Child of darkness, child of light

Authors: Dallion

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1: Light

Hello Margret!

Whitney piped as she walked into the waiting room. Whitney was sixteen years old and most likely the most beautiful girl around. Her entire life people had commented on how pretty she was, almost like an angel. Today she wore a tanned short sundress and heels. She had gotten her way of style from her mother and often looked her best, even when she was just going out for a bit. Remarked before, that she was a woman in a teenager's body.

Always happy go lucky, she smiled at Margret behind the desk as she took her sunhat, smiling and looked around. She had been going to therapy ever since she was little. It was something her mother thought was best, and really didn't seem that big of a deal. Whitney liked her doctor and had gotten very close with him. She felt as if he was one of the few people she could truly open up towards.

Her brother Jason on the other hand thought different.

Today he had skipped out to go play basketball as usual.

Dr. Sarandon will be out in a moment hon.

Whiney smiled at Margret before noticing a little girl, no older then eight or so. She stood by herself and stared out the window that over looked the city.

Whiney was always friendly and loved children, in fact just this summer she had gotten a part time job at a day care just a few blocks away from home. Never seeing this girl before she stepped forward smiling.


The little girl glanced up and slightly smiled before looking down. Whitney softly laughed before coming closer.

It's all right, my name is Whitney, what's yours?

The little girl looked as if she was straining to talk. Slowly taking a deep breath the little girl looked up and spoke.


Whitney smiled before locking eyes with the young girl.

What's wrong with you?

She softly spoke.

I'm autistic.

How do you mean?

I'm withdrawn, I can't talk.

Whitney laughed before shaking her head.

You can hear me?

Whitney softly laughed again before nodding her head, the little girl's eyes bugged out. Just then the office door opened, and Dr. Sarandon and an older woman slowly walked out. The little girl turned.


The woman and the doctor froze.



The woman stared at her daughter in complete shock before the little girl began to laugh. The woman let out a moan as tears began to rush down her cheeks.


She rushed towards her daughter, taking her in her arms.

Talk again honey, talk again!

Mom it's all right!

Dr. Sarandon eyed Whitney from across the room as the mother covered her daughter with kisses.

You can't do that you know.

Whitney sat beside the huge glass window in Dr. Sarandon's office. In her hands her played with an hourglass. Smiling she shrugged.

What did I do?

Dr. Sarandon shook his head before sitting down behind his desk.

You made Sandy talk.

No I didn't...she just started talking to me.

Whitney, you have a gift we're still trying to figure've had it ever since you've been born.


Whitney, you can't go into people's heads like that.

Well what did I do that was so bad, that mother looked so happy.

That's besides that point...

Dr. Sarandon cut off his words before looking at Whitney.

Just...just talk to me before you do that again okay?

Whitney nodded.

So where's Jason?

Basketball, where else?

You know he keeps missing appointments...

I know doctor, it's just...he isn't like me, he doesn't like to talk.

Only to your uncle.

Well that's different, their close.

And you two aren't.

We might be twins, but...he seems distant.

He'll come around, maybe you should talk to him.

Better then my mother?


Smiling Whitney slowly turned the hourglass over in her hands.

Mom! I'm home!

The bell to the door rang as Whitney ran up the wooden stairs, her heels clicking.


I'm right here honey.

Whitney eyed her mother standing behind the counter, she was cashing a young woman out.

Oh sorry!

Handing the woman her bag with a simple smile she waited until she walked out the door before walking over to her daughter.

How did it go?

Oh fine, where's grandpa?

He's resting keep your voice down.

Whitney dropped her purse and hat on the counter before looking around in the store. She usualy helped out after school, but her mother thought it would be better for her to work someplace else part time. This place was where she grew up, and never felt more happy then here.

Where's Jason?

Beats me.

Oh Whitney, he didn't skip did he?

He must of had basketball or something.

Rolling her eyes her mother walked behind the counter again.

Been busy?

Oh not really, so why are you so excited?

Well...I kind of, well...


I met this little girl today in the waiting room, she said she was autistic, you know couldn't talk?

Her mother nodded.

Well she just started talking with out of the blue.



Was the doctor upset?

Not really, but you should of seen the mother's face...she seemed so happy.

Reaching over, Micki smiled and touched her daughter's arm.

That's good honey.

Smiling Whitney looked at her mother before the door rang again, this time Jason walked in.

2: Promise

The foghorn had been returned to the vault, and yet again the quest for finding these objects seemed as if there was no end in sight.

Micki was upset. In fact lately all of this was really taking it's toll on her. Bewteen her family turning their back on her after breaking up with Lloyd, and the constant reminder that she had caused part of this to happen...made her feel alone. She wished none of this had happened. It seemed as if only within a year the world she knew was shattered and here she was living a life of danger and threat. All she wanted to do was settle down, start a family and feel normal.

Sure she had Jack and Ryan, but still she felt hopeless.

One thing that was really getting to her were these strange feelings.

It all started after they got the cursed comic book back. Micki before hand looked at Ryan as a pest. A distant cousin that she didn't know and was completely different from. It bugged her that in some strange way he enjoyed this. That he really didn't have a life left behind and that staying here, trapped and getting these antiques back didn't seem to bother him. At first she hated him, then slowly began to see him as a friend. She thought it was cute how jealous he got sometimes, mostly around when Lloyd left. At that point she was beyond depressed and even thought about leaving. But somehow Ryan was there for her.

More then she could say about her family.

They slowly began to open up towards each other. He understood this wasn't the life she wanted, and he also explained about his painful past. After learning about his brother's death...Micki had a few found respect for him.

Then when they got the quilt back, something happened.

Micki had never seen him act this way before. She was shocked to see that after all this time of making her stay, he was really thinking about leaving for this girl Laura. She couldn't explain how she felt. Jealous maybe? Anger? Whatever it was she hated it. When he finally came back it hit her one night.

She was in love with Ryan.

At first she tried to brush it off as a simply crush. With everything going on it was normal to be around someone for so long and look at them that way. But she began to notice little things about him that made her life him more and more.

The way he seemed so childish. At first something she hated about him. Now something she enjoyed. The way he was always so playful, happy go lucky, cheerful and always joking. The way he smiled or laughed. The way he would always say "Oh yeah?" quickly whenever he was talking. His awful sense of style. The way he was always running his hands through his hair. His tanned arms, his smell...which was always a mix between clean soap and paint. He way he made her feel safe.

She tried her best to brush it off, but it seemed hopeless. She really did like him.

