Mirror Mirror,

Authors: Rabbit <Amonda.Cooper@yahoo.com>

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1: The Compact found a new owner

It was dark cold night on the street of Chicago. The streets were filled with cars, trucks and motorcycles going to their destination while an ugly street vender sold her flowers. A man dressed in a black business suit had walked approached the street vender and brought a flower. "You looked so beautiful Mr. Frank Mc Gellar." the ugly street vender said as she pinned the red flower to his suit. "Have you ever stop and think about me, sometimes." The ugly woman smiled as she showed yellow stained teeth. Yet, Frank didn't want anything to do with her. He tried his best to avoid her, but she grabbed his hand as she held it tight while trying gave him back his money. "Keep the change." He told her hastily as he began to walk across the street.
"You think that you are too good for me." The vender shouted as she removed a gold compact from her pocket and opened it. "Hey! Look at me when, I'm talking to you." The vender yelled as Frank stopped and faced the ugly woman.
Suddenly, she flashed him with the reflection of the mirror. When she closed the mirror, Frank was placed under the mirror's spell. He began to develop feeling her that he thought never had. He began to walk towards her as he saw her in a new light. "I'm sorry." He told her. "After all these years, I always thought that you were ugly. But now, I love you." The ugly woman smiled as she pulled him away from the crowd into a dark alley.
In the meantime, two girls (Josie and Helen) were on there way to their church youth group meetings. They both were wearing their school's red and white varsity jackets. "Josie, are you going to junior prom?" Helen asked Josie.
"It's all depends." Josie answered as they stopped at the corner store. "My granddad wants me to get a job at that old antique store to help pay for the junior prom." Josie paused as she began to complain as when things don't go her way. "I mean, it's not fair. All of the other girls don't have to work. Why me?"
"Well at least you have a date." Helen said as she opened the refrigerator door and took out a can of soda.
"Helen, I told Peter to asks Mike to bring you to the junior prom."
"Mike, who?"
"Peter's friend from Saint Ann's." Josie answered as she saw Peter crossing the street. She turned towards Helen and continued, "I'll be right back."
Josie walked out of the store and walked across the street towards Peter. Josie hoped no other girl hasn't asked him to the junior prom. After all, he was from another school and extremely popular among the girls. "Peter." Josie called out to him as she dodged the cars. Peter had stopped walking as he turned towards her. Finally, Josie made it across the street.
"Josie Freeman." Peter became surprised to see her.
"What brings you here?"
"I need a favor." Josie began to get cold feet about asking him to the junior prom, "What are you doing next Friday?"
"Nothing, I probably might get into mischief with the cops. Why?"
"I need a date to the junior prom."
"I don't believe it. The material girl herself is asking me out."
Peter became speechless as he placed his hands in his pockets and thought about it. He had always liked her but never had the chance to ask her out. However, the junior prom would be the prefect opportunity for him to ask her to go steady. Therefore, he turned towards her said, "Yes. I'll be your date."
Josie was thrilled with his reply as she hugged him. Then she thought about Helen and asked, "Do you think Mike would ask out Helen?"
"Heck no!" Peter replied as he made a face. "Not if you paid him."
"Oh, come on."
"Josie, I know Mike. He would hurt her feelings."
"Do know anyone else?"
Peter paused before saying another word. He glanced down his watch and said as he began to walk away slowly, "Look J, I got to go. However, I'll ask around for you."
"Thanks." Josie said as she watched him walked down the street until he disappeared in the crowd.
It wasn't a totally bust. Josie thought as she walked towards the street corner as she waited for the light to turn red in which it was near the ally where the ugly woman took Frank. Josie's mind was set on the cranberry strapless gown that she had seen in Macy. She figured that her granddad could pay for the gown while she take cover the shoes and purse. Suddenly, Josie heard a loud scream coming from the ally way. Immediately, she turned around and began to check it out. When she arrived, she found a dead body and a woman with a small golden compact in her hand.
Suddenly, the woman became startled at Josie's presence. The woman reached into her pockets and pulled out a knife, said, "I'm afraid girly, you are going to die too." When the woman approached Josie, Josie had tripped over Frank's dead body and fell to the cold ground. As the woman can closer, Josie became afraid. She closed her eyes as she put forth her hand to protect her face while praying for help. Suddenly, a large fiery blasted came forth from her palm; in which, it had thrown the ugly woman out of the alley onto the busy streets. When the woman stood up, a truck hit her and caused the compact to be thrown across the street. The small golden compact had landed on the sidewalk near the traffic light. In the meantime, Helen walked out of the store as she wondered where Josie went. When Helen looked down at the traffic light, she saw a shiny small golden compact. She picked it and placed it in her book bag.
In the meantime, Josie opened her eyes and placed her arms by her side and saw a trail of fire leading out of the alley. Quickly, she got up from the cold ground and sneaked out of alley. She couldn't believe that it happen again. Every where she goes, fire seems to follow her. Josie began to think that she was curse. However, since she was staring death in the face, her Pyro-Kinesis talent came in handy. When she saw Helen within the crowd, Josie walked towards her and said, "I'm going to go home. I have to get ready for my morning interview."
"Cool." Helen replied as she opened her soda.€œWhere you able to take to Peter?"
"Yeah." Josie replied as she wanted to leave the scene of the crime.
"I'll tell you in school tomorrow." Josie ran off.

2: The truth about the golden compact

Meanwhile, when morning at a small antique store called Curious
Goods, Mickey and Jack were standing at the cashier interviewing a middle
age your old man for the cashier and stock position. Mickey took notes
while Jack handled the questions. In the meantime, Ryan was across the
room playing all of the antiques on the top shelves.
"Why do you feel that we should hire you?" Jack asked the man.
"Well, I am dependable and skillful." He answered as he cut his eyes at
Mickey and smiled while flirting with her, "and attractive." Mickey rolled
her eyes as she cut her eyes at Jack to see his expression. Jack's face
showed no emotion. Jack placed his application to the side and got up from
his chair, said, "Alright, Mr. Carl Lambert, we will call you with our
"Great." He replied as he turned his attention onto Mickey,
continued, "Listen baby, if you are not busy, maybe we can party at my
"No thanks, you are not my type." Mickey moved away from Carl as he walked
the downstairs and out of the stores.
