Season 4

Authors: Dallion

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1: Dead Man's Party

Micki stared at the old fashion hockey mask before placing it on the dusty shelf of the vault. Standing there for a moment she looked around at all the crowded antiques in the darkness, so many which had taken peoples lifes or destroyed them. Feeling a chill she stood there, rubbing her arms before she heard her name being called from upstairs.

Shaking it off she closed the vault doors behind her and went up to the floor to see Jack standing behind the counter, the manifest in his hands. Looking around she saw that there were a few people looking around, mostly like not interested in even buying. Faintly smiling she past them and walked over to Jack.


Micki take a look at this...

Micki leaned over as Jack pointed to the listing.

One electric blue Fender guitar...

Micki's eyes raised and locked with Jack's.

Do you think...

Jack simply shook his head, knowing that they weren't really able to discuss this while customers were in the store. Taking the morning newspaper which laid beside him, he opened it up and then showed Micki one of the front photos.

Micki stared at it for a moment before seeing Rudy Cooper, the so called "Next big thing in Rock N Roll". He was a young guy, handsome in that sort of way and lately his songs had been all over the radio. Not really Micki's taste but Johnny seemed to enjoy blasting it whenever he was fixing the car. Micki leaned in closer to see that in Rudy's hands...was a blue Fender guitar.

Jack smiled before nodding and showing her the name under the manifest.


Micki softly spoke out loud as she read.

Sold to one Rudolph Copperfield...

Micki's eyed widened as she looked at Jack.

It has to be him, you know how these stars change their names.

Yes well, I did some research and it seems that this guitar does more damage then blasting people's eardrums out.

Before Jack could finish, a younger woman walked over with a glass vase in her hand, asking the price. Jack quickly put the manifest down as he smiled and began talking to her. Micki shot him a look before going upstairs.

There Johnny was sitting at the kitchen table, what looked to be a small engine in his greasy hands as tiny parts were scattered about. The second he heard Micki's footsteps he looked over his shoulder and smiled.

Hey Micki, what's up?

Micki sighed before taking a seat across from him.

Nothing, Jack might have a lead on another object.

Oh yeah?

Micki nodded.

I just got that hockey mask back too...

Well what is it?

A guitar.

Johnny raised an eyebrow looking impressed.

Wow, your uncle sold a guitar in this place?

Micki softly smiled before looking what whatever Johnny was working on.

What's this?

Oh the back engine to my bike...trying to clean it up a bit.

Doesn't look like your really doing it.

Johnny laughed before setting the engine down.

So about this guitar?

I don't know, Jack didn't get to tell me what it does, but it belongs to that singer Rudy something...

Rudy Copper?


How in the hell did he get that?

Beats me...seems like every Rock N Roll star in the area gets involved with one of Uncle Lewis' cursed objects.

Well good luck to us trying to get a hold of that one.

Yeah tell me about it.

There was silence between the two before Micki stared at her hands. Finally Jack walked upstairs, looking a bit out of breath.

You okay?

Fine, fine...I switched the closed sign once I cashed the last person out, I wanted to tell you about this guitar.

Jack took a seat between Johnny and Micki as he opened the manifest.

It seems that this guitar has the power to make some of the most amazing sounding music ever. It was made in Australia in the 1960's by a young woman who believed she could make music from Heaven...

Until Uncle Lewis got hold of it...

Well, it seems that once it was does have the power to make great music, the best in fact...only thing is...

Somebody has to die?

Not only that, the person who wants to play this music...needs to kill someone with the guitar themself.

Micki made a face as Johnny wiped his hands on his jeans.

Like bash the person's head in?



Micki shook her head, the thought of that turned her stomach.

Jack then showed the two the newspaper again.

It seems that there have been over twelve beatings in this area, mostly teenage girls.

All dead?

Jack nodded.

All after seeing a show of Mr. Copper himself.

So your saying he kills...groupies?

Yes, in fact I am.

When is his next show?

Tomorrow night at the Fleet says here.

Shit! That place is going to be way their going to let us even get close enough, let alone back stage!

Not you Johnny...but maybe me?

Johnny and Jack looked across at Micki.
Your crazy you know that!

Micki stood in front of her full length mirror, teasing her hair to get as big as it did in the mid 80's. She hoped even though she was about to turn twenty-five, Rudy would be interested in taking her back stage. Johnny paced behind her, reaching into his pocket he took out a cigarette and lit it. Micki couldn't stand smoking but knew Johnny's nerves were short. Lately he had been worried about her.

You know...I don't like these risks your taking.


Micki reached into her makeup bag and took out her eyeliner, tonight she was going to pile on her makeup.

You know, the last couple of times, putting your neck out...almost as if you want something to happen!

Yeah Johnny, that's just what I want.

I'm serious, it's like you don't even care if you live or die anymore...what if this creep gets you before I get there huh?

Johnny calm down!

Johnny shook his head and kept pacing.

Finally Micki looked at herself, she knew she looked silly but at least to a person like Rudy Copper...she might seem sexy. Turning she showed off her leather skirt which was barley able to cover herself.

How do I look?

Like your about to get killed.

Rolling her eyes she grabbed her bag and went off with Johnny.

An hour later, Johnny waited in line with the other millions of fans, while Micki went behind back, her heels clicking on the pavement. There in the back alley she met five or six other girls just as done up as her.

There she saw some bodyguards outside.

Micki tried to blend in with the crowd before one of the bodyguards walked forward, scanning the crowd he pointed to a blond woman, nineteen or so, and then...


You two...come here.

Micki seemed in shock but stepped forward as the bodyguard let them in. The blond woman was hardly able to control herself.

I can't believe we got in!

The bodyguard lead them down a long dark hallway, in the faint background Micki could hear thousands of screaming fans.

In here...

They were lead into a dressing room, the door was shut behind them.

Oh my God this is amazing!

The blond girl looked around, giggling before turning to Micki.

Are you a big fan?

Micki tried to smile and look excited.

Yeah, I love his music.

And his body?

The girl laughed before the door opened and both froze.

Rudy walked in, a young guy around twenty or so. Micki knew him mostly from seeing him do interviews on TV or on the cover of what seemed to be every magazine. He was dressed in leather, and looked to have almost the same amount of makeup that Micki and the blond woman had on.

He also had the guitar.

Micki's eyed bugged out as he smiled and walked forward.

Hello girls, seems my friend Mike thought you guys were the fans that deserved to see me up close.

The blond girl was shaking and laughing at the same time.

Oh Rudy, I'm your biggest fan...I know all your songs my heart.

Rudy smiled before looking over at Micki.

And you?

Ummm...yeah I think your great.

Just great?

He moved in closer.

Come on honey, I'm about to put on a big show...I need something better then that.

Micki's heart raced, for a split second she felt scared. Rudy slipped the guitar over his shoulder as he walked closer to her.


Just as he was about to back her up against the wall, the blond woman came behind him, a huge stupid grin on her face.


Rudy's face then changed, the look that a madman would give.

In a split second he spun around and swung the guitar against the girl's head. Before Micki could scream the girl fell backwards, blood splattering against the wall. Micki jumped back, gasping as she watched the young girl's lifeless body twitch.

Rudy turned, a huge grin on his face as he lifted the guitar again.

Micki thought quick and ducked out of the way as he swung it like a baseball bat. Screaming, she ran to the other side of the room, only a few feet away from the door.


Micki screamed and fought as hard as she could, pushing him away she then used all her strength to hit the guitar.

The guitar went flying and hit the floor hard, a loud noise filled the air as Rudy screamed and Micki went for the floor.


Micki screamed and ran down the hallway, her heels clicking as tears ran down her face. Past all the bodyguards, she jumped down the stairs and into the back alley where other girls watched.

She ran all the way back to the car.

Rudy meanwhile stood in the doorway of his dressing room...he needed two, the man who sold him this said the guitar would always need two or it wouldn't work. This never happened before.

He began to panic.

Just then there was a knock on his door.

Rudy come on your on!

Looking at the dead girl's body laying on the floor, his heart began to race. The other girl got away...what if she went to the police?

He needed someone else and quick.

Just a second!

No! You need to come out now, their going crazy!

Getting the guitar, he held it in his hands and felt sick.

Rudy saw the doorknob starting to open, looking at the deadgirl he jumped towards the doorway and locked the door behind him before looking at the mannager.

What's your problem should of been out there all ready!

I need a second...

No your coming now!

The mannager pulled his arm as he swung the guitar over his shoulder.


Pulling him on stage, Rudy felt everything begin to spin. He didn't have to the time to hide the body this time, nor get the second one that was needed.

Would it work?

He prayed it would, this was his life.

Stepping onto the stage, he looked around as thousands of fans screamed his name. His band waited, looking at him ready to go. The lights seemed too bright, he couldn't hear himself.

Everything was happening too fast.

He needed two girls, that's what the guy said.

Taking a deep breath he swung the guitar and ran to the center of the stage. There he began to sing and everyone started to go crazy.

Johnny meanwhile had fought himself up front, feeling his arms ache he pushed past the screaming fans and was now a few feet away from Rudy.

He still had the guitar.

Something happened.


He watched Rudy play the guitar and sing, everyone dancing and going wild around him.

Rudy smiled looking at the crowd, they had all come here to see him.


As he went to strum the guitar, blood splashed on his hands. Taking a second he looked down.

His entire hand was covered in blood.

His eyes growing big, blood began to pour out of the guitar. His band mates all watched and stopped playing.

Rudy watched the blood pour out of the guitar like a river, splashing down his pants and then onto the stage.

Great effects!

Some guy screamed to his friend beside Johnny.

Rudy watched the blood as his confused bandmates all watched.

Rudy screamed as he looked at all the blood and threw the guitar.

The guitar went skidding across stage, only a few feet away from Johnny. Seeing his chance he leaned forward and tried to grab it.


An over weight girl grabbed the blood soaked guitar.

Fighting to take it, a million other fans tried to grab it while Johnny fight them.

Rudy stood there covered in blood in utter shock before he saw the mannager and two police officer on the side of the stage.

They found the body.

Sceaming, Rudy dropped to his knees as everyone watched.

Johnny meanwhile put the guitar against his body as people punched and kicked him. Fighting his way through the crowd he prayed he would get out there alive.

Micki sat curled up in the car, her eyeliner running. Even though it was summer she felt as if she was freezing. Just then Johnny swung open the door and threw the bloody guitar in the backseat.

Screaming, Micki jumped as Johnny started the car, looking in the rearview mirror and speeding away.


Johnny looked at Micki, bruised and cuts all over him.

He wasn't in the mood.


Micki and Johnny sat on the couch watching the news as police dragged Rudy off. The body of the young girl was found in the dressing room and he was arrested.

Johnny had an icepack against his face as he watched.

Just then Jack returned from the vault, the guitar now put away for good.

Well that's that.

Easy for you to say Jack.

Jack smiled before looking at the news and shaking his head.


Yeah Micki?

How many...well you know objects do we have to get back?

Well that all depends on the manifest, it's easy to say we got 50% of them back.

That's still not enough...what if we're not able to get them all back, what if they keep doing these awful things to people?

Well Micki, you of all people should know all we can do is try.

Sighing, Micki slid off the couch.

I'm going upstairs to bed.

Okay, night.


Micki walked upstairs to her bedroom and shut the doors behind her. She felt exausted. Changing into her nightgown, she began to brush her hair when she remembered something that happened so long ago.

Smiling she remembered when Lloyd had tried to sneak into her room to spy on her, and how she ran to Ryan thinking someone was breaking in.

She remembered he had a guitar, which had been sold last winter. She remembered him about to raise it like a weapon before putting it down. Smiling she finished brushing her hair.

She missed him.

Curling into bed, she slept.

2: Dressed To Kill

Micki had spent most of the afternoon sitting on the couch with a black marker and the manifest in her lap. It was Sunday and Jack had been away for the weekend searching for yet another item. Johnny was downtown, and Micki had just returned from getting an old fashion cane that an elder man had bought a few years ago, unaware of it's power. Feeling somewhat relaxed, she couldn't believe what she saw. Redoing it over and over again she nearly cried.

Just then the door bell went off, Micki looked over her shoulder to see both Jack and Johnny walk in. Johnny was helping Jack with his bags as Jack brought over something.