But when he began seeing other girls, somehow his playful crush she so often hated drifted away from her. She felt jealous.

But today once they returned from the harbor, he cheered her up and seemed bothered that she was crying.

Leading her upstairs, both were exausted. Jack was still away and they had plently to tell him once he returned. Once upstairs Micki laughed after seeing herself in the mirror, her eyeliner was running like crazy.

Look at me, I look a mess!

Trying to wipe it away, Ryan softly touched her shoulder as she turned around. Looking her straight in the eyes he reached over and used his own hands to wipe the black away. His hands on her face felt so strange, so...

Micki couldn't describe it.


She asked in an almost hushed voice.

Ryan softly smiled before leaning over and kissing her. Micki closed her eyes as his lips touched hers, slowly opening and closing. Micki felt her heart race...

Then he broke away.

Turning around, putting his back towards her he seemed embarrassed.

I'm sorry...

Micki stepped forward reaching out, her long fingernails touching the back of his shirt.

Don't be...

I shouldn't of done that...


He turned back around facing her.

Micki smiled at him.

Slowly she placed her arms on his shoulders and brought him in for another kiss.

An hour later, both laid in Micki's bed. Even though it was early spring it seemed like it was a million degrees. Laying there, looking up at Ryan as he slowly brushed his fingers through her hair he smiled.



Micki smiled up at him as Ryan leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Don't ruin it.

Micki smiled again as she slowly fell asleep in his arms.

3: Darkness

Micki was sitting upstairs having lunch with Whitney when they heard the front door open downstairs. It was a little after three and they had flipped the closed sign on for an hour or so. Micki enjoyed her talks with her daughter. The past sixteen years had been rough, but somehow she felt as if she really had done some good in the world raising her. Even though she had no idea of the life she used to live, Micki thought it was best. Her biggest fear when she discovered she was pregnant mostly had to deal with her children living in danger. The fact she was making them be born into this life, while she somehow stumbled into it. She thought it was unfair and dangerous for them, mostly since half of their lifes she was a single parent. But after having a long talk with Jack he gave her the choice.

Stay or go.

Micki knew it wouldn't be fair just to leave like that. It wouldn't be fair to Jack, Johnny, or Ryan. Everything they did there was some sort of sacrifice...just leaving would be a mistake. Anyways as awful as things seemed at times, this was her home. She felt safe here.

There seemed to be a million memories.

Now in her mid-forties, Micki saw she was getting older. Time had slipped past them as if it was just a blink of an eye. She hated keeping things from Whitney. She was such a good person, so pure and happy. But she told herself so many years ago she wouldn't ever get them involved.


Whitney was sitting down, finishing lunch when she heard the door too. Seconds later footsteps came up the stairs and Jason walked in, his headphones on as usual.

Jason and Whitney were twins. Jason was older by seven minutes. He had gotten Micki's eye catching red hair, and had serious brown eyes. He had been the struggle to raise these past couple of years. Like his father he was also diabetic. He had alot of health problems as a baby and worried Micki. Once he got older he seemed distant. Most likely since his father wasn't there. He was close with Whitney, but was now like every other teenager. Moody and distant. He played sports in high school, and seemed to have alot of friends, but hardly anytime to be around home. He loved helping out at Johnny's garage downtown, and seemed to have a pretty big passion for cars. Micki hoped with most of the money she had saved over the years for their future in school, wouldn't be wasted on some sports car Johnny would most likely talk him into buying next year.

He was a good kid, but just so hard to reach.

This summer he had been his worst. Micki thought it might have something to do with Jack's heath.

Hi Jason.

Jason barley glances at them before heading over to his room.

When the children were two, Micki, Jack, and Johnny had decided to expand the store and fix it up. A few thousand later they had bought half up the upstairs next door, which used to be the hardware store. There they built up walls and made three extra rooms. One for Jason, one for Whitney, and another living room. Along with Micki's room, the bathroom, and the kitchen the upstairs was almost like a whole apartment above the store. Over time it seemed more and more like home, as close as everyone seemed.

But Micki knew that wasn't enough...Jason needed space.

Closing his door, Micki knew she would have to speak with him later about not going with Whitney today. In fact a few things had been on her mind lately.

Guess he's in a bad mood huh?

Whitney said while drinking the last of her soda. Micki smiled looking at her daughter and shaking her head.

Yeah I guess so...

Micki then got up and decided to fix Jack some lunch to bring downstairs. Lately his health had been poor and Micki feared the worst. After everything he had been there for her, almost like a father. The kids loved him, she knew that.

Well I'm going to my art class.

Whitney got up for a second and went into her room before coming back with her bag.

Be back before dark.

Okay mom.

Whitney kissed Micki's cheek before walking down the stairs.

Whitney took the most after her father, ever since she was a baby she loved art. In fact she was getting pretty good at it and tossed around the idea of maybe going to school for it in the future. That's what Micki loved about Whitney, she was playful and so full of life. In fact before she discovered art, fashion, and boys...she went through a phase reading old comic books, she struck Micki as funny. Jason now owned most of them, which were kept in a box in his closet.

He seemed too serious for even that.

Waiting for Jack's lunch to be ready, Micki walked over to Jason's door and lightly knocked. Slowly opening she saw Jason laying on his bed, his headphones on.


Jason lowered the headphones and Micki could hear the music playing from out of them, even though she was half way across the room. Slightly smiling she walked over.

Want some lunch?

No thanks...

Went to Johnny's?

Yeah...hope your not pissed about me ditching that thing...

Micki sighed before crossing her arms.

That thing is very important to me, your sister does it.

Jason rolled his eyes.

Well isn't she perfect.


No, mom I know she's your favorite, she's everyone's favorite!

That isn't true Jason, now lower your voice.


Jason got up and walked past her, Micki followed.

If you don't want to talk to the doctor, then talk with me.

Jason turned around before throwing his arms up in the air.

Why? I mean nothing is wrong with us...why do we have to see a shrink?


Because you read it somewhere?

No, because you two are very special and...

And what, we're normal people mom, just because dad died doesn't make us messed up!

Micki sighed.

I just want what's best for you.

Well I don't want to go anymore, okay?

Micki slowly shook her head.

Fine, but you really need to change this attitude.

What attitude?

What attitude! Jason your always moody, always trying to blame it on someone else. Now I know your upset because of grandpa being so sick but you really need to level with me.


No, your sixteen and need to cut this out...your father wouldn't take it and I'm not either, if you have something on your mind and you don't want to talk to Whitney, or me, or the doctor...then talk with Johnny at least.

