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Music Videos

Most of our videos are now hosted on our YouTube page.


Character Tributes

MRR (Micki-Ryan Romance)

MJR (Micki-Johnny Romance)




Creator Title Song Category


Quicktime / WindowsMedia

by Bad Religion


Description: An off-topic music video featuring the Cigarette Smoking Man's relationships within the alien colonization myth-arc.

Curious Goods Clerk

Charnal Pit Montage
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Raise Your Glass
by P!NK


Description:This time Curious Goods Clerk has graced us with an awesomely strange montage of the last episode.


Wedding Bell Blues
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Hot N Cold
by Katy Perry


Description: Sit back and enjoy the tumultuous relationship featured in Wedding Bell Blues


Trip to Amish Country
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Walking on Sunshine
by Katrina and the Waves

Crossover / Episode

Description: Two concurrent investigations into a series of deaths in Amish Country yield some interesting results.


Pauper in Paradise
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Pauper in Paradise
by Frozen Ghost


Description: Throughout most of the show, Ryan seems happy at Curious Goods. Thanks to Jen for remembering this 80's hair-band song!


Mephisto Pop
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Pop Goes The World
by Men Without Hats


Description: The Mephisto Ring, to a light tune


Ryan vs. Lloyd
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

According To You
by Orianthi


Description: The choice between two men is easy for Micki


"Plan B"
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

by Muse


Description: What happens when two types of evil conspire?


Season's Greetings
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
by Johnny Mathis


Description: Season's Greetings and a joyous New Year from Curious Goods!


Ryan's Dreamland
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Faster Pussycat Kill
by Oakenfold


Description: This video contains scenes of Micki and Ryan finally getting it on...
prudes, youngsters (under 18), and those easily offended by antique-dealer-action, consider yourself warned.

Thanks for the literary brain-fuel, Pepper!


Homage To Helen
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Don't Stop Believing
by Journey

Character Tribute: Helen

Description: An amusing tribute to Helen from Vanity's Mirror, with some clips from 13 o'Clock.
Thanks to Joe for the idea!


Vanity's Mirror
Quicktime / WindowsMedia

Simply Irresistible
by Robert Palmer


Description: A great music video focusing on Helen from Vanity's Mirror

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