Mickey walked over towards Jack while Ryan joined them by the cash
register. "Hope, you are not planning of calling that Jerk." Mickey said
as she felt uncomfortable around him.
"I don't know." Ryan began to tease her. "You guys make a cute couple."
Mickey became annoyed by Ryan's jokes. She slapped him on the shoulder and told him to shut up. However, Ryan kept on joking. Finally, he calmed down and continued with a serious tone of voice, "I don't know about this. We go after curse objects and sometimes people that we know ends up dead."
"I understand Ryan." Jack replied as he leaned against the register. "But, we need the help. It's too much trouble trying to run the store while chasing after curse objects." Mickey and Ryan remained silent as they knew that Jack had a point. Businesswas beginning to fall default as they found themselves accumulating in back bills. Finally, Mickey said, as she rested her hands on her narrow hips, "I hope no one gets hurt."
Meanwhile, Josie opened the door as the bells on the store's door charmed. Josie walked inside as she became fascinated by the old artifacts on the wall and on the shelves. She carried her heavy pink bag on her back as she found Mickey, Ryan and Jack by the register. "Hello." Josie said with a friendly and sunny attitude. They turned around and saw the young teenager standing before them in her Lincoln High School Jacket.
"May we help you?" Jack asked her as he approached her.
"Yeah," Josie climbed the stairs and approached them while removing her book bag from her back to get out her application. She handed Jack her application and, continued as she shook their hands, "Hi, my name is Josie Yolanda Freeman. My grandfather Robert Freeman jr. had sent me here to meet with Jack Marshak."
"I know who are you are now," Jack replied as he recongized Josie from the pictures that Robert had showed him of her. "You are Robert's granddaughter." Jack and Robert had been best friends for 30 years. They fought together during World War 2 and later performed magic shows in Las Vegas. "How is he now of a days?"
"Oh he fine." Josie answered as she felt as if as she had known Jack all of her life. "He wants me to know how it feels to make money to pay for my junior prom."
"Junior prom season, already?" Ryan asked from the counter. Josie turned her attention onto him, continued as she nodded. "Yeah and, I still have to get my gown, shoes, purse, and my hair done."
"Its sounds like you need the works." Mickey added as Josie reminded her of her little sister, Natatlie, who wanted everything to prefect for an important event.
"Yeah and my granddad is making me work for it." Josie replied.
"Well Jo," Jack had placed his arm on her shoulder. "Your grand father is teaching you the value of a dollar. I'm sure that he's going to help you with the rest. But, in the meantime, what hours can you?"
"Well, I can work after school and on weekends."
"What about your social life?" Ryan asked her.
"I'll worry about that later." Josie answered as she wanted to make enough money for the junior prom.
"Have you ever worked with the register?" Mickey asked her.
"Don't worry about it." Jack told her. "We'll train you."
Suddenly, the old antique coo coo clock on the wall began to ring at 8'O clock. Josie looked up and noticed that she was late for first period. She turned towards Jack, asked, "Do you want me to start to day"
"Yes." He answered as he walked her to the door. "Be here at 4'Oclock."
"Cool." Josie replied as she shook Jack's hand and looked up at Mickey and Ryan and said as waved good bye, "Thank you guys, it was nice meeting you all."
"Same here." They said as Josie placed her book bag on her back and rushed out of the store to get to school. In the meantime, Ryan and Mickey had approached Jack as they felt; Josie might get hurt by working at the store. "Do you think it wise to let her work here?"Mickey asked.
"Don't worry. I will keep a close eye on her." Jack answered as Josie reminded him of Robert's wife, Rachel Freedman. Jack felt as if as he owns Robert a favor since he didn't come to his son and his daughter in law funeral. By hiring Josie, Jack is relieved to know that he paid his dues to the family.
Meanwhile, at Lincoln High School, Josie barley arrived on time. She couldn't afford to get detention again since she is working at Curious Goods. She walked into class and took her seat by the window next to Helen who sat in back of the class.
"Where were you?" Helen asked Josie.
"I had to go to my job interview this morning." Josie answered as she began to unzipped her book bag to get out her note books, Math workbook and pencils.
"What happen?" Helen asked.
"I got the job." She answered as she noticed that the teacher was late. "Where is Mr. Collins?"
Before, Helen had a chance to answer, Russell and his friend, Craig had approached them. The two boys were laughing and giggling. Josie hoped they wouldn't say anything that rude towards them. However, like always, they do. Russell and Craig used to adore Josie; until, she starting hanging out with Helen. To them, Helen was a disease. Furthermore, the whole junior class felt the same way. However, Josie had a kind heart. She hated seeing anyone hurt or upset. Therefore, Josie became her friend.
"Hey Jo, Craig and I were wondering do you have a date to the prom?" Russell asked as he leaned on her desk.
"In fact, I do." Josie answered as she zipped up her book bag. "Do you know Peter Richardson?"
"Saint's Ann bully." Craig began to get nervous because any one, who knows Peter, knows that he is trouble. Peter had been involved with gang fights, stealing and destroying private property. ��€š��€œWhy do you want to go out with him?"
"I don't know." Josie replied as she doesn't see Peter as a trouble maker. Josie mostly sees Peter from his good side. Besides, Josie knew Peter since they were middle school. However, just to annoy them, she continued, "I don't know, I think he's hot."
By now, Russell and Craig would have said something rude to Josie but since they feared Peter. They kept their comments to themselves and moved onto Helen. Russell had walked from Josie's desk to Helen. He leaned over at her and yelled harshly in her eyes,"But, she's not." Everyone began to laugh at Helen. Josie sat her desk as she shook her head at the nonsense that Craig and Russeel were putting Helen through. In the meantime, Helen wanted to cry but didn't showed any signs of weakness to them. Therefore, she replied with anger, "Shout up, troll. I'm surprise anyone wants to date you and that creep over there."
"I got two girls wanting to take me to the junior prom." Russell replied as he jumped in her.��€š��€œHow many guys are begging to take you to the junior prom?"
Before Helen had a chance to answer, Craig had interfered and laughed, "None." The class burst into laughter as Helen ran out of the room in tears.