Rolling his eyes Jason walked down the stairs, seconds later she heard the door.

Shaking her head she knew raising a teenage boy would be the end of her. After a little while she calmed herself down and brought Jack his lunch.

What was all that yelling about?

Jack asked in his bed. Micki smiled setting his tray down before sitting on the edge of his bed.

Oh the usual, Jason showing me what an awful parent I am.

Micki...your a good mother, just because Whitney is the star student, doesn't mean Jason has to be.

I know Jack, it's just these past couple of years have been rough.

He needs a father.

Yeah, well he had one...

Micki drifted off for a second before shaking her head.

I just wanna do what's best for him.

Just remember, he's not Whitney, let him have his space.

Micki slightly smiled before looking at the smooth wall which now stood in front of the vault. When the kids were four they finally recovered 95% of the objects. After after two years of dead ends they decided it was safe enough and sealed up the vault for good.

It seemed so strange it was over now.

Do you think I know ever tell them?

Jack shook his head.

You wanted your children to live normal lifes right?


Micki smiled before sighing.

Whitney is at art class, and Jason most likely went back to Johnny's.

Jack gave a weak smile, she saw how sick he was getting. Sighing she placed her hand on his.

What am I gonna do when your gone?

Jack smiled back at her.


4: Keeping from

Micki burst out laughing as Ryan laid on top of her in the bedroom. He tried to support himself up by placing his arms on either side of her. Nuzzling down, he tickled her neck and began to kiss her. Wiggling from under him, Micki laughed again before throwing her head from side to side.


Ryan grinned as he lowered himself down a little and began to kiss her deeper.

Alot had been happening.

It was now nearly three months since Micki and Ryan first slept together. At the moment, it just seemed like the only thing to do. Micki had started having feelings, and at that exact moment they just so happened to match his. They were emotional and not thinking. All they knew was that this was what they wanted, so they went for it. Now after all this time the risk of it all didn't seem that big. They sort of knew where they stood now and seemed happy with it.

From the moment Jack returned, they had begun dating. At first it struck them as funny. The thought of nearly ten months in, ten months of living his life and having to face the danger every day. Ten months after getting to know each other, feeling the risk and knowing that less then a year before hand...they were complete strangers.

Now it just seemed normal for them.

As funny as it all seemed, and as different as they were, it seemed to match perfectly. Micki enjoyed Ryan's childish side, she found it exciting and fun to be around with. Also she discovered that his direction towards arts was in fact very serious. Both seemed to share the same passion and were open to finding out more of what they were into. Micki began trying to take a stab of him getting into classical music, while he began taking her to clubs in the city which blasted rock and dance music. She took walks with him uptown, and even helped out when he decided to buy some new clothes. Micki even talked into him buying a white suit jacket and slacks...something in which Micki told him he looked new age and handsome.

Ryan took her to baseball games, and pizza joints.

The stress of these objects didn't seem as bad anymore. There was life in the store and everyone seemed in a much better mood. They looked forward to spending time together and going out...Jack joked at them saying these were the first signs of falling in love.

And even though they didn't come right out with it, they really were falling for each other. It seemed like every second they were in the same room together they lit up. Micki even smiled once watching Ryan as he stood in the store with Jack.

He was her boyfriend.

Somehow she didn't feel so lonely anymore.

It wasn't like it was with Lloyd...somehow this was different.

She laughed as he began to unbutton her blouse. A few weeks ago Ryan's father had died. Having not heard from him in years, Ryan couldn't believe he wanted to see him again. Taking Micki with him, right away they knew things were wrong. Uncle Lewis struck again, and this time it took Ryan's only chance of patching things up with his father once and for all. Ryan seemed pretty numb towards this, but Micki was there for him. And for the first time ever...she saw Ryan cry.

They had also recovered the badge, in which Ryan was more then cute with being jealous towards Tim. Sighing for a moment she thought of her old friend. Once she had been in love with him. These objects hurt everyone.

But like always, Ryan was there for her...making sure she didn't feel guilty. What was done was done, and here they were together and in love.

Ripping the last buttons off Micki's blouse, revealed her lace bra, which filled her plump breasts perfectly. Ryan's hands moved over them before cupping and holding as tight as he could. Moaning, Micki brought his face to hers as they began to open and close their mouths. Ryan's shirt was opened revealing his chest, Micki's long fingernails brushed against him before feeling his heartbeat. Smiling she felt his erection go against her inner thigh.

Get a condom...

Micki said, but Ryan only smiled and kept kissing her...his free hand going down to yank his zipper down. Micki laughed inbetween the kiss before looking him in the eye.

Got a condom?

She asked again, Ryan just shook his head.

Do you?

Micki rolled her eyes.

Jesus, I didn't get any.

Ryan stared down at her, before Micki shook her head and moved her body up.


Ryan gasped for breath before shaking his head.

You gotta be killing me...

Micki sighed.

I know, I should be on the pill.

Ryan sat on her bed before taking a deep breath. Micki could see he was sweating. Shaking his head he waved his hand for a moment.

No, it's all right.

Just then Jack's voice came down upstairs, this morning they were planning on cleaning up downstairs. Ryan laughed for a second.

Guess we were gonna have to get pulled away anyways.

Micki laughed before crawling over and kissing him straight on the lips.

Your right, you don't even have the time to get me pregnant.

Ryan grinned.

Wanna bet?

Micki laughed before tugging on his lip.

Not at the moment...

Ryan wrapped his arms around her, bringing her in for a better kiss. Breathing heavy Ryan smiled.

Come on, I could see us having kids.

Oh Yeah Ryan, we would be great at it?

Are you kidding, we would be great.

Yeah as items from the devil lay just downstairs.

Ryan laughed before Micki began to slip her blouse on.

Come on...

Taking his hand she lead him downstairs, smiling Ryan laughed again.

Well it is something to talk about.

An hour later, any thoughts of babies were tossed away when they discovered someone had bought a cursed cradle.

5: Doves cry

Micki shot up from bed.

It was another nightmare.

She started having them ever since that faithful night in Paris. For years she had thought about getting help for them...but what would she say? Not the truth. Only Jack and Johnny truly knew what she had gone through after everything had happened.

