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Episode 5: Hellowe'en


Amulet of Zohar

Episode # 5
Air Date: 10\26\87
Cursed Antique: No cursed object in this episode. The Amulet of Zohar is the featured object in this episode, but it is not listed in the manifest.

A Halloween party at the shop is cut short by a crash of thunder and electrical failure. People flee the shop and Jack finds a little girl who has lost her way; he goes off to help her get home safely. Little does he know that she is a demon; and Lewis' sidekick for this episode. Meanwhile, Micki and Ryan uncover a secret room hidden behind a bookcase. Once inside, they are confronted with their uncle Lewis and his dead wife, Grace. After falling into Lewis' trap, and giving him the amulet to let Grace's soul rest in peace, Micki and Ryan are locked in the room, and must find a way out before Lewis manages to find a mortal body and come back to life!


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