Hi Jack, get it back?

As a matter of fact here it is, took some time to find it too.

Jack walked over with the weathervane in his hands. Placing it down on the table, Micki looked over at the silver glow it gave off. Micki remembered reading about this object when she first met Jack.

Now it was here.

Johnny struggled with Jack's bags before putting it down.

Another item to cross off Micki?

Micki then looked down at the manifest for a second before smiling.

Sit down for a second, I want to show you two something.

Slowly both Jack and Johnny took steats beside Micki as she opened the manifest open and began to point out all the crossed off items.

So we began getting the objects back in the late summer of 87 right?

Jack fumbled for his reading glasses before nodding.

And from what the records said, Ryan and I sold at least 60% of everything in Uncle Lewis' store, he began getting the cursed objects back when he broke his side of the deal, which must of been late 1985.

Johnny leaned forward.


So that means that 40 or so percent of the objects were all ready out there, now let's read off the list...

Micki began flipping through the book, her long fingernail showing every object and if it was crossed off or not. Many of these were things that Ryan, Jack, and her had gotten back themselfs.

The doll, the pens, the coin, the pin, the radio...

All awful memories and tricks from the darkness around them. All stories and events Micki knew she would always remember.

Finally she reached the last page and looked at Jack and Johnny's shocked faces.

This means...

That there's now only seven objects left that we don't have.

And know about?

Micki nodded, knowing this was too good to be true. Uncle Lewis was an evil man and most likely had other antiques not listed. But as far as Micki saw, that meant there really was light at the end of the tunnel.

For nearly five years all she had done was get these things back. She had risked her life and lost so much in doing so.

Now something she had prayed for was finally happening.

It was almost over.

I made a list of the seven objects...

Micki slid the paper over to Johnny who gave it a very uneasy look. Rubbing the back of his neck and sighing he looked over at Micki.

Yeah...but for all you know these might be the hardest to get, people might of sold them to other people...

An object was in France Johnny...or didn't you remember?

Micki's tone made Jack look up, both Johnny and Micki locked eyes in a serious manner.

Hey, all I'm saying is that this might not be it, your Uncle could of had sold other things not listed in this book.

Johnny do you like this?

Johnny was thrown off by the question.


Micki crossed her arms as she sat forward.

Do you like this...I mean you weren't forced into came by choice.

So didn't didn't you!

No, we did it because part of this was our fault, what about you?

I was just trying to help...

And you lost your father because of it.


Jack touched Micki's arm but knew he wouldn't be able to say anything. Right now Micki was going to say whatever she wanted, no matter what happened. Something flickered behind Johnny's eyes as he stared at Micki.

Well I lost my fiance, my parents respect, my entire way of life, a few people I cared about, Ryan, and my own life over these objects.

Micki...I understand, I just don't think we should jump the gun, anything could happen.

It all ready has, anyways...this never ending throbbing in my heart, it's been there for nearly five years, I can't do this anymore...I want out.

But what happens once we get the objects back? I mean there's a ton of stuff down there...In sixty or odd years we won't be around to guard it, then who will?

Micki looked up at Johnny, she felt herself getting worked up.

I mean we can't split the stuff up...what happens if any of it gets out again, then this would of been for nothing...what if what happened with you and Ryan happens again, what if this stuff stays cursed for the rest of time?


I'm telling the truth, even if we sealed up the vault anything could happen in time...did you guys think of that?

What I'm thinking about is getting these seven things back and then leaving this place for good.

You could do that, just like that?

Yes...I could, without a second thought...this place took everything I have left.

With that Micki got up and ran upstairs, Jack and Johnny watched her before they were finally left alone. Jack picked up the paper and looked over it.

She didn't mean what she said...she's just excited about maybe finally an end to this, it's taken it's toll.

I know that Jack, but this place has been her home...she's been through so much, shouldn't she worry?

She should, but let's deal with that once it's a problem...until then let's do what she said and focus on getting these objects back.

Do you think that's all that's left?

Maybe Johnny...I don't know.

Micki threw herself into her bed crying. Usually she never got this worked up, but somehow she couldn't control herself. For once in such a long time she felt happy.

Then Johnny had to stick the cold hard truth in her face.

Something Ryan would never do.


Micki cried to herself.

She had to stop thinking of him, she had to get him out of her head.

Turning over tears ran down her face as she sighed.

She wished more then anything for Ryan to be there.

After an hour or so, Micki finally came downstairs to hear what little facts Jack knew about the first object on the final list.

A set of sunglasses...


Two in fact.

Johnny leaned forward, a coffee mug in his hand. Micki walked towards them as Jack went on.

Yes, it seems that one pair if a person puts on controls the other person who puts on the other set.


Well say I had one set on...and then Micki put on the other, with almost a strange mind control with her wearing those sunglasses...anything I told her to do she would.


Johnny looked at the manifest as Micki came over. They glanced at each other for a moment and didn't have to say anything. They both knew that it really wasn't a big deal. As always they would move forward and just focus on the objects. As of right now there were seven objects, counting these sunglasses.

Well who bought them?

It seems that an FBI agent by the name of Dale MacLachlan bought these sunglasses back in 84.

FBI agent?

Johnny looked at the address.

You think he still has them?

Well I'll look into it, until then I say Micki and you begin looking into newspaper clippings, anything that might have these sunglasses involved.

Micki and Johnny glanced at each other again.

The next evening Micki, Johnny, and Jack all sat around. Like always they would rejoin at the store over some hot coffee and see what they dug up over whatever object they were planning on getting.

Well I looked into the files and yes there is a Dale MacLachlan who was an FBI agent for nearly eleven years.

Where does he live?

A few towns over, Forestville...nice small town, past through it a few times.

He still live there?

As far as I know yes, seems come fellow officers at the station I called were more then willing to talk. I guess Dale retired early after having a nervous breakdown.

Micki raised an eyebrow.

How did he do that?

Had a young wife by the name of May...sweet little thing the officers said, Dale was crazy about her before cancer took her the same month he bought the glasses.

Do you think they were involved.

No, but it seems that Dale has kept to himself the last couple of years...and if he does know what these glasses do...

We better talk to him quick.

The ride down in Forestville was peaceful for the most part. Jack drove as Johnny tried to figure out the map in the front seat. Micki meanwhile sat in the back looking out the window.

She liked it outside of the city. The never ending woods, the dirt roads. Everything seemed so still out here.

Crossing her arms, she sighed before Jack took the next turn and began going through town. A little while later they pulled over to ask for directions.

Micki got out to stretch her legs for a second. While walking beside the parked car, she notcied an older couple, holding hands and walking down the street. Smiling and watching them she felt her heart give a slight tug.

Hey you okay?

Snapping out of whatever day dream she was having, she turned to see Johnny smiling.

Yeah...fine, Jack get the address?

Yeah we're headed up right sure your fine?

Micki watched the couple walk by as she smiled.


Before getting into the car both Micki and Johnny spotted a bulletin board.

The entire thing was covered in missing person's flyers...mostly young women.

Dale sat back in his chair. At the age of thirty-seven, he didn't look it at all. His combed back jet black hair seemed perfectly still as he looked across his living room.

The house was built at the turn of the century by his great grandfather. May was the one who fixed it up...until she got sick.

Remembering her hospital bed, just near the bay window. Her frail looking body, her scarlet eyes slowly fluttering.

She was the love of his life.

And now she was gone.

Holding in his hands, he looked at the sunglasses.

It was shortly after her death that he went to the city and bought these. At first he was just walking around, still trying to get over the shock from the funeral. May used to love stores like this.

Then that older man told him what these sunglasses did.

At first he didn't believe him...until the first time.

He was lonely.

He didn't want to use these glasses for greed or power...he used it for love.

He would get these girls from the city, girls that weren't going to be missed. Ones that looked the most like May. He would bring them in here...put on the glasses and then give them a set.

He would tell them to act like May, and each time it seemed as if she was really there.


His brother in-law came one evening...caught him with one of the girls and called him sick. They were an argument and finally he got the sunglasses.

What is this Dale, some sort of sick twisted kick you have! How dare you do this where my sister lived!

Dale tried to explain...then saw he had the sunglasses on.

He grabbed his pair on and told him to get out and just kill himself.

Sure enough...his ex brother in-law died in a car crash only hours later.

That was the first time Dale saw with the sunglasses on...May.

She came for only a short time, and the only way he could see her was through there sunglasses. It was really her. He could feel her, he could be with her.

Then he knew the power.

Sure enough those same girls, he invited back...they wore the glasses and he told them over and over again to kill themselfs or have accidents. Nothing could be traced back to him.

The more death through the sunglasses...the more time he could be with May.

So much blood spilled.

He didn't care, he still got to see his May.

Put the sunglasses on.

He spoke in a flat voice.

The young girl he just picked up this morning stood across the living room. Her hands on her hips as she smiled.


She picked them up from the endtable.

Yes...put them on.

The girl did...and with that Dale asked her to go jump out the second story window.

Going up the driveway towards the set back farm house, Micki leaned forward.

So your saying all these missing girls might have something to do with Dale?

It might very well be, but let's see if he's willing to talk.

Micki gave an uneasy eye towards the house.

Death by Ray-Band, who knew?

Johnny smirked before they parked.


Micki screamed as Jack nearly crashed the car.

The three of them looked through the windshield and up towards the huge house. There on the highest window stood a young woman, her hair flowing backwards from the wind.


The three of them all jumped out of the car, Johnny and Micki looked up before Micki pointed.


Johnny ran forward, knocking into the front door. After a few good slams against it, the door flew open.

Skidding into the living room, he saw a middle aged man wearing the sunglasses and laughing to himself.


Just then Jack ran in behind Johnny.


But the man wouldn't stop laughing.

Running forward, Johnny knocked into the man, nearly hitting the glass porch doors.

Micki meanwhile watched from the front lawn, screaming as the young woman got closer and closer towards the edge.

Johnny and Jack fought the man, before the sunglasses got thrown off.

Micki screamed as the young woman jumped...she landed right beside her on the lawn.

By that evening the police were there, Jack, Johnny, and Micki were gone by then. The body of the woman who jumped was found, and when they found Dale...he was laughing like a madman calling for his dead wife.

He would be locked up.

And couldn't harm anyone else again.

Holding the sunglasses in her hands, Micki looked at them on the ride back and sighed.

So much death...

It was night now, and in the county like this it seemed to be a thousand stars sparking in the sky. Folding the sunglasses away, she looked up front at Jack and Johnny.

Well I guess that's it huh?

Yep...six more to go.

Micki made a small smirk over at Johnny as he said this.

Six more.

Only six.

3: A prayer

Hey Micki?

Micki was finishing up her diet coke as she glanced over at Johnny. The crumbled up papers of their fast food lunch was now on the dashboard of the car.

It was a sticky muggy summer day, and of all the millions of things that was wrong with the car, the biggest thing had to be the A.C. With the windows rolled down, and their only view a nice small side street with children playing on lush green lawns. Time seemed to crawl by.


How come you don't date?

Excuse me?

Johnny laughed to himself before taking a fry.

I mean don't let this get to your head or anything...but your a good looking girl.

Micki smiled before shaking her head.

And...I noticed that Jack seems to get out more then you.

I have had other things on my mind.

Well look, we're going after the next long did the other ones take.

Micki's mind went back to the last year or so, they had gotten two of the objects back. Now all that was left was a bow and arrow, a gun, an ax, the shard, a dollhouse, and a clock.

After that...

Well that was a road she didn't want to reach until crossed. Sitting there in the heat, Micki decided to give it to Johnny straight.

Hey, can I ask you something?

Micki glanced over at Johnny, smiling she began putting her hair up in a ponytail.


Were you and Ryan...well you know?

Micki couldn't control herself, somehow whenever Ryan's name came up, or anything...which was pretty much everything reminded her of him, she either not depressed or happy from remembering.

Were we what?

Johnny took out a smoke and lit it, shrugging his shoulders.

I didn't know him that well, I mean you guys did seem pretty close.

That's because of everything we went through together...

Yeah but he always seemed crazy about you.

We were cousins!

Didn't you say second cousins, that's why your ex kept acting like a jerk towards him?

