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1. What is the license plate on the Mercedes? (Bonus if you know more than one of the answers!) Reveal

613 EDC (Night Hunger, Eye of Death)
778 HLD (Crippled Inside, Midnight Riders)
325 CEM (Bedazzled, Badge of Honor, Cupid's Quiver (Thanks to Curtis for finding this!))

2. What is the address of Curious Goods? Reveal

666 Druid Ave.
* Shows up as 999 in The Inheritance

3. What is the phone number of Curious Goods? Reveal

555-4581 (The Spirit of Television)

4. The actor who played Ricky in "Friend to the End" also played which other character during the series? Reveal

Peter Marshak, Jack's son (Bottle of Dreams)

5. There is something wrong on Jack's Business Card in "The Spirit of Television." What is it? Reveal

Jack's name is misspelled. Instead of the correct "Jack Marshak," his name on the card is spelled "Jack Marshack."

6. What is the name of Micki's nephew? Reveal


7. What is the main ingredient in Jack's "Old Scottish truth serum" (the one he uses in "Cupid's Quiver")? Reveal

Sodium Pentathol

8. Curious Goods is supposedly located in which US city? Reveal

Chicago, Illinois (Eye of Death)

9. Where was the series filmed? Reveal

The Distillery District in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.
The buildings and surrounding areas used in the series are, for the most part still standing and functional.
Wedding in Black was filmed at Casa Loma - a castle that still allows tours. F13 road trip time!

10. What does Jack give as his magician name in "The Great Montarro"? Reveal

The Great Mad Marshak

11. What was the name of Lewis Vendredi's wife? (A woman Jack knew quite well by all accounts!) Reveal


12. Why was the Vault originally constructed? Reveal

To keep the evil spirits, demons, and cursed items contained and away from Lewis.

13. How many sisters does Johnny have? Reveal

6 (Wedding Bell Blues)

14. In The Prophecies, what does the clock read every night at the start of the unusual disturbances? Reveal

3:33 AM

15. What colour are Micki's fingernails in, "The Baron's Bride"? Reveal


16. What is the name of Micki's long lost boyfriend? The one who shows up in the snowglobe episode, "Wedding in Black"? Reveal

Calvin Collier

17. What secret lies behind a downstairs bookcase in Curious Goods? Reveal

A secret room with a very nice fireplace (Hellowe'en)

18. What unusual way does Ryan get the bees away from Micki in "The Sweetest Sting?" Reveal

He uses a fire extinguisher and sprays the bees off of her, covering her in a nasty looking white foam.

19. How many bathrooms with a shower are in Curious Goods? Reveal

1 (in "My Wife As A Dog" Micki comes downstairs and tells Jack that "the shower is free."

20. What University's shirt is Ryan frequently seen wearing? Reveal

Illinois State

21. "Vendredi" is French for...? Reveal


22. What is the name of the shop next to Curious Goods? Reveal

Fiorno Hardware

23. What is Robey's full name? Reveal

Louise Anne Beatrice Fiona Robey

24. In what episode is an unrecovered item seen in the Vault? Reveal

In Jack-in-the-box, the shaman's rattle is seen in the Vault.

25. In which episode is Lewis Vendredi's old mail addressed to him at "Curious Goods"? Reveal

In "A Friend to the End", an envelope is shown addessed to:

Lewis Vendredi
c/o Curious Goods

26. What is the name of the ship in "Pirate's Promise"? Reveal

The Corrianne (Thanks, Curtis, for the question!)

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