They had been worse while she was pregnant. Micki in total had been pregnant three times. The first two had ended in miscarriage. Ryan being the father through all three of those pregnancies. Micki had always known she wanted to be a mother someday...and when things happened with Ryan, she guessed she was so young and foolish she really didn't have a chance to think. There had been so many reasons it shouldn't happen, yet she allowed them too. It was as if God was waving his arms and crying for her to stop until it really happened.

The pregnancy that resulted in Jason and Whitney was the one that Ryan wasn't around for. She often thought in her mind he really was for the first few years. But in real manner of speaking he wasn't. He had gotten her pregrant the night before he died. Jack often reminded her that Ryan didn't die because of what happened. That Asteroth had possessed Ryan, and that it was really only half of him left. That all of those awful things that he did really wasn't him. It was something else, something dark and evil. But that was the same thing that slept with Micki before he left the inn to find the sister.

The pregnancy had been rough, Ryan had never known about it. After his sacrifice, God had given him another chance...but this time he was turned into a young twelve year old boy. With no memory of his life before. Not even Micki.

He was returned to his mother, and Micki was forced to keep searching for these objects, her heart now empty. Jack and Johnny had gotten her though the worse of times, and when she discovered she was pregrant, she saw it as a sign for her to really move on. Ryan was never coming back. But only a few months in, when Micki thought for sure anything could happen at any moment...the nightmares began.

Awful things of the devil and Uncle Lewis telling her that a monster raped her and is the father of her unborn children, and that they too will do as their father did. This threw Micki into a depression which lasted the rest of the pregnancy. Johnny tried to bring up the subject of abortion, but Micki wouldn't hear it. If these babies really were normal and that she didn't miscarry them, it had to be a sign. This really could be the last part of the real Ryan.

So she faced her fears and had them.

And for the last sixteen years, she was a mother. She raised her kids as good as she could, and struggled. Even after most of he objects were returned, she knew that her dreams were wrong. God loved these children and they were normal. Just like their father.

But the worst had been when the children were only seven. Jack didn't want to show her, but she finally found the letter from Ryan's mother.

Ryan was dead.

He had drowned with a couple of his highschool buddies one night that summer at a lake up in the mountains. He was only nineteen years old. The letter was full of pain and grief. Ryan's mother seemed so hopeless that she had a second chance to be with her son and she let him die just like Jimmy. After that letter Jack and Micki never heard from her again.

Micki had a complete breakdown.

Even though Ryan had been gone. And she faced the pregnancy, and raising her kids alone. She somehow felt hope and comfort. There really was a God, and he was looking out for her family. Ryan really was alive, but happy. Even if he never would meet his children, she liked the idea of him still being on his planet with her.

But everything seemed like a waste, even getting the objects mostly back. Micki couldn't take it in. Why did Ryan have to die? Why? Along with the letter was the newspaper clipping of Ryan's death. Before Micki feel to the ground she looked at the photo...Ryan looked just as he did when he was taken away from her.

The children never knew about this.

All they knew was that their father died before they were even born.

Now he really was.

The nightmares came back again, this time even worse.

The dark voice would keep coming, telling her over and over again that her children were the devil's.

Now the nightmares were coming again. Why?

Getting up, Micki slipped on her robe and softly walked out into the darkness. Checking on both of the kids, she saw them sleeping in their beds. They were getting so big now. Fanitly smiling she returned to her bedroom and did something she hadn't done in a long time.

She prayed.

6: I'm not leaving her

Micki sat on the edge of the tub in the upstairs bathroom. Faintly smiling she looked at her left hand and stared at the beautiful diamond engagement ring that was around her slim finger. She all ready knew her excited phonecall she made to her sister after Ryan proposed was getting back to her parents, and most of all Lloyd. Smiling she knew she had never been so happy before in her life.

Finally she broke out of her daydream and saw that more then enough time had past. Getting up, she walked over to the counter and picked up the test.


Smiling she looked at it again. Letting out a tiny laugh she held the test up and took a second to get her breathing under control. It hadn't been planned, nor really something they had talked about. But still, here it was right in front of her. Could they do it? Micki thought right away. Sure they could, Micki had always wanted this. But would it be too much for Ryan all right away? Looking at the test again she thought back on these last couple of months. She never had felt this way before. They were in love, and somehow this awful danger they always faced didn't seem that bad at the moment. Smiling she decided to wait in telling him. They were alone for the weekend, she needed time to think.

An hour later while they were downstairs running the store, they looked through the mail and heard about a cursed radio...which was in a mental hospital just on the outside of town.


Ryan hissed as he pulled his jeans off. Laying in Micki's bed he only wore boxes on, which showed off his nicely tanned and slim body. Micki smiled as he pressed the ice pack against his inner thigh.

I told you getting in that way was stupid, you could of killed yourself.

Almost did...

Micki saw it was a small burn, just near his groin. In the car drive back Ryan explained how he got caught and lied about sneaking in. Micki's idea of acting like a reporter might work the next evening.

I think I might be messed up now...

Ryan said looking down at himself and sighing from the pain. Micki laughed as he went on.

I mean I think my odds of giving you kids is over with Micki.

You won't have to worry about that.

Micki smiled before looking up to face him. Ryan stared at her almost in pure shock.

You mean...

Micki nodded before laughing.

Your pregrant?

Micki slowly nodded as Ryan grabbed her around the waist and held her so tight she almost couldn't breath. Kissing her over and over he laughed.

When did you find out? happy?

Am I happy?

He went to her and kissed her again.

Micki that's great.

I guess we'll have to hold off the wedding?

Ryan laughed before holding her even tighter.

One month later the coin happened.

Ryan ran as fast as he could, barley able to pull on his jacket as he ran out of the store. Both men ran as fast as they could through the side streets in the night.

When they reached the parking-lot they saw the car.

Look the car, she must still be here.

Ryan then saw the flicker of lights.

Oh my God Jack look...

His throat had become dry as he saw the police cruisers and ambulances.


Ryan then broke out into a full forced run, a police officer had tried to stop him at the taped off area but he pushed past him and ran around the ambulance. There he screamed as Jack ran after him.

Micki was laying on the wet pavement. She was dressed in her peach colored blouse and slacks. Her beautiful red hair now wet and dirty from laying there. Police and other people were gathered around.


Ryan nearly slid as he fell down to Micki.


He grabbed her and shook her as hard as he could. Her skin felt cold which made his entire stomach twist. Shaking her he began to sob.


Jack stepped forward and gasped.

Ryan held her lifeless body, petting her hair and kissing her face as he cried. Begging her to just wake up for him.

The police officer moved forward.

Excuse me do you know this woman.