Micki and Johnny had gotten pretty close in the last year or so. They mosty talked while they were together. Of their pasts, their problems, and most of all their family. Johnny had a tough life and somehow Micki could see the reason who he started helping them out in the first place. The year before, right after they had lost Ryan the two of them spoke about ever getting close to anyone again.

Micki told him the truth, since Ryan she was scared to become close to anyone. That made her point clear enough to Johnny...she just didn't look at him that way.

But Johnny was good about the whole thing, he cared for Micki and understood where she was coming from. It was awful when you lost somebody you love. Johnny always was reminded of the pain after his father was killed.

But since then, they were close friends. They knew if there was an end in sight...they would have to get through this together.

Micki simply smiled shaking her head before looking off into space.

No we weren't, I mean...there might of been a chance that it could of happened, but no...we weren't. happened?


I don't was hard to tell, but...I don't know maybe it was just me.


Yeah, but hey...that's all in the past huh?

Johnny nodded before both sat in silence for awhile, both didn't say much after that.

Micki and him had been making lists from the manifest, seeing how many objects they recovered from late 1987, to 1990. It was 1991 now and in total since Ryan was gone, they had recovered over thirty objects. The end was almost here...

Looking at the list of the final objects, Micki felt uneasy. She knew the shard was somewhere in impossible. For five long years she had been stuck here. Forced to believe in things she couldn't get a grasp on. Murdered, hurt, and thrown into a dark abyss of good and evil. She had lost everything...and finally an end was in sight.

What would happen then?

Before bed that night, Micki changed into her nightgown and began brushing her hair. Sighing as she looked at her reflection, she felt empty. Putting down her brush, she bent down and pulled open one of her draws from the dresser.

There, folded with care were the only things she had to remember Ryan with. Since they returned from France last fall, she was thrown into a deep depression. Ryan and her had gone through so much he was really gone.

Micki tried to see the good in it, but knew there were so many things she had wanted to tell him.

Now it was too late.

So she tried to forget the painful memory that he was no longer there. She boxed everything of his up and put it away...this was her way of dealing with the grief. And even though all this time had past, and Johnny and Jack were there for her, it wasn't the same.

Taking out the two objects, she held back tears.

Just a few months ago they had recovered the coin, something that made Micki want Ryan with her more then anything.

In her hands she held his yellow Illinois T-shirt, and a photograph that was taken a few months before everything happened. It was Ryan and Micki, his arms around her grinning behind the store counter.

Sighing she held these objects before fighing back tears.

Please God...

She said under her breath.

Please let him come back, please...

The next morning over coffee, Jack made some calls about an old fashion early 19th century gun that was sold back in early 1984. Micki sat across from Johnny, hardly able to focus.

Her thoughts kept going back to the past year.

So many objects recovered, in fact the vault was jammed packed.

Finally Jack hung up the phone with a smile spread across his face.

There are a few leads with the owner of the gun...he might still be in the city.


So until then, I say we focus mainly on getting that object back first.

Micki nodded before thinking over and over again.

Six more objects...then what?

4: Please help me

The dagger slowly began to rise, Micki's entire body felt frozen as she watched, unable to do anything. Right before it went down with total force, Micki could faintly hear the voice of a child say...

"Ryan, help me please...Ryan..."


The dagger went down, but an awful ugly scream like a monster dying was heard. Micki jumped back before the screams slowly faded out and she heard...

"Pray for me..."

Micki shot up from bed, gasping for air. Looking around her dark bedroom, she saw it was raining out now. Sitting there for a moment, the sound of thunder went off, making chills go down her spine. Sitting there, she then heard the door downstairs.

Who was that in the middle of the night?

Hearing the bell again, panic jumped deep inside her stomach, knowing whatever it wasn't good. Grabbing her robe and heading out, she nearly knocked into Johnny who was also getting up.

Spent the night?

Micki asked before Ryan stood in front of her and started making his way down the stairs. Micki eyed him for a second and saw he had a baseball bat in his hands.


Before he could answer, Jack was also up. Closing his bathrobe, he shuffled towards the door while Johnny and Micki stood on the stairs watching. Jack flicked on a light before the front bell went off again.

All right all right I'm coming! Do you have any idea what time it is?

Opening the door, Jack stood back.

Mrs. Dallion stood there, totaly helpless and soaked from the rain. In her arms was Ryan, laying their limp with blood smeared across his face. Micki right away felt her knees almost buckle and grabbed onto Johnny for support.

She hadn't seen Ryan since that day in the airport. Mrs. Dallion decided there shouldn't be any contact since it would only confuse him. This had been hard on Micki, most of all since she missed him the most. Now here he was, still a child and dead? Micki couldn't move. This past year had been along and awful for her. Here she was, still trapped getting these objects back...without him.

Her heart began to pound as Jack helped bring Ryan over to he counter. Right away he pushed things aside as they laid him out. Micki looked down from the stairs and saw how young he looked.

"I have a cousin named Micki, she had red hair too."

Micki felt her heart began to ache before Jack looked over to Ryan's mother. She was soaking wet from the rain and looked terrifed. Micki then saw how really old she looked at that exact moment. She knew she had been through alot, and still...she was the one who got a second chance with him, not her.

She was the one who wrote Jack after Micki send the first few letters, telling him no contact since it only confused him. Micki hated knowing this. After everything that happened, everything that Ryan gave up...his mother who left him all those years ago got him? Micki half hated her for this. She had so many things she had wanted to tell him.

What happened?

He was out on his bike after dinner when it started to got bad out and a car came and hit...hit...

Ryan's mother began to break down, tears slipped down her cheeks as she tried to control herself.

It happened to quick, the driver drove away the second I came running out, oh God this is just like with Jimmy, please God don't let me loose him again...

Her words drifted off as she began to shake. Micki watched her before looking down at Ryan, he looked dead.

Why didn't you go to a hospital?

Micki then snapped.

Ryan's mother shook her head.

If they took his blood, or even a fingerprint they would see the real Ryan Dallion is a twenty-four year old man.

Micki bit her lip, she knew Jack had told her a few months ago that Ryan and his mother had moved into a new town and even got new names. She was working a part time job while Ryan went back to school. Hardly any memory and fitting in, finally happy.

Micki didn't know if this was true or not.

Standing there, she looked at Ryan lay there.

Her heart began to beat faster, she knew what he had gone through when the coin had gotten her. She couldn't loose him again, she couldn't.

Ryan then began to shake.

His mother jumped back and screamed as Jack tried holding him down. Johnny right away dropped the bat and ran over helping him. Micki watched feeling helpless and Ryan began to seize.

She eyed the phone, they needed to call a hospital.

Just then a sound filled the store, it was like strong wind from outside. The lights flickered and everyone looked up before Ryan snapped open his eyes and began to scream in pain.

His mother put her hands to her ears and began to cry.

Ryan thrashed about, kicking and screaming before he wiggled out of Jack and Johnny's grip and choked up a huge thing of blood. It splattered against his face before rolling off and hitting the floor.

Ryan's mother screamed before there was silence.

Ryan's body laid at Johnny and Jack's feet behind the counter, Micki stood on the stairs watching before Ryan began to moan.

An hour later, Micki sat on the edge of her bed. Ryan slept now peacefully beside her. Jack had given him something for the pain and to relax him. Since then he slept without saying a word.

Micki knew they needed help, Ryan was dying.

Jack looked him over before having Micki stay with him. He said that Ryan might of had a few broken bones and internal bleeding.

He might die then?

Micki asked, her eyes wide and scared.

Jack simply shook his head.

We'll figure something out.

Since then Johnny and Jack were downstairs with Ryan's mother. Trying to get her to calm down and talk with them. Micki could hear her crying all the way downstairs.

Ryan softly moaned in his sleep. Micki reached out and touched his forehead. He was running a pretty bad fever now. Looking down she sighed. Her heart hadn't ached this bad since that night at the river bank.

She remembered looking down at him and thinking it couldn't be true. This wasn't was just a little boy.

Now here he was, a year later and so young looking. Brushing his hair out of his face, Micki sighed praying that he would be okay. He looked so young...

Hush a by, don't you cry...go to sleep my little baby, when you wake, you will find...all the pretty little horses...

Micki's choked up singing slowly faded out as silent years fell from her eyes. Looking at Ryan, she thought back at everything that had happened. How she first she didn't believe everything that happened. How she felt trapped and taken away from the life she was used to. How much Ryan bugged her and reminded her like a teenage boy.

Then as time went on, after her family and Lloyd turned their backs on her...she saw that Ryan was the only one that cared for her.

He was her best friend, the only person that seemed to understand her.

It wasn't until it was too late, that she finally put together all these feelings she had.

She was in love with him.

At first she thought it was harmless crush, something that just happened since they were always together all the time. That Ryan wasn't her type and there was no way it could ever work. How jealous and heart broken she felt whenever another woman entered his life. How the smallest things about him made her smile. His grin, the way he dressed, his lame jokes, and the way he always made Micki feel safe.

He had been through so much, Jack had even said it. Almost everyone who came into his life died. He had guilt slowly taking him over from his childhood, and ever since they almost lost Micki from the coin, he seemed distant.

The store was sucking his lifeforce out.

Then France happened...

Micki shut her eyes, the memory was too painful. How scared she felt and how whatever that thing was that took over Ryan looked evil and wild. Then those awful screams of pain before he fell to the floor.

"Pray for me..."

It wasn't until this year, as Johnny, Jack, and her kept going on. Recovering cursed objects and trying to find a way to make things work. It wasn't until then that she saw how much she missed him.

Even though her mind knew he had a second chance at life to be happy...her heart wouldn't agree.

What was the point of it all? Everything that had happened was a waste of Ryan died now. This wasn't a second chance.

Ryan began to moan again, tossing and truning...his fever was getting worse.'s okay.

Slowly Micki leaned over and kissed his forehead.

There she prayed for God to help him.

Micki softly said touching his face. Slowly getting up she walked out of the room and held back tears.

When she came downstairs, Ryan's mother had settled down and was drinking some tea on the couch. She still looked so worried and told.

How is he?

He's alseep, but he's running a fever.

Micki eyed Johnny and Jack.

We need to take him to a hospital...


Ryan's mother said, nearly spilling her tea.

They can't take him away from me, not again!

Micki held back everything inside her from not screaming. It was all her fault. Why did she get to have Ryan? Why did she get a second chance. She lost one child from not being a good mother, and left Ryan behind to take the blame. Micki hated her at that exact second.

If Ryan died...she would blame her.

Turning away, Micki started heading down to the basement. Johnny sighed, knowing she was upset. Jack watched her before heading down himself.


Micki stood in the vault. It was dark and freezing, and all of the objects piled around looked like creepy eyes watching her.

Standing there, rubbing her arms she felt tears coming.

Five years...

Five years of danger and risk. Knowing that there really was a Hell...all because of this. Micki then wished none of this had happened. She hated Uncle Lewis, and hated the evil that had taken Ryan away.

She felt out of control and unstable.

What was she going to do?


She turned she see Jack slowly walk over.

Micki then began to cry.

There has to be something in here that will save him, something!


Jack walked over, wrapping his arms around her as she cried.

He knew she would never use an object. Thinking back to the coin, he knew it was all too easy to risk everything for those you love. But they couldn't...

He knew how much she loved him.

It's okay...

Jack softly said to her as she cried.

It's all right...


Jack and Micki snapped out of whatever state of mind they were in to hear Johnny scream from upstairs. Right away Micki's stomach tossed thinking deep down inside her that Ryan had died.

No, please no...

Micki thought to herself as Jack grabbed her arm and the two began to race upstairs.

Johnny and Ryan's mother were missing.

Rushing up the stairs, nearly falling...Micki's heart raced. Looking around she saw the first few signs of the early morning dawn coming un through the windows.

There, they ran upstairs and froze.

Johnny and Ryan's mother stood in the doorway, unable to move.

Micki slowly walked forward as if she was dreaming.

She looked in.

Ryan laid there, underneath the blankets sleeping.

But it...

She gasped, almost falling back.

It was really Ryan, looking just as he did when he fell down in the tomb last year. Twenty-four years old, an adult.

What happened?

He laid there, sleeping.


Micki didn't know who screamed, it might of been Ryan's mother.


Micki tried to say before stumbling into the room, the others watched as she went over to the bed and sat down. Everything seemed like it was under water. Micki couldn't move or speak.

