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Episode Guide

Episode 1

The Inheritance

Episode 2

The Poison Pen

Episode 3

Cupid's Quiver


A Cup of Time

Episode 5


Episode 6

The Great Montarro

Episode 7

Doctor Jack

Episode 8

Shadow Boxer

Episode 9

Root of All Evil

Episode 10

Tales of the Undead

Episode 11


Episode 12

Faith Healer

Episode 13

The Baron's Bride

Episode 14


Episode 15

Vanity's Mirror

Episode 16


Episode 17

The Electrocutioner

Episode 18

Brain Drain

Episode 19

Quilt of Hathor

Episode 20

Quilt of Hathor: The Awakening

Episode 21

Double Exposure

Episode 22

Pirate's Promise

Episode 23

Badge of Honor

Episode 24

Pipe Dream

Episode 25

What a Mother Wouldn't Do

Episode 26

Bottle of Dreams

Episode 27

Doorway to Hell

Episode 28

The Voodoo Mambo

Episode 29

And Now the News

Episode 30

Heads I Live, Tails You Die

Episode 31

Symphony in B#

Episode 32

Master of Disguise

Episode 33

Wax Magic

Episode 34

Read My Lips

Episode 35

13 o'Clock

Episode 36

Night Hunger

Episode 37

The Sweetest Sting

Episode 38

The Playhouse

Episode 39

Eye of Death

Episode 40

Face of Evil

Episode 41

Better Off Dead

Episode 42

Scarlet Cinema

Episode 43

The Memphisto Ring

Episode 44Episode 44

A Friend to the End

Episode 45

The Butcher

Episode 46

Mesmer's Bauble

Episode 47

Wedding in Black

Episode 48

Wedding Bell Blues

Episode 49

The Maestro

Episode 50

Shaman's Apprentice

Episode 51

The Prisoner

Episode 52

Coven of Darkness

Episode 53

The Prophecies

Episode 54

The Prophecies; Part 2

Episode 55

Demon Hunter

Episode 56

Crippled Inside

Episode 57

Stick it in Your Ear

Episode 58

Bad Penny

Episode 59

Hate on Your Dial

Episode 60

Night Prey

Episode 61

Femme Fatale

Episode 62

Mightier Than the Sword

Episode 63

Year of the Monkey

Episode 64

Epitaph for a Lonely Soul

No Object

Midnight Riders

Episode 66


Episode 67

The Long Road Home

Episode 68

My Wife as a Dog

Episode 69


Episode 70

Spirit of Television

Episode 71

Tree of Life

Episode 72

The Charnal Pit


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