Jack waved his hand to the officer who began to question he they knew why Micki was out there at this time of night.

Micki was dead.

Ryan held onto her slowly rocking back and forth. He was hysterical and having a complete mental breakdown. Jack had never seen Ryan like this. The strong stone of grief and shock hit Jack as he slowly shook his head.


The officer moved forward, prehaphs to get Ryan away from the body.

Ryan then turned around, hot sticky tears rushing down his face. He snapped like an animal clutching onto Micki's body for dear life.



Jack slowly started as he sneaked into the mourge, trying to keep their voices down as best as they could.


Ryan stared forward with little emotion left in his face at all.

This might not work you know...

Ryan shot Jack a look before going in.

Moments later he returned, this sight nearly broke Jack's heart. Ryan held Micki's lifeless body in his arms. She was a blueish gray color now and seemed to be freezing cold. Ryan held onto her as if he would have on their wedding day and brought her to the car. On the side over they were silent.

Ryan held her as Jack drove. Ryan softly brushed back her hair before placing the clay mask over her.

She was pregrant Jack.

Jack eyed Ryan for a moment before they parked.

The next day, Micki was alive and back with them. The coin now buried under the ground. There was a change of mood now in the store. They all know what almost happened, and how close they had come.

Ryan stayed by Micki's side the entire time.

Jack finally left to make some tea. After a while in total silence, Ryan slowly cleared his throat.

Micki...the baby?

Micki shook her head.

I lost it...I'm sorry Ryan.

Ryan lowered his head and sighed.

Even though she had only been a month into it, and only they knew...Ryan felt heartbroken. He was beyond greatful that Micki was alive, but this pregnancy...he couldn't explain it.

Both had lost a child.

He hated these objects now, more then anything. Taking her hand he kissed it.

It's all right, all I care about is having you back. Softly smiling, Micki leaned up and kissed him.

We'll try again, that's all...

7: Time

Micki was settling back to sleep, when she was awoken by Whitney screaming in the next room. Flipping on the lights, Micki ran out of bed and threw open her daughter's bedroom door. Whitney sat up in bed nearly crying. Micki went to her right away.

"What is it honey?"

Just then Jason, wearing sweat pants came running in the doorway, also awoken by Whitney's screams.

Whitney looked over where Micki saw a full length mirror laying against the wall near her dresser.

What is that?

There was a tiny hair line crack going down the side of the mirror. Micki could see her reflection as she held her daughter in the darkness of the room. Just then lighting struck for a second and lit up the room.

Just a mirror I found...


Whitney shook her head before smiling.

Sorry, I just had a nightmare.

You okay?

Yeah fine, sorry I scared you guys.

Micki kept looking at the mirror before slowly nodding.

Okay...if you need anything just call out okay honey?

Whitney smiled before nodding. Kissing her daughter's head, Micki got up and went to the doorway where Jason stood. For a second Micki smiled, Jason had always been very protective of his sister, even when they were little.

Night Jason...

Micki said to her son, but Jason kept looking in at Whitney, turning back to her bedroom she shook her head.

Something felt wrong.

You sure your okay?

Jason said again. Outside they could see from the window that it was raining. Whitney nodded before Jason waved his hand.

All right, see ya in the morning.

Once he left, Whitney was alone.

She knew she should have told her mother or grandpa about the hidden room downstairs. Maybe they all ready did? Maybe they wanted to keep it hidden, since they never seemed to talk about it while Jason and her were growing up here.

Or maybe they didn't.

Whitney found the room a few days ago when she was home alone. It was too early to open the shop and she began to walk around and eye all the books and odds and ends that laid around the store ever since she could remember. She touched one book and the wall moved. Everything was covered in dust and cobwebs. There Whitney saw the mirror.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

It had been in her bedroom for two days all ready, that's when these nightmares started.

Things of...

The devil.

Maybe she would tell Jason in the morning.

Right before Micki dazed off to sleep, she stared at the framed photograph of Ryan she had on her dresser.

How she missed him.

That's when she began to dream...of so many years ago.

Micki and Ryan had been married for just a few months then. The wedding had been small, yet beautiful. No family came other then Micki's sister and JB. The rest were all friends. Jack gave Micki away before she walked down to a grinning Ryan.

They got married in the church on the edge of town, it was dusk and snowing. Micki looked like an angel as she walked down the stone steps laughing. It might not have been everything she thought she would have...but she was happy.

Their honeymoon was up the mountains to view the counrty side for a week. Both felt guilty about leaving Jack alone, but he promised to relax himself and laze around the store the entire time.

There they were together, laughing and acting like a couple of kids. Having snowball fights, driving down backroads and looking at the land. Making love non-stop. It seemed like a dream.

Ryan then prommised once everything was done, he would give her the life she always wanted. Leaning in one evening she smiled telling him that this was the life she always wanted.

The miscarrige that happened when the coin had gotten Micki was well behind them. Even though it still hurt, Ryan never wanted to bring up the subject again. Micki could tell that her dying had hurt him someway in which he wouldn't ever be able to heal. They just tried to forget about it and keep making life work.

Ryan go faster...

Micki whispered as Ryan pressed his muscular body against hers. Taking a deep breath she felt him sink into her deeper before thrusting hard and errect into her small frame. Feeling a somewhat dulling throbbing, Micki put her arms around his neck and began to kiss him as hard as she could.

I'm coming...

Ryan muttered and moved to pull out, that's where Micki held him back down. Ryan looked at her, sweat rolling off his face.

Micki I'm coming...

He was trying to hold back, but Micki covered his mouth with hers. She felt his heart racing and seconds later he climaxed hard and with a muffled groan. Micki felt her heart begin to relax as Ryan lifted his head looking down at her.

What are you going?

Micki smiled before moving her lips down his shoulder blade.

Seeing if you can give me the baby I always wanted?

Ryan laughed before kissing Micki and sighing.

I wish you didn't have to go away...I planned the entire weekend to go out with you.

Micki smiled as he rolled off her and held her body close to his. Ever since they started dating both had enjoyed going out every second of their free time. Both noticed they loved the arts and Micki was more then a little impressed when she heard Ryan's knowledge of it. He took her to hockey and baseball games, and always treated for pizza. She meanwhile took him to nightclubs and nice long walks in the park. They loved talking and making each other laugh.

Micki had even talked him into a somewhat new style and earring he sported. She know knew comic book tiles, and a new love for rock and roll music. They had the store, they had each other, and they had their love. Micki often dreamed of what life would be like after they got all the objects back. They were now married...

