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MJR Music Videos

Creator Title Song


Budding Romance
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Crazy for You
by Madonna

Description: A video of the cute moments shared by Micki and Johnny


Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Mr. Brightside
by The Killers

Description: Based on Micki's (hypothetical) decision between Johnny and Lloyd


Johnny's Love
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Bad Case of Loving You
by Robert Palmer

Description: Micki/Johnny romance video


Micki/Johnny Fusion
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

by Duffy

Description: A montage of scenes from The Long Road Home, The Prisoner, Wedding Bell Blues, Demonhunter, Charnal Pit, My Wife as a Dog, Spirit of Television, Mightier Than the Sword, and Tree of Life


Micki and Johnny
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Take Me Home Tonight
by Eddie Money

Description: Micki/Johnny relationship video


Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Rush, Rush
by Paula Abdul

Description: Micki/Johnny romance