"You guys are jerks." Josie replied as she felt their pank was cruel. "And for your F.Y.I, Helen does have a date to the junior prom." The class became silence as Josie realized that she had told a lie.
"Who?" Russell stopped joking as he approached her desk. "The invisible man."
"Peter's boy, Mike."
"No way." Craig began to laugh while everyone in the class didn't believe either. "I don't believe this."
"This, I would have to see." Russell replied as Mr. Collin walked into class with his brief case. Josie opened her notebook as she realized that she had made a terrible mistake of telling a lie. Now, she had to find a way to get Mike to take Helen to the junior prom.
After school, Helen was waiting with Josie for Peter to pick her up for work. The girls sat on the green lawn as they were going over answers for the math homework. Josie was giving Helen the answers to her question while Helen had pulled the small golden compact from her book bag. The compact had caught Josie's attention. Josie remembered seeing that same compact last night in the alley when Frank and the ugly woman were killed. "Where did you get that?" Josie asked as she became nervous.
"I found this old thing last night." Helen replied as she began to open it. Suddenly, Scott and Joann had approached them. They were a happy couple. Everyone in the school had voted for them to be junior prom queen and king. However, Helen had a crush on Scott. She wanted him since the day that they had met.
"Hi guys."Joann replied as she waved to them while walking with Scott.
"I heard you guys are bring Peter Richardson and Mike Vercetti."
"Yeah," Josie replied as her mind had gone from Math to the junior prom.
"I'm debuting on whether or not I should get my gown in cranberry or emerald green."
"Jo and Helen, be careful." Scott said with a serious face. "Guys like Peter and Mike are trouble."
"Sure, anything you say, Scott." Helen said as Scott looked at his watched and turned to Joann.
"Come on, we are going to be late for the junior prom committee." Scott said as they were 15 minutes late.
Scott and Joann walked away as they had their arms around each other. Helen watched them as she wished that Scott was her boyfriend who would embraces her with tender kisses and tells her that she's beautiful. Meanwhile, Russell and Craig were standing over by the tree. They laughing and making jokes about Helen's face. Craig walked over towards the girls as he stood over Helen, asked, "May, I carry your bag."
"No way, do you think that I'm stupid enough to let you carry my bag so that it could end up in the garbage." Helen snapped.
"Well, with a face like that it no wondered no one wants to carry your bag." Craig replied harshly.
"I'm surprised that you got a date with your face looking like that." Josie replied rudely as she jumped to her friend's defense. Craig had turned his attention onto Josie as he approached her said, "I wasn't going to taunt you but, you shouldn't talk freak."
"Freak?" Josie asked with a puzzled face.
"Yeah freak," Craig jumped in her face. "I went through the school's records and read about how you had torched your old high school and who knows, how many people were hurt by it. You should be known as Linda Blair, you Pyro Kinesis freak."
Josie became silent as she glared at him. However, he was right. She is a freak. No matter how hard, she tries to be normal. She was would always be an outcast. "What are you going to do; set me on fire?" Craig taunted her.
"Leave her alone." Helen replied.
"Shout up, Troll." He shouted at Helen as he turned his attention onto Josie. "You wait until I tell the everyone. You are going to be the biggest loser at this school." Suddenly, Josie boiled up her fist with all of her angry and punched him the face. Craig fell to the ground as he held his nose. In the meantime, Helen had the compact open in her hand while Peter had approached them.
"Drop dead, creep!" Helen yelled as the reflection of the mirror had hit Craig.
"Is everything alright?" Peter asked with an attitude as he glared at Russell and Craig while making a fist. Russell became nervous while Craig got up from the ground and said, "Yeah, everything is fine. Josie, I apologized for my rude behavior."
"Apology accepted." Josie replied as she turned towards to Peter who was ready to fight.
"Helen, I apologized to you. I'm sorry for all of the rude things that I have said to you. Please, let me make it up to you." Craig began to beg her for forgiviness.
"Get away from me." Helen had walked off. "I don't want any thing to do with you."
"But, I love you." Craig replied as everyone became shock. Josie, on the other hand, didn't know whether he was putting on or serious. However, Helen and Craig walked back towards school leaving Russell, Josie and Peter out to think.
When Josie got work, she tried to forget about Craig comments by remembering that God had blessed her with a special gift and, she is worthy something in the eyes of God. When she walked into Curious Good, Josie noticed that Jack and Mickey weren't there. Josie walked in said, "Where is everyone?" Ryan had walked down the stairs from his room to greet their new employee.
"Hi Josie." He said, "My name is Ryan Dillon. The woman who you seen earlier is my cousin Michelle Foster but you can call her, Mickey, And, I understand that you already know Jack."
"Yeah." Josie replied as she followed Ryan to the vault. "How is it during the week days and weekends?"
"Sometimes, we are busy with customers but, most of the time; we go out and buy antiques." Ryan answered as they reached the vault. He turned to Josie and continued, "What ever you do, don't go in the vault unless we tell you too." Josie walked towards the vault as she placed her hand on the door.
Suddenly, she felt an evil vibe as she sensed that it didn't want her there. Chills went down her spine as her heart went into fright. Josie jumped back from the door as she fall to the floor. She became nervous as she understood what Ryan meant about going near the vault. Ryan noticed Josie reaction as he helped up from the floor.
"Are you alright?" he asked her. Josie nodded as she wanted to get upstairs. Josie was beginning to have her doubts about working there. However, since she had accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior, why should she be afraid? After all, Jesus have given us the ability to cast out all unclean spirits. Josie thought as she reached the top step.
She turned her attention onto Ryan as she wanted to ask about the vault but, she felt as if as she was being nosy. However, upstairs, there wasn't a drop of evil but a calm atmosphere. Ryan had lifted up two heavy boxes for her to begin to unpack and stack on the shelves. When Jack and Mickey returned, they walked towards the desk with a new paper in their hand.
"What object should we go after now?" Mickey asked Jack.
"Let open the books of records and find out." Jack answered as Ryan opened the books and pointed to the small compact.
"I guess go after the small golden compact." Ryan replied��€š��€œIt was sold to a Sally Graham.
"But, where we began." Mickey asked as Jack read the papers.