She knew she wanted kids, all riks and problems aside. She wanted a baby more then anything, and wanted Ryan to give it to her.

Micki returned two weeks later, Ryan meanwhile had gotten a cursed Handkerchief back while she was gone.

A week after that she found out she was pregnant.

Ryan was more then happy when he found out the news, yet was scared anything could happen to Micki ever since the coin. Micki couldn't believe it, she was pregnant.

Right away she called all her friends, she was so excited by the idea of really having a baby. Ryan meanwhile stayed worried that the things they risked their lifes for getting back might get in the way. Micki brushed him off saying she knew how to take care of herself.

The first two doctor visits were fine, the baby was healthy and so was Micki. Right away she began looking at cribs and thinking of the nursery. So many nights she would just lay her hands on her flat stomach and talk to the baby growing in there.

They found out she was having a boy.

Micki was six months along when it happened.

The nursey was all ready done, even though Ryan told her to wait. Micki had painted the walls a baby blue and bought a white crib with sail boats dancing around it. She bought tons of clothes and read all the books.

She loved being pregnant, evey moment of it. Even though the morning sickness, Ryan was there always by her side.

They had also gotten back four whole objects too.

Things seemed perfect, but Ryan was always worried.

Micki seemed to put so much hope into this pregnancy. She even stayed off her feet when the doctor ordered her too. She loved this baby she had inside her and wanted to make sure everything was perfect for when she had it.

Thinking of names was the new thing, Ryan and Micki had tossed around a few ideas for what they found name their son. The baby had even started kicking.

Then the playhouse happened.

Ryan knew Micki shouldn't have gone along.

But they were trapped inside, and the children tied them up. Ryan remembered looking over at Micki and seeing how pale she was. He yelled for the kids to untie them, that his wife was pregnant and she needed a hospital.

But they also laughed.

That's when Ryan saw the blood soaking through Micki's jeans as she looked over at him and muttered.

Help Ryan...

It was too late, even after Jack came.

Before the police came as the children were finally released, Ryan carried Micki and Jack tossed him the car keys, he would stick around and speak with the police.

Racing through the city, he held Micki's hand and screamed at her to stay with him.

His coat had blood on it by the time he burst through the front ER doors with Micki in his arms.

Two hours later Ryan was told she lost the baby.

Jack arrived at the hospital and was able to him him as he broke down.

Their baby was dead, their little boy.

The doctors also said Micki's chances of getting pregnant again wasn't good. From that moment onward Ryan was never the same. His heart became hard and nothing ever seemed hopeful again. God had made this happen, and take his son away.

But Jack shook his head as he held him in the wating room.

No...the devil did.

Micki spent nearly a week recovering, from the point onward there was an unsaid pain between the two of them. It would stay that way until they went to France nearly six months later.

8: Cross over

Three days after Whitney's nightmare, things seemed perfectly normal. Jason was out most of the time with friends, and Whitney was either at work or her art classes. This up coming week meant she had to visit the doctor again. Micki thought this might be a good idea since she herself were suffering from odd dreams. Dreams of death...and dreams of uncle Lewis.

Johnny came over for dinner the night before. In his older age his hair began to turn a dull salt and pepper sort of color to it. Happy with his new life, he seemed to have moved on the most and enjoy it. Through all of Jason and Whitney's childhood he had been there. At one point shortly after the twins were born, the two of them tried to take their best shot of any relationship. But after one two many mistakes, they thought it would be better to stay friends. Jason seemed to look up to him a great deal. That was something Micki knew was good about her son's life. The dinner had been nice and relaxing. Right before coffee both Jason and Whitney went out for awhile to hang out with friends. Johnny and Micki decided to sit back by the fireplace downstairs and talk.

Jack isn't doing he?

Johnny asked sitting beside Micki. Sighing she slowly nodded. Jack was older now and didn't seem to have the strength he used to. Part of this scared Micki. Jack was like a father to her and had been around the entire time. He helped Ryan and her while they were together, and then helped with the pregnancy and raising the children after. He somehow was able to make things seem so hopeful. Now yet again somebody close to her was being taken away.

After talking with Johnny for another hour or so, they kissed each other goodbye as Micki went up for bed. Right before flicking off the downstairs lights she eyed the store and sighed.

Things really do change.

A few hours later Jason and Whitney were back. Jason threw himself of his bed, sneakers and all before passing out. Whitney on the other hand changed into her nightgown and slowly began brushing her hair.

That's when she heard something.

Coming from downstairs.

Slowly standing up she walked downstairs and looked around at the dark store. Making sure she didn't make the stairs creak she tiptoed downstairs to the basement where grandpa Jack slept.


Whitney stood in the darkness before going down the last couple of stairs. Jack slept peacefuly in his bed, looking so old and sweet. Softly smiling to herself, Whitney walked over before taking his hand.

Watching his sleep for a second she smiled one last time and leaned down and kissed him. Still not waking, Whitney turned back around and went up to bed.

A few hours later as the moon was full, Whitney slept in her bed...the window slightly open making a cool breeze blow across her room.

The mirror then softly began to shake.


Something said from the darkness.

Whitney began to mumble in her sleep, something was touching her. Something she had never felt before, something that felt good. Laying there she slowly began to moan.

After another moment, she snapped awake.

There was nobody there.

Licking her lips she took a deep breath and then stared at the mirror.

It wouldn't be too long was coming. She could feel it.

The next morning as Jason and Whitney had breakfast, they heard their mother scream from downstairs. A moment later as they rushed downstairs to see what was the matter, they saw their mother sitting on the edge of Jack's bed.

Grandpa's dead...he died in his sleep.

Whitney and Jason looked at each other.

9: This isn't a dream

After the funeral, a few close friends and distant family of Jack's came back to the store for tea. Johnny dressed in a coal colored suit had a serious and old look about him as he shook hands with strangers. Micki watched from a distance, knowing that Jack had not only helped her...he had touched many people in his life. Her heart dully aching, she missed him more then anything. Jack had been there since the start, he had always been the one to go to in case something was on her mind or needed help. He was like a father, and stood by her helping getting back the objects, even after Ryan was gone. Looking across the room she saw Whitney and Jason standing together. Jack's death had been hard on the both of them, but mostly Whitney. She loved Jack like a grandfather and now seemed distant and depressed. In fact since Jack's death she stopped going to the doctor. Calling him the night before, he told Micki that there had always been something special about her children, but at the moment something was holding Whitney back. Maybe it was grief...maybe something else.

