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Which F13 Character Are You?

Are you a feisty, fashionista on the inside? A down-to earth Chicago boy at heart?

Take this quiz and find out which F13 the Series character you are!
  1. You're being chased, what do you do?

  2. Run, scream, and fight back if you need to
    Fight back, protect your friends, and eventually take a header
    Pull out your book of magic to protect you and your friends
    Taunt and start fighting like the hood you are
    Use one of your cursed antiques to battle the nemesis

  3. Favourite shoe choice for an average day at the shop?

  4. Converse high tops...preferably with short pants
    Brown leather loafers...sensible, yet they have an air of style
    The latest shoe design from your massive footwear collection. It pays to have the biggest room
    Whatever you can find the match to (that doesn't stink) in your apartment
    Old, black, leather loafers. Won't be on your feet much, these antiques sell themselves!

  5. What's on your bed right now?

  6. Old paperwork and plenty of books
    Clothes...some dirty, some clean. Oh yeah, and take-out boxes from that little Chinese place
    A soft, white, neatly folded bedspread and a plush rabbit
    The Quilt of Hathor
    Comic books and empty potato chip bags

  7. What's one of your favourite antiques?

  8. Amulet of Zohar
    The Coin of Ziocles
    The cathedral style radio
    Vita the creepy doll
    I know what it is NOT...the trephinator.

  9. Pick one of these foods/drinks:

  10. Potato chips
    Brie Cheese and Champagne
    Port wine or Sherry
    Chinese Take-out
    Who needs food when you have limitless power?

  11. If you were trapped in a snowglobe, what would you do?

  12. Run my tiny car into the side of the glass and knock the bloody thing off the desk
    Drink champagne and rekindle an old flame...until I find out the old flame is completely evil
    What snowglobe?
    That was one of the few things that wasn't did I miss that one?
    Find my friends and get away from that creepy ex-monk

  13. Dream job?

  14. Artist
    Fasion plate and antique dealer
    Antique hunter/buyer
    Distributor of evil
    Whatever pays my rent

  15. Favourite time?

  16. I love the nightlife! Carnivals, rock concerts...
    Mornings hold such promise...morning tea, the paper, some old books...ahhh...
    Late night...stars, romantic evenings, classical concerts, theatre...
    Any time that I am not at work
    3:33 a.m.

  17. Favourite Colour?

  18. a leather jacket
    Blue...denim blue
    It depends...what are the hot new Paris hues?
    Brown tweed
    I have more important matters to ponder than where did I put that amulet?

  19. Last vacation destination?

  20. Snowglobe...I went with a real creep, too
    19th Century England
    Went fishing with Pop
    I visited an old friend
    Through a mirror at my old house

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