Slowly she touched his face.

It was him, it was really him.


She fought to say through her tears.

Ryan's eyes slowly fluttered open, before they snapped shut again making Micki jump.

Ryan screamed out in pain. Micki watched as he tossed back and forth.

Asteroth! No!

Micki leaned over, holding him down as he struggled still in a deep sleep.

Sister Adelle...

He muttered before his eyes snapped open again.

Canonize her, she's died for her faith!

Micki nearly screamed, that voice wasn't Ryan's.

Then...he fell limp in her arms. Micki waited a second before she really thought he was dead.


There, his eyes finally opened, as if broken out of some heavy sleep. Slowly sunlight began to drift in through the windows. Micki sat beside Ryan, waiting.

Ryan looked around, his eyes weak before looking up at Micki.


He said in a low hush voice.

There Micki burst into tears, leaning down she held him crying.

Oh Ryan...

Ryan laid there as Micki held him, crying and thanking God over and over again.

Easy now...easy...

Micki and Johnny helped Ryan sit at the kitchen table. Before getting him up, Micki grabbed a pair of old sweats and his yellow Illinois to change into. Micki helped him dress, seeing he was weak and barley able to stand up. The entire time Ryan's mother watched.

Now he was sitting up, Micki held him around the waist as he slowly looked around.

What...what happened?

His throat was dry and every word he said was cracked. Jack looked over towards Ryan's mother, only to see her running down the stairs.


Jack chased after her, leaving Micki and Johnny alone with him. Micki was still holding back from cying, looking over his face her heart nearly danced. It was really him. He looked just as he did a year ago when they arrived in France together.

Looking him over, she held him tighter as he looked off into space.


It was early morning down, the streets were still wet with rain. Jack ran down the front steps of the stairs to meet Ryan's mother who was trying to open her car door.

Elizabeth wait!

She then froze looking at him.

Where are you going?

Away, I can't handle this anymore.

But Elizabeth...


She shook her head.

This entire year I knew I would loose him again, that it was too good to be true. He had awful nightmares about this place, and began to slowly remember...always asking about Micki.


No, I love my son and enjoyed the time I had with him...I understand you guys are doing something powerful in there, things I wouldn't be able to understand. I can't handle this...I know it's me running out again, but I'm too old.

Please Elizabeth, he's your son...he needs you.

She shook her head.

God gave me time with the Ryan I remember...who knows he might change back, I don't know...I just want to be at peace.

You should stay...there's so much we need to figure out.

But Elizabeth shook her head.

I'm finished...I love Ryan, but I think it's a sign that he doesn't belong to me...he belongs doing whatever you guys do here.


She shook her head.

If he asks about me, tell him the truth...I just need to leave, it's nobody's fault. I'm just glad he's alive.

Before Jack could say another thing, Elizabeth was back into her car and driving away. Jack watched helpless as she drove down the street.

When Jack came back up, both Micki and Johnny looked up at him.

Jack simply shook his head before heading over towards the table. Both Micki and Johnny were helping hold Ryan up. He looked drained and weak. Micki held him close as if somebody was going to take him away at any second.


Ryan slowly looked up, he stared at Jack.

Ryan do you remember anything?

Ryan looked around.

What are we doing here?


Ryan looked down, he began to take heavy breaths.

Ryan, what's the last thing you remember?

Ryan took a second before looking up.

We were in France...chasing that guy, I went down an alley and he knocked me out...

Ryan's hand went to his head.

I don't know...I blacked out, what happened?

Micki looked up at Jack.

He doesn't remember anything. She thought to herself, looking back over at him all she wanted to do was hold him even tighter. Johnny took a deep breath before shaking his head.

You don't remember anything else?

Ryan slowly shook his head.

What happened...

Jack opened his mouth to speak, but Micki cut him off. Slowly she rubbed one of Ryan's shoulder and looked at him with so much love it seemed dangerous.

You got hurt real went into a coma.


Micki slowly nodded.

We got the book back, you've been in and out of hospitals for the last year.

Last year!

Micki felt him begin to shake as she slowly went on.

We took you home today, the doctors said your going to be okay...

Ryan looked up at Jack.

Have I really been out that long?

Jack eyed Micki before slowly nodding.

Yes Ryan, but they said your fine now...a little weak but we'll fix that in time.

A year...

Ryan muttered to himself.

Do you remember anything else?

Ryan shook his head.

Not really, only little flashes...

Your okay through, and your home with us...

Ryan looked over at Micki.

Everything feels the came.

Micki slowly smiled as Ryan took another deep breath.

The objects?

While you've been recovering, we've gotten most of them back.


It's all right, their all in the vault.

You did this alone?

Not totaly alone...

Johnny grinned, slapping Ryan on the back.

Guess what...

Micki softly said to him.

We're almost's almost over, just six more objects to go.


Ryan nearly fell from his chair.

But what about...

Micki slowly leaned over and placed her head on his shoulder.

Shhhh, it's all right, your home now.

Ryan's eyed were wide and confused, he looked up at Jack.


Jack simply smiled.

It's true Ryan, we're almost done...


Shhh, we have alot to talk about, but you should rest.

Ryan looked over at Micki, before she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Ryan fell asleep the second his head hit the pillow. Micki stayed with him most of the morning.

He seemed exausted, but perfectly okay.

Once she knew he was all right, she went into the kitchen to speak with Johnny and Jack.

She told them it was better if he didn't know what happened.

Jack and Johnny somehow saw that was the best way o go about this entire thing. Everything that happened in France had been awful, and after all that Ryan had been through...he didn't need to know.

What if he changes back?

He wont!

Micki snapped before shaking her head.

It seemed like all too much to take it, everything was happening so fast.

Jack explained about Ryan's mother, Micki felt thankful for this. She wouldn't ever loose him again.

There they decided they would tell Ryan about the objects they recovered in the past year once he was up to it. He too was also lost and scared.

We have him back Jack...

Micki slowly said smiling.

Jack nodded, he knew this was alot for her to take him. But it was true, Ryan really was with them. A light was now in Micki's eyes, a light that had faded out over this past year.

While Jack and Johnny were still talking, Micki went back into the bedroom and smiled. Ryan was still sleeping. Slowly crawling in beside him, she watched him sleep for a very long time.

5: Time after time

Jack and Johnny had tried speaking with Micki later that night. Taking her downstairs while Ryan was fast asleep, Johnny felt like he was on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. Everything had happened so quick, and here Ryan was memory for the last year. Could they lie to him? Could they make him think this entire time he was in a coma? Wouldn't he one day remember those awful things that happened to him, and how he came back?

Micki refused to tell him.

Ryan was a good man, they all knew that. So much had happened to him just because he like that. The evil around him tried to take him away...somehow God saw it to make sure he came back. It was meant to be...and after all that Ryan had gone through, he finally should have the chance to live, to forget about all these awful things.

Johnny could read Micki well. This past year the two of them had risked their necks more then once to keep doing what Micki send out to do. He slowly became close with her, and shared a very deep understanding. He knew deep down inside she loved Ryan, those few months that he was around he saw the look those two gave each other. He knew both wanted to say it, but never got the chance. Johnny liked Micki, but knew right away there wouldn't be a chance. She loved Ryan, and longed to one day tell him.

Now here he was.

But what if he turns back, what if he remembers...Jesus Micki it's been a whole year!

Shhhh! He'll hear you!

Jack eyed Johnny before shaking his head.'s just alot to take in, I mean Ryan must be worn out...I'm stunned he lived through this!

Don't say that Jack, he's fine! Please, please understand what he's been through, he's finally back...please!

Jack sighed before taking a seat, he missed Ryan just as much. Knowing he was now with them send an old feeling that used to be around the store. The feeling of warmth and family. After Ryan had been gone, things seemed depressing and empty.

We have alot of questions to answer him, he's just as scared as we are.

He'll be fine, I'll look after him.

I know you will Micki, but we need to understand everything for him is blank, he's missed a year and does't know what to do and now we're almost finishing...

Micki slowly nodded.

I understand.

We just need to think things out all right?

Micki nodded. you think he'll turn back?

Jack looked at Micki and saw worry deep in her eyes.

No, I don't think so.

Slowly nodding Micki looked up before sighing. Turning she smiled and took a deep breath before going back up.

Micki slowly walked into the bedroom to see Ryan still sleeping. Smiling she felt her heart race before she slipped in beside him. Feeling his warm body, Micki reached over and placed her hand on his chest. Faintly she felt his heart beat and his chest rise and fall whenever he breathed. Smiling she looked over his features and remembered every part of him.

He was really here.

Moving closer, she bit her bottom lip for a second before waiting for him to wake up. After a few moments she leaned in and placed her head beside his. Smiling she shut her eyes and beagn to sleep.

Micki slowly opened her eyes to see it was morning again. She had slept through the entire night. Somehow her body felt better and full of energy. Pausing for a second, she drew in a harsh breath before looking over.

Ryan was there.

It wasn't a dream. Sighing, she looked and saw his arm was around her. Smiling she laid back and tried her best to enjoy that moment. This was almost all over...end was in sight, and this time she would have the chance to ask Ryan if he wanted a future with the two of them.

Ryan woke up a little while later. He was still dizzy and had to be helped up when he tried to stand. Micki put her arms around him, asking if he needed any help. Ryan slowly shook his head before being able to steady himself. Micki watched smiling before looking him him.

You okay?

Ryan shook his head again before slowly walking behind Micki to the kitchen. Johnny and Jack were all ready up having coffee. Helping him to his seat, Micki sat beside Ryan and felt her heart begin to dance again. Jack poured them coffee and asked if Ryan needed anything for pain.

What hospital was I staying at?

The three of them froze before Micki slowly cleared her throat. stayed at the hospital in France, they said it was too dangerous to travel with you like that.

I was in France the entire time?

Yes, St. Mary's...about twenty miles outside of the village.

And I was there for a whole year?

Micki slowly nodded before going on.

Jack stayed with you mostly while Johnny and I got the objects back, but I stayed most of the summer.

Ryan sighed before looking straight into her eyes, Micki saw pain behind them and felt her heart begin to break. She hated to lie to him, but this was really the only way.

Ryan's hand slid over and covered Micki's.

You guys...your the only people in the world that care about me.


Jack started before Ryan shook his head.

I love you all, I really mean that.

We love you too Ryan, it's so good to have you back.

Ryan looked at Micki before softly smiling.

I really can't remember anything...not even the airport.

You were sedated mostly, do you remember waking up in the hospital.

Ryan slowly shook his head.

Was I awake long?

Not really, but after the doctors checked you out, you seemed fine...ready to go home the next week.

Ryan touched his head again before looking across at Jack.

And there's only six objects left?

Jack nodded.

But what about the shard, what about...

The shard is one of the last items, we even started getting leads about it.

Well what about the coin, I mean Jack I know nobody is going to find it but...

We found the coin.

Johnny softly said before Ryan froze.


Micki squeezed Ryan's hand before slowly nodding.

We got it back.

Ryan stared at Micki for a moment, before Micki's eyes went to Johnny. Johnny right away looked down. There was silence before Ryan shot up, nearly making the other three jump.


Ryan took a second to balance before going down the stairs. Micki right away felt another awful pang of worry before jumping up with Jack and Johnny and racing after him.


By the time they reached him, he stood in the darkness of the vault.

His back was facing them, right away Micki understood what he was going through. Standing beside Jack, she took a deep breath and nearly burst into tears.

Ryan stepped forward before looking around at everything they had recovered. So much time lost.

Ryan took a deep breath before seeing the coin right away on the shelf beside the cursed radio and cursed pipe. Ryan walked forward and picked the coin up. Micki watched him before Ryan began to cry.

Micki stepped forward as Johnny and Jack watched.

Micki placed her head on Ryan's shoulders and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around she sighed.

Everything was going to be okay now.

Wow, looks like you guys throught I was never going to wake up!

Ryan grinned before sitting on his bed. Over the last year Micki had fixed up the area to sit while on the phone. This was a way of her dealing with the grief after Ryan was gone. She boxed everything he owned up and stuffed it in the attic. Anything that reminded her of him, seemed to bring the pain back even stronger.

Micki smiled while sitting on the floor helping him sort things out. They had just spent the entire afternoon taking things down from the attic. Johnny went to go repair something on his bike, while Jack spent most of his time reading downstairs.