All Micki knew was that Jason was right. She shouldn't of ever treated them different...all they wanted to be was normal.

Now Jack was gone.

Muttering a few hellos, Micki escaped upstairs to her bedroom. Sitting on the edge of her bed that dim afternoon, she couldn't think of anything else to do but cry.

Reaching into her draw she took out the clipping she had never shown Jason nor Whitney. It was the newspaper clipping of Ryan's death.

He was still just a teenager.

Why did he have to die? It was bad enough him being taken away from her, forcing her to move on, have his children and search for the objects alone with a broken heart. But of her went on with enough strength knowing he was getting a second chance.

A second chance, that was a good laugh. He only was able to live a few more years before dying. It crushed Micki...why couldn't he have lived those years his normal age, with her and their children.

Her husband and father of her children were dead. So wasn't Jack. For the first time in awhile, Micki felt alone.

After all of the guests left, Johnny stayed a little longer to make sure Jason and Whitney were okay. Before leaving he checked on Micki. She was sleeping. Slowly walking over, hands stuffed in his pockets he pulled on the blanket on Micki and kissed her forehead. He missed Jack too.

Before leaving he waved to Jason who was taking off the suit he wore to the funeral. Slapping him on the back he told him to call in case of anything. An hour later they were all left alone.

Whitney had been in her room the entire time. Standing in front of the mirror, her hand going towards the glass.

That funny feeling, the words that came out of it.

It felt as if the glass was made out of water.

Join us...

The mirror softly said. Smiling Whitney stood closer to the mirror.

They had told the children once they were old enough that their father had died before they were born. In Paris France. His health had been getting bad and died an early age in his mid twenties. Micki wished she could of told them the truth, but they things could be safe this way.

There was no grave, hardly any photos, nor memories of their dad. Micki on the other hand had a million in her heart. After two miscarriages that had been heart breaking, finally just as Ryan was taken away...she discovered she was pregnant again. Ryan really didn't know. In fact since the last miscarriage things had been different. Micki knew this was too much and getting married so fast had been a mistake.

After meeting Johnny there had been some fights between them, and then the witches ladder. Things were getting bad, but Micki remembered the night they made love. She remembered asking him never to leave her.

Nine months later he was gone and she had twins.

Thinking back to France, she knew there could of been something else she could of done.

She lost him.

Now all these years later, she was alone...yet with her children.

That's all she had left.


It was evening now and Micki was still asleep. Jason turned and saw his sister standing there. She was wearing the same black dress she wore to the funeral.


Jason was laying in bed with his headphones on. Whitney slowly walked over before pointing to her back.

Could you get my zipper?

Rolling his eyes, Jason got up and began to unzip her. Moments later her hands were on him.


She leaned in close, a look he had never seen before in her eyes. Then...her lips were on his.

Pulling away he nearly pushed her.

Whitney what are you doing?

Whitney's eyes then looked as if they changed and she laughed, a dark laugh that sounded like someone else. Before Jason could scream she knocked him out.

Laughing she turned around and faced Micki's bedroom.

10: Something is wrong, leaving you strong

Micki couldn't move.

She stood in the tomb beside Johnny and Jack. Lighting flashed before her as she watched Ryan hold down the little girl. Asteroth raised the dagger made of human bone above the young girl's small body.


The girl cried, and somehow Micki couldn't move. She watched the thing that had taken over her husband and felt empty. Whatever that thing wasn't Ryan.


Ryan threw himself in the way, the dagger plunging down into his back. Micki screamed as Johnny held her by the side. There she saw Ryan, the man who she had fallen in love with. He looked down at the young girl and softly said...

Pray for me...

But even seven years after everything happened...Ryan Dallion, right before dying remembered.

Everything seemed so much like a blur, his mother had told him that he became ill for a period of time and nearly died. Now he was with her, and happy. The nightmares and faded memories also went away with time.

He had a happy childhood, and enjoyed every moment of it. But still...part of him seemed missing.

Then that faithful day, just as his two children were turning seven...his second life ended. It wasn't in God's plan, nor an awful twist of fate from death.

Just an accident.

It was the summer after he finished high school, a lean and handsome teenager. Happy go lucky, and always the life of the party. In the fall he was going to the university to major in art. A huge passion along with basketball the last couple of years. Everything was perfect. It was summer, it was a time to be happy and carefree. He had his friends along side his girlfriend with him that weekend at the lake. They drove the backroads in his buddy Jim's jeep. He sat drinking by the camp fire at night, and felt totaly alive. It was still Ryan, just at peace.

Micki was miles away, raising his children without him even knowing.

That afternoon would always stay in Ryan's mother's heart. She lost her second chance as being a mother.

Ryan had been away for the weekend with his friends up the lake, he seemed happy and relaxed. Then just before the sun started setting him and a few friends decided to dare each other to swim across the lake.

Jill his girlfriend along with a few other people on the beach didn't think it was a good idea.

Laughing and tossing off his Illinois T-shirt he dove right into the water along with his friends. Laughing and splashing each other, they began to swim away.

Jill along with a few other people stood watching, the guys had just finished an entire case of beer...and it was getting late. Dusk began to settle upon the cabins and crystal green water.

Jill watched Ryan swim...getting further and further away.

Then the boat started to come. Jill as the others saw it speeding, the driver mosty likely not watching. It began getting closer to the guys.


Jill as the others began to scream, but it was too loud, the boat was nearly on top of them.

Right before it happened, Ryan stopped for a second. In the middle of the deep water, everything looking so beautiful around him. Staying there, keeping afloat he stopped.


Then he heard his buddy Dave scream, and the sound of an engine.

Ryan's body was found along side with Dave once the police came out with their boat. Jim had lived but was badly hurt. Everyone watched on the beach...the driver of the boat didn't see the boys was too late once he reached them.

Ryan was dead.

Micki shot up from another nightmare. She dreamed she had watched Ryan die at the lake. Standing there with all the teenagers as he sank under the dark water. Unable to move like before and screaming.

She heard a laugh, and awful cold laugh she had prayed never to hear again.

It was Uncle Lewis' laugh.

Micki was awake now, and looked around the darkness of her bedroom.

It was dark out now.

But the laugh was still going, even though she was awake. Freezing she sat for a moment before eyeing her door.

Dear God...

She said under her breath, slowly getting up she watched out.

She saw Jason laying on the floor, for a second her heart froze thinking he was dead.

It was so dark she could barley see anything.