"Have you heard about the double murders that happen last night?" Jack replied as he read the article, continued, "A man was killed in the alley while a woman was hit by a truck with a third degree burns to her stomach and arms."
Meantime, Josie had stopped working as she begin to worry. She hoped that no one would pin her to the murders since she witness the event and caused the burns to the woman. Josie didn't bother going to the cops because they wouldn't believe her story. Furthermore, the police would have looked at her recorder and lock her away in an institution. Therefore, she decided to stay out of it.
"I don't believe it." Jack paused as he read the name. "Sally Graham is the woman who was hit by the truck."
"I get it." Mickey added as she figured Sally must used the compact to murder Frank. "Sally used the compact to murder Frank."
"Look at this." Jack saw Helen in the newspapers picking the small compact. "That girl is picking up the compact." Mickey realized that Helen was wearing the same jacket that Josie had on earlier.
"That girl goes to Josie's school." Mickey replied as she approached Josie with the paper. "Josie, do you know this girl?" Mickey showed her a picture of Helen picking up the compact.
"Yeah that my friend, Helen." Josie replied as she overheard their conversation. "Is she's in trouble?"
"We don't know for sure." Jack replied from the desk. "If you can, see if she will give you the compact."
"Sure." Josie replied as she cut herself on a sharp piece of glass. "Ouch." She grabbed her right hand as Mickey took a look at the cut and saw that it was a deep cut. "Are you alright?" Mickey asked her.
"I'm fine." Josie replied. "Do you have any band aids?"
"Upstairs in the bathroom on the left." Ryan replied from the desk. Josie went upstairs for the band aids while Mickey, Ryan and Jack remained downstairs.
"Mickey, in case Josie can't get the compact, I need for you to go Helen's house and buy it from her." Jack suggested as he was unaware Josie was on the staircase listening. Josie came downstairs and said, "Please forgive me for ear dropping, but, you would come out better if Mickey make Helen an offer to buy the compact so that if she refuse, then, I would talk her into taking the money."
Everyone became silent as they liked Josie's plan. Finally, Jack nodded his head and said, "Josie is right." He turned his attention onto Josie and continued, "Good plan." Josie smiled as she hoped that her plan would count as a bonus. However, it was wishful thinking.
Back at school, Craig followed Helen to her after school's events. The students were shock to see her with Craig. The school ugliest girls walking with the school's jock. Just like Peter and Russell, they couldn't understand why he would walk with her or kiss her in public. When they were alone, Craig tried to kiss her and put his arms around her. Helen, on the other hand, was beginning to feel pressure by him. She pushed him away as she tucked her light brown hair behind her ear, said, as she walked away from him, "Would you go and leave me alone?"
"No, I can't." Craig replied as he reached out for her arm. "I would love you until the day; I die."
Helen wished that he would leave her alone. However, if it would have been Scott, she wouldn't mind. After all, she loved everything about him. His brown eyes, his nice curly hair, body build and charming personality. In fact, she wished that Scott would take her to the junior prom instead of Mike. Suddenly, a dark voice had spoken to her and said, "If you kill him, you will get your revenge on those who hurt you and have Scott as a lover."
"Of course." She smiled as she turned towards Craig. She took him towards the garbage disposal. She walked up the stairs and dropped her hankie in the garbage and said, "Craig, I have dropped my hankie. Can you get it for me please?"
"Sure, my love." He said as he jumped into the garbage disposal as he began to search for the hankie.
"Hey Craig, would you be able to get my hankie if the garbage disposal was turns on?"
Helen turned on the garbage disposal. The large smelly machine began to push back bags of garbage towards the corner of the disposal. Craig, however, was getting nervous. "Helen?"
"Craig, please find my hankie." Helen faked her sincere cry for a hankie. Finally, Craig had found the hankie behind two heavy black garbage bags and handed it to Helen. However, it was too late for him to get out. The walls of the machine were coming in too close.
"Helen!" Craig began to call out in fright as he saw his death coming near.
"Remember Craig, you said you will love me until the day that you die." Helen replied as she began to walk away from the disposal while hearing Craig's terrifying cries and bones cracking. Helen walked away as she felt a burden had been lifted from her shoulders.
Later evening, Jack had let Josie go home early so that she could show Mickey where Helen lived. When Mickey pulled up to Helen's house, she had parked the car across the street. Josie got out of the car as she pointed to the house in the middle, asked, "How much are you going to pay her?"
"At least about $500.00." Mickey answered as she followed Josie to the house.
"Helen would be stupid if she doesn't take that offer." Josie led her to the house. "Well, she stays here." Josie placed her pink book bag on her back as she began to walk away from the house. Mickey turned towards Josie and asked, "Where are you going?"
"Home." Josie answered as she pointed at her gray house that was down the street from Helen's house and continued, "I live down the street." Then, Josie realized her job isn't finish since Mickey was with her, continued, "Wait second, I'm still on the clock?"
"No not really." Mickey replied as she rung the door bell. "You could go home." Before Josie had a chance to go home, Helen opened the door.
"Hey Jo, what are you doing here?" Helen replied as she ignored Mickey.
"My boss wants to talk to you about the golden compact that you found." Josie answered as she walked back toward Helen and Mickey.
"Yeah so what about it." Helen said with a blank face and sappy tone of voice. Josie sensed that something was wrong but didn't what.
"Drag, what's your problem?" Josie asked.
"Nothing, Oh by the way, Craig died." Helen said without feeling as if as she didn't cared. Suddenly, Josie became shock as she didn't bother to ask any more questions. However, Mickey noticed the sudden change in Josie's attitude and Helen's I don't care tone of voice therefore, she said, "I'm sorry for your lost. But, if you don't mind, I would like to buy the compact back from you."
"Heck, he wasn"t my lost." Helen smirked. "Heck, I'm glad that he died. He was a pain in my behind in the first place." Helen paused as she noticed Josie and Mickey was staring at her. However, Helen didn't care. She continued to eat her sandwich said, "Look, I lost the compact somewhere around the school. If someone finds it, I give you a call." Helen slammed the doors in the faces.
In the meantime, Josie was upset. She couldn't believe earlier she had a fight with Craig and now he's gone. Josie turned towards Mickey and said, as her throat burned with grief, "I'm going to go. If the compact turns up, I bring it to work, tomorrow."