Ryan opened one box before sliding it under his bed.

What was that?


Micki smiled before opening another box.

What about your art stuff?

Ryan rolled his eyes.

I'll stuff that stuff back in the attic.


Ryan began folding shirts of his before looking over at Micki.


It's almost over, after that your going to have all the time in the world to work on your art.

Yeah right...

What, your a great artist.

Don't you mean dropout?


Ryan laughed it off before touching his ear.

Did my hole close up?

Micki snapped out of whatever day dream she was having before looking up.


My earring...

Oh! Yeah the doctors took it out.

Shit, I'll have to get it done again.

Micki smiled.

You feeling better?

Ryan slowly nodded.

Feel kind of in a fog, I mean it's been a huge shock...but I feel good, I really do.


I'll have to swing by the bank later, see if everything is still okay.

I'm sure it will be.


Yeah looked out the windoe sighing.

What's wrong?

Nothing...just you know, here it is...1991.

Crazy huh?

Ryan softly laughed.


Ryan then took out his pair of glasses from another box, slipping them on he smiled at Micki while she laughed and threw a crumbled up roll of newspaper. Taking them off Ryan laughed again before Micki got up and shoved him back.

Both laughed as Micki pinned him down on his bed.


Both stared at each other.

Long enough for them to know what they were thinking.

Right away Micki pulled off him, nervous and a little scared. Ryan took a deep breath before sitting up right beside her.

Both just sat there in silence for a few seconds before Ryan slowly put his arm around her. Both softly smiled before Ryan leaned over and kissed Micki on the cheek. Smiling she looked at him, but before she could say anything, Johnny came upstairs.

I got a lead on of the objects!

Micki and Ryan right away jumped and Ryan's arm dropped from her shoulders. Johnny walked over holding a newspaper.

Looks like the ax on the list is from Amityville New York.

Johnny handed Ryan the newspaper.


Isn't that...

Yep, the haunted house...and guess where the ax comes from?

Ryan looked up from the paper.

You got to be kidding...

Johnny shook his head.

The family who lives there now claims that there hasn't been anything going on for years...that the entire story was a fake.

But the murders...

Oh their not saying the murders didn't happen...their just saying the entire thing with the movie is fake, the house isn't haunted.

Yeah, I bet.

Anyways I did a little research and the ax was used for chopping wood, it's been in the tool shed all this time.

And how do you know this?

Well I made some calls, I guess the family who lives there always goes away once a year, you know to get away from it all...well they have a house and grounds keeper who makes sure nobody breaks in.

Did you speak with one of them.

The grounds keeper, at first thought I was some freak calling about the house, but I told him about the ax and he said it looked old fashion, silver blade...and gave him the creeps whenever he used it.

The creeps?

Like whenever he was chopping wood he wasn't in control, like if he missed one he might chop his hand off.

Oh God...

Micki shut her eyes for a second while Ryan handed Johnny back the newspaper.

Just then Johnny's bepper went off, looking down at it hooked to his belt Johnny rolled his eyes.

Are the ladies calling you?

Johnny laughed.

No, I've been working on my's the shop.

So about this ax?

Well I think if we go up there and offer this guy enough money he might hand it over with the family not being there.

What does the ax do?

That's what Jack is reading up on.

Amityville...that's pretty far away, might have to fly.

Just then Johnny's bepper went off again.

Jesus, sorry guys I need to take this.

Johnny turned around and headed for the phone. Both Ryan and Micki eyed each other before smiling.

Once everyone was downstairs, Jack sat at his desk and told them about the cursed ax.

He explained that it's history was unknown...but during the trial the man who murdered his entire family back in the 1960's explained he felt that some sort of evil caused him to do this.

Ryan folded his arms leaning against the wall.

Remember the witches ladder...the power can take people over if their close enough?

That was a lie Ryan...

No,'s true. Objects can have some sort of power over people if their close enough.

Micki then pointed to the basement.

Then I guess we're in trouble.

Ryan laughed before Jack stood up showing them a photo of the ax he found.

I don't know what the curse is...but like Johnny said, the grounds keeper hates the use the thing more then a few minutes before getting uneasy. I think getting this might be an easy chance.

I'll get it.

Ryan stepped forward and Micki watched. still haven't settled in.

Ryan shook his head.

No, I feel fine...anyways I need to help.


Ryan right away went to Jack's desk.

I'll book a flight and head over there, doesn't sound that dangerous.

Then I'm going with you.

Micki said.

Right away Johnny looked over at her.

That evening, Micki called the airline and booked Ryan and herself a flight straight to New York the next morning. The two of them were now upstairs packing.

Ryan kept to himself, he barley spoke through dinner and simply sat there eating. Micki felt worried and couldn't stand the looks that Johnny were giving her.

Finally once everything was cleaned up, Micki walked Johnny out.

You sure you don't wanna stay the night?

Johnny spent five days out of the week at the store. It had slowly became a second home of his while his apartment was having so much work done to it.

Naw, I'm fine.

Both stood on the sidewalk before Johnny looked straight at Micki.

You sure he's okay?

Micki slowly nodded.

It's going to take some time, but I think he's fine.

I...I just worry about you.

Johnny went to move closer to Micki but she backed up on the stairs. Both had been through this all ready. Micki liked Johnny, but just didn't look at him like that. Johnny stared at her for a second before deeply sighing and shaking his head.

Good luck in New York.

Before Micki could say anything he shoved his hands in his pockets and slowly began walking away.

When she came upstairs, Ryan was packing.

You okay?

Ryan looked up from his bed.

Yeah fine, my head is just killing me.

You need anything?

Ryan smiled.

No I'm fine.

Ryan then zipped up his gym bag before putting it down on the ground.

Set the alarm for the morning?

Micki nodded.




Are you really okay?

Ryan took a second before slowly nodding.

Just good to be home.

Micki smiled before looking into her bedroom.

Hey, since your bed isn't made up yet...maybe you might wanna bunk in with me tonight?


Micki felt nervous, putting her hands together she sighed.

Whatever, it's up to you...I just think we should both get a good night sleep.


Okay what? long as you trust me.

Micki felt her face begin to burn up as she laughed. Ryan grinned before shaking his head.

As long as you trust me...I mean a year is a very long time.


Micki went into her bedroom and heard Ryan's laughs, smiling to herself she felt better that he was here.

That night, Ryan walked in wearing boxers and a T-shirt. Slipping in beside her, he took a second to settle down before glancing over at her.

Both seemed nervous and laughed.

Night Micki...

Night Ryan.

Ryan then reached over, taking Micki off guard and took her hand. Slipping his into hers, he looked at them and smiled.

You have small hands.

Micki looked over smiling.


Ryan held her hand, looking it it before bringing it over to his mouth and kissing it. Micki felt her heart begin to flutter.

Looking over at her, his eyes went serious.

I've missed you Micki.

I...I've missed you too Ryan.

Micki held back tears before Ryan moved in closer, putting his arm around her. Micki felt nervous, but after a little while relaxed. She knew Ryan needed to hold her. Laying there against him, she heard his soft breathing and felt safe.

Slowly she began to drift off into sleep.

6: Blades of blood

The ride over to the airport had Micki feeling uneasy and scared. Sitting beside Ryan, she watched him look out the window in amazement. Even though it had only been a year, so much had changed. Finally once they checked their tickets in and took their seats on the plane, he began talking with her.

I feel strange.


Yeah...last time I went on a plane, I didn't wake up for an entire year.

Micki sighed before Ryan's hand slowly slipped into hers again. Micki looked over at Ryan who seemed spaced out and lost deep in his thoughts. Micki looked down at their two hands laced together and smiled.

Do you really think their going to be all right?

Johnny asked as Jack stood behind the counter in the store. Jack looked up from the manifest and lowered his glasses.


Ryan, I mean alot has happened and I don't think Micki is thinking straight.

I think he'll be fine, everything heals within time.

What about Micki?

Jack took a second and sighed.

There is finally an end in sight, and I think now that Ryan is back...she's going to be pushing ahead for what she's always wanted.

And what's that?

A normal life.

The flight was one of the quickest Micki had ever been on in her whole life. Once they got their suitcases, they found a taxi and began heading towards Amityville.

What are you two doing in a small town like that?

We're antique dealers.

Ryan spoke up as Micki eyed him. The driver smiled looking at them in the rearview mirror.

Well that's one thing that Amityville has...plenty of stores like that.

Micki glanced over at Ryan, dressed in his leather jacket and looking so serious. Smiling she saw that their hands were still locked together, as if Ryan didn't want to let go.

Once they checked into the local inn, Micki placed her things down on the bed and took a second to look at the view.

It was amazing.

Taking a second, she looked around at little town and sighed to herself. One day she would like to live someplace like this...someplace peaceful.

Going across to hall to Ryan's room, she nearly froze.

He was looking at himself in the mirror, his shirt unbuttoned. Micki stood in the open doorway to see Ryan looking at the faded scars on his chest.



Ryan nearly jumped before turning around, right away he began doing up his shirt looking slightly embarrassed.

Hey, you ready to go into town?

Micki stood there for a second before slowly nodding her head.

Yeah...are you all right?

Fine, fine...come on let's go.

Before Micki could say another word, Ryan pulled on his jacket and began heading out.

It looks like it has eyes...

Micki softly said to herself. Ryan stood beside her as the two looked up at the famous house.

Seems bigger in real life.


Ever see the movie?

God know, I would nightmares for years.

Ryan looked around at the huge house, it's lush rolling lawn now starting to show color in early spring. Then the water, slowly hitting the docks. Taking Micki's hand, the two of them began to slowly walk forward.

As they walked across the lawn, Ryan eyed everything around them.

Do you know if Johnny called ahead?

Yeah, he told me last night that the grounds keeper would be here.

Looking around, they saw nobody.

Maybe he's in the house?

That's when they heard an awful whacking sound in the distance.


Both stood looking around.

Did you hear that?

Stay behind me...

Ryan began to slowly walk up the hill that lead towards the back yard. Micki stayed behind them before both froze in their tracks.

The grounds keeper, a middle aged man with green work boots on stood in the back yard with the ax raised.

He kept swinging it down, hitting...

Micki gasped behind turning away.

It was the house keeper, a young woman dressed in what looked to be a red dress.

No...that wasn't a red dress, it was blood.

The grounds keeper had a crazy look spread across his face as he kept slamming down the ax into the lifeless body of the woman.


The grounds keeper froze before turning around and facing Ryan. Right away the man began to laugh before charging towards them. Micki screamed and began running towards the water. The man gained speed before trying to swing at bloody ax at Ryan. Ryan ducked before using his legs to make the man fall straight into the grass.


Ryan rolled over to avoid getting hurt, struggling as he fought with the man, the ax came close to going down on his neck. Ryan used all his strength to throw the grounds keeper off him before turning around.


The grounds keeper was all ready running full speed towards her. Micki struggled in her high heel boots from falling as she eyed the wooden dock that lead out to the water.


She heard Ryan scream, nearly falling she turned around and saw that the man was running on the dock behind her. The ax raised and dripping with thick blood. Screaming, she saw there was no choice. Falling forward, she threw herself into the freezing water.

That's whan Ryan was right behind the grounds keeper, throwing himself on him and grabbing the ax from him. The man screamed and struggled before Ryan punched him straight in the face, knocking him out.

Ryan took a second before looking down at the bloody ax beside him. Then it hit him.


He leaned over to dock where Micki was trying to swim. She was soaked and scared to death. Ryan leaned over taking her arms and lifting her out of the water. Micki coughed and cried as she leaned against Ryan on the dock.

Is he...

He's knocked out don't worry...

Both laid there on the dock trying to catch their breath.

By evening the police had arrived and Micki and Ryan told them that they were just passing by when they saw the grounds keeper. The police searched for the murder weapon but couldn't find it.

Little did they know, after cleaning the blood off it, it now was being mailed back to the store. Ryan and Micki answered the questions as best as they could before leaving.

Before turning away, looking at all the police cars and flashing lights...Micki stared up at the house and thought to herself.

This house really is cursed.

The two of them took a late flight later that night. Both were exausted and slept the entire time. When they landed, both took their suitcases and rode back to the store in silence.