She whispered. Slowly walking towards him she saw he was still breathing.

Something awful had happened, she could feel it.

Kneeling down to her son, she shook him.


He opened his eyes.


Where's Whitney?

Before she could finish, the awful ugly laugh came again, this time nearly screaming. Micki looked up as Whitney, her once beautiful daughter came charging towards her and Jason with an ax raised. Her eyes were wild and black looking as Ryan's did back in Paris. Her face was drawn back thin and looked like a wild animal. She screamed as Micki pulled back Jason just in time.


Micki screamed nearly falling back with Jason. Whitney slammed the ax into the wall and pulled it back, plaster and paint falling to the floor.


Micki sat there frozen as her eyed widened.

Oh my God...

It was Uncle Lewis' voice that came from her daughter. He came back...

Micki screamed as Whitney raised the ax again. This time Jason threw himself forward and knocked into her legs. Whitney screamed and fell forward, the ax falling to the floor and slidding across to the kitchen table.

Both Jason and Micki struggled to get up, as Whitney turned around, hissing.


Whitney charged for Micki and threw her across the room, she seemed to have awful strength. Slamming her against the wall, Whitney showed her teeth and clawed into her mother's arms.

Screaming Micki pushed back.

Jason then threw himself on her back, Whitney screamed as the two teenagers threw themselfs backwards and crashed into the wall. Jason held on, putting his arms around her neck.

Micki watched them as they crashed backwards into the kitchen, throwing back the table and chair. Screaming Micki ran after them, trying to help Jason.

Whitney's claws went everything, opening Jason's face as he screamed and kicked her. Micki pulled backwards on Whitney and screamed as Uncle Lewis' voice came again, an awful ugly laugh.

Just then Whitney threw her arm out, knocking Micki back so hard she slammed against the counters. Falling to the floor she felt her entire body ache. There she saw Jason slammed up against the kitchen wall as Whitney clawed into him.

Then she watched him...

He reached for the silver cross that hung on the wall, bought by Jack a few years ago. Taking it, he pressed it against' Whitney's face. There an awful sizzle sound came as Whitney screamed out like a lion. Throwing Jason down she ran towards the bedroom.

A llight was coming from the doorway of Whitney's room, an awful sound of screaming wind filled Micki's ears. Slowly getting up she knew her ribs were broken. Stumbling over to Jason, she helped him.

Jason eyed her as they both looked at the light.

Micki knew she should of told them about Uncle Lewis and the objects, she should of warned them about the darkness that had taken their father away.

Now here it was, inside her little girl.

Both stood in the doorway and watched.

It was the mirror...the one that hung in Whitney's room. Micki remembered she had found it up in the attic. How stupid could she have been...she should of known.

The glass was glowing, and looked like water.

Whitney stood in front of it, her hand reached out and hissing.

Micki and Jason saw...

The mirror was a doorway to Hell. The glass moved as Micki saw her Uncle...or something awful and ugly, the same darkness she has seen many times before. It was Satan...coming through.

One of the last objects...a doorway.

Whitney was letting in through.

There Micki stood helpless, she couldn't fight anymore. She was too old, and it had taken too much all ready.

Jason stood beside his mother, bleeding and watching the mirror glow. Something awful was coming through, and his sister was letting it. One look at his mother, he saw she was terrifed.

Glancing down he saw the ax had slid over to his feet from the fight. Picking it up he glazed at the mirror.

Then...something happened, almost like a voice deep inside him.


He screamed, running forward. Micki tried to reach for him but he charged towards Whitney. Throwing her to the side, she screamed in anger and fell against the wall.

Jason raised the ax and screamed, smashing it went into the mirror, almost like diving into the water, as his father did when he died.

The mirror shattered.

Micki screamed reaching out, her eyes big.


But it was too late, Jason was in the darkness, making sure whatever it would never come out. The doorway was destroyed. For once in his life...he had done something that made him feel gifted. He was his parents' child...he fought.

The glass fell as the mirror broke. The light along with Jason was gone.

Micki stood frozen before hearing Whitney's helpless cries.


Looking down as silent tears fell from her face, she saw Whitney, the real Whitney laying on the floor crying. Whatever evil that was there...was gone.

Uncle Lewis had finally failed, his object couldn't be used anymore.

Jason...her son has given his life up.

Falling to the floor she just stared at the broken mirror.

When the police came, Micki was numb and barley able to talk. Whitney who was also in shock gave a short, yet dazed statement about what happened.

Jason had lost it. Finally he snapped and attacked both his mother and twin sister. There had been a huge fight before he stole some money, smashed a mirror in anger and left.

The police said they would post a bulletin for him in the next couple of towns, most likely he would turn up before the week. As the crowds began to die down, and the police asked Micki and Whitney if they wanted to go to the hospital...Johnny came.

Micki broke down in his arms.

What mother would make up such an awful lie...a lie about her teenage son, who had saved them. Who like his father had given up his life. Her poor baby was gone, someplace awful as she lied.

She let this happen...

Johnny gathered her in his arms and heard the story, looking at the smashed mirror as the police took photos, he cried.

Jason had stopped it.

Jason was a missing person, before finally after many years the case was closed. Whitney barley spoke about her twin brother, only that she loved and missed him.

Micki was able to get through those years, after a certian dream she had.

She was young again and standing in the darkness of the vault. She could see her breath as she slowly walked forward. Then...a hand was on her bare shoulder.

Turning she saw Ryan, as he had been before he was taken. Her heart never felt that way before, it jumped as he grinned at her.


He took her into his arms and softly kissed her. Closing her eyes she smiled...

Oh Ryan...

She softly said, before she felt another hand on her shoulder. Turning she saw Jason, smiling and looking happy. Her eyes filling with tears she stepped over, her hand touching his cheek.

He smiled down at her.

I'm home mom...

Turning back she saw Ryan grinning, there she felt hope, and peace.

That was the last dream she had before dying in her sleep nearly fifteen years later.

Whitney moved on, slowly. Her years with her mother were good ones. Even though she didn't fully understand what she had told her, she knew that there was a heaven and hell.

And from what her mother said...they were warriors, fighting for the light. As she did, her father, and her brother.

Your turn will come on day my child of light.

Whitney moved forward, keeping in touch with Johnny. After her mother's death, Johnny took over the store with his new wife. Time past and Whitney moved away and went to school.

She became an art teacher, and started a family.

She was able to move forward into the light, and do what her mother had always wanted to do...

Live a normal life.

The End.