"Josie," Mickey sensed that Josie was grieving over the death of her classmate." you want to talk about it."
"No, not really." Josie replied as she wiped away her tears. "But, it was weird." Josie began to tell Mickey about what happen at school, "Helen, Craig and I were arguing earlier."
"About what?"
"The usual.Josie, you are a freak of nature....Helen, you'e the ugliest thing alive or crawl back to your cave."
"I hated when boys used to tease me back in the day."
"I know." Josie agreed as she remembered how Craig was over Helen. "But, Mickey, it was weird. After I had punched him in the face, Craig had a change of heart. He began to kiss up to Helen as if as he was in love with her. Don't get me wrong, she need to start dating. But, Craig, he seemed as if as he was under some kind of spell." Josie paused as she continued to wipe away her tears, "I wish that I never hit him."
Meantime, Mickey knew that the compact was involved in his death. She didn't understand the purpose for it but, she knew that Helen still have the compact. "Josie, I advisor you to be careful when you are around Helen."
"You won't believe me if I told you." Mickey replied. "However, if you see the compact, please get it away from her as soon as possible."
"What's the big deal?" Josie asked as she was grieving silently from within. "It just a compact."
"Jack and Ryan are going to kill me." Mickey replied as she felt had no choice but to tell her about the curse objects that they fine and the danger that goes along with it. Mickey took a deep breathe and continued, "The compact is curse by the devil. I am afraid that your friend Helen has used it to kill your friend, Craig."
"Wait a minute." Josie tried to gasp the information. "You mean to tell me that small compact is curse?" Mickey nodded. All of a sudden, Josie remembered the vault in the basement and the unwelcome feeling that she have received with she touched the door. Therefore, she realized that Mickey, Ryan and Jack have been collecting curse objects and putting in the vault. She looked up at Mickey, said, "I understand now. I'll be extremely careful in getting back the compact." Josie began to walk towards her house. She turned around to waved good bye.
"Josie, be careful."

3: To be help or not to be help

Later that night, Mickey had meet up with Ryan and Jack at the store. Mickey walked inside the store as she removed her black jacket and placed it on the counter. She walked up the stairs while Jack and Ryan were hoping for good news. "I wasn't able to get the compact." Mickey answered as she took a seat on a chair near the junky desk. "Helen claimed that she had lost the compact. However, the sad thing is Helen had killed her first victim."
"Who?"Ryan asked her.
"A boy named Craig." Mickey answered. "Josie was telling me that Craig was teasing them earlier just before he suddenly fell in love with her."
"That crazy." Ryan became skeptical. "I heard of love at first sight but not like this."
"Maybe, the compact is used to cast love spells." Jack suggested finally. "I had been investigating Sally. According to her neighbors, they said, she had a lot of male visitors coming to her house. We have to get that compact before some else get hurt."
"I told Josie if she see the compact, try to get it from her." Mickey said as she placed her long curly red hair into a pony tail.
"Mickey, she shouldn't have gotten her involved." Jack replied as he didn't want anything to happen his friend's daughter.
"I figure since they were friends. It would be a lot easier for Josie to get the compact." Mickey answered.
"Maybe, you right." Jack paused as he thought about Mickey's suggesting but still Josie will need help. Therefore, he figured Ryan can pose as a teenager since he had a young face and a young heart. "Ryan could fit in at the school." Jack had removed his eyes from Mickey and onto Ryan who was standing next to him. "You will go and help Josie to get the compact back."
"Sure." Ryan said as he was ready for anything.
Next day, at Lincoln High School, Josie was at her locker trying to remember her combination. Josie was twisting the lock towards the right and towards the left and nothing worked. However, her mind wasn't there. She was still shock over the death of Craig. In the meantime, Ryan was walking down the hallway with headphone on and carry black book bag on his back while wearing black shades. As he made his towards the middle of the hallway, he bumped into Josie at her locker. "Need help?" Ryan asked her as he removed his head phone and shades. Josie turned around as she couldn't believe that Ryan was at her school.
"Yeah-sure." Josie stepped away from her locker as she gave Ryan her combination number: 24, 32, and 14. Ryan opened her locker as she began to get her book for first period. "Thanks a lot." Josie continued as she removed the New York Yankees baseball cap from her head. Josie looked into her locker mirror to fix her hair into a pony tail, continued, "What are you doing here?"
"Jack told me to keep a look out for you while you try to get back the compact." Ryan answered her as he leaned against the locker.
"Oh right." Josie said as she got out her note book and closed her locker. She turned towards Ryan, continued, "Lucky for you, it's opened house week for new students to tour the campus and to sit in class. "Josie paused as the first bell rung. "Come on, before we are late history."
When Josie and Ryan reached the history class, Josie found Helen sitting in her same seat by the window while Russell glared at Helen from across the room. "Ms. Freeman, are you going to introduce your guess to the class?" her history teacher asked as he stood by his black board with a piece of white chalk in his hand. Everyone had turned their attention on Josie and Ryan. Silence filled the room as Josie became startled. Everyone's eyes were on her. Josie looked around the room and saw people waiting for her to answer. "Sure." Josie said finally as she hated lying however, she couldn't tell them that Ryan was her boss so she made up a lie. "This is my good friend from Saint Ann's Prep, Ryan Dillon." Josie lied as she prayed silently for forgiveness. Ryan waved as he and Josie found an empty seat in the second row near to the window.
When lunch time, Ryan sat with Josie and Helen out side in the yard. When Helen opened her book bag, Josie and Ryan tried to look inside for the compact but didn't see anything. "Do you two ladies have dates?" Ryan tried to talk on a subject that will get Helen to open up but instead Josie took out the conversation.
"My friend Peter is supposed to take me." Josie answered as she took a bite or her ham and cheese sandwhich. "Mike is-"
"Tell Mike never mind." Helen replied as she saw Scott sitting underneath a tree with Joann in his arms, kissing and giggling. "I had found myself a date."
"Oh!" Josie replied, "Who?"