Jack had all ready received the ax and placed it back in the vault. After telling them the story, Micki went upstairs for a nice hot shower.

After she was finished, she saw Ryan on his bed. His headphones on and sleeping.

Smiling she thought to herself.

Five more to go.

7: Then I'll wait

Five months later.

I think something might be wrong with Ryan.

Micki said as she slowly crossed her arms and felt a slight run through her body. Walking over towards Jack, who sat at his desk and looking through old records.

What do you mean?

Micki stood in front of him before glancing at the stairs. She knew it was only the two of them there that afternoon, Johnny and Ryan were in the city looking into any leads with the cursed gun. Still she felt uneasy, nervous and also to a certian point...scared.

I don't know, it's just been little thing.

Like what?

He seems scared to death that I might leave or something.


Micki shook her head.

Jack don't worry...I don't have any plans whatsoever like that, it's just that Ryan seems on edge whenever I go out.

I haven't noticed.

Even if I have to run into town for an hour, he always seems to want to come with me, or seems nervous and snappy until I'm back.

Micki, you two are very close...he's just looking out for you.

I think he's been having nightmares.

What do you mean?

I hear him tossing and turning in his sleep at night, he doesn't wake...but he says things, almost sounds like he's crying.

What does he say?

Well that's what bothered me...he was crying saying over and over again "Micki, please wake can't be dead!"

Jack sighed.

Sounds like how he acted when the cursed coin got you.

Micki rolled her eyes.

Please don't even bring that up again.

He nearlty had a mental breakdown when he thought we lost you, he's always been like that, I think that's the reason your inner power is so strong.


The power of light you have within you...the same power that helped break Ryan from the spell of the witches ladder.


Micki, I think that's the same power that made him change back...I really think it's meant to be.

Micki sighed before leaning against the wall.

I just wish he wasn't so scared, I just wish I should show him I wasn't going to leave.

The nightmares will go away...they always do.

Sighing Micki nodded before sitting down.

A few hours later Ryan and Johnny returned.

Both had finally found at address leading to the final owner of the cursed gun. Mr. Christopher Creed. He owned an old fashion funeral home in a small down outside of the county. It was a good drive over there.

Micki stood across the desk and looked at Ryan. Dressed in jeans and his leather jacket, he never seemed to handsome before. Micki looked him up and down and smiled. As the two men finished the story for Jack, Micki saw an old light behind Ryan's eyes. The light of utter excitment.

What's the curse do?

Jack closed his books.

Well I really don't know...all I do is that this was the first object Lewis ever sold.

The first?

Jack slowly nodded before everyone looked at each other.

How long is this going to take?

Micki asked standing in Johnny's apartment. After speaking with Jack, they all decided that the four of them would head out to visit Mr. Christopher Creed and see what he was really doing with a cursed gun.

Jack did some reading and saw that Christopher and Lewis were best friends. It's been years since he's been heard of.

Ryan decided to gas up the car before the big drive, before Johnny thought it might be best if they brought a weapon. Taking his bike, he asked Micki if she wouldn't mind going by his place to pick some stuff up.

Micki stood in the bare and somewhat clean room before walking down the tiny hallway to see Johnny taking out his shotgun.


Johnny held it up.

Hey, don't be's just a gun.

I can see...

Micki said keeping her distance. Johnny reached down before picking up his handgun.

You ever fire one of these before?

Micki slowly shook her head.

Well trust me, you'll learn fast.

You don't think we'll need those, do you?

Micki...from the sounds of this guy, if he was your uncles' best friend, I would feel better with ten guns.

Johnny handed Micki the gun before eyeing her nervous face. are things going with Ryan?

Micki broke out of her daydream while looking at the silver gun.


You and Ryan...I mean it's been awhile, anything happen.


Well last time I spoke with you about the subject find of let me in on the fact that you cared for him.

Of course I care for Ryan...

And now he's here...with you.


So...are you guys together.

Micki shook her head.

Johnny I really don't wanna talk about it...

Johnny stared at her.

I'm just said there was never a chance between us because of your feelings for what?

Both looked at each other before Micki turned around and began heading for the front porch. Sighing. Johnny grabbed his gym bag and stuffed the gun inside. Heading out, he followed Micki to his parked bike.

On the ride down, it slowly began to turn dusk.

We should of waited until morning...

Johnny mumbled before eyeing Micki in the rearview mirror. Looking away, Micki glanced at Ryan who sat beside her, looking straight ahead and serious. Jack drove before shaking his head.

I had a very uneasy feeling when we started to learn more about this gun, I think the faster we get to see it the better.

Yeah...we too.

Micki said softly.

I just wish we knew the curse we were dealing with...

Micki glanced out at the vast country side, and saw that the wind was picking up. Making the sky as the sun set turn a blood red orange. Trees slowly began dancing back and forth as the stars started coming out.

That's it.

The four of them sat in the parked car. It was dark out and the entire drive through the town, made them think they were the only ones left alive on Earth. The buildings and small houses were all empty...almost like a ghost town.

Finally after driving down some old back dirt roads, they saw it.

A huge old white manner of the house, over looking the cemetery.

"Creed Funeral Home"

The marble sign said.

Leaning forward beside Ryan, Micki looked out the glass windshield.

I have a funny feeling about this...

Me too Micki...we too.

So what's the plan?

Micki asked, the wind was blowing so strong she had to tie her hair back in a tight ponytail. Johnny opened the trunk and handed Ryan his handgun before taking the shotgun for himself. and Jack are going to go up to the front porch and ring the bell. See whoever answers and just say that you were a family member of Lewis...get them talking while Ryan and I find a back window to break into.

Then what?

We search for the gun.

It could be anywhere! There could be more people in there!

Don't worry, I move fast.

Micki rolled her eyes before looking over at Ryan who tucked the gun in the back of his jeans. Trying to find help in Jack's face, she didn't see anything.

This plan was crazy.

The wind began to scream, and in the faint distance thunder sounded.

May I help you?

An older man about Jack's age answered the door dressed in a faded wine colored bathrobe. Jack and Micki stood beside by side, their hearts pounding.

Hello, my name Is Jack Marshack...this is my friend Micki Foster, we're from the city.


I'm sorry to bother you at this time of night, but we've driven a very long way...we used to work for Lewis Vendredian.

The man's face changed before looking straight at Jack and Micki.

You two knew Lewis?

Yes, we're distant family...we worked in his old store before he died.

The man crossed his arms before offering for the two of them to come in.

Johnny kept watch while Ryan slipped through the kitchen window. It was a huge house, most likely build in the early 1940's. Everything was pitch black.

Come on...

Jack raised his gun before Ryan came beside him.

Let's go...

Slowly the two began searching the dark old house.

I knew others would come tonight...

The man said as he began to climb the stairs. Jack and Micki looked at each other before following.


Well as you both know, Lewis always feared that if he ever did die, there would always have to be extra ways for him to come back to this world. I know he casted spells in his objects just in case...

In case of what?

In case he wanted to escape Hell, yes...Lewis always did say he would live forever.

They reached upstairs before the man began walking down the hallway. Micki and Jack looked around at the dim rooms. Everything old fashion, dusty, and creepy looking. The two stayed close as the man went on.

He wrote me a letter, saying if he was still dead five years towards the day...that if I loved him, was really one of his people, I would use the spell he gave me to give life.


He had a gun cursed...a gun that could take a life, but give Lewis a second chance.


Well someone who wanted to spill their blood for him, someone who stood by him and wanted evil to overcome. Someone who knew the others would fail...someone who would give him a chance...

A chance?

They entered a room, huge...almost like a ballroom.

The man turned around smiling.

A man who would want Lewis to return.

Micki and Jack stood side by side watching him.

The man then took out the handgun and placed it to the side of his head.


Before Micki could scream, the gun went off. The man fell to the ground within a second, dropping the gun.

What was that?

Ryan said looking up. Johnny and him were in the study looking around, both heard a gun go off. Taking off, the two of them aheaded for upstairs.

Micki bent down and grabbed the gun. Jack stood beside her looking down at the dead body.


Micki heard Ryan calling her as he ran up the stairs. But before she could say anything every single window shattered. It seemed like a huge explosion. Shards flew around as Micki ducked trying to shield her face.

Just then the closet flew open, and things...small little black monsters jumped out. Hissing they ran towards Micki. Screaming, she grabbed Jack's hand and began to run. Flying out into the hallway and ran into Johnny and Ryan, their guns raised.


You got the gun!


What happened?


The four of them rushed down the stairs, before nearly falling on the landing. Looking up, the black monsters drooled slime and slowly hissed looking down at them.



The four of them, holding onto each other looked up.

A man walked out, no older then thirty. Handsome in an odd way and dressed in black. He used what looked like an old bandana to wipe blood off the side of his face.

Standing at the top of the stairs he stared down at them clapping, before smiling.


He pointed to Ryan before Micki's eyes grew wide.

She knew that voice...but it couldn't be. No, it couldn't. Looking up at the man as he smiled she then knew.

Uncle Lewis...


Johnny screamed before opening the front door. Micki locked eyes with him at the top of the stairs before Ryan grabbed his shoulder and nearly shoved her out the door.

The wind was so bad, Micki nearly fell over. Holding onto Ryan and Jack, they rushed down to the car.



Jack yelled over the wind.


The tires were all chewed open, like a wild animal attacked it.

The wind built. Trees around them shook up and down as the awful black night seemed to cover them.


Ryan pointed.

There was a hearse parked down the cobble stoned driveway. Right away the four of them ran to it before Johnny threw open the front door.


Johnny began working on hot wiring it before Jack joined him up front. Ryan and Micki ran forward before they heard hissing. Turning around, those awful black wolf looking things were slowly crawling down the stairs, their eyes glowing.

Micki screamed before Ryan took aim.

With one shot, one of the things flew back busting into chunks. Ryan aimed at another one and blew it away.


Johnny threw the gun out to her, making it land at her feet.

Micki looked at the gun terrifed before seeing there were more coming out of the house. Grabbing the gun, she felt it's weight and stood beside Ryan as she fired.

The blast made her nearly jump back and her ears throb. But the blast took out one coming near the driveway.

The hearse then started.


Ryan ran to the back and pulled open the door before letting Micki in. Johnny started it and began speeding down the road. Ryan and Micki slowly slid back and forth in the hearse, unable to see Johnny and Jack upfront.

They flew down the backroads.

Johnny felt his heart pounding as he raced down the bumpy road. Looking at Jack they seemed stunned.


A hissing sound came.

Johnny looked over at Jack before one of those black things jumped up from the floor, hissing and jumping on Johnny.


Jack tried to pull it off him as Johnny lost control. The hearse slid back and forth nearly running off the road.


Micki and Ryan slid into each other as the hearse seemed to be spinning out of control. Then...

The hearse slammed on it's breaks. Ryan right away went towards the door and found it locked. Slamming against it, he watched as Micki pounded on the windows, screaming for Johnny or Jack.

Before they even thought of using the guns to break open, Jack jumped out from the side window.


Micki screamed.

Jack stared in at them as blood dripped down his mouth. He had claw marks on him and looked as if something attacked him.


Ryan pounded on the window before the hearse began to speed away. Jack fell to the drit road before watching it take off with Micki and Ryan trapped inside.

It kept driving away, before it rounded an old elm tree and a huge explosion came. Jack looked up and saw the fire jumped up towards the dark velvet sky.


He screamed, finding all his strength he struggled down the road.

When he reached the tree, he saw that the hearse had blown up. Parts of it were blown all over, still on fire.

He saw the shotgun laying in the grass.

Then...the hissing.

Freezing, Jack picked up the shotgun before walking forward.

Johnny laid a few feet away, badly burned by the fire and dead. The black monster looking thing was ontop of him...clawing into his face.


Jack screamed before blowing the thing away. Looking at Johnny's body, his eyes seemed lost in shock.

Then he thought of it...

Ryan, Micki...

Looking around, there were parts of the burning car all over the place.

Then he found them.

Both were blown a pretty good distance, Jack couldn't believe they weren't dead.

Both laid in the grass, their faces and bodies badly hurt and bloody. Running over, Jack kneeled down and looked at the two of them. They couldn't be dead...they couldn't.

Shaking them, he saw they were still breathing.


