everything drawing, every sketch of Micki was destroyed.

Things with Kate really weren't that good after that. Ryan couldn't see himself being with her simply for the fact inside he was much older then she was. Even at prom, while everyone else was laughing and dancing, he mostly sat feeling depressed.

A month later they broke up.

High school now didn't feel right, in fact his whole life didn't feel right.

Most nights he would lay awake, thinking to himself about all the wasted time, and how he would of been married to Micki if this hadn't of happened. He became distant, and knew it would never work.

He got into art school, but didn't even seem to care. His mother knew it was only a matter of time before he gave up. He was half there.

Finally winter came.

Ryan had stopped playing sports, and lost contact with most of his friends. He now lived in campus of his new school and spent most of his time working. He rarely spoke with his mother, and behind everyone's back had gone on medication to keep these awful nightmares away.

Thinking back on that winter night with Micki, he felt his heart ache. He tried to move on...but he couldn't.

He needed to see her.

So one saturday afternoon, as the snow began coming down, Ryan drove back to Brideport, really having no idea what he was going to do or say.

The past couple of months had been awful for him, mostly because he knew he was living a lie. Knowing deep down inside that Micki didn't want to see him, he wished he wouldn't cause her anymore harm.

But he loved her too much.

Turning down the street, he saw that snow was everywhere, in fact children were playing around building snowmen. Parking his car and shoving his hands into his pockets he slowly walked over to Micki's house.

She was on the lawn, her son playing a few feet away. Micki was dressed in a heavy winter coat and hat. Her son the same as he made up snowballs and talked with a few other kids from the other house.

The second Micki saw him she stopped dead in her tracks.

Ryan walked up the icy walkway as snow fell on his jacket and went over to her.


Micki just stared at him.


Ryan looked down at his boots for a second, his heart pounding.

Ummm, I knew I shouldn't of come but...

You wanna come inside for a second?

Where's Johnny?

Oh he's snowplowing with a couple of buddies across town.

Ryan glanced over at Rudy who was giggling with a few other smaller children.



The little boy turned.

Yeah mom?

Stay in the yard, I mean it.

Okay mom.

If you get cold come inside okay?

Okay mom.

Micki turned back to him and saw Ryan watching Rudy.

Come on...

Both went inside.

Should I take off my boots?

No your fine, let me take your coat.

Ryan slipped off his coat as Micki took his and hers off and hung it in the hallway.

Want something warm to drink.

No thanks.

Both stared at each other in silence for a while before Ryan cleared his throat.

Again Micki, I know this is werid...

But you needed to see me?

Ryan slowly nodded.

Don't worry, I understand.

Do you? I mean...I know it was a shock and all but you didn't seem that happy to see me the last time, I'm really sorry about that.

No, don't be...it was just a big shock is all, I wanted to contact you, do didn't Johnny, but we felt you needed time.

Yeah, I guess I did.

How's your mother?


You still living with her?

No...I'm living on campus.


Yeah I got into Applegate.

The art school?


That's great, still an artist huh?

Ryan softly smiled.

Yeah sort of...

Anything else going on?

Nothing that exciting for an eighteen year old.

Ryan, your not...

Ryan bit his bottom lip before Micki stopped.

I'm sorry about everything.

Sorry for what?

For you seeing me like this...with Johnny.

What did you think I would be jealous...angry?


Jealous...yeah, angry...well I guess I deserve everything I got, anyways I shouldn't be the one for pity, I did some awful things and got a second chance, how many people can say that?

Ryan that wasn't you...

But I let it happen.

I could of done something, I should of known...

No Micki...

Do you...do you wish you never remembered?

I don't think that's really a choice I could of had.

Micki slowly shook her head.

I feel as if I've done something wrong...

What? You moved on, you lived...you got all the objects back, that's what counts.

But we...

Were a thing of the pass...simple as that.

I still love you...you know that right?

Ryan nodded.

I know.

And you still love me?

Ryan nodded.

Micki slowly moved forward, her body shaking.

Oh Ryan...

Her lips pressed up against his as she stood on her tiptoes, that one kiss made Ryan remember everything that used to be good about his old life.

But he pushed her away.



Ryan fought back tears as he shook his head.

Your married...you have kids, you have your own life.

But I love you and...

No, Micki...let's just leave this as bad timing, maybe if things had been different or if we lived other lifes.

But why did you come?

Last look...


Ryan held her hands before looking her straight in the eye.

I love you Micki, and I always will.

Micki softly began to cry.

Oh Ryan I'm so sorry...

Just then from the other room, crying came.

Micki snapped out of it before looking.

That's Dallas, she's down for her nap.

Ryan turned and began walking towards the nursey, Micki walked behind him.

Ryan opened the door to the room which faced the front lawn, it was a cute nursey with mostly things of the pink and purple color. Micki went to the crib and picked up the baby.

Shhh, it's all right honey.

Ryan walked over, softly smiling.

She's beautiful.

Micki smiled looking at the baby.


Ryan smiled touching the baby's tiny fingers.

Sure she is.

Looking out the window, Micki and Ryan saw Rudy with the other kids throwing snow balls.