"What? I can't get a date." Helen began to sap at Josie as she got from the ground. "F.Y.I., Friend. I don't need your sympathy or your help in finding men. I can do it all by myself." Helen grabbed her things and walked out in anger. "Wait?" Josie replied as she didn't mean to hurt her feelings. "I apologized."
Josie was about to follow her until Ryan stopped her.
"Let her go." He told her.
"Let her go." Josie replied as she feared that Helen might kill again. "What if she got the mirror and began to use it again? Shouldn't we keep her insight?"
"You right." Ryan said as he and Josie finished their lunch and went to pursuit Helen's compact.
When they walked inside the school, Josie had bumped into Russell who waiting for her by the lockers. His face was blank as he showed no emotion. "Jo, can I talk you?" He asked her nicely.
"What did Helen do him?" He asked. "What she do to make him fall in love with her?"
"I don't know." Josie answered as she couldn't tell him about the compact. "I'm just like you surprised. However, I'm very sorry to hear about Craig's death." Suddenly, silence had fell betweens them. Josie and Russell had their backs against each other as they grieved. "Josie, you do know that we were just kiddy with you. But, I had no idea that he had gone through your school files."
"Russell, I have already forgave him." Josie replied as she regretted punching him in the face.
"However, that troll is going to pay." Russell said with a serious tone of voice. "If I see that thing, I'm going to -"
"Listen to me." Josie replied as she didn't want Russell to get hurt.
"Don't go near Helen. I advise you to stay away from her until she gets over Craig's death."
"Josie, that troll isn't grieving. In fact, she's happy that he's dead." Russell replied as he spoke with anger. Russell paused as he looked away from Josie. "I'm sorry but, she has to pay."
"Listen friend, Josie is right." Ryan had jumped in the conversation. "I advised you to stay away from her." In the meantime, the bell rung. It was time to go back to class. Russell lifted his book bag on his shoulder, continued, "I see you around, Jo."
"See ya." Josie replied as they went their seperate ways.
Finally, the day of the junior prom came around. Everyone was in the auditorium preparing for the junior prom. Josie would have stayed after school to help but, she was out shopping for a gown and getting her hair and nails done. Therefore, Ryan stayed at the school to get the compact. As Helen was fixing the stage, Russell had approached her. He tried to take Josie's warnings seriously but, the pain that she had put his friend through; it was too much for him to handle. "Hey Troll." He pushed her. "I don't know what you have done to Craig. But, when I found out, I'm going get even." He pushed her again. Slowly, Helen had took out the golden compact as she said, "Russell, I'll tell you what I have done." Russell turned around as Helen flashed him with the reflection of the mirror.
Suddenly, Russell became overwhelmed by strange emotions. He found himself wanting to be with her even though he hated her. "Oh Helen!" Russell had approached her, "I love you."
Helen smiled as she knew that Russell's life was shorten. The sooner he dies the sooner, she will have Scott to herself. However, she thought about when she used the mirror on Scott, she will have to kill him too. But, she figured, she will worry about that later. In the meantime, her hands filled with Russell. "Come on lover." She said sarcastically as she leaded him away from the other student to an isolated place where she could kill him.
In the meantime, Ryan was coming downstairs from the gym when he saw Helen going to the second floor with Russell. When he saw Russell with Helen, Ryan knew Russell was in great danger. Immediately, Ryan began to follow Helen. However, Helen was aware that she was being followed. Therefore, she and Russell hid in the school's boiler room while Ryan continued to looked down the halls.
"Helen, why are we here?" Russell asked her as he took her hand not knowing that she leading him to his death.
"Because, I want to be alone." Helen told him as she found an old wood shop with sharp tool laying around on the table. Helen had grabbed a screw driver from the table as she placed it in her pockets. Suddenly, Russell had took Helen into his arms as he bestows a passionate kiss upon her. Of course, Helen pretended that she enjoyed his sweet kisses as she removed the screw driver from her pocket and drove it into his chest as his terrible screams had alert to Ryan to his where abouts. Immediately, Ryan opened the boiler room door and rushed to his aid.
When he got there, it was too late. Blood began to pour out onto Russell's gray sweater as Russell fell to the floor while trying to remove the screw driver from his chest. However, since Russell was a heavy bleeder, he died. "Helen!" Ryan called out in fright as Helen became startled at Ryan's presence. Quickly, she pulled out the mirror and began to use it on him. Ryan struggled to keep out of the mirror's reflection. Ryan ran into the next room to avoid her and fell over the balcony while hitting head a gas pipe. There, Ryan laid unconscious as Helen believed that he was dead.
Finally, the big night came. Josie was at home putting her cranberry satin gown with black shiny heals to match her jacket and purse. Her black hair was placed into a bun as she wore deep red lipstick to match her gown. However, Josie felt bad about what happed last week. Helen called or talked to her since that incident at lunch. However, Peter was downstairs in his black tux getting a lecture from her grandparents about the don'ts and dos. Josie had picked up the phone to called Helen to see if she and her date want a ride to the junior prom. As the phone rung, Josie hoped that she hasn't left. However, Joann had picked up the phone as she and Scott were waiting for Helen's date to show.
"Hello." Joann answered the phone.
"Hi Joann." Josie answered as she was glad that they haven't left. "Is Helen still planning of going to the junior prom?"
"Yeah." She answered as she hoped Josie knew where Helen's date where. "Do you want to talk to her?"
"Here, it's Josie." Joann replied as she handed the phone to Helen. However, Helen took the phone and slammed it on the receiver. Josie hung up the phone as she became worried. Therefore, she prayed for God to help Helen to over come her problems and to come into her life.
In the meantime, Joann and Scott were shock at Helen slamming the phone on her best friend. "Who needs her?" Helen said as she took out the golden compact as she began to massage it gently. "I'm so sick and tired of being her shadow and your shadow, Joann." Helen looked at her sister as Joann was confused about her statement. "Tonight is my night and I'm running the game." Helen flashed Scott with the mirror. Suddenly, Scott had walked away from Joann as he approached Helen. He placed his hands on her narrow waste as he bestowed a passionate kiss upon her lips. Helen embraced his sweet kiss as a gently song to her soul. She wrapped her arms around his firm muscular shoulder as she kissed him.