He heard a noise, turning around he looked and saw all of those little back monster things slowly surround him, hissing and coming closer.

Jack sat beside Ryan and Micki before looking around, there was no escape.


That man appeared, walking out still smiling. Dressed in a black suit.

Walking through the flames, he stood at the clearing that Jack sat at.


Jack asked before the man smiled at him.

I want them.

Lewis said.

It couldn't be him, he was too young.

Jack thought before hearing his voice. Looking around at the monsters with the glowing eyes, he saw that Micki had still held onto the cursed gun.

Taking it, he placed it to Micki's head.

Lewis froze before Jack grinned.

I'll shot both of them.

I don't want them dead.

Well then, I guess you better back off.

Lewis eyes Jack before smiling again.

Fine...I'll wait, time is all I have now, you'll see...and Jack, nothing this time can help you.

Jack stared at him before Lewis nodded and the monsters began to slowly disappearing into the darkness. Lewis nodded before turning around himself.

Jack laid there between his two friends and lowered the gun.

There, he began to cry.

8: Shot through the heart

Micki stood beside Ryan at Johnny's funeral. A small crowd of mostly friends and distant family gathered around as the casket began to be lowered into the ground. Micki hid herself behind her sunglasses before feeling a strange pull deep inside from her heart. Thinking back only a year ago, she remembered Johnny...just a wise cracking young guy who just wanted to help.

"Forget what I said, I love the color red."

She remembered him saying as she turned to face him in the pool hall. That evening she had her red sweater, which from that point onward had been a little inside joke they shared between them. Sighing she thought at how Johnny really did have a choice, he wasn't like them...he didn't have to risk everything. She knew something was wrong with him from the moment he asked if he could help out. Why would somebody with their whole life ahead of them want to be trapped here? It was all a waste. Johnny had lost his father because of his store, and his own life. He was the one who she called, terrifed and scared when everything was happening in France. He was the one who stayed by her side after Ryan was gone. He was the one who stuck through it all, still trying to help. She wished her heart had felt different. Johnny had been a handsome and very understanding person...but she just couldn't see him that way, no matter how many times he tried. And here he was...dead.

Part of her felt thankful that Ryan had come back to her. Even though she still had Jack, something about these two very different ways made her feel safe. Made her feel as if she could be strong enough to get through this. Feeling her heart begin to ache, Ryan slipped his hand into hers and looked at her for a moment. It was a warm spring day and the sky was clear blue.

As the priest finished, everyone began walking away from the grave. Jack joined them as they walked up the hill towards the car.

I...I can't believe he's really gone.

Micki muttered under her breath. Sighing Jack opened the car doors for them before shaking his head.

He knew what he was getting into when he first came here.

Micki looked up at Jack before eyeing Ryan, there was hardly any help there. She knew what he was thinking about...when the coin killed her. Looking back down the hill, she saw Johnny's grave.

He didn't deserve this.

Micki said louder before facing the two men.

This damn place has done to much...

Her voice began to crack before Ryan held her closer, trying to make her be still. Standing there as a bird sang in the distance, Jack looked around.

Can you feel it Ryan?

Ryan slowly nodded.


Jack then looked at Micki.

Lewis is back, I think he knows time is running out since we've almost recovered all the objects.

But how...

Micki couldn't speak. The last three days had been a blur. Her ribs still dully throbbed from the accident.

Jack shook his head again.

I don't think that's something for us to understand...but I knew he would come back one day.

And now he's human...

That's right...

Micki felt panic begin to build in her body as she looked at the two of them.

Somehow that man killing himself with the cursed gun, gave Lewis the chance to almost be...reborn into a younger self.

And now that he's walking around, he'll try everything in his power to stop us.

Jack what are we going to do?

I have something to show you back at the store, something I read up on...come on let's go.

Nodding, the three of them got into the car before Micki took one last look at Johnny's grave. Sighing she pressed her fingers against the window.

Thanks Johnny...

Once they were back at the store, Jack took them downstairs to where the vault stood. Ryan and Micki stood beside each other, arms crossed and waiting for what Jack had to say.

I finally dug up some facts on the cursed gun we got back, it seems that it's curse very well was a trade. One person takes their life...and their spilt blood makes it able to have a living spirit take human form...almost like you said Micki, being able to be reborn.

So Lewis took the chance, and now he's alive.

And much younger and stronger...

Ryan added.

Jack shook his head before pacing back and forth.

I got a lead that two...two of our objects are out West.

Micki and Ryan nearly fell over each other.

Which ones?

It seems that a bow and arrow was sold in the same state as a certian artist who's just returned from Europe...working on her second series.

The shard...

Micki was barley able to say, her eyes were wide with excitment.

Arizona...a few towns away from each other, but last time I checked...their both there.

Then let's go!

Jack slowly shook his head.

I need to stay here in case Lewis decides to show up.

You know...I was too scared to bring that up, but what if he decides to come back...get into the vault?

He won't as long as I stay guard, I plan on praying and making sure none of his spells work. As long as he can't get to those objects, we still have a chance.

Then two of us should stay...

No, you need to try and get these objects, time is running out...can't you feel it?

Ryan and Micki slowly looked at each other before nodding.

That evening, Jack spent in front of the vault. Knelled down in prayer, and making sure there was a force shield in which Leiws' black magic couldn't break through.

Ryan and Micki meanwhile were headed to the airport.

Sitting together in the taxi, Micki stared out the window and sighed. Glancing over, Ryan took her hand again.

Thinking about Johnny?

Micki looked over before slowly nodding.

It's just like you said Ryan, anyone we touch dies.


No, your even happened to us.


Micki looked away, she held back tears.

I just want this over with...

Me too Micki, me too.

Trying keep her mind off things, she flipped through the small file full of paper work Jack had given with on the objects. They all ready knew about the shard, and somehow still haven't throught on how they were going to get it back. This woman who had it was smart...she got it back last time.

Then the bow and arrow, as far as Micki knew there was a traveling carnival in which featured the arrow that could go through a person and not kill them. From what the newspapers said, it was a huge attraction. Rolling her eyes she shut the file and tried to relax the rest of the car ride. It just seemed so hard now.

I love you...

Micki looked over at Ryan, a little stunned.


Ryan looked at her.

I didn't say anything.

Micki stared at him for a second before slowly nodding, looking ahead she sighed.

The plane ride was mostly silent. Almost everyone fell asleep, counting Ryan. Micki sat beside him, looking at her hands and feeling uneasy. Somehow knowing that Lewis was out there, more powerful and trying to stop them scared her to death.

Glancing at Ryan, almost all thoughts of Johnny went away. Sighing she watched him for a very long time.

He's perfect...

She thought to herself sighing.

A few hours later they landed. Ryan and Micki took a taxi from the airport and now stood together at a truck stop changing. It was much warmer there, and everything looked vast and empty. The land untouched and waiting.

Micki dressed in shorts and a blouse, checking herself in the restroom's mirror, she sighed before turning around. Meeting Ryan outside, he was able to make a deal with the guy who owned the station to rent the car for a few days. It was a dusty old thing, but Micki had other things on her mind.

Mrs. Dajagger, the artist who had the shard was living at her ranch. After nearly a year in Europe, she was starting her new series. Looking at the newspaper clips, it seemed like more people were dying and being turned into stone.

The second she sees us she's going to do something crazy...I know it.

That's why I brought this...

Ryan pointed to the backseat, turning Micki saw what looked like Johnny's shotgun.

How did you get it...

It isn't Johnny's...the guy at the station made a deal with me with that too.

Your not...

Unless she makes me Micki, I mean it.

Slowly nodding, Micki sunk down in her seat.

By the time they reached the ranch it was sunset. Micki looked out at the vast desert land and never thought she saw anything more beautiful. The entire sky looked as if it was on fire. Slowly crawling through the bushes, they got closer.

Looking in the window, Ryan pointed.

Look, she has a girl with her.

Just like before Mrs. Dajagger stood sketching as a young little thing sat posed, the shard in her hand.

This woman makes me wanna rethink the whole art thing...

Ryan joked. Micki rolled her eyes before looking closer.

All ready the girl was telling her how she couldn't breath.

Come on...


Come on, before it's too late!

Ryan grabbed Micki's wrist and both quickly began running towards the front porch. The screen door was open.

One the count of three, one...two...

Before Ryan could even reach three, the two of them flew in, nearly knocking the door over. Right away there was a scream from the other room.


Ryan raced ahead with the shotgun before they ran into the other room. Micki stood behind him and saw they were too late.

The model was all ready made into stone.

Mrs. Dajagger stood up before looking at them, her face shocked.




Mrs. Dajagger was on Micki was she nearly fell to the floor. Struggling and flighting, the two women rolled around on the floor as her nails dug into Micki's face. Screaming, Micki grabbed the shard and with all her might shoved it into the woman's chest.

Ryan stood back as Mrs. Dajagger struggled to stand up. Holding her bleeding chest, she backed up from Micki...went about three feet and began screaming.

There before Ryan and Micki's eyes...she turned into stone.

Sitting on the floor for a moment, Micki took a deep breath before grabbing the shard that had now fallen on the floor. Turning around she looked at Ryan and began to cry.

Walking back, now dusk. The two of them stayed silent. In Micki's hand was the shard, her face and back were clawned and softly stung whenever a breeze blew by them. Ryan walked beside her, his boots crunching the pebbles on the side of the road. His eyes looking straight forward, almost serious.

Dark was coming, the sky slowly began to change. The sun was just settling, causing dashes and smears of velvet and dark blue begin to appear. Micki looked around at the desert, and for a second felt as if she was being watched.

"I'm dying Micki..."

Micki heard off in the distance, turning she looked at Ryan.


Ryan glanced down at her.


Micki stared at him before slowly shaking her head.

Only the wind I guess...

Come on, I wanna be inside before it gets dark.

There the two of them walked faster to the parked car.

Both had decided to share a room at the motel. Micki felt that the two of them shouldn't split up, most of all when this creepy uneasy feeling wouldn't go away. Ryan phoned Jack and gave him the news.

Micki meanwhile changed into shorts and a T-shirt before brushing back her long red hair. It was a warm night and the A.C was barley working. Eyeing the shard in her open suitcase, she felt another chill shoot down her body.

Three more to go...

She thought to herself before getting into bed. The feeling of the cool sheets against her skin made her start to relax. Ryan then came in from the other room, dressed for bed and looking exausted.

How's Jack?

Fine...I can tell he worried through.


Micki looked up at him from the bed before he started flipping off al the lights. Pulling back the top sheet he shrugged.

Just can tell from his voice.

Ryan then relaxed beside her, both laying there in the darkness.

Do you think we'll get all the objects back?

We should give it one hell of a try...don't you think?

Micki slowly nodded.

I'm scared...knowing Lewis is around.

He won't hurt you, I promise.

Micki gazed at him through the darkness of the room before softly smiling.

I love you.

Micki heard Ryan say, but his lips didn't move. He just stared at her in the darkness, faintly smiling...making her feel safe.

I love you too Ryan, till the day I die.

She thought, and somehow it was as if Ryan understood her. Smiling he looked at her before taking one of her hands. Holding it, they looked at each other before Ryan slowly cleared his throat.

Micki? I really don't know how to say this...I mean so much has happened...

His voice dropped before Micki smiled at him.

I think I know what your going to say...I think I've always known.


Micki softly laughed before looking at their hands together, it seemed to right.

After...after this is all over I'm staying with you.

Micki struggled to say before Ryan grinned.

This is crazy you know that?

Micki almost started crying and laughing at the same time. Nodding, she held up his hand and kissed it.

So what now?

I guess we'll just see...we'll find out in time.

Time is one thing we got.

Ryan smiled before Micki snuggled next to him, feeling the warmth of his body.

Keep me safe...

Micki said before she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Micki sat at a picnic table down in the shade. It was a hot sticky day and Micki felt like she could barley breath. Sipping on a cold iced tea Ryan bought her, she watched as he talked on the payphone. Looking him up and down, his faded jeans, and dark blue T-shirt. How tanned and smooth his arms looked.

Micki drifted off into her own thoughts before he walked back.

News from Jack?

He got the dollhouse.

Micki almost spit up her drink.


Ryan smiled before sitting down and taking a sip of her drink.

Sent the mailer out and finally someone responded...said that their daughters were playing with it too much and getting into trouble at school.