He is too.

Micki looked out the window at the falling snow and sighed.

He should be...he's yours.

Ryan froze.

9: The sky


Ryan slowly began shaking his head as he began to back away, Micki held onto Dallas as she walked over.

Ryan, you didn't do anything wrong...you know that right?


Ryan's words fell short as he kept looking out the window at the little boy.


Ryan snapped out of it and looked straight at Micki, speechless.

I found out I was pregnant right after you left, Johnny told me he would raise the baby as if he was his own...Ryan you couldn't of known...


Ryan, it's okay.

Ryan stared out the window for a very long time, watching the little five year old boy laugh and play in the snow. A million emotions rushed through him.

He had a son.

Somehow the awful feeling inside him began to drift away. All the pain and grief he had suffered the last couple of months didn't seem to matter. As awful as it seemed that he left Micki alone while she was pregnant, and that he wasn't there to watch him grow...he still couldn't stop looking at the boy.

He had a son...

Ryan's eyes filled up with tears as Micki touched his arm.

It's okay...do you wanna go outside?

Ryan looked at Micki and nodded.

A little while later, once Dallas was dressed warm, all three of them went out on the front porch. It was snowing pretty hard out now. Ryan watched the boy play with his friends as the air slowly began to white out.

He's perfect...

Ryan softly said to himself.

I told him that Johnny is his new daddy, but his real one died.

Ryan slowly nodded, still fighting back the tears.

That's good...

Maybe when he's older...

No Micki, please just leave it at that okay?

Micki nodded.

He's just like you, Johnny even said so.

Ryan watched the boy and somehow after all this lost time, he felt as if he did one thing right.


A woman across the other lawn, who was trying to shovel her driveway screamed.

The snow was coming down even harder.

The sound of spinning tries and breaks letting go filled the air. Ryan and Micki watched as children screamed and ran.

It was a truck, it was speeding down the road and loosing control on the ice.


Micki screamed, holding onto Dallas.

Ryan then saw.

Rudy was still in the road.

The truck was almost there.


Ryan took off, running through the snow as fast as he could, two seconds later he pushed Rudy with all his might...then darkness.

The next sounds were that of sirens. People came running through the thick snow to gather around and see what happened.

The truck had gone into a ditch a few feet away, the driver unharmed. Smoke filled the air as people ran over, some yelling to call an ambulance.

A friend of Micki's took Dallas, as Micki ran over.

Ryan had ran out into the road and shoved Rudy out of the way. If he would of been two seconds later Rudy would of been killed.

Rudy sat up on the other side of the road, a few neighbors trying to help him.

He was all right, other then a bloody nose and him screaming he was fine.

Micki's heart nearlt let go as she screamed his name.

Rudy ran over to his mother and jumped into her arms, crying as loud as he could into her jacket. Tears spilled down Micki's face as she held him as tight as she could.

Her son was fine.

Oh baby!

Holding him, the sirens were getting closer.

Then she saw...


Ryan laid in the road, a puddle of blood underneath him, soaking into the snow. His glazed over eyes looking up at the winter sky.

He saved Rudy's life.

Looking at Rudy who had calmed down, she slowly brought him over as others gathered around, kneeling into the snow she looked down at Ryan's poor broken body, and remembered the first time she laid eyes on him in the store in 1987.

He really was her soulmate.

Oh Ryan...

Kneeling down with Rudy beside her, she left her fingertips brush up against his skin. Blood was everywhere.


Ryan said, his voice choked and nearly a whisper.

Shhhh, don't talk...help is on it's way.

Ryan's eyes then went to Rudy who stared at him.

Ryan nearly smiled before looking back at Micki.

Thank you...

Then he was gone.

Micki sat there, looking at Ryan's lifeless body as she held her son tight and cried.

10: The love

Five years later.

Micki slowly knelled by the grave, and looked around at the beautiful swirling golden and fire red leafs of the cemetery. It was a crisp fall day, and right now she needed to say her final goodbye.

Rudy was turning ten this year and Dallas was nearly seven. Things were going well in her life, and she still had Johnny to love her and protect her. Life was simple and normal, something she had wished and prayed about so many years ago.

The store was a distant memory, along with her life there.

She was getting older, in fact she began to see gray in her hair. Looking at the tombstone, and pressing her fingertips against it she felt her insides shake.

Why God? Why did this happen?

Fighting back tears, she knew this would be the last time here. She had to move on.

Going into her pocket, she took out an old ring...a ring that was given to her many years ago. A ring she kept hidden and had so many good memories from.

Using one of her fingers, she dug a small hole and placed the ring inside it. Pressing the dirt over it she looked up at the clear blue sky and wished things had been different.

But the curse was over, and life moved on.

Slowly standing up, she grabbed her purse and looked at the grave again.

It was getting late and she had to pick the kids up from school.

Goodbye Ryan, I'll always love you.

Turning away she then felt a breeze go past her, leafs blowing in her hair almost in a playful manner. Softly smiling as a single tear ran down her face, she turned one last time.

Oh Ryan...

Smiling, she turned back and got into her car and drove away.

The End