In the meantime, Joann was confused. Scott loves her not her sister. Why is he kissing her? Joann thought as she witness the change in her boyfriend as she felt her heart break into two. "This isn't funny!" Joann was becoming upset by her boyfriend kissing her sister. Quickly, Joann had pushed Helen to aside as Scott punched Joann across the face. Joann grabbed her face as she stared up at him with despaired in her eyes. Tears began to scream down her firm cheeks as she cried, "Scott, why are you doing this?"
"Let's lock her up in her room where she can't ever bother us again." Helen suggested as she watched Scott carry her sister to her room. There, he placed a noose around her neck and left stand her up on a chair with tape on her mouth.
In the meantime, Jack and Mickey walked the schools hallway looking for Ryan. He was supposed to be back at the hours ago. When he didn't showed up, Mickey became worried that Helen used the compact on him. "Jack, I hoped Helen hasn't used the compact on him." Mickey began to panic.
"Don't think like that." Jack tried to keep Mickey from worry about Ryan. Even though, he too was worried. But, he had to strong for Mickey. "We'll find him." Mickey didn't respond but kept on looking.
Suddenly, they stumbled upon the junior prom and found Josie dancing with Peter. Mickey and Jack had interrupted the couple. Josie and Peter had stopped dancing at they turned their attention onto them.
"What are you doing here?" Josie asked them as she saw their worried faces.
"Have you seen Ryan?" Mickey asked her as she was worry about her cousin.
"He hasn't came home nor called us since this morning." Josie knew that this was serious. She hoped Ryan hasn't got too close to Helen. Therefore, she answered, "I haven't seen him but, if you guys need me to help look for him. I'm in."
"How about Helen?" Jack asked. "Have you seen Helen?"
"No." Josie answered.
"Maybe, she could be at home." Peter suggested.
"Do you know where she lives?" Jack asked Peter.
"Yeah." Peter answered. "She's lives on the same block as J."
"Listen, I don't mean to intrude on your junior prom but-"
"I know." Josie interrupted Jack. "Don't worry about it. What do you for us to do?"
"Josie, you go and help Mickey find to Ryan while Peter and I go and see if I could find Helen." Jack suggested. The group of four had split up into two teams as they wished each other good luck.
Josie prayed to God for protection of her friends and herself from danger while praying that Ryan was alive and well. Josie left the junior prom with Mickey as they began to search the schools' hallway for Ryan. As Josie walked passed the boiler room, the Lord laid upon her heart that Ryan was in there. "Mickey." Josie called out to her. Mickey turned around as she walked over towards the teenager.
"What did you find?" Mickey asked her.
"I have a feeling that Ryan might be in here." Josie answered as she opened the door and walked inside.
Inside, the hallway was dark and narrow. As they walked through the narrow hallway, they reached two doors, one on the left and the other in front of them. At this point, it wouldn't hurt to check both of them. Josie thought as they walked insides the dark room and saw a body on the floor.
"Oh my goodness, Ryan." Mickey turned away as she was about to cry. However, Josie had gone to check his pulse and discovered that it was Russell, lying in a pool of blood.
"Russell! No!" Josie began to cry as Mickey became aware that Ryan might be still alive somewhere. Josie back away from the body as she burst into tears. Mickey and Josie walked out of the room and opened the door on the left.
"Josie, stay here." Mickey replied as she felt that Josie needed a moment to grieve and to protect her from coming across other dead bodies that she might knew.
Mickey went in the room alone as she smelt gas in the air. She looked around and saw Ryan on the ground with rats on his arms and legs. Immediately, she rushed down the stairs and kicked the rats away from Ryan. She grabbed Ryan by the arm and lift him up from the floor and carried towards the stairs, said, "Get up Ryan." Ryan found the strength to stand up on his feet to walk up the stairs. When they arrived upstairs, Mickey didn't see Josie. She hoped that Josie hasn't tried to confront Helen even though; the mirror can not effect her since she is a girl.
Meanwhile, Helen and Scott had arrived to the junior prom. Everyone was shock to see Helen walking with Scott to the gymnasium. When they got on the dance floor, Josie had found them as she made her way though the crowd and approached Helen. Helen and Scott turned around and looked at Josie who was upset by Russell's death.
"Where is it?" Josie asked her as her tone of voice was sharp.
"What are you talking about?" Helen asked her.
"You know, good and well what am talking about!" Josie shouted as she began to cry. "How many people you are going to kill, huh?" Josie began to sob as she was drawing everyone's attention as they stopped dancing to crowd them.
"I do not have to listen to this." Helen said as she turned towards Scott.
"Scott, make her stop."
"Scott, if you come near me, you are gonna wish that you haven't." Josie replied angrily as she glared at him; until Ryan had called out to Helen. Everyone turned their attention onto Mickey and Ryan as they approached her.
"Oh no!" Helen was surprised to see Ryan.
"Why don't you tell Scott, you have to kill him too?" Mickey added as she became upset by the deaths that she had seen and heard about in the last 48 hours.
"Scott, make them stop." Helen said as she wanted them to leave her alone.
Scott took his attention off of Josie and redirected it on Ryan who was already beaten up by the fall. Scott boiled his fist and punched Ryan in the face and ran with Helen. Ryan fell to the floor while Josie and Mickey helped him up to his foot. When Josie saw that Mickey had Ryan, she chased after Helen and Scott to the front yard.
In the meantime, Peter and Jack had arrived at Helen's house and found it dark inside and the door open. They walked through the door looking for Helen but heard a lot of noise coming from upstairs. "Come on." Jack thought Helen might be in trouble as he and Peter raced towards the noise that was coming from Joann's room. When they arrived, they found Joann struggling to stay alive as the chair had slipped from underneath her feet. Joann's body was swing left and right from the rope. Immediately, Jack had grabbed her as Peter cut the rope from around her neck. Jack removed the tape from her mouth as Joann sobbed on Jack's shoulder.
"What happen here?" Peter asked her. Joann told them everything. Immediately they got back in the car and left for the junior prom to save Scott and Helen.

4: Overcoming the curse

In the meantime, Helen and Scott had hid themselves in the bushes from Mickey, Ryan and Josie. When the coast was clear, Helen had came out of the bushes with Scott. "Helen, I love you." Scott said as Helen turned towards him as she knew that it was time to kill him. However, her heart was saying, 'Please, not him. I love him.' Yet, Helen had no choice but to kill herself along with Scott. She looked up at the top of the building as she thought it would be romantic to be near the stars.