Like how?

I guess if you pretended, or played that the dolls inside the house were people you know...whatever you said with them inside the dollhouse, it happened.

So I take it some friends of there's fell down some stairs?

Worse, but the parents were more then friendly enough to sell it back to Jack.

That means...

Two more, and we're heading for the next one night now.

Micki took a second.

Do you really think these are all the objects, really?

I hope so Micki, I really do.

That means only the clock left. Does Jack know anything about it?

Not that I know of.

Micki looked across at him before smiling.

I'm not scared anymore.

Either am I.

Micki looked over his face before smiling, he made her feel so good, so safe, so welcome.

Well come on, we got a show to see. Getting up, the two traveled out into the desert.

Two hours later they reached the carnival. Tons of tents and post were set up as people walked around. It seemed old fashion and well kept. Micki stayed close to Ryan as they watched children run around laughing and tossing popcorn.

There were booths and rides, everything seemed so colorful and alive. Micki held onto Ryan's hand before she pointed.

I think that's what we're gonna wanna see.

There was an old fashion cloth sign one one of the tents. There was drawn a lady, dressed with snakes holding a bow n arrow.

See Lady Luck shoot her arrow through your heart!

Eyeing each other, they stepped forward.

9: I'm dying

Jack slowly moved the old fashion dollhouse into the darkness of the vault. Finally putting it against some old boxes, he caught his breath before looking around. Here they all were, the objects that had caused so much harm.

Looking down at the dollhouse he shook his head before leaving and shutting the doors to the vault. Ryan had called that morning with news about the shard, now all that was left was the bow and arrow, and the clock. Jack didn't know much about both objects, and had little to no idea about the cursed clock.

Taking a seat in front of the vault, he crossed his arms and sighed.


A man in a tophat yelled from his stand. It was later now and the sun had just started coming down. Ryan and Micki spent most of the day checking out the carnival and asking around about this famous act that they had been hearing about all afternoon. It seemed that the carnival would be there for another two weeks before moving on. This was their lifestyle, same was it was so many years ago. They traveled and packs and tried their best to make a living. But this carnival didn't have the exciting and fun feel to seemed different.

Standing close with Micki, Ryan watched as people gathered around the tent.

Taking a seat in the audience, the two looked around as the state began getting set up. Soon the same man who sold them their tickets walked inside before telling everyone to take their seats.

Moments later the lights raised up and a very beautiful gypsy looking woman with long black hair and tanned skin walked forward. Dressed in a sparking green dress, she faced them and raised the bow.


Micki said softer, Ryan nodded.


Everyone clapped before a young teenager, mosty likely on vacation with his buddies, cracked up in the front row and raised his hand.


The guy got up before looking back at his friends and laughing. Micki and Ryan watched as the man with the tophat made him stand in the center of the stage before locking his hands together behind his back. The boy kept laughing before the woman stepped forward raising the arrow.


The woman pulled the arrow back and Micki held her breath, within seconds the arrow shot right through the boy's chest. Screams and gasps were heared from the crowd before the boy blinked his eyes and looked at the arrow sticking out of his chest. The woman smiled before lowering the bow and walking forward. With two quick movements she pulled the arrow out of his chest. The boy didn't even look like he was in pain as the man in the tophat unlocked him. The boy opened his shirt to reveal no mark at all. Stunned, he kept looking at himself as everyone clapped.

It has to be some trick, it has to be fixed.

Some woman next to them mumbled. As the lights went down, Ryan nodded to Micki before they snuck away.

As they made their way to the back of the tent, they saw the flashing lights and fireworks begin to go off. It was a beautiful night and the wind was softly blowing. Micki ducked down with Ryan before the group of teenage boys walked past them. All of them joked and punched the boy who was part of the show, asking him what the trick was and how they did it. The boy simply shook his head saying he didn't even feel a thing. Moments later they said something about going on the roller coaster and left.

Let's go...

Ryan said as they moved.

We need someone, and someone quick!

Lucky...this place is packed, we'll find someone.

We have another show in less then an hour, and we very much can't have a real arrow going through someone.

Yeah...that would be murder.

The man in the tophat mumbled before the woman took her large gold hoop earrings out. Ryan and Micki watched through a slit from the back of the tent.

Find someone like before, someone who isn't going to be missed...a drunk teenager, a homeless person...

You know the second we leave this town is going to be full of missing persons, they might come around and ask questions.

So? We'll be gone by then, now go!

The man in the tophat nodded before leaving. The woman sighed before walking behind him, leaving the bow and arrow alone.

Now, let's go...

Ryan slipped through the back of the tent with Micki before slowly walking towards the bow and arrow. Micii held her breath as Ryan grabbed it.

Come on it's go!


Ryan and Micki stopped, turning around in the empty tent they saw the woman standing there, a bow and arrow in her own hands.

Well, well, well...looks like some people wanna know how my show is really done?

Ruan dropped the bow and arrow before raising his hands and stepping in front of Micki.

Listen, you know that this thing does...

You mean this thing?


I always have a copy in case some punk kids decide to sneak inbetween shows and steal it.


But it was too late, the woman pulled back the arrow and seconds later Ryan hit the ground hard. The arrow sticking right out of him.


Micki screamed running towards him.

He laid there, the arrow sticking out of his bleeding chest. Grabbing him her eyes were huge. No, not Ryan. Turning him over, he groaned and snapped his eyes shut with pain.

There the woman walked forward laughing.

Looks like we might have a double show tonight...

She reached for another arrow in the back of her and began to draw it backwards from the bow. Here Micki looked up, her eyes wide and filled with anger.


She screamed.

Charging forward she knocked the woman down, right away the spare arrow and bow went flying. The woman screamed and tried to grab it...when there was a blinding white light. Micki fell backwards and tried to sheild her eyes.

Just then...

Lewis walked through the tent, the woman on the ground beside Micki grew wide eyes.

Lewis simply smiled at the two of them before Micki heard a voice.


Micki looked up, thinking it was Ryan. Looking over, she saw him laying on the ground as a small puddle of blood gathered from under him. Looking around she saw there was no escape when...


There, Johnny walked in...just as he looked a week ago, alive. Smiling he walked forward, hands stuffed in his jacket's pockets and looked over at Lewis.

Lewis turned around and hissed when Johnny looked over at Micki.

I wouldn't worry...only bad dreams.

With that, everyhting went to darkness.

When Micki woke up, the woman was no longer there. She didn't know how long she had been out, but there was no Johnny, no Lewis, and no white light. Taking a second she looked around before feeling her head.

What happened?

Looking, she saw the bow and arrow laying there, grabbing it she then saw Ryan.


Racing over, she leaned over him. The arrow was out of his chest, and it seemed as if the wound almost healed itself. There was very little blood.


She screamed again, this time he opened his eyes and looked at her.

Micki? What happened?

Micki held him as he hissed in pain.

I think we were helped out...come on.

At the motel room, Ryan slipped off his shirt as Micki tried to clean the thin wound with a wet facecloth. Ryan hissed a little as she worked, and saw it wasn't even a flesh wound, almost like a scratch.

I can't believe it...

Micki looked at it, it seemed to have healed itself.

It went through would of died.

What happened?

Ryan looked down at Micki as she worked.

I don't know...I was fighting with the woman to get the bow and arrow back when this light came, I feel backwards and thought I saw Lewis...then Johnny came.


Micki slowly nodded.

I forgot what he said, but he was smiling and then I woke up.

Ryan shook his head before Micki stood up.

I think your going to be okay. Ryan nodded before looking at himself in the mirror. Touching the small mark on his chest, he glanced over at Micki.

One more to go...

One more...

She softly said.

They decided they would fly back in the morning. Right now, the two laid together in bed as the darkness of the night washed over them. Micki tried to wrap her head around what happened, but she just couldn't figure it out.


He laid beside her.


I'm scared...

Me too Micki, me too.

Micki then looked at him, a small smile on her face. Leaning over, she touched his arm. She really thought she lost him again there. Looking over, Ryan smiled back before Micki leaned over. She didn't even think and pressed her lips against his.

The kiss was something that seemed to have been waiting for years. It was perfect. Holding him, Micki leaned over and kept pressing her lips against his. Breaking apart, they looked at each other and smiled.

I love you Micki.

And I love you Ryan...

10: End

Ten years later.

Micki found herself standing in the kitchen one early bring spring morning. Leaning against her shoulder and tilted head was the phone, her hands meanwhile were busy trying to mix something in a large plastic blue bowl.

Micki was talking to Sara, one of her oldest best friends from school. The two had gotten closer over the last couple of years and shared the same interests. Laughing over the phone she told Sara she needed to let her go and that she would call her back later. After one last laugh and goodbye she walked over and hung up the phone.

It was a beautiful morning, and thin sunlight began to drift in through the windows. Smiling she went back to what she was doing when she heard footsteps on the stairs.

Back all ready?

Micki asked before turning around.

Ryan walked up, a gym bag over one shoulder and what seemed like a never ending stack of papers in his arms. Smiling he walked over and threw the things down on the table. Taking a deep breath he turned around.

Man, never thought I could make it up the stairs without killing myself.


Micki teased before leaning over and kissing his cheek.

Ryan for the most part really hadn't changed. The last ten years had been good towards the both of them, and still age was taking it's time to be seen on the two of them. Micki often spent hours in front of the mirror, looking for any flaw or wrinkle. She couldn't believe they had been here for nearly fifteen years.

Ryan now wore glasses, and seemed convinced that there were shades of gray starting to show in his hair. Micki thought he looked handsome, she had really stayed by his side this entire time...and liked the thought of growing old with him.

Alot had happened in these ten years.

Lewis hadn't showed his face again ever since that night getting the bow and arrow back. They really couldn't explain what happened...only that he had tried to get them and somehow Johnny had stopped him.

Since then there had been silence.

They kept searching for the clock...but there were no leads whatsoever on it. Years past with them looking for it, finally they gave up.

Jack along with Ryan's mother past away nearly three years ago. It had been hard on the two of then...but they stayed at the store, knowing that's what Jack would of wanted.

They decided to make the best out of it, run the store and try to live their lifes...even if the clock was never recovered. They knew no matter what they needed to keep watch.

Ryan went to night school and finally got his degree. He had started teaching art at a local high school, which brought in a good enough amount of money for the two of them. Micki meanwhile minded the store and ran it during the days Ryan wasn't with her.

They somehow found a peaceful level of living, and liked it.

They hadn't even spoke of Lewis since everything had happened.

Maybe it was really all over.


Ryan grinned looking across at her. Micki set her bowl down on the counter, her back facing him.

Next thing Micki knew, Ryan's arms were around her, pulling her back. Laughing Micki screamed as Ryan spun her around. Once they were facing each other, Micki giggled before leaning over and kissing him.

They were still in love, after all these years.

Hey, I don't have to be back until one...maybe we can try again?

Micki saw how Ryan's eyes lit up and smiled. Kissing him again she nodded. Laughing, Ryan picked her up and brought her to the bedroom.

An hour later, both laid beside each other. Ryan's arm around Micki as the two of them stayed in complete silence. A silence Micki had grown to love. All these times, laying in their bed together, his arms around her making her feel safe.

Maybe that was it?

Ryan said before taking his glasses off the nightstand and slipping them on. Micki glanced up at him before smiling.


The two of them had been trying to get pregnant for the last year or so. Both had been checked out and everything seemed it was all up to time.

Kissing her cheek, Ryan smiled before sighing and closing his eyes.

I need to get going...

No...stay with me.

Micki nuzzled his neck. Ryan laughed before kissing her again.

I need to go, those kids are going to wreck the classroom if I'm not there.

Laughing, Micki watched him slip out of bed and begin to get dressed.


Micki was in the middle of dressing herself when she heard Ryan downstairs. Panic jumping into her heart, she struggled to pull down her blouse as she ran down the stairs.

Ryan stood in the doorway.

What is it?


Micki walked over and stood beside him, looking down she froze.

It was the clock.

It just sat on the front steps.

Ryan leaned down and picked up a small card that was on it. Micki leaned in to read it.

To Ryan and Micki,
Don't worry about Lewis...his power is finally gone. He won't hurt you anymore. It's over's really over.

Both looked up at each other before Micki softly said to herself.


The End.