"Come on, Scott." She said as she grabbed his hand.
I know a wonderful place where we could go to be alone."
In the meantime, Josie had gotten herself separated from Mickey and Ryan. She prayed and asked God interfere with the faint of her friends. She couldn't take any more killings. Russell and Craig were enough to handle. Suddenly, Josie looked up and saw them on top of the roof as Mickey and Ryan had caught up to her. "Have you found her?" Mickey asked her as Jack pulled up with the black mercedes.
"She's up there." Josie answered as she raced in side to get to the top. In the meantime, Mickey and Ryan followed Josie as she lead them to the roof.
When Josie arrived on the roof, she saw the compact in Helen's hands. Josie had curled her fingers while a small ball of fire and threw it at her hand. The hot flames had caused Helen to drop the compact over the edge of the building while Scott and Helen turned toward Josie.
"Josie!" Helen became shock.
"Listen." Josie said as she hoped God will give her the words to say to help Helen to over come her problems.
"Why don't you and Scott come down off the edge and hopefully, I can help you guys get help."
"No way Josie." Helen began to cry as she remembered the pain that the world had put her through. "The world had treated me like a disease too long." She paused as tears screamed down her cheeks, continued, "I hate it. My sister gets all of the glory while I stay back in the shadows like an ugly duckling. Even you, the boys find you attractive."
"That's because, I chose to try to walk in the Lord and love to love myself for who God made me to be." Josie answered as she too felt that she was a freak with her ability to summon fire. But, with the help of the Lord, Josie was beginning to accept herself with the talents that God blessed her with. In the meantime, Ryan and Mickey had finally made it to the top as they watched and listened to Josie talk Helen out of suicide. Josie turned to her left as she saw Mickey and Ryan, continued, "Trust me, I been there."
Meanwhile, Helen was began to get down from the edge of the building while the Lord had answered Josie's pray to restore Scott to normal. Suddenly, Joann, Peter and Jack reached the roof as Joann cried out for Scott. When Helen had saw Joann, she hesitated as she grabbed hold to Scott's arm. Helen looked over the edge of the building while Josie, Mickey and Ryan hoped that she wasn't planning of jumping. They moved slowly towards Helen and Scott. Meantime, down below the school building, everyone was screaming with fright as they were horrified with Helen's attempt murder of Scott and suicide. The crowd began to build while someone ran to call the police.
On the roof, the Lord had freed Scott from the mirror's curse while Helen turned to Josie and said, "I'm sorry. I can't be like you." Helen had pushed Scott over the edge of the building as she fell with him. Quickly, Peter and Josie had grabbed onto Scott's arm as Scott grabbed Helen's leg.
"Uh...." Josie struggled to onto Scott and Helen. "Can someone help us?" Mickey and Jack had went to help the teenagers pulled them to safety while Joann waited with tears in her eyes for Scott and yes, her sister to pulled to safety.
When the police and ambulance came, Joann, Scott, Ryan and Helen were treated for injuries while Mickey and Peter went looking for the mirror compact. In the meantime, Josie and Jack were standing aside as they watched the paramedics removed Russell's body from the wood shop room.
"You are a good friend." Jack said as he turned his attention onto Josie.
"They should be grateful to have you around."
"Thanks." Josie said as her mind was on Helen, Joann and Scott. She watched Helen being escorted by the police from the ambulance truck to the police car. Josie turned to Jack, asked, "What's going to happen Helen?"
"She might do time in prison, or they might lock her up in an institution." Jack answered as he thought Josie might quit after the night. "Listen Josie, I will understand if you want to quit working for Curious Goods."
Josie paused as she thought about Jack's suggesting. After witnessing her friend's cries for help and the murders of her other two friends, Josie realized Jack, Mickey and Ryan will need her help in track down the cursing objects so that it wouldn't harm anyone else. But, then again, Josie thought about the what ifs. What if some one use the curse objects on me? Or I get killed. Suddenly, the Lord had laid upon her heart saying, "I will be with thee and I will protect thee." Josie turned towards Jack and said with a leap of Faith, "Count me in. I will do my best to help you guys to do whatever it takes to get back the curse objects."
Jack paused before saying another word but knew; he had to keep her close out for her safety. Her grandfather, Robert Freedman would blame him for the rest of his life if something happen to his granddaughter. Therefore, Jack said, "Alright. But, starting tomorrow, you will be working the register and around the store until we tell you other wise."
"Cool." Josie replied as Mickey and Peter returned empty handed without the compact.
Their faces were filled with worry as Mickey was upset. Jack and Josie turned towards them with the question; did you get it?
"I can't find it anywhere." Mickey replied. "Just think, that thing is out there and someone might use it for evil."
"Bummer." Peter placed his hands in his pockets as he walked over to Josie, continued, "Who knows, the compact is probably around here and we can't find it because of the night." Peter paused as he caught a chill. "I say, you should come back tomorrow and look around the school. Maybe, you might get lucky."
"He does have a point." Josie added as she knew that it was be impossible to find the compact in the night.
"Very well than." Mickey signed as she went to get the car while Ryan walked towards them in bandages. Josie turned towards Ryan as she saw his injuries, said, "Are you alright?"
"I fine." He said as his head was wrapped in banages. "The doctor says for me to get plenty of rest before working again."
"Well,I hope you get better soon." Josie replied as she watched Mickey pulled up in a black Mercedes. Jack and Ryan got in the car. Jack rolled down the window as he put his head out of the window, asked, "Do you kids want a ride home?"
"Nann..." They said as Peter pulled out his keys to his red convertible.
"We have a ride thanks." Josie said. Jack, Mickey and Ryan waved goodbye as Mickey drove off into street.
Since the night was ruined, they decided to find some other junior prom to raid. Josie sat in the passenger seat while Peter sat in the driver's seat. He started the engine as he fixed his mirror, said,
"That's an interesting job you have."
"Tell me about it." Josie replied as she thought about many more adventures and terror that she would have to endure; until, the world is safe.

The End